Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 251D Tafsir Al-Shura 11-19

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the division of people into pride, arrogance, and pride within Islam. The discussion touches on the negative consequences of pride and the potential for conflict if they do not accept pride's claims. The segment also touches on the importance of being true to oneself and not criticizing others, as it is essential for achieving justice and avoiding unfair behavior. The importance of not criticizing signs of the Day of Judgment and not just greeting people is emphasized. The conversation also touches on the concept of a shadow on a road and the importance of preparing for the upcoming hour.
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Well that the for Roku, and they did not differ. The question is that if the message was the same, always from the first prophet to the last, then why did people become so divided? How come there's so many different religions out there? I mean if we say that we believe in the same God that the you who believe in and the Christians believe in, right Allah same, then why is it that there's so much differences? So the reason is given here that one metaphorical and they did not become divided in except mimbar, the after magia home that it came to them what came to them Ulmo knowledge. This division began after knowledge came to people. What does it mean? Firstly, what it means is that

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this division is not based on ignorance.

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It's not that people had no clue about who their lord is. And they had no clue about the bigger questions in life where they're from, where they're going, What's their purpose? How did they get there? No, it wasn't that Allah left them unaware. Allah did send her in through the prophets.

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So this division is not a result of ignorance. Rather, it is a result of Bella Yan Boehner home. Boolean what is belly jealous animosity, Boehner home between themselves this division is a result of pride. Bullying

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is many times translated as injustice, right or oppression, transgression. And bullying is basically it means to desire, right from the same root as the word if the law if the law or JIRA Bill Arla if the law to seek, right, so belly is to desire and then found that it also gives meaning of oppression. Why? Because when a person desires something, when he wants it to back then he forgets about the limits, right? And he overstepped the bounds in order to fulfill his desire.

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And here in particular, but he gives the meaning of jealousy, jealous animosity.

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Because what is jealousy? Jealousy is also I want what the other person has. I don't care about what he suffers. I don't care about his well being his welfare. I want it even if it means he must lose it.

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Right? So Boyum Boehner home and this bully between the people this is a result of pride. I am better, I deserve this. I am right, he is wrong. Alright, how could it be that I am at fault? No, he must be at fault. So even though I know I can see that this other person has some evidence, I will never agree with him. Because that would mean I become inferior and he becomes superior. Let me give you an example. He started his center, recycling center, the Prophet of Allah when he came when he was sent, he was sent to which people? The Al Kitab. Correct that you would. Now why is it that they didn't believe in him even though the signs were so evident, he was the son of Madame Madame the

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exceptional woman who grew up who lived in the temple under the supervision of zakat er and he said, I'm a prophet of Allah. So money I'm Her record was absolutely pure, cleanest record you could ever come across. Right? And then she gives birth to resign his sternum. It's evident that this is a miracle birth. But they didn't believe in that. And then Reese autism as a baby he spoke, isn't it? Well, you can live on NASA, Phil meth D. in the cradle, he spoke, he defended his mother. Correct. And then later on also, he spoke to people he convinced them he performed so many miracles. We have learned about it in sort of earlier on about the various miracles that require this and I'm

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performed. But they are who did not believe in him? Why was the truth not clear to them?

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Was it not clear? It was clearer than what was the problem? The problem was that if we accept Him, then that means we have to accept our faults. And that means we have to change. And that means we have to admit that we have been doing wrong.

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And we don't want to do that. We are right. And we will be stubborn upon our ways. And even if it means that we have to deny him and blame him of something or accused him of something and accused his mother, we will do that Boolean Bina home. What did they do with the Prophet? salAllahu alayhi wasallam also, was it not evident his truthfulness it was but what is it that kept them away from believing in the Prophet sallallahu senden that how could we x

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Up to a profit from the rumination from the unlettered people. If we accept Him, then that means we no longer have any superiority.

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So, Bobby, I'm buying a home. And this is so true that many times, you know, when people, they become divided amongst themselves, they were together previously together, but then they became divided. It's not that the truth of the matter is unclear. It's because of arrogance and pride. It's because of arrogance and pride.

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Those who become divided, the reason over there is pride. Why should I accept this person as my superior? I am also capable, I am more capable, in fact, and I disagree with him. And even though I think he's right, but I could never work with this guy. So you know what, I'm going to split away, I'm going to do my own thing, let him do his own thing. And then instead of the two working together, achieving a greater goal together, what happens? Efforts are divided. Right? People are divided. And the results are also not that great.

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We see that when people do come together, everybody comes together and they work together what amazing results they can achieve. And when each group is working independently, because each group has a problem with the other group, then what are the results? Hardly anything noteworthy. So Boolean Boehner home Well, I'm at the for Rocco in Lombardi, manager, a homeowner Elmo, Billy and Boehner home, Willow, Willa Kelly, Matan Saba caught me robic, and if it was not for a word that had already proceeded from your Lord Isla, I tell him Oussama until a specified time, and what is this word? What is his decree, postponing the penalty until the hereafter and what is his agenda Musa the

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hereafter? As Allah says in surah, Amara 46, that Belissa to Maori to whom the Hour is their promised time. Luckily Aveda home, if it was not for this, then surely the matter would have been concluded between the meaning those who were wrong, those who opposed others out of not help but Billy out of jealous animosity, because of their pride, they would have been punished in this world. But why is it that Allah delayed their punishment until later, even though that meant that there would be so much division between people? Why, because of Allah's promise, that the world is the home off? Of what is the place of action, and the hereafter is a place of Recompense? What in

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Alladhina and indeed, those people who already told Kitab they were made to inherit the book, they were given the book, meaning the aloe Kitab that you heard in the Nosara mimbar, the hem after them after who after the earlier generations,

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after the earlier generations, because you see was the earlier generations who became divided? I mean, if you think about it within the auto Kitab also, how many different groups are there? Isn't it? How many different groups are out there and these groups, it's not just division in their creed, but this has led to so many political battles even and so many problems within the world. So, the later generations, Allah says, they are Luffy Shatkin they are surely in doubt, Minho concerning him, or concerning it concerning hold the Prophet salallahu Salam o concerning it, as in the Quran, what kind of doubt Marieb one that is disquieting? Mean? One that leaves them restless? One that

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does not let them live in peace. They do not have your pain.

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You see shuck. Marieb. What kind of delta is it that takes your your cane away?

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So you're no longer convinced about what you were doing even?

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All right. So they are in doubt about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so they don't believe in him and why is it that they are in doubt, because of the earlier generations because of their earlier generations? I mean, if you think about it, even now, you know, if you were to discuss any such matter with, I remember having a conversation with a Christian once they came to our door, so I thought, Okay, have a discussion. And they were telling me about I don't even remember what group of Christianity that person was from. But he was telling me about,

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I don't know, I can't remember that man's name. And he's quoting me verses from the Bible. All right, that he will be from the unlettered people and he will be like this and like this isn't like that's the Prophet sallallahu Erdos. Hello, right. So I told him, We believe about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this is how he was. He's like, no, no, no. thing is that if our

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or previous scholars didn't believe in him as the Promised Messiah or as the Prophet, then we couldn't believe in him either.

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So the whole discussion, all right, it was ended with what?

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If it was true, the Christians of that time, the scholars of that time, must have believed in Muhammad Sallallahu. Because they didn't believe in Him, that means he is not true. And that means he's not even worthy of our attention or our study. I don't even need to explore who he is or who he was. Because our previous callers they didn't believe in him. Right. So what in the home Luffy shakin, Min humare? What's the lesson over here? That our unjustified or, you know, our biases that we have with others that are not based on any firm evidence, rather, they're based on Pride and jealousy,

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our not accepting somebody just because we don't like them. This is not something that's going to affect us only. It's going to affect later generations also. It's going to harm them also, let me give you a small example, in family, families, when, for instance, there is a problem between two siblings, right, they grow up, they have some problem, they had some big fight. And so the two brothers don't speak to each other, they don't even meet with each other. Then later on what happens, this animosity, it continues in the later generations, doesn't it. And it's amazing how there are people who are living with hatred for their relatives who live in a different country,

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whom they have never seen, never spoken to. But every time their name is mentioned, or they're asked about, they get upset, they get very emotional, they have no idea about who they were what they did, but that hatred is passed down from generation to generation. And this is what leads to tribal enmity also or family enmity also, why why get stuck in these petty issues.

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So what in the medina autism Kitab embody him Luffy shocky min humare felly valleca further, so the Prophet salallahu Salam installed Li balaka Li for as in two words that Malika that what does that equal refer to the dean, the dean that Allah has legislated from the first day from the first prophet to the last prophet that Dean after he'd federal then call meaning call people to the religion of though hate this is what your mission should be was the game and also remain steadfast meaning you will be firm accanto hate comma omit the as you have been ordered,

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this idea can be understood in another way also leave alaka for that, meaning because of that, due to that reason, so Lee over here is being understood in two ways. The first is towards the second is because all right, so fairly vaniqa, because of that, because of that reason, further call people to the heat, what reason because of what reason, because of what has been mentioned in the previous verses of the federal of division of shock of doubt that people are living with. And really, if you think about it, when it comes to the adult Kitab even their faith and their practices, are they really based on your pain? No, they're not. They're not based on your pain. Exactly. within

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themselves. There's so much confusion. They're still unconvinced. So because of that reason, call them to hawk call them to what will give them your pin Foley vaniqa. Further, how could you leave them in this confusion? In this doubt in this division, was the game and be firm come out, omit that as you have been ordered, as you have been commanded? Or prophets on Allahu Anhu Salah. So in other words, invite people to the heat, because people are in need. They desperately need the message of the heat.

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And if you don't invite them to the heat, this is not fair. Yes, if they refuse, after you've informed them, that's their problem. But they are in need of the message of the heat. Because look at the problems that people are going through. Right switching from one god to another to another to another, living with so much confusion and doubt. So bring them to hate give them the message of the heat. Let them know what's the chem come out. AMITA and you also live by the heat while the bear and do not follow a Hua a home their desires don't follow their desire

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tires. Because what will happen if you follow the desires of people? Can you remain firm? No. Can you remain on the right course? No, then you will be deviated also. So while at the top Euro Hua home, will call and say, am unto I have believed Bhima in that which, and that Allahu Allah has revealed Minkee Tabin of book, meaning every single book that Allah has revealed, I believe in it, whether it is the Quran, or the Torah, or the Injeel among to be man under allah hoomin kitab were ominto and I have been commanded meaning by Allah, Li Ardila that I should be just are the law I be just from other i in the lamb. And what is the admin justice? So I have been ordered to be just by

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knuckle between you. What does it mean by that I have been ordered to be just towards you, as in in conveying the message to you. I should be just unfair. I should neither add anything to the message of no hate, nor should I water it down. Because this is what happens usually, right?

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That when we want to convince people, we try to frighten them, and when we want to frighten them, we we add a lot of things. That's not fairness. I remember being told as a child by somebody, I was playing with salt. You know, in kids, they love playing with salt and sugar and flour, and you know, dry it's just fun. I still like to. But anyway, I was playing with salt. And somebody said, If you waste salt on the Day of Judgment, you're going to have to pick it up with your eyelashes.

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Has anybody else heard that? Ever? Yeah, it's a Pakistani thing.

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that terrified me. And I was thinking for the longest time, big assault with eyelashes. What if it goes in my eyes? How will I pick it up with my eyelashes? It was so frightening. This is not?

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This is not either? Yes, you may, you know stop a child from wasting food. But it's not fairness.

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This is really not fair. Likewise, what happens is we go to the other extreme, we watered down the truth, just so that it's more palatable to people they like it, they will accept it, they will agree with it, and they will be happy about it. So for example, God is all love and love and only love, right to do whatever you want. Because God is love. Yes, God is very loving and merciful. That is true. But at the same time he's given some rules that we must observe. And if we don't then he is also shut either or calm. Right? So we have to be fair, and many times it happens that when it comes to interfaith dialogues and this verse is basically talking about that, that when you are coming

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across people of different faiths and discussing the truth with them, then tell them we'll call our men to be my answer Allahu Minh Kitab what we'll move to the our diviner calm

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I have to be truthful over here I have to be just over here. The religion is not you know, mine. I didn't invent it. This is Allah's religion, and I have to be fair, I can't change it. I can't add to it and I can't remove anything from it. What we'll need to leave our Adina diner calm Allahu La buena. Allah is our Lord, what a Bookham and also your Lord, meaning he is our Holic our Malik our Razzak right? He's your Creator and my Creator also and therefore I worship Him. So in this is a subtle invitation also the Why don't you worship Allah also only Allah? Lana Arma Luna but when the differences persistence, a Lana for us our maluna our deeds will come and for you our Maluku are

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your deeds for us or our deeds and for you or your deeds. Law how Jetta law not her Jetta any argument meaning there is no need for any argument, Boehner between us will be no come and between you. There is no need for any argument. Why? Because the truth is evident. It is clear we have informed you of something that's clear, and based on proof based on evidence based on knowledge. So there's no need to continue arguing. Allahu Yajima Robaina Allah will gather between all of us, meaning he will gather all of us on the Day of Judgment, what illegal mostly unto Him is the final destination. So in other words, we have conveyed the message to you, if you don't want to accept it,

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then that is your decision to make your problem. But we all are returning to Allah and He will make the final judgment concerning all of us. Now, in this idea, what do we see? What do we see in this if there's short sentences aren't there? So firstly, we see felida Alika further

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What's the Tim comer? Oh, Mr. Cole people to hate they are desperately in need.

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And secondly, when you call them to the hate, don't forget to observe, don't read yourself.

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When you're teaching people that ilaha IL Allah, don't forget to live by that yourself.

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All right. You know, it's amazing how sometimes we get so caught up in working for the sake of Allah that we forget about worshipping Allah.

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What's the dream come out omit? You know, if we are, for example, volunteering at some Islamic event,

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and we are, you know, working, you know, with that spirit, I'm doing this for the sake of Allah and such a perfect environment than when it comes time to praise Allah. Don't forget to pray. You understand?

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If it's an MSA event, or let's say, what is that the Islam Awareness Week? All right, and you're busy with that. Don't forget to pray on time. You understand? So what's the theme of karma omega? Don't forget, don't lose your vision, while at the top your Allah home. Thirdly, when you come across different people, don't your goal should not be to please them. So don't go on following their desires be a person of principles. And when there are differences that make it clear that we're all men to be men, and sell Allah him and keytab I believe we believe in all the scriptures that God has revealed. What will mentally Ardila baina come and you know what, yes, Truth hurts, but

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I have to be fair, Truth hurts, but it's better to be hurt by

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the truth than being comforted with a lie. Allahu La buena or Bukom and remind them that Allah whom we worship is our Lord and your Lord also. And then Lana are maluna Welcome Arma local for us. Are our deeds for you. Your deeds, lack of data been in Albania come no need to argue. Allahu Yajima Robaina what la Hill Muslim, even Carthew says that this ayah includes 10 statements. All right, and each statement is a ruling on its own meaning it gives a particular ruling.

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And it's especially relevant when it comes to when it comes to Dawa. Allah says when Medina and those people who you had Juna they dispute Fila, he concerning Allah, concerning Allah meaning his oneness, the book that he has revealed, Mumbai, the after my that was to Jeeva it was responded level to him after he was responded to.

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What does it mean by that? That those who continue to argue about the Oneness of Allah about whether or not he has revealed the Quran, and they're arguing about this, after

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people have believed in the Quran, people have accepted the message of Tawheed when the Prophet invited them, and the people responded,

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like for example, in Makkah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam invited people to the hate that people accept. There are many people who who responded. And they weren't just ordinary people. They were people of intellect, they were educated people. Take for example, or modal dilla horn, Abu Bakar Avila horn who are as Manuel de la Horne, who these were all noble people.

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People of sound, reasoning and mind, sound intellect, educated people. They were highly respected.

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So mimbar, the master de Bella who when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam migrated to Medina,

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Abdullah bin Salam radula Mourinho who was he? He was a Jewish rabbi, he believed in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, right? Salman al Fattah Cetyl de la who, who was he?

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He was a Christian before, right. And before that he was a fire worshiper. And he had traveled, you know, from such a far off place, you know, from one priests to the other. Right. And he believed in the Prophet sallallahu radiocentre So embody muster de Bella who then we see Najafi, right Natasha, the king of Abyssinia, even he believed in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the call of the Prophet was responded to then if there are people who still argue concerning Allah, and this is something that will happen. They will still say, Oh, well how do we know the Quran is true? But how could God be only one? Allah says Hoja to whom all of their argument is the hayleigh It is futile or

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in Daraa be him near their Lord. All of their argument is that Hallo dal have bought the hubba the hubba is basically to slip

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alright to have no firm footing. So for example, it is said McCann a place that is that have as in very slippery, the Yukon

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Can't stand still you cannot fix your feet over there because it's so slippery. Think of ice. If you're walking on ice, how would it be? You could slip any second. So her gentleman, the Hiba, their argument is invalid meaning it's got no basis it's futile are in the lobby him near their Lord. And when someone is standing on slippery ground, they're going to slip sooner or later. So her Giotto, Wanda Hello, meaning their argument is not going to hold any ground. It's going to be useless, it's going to be defeated, it's going to be refuted in no time. While I lay him on the bone and upon such people is called the anger of Allah wala whom either one should eat and for them is a severe

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punishment. So those who insist upon disbelief even after so many people have believed, then they're mentioned over here. The prophets have a lot of sentiments comforted that there's no need to worry about their denial and opposition. You should be confident. Allahu Allah, the Allah is the One Who owns al Kitab. He is the one who has sent the book Bill happy with the truth, which Kitab has Allah sent in truth, the Quran and not just the Quran, but every single Kitab that Allah revealed. He sent it with the truth, meaning containing truth, what it means Zen, and also the balance me Zan, from the root letter as well as I known wasn't is two way and me Zan is the tool with which you weigh

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things scale. So Allah has also revealed, meaning sent down, created the museum.

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Right? He has also sent the MISA just as Allah revealed the book, he also revealed

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or Sandtown or created the reason why so that people may use it and establish justice amongst themselves.

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Understand, so me Zan,

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okay, scale, where is it from them, who inspired it? Who created it, who sent it? Who taught men who Allah did. This is also from Allah. Because without it, people would be committing injustice. So just as me Zan is necessary, it is essential.

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Likewise, the Kitab is essential.

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The book is also essential. Have you ever seen a traditional old school type of scale,

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I remember seeing it as a child. You know, it's very interesting, they have these weights, right that they put on one side, and the potatoes are the vegetables on the other side. And when it becomes even, alright, then you can take your potatoes, right, and then they'll add more weights or take some weights out, remove the bigger weights and put the smaller ones or remove the smaller ones and put the bigger ones until the scale is balanced. Right. So, this is also from Allah, how necessary it is. That if this Mazon was not there, we would be dealing with each other with so much unfairness. Misa teaches us to be precise, to be accurate,

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all right, to be fair, to be careful. And the Kitab is also essential in the same way. Just as business cannot be imagined without the means and likewise, life you know transactions with each other cannot be imagined without the Kitab without the book of Allah, it is essential. So Allah has revealed both. Now over here the word means and can be understood in another way also, how that Allahu Ludy ended al Kitab. Allah is the One who has revealed a book, how has he revealed the book, Bill happy, well, Misa.

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The book has been revealed with truth, and MISA

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with truth as in containing the truth. And me Zan, as in the book contains justice. The book is just and why is the word Mazon used for justice? Because me Zahn scale, it's a symbol of justice. Why is it that outside courthouses will find either an image or an actual scale? Why? Because it symbolizes justice. So the book contains justice. Warmer you Rica in total Hadith 25 also Allah says Laqad or Sal now who Solana Bill begginer will unzila Mara whom will Kitab a well Meezan Lea Coleman NASA Bilquis that Allah sent the book and the Amazon so that Justice may be established

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So we need the law. Right? And then we also need the tools with which to implement the law. Well, now you Rica and what can inform you meaning how could you know? In other words, you should know that law alasa perhaps the hour it is an eve it is near?

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What could inform you that the hour is near? Perhaps the hour is nearer, meaning you should know that the hour is very near. So in other words, be patient.

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Be patient, yes, people deny this truth. Yes, people deny the book, which is fair, which is just but be patient, the hour is near. And in particular, what has been said that lon Assata Karim, you should know that the hour is near. It's not far, the Day of Judgment is not far. And we learn that there are various signs for the Day of Judgment, the minor ones and the major ones. Correct. And when those signs come true, then one should note that the hour is really not far and off those signs. The biggest one is what the coming of the Prophet sallallahu Where do you send them because the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that I end the hour or like this guy thing. And he joined two

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fingers together. Meaning one big event, the coming of the Prophet salallahu Salam, and what's the next thing that's going to happen? The big thing, it's going to be the Day of Judgment. So Wilma, you recall our Lissa curry, perhaps it may be near. And the amazing thing is that many people they get stuck in the signs of the Day of Judgment. Right? Anything interesting, anything strange that happens? This is the signs of our signs of the Day of Judgment. Yes. Okay. But what's the point? Why is it that we have been informed about the signs so that we prepare,

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we prepare, we don't lose our vision, we keep the hour in mind and we prepare for it.

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Right? And remember that the signs of the hour? You know, we have very twisted understanding about it. First of all, we think that every evil thing, and every weird thing is a sign of the Day of Judgment. Right? So anything strange that happens is a sign of the Day of Judgment. Right? Secondly, we think that every sign of the Day of Judgment is something evil, which is not true. Because the prophets, Allah laws have informed us about those signs, that will happen, all right, but it doesn't mean that they are evil within themselves. So for example, one sign of the Day of Judgment is the coming of Resources Center.

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All right. Now, the coming of resources is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it will be a very good thing.

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You understand? Yes, the circumstances around his coming. They are evil. However, his gumming itself is not bad. All right. So the Prophet salallahu, salam, he said, the sign of the closeness of the hour is that the wicked people will be raised high, and the good people will be brought low. Meaning people who don't really deserve honor will be given a lot of honor.

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They will become very famous, they will be accepted and respected and loved by many. So just because someone is famous, doesn't mean that they are on the truth. Because the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the wicked will be raised high and the good will be brought low. Speech shall be let loose. mean there'll be a lot of talk. And really, if you try to follow all the talk that goes on, can you keep up with it?

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No, you can't, there will be a lot of talk and action will be very little

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action will be held very little meaning people will spend more time talking and less time doing.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also set that up the signs of the hour is that a person will greet only the person whom he recognizes.

00:34:01 --> 00:34:06

This is also one of the signs of the hour, that a person will only greet who,

00:34:07 --> 00:34:48

who, those whom he knows and recognizes. And it's amazing how sometimes we could be in front of somebody. But it's because we don't know them just because we don't recognize them. We will not even acknowledge their presence. So we have to revive the Sunnah off greeting those who we know and also those that we don't know. And there are many other signs also both major and minor. But remember the point of knowing all of these signs and studying them is not so that we get very excited about it but rather we that we prepare for the hour Allah says yes dr. G Liu he hastens his impatient behalf with it as in for it for it's coming. The coming of what the hour

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

what is their job to want something to happen quickly. So it is if they cannot wait they're being impatient? For it who Alladhina Allah You mean gonna be

00:35:00 --> 00:35:20

Those people who don't believe in it. Those who don't believe in it, are impatient for it. Well, Lavina Amanu and those who believe what is their attitude towards the our Mushfiq goon Amin they are fearful of it Mushfiq own plural of the word Mushfiq sheen fell cough is Phalke,

00:35:21 --> 00:35:24

Ash fuckup Shafique.

00:35:25 --> 00:35:55

Sheffield, all of these are from the same route sheen fell off Shafique What does Shafique mean? Shafique Daybreak sunrise, your close Shafique is basically at the time of sunset or the time of sunrise when you see the orange and the pink in the sky, the redness in the sky, the purple. All right. So that time is basically a mix of light and dark. It's a mix of night and day,

00:35:56 --> 00:36:01

isn't it? It's neither daytime, nor is it nighttime. It's in the middle.

00:36:02 --> 00:36:08

So from this, we see that ish fog is used for both love and fear.

00:36:09 --> 00:36:13

It's like both feelings together. Love and fear.

00:36:14 --> 00:37:04

Okay, when you are concerned and affectionate, but at the same time, you are afraid and many people are like that, that she is extremely loving and tender and caring at the same time she's afraid. Alright, so she sets rules and boundaries and she's strict and firm. That fear comes out in many different ways. So it's a combination of love and fear. This is what this fog is. And remember that when the word ash fucka alright it is followed by Allah, a Shaka Allah. Then it means he was loving and affectionate towards someone. But when it is followed by men, Ashfaq on men, that it means he was afraid of something. So here what do we have after Mushfiq con men or Allah mean? So what Lavina

00:37:04 --> 00:37:32

Amano? Mushfiq goon Amin ha those who believe are fearful of it concerned anxious, worried about it. Why? Because of its harvest, because of its hisab because of the desire they're afraid. Look at the difference in attitude. One group of people those who deny impatient, when is it going to be one is it going to be one is it going to be show us already make it come already?

00:37:33 --> 00:38:19

And those who believe they know it's coming, they believe in its reality and therefore they are serious about it and they're afraid about it? Way ya allah Munna and Al Huck, and they know that indeed it is the truth. Allah unquestionably in Alladhina indeed those people who uma Runa fissara they dispute concerning the our uma Runa from the word mera, mera en la Hera in Salt Lake health. What does Mira mean? dispute? It's basically debating about something over which people are doubtful. Right? So it's in discussions and disputes, because they're not 100% convinced and so they keep bringing it up.

00:38:20 --> 00:39:11

So in the Levina, uma Runa fissara, those who dispute concerning the hour and this argumentation and dispute is a result of their doubt. Allah says they are left field linoleum buried, they are surely in bilateral in error that is buried far. Meaning they are in extreme error. They will never get anywhere with this dispute. Why? Because they've missed the point. You see bull Allenbury. That's like a person taking the wrong highway the wrong exit and then going really far. And far and far and far. This is what Alan buried. He missed the point. When Allah has told us about the coming of the hour and the fact that it is near. It doesn't mean that we should start guessing in which year on

00:39:11 --> 00:39:59

which day the hour is going to be and if certain signs have occurred or they haven't occurred. That's not the point. What's the point? Know that it's coming and prepare for it and get serious about it? Allah who luckily for Allah is gracious and kind, very badly he towards his servants, the name of Allah leaf, a leaf is from the letters lamb tall, fat. And love offer is basically to be delicate and gentle. It's also used for light movement. When light movement, sometimes people move with a lot of noise. They make it known that I'm moving, alright, but other people as they move in such a gentle way that it's

00:40:00 --> 00:40:07

Almost you don't even perceive it. So it's the opposite of Jaffa. Jaffa is to be heavy.

00:40:09 --> 00:40:41

Like for example it's used for hair like thick hair, okay? Allah who luckily for now leave What does leave me Latif has multiple meanings One meaning is kind and friendly, gracious, one who is very kind and gentle towards his servants, that He guides them and he forgives them he is good to all those who obey Him and also those who disobey Him. Luckily it also means that subtle as in, man cannot perceive Allah as in see him.

00:40:42 --> 00:41:34

All right, also leave as in he is aware of the most hidden matters so Allah who luckily from very Buddy, he, he's kind gracious, fully aware of his servants, Yahoo Zuko, Manisha he provides whoever He wills will who will go away you'll or Aziz and he is the powerful and the Exalted in Might. What is this is telling us connected with the previous idea, the hour is not far and Allah is watching whatever people are doing yet he is good to all of them. He provides for them right and he is a we and our Z's he can bring about the hour he is able to bring about the Day of Judgment whenever he wants what he will cover your bases. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. Sally

00:41:35 --> 00:41:36

was stepping

00:41:40 --> 00:41:40


00:41:44 --> 00:41:45


00:41:46 --> 00:41:47

to be

00:41:50 --> 00:41:51


00:41:55 --> 00:41:57

will omit Dooley de la

00:41:59 --> 00:42:02

Hola, Mona vocal

00:42:04 --> 00:42:10

man on our left boom, Myrtle la Jetta

00:42:12 --> 00:42:15

Allahu ye J mountain Bina

00:42:16 --> 00:42:20

mostly. What leadin

00:42:24 --> 00:42:35

Jonah's in Hemu bound demons to G Bella who to whom the Hanbang Jetta wound him on

00:42:37 --> 00:42:40

being him wanting more bobble

00:42:42 --> 00:42:49

share the need a long one lady

00:42:51 --> 00:42:53

that day one me is

00:42:55 --> 00:42:57

one your daddy Cal

00:42:59 --> 00:43:06

Poly yes Don Jr. will be handling and I mean on

00:43:07 --> 00:43:09

one levena

00:43:10 --> 00:43:11

phone I mean

00:43:19 --> 00:43:19


00:43:22 --> 00:43:24

is Fe

00:43:26 --> 00:43:31

D Allahu La please

00:43:32 --> 00:43:36

be everybody he'll know for me.

00:43:39 --> 00:43:49

Walk away you lost the pentacle long will be handed a shadow a La ilaha illa Anta a stuffy Luca what?

00:43:50 --> 00:43:51

A Sunday morning.

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