Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P09 098D Tafsir Al-Anfal 7-10

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the rise of Islamist control over political and economic bodies, the use of water and force, the importance of shiny words and proving the truth, and the use of "most" in Islam. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be calm and relaxed before taking advantage of help from the enemy, and the importance of knowing who is involved in a situation and handling anxiety and fear. The speaker also mentions the loss of hundreds of thousands of Muslims during the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for help to save their lives.
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What if and when he or a.com He was promising you, Allahu Allah is the One apply if a trainee of the two groups, meaning remember that when Allah promised you that you will definitely have one of the two groups that Anna heard that indeed it lecan For you, it will be for you or believers meaning when you will encounter that group what will happen you will be victorious over that group. Now, what is this referring to remember that when the Muslims initially left Medina, the plan was to go and attack the caravan. However, when they left Medina, soon they found out that the caravan had escaped, and instead there was an army that was marching forward in order to face the Muslims. Now,

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at that time, the Muslims many of them they wanted to continue their march towards the caravan. However, the army was also coming and Allah subhanaw taala made the circumstances such that the Muslims had to face the army. But at that time, Allah subhanaw taala did promise the believers that you will have one of the two groups thought if attained dual of law, if what two groups is this referring to the caravan or the army. So in other words, Allah had promised victory to the believers, that whether you go and meet up with the caravan, or you lose the caravan, and you end up facing the army, what will happen? Whichever group of believers you will face, you will definitely

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be victorious. So Allah subhanaw taala had promised his victory his help to the believers. And when you realize that you're gonna get one of two things than which one is it that you want? Which one is it that you want the one that is easier to get? The one that is more fun? All right. So the Muslims they also what our doona and you all want it you all loved the word doula is from wood well dal dal and that means love. So you really wanted that another indeed, Leila other than that is Shoka. That possessor off Ashoka, Ashoka means Thorn. What does it mean? Thorn so that Ashoka means the one that has weapons. So in other words, that Ashoka is referring to woo, the army, because the one that has

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thorns being the one that has weapons, the one that is equipped, but notice, it's not just that Ashoka it is Laila that is Shoka. It is the one that is not equipped with arms. So you want it to face which group, the one that was not equipped with arms. In other words, the caravan because the army was equipped the caravan, a few men, a whole lot of goods and no guards. So you wanted to meet up with the caravan. What they were doing a novella that the Shoka did the cooloola comb that it should be for you. But when you read Allahu Allah, Allah wants a you hit call Helper, that you hit GPA, he should prove true, he should establish I'll help tell the truth because he mathy with his

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words, were Katara and he should cut off their barrel caffeine, the root of the disbelievers. You wanted the group that was not equipped with arms. Why? Because it was easier. It was easier for a group of 300 men to fight against a dozen or two dozen men or something like that, and gain victory over them and also get their hands over the entire goods that the caravan was bringing. But Allah subhanaw taala wanted something different. Allah did not want that you should just return home with a lot of goods. Allah who wanted that the truth should be proven as true and falsehood should be proven as false. Allah wanted to exterminate the disbelievers. Allah wanted to break the power of

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the disbelievers. But you just wanted some money. You just wanted to do that which was easy. Now many times it happens that in life, we have two options either go for what is easy and more fun. But what happens is that despite our desire, Allah subhanaw taala does not facilitate that path for us. And something completely different that we never imagined that we never thought about that is right before us. So the fact is that we are looking at things with our short sightedness, right. We are viewing things from where from our small boxes, but Allah subhanaw taala he knows

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halls that in the long run, what is it that is more more beneficial for us? We might be thinking about, you know, a fashion degree that we want to get, right? And why? Because we love it, we're really into it. But what happens our parents, they're not supportive at all. Why? Because they're looking at your future in a different way. You just want to do that which you enjoy that which you have fun with. But your parents want you to have a much better and secure future. So they say you love fashion, you know what, you'll do it anyway. Right? You will do it anyway. Because it's within you. Right? Do that which is more important. So what it is with matters of education, and our

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parents experience because of which we understand that okay, even if I like something, I should give it up. Because my parents know better, they have more experience, then obviously, Allah subhanaw taala what He decrees for us in our lives, then remember that that is much better for us. So the believers, they just wanted money. But Allah subhanaw taala had a different plan. You read Allah Who and you Hipple, how comically Marathi were Katara, Daniel and caffeine. So what should we do then? That do is the Hora whenever you're confused, and leave the matter to Allah subhanaw taala. And trust in Allah accept his decree, and go forward in whatever way that has been facilitated for you.

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Because many times what happens is that we just get stuck on what we want. We just get stuck there. I want this, and I only want this and if it doesn't work out, we're angry, we're upset, we're unhappy. We don't think about the many doors that have been opened up for us. We just keep staring at the door that has been closed, legal HIPAA, so that he should establish the truth, he should prove the truth, your HIPAA helper. He wanted to establish the truth, where you will feel badly, and he wanted to falsify the falsehood, meaning he wanted to prove the falsehood as false. Because in the time that had passed until now, so basically 14 plus years since the Prophet saw a lot of sudden

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became a prophet, since he started calling people to Allah, we see that because of the weakness of the believers, the truth was not given much importance by people, right? They said, Oh, this group of Muslims, they've just started something new, soon, this matter will be finished. And they thought of the Muslims like this, why? Because of the weakness of the Muslims. But when Allah subhanaw, Darla made the Muslims face the Mushrikeen in battle, when he made the two groups come together, face to face. And when he made the believers victorious over the disbelievers then what happened that proved to Arabia, all the people over there, that the Muslims or something, they have a

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presence now, they must have some truth with them, because of which only a few of them have been victorious over a group that is three times their number. So Leo Hepple haka, where you will feel badly, Allah who wanted to prove the truth, and he wanted to prove the falsehood as well, because many times people don't give much importance to those who are weak, right? They said, they're weak, they're few, they must be wrong. But all of a sudden, when they become popular, then everyone starts to pay attention to them, isn't it? So? Like, for instance, decades, decades ago, being a vegetarian was something that was strange and weird. But then these days, when you see that famous people are

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becoming vegetarian, then what happens? Everybody says, Well, you should be like that. Let me give you another example. Eating, you know, raw food, or eating a fresh food, or eating organic food a couple of years ago, was something that strange people do, or people who have a lot of money, they do that, right. But now, what has happened, it's become a trend. Why? Because certain people they have made this their lifestyle. All right, it's become more popular, it's become more available. Before you could buy organic food just in a couple of places, right? Now you see that it's available? Everywhere, right? So when it's available everywhere, that even people who are anti

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organic, what do they say? Let's try it. All right. Let's try it and see if there's really a difference. And then they try it. Some people they like it, and then what happens? They stick to it. This is just a small example. Initially, many things people don't pay attention to them. But as they gain popularity, then everyone pays attention to it. So Allah subhanaw taala wanted to establish the truth over here because the Muslims

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All of a sudden they gained a lot of popularity after this victory. Because the Quraysh of Makkah, first of all, who wages war against them, nobody touches them, because they are the most elite tribe of the entire Arabia. Why? Because they are from Makkah. They're the caretakers of the Kaaba. All right. So first of all, it was the Koresh. And then secondly, there is a group of 300 people who's fighting against them, and they're victorious. What just happened? Who are these people? What do they believe in? What are they doing? Let's find out. So this is what happened. Leo heckle haka. Ubiquinol birtley. Allah who wanted to establish the truth, prove the falsehood Wello carry her and

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even if he disliked who almajiri Moon the criminals, even if the criminal people they dislike it, they don't want that Islam should be recognized, but still Allah subhanaw taala he will create some circumstances in which the truth will be established

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is when does the the Sunnah you all were seeking help rock bottom of your Lord testily. sunnah is from st Lata. From the root letters rain. Yes, sir. Life basically means rain. And it's still worth it is to pray for rain, to ask Allah to send rain. Now when people are struck by famine, drought, hunger, thirst, then what happens? What happens they have no food available to them. They've done their best in searching for food and water, but they've found nothing. And when they're desperate for that drop of water, because they know that if they don't have it, they're going to die. Their animals have died, their crops have died. And now if they don't find water, they're gonna die.

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Imagine a person who is in this desperate state, how would he make dua to Allah? How would he make dua to Allah with utmost humility, right with earnestness. So this is what is the author is to beg and beg and beg. So is the study soon or back on when you were begging your Lord for help? You knew that if Allah doesn't help you at this point, then that's it, you would be finished, just like a thirsty person. He knows that if Allah doesn't provide him water, he's going to die. So you are also calling upon Allah subhanaw taala. Similarly, when, when the army of the Mushrikeen stood before you is the study soon on a bacame we learn in Sahiba hottie even our basketball we know are new. He said

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that on the day of brother on the day of birth, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he made to our to Allah, he said, Oh Allah, I invoke you for your covenant and promise, meaning you've promised victory to your prophets. I asked you for that victory. I asked you for that help. He said Allahumma, in Schechter, lumped or word. He said, Oh Allah, if you decide so then you will not be worshipped. Meaning if you decide that we should be defeated today, then you will not be worshipped on this earth. Why? Because if this small group of Muslims is finished, the last messenger is defeated, then what's going to happen? Who's going to come to mankind and guide them? So he made dua

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to Allah, desperately calling upon Allah, the night before the battle the day off the battle, and he was praying so much that he didn't even realize his shawl it fell off and Abu Bakr Abdullah or no one was there, he felt pity for the prophets of Allah is Allah, he felt pity for him. And he said, Enough, enough, meaning hopefully inshallah Allah will respond to your prayers. And this just shows to us that the Prophet salallahu Salam, he made a plan to face the enemy, you know, with whatever resources that he had at that time. But along with that plan, look at the kind of laws that he's making. Allah subhanaw taala describes it as is testily sooner a Bucko when you were calling upon

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your Lord. So what happened? First the job Allah come so he also responded to you. Because it's not possible that a person asks Allah subhanaw taala so much determination, with so much hope. And Allah subhanaw taala sends him away, empty handed. What do we learn that when a person begs before Allah, then Allah feels shy of returning that person, unanswered, empty handed. So when you called upon your Lord, desperately seeking His help, what happened? Faster Geobella calm. He answered you he responded to you.

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Many times it happens that when we are in need, we turn towards people

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And how do we turn towards them? Literally, we beg them. We ask them, and we ask them again and again and again. And you know what people hate to be asked? Isn't it? People hate to be asked, they get annoyed when you ask them a second time for the same thing. But get what do we do? What do we do? We don't give up. We keep asking people. Can you please give this to me? Can you please give this to me? And we know that they're getting annoyed. They're getting irritated. It's like, you know, when the whole family is sitting at the dinner table, and you don't want to get up. So you ask your sister, can you please pass me a fork? And she gives you that I and then she's like, Fine,

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she'll go get one for you. I said, Wait, wait, wait, before you sit down. Can you get me a glass of water? She's like, and then finally she'll get it for you. And then you're like, before you sit down? Can you get me this thing from the refrigerator? And she was like, go get it yourself. I'm not your servant here. Why are you being so lazy? Get up. And before you sit down, get everything that you need. So people get annoyed. Right? But still, what do we do? We keep asking them we don't feel shy. But when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala. He loves to be asked. He loves it. When a servant begs him for something for help. He loves it when a servant asks repeatedly again and again and

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again. But you know what? We're too lazy to ask Allah. For some reason. It's just too difficult to lift up our hands and make dua to Allah. For some reason. It's just too difficult to even ask Allah without voicing out the words. This is what happens to us. Is this delete do not buckle when you call upon your Lord, desperately, faster, Jehovah. He will definitely respond to you. He responded to his messenger. what response did he give that underneath that indeed, I made duco one to reinforce you make do calm is from basically the word moment moment is from meme dal dal named Al dal muda Jung would do is to extend. So it's like you give something to someone, and you give them

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again, and you give them again and again. All right, in that it is to send a group of people to help and then send another group and then another group. So I am going to reinforce you. I'm not just going to help you once, but I'm going to keep reinforcing you. I'm going to keep sending help to you will make duco how with what what help am I going to send you be elfin with 1000 Minal Mala Iike of the angels merge defeat, ones sent in succession, ones following each other. More defeat is a plural of mirdif, from the root letters draw the alpha. And if death is basically to ride behind someone,

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to ride behind someone, like for example, a person is driving and there is a car right behind them that is following them. And there is another car following them another car following them.

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It's like, you know, when, when a dignitary comes, then what happens? There's a number of cars, you know, security, whatever, that come first five or six cars, and then the car in which the dignitary is you know, that car comes, and then there's five or six more behind them. So this is what is death. That one's coming in succession, one after the other in ranks. So Allah subhanaw taala promised the believers, I am going to send you help. And what is that help? I'm going to send angels to help you to fight along with you against your enemy in the battlefield. And I'm not just going to send a group of angels. I'm going to send multiple groups of angels one after the other. How many?

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Two, five 1000 B. l phenomenal mela Ekati Maldivian and this is something that happened. Even Abbas what was the one who said that Allah subhanaw taala supported his Messenger, and the believers with 1000 Angels 500 Angels under the leadership of Gibreel on one side, and 500 Angels under the leadership of mica eel on the other side, so there were those 300 Muslims, but you know, who was along with them, whom the disbelievers couldn't see? The armies of angels, Allah subhanaw taala sent help. This happened at birth. This happened at Ohio. This happened every time the believers needed help Allah subhanaw taala sent his help to his believers to those who go out in his way. Why?

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Because in the Lilina Paulo buena Allah for Mr. Camo, those people who

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Say, our Lord is Allah and then they become firm. They become perseverant. And what happens? That and as Eduardo he will Mala economy, angels descend, Allah subhanaw taala sends angels to them, Why in order to support them in order to help them and you know how shaitan whispers to us and makes us feel weak and disheartened. Then when Allah subhanaw taala, sends angels, those angels that bring along with them Allah's mercy, and because of that, we feel Sakina tranquility, calmness, the fear, it is gone, the anxiety, it is gone. Why? Because of the presence of those angels. So the presence of the angels is, first of all help in the sense that a person He's morally uplifted, he's

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spiritually uplifted. And secondly, there's also that physical help that comes with the coming of the angels. Because these angels, they weren't just there to bring Allah's mercy, they were there to actually fight along with the believers. In a hadith we learn, which is a Muslim, that one of the companions, he said that while a Muslim man was pursuing an idolatry, meaning in the midst of the battle, and Wilson was pursuing goo, and what she did in order to fight him, what happened, he heard the sound of a whip coming from above him. So he heard the sound of a whip. And he heard that somebody was saying, Come, oh, hi zoom. Meaning as if somebody was instructing their horse that come

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meaning move faster, okay. And that Muslim man, he said that he was startled by that sound, and he looked at that wish they call me was pursuing. And he saw that man was falling on the ground. He was on the ground, and this Muslim man had not even struck him. He said, I saw him fallen on the ground. And when he checked, that meant, he found that there was a big lash, mark on the face, and that man was laying dead.

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So when this man went and told the prophets of Allah Lisanna, that I was chasing that man about to strike him, and I heard somebody from behind me, and there was nobody there. And the next thing I know, this person in front of me is lying dead. What happened? What was that? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him that you have said the truth, that was from the reinforcements from the third heaven. mean from the third sky, the angels had come down to help the believers. So this actually happened. Allah subhanaw taala said he promised, and the believers also they witness this help, because think about it 300 People facing 1000? Is it possible? Is it possible, logically

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doesn't make sense that they managed to defeat a group of 1000, they managed to killed 70, they managed to take 70 as captives and the rest of them are just running away to save their lives. Imagine these 300 people are not on horses, they're on foot, majority of them. Every single one of them does not even have, you know, armor to protect his body. And on top of that, they don't even have great weapons and whom they're facing, they are in armor, well protected, they have all their weapons. How is it possible, it doesn't make sense, there had to be help from the unseen, Allah subhanaw taala sent that help. And you know what Allah subhanaw taala promises help, he promises his

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help to those who go out in his way. This was not the only time the Muslims, they had such a victory. There were other times later on in the Muslim world, where there were companions, a group of 20,000, barely facing an army of 100,000.

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Imagine five times more. There were many, many similar occasions, and who was granted victory, those who were in the way of Allah, why it was, first of all, their willpower, their determination, their Tawakkol on Allah subhanaw taala. There is still artha there begging Allah for his help. And Allah subhanaw taala sending his help to those believers. So it is not possible that there is a person who goes out in the way of Allah and he truly wholeheartedly calls upon Allah for his help. And Allah doesn't send him help. Allah will definitely send him help through ways that a person cannot even imagine. What is missing today is what? What is missing today. Those angels disappeared, they're

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gone, they died. Know, whose angels are there many more angels are there. Can Allah not send Angel today for our help? What is missing? We there's a problem with us. We lack that reliance upon Allah. We don't make drawers. Think about it when we're in some problem. Right? Even if a woman is going through labor, who does she call upon? Her husband and her mom and the doctor and the nurses do something give me the epidural do something save me

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she'll scream. But will she make dua that time begging Allah? No, she will not. So then how do we expect help from Allah from where it is these times in our lives when Allah subhanaw taala tests us? Yes.

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So I just wanted to share both.

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Recently when I had my baby, before I was worried I was like, okay, my mom is not here. My sister is not here. How will I take care of my son, And subhanAllah Allah sent auntie, on my way. And she's been so helpful to me. She helped with my children with Shafi, my oldest son, she will take care of them, she cooked for me, she cleaned for me. And this panel, if you depend on Allah subhanaw taala, he does more than what he might exactly. I mean, this much help people cannot give you I mean, those who are related to you even they cannot give you this much support. But when Allah subhanaw taala senses help. That's enough for a person then Salaam Alaikum, I had a story to share with you all

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recently, there was an experience where a group of sisters, they came to know that one of the food banks is short of rice, and they're giving rise to 460 families every month. So they decided, okay, they're going to collect money and buy rice and one of the men he went and he was trying to get rice from a play. I mean, ask a person who's a caterer from where do they buy the rice. So when he went in, of course, these people, they don't want to give out their trade secrets or whatever. So they didn't want to tell him where they buy the rice from. And he just came out disappointed. And he says, right in front of him, he sees a van and a supplier of rice bringing the rice inside. And then

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he went and he got the address and he got rice for $6 A bag, whereas you don't get it in the market like that. So if you make any other you want to help the people and ask Allah Oh Allah put baraka and the money that we are collecting, help us and surely Allah's help comes all the time.

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So what is needed is that we call upon Allah. Allah says warmer and not jar Allah who he made it, Allahu Allah INLA except Bushra, a good news, meaning what Allah subhanaw taala told the believers that yes, I'm going to send help to you 1000 angels sent one after the other, then the believers when they got to know that Allah is gonna send angels for our help. This was what good news for them. And when they received this good news, what and Lita to my inner so that it is assured it is satisfied, be with it blue become your hearts, because when you receive this use, then you are satisfied you are content. If you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala could have sent the angels

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without even telling the Muslims. Right? He could have sent the angels without telling the prophets Allah Allah Listen, the victory could have been an absolute surprise for them. Right? But the fact that Allah subhanaw taala promised the believers, he told them that yes, you will be victorious than what happened. This gave the Muslims relief from anxiety, right? It calmed their fears. It's like when you're going to do something that's very, very difficult. And somebody comes back to you on your shoulder and says, You can do it. You can do it, then sometimes that one word of encouragement is enough. Because that fear that anxiety that you had, it all disappears, then and when you are

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calm, only then you can focus on your work, isn't it because otherwise you could be 100% prepared, but if you're nervous, if you're anxious, if you're overcome by your anxiety and fear, then no matter how well prepared you are, you cannot do your work. So it is so important that before we go into doing something, we are calm, we are relaxed. And when Allah subhanaw taala sent this good news to the believers, it caused them to become relaxed. Allah says woman nostru and the help is not the victory is not INLA except Minar. In Dilla, from your Allah, meaning victory is only from Allah. This is a fact. And no matter how many resources you may have, how much strength you may have, no

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matter whose support you may have, it will not get you victory, unless and until Allah decides that you should have victory because the coming of the angels was helped from Allah. But victory ultimately comes from who the angels know. victory comes from who Allah subhanaw taala because remember at the Battle of Ohio, did Allah not send the angels? Yes, he did. But then what happened? That victory turned into the

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Beat because the believers did something that brought defeat to them. It was a mistake that they had committed. So what do we learn here? That no matter what help is sent our way, even if that help is coming from Allah and in fact every help that we have comes from Allah. Remember that help alone doesn't mean success. Help alone doesn't mean victory. Allah decides, Allah sends victory to His servants. So we should seek victory from who we should seek success from WHO? Allah Subhanallah

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because the thing is, that whether it's the angels or it's the people around you, or it's the things that you have at your disposal, all of these are what just means to your victory. They're not the cause. Who's the cause? Allah subhanaw taala. So Aman nostril in laminar in dilla in the Lucha Aziz and her Kim Indeed, Allah is Mighty and wise. He can grant you victory, so seek it from him.

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