Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L182A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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soliel Kareem another word for rubella Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim for beshara Lisa de way acidity Emory Dr. melissani of kahuku li probenecid and

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lesson number 182 similar to note is number 35. To 40 Translation Allahu Allah name is like a summer worth of the heavens while out and the earth

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methadone example nearly of his light kennish get in like the niche a shelf

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fee her in it miss bear Hoon a lamp I must bear who the lamp fee in Zoo Georgia in a glass

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Zoo Georgia to the class kamna hair as if it Coco been a star. The reason barely

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use it is lit men from shadow rotting a tree mobarak 18 one blessitt.

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zetonna 10 of olive lair not Shirky yet in one Eastern

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weather and nor how to be here. Western UK do it is near. say to her, it's oil. You do it glows bright light

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wolo even if llum not themselves who it touches it. Now one fire neuron light. Allah upon move light. Yesterday he guides Allahu Allah. Lino re to his light, mine whoever, Yeshua who he will

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rebel and he strikes Allahu Allah and the examples learn mercy for the people will law who and Allah be cuddly with every che in thing or demon always all knowing

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fi in Bouldin houses. Athena, he gave permission, Allahu Allah, and that too far it has raised where you go, and it is mentioned fee her in it is new who his name? You said be who he glorifies law who for him, fee her in it. Bill What are we at the mornings, while our soil and the evenings

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region alone men learn not to leave him it diverts them to jail or to any trade winner and nor they own any bartering.

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I'm from Vic remembrance Allah of Allah what you call and establishing a Sunnah of the prayer what ether and giving a zecca of this occur.

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You have una de fear Yeoman a day that upper level is overturned fee in it and the hearts will absorb and the sights

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Leah Zia home so he will recommend them. Allahu Allah escena best man what amilo they did, was he the home and he increases them. Men from fugly he his bounty Allahu and Allah years ago, he provides men whoever you share, he will be very without his help in any account. When levina and those who govern they disbelieved, Amano home their deeds. Tessa Robin like a mirage, Billy, I think, in a dry clean desert.

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Yes, sir boohoo he thinks it of them earning the thirsty one. Matt water had until either when Joe who he came to it long not yejide who he finds it, Shea anything. Well, Roger the end he found Allah Allah in the who near it. philosopher who then he gave him fully. He said the who his account will now who end up

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Now, sorry are most swift reserved in the reckoning in the account taking?

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Or cousin American like darknesses fee in the sea medallion one deep. Yakutia who it covers it majan a wave men from fofi above it majan a wave men from fofi above it, Sahara when a cloud

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woman Mattoon darknesses bow to her some of it foco above barwin some others either when Roger he took out Yoda who his hand, lamb did not record he is near your hair, he sees it. Woman and whoever lamb did not hear john he makes Allahu Allah le who for him late summer than not for him. Men from any light.

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uno de kemiska

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tuna, no tuna,

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Cuddy be mooching.

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He has moves you said

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to him to

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learn to

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calm your sauna

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yahoo.com movie

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An-Nur 35-40 Translation 35-40

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