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An-Naba 1-40 Tafsir An-Naba 1-16

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I was a bit lame in a ship on virgin Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, just 30

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barakallahu fecal,

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that's the number 302 surah two never. I am number one to 40.

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With the 30 pages of the Quran, which is the final does have to hold on. This is the beginning of the conclusion of the Quran. Now we reach the conclusion of the Quran and accordingly, mostly the emphasis in this juice is on preparing for the hereafter. Because this juice is the last is the hip juice of the Quran. And it also makes a person prepare for his funeral for his afterlife for his hereafter. Generally, it is thought that with the study of the Quran reaching its conclusion, a great responsibility is being fulfilled, something huge is being accomplished. And therefore it is a moment of great joy and happiness, which in fact, it is because Allah subhanaw taala tells us good

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before the law, he will do it. But we radical failure for who Hieronymus marone. So yes, a person must be happy, that Alhamdulillah he is accomplishing something huge, something great, a great responsibility is being fulfilled. But at the same time, we see that at the end of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala reminds us of the Hereafter, constantly in every solar almost we are reminded of the hereafter. And the shows to us that with the completion of the Quran is not the ending, but rather it is the beginning. This is not the end. But rather it is a new beginning. Because when a person studies the Quran, he gains strength Eman energy, taqwa, all of this from the Quran. And that

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enables him to better prepare for the hereafter. So once the study of the Quran is completed, it doesn't mean this is the end. No, it's actually a new beginning. Because from now, the preparation, the test, it begins. So this is not the ending, but rather it is the beginning.

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And we see that in this just constantly a loss of primadonna reminds us of the hereafter so that a person can live his life according to the instructions that Allah has given

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the sutras of this juice and the verses of this juice, they're both very short compared to the rest of the Quran. And in very few words, many, many important matters they are reminded of, and we see that all of the major themes and topics that are spread across the Quran, they are concluded, and in a way summarized in this juice. So in a way, this juice is also a summary of the entire plan. And we see that the text of the source of this juice, it is very brief, very brief, which is why the verses are very short. But at the same time, they're very concise, they're very deep in their meaning, and they also offer great reminders to us. So yes, the verses are short, however, they're very, very

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deep in their meaning, and the reminders also are very, very effective. And as mentioned earlier, this just the main emphasis in it is preparation for the Hereafter, because this is what a person's success of this dunya and the hereafter lies in that he prepares for the hereafter. He keeps the hereafter in his mind as his focus as his final destination. And accordingly, he works towards that destination.

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Because if a person does not keep the final destination before him and he does not strive towards it, then what will happen, he will end up anywhere else, but the right destination. So it's necessary that if we want to be successful in this life and the hereafter, that we keep the hereafter in mind, we do what we do with the end in mind. And this is why this message is repeated so many times in this job. And it is so ingrained in our minds that we don't neglect the we don't forget Dr. Phil. So, keep this in your mind as you study disorders of distress.

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The first sort of this use is similar to never and another What does it mean important news, important news, relevant news, such news that is very important, extremely necessary, such information that is so important that it cannot be ignored. It has to be taken seriously.

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And what is that number? What is that important news? It is that all the hereafter.

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You know, for example, something very important happens then what happens all over the television, the newspapers, the radios all of a sudden breaking news.

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Breaking News, everything else has stopped. And what is highlighted what is given importance to whatever that important information is Why? Because it's relevant to the people they need to know about it, it's necessary for them to know they cannot ignore it, because it affects them. Similarly, the matter of the Hereafter is so major, it is so important that it affects every single individual, it cannot be ignored. a law called it a never. And never.

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The solar is murky, then it has to record out 40 versus 173 words and about 1000 halluf Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

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I'm Mayor de Lune. About what are they asking one another? About what are they questioning one another. Um, this is a combination of an end, Ma, and the word ma has been abbreviated to the lF has been eliminated. Why? For the purpose of brevity.

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And we see that this is common elsewhere as well. For example, we learned FEMA, instead of FEMA. FEMA, FEMA anthelminthic raha corlew FEMA kontum, instead of female condom.

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Similarly, Bhima is also shortened to Bhima for Bhima. tuba Sharon mimma is shortened to mimma, Valium, vooral, insano, mimma, holyoake.

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So over here, I'm about what meaning about what thing yet alone? Are they asking each other? Yes, sir, alone from the cell, and the cell all about the feral What does it mean? To ask one another, to inquire of one another, to make queries? And remember that to Al questioning is for different reasons. Sometimes it is for the purpose of a stiff cell. And what does that mean to seek some explanation? Like you ask a question in order to find out the meaning of a word, this is what his tips are. And then another type of question is that you are demanding you're requesting for something, may I have this? Can I have that?

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Another type of question is a rhetorical question. Meaning, you're not really asking for anything, you're just making the other person use his mind. And another type of question is that which is asked out of sarcasm out of the muscle out of his things. Like for example, somebody says something to you, and you say, really? Are you serious? Why would you question Are you serious? out of perhaps sarcasm?

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So I'm alone about what are they asking each other?

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this URL ama, this itself? This question is for two reasons. First of all, I'm Maya alone. It is a question that is meant to emphasize the magnitude of what people are asking about. And what is it that people were asking about? The hereafter?

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So when Allah says Maya de Lune, meaning what they're asking about is something very great. What they're asking about is not something minor.

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And then I'm alone, about what are they asking? Secondly, this is a commentary on the state of the people of Makkah.

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And what are they questioning about? What are they asking one another about?

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Now who was asking Who? We see that the machine of Makkah, the disbelievers the McAfee been those who did not believe they would ask the Prophet sallallahu wasallam? Or they would ask the believers or they would ask one another, About what? The resurrection, the hereafter the Day of Judgment.

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We see that in machi Solas, the matters of earthly that are mentioned repeatedly. Whether it is about the word Danny of Allah, soprano Dada, or it is about the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Or it is about the revelation of the Quran, or the coming of the hereafter. These matters are mentioned over and over again in different ways. And we see that the moon Cyrene, the deniers, the people of NACA, they did not believe in what they were informed of.

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And in order to belittle what they were being informed of, in order to mock at what they were being told about, what would they do? They would ask the Prophet, they would ask the believers, they would ask each other out of mockery. So when is it coming? You say there's going to be a day of judgment. So when is it coming? When will it occur? When is it going to happen? How would it be?

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How come you cannot bring the dead who passed away many years ago alive today? So over here law says America alone about what are they asking?

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And this asking was out of what mockery out of just

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jokingly, they will question so when is the day of judgment coming?

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And we see that out of all the different issues the matter of the hereafter was something that they marked at the most, which is why many times the Koran What do we learn? While coluna mata, Mata alpha in contemplatively? So many, many times this has mentioned that they ask, When will it be? When will it be? Why did they ask when will it be out of mockery? So Allah says Allah alone, about what are they asking each other, or you are never interleave about the great news. They're asking about the great news

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and never is used. That is very, very important. It is greater than Hubbard, Hubbard is also news or information report, but never is greater than Hubbard. It is used for information of major events, important events, important matters. Secondly, never is also relevant to the person who is being informed of that news.

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It's directly related to them, it's relevant to them, it's beneficial for them. This is why it's important. And this is why they must be informed about it. Another is also such news, which demands a reaction, a change some kind of action from the person who has been given that news. So for example, the matter of the Hereafter, is it important? Is it Yes. Then secondly, is it relevant to every individual? Yes, it is. Then does it demand some reaction, some change, some kind of action, some kind of preparation from the people? Yes, it does. Allah subhanaw taala has informed us warned us continuously but the Hereafter, not just so that we increase in our information, but to that we

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do something we prepare for the hereafter.

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And never is also news about a manifest event. Something that is material, something that is physical, something that is tangible, which is why it matters a lot, which is why it's very, very important. And it's also such news that gives you a pain to the listener that gives certainty to the person who's been given that means. So what are they asking one another? Allah says, I never enter or leave. They're asking about the great news. What is this great News, the news of the day of judgment, the resurrection, the Hereafter, instead of sod is 67 to 68 we learn all who another owner Aleem and tomorrow whom are The Loon say it is great news from which you are turning away. So

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elsewhere in the Quran as well the Day of Judgment is called never on our lien, and over here on another in our lien.

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Others say that another in early refers to the Quran, and whatever the Koran tells us, whether it is about the hereafter or about any matter that Quran tells off, what is it and are we? And thirdly others have said that it refers to the matter of the prophets of Allah is that is he a prophet or not? what is reality? So the question to one another about it constantly. What is he? Who is he? Why is he here? Allah says I'm Maya alone, and another inner Aleem.

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And why does Allah say I never in our lien, he is answering himself. He's telling us himself, that they're asking about this great news. And I never entirely also anyway expresses surprise and amazement. That are they're really asking about this great news. Meaning Why are they asking one another about it when the matter is so clear and so important? It seriously they're asking about it. This news demand some change from them some action from them, and they're just asking about it that is talking about it, I never intervene.

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And we see that the matter the Hereafter, the profits are informed that people talk clearly about it. And Allah subhanaw taala calls it and never, which means that it demanded some change from them. But what is it that kept people away from believing in the hereafter? What is it that prevented them from believing in the hereafter? Allah subhanaw taala tells us that it is the love that people have for dystonia and hair COVID

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what has distracted you and hackle what has distracted you at takato

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the competition for increased meaning this dunya hat does ortho nakaba similarly, earlier we have learned gullible to have Boolean algebra that you are loved and ardila these people love ardila were their own our own human Sakina.

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So over here on this

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Never dream about the great news under the home fee game of telephone that over which they are in disagreement and bloody meaning this never or lame is such news about which they are fee in it most telephone in disagreement with telephone is a Florida mortality and mortality is one who holds a different view from the other. One who differs from the other is in disagreement with the other. And we see that the machine of maka, the machine of Arabia, they held different opinions with regards to the hereafter.

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Some people completely rejected the concept of the ACA, completely rejected. We learn in sort of what minion is 37 that the machine would say in here in their higher tone adonia Nemo to wanna hear, woman and remember, Rosie,

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that life is not our worldly life, we die and we live, but we will not be resurrected. So some people they completely rejected the matter of the hereafter.

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Others they had some kind of belief however, it was corrupted. Like for example, they said that these idols of ours who are they, I will shoot out they will intercede for us. They will protect us on that day.

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In total Jaffe, I 32 also we learned that what either Kayla in Nevada law he helped con was Sarah to narrow Buffy her when it was said that indeed the promise of Allah is true and the hour There is no doubt about it. Call to manatee massage, you said we don't know what the Syrah is we don't believe in it. In northern New Illa. One, we only suppose we only assume we don't know for sure. What am I not going to be mistaken? And we are not convinced at all. So there are some people who reject completely. There are others who have a belief but it's corrupted. And there are others who are on the edge of voting. They're in doubt about it. Maybe it will be maybe it will happen.

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And if you think about it, many people think like this, even today, there are many people who are not sure. We're not certain either way, they're in the middle. So amongst the machine, or also such people who were in the middle, Allah says under the home fee game of telephone, they have different opinions concerning the matter of the Hereafter, and fee. It can refer to the matter of the hereafter it can also refer to the matter of the profits or loss.

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How is it that the different concerning him? Some said he's abort others that he's a magician? Others said that he is truthful. Under the home fee he was telephone. Allah says color say Allah moon. No, they're going to know very soon they will know

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what this condemning color is half mother. And the other is to stop or to ban to negate with a lot of emphasis with reproach very harshly negate. So what this means is that color Stop, stop what you're doing stop all of these opinions that you have and stop all of this questioning Sailor Moon soon they will find out.

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Because whenever it comes to the matter of the

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people have their theories people have their excuses.

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People have their own imagination. So Allah says Calla stop all of this stop all this nonsense, say our level soon they will know.

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So if you look at the surah from the beginning, I'm Maya alone. I never Elohim and lady whom fee him of telephone can say on a one stop all this nonsense soon they will know.

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And sometimes color also gives the meaning of Hopkins certainly that can last say I don't certainly very soon they will know they will know about what it certainty. They don't believe in it. They're in doubt about it. They reject it. Very soon they will know about it certainty when it will occur. Or Sailor Moon, they will know about the consequences of their unbelief. They don't believe in it now, very soon they will know about the consequences of that disbelief.

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In total out of a 53 also we learn yo my data wielu YOLO leadin. And assuming fabuleux Khadija at Rasulullah. Bina that right now people don't believe but the day its result comes meaning the Day of Judgment actually happens. Those who have ignored it before they will say the messengers of our Lord came with the truth meaning whatever they informed us was indeed real.

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So in other words, what is being said is you want to display we don't want to believe Go ahead. But very soon, you will come to know of reality. Some then color say on the moon, they are going to know what does it mean by some wise some McCullough Sailor Moon, why is it said this is repeated for the purpose of emphasis and then some

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Remember, it also gives meaning of Moreover,

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it also gives meaning of moreover. So this shows that the second threat of the hereafter which is an idea number five is more severe than the first threat.

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The first threat was the previous I can let's say Allah moon. And then another time the threat is given thumb McCullough say Ireland, which shows that the second time the threat is much more severe. Because when a person does not believe, and he's threatened, he's warned again and again. Each time the warning is given. It's more severe than the previous one. Some McCullough Serna moon

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and unnatural origami hadda Have We not made the earth arresting plates? Now in the following I proofs of resurrection are being given. Many proofs of resurrection are given. Why so that this confusion that is amongst people that doubt that they have the disbelief that they're suffering from they can get out of it.

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A lot of questions. alumna journal adame had, Have We not made the earth a resting place. Meaning Why do you disbelieve? Is this not a reality? Then why is it that you doubt the reality of the Day of Judgment? We have made the earth as we had, we heard this from the root letters, meme heard that and what is maddening? a cradle and Maha dam who do is to prepare to smooth and to level a surface. We have learned earlier with my heart doula, who, to me the that Allah prepared everything for him, he facilitated everything for him. So the earth, Allah has made it as if he had as a place of rest, as a cradle as a bed that is smooth, that is habitable people can actually live here in peace. It

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invites us to rest in it into the thought what if 53 also we learned and Larry john and a couple other than the one who has made for you the earth as a bed that is spread out. And you will notice how this is a question and unnatural album he had? What's the response? That Yes, of course, Allah has made the earth as he had.

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And why is it that Allah is questioning us? So that we use our mind, we think we reason

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that if Allah has made the earth as we have is this without a reason. If Allah can create this earth as we had, can he not cause resurrection? Well gee, Bella, oh, Tada. And the mountains are stakes, algebra, flora, love Java, and otet plural of weather, and what is the bag of attempt? What is it the bag of attempt, in order to pitch a tent you have to put bags, similarly, the word weather is also used for the central pillar that is used to pitch a tent,

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the central pillar that is used to pitch a tent, when a tent is put up, you hold it with what ropes you tie down with ropes, and these ropes you connect them with bags, and then there is also a pillar that is put in the center. Okay, which is why it's strong. So, that pillar, the central pillar, that is what that

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what are the is to nail something into the ground in a way that some part of it is exposed, and other parts of it is under the ground. So some part of it is at the top, and the rest of it is were under the ground.

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And if you think about it mountains, what are they like? Very similar, a part of them is under the ground, it's not visible, and a part of it is above the surface of the earth. So why would you bother Oh Tada, the mountains Allah has placed as pegs for the earth, Why? So that the earth does not sway it does not move, but rather it stays in its place. And because of this, the Earth is stable, because of this, it is firm. Because of this, it is suitable for living otherwise it would be impossible for people to live on this earth into the nazjatar 32 Wheeler, while de Bella of Sir her and the mountains he has firmly set them as Oh Dad as FX and we see that the mountains there are

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massive, huge creation. And if you think about it, if Allah can create mountains, mountains that are so huge and he has placed as OTA pegs in the earth, then can he not do other great things. Of course he can

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insert Rafa 57 we learn the whole Kusama where he will have the academic unhealthiness the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of people. On the day of judgment, people will be resurrected. You find that astonishing. You find that amazing. Amazing is that Allah has created these mountains. amazing is that Allah has created this earth

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wahala kanakam as well, and we created you in pairs, you meaning or you people, mankind, we have created you in as well. And as well as the Florida Zodiac. What does it mean by as well, in pairs of males and females both complementing and completing each other,

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that the human race is not such that all our males are all our females know, Allah has created some males, others females Why? So that both can help each other complete one another woman iottie and Haleakala come in and forsaken as virgin, it is obvious signs that he has created from yourself spouses, so males and females.

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And as well Juno is also used for dates. So hello kanakam as well. And we have created you have different different types. If you see human beings, there are so many different types belonging to so many different races and cultures, speaking different languages, every person is unique. every person's face color shade is different. People have different lineages, they belong to different nations, women, it help us somehow it will work the left ltn article was

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that obvious signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the differences in what in your colors. And in your languages that you speak wahala kanakam as well.

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Just imagine all of this variety, who has created Who has created a loss upon tada

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was Malcolm sabetta. And we have made your sleep a means for rest.

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When you sleep, what do you get rest when you're under normal comes to batter. So that is from the reflector seen better. And sebata means literally outer to cut something from the same root is a word subbed, which is used for Saturday, the Sabbath. Why? Because the hood, what were they told to do, to cut themselves off from every worldly work and engage only in the worship of a muscle.

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And when a person is not working, then in a way he is resting. As long as you're working, you're busy. The moment you stop working, you are in the mode of taking rest. Which is why what happens on the weekends when you don't go to work. Automatically you go into that rest mode, which is why many times people don't even want to do housework. Because they say it's the weekend, it's my time off, I don't want to do anything. And this is why the word so bad is also used for comfort, rest. Such rest, after which a person is rejuvenated after which a person feels fresh. A person feels refreshed at ease and comfort. So jalna Welcome to better your sleep Allah has made for you so bad.

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How asleep so that

00:28:05--> 00:28:57

how that a person is awake, he is busy working. And then when he gets tired, he cannot stay awake anymore. He falls asleep and when he wakes up How is he feeling? refreshed? energized again. The same person whose battery was dying was completely finishing when he sleeps. And after that when he wakes up. He's fully charged. What you're gonna know Malcolm sabetta a means of rest. And notice the word so bad. So bad is a means of rest not rest itself. So what is it that sleep is a means of rest. Sleep itself is not rest. You understand? Sleep is a means of taking rest. It's not rest itself so it's not necessary. That every time you sleep you feel rested.

00:28:58--> 00:29:49

When is it that a person finds rest after his sleep when he sleeps at the right time? In the proper way. So Jana, welcome sabetta into the room I 23 we learned women at hemodynamic combine main and obvious signs is your sleep by night in total Furqan I have 47 we learned well who were lady Jelena como Layla lieberson when Noma su Burton or geralyn Hello, Lucia. What does it show to us that the right time to sleep is when in the night because that is what brings rescue a person during the night and during the day he's sleeping? Will that bring him rest and comfort? No, it will not actual rest you get when? When you sleep at night, and how is it that a person can sleep?

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Only when a law causes him to sleep? In through the Zoomer? I have fortunately we learned a lot who yet oh FL enforcer hain mot her Allah is the one who takes us

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At the time of their death, when the talented female army and those that do not die, he takes her soul When, during their sleep, so a person can only sleep when Allah allows him to sleep when Allah enabled him to sleep, which is why it's quite possible you're lying on your bed for hours, but you just cannot sleep. So jalna no Welcome sabetta

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Well, Gianna Laila Ali Bursa, and we have made the night as clothing Libous What does livers mean? clothing, garments, what do they do?

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They cover you, they protect you, they hide you, they shield you, they provide you comfort.

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We learned that the husband and wife what have they been called? livers of each other. Why? Because both are meant to guard and protect one another and be a source of comfort for each other. So why is the night called glass? Why is it called clothing or covering because the darkness of night covers everything within it school. Every single thing on the earth, what happens to it when night falls, everything is in darkness. Just like if you take a sheet and you put it on something and everything under it is covered. Similarly, when nightfalls then everything is covered with darkness, which are under laner labasa.

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And also it's called Libous because it hides people as well. It hides what they're doing as well. Because people are also in darkness when they're in darkness. If for example the person gives other than that deed is hidden. If a person commits a crime that crime is hidden. So the night is sad that it conceals people and their actions as well. During the day what you do his job. And during the night What you do is concealed because of the night was your alma mater, Lavasa and Libous another major function of liberty is that it gives you comfort. So the night is also why for the purpose of comfort, because at night, automatically what happens, everything shuts down, people go to sleep,

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and as a result you can actually rest and during the day, when there is light when they're animals when they're birds that are chirping, so many things that are going on even if you want to rest you cannot take rest. So jalna later livers

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and also if you think about it during the day with all of that light, sometimes your eyes get tired, you need the darkness, you need it. So a Jana later leave us with Jana Hello Masha, and we have made the day for livelihood. Mirage, Mirage is from our share issue ideation, which is to live and Mirage is called Lucia in Europe should be everything through which a person can live by live with or needs in order to live like for example food, water, clothing. So what is it necessities of life, necessities of life that enable a living being to survive that enable him to live and continue living. If a person does not get food can he live? No. If it is not good water can either No. And

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Mirage is love Ziman

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Love is a man. So what does it mean? The time to earn Mirage, the time to work the time to look for food.

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So we're down in the harem Arusha we have made the day of means and time of seeking marsh.

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And this is very true. The night is for resting. And the day is for working. Allah subhanaw taala has got this natural timetable, natural schedule, that you sleep during the night and you work during the day. Because in the day is Baraka, especially in the early hours of the day. That is the time of Baraka and if a person earns money at that time works at that time, then in that money in that earning is also a lot of what you're earning the huddle, Nyasha it's the right time to earn large not the right time. The right time is when during the day, when you're in the huddle, Marsha and if you think about it, for this purpose, Allah subhanaw taala has made the day bright and

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radiant because when there is light and then people are awake when there is light, then you can see things and then you can actually do something

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in darkness it's very difficult. So what you're gonna have Omar Asha, we're gonna focus on sovereign Cheetah and we have constructed above you seven strong heavens above you we have constructed sovereign she that she that is a plural of shadiness.

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God is that which is very severe, that which is strong that which is fully firm, solid. So, we have made above you seven strong ones. What are the seven strong ones that are constructed above us?

00:35:16--> 00:35:18

The seven skies

00:35:19--> 00:35:57

and notice how server smls has not been mentioned, but sovereignty data because it's understood that what is above you is this guy. And this guy, Allah subhanaw taala called she that. So the seven heavens they are firm and strong, sturdy, they're unaffected with the passage of time even instead of is six we learn a phenomenon Lulu nsms evohome kafer benina how we have constructed it, over here also what word is used banana construction, inserted that yet I have 47 was summer, banana and the sky We have constructed

00:35:58--> 00:36:09

the skies with all of their vastness, their loftiness their perfection, their precision and everything within them, who has constructed them who has built them, Allah wa jal nursey Raja

00:36:10--> 00:36:13

and we have made they're in a burning lamp

00:36:14--> 00:36:27

in the sky, Allah has placed a lamp that is burning and what is this lamp? It is the sun, Siraj Suraj is a lamp such light that is radiant, so it gives out light.

00:36:28--> 00:36:59

So basically, what is it lamp and this Suraj is described as we had heard from the newsletter as well hygiene, not word, but this is word well hygiene. And what is to burn to be ablaze. And it is the blazing heat the fire of the sun, or something like it. So it's ablaze, it's hot, it's also giving out light. So it's such light with which there is heat as well.

00:37:00--> 00:37:23

It's such light with which there is heat as well. And what had feraud What does that show that it's such that provides immense light and immense it even from a very long distance. That if you think about it, the sun is so far away from us. But when you're sitting in the sun, your skin gets burnt.

00:37:24--> 00:37:40

Isn't that amazing? Imagine the heat of the sun. And imagine the light of the sun that you're sitting in your room, you have all the shutters closed, everything closed, there is nothing from where direct sunlight can come. But still there's light in the room.

00:37:41--> 00:37:51

So, the sun is such that it gives out immense light immense heat, despite the long distance which are unnecessary Rajan will have

00:37:53--> 00:38:41

one minute Mercer ottima and that judger and we have sent down from the rain clouds pouring water and xlm in almora surat Surat is a Florida of more acidic from the root letters in saltwater, and acid is to squeeze and from this acid is also used for juice. Why? Because it is squeezed out of the fruit. We have learned earlier with V. Yasuo introducer that there will be a year in which they will squeeze out the juice mean there will be a lot of produce. And more asleep. This isn't fairy mircera more said what is it isn't fair. And so it is one that squeezes out one that puts pressure on something and as a result, rings out, squeezes out juice from something. Now what are more slots

00:38:41--> 00:39:31

where a slot is understood as heavy clouds, heavy clouds, heavy rain clouds, because from them fall down rain, which is in abundance and which is also continuous. You know, for example, you take a sponge, you dip it in water, and you take it out and then you squeeze it when you squeeze it what's going to happen. All of the water is going to come out. So we're sarataro what heavy rain clouds then Morris a lot is also understood as not just rain clouds, but even the wind because what is it that causes the water to come out of the rain clouds when the wind blows, carrying the clouds to the right place and then eventually the water comes out. So I'm Zenda Minh and more slots we have sent

00:39:31--> 00:39:57

down from the rain clouds heavily laden rain clouds What do we send down mantha Georgia water that is pouring down the judges from the newsletters that Jean Jean fetch and third is when water flows or pours down in abundance and with a lot of force. So there are two things what are the abundance as well as force. Samantha Jadeja.

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

It is said that

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

The best hedge is that in which there is such and such edge is to make noise. So what does that mean? A lot of time via that a person is constantly reciting delvia and fetch meaning a lot of blood is also made to flow in that hedge meaning a person also offers a lot of sacrifice. So Matt and fed judge said that judge that water that is flowing abundantly, continuously, cascading water pouring for it in abundance, and it is such that each drop of water is followed by another drop of water. It doesn't happen that are dropping waterfalls and you're standing waiting for the next one. No one after the other constantly in through the hairdryer 22 we learn well all of a sudden Maria halaqa

00:40:47--> 00:40:59

for Angela minister, Emma, Emma and Fastlane Erica will want to know because they need we have sent down the fertilizing winds and sand and water from the sky and given you drink from it. And you are not it's retainers.

00:41:01--> 00:41:33

Lino collegia v Heaven, whenever the that we may bring forth thereby grain and vegetation, when Allah sends down rain intolerance, heavy rain, abundant rain, as a result, what comes out from the earth, help and abet? What is have grain, such as wheat, barley rice, from the same root is the word hope as well. What does hope mean? Love? What's the connection between the two? I have grain, where do you put it?

00:41:34--> 00:41:39

in the ground, when you put it in the ground, only then it will grow. Similarly, where's herb

00:41:40--> 00:41:41

in the heart,

00:41:42--> 00:41:46

then also we see that people have a lot of hope for hub. How

00:41:47--> 00:42:15

if there's no rice, food is incomplete, if there is no bread, food is incomplete potatoes No way. I mean even if you give them some other kind of carp, people want the hub because they have a lot of hope for it. So, they don't have the job he have been and Dermot is have is different from seeds, seed is nowhere and hub is green. So, linear algebra, you have been one about that now, that is what plants

00:42:16--> 00:42:28

now have people consume it, wheat, rice, all of these grains people eat it, and the rest of the plant on which the hub grows, who consumes it, the animals.

00:42:29--> 00:43:01

So multiple benefits right food for all four people as well as the animals have been one of that. It has also been said that in Tibet, this is grass. What is it referred to grass. It is said that every drop of water that falls from the sky it turns into a pearl in the sea and it turns into grass on the earth meaning it results in something beneficial on sea and also on land, the nuclear job he have been whenever

00:43:02--> 00:43:47

we're generating alfalfa and gardens of entwined groats. Jeanette is Flora love Jenna and alfalfa is a plural of left or Luffy from the roof address, lamb fafa we have read earlier jitna become Luffy. We will bring all of you in groups together. And the fee is basically when something is wrapped around the other when something is dense, which is why the word is also used for a crowd because in a crowd, there are many many people. So what genetic alfalfa gardens whose plants whose trees whose branches How are they intertwined, intertwined, growing through one another into one another.

00:43:49--> 00:43:53

So what does it show? That how dense they are genetic and fafa

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she the

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do you know free JB

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