Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L288D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of faith in Islam is discussed, as it can lead to change and personal development. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to have faith and not give up on their own success. Testing each individual in a situation is crucial, and personal development and behavior management are necessary to avoid disaster. The importance of trusting oneself and not denying oneself is also emphasized.
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I was a bit lame in the shape language regime Bismillahirrahmanirrahim lesson number 288 pseudo turabian will begin from Ayah number 11

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masaba me mostly but in no disaster strikes in the in the Lair except by the permission of Allah in your life. If there's any Muslim, any difficulty that comes your way then it has come your way How?

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Because Allah allowed it

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Allah could have prevented it. But he allowed it to happen mostly was from the root letters swabbed well,

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and masiva is literally that which reaches that which hits and masiva literally can be used for a difficulty or something good that reaches a person. Anything that reaches a person. However, generally the word we'll see was used for what

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some calamity, some misfortune some disaster. So masaba mean we'll see button any difficulty any disaster, any misfortune that comes your way. It comes out in Levy, it nilla it comes with the illusion of Allah, Allah allows it to happen. However, one minute remember Allah, but whoever believes in Allah,

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Allah will guide his heart. Whoever believes in Allah at a time when disaster strikes, then Allah will guide his hearts.

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What does it mean by this? What does it mean by believing in Allah at the time when disaster strikes,

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believing that every affliction every disaster is by his decree, it was written from before it was not to this was meant to happen, Allah allowed it to happen. And when he allowed it to happen, he decreed it for me in my life, and not for somebody else, this has come in my life, not somebody else's life, then there has to be some reason behind it, there has to be some wisdom in it.

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And at the same time, a person believes that Allah is the one who was most merciful, more merciful than my mother, more merciful than my grandmother. And even if I 70 others Allah is more merciful than them. So if Allah has sent this will see by my way, there is higher in this, there is some good in it. Because Allah subhana wa tada Who is he, and Hakeem, and also a Rahim, Al Hakim, that whatever he decides to take my behind it over him, that especially with the believers, He is merciful. So it cannot be that this difficulty has come my way, and there is no purpose behind it. No, there is a reason behind it. So my main belief, and believing in Allah at this time also means

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that a person believes that a law can change the situation, whenever he wants, however, he wants in the way that I cannot even imagine.

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This is also believing in a light this time, that he can change the situation. So I should not despair. I should not become angry, I should not become frustrated. Yes, I am sad. Yes, I want to cry. But remember, the prophet said a lot is and when his son passed away, and he was crying, the Sahaba were surprised that he when you cry, and he said yes. Why? Because the heart feels it. The eyes weep, they shed tears. But nothing that this pleases my Creator will come out of my mouth.

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Because of the trials and difficulties that a person suffers in his life, many times we see that some people they lose their faith completely. They begin to despair, and despair is also what go for. As we learned earlier in the story. We have Rahim raison romaniuk not mere Rama de la bonne Lune. None despair from the mercy of Allah except for those who are astray. So when may you remember there whoever believes in Allah has faith in Allah, that Allah allowed this to happen? There is a reason behind it. There is a wisdom behind it. And yes, Allah is still very merciful on me. This is part of His mercy. This is something that he is teaching me through. Remember, musasa how many

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difficulties he faced in his life, one trial after the other. Imagine as an infant pulled away from his mother. But Allah subhanaw taala joined them two together, then he was raised in the house of our own. And when he grew up, he committed murder by mistake, and he had to leave Egypt. And then he lived in Medina as a shepherd. Imagine someone who was raised in the palaces of our own is working as a shepherd in Midian. Just imagine, and when he came, what did the last panel data say? Well, for the NACA Fortuna, we dusted you through various trials. So all of these various trials

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In a person's life, what are they for was for Nautica Linux, see Allah subhanaw taala is training a person teaching him something. So at a time when difficulty strikes woman,

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whoever has firm faith in Allah, He relies on Allah, trust on Allah inserted Romana 29 we learn Khan laomi, whoever you schatten every day he is bringing about a new matter. Something new is causing to happen. So a person who believes in Allah, He believes that Allah can change my situation, so he does not despair.

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Whoever believes in a lot like this. Allah says, the calibre. Allah guides his heart.

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What does it mean by this, that Allah guides his heart, that He guides his heart to your pain,

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so that a person has yaqeen he has a faith that is much more stronger than before.

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I read a quote somewhere, that when life gets tough, then toughen up your faith.

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when life gets tough, then definitely your faith, we get stronger. And it only happens by the end of Allah by the help of Allah. And how does that help come when a person has belief in Allah that Allah can change my situation? So Allah gives him yaqeen then what does that mean that Allah gives him What is that certainty conviction that Allah gives that person that he has that conviction that whatever has it me, was meant to hit me, whatever has reached me was meant to reach me it was never ever meant to miss me. So it has come, it was meant to come. And Allah subhanaw taala makes him firm on EMA and he doesn't lose his faith in Allah.

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He knows that it has come from Allah. And when he knows it has come from Allah, that he accepts it. And then he has the ability to be patient over it.

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So yeah, the holida Allah guides his heart. Yeah, the cover has also been understood as that Allah guides is hard to submit,

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gives him the ability to have patience, guides is hard to have the block to have contentment, satisfaction with the decree of Allah. Allah gives him the ability to endure that dust with patience. Because if you think about it, many times it happens that people suffer from something. And they are not able to remain patient. They're crying, endlessly complaining to every person going here and there they go in depression, they cannot continue with their daily life. So when is it that a person can have patience can remain calm, despite the turmoil that he's going through? When he has firm faith in Allah or my human biller, yet,

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then he has also been understood as that Allah guides his heart, in the right direction,

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in the right direction. So what does it mean by that, that a person says that which is right at the first blow? And what is it in Nadella? He was in a larger

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and those who say in Nadella, he were in a larger room. As opposed to any other statement. What do we learn in the Quran, Allah Akbar, Allah him forever to never be him, or hammer, Allah ecomo.

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Those are the ones upon whom Allah sends His blessings and his mercy. And they're the ones who rightly guided in that situation. So Allah guides him to that which is right. So he says that which is right, he thinks that which is right. He says that which is right.

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He has positive thinking, not negative thinking. he reacts properly.

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And what is the proper reaction, that when a difficulty comes a person's way, he doesn't become angry, and frustrated. He has said, when he complains only to Allah subhanaw taala.

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He seeks for a solution from who? Allah Subhana Allah.

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And then he does not leave doing good. He does not start doing that. Because sometimes it happens that a person is going through a difficulty he gets angry with a love Why me This is not fair. I'm not going to pray anymore. And yes, I'm going to do this bad thing. Because this is not fair. But he has to convince whoever believes in Allah. Allah guides his heart to that which is right. So he reacts property behaves property, with Allah and also with other people. Because sometimes when people get upset over what has happened, they show their frustration to other people. Like for example, a mother is very upset because of her childhood, or because she's upset because she's

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tired. And they're the poor children. They're being yelled at. What is the poor child's fault? Or the husband comes home at night? after a very long day of work? And that's it. she yells at him. What's his fault? It's not his fault. When people start doing that, why? Because they laugh.

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faith in Allah.

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One minute remember last year, Allah guides his heart.

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He gives him the ability to remain strong, remain patient, and take the right action.

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Because whenever we're in a difficulty, you have to do something, you have to do something. Now, what is it that you do? Sometimes you can't figure out?

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Sometimes you say, should I do this? Should I do that? Should I doubt somebody? Should I not tell somebody? You're in that confusion? That what do I do?

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Somebody suggests you do this and other verses adjust to something completely different. Whose advice do you take?

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You don't know. You can't figure out sometimes. So yeah. What does it show that Allah guides his heart to that which is right, Allah tells him what to do? What the best way of reacting is. But what do you need to do to figure that way out?

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Have faith in Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah will guide his heart will love will be cliche, in our name, and Allah is annoying of everything. Don't you believe in this, that Allah knows everything? Yes. So when you believe that Allah knows everything, and he knows what you're going through, and he knows what other people are going through, and he knows the problems that you're going through, and he knows a solution as well. So when he's the only one who knows a solution, then have faith in him, ask him for help.

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And if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala has created us for what purpose, worship, and also to test us leoben Welcome. And you can arson Ramallah. This is why in our lives, we face tests all the time. Because this life is a test, every single day, we are facing tests. Sometimes it is in the form of having a fight with someone. Other times it is in the form of being very tired and exhausted. Other times it is in the form of being hungry, being afraid, being worried what's going to happen. last panel data tells us in the Quran, well in evolution, the condition in mental health he will do or even XML and while he will emphasize what thammarat we're definitely going to test

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So no matter what precautions you take, can you avoid certain tests and trials?

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Can you know because sometimes we say it's our fault, we should not have done this, this has happened because we did such and such, we say these kind of things. But the fact is that Allah has promised us that he is definitely going to test us. So when he's going to test us through difficulties through trials, then what does it mean? No matter what precautions you take, you cannot avoid certain things. You cannot avoid certain tests and tribulations, they will definitely reach you. What is meant to come in your life will definitely come in your life.

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But it doesn't mean that a person disappears. Or that a person does not do anything himself. No, there are a number of lessons that we learn from the Quran from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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First of all, we see that no person at all is exempted from afflictions, you might think that what you're going through is the worst that anyone could ever go through.

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That's what you think. But remember that Allah tests everybody, every single person,

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you might think that the state that you're in is the worst, and other people, they always have it easy. But that's what you think you're in difficulty. And remember that the other person is also in difficulty. Sometimes when we don't see other people complaining, when we see other people smiling, we think, Oh, it's so easy for them. Not necessarily. Every person is tested, those who are righteous, those who are not righteous, those who believe those who don't believe those who appear to be happy, and those who are sad, no matter what happens, every person is being tested. And these tests come in different ways. Sometimes through money, sometimes through family problems, and

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sometimes through one's health, different situations. Because Allah subhanaw taala knows every individual and he knows best how to test him.

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For you, something might be a problem and for another person might not be a problem at all.

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For one person not having money is a big test for another person who cares. So Allah knows how to test each person, which is why he does every single person in the way that is unique.

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This is one thing that we see. And remember that whenever Allah subhanaw taala tests the person there are many reasons behind that. One is to make a person more humble.

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To make a person turn to Allah to remove

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his pride

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to guide him to make him better.

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Because imagine if our lives were free of difficulties free of problems, would we turn to them? Or would we not as much?

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The way we make to our, the way we do is to horror. When we are in difficulty. We don't do it otherwise, the way we do our Earth God, we read the morning and evening hours when we are in pain, you know, when we're afraid, we don't do that otherwise in normal conditions. So when Allah sends tests our way, there is a reason behind that. Sometimes that reason is very obvious. Other times, we can't figure out why. But just because we cannot figure out why we are being tested like that doesn't mean there is no reason there is a reason. And what are we supposed to do? Think, reflect in our lives? Why has this come my way? Is there something wrong that I did, perhaps? Was I ungrateful?

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That Allah staking this blessing away from me? does Allah want me to be more concerned about something else? Maybe, that I love such and such thing, but it's been taken away from me it's a test, maybe Allah wants me to pay more attention to something else.

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Similarly, sometimes a loss of panatela is teaching a person to be more humble,

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to get him back on his feet to get him back on the ground, because he was becoming very arrogant. So there are different different reasons that Allah subhanaw taala tests the person and when a person is in a difficulty, what should he do? Have faith in Allah? There is a reason behind that. And think about it, what does Allah want me to learn from the situation? And whoever wants to learn something from that test. From that difficulty, when you remember left, you have to call Allah who will also show him, Allah will also teach him and this is when he will have positive thinking, this is where that disaster that problem will actually turn into a lesson.

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Again, a benefit, not a loss, not a means of deprivation.

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Then we see that deaths are ultimate means of exalting a person's rank. If you think about it, the prophets the righteous they were tested a lot from New Harrison, Adam or his Sunnah Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Ibrahim

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Ibrahim al Islam, who was he heard a lot. But if you think about the kind of deaths that he had to go through in his life,

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family problems, he suffered from them. Financial Of course, he had to travel all the time, from one place to the other, any kind of difficulty, if no human desire to separate their physical pain, even he was very old, in his 90s, when he was given the command of practicing the fitrah actions, and amongst them was circumcision as well. So different types of tests he experienced, but Who was he? Who was he hiding the law. So tests are a means of exalting a person as well.

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bringing him closer to Allah as well.

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And remember, when we made our everyday in a Serato, monster cane, syrup, alladhina, naantali war Alina and unterlagen, the prophets and the righteous. So what was their way? How was their life are facing trials, challenges, difficulties and being patient over them.

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So when you are being tested, when you are in a difficult situation, instead of thinking, Allah is very upset with me, or this is not fair. No, be happy,

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be happy that you are in the same way as that of the messengers before.

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Then we also see over here, that this is especially that every disaster every calamity, comes by the permission of Allah Subhana

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masaba mostly button Illa

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Allah, it comes by the permission of Allah, we think that what has happened should not have happened. We think that what has happened could have been avoided. But what does Allah say? It has happened. And it has happened, how, by the permission of the law, you might not like it, you might hate it, you might find it very difficult, but remember that Allah allowed it to happen.

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He has the ability to prevent it, he could have stopped it from happening, but he allowed it to happen when he allowed it to happen, there is a reason behind that. So instead of being upset about it, what should a person do? Think, what am I supposed to learn from the situation? Then we also see that it is imperative that one believes at a time when disaster strikes, that what has happened has happened by the permission of a law there is a reason behind that. And when a person will think like this, Allah will also guide him. Yeah, Allah. Allah will also hold his heart guide his heart to the right way to the right reaction to the

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Reading, so he will have some, he will have positive thinking,

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he will not be depressed,

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he will be guided to the right way that what he should do yet,

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then if a person does not believe in Allah at this point, then he's left on his own. And when he's left on his own, then what can he do to help himself? Nothing? Nothing at all. So may you remember, yeah, this will law will be cliche in Harlem and Allah is Knowing of every single thing.

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And remember that when a person has this firm belief at the time of disaster, and he saves himself from a negative reaction, he thinks positively, then that disaster actually becomes a lesson.

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Then later, there are no regrets. When you think about what happened, you have good memories. Not bad memories, but good memories, even though for other people, it could be something so traumatizing, but you come out of it. learning so much, improving so much. Why? Because you took the difficulty differently.

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You took the difficulty differently when you took it differently. Your reaction was different. Your behavior was different. This is why you learned something different from it as well that other people did not. So will mean human BelAir. Yeah, the caliber will be cliche in early,

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can disastrous be avoided, then no contest be avoided? No. Once they have come? What's the solution?

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What's the right way? Have faith in Allah? That's the only way out. And what does it mean by having faith in Allah,

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having conviction that there is a wisdom behind it, having conviction that this is good for me, there's some kind of hair in this for me.

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And having conviction that Allah can change the situation as well. So do not despair. Ask him humble before him. Turn to him. Ask him to show you the way. And it's quite possible. It takes a very long time until you see what you're supposed to do, but doesn't matter. Allah knows when to show you the way. So trust upon him.

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Well, ultimately, law will appear over soon, and obey Allah and obey the messenger in all circumstances. Because what happens normally, in times have difficulties that a person thinks, whatever has happened to me has happened because Allah centered my way. I'm very upset. Therefore I'm not gonna pray. I'm not going to do such and such good deed but Allah says Allah, Allah will clear over soon. Similarly in difficulties, we tend to exempt ourselves from following the laws of the Sharia. But Allah says, Allah Allahu Allah Azza wa soon in all circumstances, for intoa later but if you turn away, for a little sooner than indeed upon our messenger, meaning his duty is only

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to do what and benevolent will be just convicted. That's his responsibility and he has conveyed clarity.

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Allahu La Ilaha Illa who, Allah there is no deity except Him. Where are the law? he fully at our current moment, and upon Allah, let the believers rely, there is no God but Allah. He is the only one who deserves worship. Why? Because he's the only one who is most perfect. He's the only one who has created you. So when that is the case, what are the law he failure to work upon Allah? Should the believers rely? Why should they rely upon Allah?

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Because he's the only one who can change the situation. He's the only one who can improve their condition. He's the only one who can actually do something.

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where Allah he fully atovaquone meaning therefore there should interest every matter to him. Hope from him, pray to Him because no one else can help them. But him.

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Me Me

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a long

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at a time of difficulty, when you have someone to rely on, isn't that a source of great

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comfort for you. I can rely on them, I can expect something from them. And the more powerful they are, the more comfortable you are. Like, for example, you're going through some difficulty and you know that your father is going to support you. He's going to be there. Aren't you so confident? You are.

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Why? Because he can actually do something in that situation. But we see that sometimes our fathers cannot do anything. Our friends cannot do anything. Our children cannot do anything. Nobody can do anything for us.

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Don't you come across such problems? Maybe you've heard of other people going through certain difficulties? For example, some women in their family problems. They're in such a situation where no one can help them. No brother, No uncle, no father, no one can help them.

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They're not able to.

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So upon whom should a person rely at that time? And even at other times, Allah soprano died.

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My human BelAir yet Allah will guide Hassan, Allah will show him the way, Allah will give him peace and contentment. Allah will give him the ability to remain calm, remain composed. When other people lose themselves, that person will remain calm. Sometimes we think that it is only to do with religious matters. It's also to do with family problems. It's also to do with the trials and difficulties that you face in your life that he die also has to do with that, that what is the right way? What is the correct way of reacting at that point? How should you behave in that situation? Whoever turns to Allah, Allah will show him

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I was thinking when a masiva strikes, true Eman And Allah it serves as a light. And Allah guides the heart. So this is what you're supposed to do. And then whether your limbs follow the heart, you have to make them follow the heart, right? Sometimes, you understand that this is what the request is, this is what you should do. But you don't necessarily want to do it because of your own weaknesses or something that you dislike, maybe Allah says, After that, that you have to do what Allah has sent and what Rasool Sevilla Salaam has shown, if someone turns away from that, that means they are not following the guidance that they have received from Allah, they are not submitting to that light.

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And that is why Allah subhanaw taala saying that, okay, the school has given the message, and the rest is up to you. So this is completely and then I was thinking tawakkol also is an act of the heart. So when Allah gives you the guidance, and you obey through it of Allah and Rasool, then you are able to do the vocal

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test, let's say in life, and we know we should be preparing for it in advance. But sometimes what happens we get busy with work or family, children. And then last day, we start cramming, and we wish we had another extra day. So we know this life is a test too, and we know the Day of Judgment is going to come. Once the death comes, basically, it's gonna start so then we won't have any time to start cramming or just to wish for another extra day because it's going to be too late. So we should start preparing right away. Exactly. Not delay, as we learned in the previous lower layer hit Allahu nevsun, either Java or Java, when it's time has come to know more chances.

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Salaam Alaikum I remember. KAUSHIK may Allah have mercy on him. He's Egyptian placer. He went through so many tests, when he was 17. He lost his sight. And also he has a son Han cub. And so many times they put him in jail because he speaks the truth but it's still he continued with our in the he died in a seizure. So However,

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when a person remains firm throughout all of the difficulties and trials and Allah guides him to the best action.

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When we are in that indecision, what do I do? How should I react? How should I behave? How should I think, make dua to Allah, Allah,

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that Allah guide my heart?

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Show me the best way.

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We listen to the recitation again.

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Allahu Allah, Allah

At-Taghabun 1-18 Tafsir 11-12

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