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Al-Maidah 51-66 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 52-53

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cetera, then you will see a linear vehicle to be model. So you see those people in whose hearts is a disease for these people

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are these people.

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Then when African what's the disease in their heart

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of shock of doubt of Nevada, remember that the disease of the heart, there are many,

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just like, there are many diseases that a person could have in his body. Similarly, there are many diseases of the heart as well. However, all of them can be categorized into two

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first of all, those related to shampoo hat and what a shampoo had doubts. And secondly, shadow IT and what is shadow wet desires. Like for example, for shampoo hat, when a person does not have knowledge,

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then he develops the disease of shock of doubt.

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doubt about who about the truthfulness of the Quran? doubt about what about not having the confidence about following the deen of Allah Hunter. Similarly, not having personal one about Allah subhanaw taala What does that also have shovelhead have doubts. So it results from one lack of knowledge.

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The second type is of shalhevet desires. So for example, a person who is inclined a lot towards women,

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he will develop the disease of thinking about them all the time, or designing them all the time. Then what does that result from, from the disease of Shahada from the disease of lust of desire. Like for instance, in Surah,

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Allah subhanaw taala says, addressing the women, especially the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that when you speak to the men who come to the house, and make sure you speak, from behind the veil and falaqa learner will call Do not be soft and sweet in your speech. Why? Because the one in whose hearts is a disease, the one in whose heart is a disease, he will have desire for you. So what diseases that desire for the women,

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what diseases that desire for the women.

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So over here, flatiron Latina, fue, Colombia, Morocco, this model refers to that off, Chuck the fact

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that because they are uncertain about the deen of Allah, this is why they have nofap This is why they have hypocrisy. So you will see that those people who have disease in their heart, you sarona Fie him. There he is sitting in them. He is sitting towards them towards what does them refer to the houden an Asana?

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What does it mean by inside your own a PHY him, meaning you said your own Fimo allottee. Their hastening and rushing towards befriending them,

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towards loving them. And notice the word use it aroona it gives a sense of competition,

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that it is as if they're in a competition that who will get more close to them.

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Who will be better friends with them? Who will have better terms with them.

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So those people whose hearts is a disease, you will see that they're rushing towards friendship with these Yahood and the sorrow. And what's the excuse? What's the justification that they give you? coluna they say,

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Natasha, we fear under the banner that

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that some misfortune would reach us. We fear that we would be afflicted by some misfortune in the future. So when we're suffering from some misfortune, we need help from people. If we don't befriend them today, then tomorrow, they're not going to come and help us.

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And this is exactly what are the law even obey said

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that when the profits or losses wish to take some action against the new high new car because he had broken the covenant? What did he say that I'm not going to let you do this? Because I fear the changing times I fear that today you are stable or profits. Tomorrow, if you suffer loss and defeat in this matter of Islam is completely over. I will need some alliances I will need some help.

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But if I have broken my friendship with them tomorrow, what's going to happen? I'm not going to have their friendship. So now Shall we fear and to sleep and

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the word that you know some new factors then well, raw data you do literally means to go around to in circle.

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And that yellow is one that goes around.

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And it's basically used for a misfortune or calamity. Why? Because it goes around and it completely encircled a person and that is also used for

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During the fortune, change of events,

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chain of events, you know, we say that it took like 180 degree or 360 degree turn. What does that mean?

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That things completely changed. So, today we are fine. Tomorrow things could be completely different, we fear

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that times would change, things would change and we will need their help.

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Therefore, we are befriending them.

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Allah says, For us, Allah who, so perhaps Allah, and yet dia that he will come in for three with the victory,

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perhaps of luck will bring victory for who?

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For the Muslims for his prophet.

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And notice the word arsa has been used over here.

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Even our best leader who said that our salmon Allahu wa Jabba that are set from Allah subhanaw taala is whadjuk meaning it means definitely this is going to happen.

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But our sign literally means perhaps why? Because Allah Subhana Allah is giving us hope.

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They'd be hopeful that this is something that could happen. Ally saying this is something that will definitely happen. So be hopeful that it will happen soon.

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So far, so low and yet

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hopefully, Allah will give you victory.

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Meaning, why do you think that if the Muslims are weak today, they will always remain weak.

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And this is why you need to befriend these people. You need to have alliances with them. This was the weakness right after live innovate you wish to keep alliances with them because he thought Muslims are weak today. Tomorrow they could be completely finished.

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If they finish I need help. Where am I going to go?

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So Alessi Why do you think that if the Muslims are weak today, they will always remain weak. The Muslims were also oppressed under fit our own.

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The bunny is fine. They were oppressed under fit our own olufsen Mousavi sudden

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and you rescued them. So why do you think so negative about Allah subhanaw taala.

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Secondly, we also see that far as a level and yet they have been fed this emphasizes that you should not rely upon these people for help. But who should you rely upon?

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because you can have friendship with them, you can have good terms with them, okay? But tomorrow when you need help, it's possible that they desert you. It's possible that they desert you or they turn against you.

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Who is it that really gives victory? Who is it that really gives help?

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So don't depend on them

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for a sub low, and yet they have been fighting, and over here for what is general meaning victory, whether it was victory at the Battle of Haifa, where it was the conquest of Mecca or any other victory.

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And not just for the Muslims at that time, but also afterwards.

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Oh or I'm an admin or in the meaning of luck would bring about an AMA from himself.

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What am I What is this? What affairs is what command is this? What issue is this? I'm going over here refers to a command or an order of the humiliation of the disgrace of the unethical

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that he will expose them and he will humiliate them.

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Over here loss of habitat is addressing the Muslims that soon Allah will come about with an AMA, meaning he will expose their hypocrisy. They're justifying their friendship with them today. Tomorrow, a loss of habitat is going to expose that these people are not sincere indeed, they're actually hypocrites. Secondly, a marine refers to a state of affairs in favor of the Muslims.

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A state of affairs in favor of the Muslims, men or indeed from himself. For us to behold and they will become who will become the men African will become Allah upon met as a rule what they conceal fee unforeseen in their hearts in themselves near the mean once regretful

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meaning when Allah subhanaw taala will bring about victory, when he will bring about an hour in which the reality of the monastic wound is exposed. Then when African they're going to be regretful over what they conceal. What did they conceal in their hearts.

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Love for who, for who, for the who the Minnesota and hatred for who for the profits or

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for the Muslims

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nefab hypocrisy that inside their hearts they had

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their loyalties were with who with the people of COVID and on the apparent

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They were pretending to be Muslims.

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So, they will become regretful then, about what they had concealed in their hearts. They will become nadie mean and it means a new fetters new than me.

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What do we learn from the side?

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First of all, we learned that anyone who hastens and rushes towards more or less the same word as earlier with the houden and the SATA, than in his heart is a model.

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There is some disease in his heart, whether it is the disease of hypocrisy, or it is a disease of weakness of faith, or it is a disease of negative assumption about a loss of power or negative thoughts about Allah.

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Or it is a weakness of lack of confidence in the deen. I mean, it could be any type of disease. But such a person has a disease in his heart.

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Secondly, we learned that of the traits of a hypocrite is that the hypocrite, he trusts a lot very little.

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And instead, he trusts to

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people, he does not depend on a love but rather he depends on people. He does not have to call on Allah, but rather he has to work on who, on people.

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And other requirements of a man is that a person must trust and rely only upon Allah spend time and a person who trusts a line as up and he knows that Allah subhanaw taala his decision is the best then such a person as successful as we learned woman, our son, mean Allah hookman he called me up No.

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And a person who does not have trust upon Allah, Who does not have your thing. Then he goes from here to there, he wanders from here to there, he's not focused and eventually he leaves all the commands of Allah in order to please people.

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Thirdly, we learned from this I have the good news of fat for the believers, that Ferris alone, and yet they have in fact,

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hopefully, along will bring about fat in your favorite.

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And remember I said for Allah is wedge about beating definitely this is going to happen.

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So this is a good news that eventually the Muslims will have.

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We also learned that a believer should never lose hope with the help of Allah subhanaw taala that no matter how difficult the situation may seem, still, he should be hopeful that Allah will change the situation he will come about with fat, or an animal or a state of affairs which is beneficial for us which is favorable for us. So a believer should never give up hope of Allah.

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And the hypocrite is the one who despairs, the believer never disappears.

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And we also see that the hypocrisy of the hypocrite is always exposed. It's always revealed somewhere or the other

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way according to Medina Avenue, and those who believe will say, meaning when this is going to happen, what that when alasa penalty will bring about fat, or how many men are in D. And at that time, the hypocrites are going to be regretful about what they conceal in their hearts. Then at that time, way according to Dina Amano, the believers are going to say out of Wonder out of amazement to one another, that uh, how naive isn't it these people who alladhina akosombo Villa he who swore by Allah jetha, amen to him, the most firm the most strongest of their odds,

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that in the home, Lamar comm that indeed there are with you.

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Then the believers are going to say at that time, that isn't these people, meaning the hypocrites? Isn't it these people who said that they're going to be with you

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in the home lamarca that they are with you.

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The word observational letters have seen me.

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Awesome, and what does cost me this word Oh,

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basically, it is to emphasize something by mentioning something honorable,

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to emphasize something how, by mentioning something honorable in a particular way.

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Such as, for instance, a person emphasize that what he's saying is the truth and what does he say? One lie by Allah. So, he mentioned someone honorable, in order to emphasize his statement.

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And he mentioned that what is honorable in a particular way.

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Like for example, the person says will lie to lie, belay.

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So, this is what a customer is. So basically a person is trying to emphasize the statement so that the other person will believe in him.

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So the hypocrites we see over here that they

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swear by Allah. What kind of odds through this were just that a man who, the most strong, the most firm of their own story, same route as jihad, what does it mean, to toil to exert?

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It, it's also used for that which is very firm.

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So they swore big odds, big odds that they're with you,

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in normal America, that they're with you. But at that time, their hypocrisy is going to be exposed

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to the believers are going to wonder.

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All along, these people were swearing that they are with us. They are believers. And today, their hypocrisy is revealed. It is exposed, and it clearly shows that they were never with us. Their loyalties were with somebody else.

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Like, for example, at the Battle of war,

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when the hypocrites left, what did that show that they were not really with the believers? They were not really with the believers. Similarly, when the believers went for the Battle of the book, for the expedition of the book,

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the hypocrites they remain, they didn't go along with the Muslims.

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Now, what that explores

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that these people all these years have been swearing that they're with us, but they're not actually with us. So at that time, a loss of Paragon is going to reveal their hypocrisy.

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Allah says heavy armor to whom their deeds are wasted. Have you thought for newsletters have that thought, and her booth is when something comes to nothing. Basically, Hadassah is when an animal dies because of overeating.

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When the food that the animal eats becomes the source of its destruction.

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It ate so much that that food did not provide any nutrition, but rather it caused death.

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Similarly, have you thought are imagine that a person performs good deeds, and they don't bring him any reward. Instead, they become a burden for him on the Day of Judgment.

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Like for example, if a person performs a good deed, apparently like, for example, so that

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if he does it for the sake of Allah subhanaw, taala, it's going to be beneficial. But if he prays in order to do that, then it's going to be harmful for him.

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You know, I'll put on her Jetta laka Oh, I Laika.

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So when a good deed is a hedge against a person, what does it mean?

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that it did not bring him any benefit. Instead, it brought him much harm, just as the animal that eats food, which does not bring in any benefit, but rather it kills the animal, it destroys the animal. So how about our maloom all of their good deeds, they're wasted? For us, Baja city, so they will become losers.

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So all those good deeds that they performed, while saying that there are believers, when they didn't actually perform them with sincerity, all of those would be to be wasted, they will get no reward. And at the end, they will suffer loss, that they're neither with the believers, nor are they with the disbelievers.

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What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned about the lies of the hypocrites.

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That the hypocrites they lie a lot.

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So of the traits of the hypocrite is that he lies

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line is a sign of what hypocrisy?

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Where do we learn that from?

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That they're swearing false thoughts that we are with you when they're not actually with you. And a person who lies a lot is not reliable, is not trustworthy. And if you really want to make the other person believe in Him, what does he need to do? He needs to swear all the time.

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But if a person is trustworthy, he doesn't lie. He says one thing other people believe him. He doesn't need to swear, but a person who lies all the time he needs to swear.

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Secondly, we also learn from this is that the hypocrites this were a lot mean this were a lot of words, especially by our last panel dialer way to show that they are very sincere to show that they're very good whereas actually in their hearts is not even a little bit of even we don't insult them unethical. That either jackal Mona Fiona colonna shadow in Nicola Rasulullah will La Jolla Anna in Nicola rasuluh. Will La Jolla shadow in Luna Filipina like Eddie Boone.

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When the hypocrites come to you, they say we testify that you are the Messenger of Allah. And Allah knows that you are His messenger and Allah testifies that the

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hypocrites are liars.

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So this is a habit of full of a monastic that he swears all the time. He's swearing all the time

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to do one another, to other Muslims do the anonymous says that we are with you were with you. Because such a person is not reliable.

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We also learn from this ayah about the importance of being loyal to the deen of Allah. Having sincerity for the deen of Allah. Because what's the problem with the hypocrite

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that he says, We are with you, I am with you. But he's not actually sincere to the novella.

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And this shows to us the importance of being loyal to the love of Allah.

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We also learn from this ayah that the deeds of a monastic, all of them are wasted.

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Because he does perform a lot of good deeds in order to satisfy the Muslims around him.

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He will praise Allah, He will give the cat you will fast amount of Ramadan, all of these good deeds you perform. But all of these good deeds are not going to benefit him.

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And we also learn that when after he suffers loss, he's a horse in Indonesia, and the

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matter how much he thinks that he will be successful, eventually, he suffers loss. Because if you look at the behavior of the live innovate, he did not let the Prophet take action against a new kind of car. Why? Because he wanted to make sure that he was on the safe side. He wanted to make sure that he had friendship with them. Why in order to save himself from loss,

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but ultimately, he suffers loss.

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If you notice over here

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used to be a sub roofie unforeseen narrative mean, they will become regretful about what they concealed in their hearts.

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Remember that any negative feeling that a person concealed in his heart for the other?

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Whether it is hatred or jealousy, or a grudge or anything like that, eventually he becomes regretful

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if not in the dunya definitely in the film.

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Because on the Day of Judgment,

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well, hustler Mephisto do. Whatever is in the arts will be brought out it will be exposed.

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Imagine the hatred that we have for someone is exposed.

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Are we going to be regretful Of course. So what does it show to us that we should be concerned about? Our apparent actions but at the same time, we should be more concerned about our heart that what do we have in our hearts? What am I hiding in my heart? What am I entertaining in my heart?

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What am I keeping secure and safe in my heart? Because eventually it is going to be exposed.

00:24:48--> 00:24:52

Do I want to be embarrassed before everybody before I lost the panel data

00:24:53--> 00:24:56

with the filter that I have kept in my art is exposed