Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 265A Translation Al-Hujuraat 1-10

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to SallyAnn Allah SUTA Hill Karim I'm about to bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim are Beshara li Saudi were Sidley Emery wash loads of data melissani of Kahu Kohli webinars.

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And now we'll begin so little who do not settle Herat is number one to 10. Translation. Yeah. Are you her? Are you a Lavina? Those who avenue they believed law, do not do a demo. You all put forward beignet a day before Allah, Allah. Wa SULI he and his messenger what the call and you all fear Allah Allah in Allaha indeed, Hola, Samir on always on hearing our Limon always annoying.

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Yeah, Are you her? Or you Alladhina those who am a no they believed la do not tell Pharaoh you always a squatter, calm your voices, FOCA above salt, voice and Nabhi of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam wa ala and do not that you have to you all be allowed Lahu to him, Bill Cole in the speech Gaggia hurry, like being loud, like speaking loud. Bartleby calm, have some of you Libra are going for others. And that duck bottle, it becomes fruitless or MaryLu calm your deeds were unknown and you all law not the Scharoun you all realize

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in indeed Alladhina those who you who do not they lower us water home, their voices are in the near Rasul Allah, messenger of Allah. Allah Iike. Those Alladhina are those who aim to Hana. He tested Allahu Allah Gulaba home their hearts, lit Taqwa for the piety, the home for them mouthfeel atone forgiveness will add your own and a reward or Limon Great.

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In indeed Alladhina those who you know do Naka they call out to you men from what are behind 100 Euro the dwellings external home most of them last not yaki don't they understand? Why no and if unknown indeed there Cebu they were patient had their until the Hoja you come out la him to them. La Cana Surely it was higher and better LA home for them. Wala who and Allah waffled on always all forgiving? Or Haman always all merciful.

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Yeah, are you hurt? Oh, you are loving those who am I know they believed in if Jericho he came to you faster can a sinner a disobedient person be never in with some news, feta by Yahoo. Then you will verify and last to say boo you will reach a woman or people beat your head at in because of ignorance for those who consequently you all become Isla upon ma what far alto you all did nadie mean want to regret? What Allah mu and you all know and that indeed? Fecal among you Rasul Allah messenger Allah Allah low, if you will to your comb. He obeys you fee in Cathy's many men from an among the affair learned don't surely you all were troubled while I can but Allah Allah had Baba he

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has endured la come to you all al Eman the faith was a you know who and he has beautified it fee in Gulu become your hurts waka Lucha and he has made hateful la come to you, elk of the disbelief while forsook and the wickedness while ACN and the disobedience hola Iike those whom they have Rashi dune those who are rightly guided

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frog learn about the mean Allah from Allah when near madonn and a favor when Allah Who and Allah or Limon always all knowing hecky Moon always always

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were in

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And if thought if attorney to groups men from a remote meaning the believers equal data do they fought for Asli who then you all make peace by in a humor between them to fit in then if but it oppressed their humor one of them do Allah against an okra, the other faculty Lu, then you all fight under D that which doubly it oppresses hotter until the fee, it returns Isla to Omri, command, Allah Allah for in then if it returned for ously who then you will reconcile Boehner Houma between them to be the other with the justice will cause you to and you all be equitable. Be fair and just in Allah indeed Allah yoo hoo boo he loves and mucosal clean those who are fair and just in nama indeed not

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but I'll make me known the believers in what on our brothers for Asli who so you will reconcile Boehner between a Hawaii calm your brothers what the cool and you also hear Hola Hola Hola. Hola Hola como so that you don't have on you all are bestowed with Mercy

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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This means you

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you had led

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what Allah Allah has sent me on it

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also was also watching every one

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of them dash

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dash Hoan

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on to the

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hola hola hola he yes

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to see evil

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that was beautiful

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to me

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soon as more no you'll do goofy Cathy.

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wala kang Allah

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Imana was a

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workout boy as for our personal

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problem mean Allah He won your match long

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even tiny meaning meaning up on

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Billy had he

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been up on sample at a lot

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more consistently.

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I also leave a little vein

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or double long

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