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Ta-Ha 41-76 Translation 41-76


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The group discusses various topics including slack, language, and possible punishment, as well as a meeting and a woman named Y. They mention a woman named Y and a woman named Y as potential failures. The group also discusses plans to destroy a woman and her family, including a woman named Yuma and a woman named Nicola. They stress the importance of reciting the woman’s words and the potential consequences of their actions.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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My mother who want to slowly our little sweetie Hill Kareem and my birth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani r Rahim. furbish rightly acidity away acidity emri while interrupted Emily Sani of koko de Botton as in our in Lesson number 161 sudo Taha I am number 41 to 76

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was done article and I have produced you was funner Touka. And I have produced you Lena see for myself

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it have go and you were a hooker and your brother, be a party with my signs Wallah and do not tenia you to slack and

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then here you to slack and

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Fie in victory. My remembrance

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is however, you both go ILA to fit owner fit our own in the who indeed he thought he has transgressed for Cola, then you both say Lahu to him, olan a word lajunen, soft, gentle, La La who perhaps he yet other Kuru, he accepts admonition. He takes heat out or Yoshida, he fears. foreigner, they both said, robina Oh, our rub, internet indeed we know who we fear that F ropa he will exceed he will his son, Elena, against us, upon us, oh, or on that Yato he will transgress Allah, he said, Let do not the half of you to fear in the knee, indeed, I markoma with both of you, with you to a smile, I hear, I listen. What are all and I see?

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dia who then you to come to Him, then you to go to him for color. Then you both say in indeed we Rasulullah to messengers, Robic of Europe for ourselves. So you send Marina with us, Bonnie children, Israel of Israel, you wanna and do not to whom you punish them, you torment them.

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In fact, Janaka we have come to you be I attend with assign me Robic from Europe was solemn and the peace Allah upon man who if he followed alhuda the guidance in the indeed we are, in fact, OSHA it was revealed elayna to us under that indeed, either the punishment either upon man who got the job, he denied what a welder and he turned away.

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Tyler he said, feminine so who? Rob okuma is Rob Have you too? Yeah. Musa Musa. Allah He said, Rob buena, our Rep. A lady who erato he gave color, every shading thing hulka who it's formed, its creation. So much. Then Heather, he guided color. He said summer then what Ballew is case condition. state. I grew up the generations alula the former one.

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Allah He said real mohair it's knowledge in the with Robbie my rug fee in keytab. In book law, not your bill Lu. He makes a mistake. He ers or be my rub. Walla and nor yen sir. He forgets

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a lady who geralyn he made. Luckily for you, above the earth, mother, a bed a cradle was Seneca and he paved. He threaded local for you see her in it. So bulan ways. Were unzila and he sent down men from a summer the sky, mat and water for dinner. Then we brought out be with it as virgin bears men from

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batten vegetation, shut the different various gooloo you all eat water our annual pasture and our makhan your grazing livestock in indeed fee in delicate that layer sure designs li li for possessors a new her of the intelligence of the intellect minha from it Hello Conoco. We created you will see her and in it norito come we will return you, woman her and from it. No did you come? We will bring you out. They'll attend a time. Oprah another

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one. And certainly Elena who we showed him a Latina our signs, cola her all of it for cadabra then he denied whatever and he refused. Either he said have dinner, you come to us, little Regina, so that you take us out so that you drive us out. Men from albina our land Pacifica with your magic yeah Musa Musa felanitx dn Mecca then we will definitely come to you then surely we will definitely come to you be session with magic myth Lee of it's like federal then make set baina between us we're binaca and between you mower Aiden and appointment a meeting place lair not normally for who we go against it. We oppose it national we wala and nor enter you McKennon in a place sua equal even

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Allah He said more either come your appointment, yo mo is en de Zina of the Zener of the festival one and that your shutter he will be assembled he will be gathered a NASA the people who have at for noon

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saatavilla Then he turned away fit our own fit around for Gemma. Then he put together then he gathered data who his plot some then after he came

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on, he said listen to them Musa Musa the salon whaler come What do you do not def total you all fabricate Allah against Allah He Allah Gaddy been alive for us hater come, consequently, he will destroy you. They are there been with punishment? What? And in fact, harbor? He failed? Man who if the laws he fabricated fatahna zero, then they disputed with each other Umbra, whom their matter their affair bainer home between them. What are several, and they kept secret and Nigeria the private conversation.

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Although they said in indeed, had any these two lesser Huron surely two magicians, you read and they do want and that you reject them. They do expel you all men from early come your land, basically Yuma with their magic or with magic of them to wherever and they both go, Vittoria catacomb with your way and most of the exemplary one

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for me, then you all gather. Then you all combine Qaeda comb your plot your plan. Some then to you all come suffer in lines work hard and in fact, a flasher. He has succeeded le oma today, man who is Starla he was superior

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ALU they said yeah Musa Musa Emma either on that Dorothea eucast what Emma and or, and that Nicola we are a well a first man who Alka he cast

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Allah He said but rather to you all cast for either than instantly Sheba home their ropes were so you home and their sticks. You Hi yellow, it appeared it seemed LA to him. Men from safely him there magic under her that indeed it does. It moves it runs for Odessa. Then he felt then he sensed fi in

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Nazi he, himself khlifa can fear Moosa whoo sorry, Sarah.

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corner we said, Let do not have you fear in Africa indeed you enter you are

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the superior

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will lt and throw ma what fee is in yummy Nick your right hand, del cough, it will swallow, Ma, whatever senaru they have made innama indeed that which senaru they have made. k do its trick, Sasha of immigration, Wallah and not your flesh. He succeeds assertion, the magician Hato wherever he came

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for opia so he was cast a Sahara The Magician's suggests as one's frustrating Aloo they said, Amanda, we have believed beer have been in rub, heroin of heroin, or Moosa and Musa.

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Allah He said mentone you all have believed Lahu for him or Bella before and that Adena I gave permission like home for you in the hood indeed he let hubiera come Surely your great one a lady who are llama comb he taught you a Sarah the magic fellow cop there and then surely I will definitely cut off idea come your hands will abdulah calm and your feet men from laughing opposite sides

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while also liban knuckle and surely I will definitely crucify you fee in jewelry drunks enough of the date bombs while at the moon and surely you will definitely know uh you know which of us I should do is more severe, or the oven in punishment, whatever call and more enduring, more lasting

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ALU they said learn never know theater aka we prefer you. Allah upon ma what Jenna? It came to us men from Albion at the clear proofs. Well lady and who fought honor He created us faculty, then you decree man whatever. And you call them one who decrees in Nima. Indeed not but luckily you decree heavy this L higher the life adonia of the world.

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In indeed we am and we have believed beloved Vina in our up Leah Farah, so he may forgive Lennar for us hot Diana, our mistakes, warmer and that which across dinner, you have forced us you have compelled us or lay upon it. Men especially from the magic will law who and Allah hiren is better, whatever car and more or less than

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in the hood indeed he man whoever yet he he comes Rob Babu to his Rob muddiman as a criminal, for in then indeed, law who for him Johanna Hellfire, learn not your Mootoo he will die. See her in it, Wallah and nor he here he will live.

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Woman and whoever yet he he comes to him meenan a believer in fact amela he did a soil he had the righteous deeds for Allah acre so those law home for them at the Rajat the degrees, the ranks and the ruler, the highest ones. Jeannette gardens are the name of Eden of eternity bedgebury it flows men from dirty her underneath it and how the rivers highly Dean once abiding eternally see her in it. What Delica and that desert is recompense man of who does. He purifies himself?

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That's the essence of recitation

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was to get enough see.

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in any monokuma

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leaving home

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big was

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de la de da da da

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da da da

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two three gentlemen Athena VC

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Nikko National Water

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law he can even

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walk out the

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although in

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bc Shri nema

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14 Kumu Motorola LG me okay you don't want

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to stop

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Matata moves

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el tema de me

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in Santa

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de taco Donna taco

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taco di

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Hola como

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De De De De

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De De La ke ha