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This juz includes Surah Al-Ankaboot (29), Al-Room (30), Luqman (31), Al-Sajdah (32) and Al-Ahzab (33).
All four of 29, 30, 31, 32 begin with الم.

Surah Al-Ankaboot – Fitnah
Fitnah means a test that is severe (like a burning oven purifies metal).

Surah Al-Room – The Signs of Allah are Clear
Signs of Allah – Prediction of the Byzatine Empire’s Comeback a. 1-6
– March 624: Battle of Badr
Signs of Allah around us, a. 17-27

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All love data we have with us the 21st Jews of the Quran, we are in the last part of Ramadan Subhan Allah, it is a very, it's a blessed time, it's a time where we look for the night of power, the night of power in which Allah says it is better than or has more goodness than 1000 months later recovery hi Roman l Fisher. So our objective should be to try to attain it by by doing whatever good we can in it, because whatever good we can do in this, in these nights,

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actually is heavier on the scale of judgment,

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heavier on the scales on the Day of Judgment, then the

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then what a person would do on 1000, or during 1000 months otherwise, so it's a beautiful opportunity for us. I would encourage all of us to do whatever we can consistently, like the profit or loss of upset that I have with our family in the law, he is the one who has what in color, meaning the actions that Allah loves the most are the ones that are consistent, even if they're small, quality matters in our religion more than the quantity. So I would encourage this as a introduction to the topic of, or just as a side point about last night, I would encourage us to do a couple of things I would encourage us all to constantly,

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you know, are consistent excuse me donate something for the cause. for a good cause, during these last 10 nights, this is a very easy thing to do in Sharla recommended a small donation, you do it every single night in sha Allah is a nice way of putting forward something of, of consistent action on these nights, then I would also recommend something consistent, like make a time for yourself to make Doha in these last 10 nights consistently, every single day, take a minute or two. Hopefully more than that, to really connect to a lot really, you know, like cut out distractions, raise your hands, really engage and ask a lot. And number three, asked asking Allah specifically for Aloma in

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the gaafu one, two hibel Alpha five finally the Dora the prophets are taught, I Sharla wanna make the this beautiful while which means Allah, you're the one who loves to forgive.

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You are the one who forgives, you would love to forgive. So forgive me entirely and completely make these consistent actions and Sharla try to incorporate studying for an reading Quran, extra prayers as much as you can. But the key is to remain consistent. And then we ask Allah for acceptance of our good deeds. One thing is that a lot of us obviously, I think maybe all of us can go to the desert to pray. And you know, that's a unfortunate situation. However, as believers, we're taught by the prophet Salaam, that, you know, if a person is ill, or a person is traveling, then they adjust their reward is written by Allah, Miss llama can am Allah who saw him as if they were healthy, and at

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home, the reward is written when they are sick, as if they were healthy. Meaning if something prevents a person from doing something that is habitually a good deed, that was their habit. Now a sickness and illness prevented them from doing so Allah will continue to write every single day, as if that person is still doing that action. So now if we can go to the methods, but you had the habit of going to the masjid, for prayers, don't worry, Allah is writing a reward as if you are going to the mosque right now. If you have the habit of, you know, praying taraweeh in the mosque, praying I shot in fudger in the mosque, don't worry, Allah is writing a reward. Because this is like a

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sickness that is preventing us from doing what is our normal habit. So this is a beautiful thing in our religion, don't feel that there is a the word deprived. In fact, to the contrary, we are humbled Allah allow Allah's mercy is vast, and He will give a lot to us for a little and he knows that we are barred from our regular practice of our faith. So that reward will not be stopped, be in the light Allah. So Giada just a couple of things about the last 10 nights I hope that we will all be able to catch Laila to now Today we have with us

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not just the battle about that, but we have a surah Anka booth.

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The Jews 21st just begins with the

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Sauron Caboose is number 46 In fact, but the surah or the juice contains four main sources in it uncovered room lachemann such as that in their entirety or their conclusion and the beginning part of sub surah number 30 320-930-3132 and 33 these are the five sources that are here. These three in their entirety surah uncovered the remaining or a majority of it and absorb a little bit of it. What we will cover is will cover uncovered a room local man and such that and then we will leave allows up to later to insha Allah

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to tomorrow because surasak continues on to the 22nd just all four of these surahs 2930 3132 they all begin with Alif Lam meme right they all begin with Alif Lam meme, the disjointed letters something that you might notice as you are reading them? Let's read what Sora uncovered.

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How sore ankle starts Alif Lam Meem has he been nasty in utero and Yahoo Amanda home law afternoon? Do people think that once they say we believe they will be left alone and not be put to test? Allah says what are called fraternal Nadine amicably him we have certainly tried those who had gone before them. Philemon Allahu la Vina Amano

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La La La La La La La Nina Sadako excuse me while I am Anelka de bien so God will certainly distinguish between those who are truthful and those who are lying. Um, has he been learning ir meluna sejati nasba una to those who do evil imagine that they will escape us how is it that they judge whoever man Ghana yo ju Li, Allah He for in Agile Allahu Allah Earth, whoever hopes to meet God should know that God's appointed hour is sure to come. And he is the all hearing and all knowing, and whoever the woman tjahaja in nama yuja who do lead up see whoever is striving, strives only for himself. God is independent of all of his creation. These are the first six I'd have

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alenka booth here. So the Tonka booth is the surah. It's named after the spider and we'll talk about what that means because there's an example that Allah gives about the house of the spider that's coming up. But the theme of suranga boot is fit now. fitna came fitna, in Arabic means a test or a trial. But it is actually more precisely the image of something that is a

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something that's like a burning oven that is there to purify metal to purify metal, so you take metal that's been, you know, mined from the earth, and then that metal has impurities mixed in if you put it into a burning oven, and the impurities bubble up to the surface, and the pure metal remains at the bottom. That process in Arabic is called fattener. To put something like a metal in a burning oven to purify it, this is the idea that the Quran uses to talk about tests and difficulties of life. That is how sometimes life is it is like a burning oven like it is going to be hot, there will be difficulties in life. And that's why Allah says hassy Vanessa utra COO, coo Amana home life

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don't do people think they can just say we believe and then they won't be tested by Allah. Right life is going to be a test where believers will be tested because they have made the claim that they are believers. And that claim will be tested and not just tested in like a small way but tested in a very severe manner. A test that is like a burning oven. Okay. And Allah says that is something that he had done before what occurred Fernandina? amicably him before as well, believers were tested, believers will be tested, and they have been tested. This is the way Allah has done things. We certainly tried those who have gone before, right? This is not something to be scared of. It's not

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something to think that it is only happening to us. This is the way a lot of times Allah does things. Also don't worry that evil ones aren't getting away. And number four tells us that those who do evil, imagine that they will escape us how ill is it that the judge, they won't just get away with what they're doing Allah Allah will

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Make sure that he will take them to task and important understanding for us to deal with the fitness of life, the difficulties that we will face in life, the burning

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stress that we will face from time to time, the anxiety that we'll face from time to time. One thing to understand about this is that if we are devoted to Allah, then that devotion that we have is for our own good woman jaha or a woman can I urge you along for in Agile, Allahu Allah at what was Samuel adim the one who is

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hopes to meet God, like that's, you know, that's what the person is who's devoted they're hoping to meet Allah on the Day of Judgment, doing so he's doing it for his own good only one jaha in america he do Nina see, because Allah is lovely, you know, Neela I mean, Allah does not have any need of any person. We are in fact, the one who is in need. So if we are patient in the face of difficulty, that is actually because that is actually our for our own benefit. But if we are not patient, if we are, you know, quickly giving up and that is actually to our own detriment. And that is an important understanding when we speak about fitness. Now, a lot talks about the types of fitness I am number

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eight will speak about the fitness of parents, not just the parents or like some somewhere fitness, but the fitna of parents in the sense that the parents who are disbelieving and stopping their children from practicing the faith, okay, Allah says we have enjoined to human beings that they be very good to their parents.

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First not is like something that is not just kindness, this is not a great transition for that word. It is, you know, excellence. It is, you know, the kind of excellence and beautiful conduct that makes the parents happy. Now, what happens if the parents aren't like you guys are not on the same page. We're in jaha Dhaka, if they have begged you to associate with me something about which you have no knowledge they are trying to get you to do shake, then do what fell out Altera, Roma, do not obey them. If the parents are forcing you to do something sinful, don't you don't have you're not obligated to do what they're doing, or do what they are asking you to do. Excuse me.

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The obligation is to obey Allah and obey the messenger sallallahu sallam. But However, despite the fact that we don't, are, you know, we're not going to accept what they're saying, we should still treat them with kindness, and gentleness, despite our differences because of who they are. Because Allah chose them to be our parents. And of course, in most cases, because they have done really well or that done a lot of good things. For us. There is also the type of fitna that a person would feel when it comes to practicing their faith. Okay, what Allah says an ayah number 10

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some profess to believe in God, I mean, the nasty man yaku I'm a novela. But when they suffer for for God's cause, without all the filler when they're suffering for God's cause. He says, excuse me, and nobody says that either. Who elementary school, hey,

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this person is now

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attacked or persecuted by the disbelievers. Okay, Uzi aphylla, for the sake of Allah, that's what the fee here means. What does this person do is him like, you know what this is a test of from Allah, I'll be patient, I'll bear it, I'll get through it. Allah will help me know.

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If it's not a Nazi cause da Vila he mistakes or he more precisely makes out the persecution of people to be the punishment of God. Okay, or as if the persecution of people or the test of people, the fitna of people is like the punishment of God. That's what this person says, or that's how he acts. And either this means this person has abandoned their fate in the face of people, you know, that have that are harming him because he's Muslim, or it means that they're severely compromised, what their faith represents. This is actually a type of Islamophobia that we face. You know, people will know this. This relates to either a person completely abandoning their faith in the face of

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facing Islamophobia, or peer pressure, causing them to leave out large portions of Islam a devotion

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To stop the pressure from people around, causes them to do that. So Allah is saying this is the type of fitness people are and you are going to be a fitna as well. Don't give in to that. In fact, stay steady. Be persistent. Allah knows that you're going through a tough time our lace Allahu Allah be refused to do that Amina is not aware of what is in the hearts of the people alone knows what you're going through. So just be patient, a lot will bring you through this difficult time. And this is something that is not an easy thing to deal with. Of course, Islamophobia is very devastating. It has effects on a person's mental health that has effects on a person's physical health. And you

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know, it puts all of us at risk as a community. All these are very difficult things. Peer pressure is very difficult to deal with. But all of these are fitna like Allah said believers will be tested, that is our life. We are going to go through tough times. The one who is patient is patient for his own good and Allah will help him through that. Okay, now Allah will mention going forward some examples of prophets that have endured fitna prophets of Allah are used as historical evidences for how to behave in good and bad times, how to be grateful How to Be patient, how to face how to call people to Islam, out of phase, and adversary, all of that is given all the precedent for it is given

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to us by Allah by mentioning what the prophets previously used to do. So here also a level mentioned what the prophets did know how they Salam. Allah mentioned that he suffered a prolonged fitna not just fitna for a little while prolonged fitna, we sent a Noah to his people, and he lived among them for 50 short of 1000 years that is 950 years. Then the delusion overtook them and they were wrongdoers. So no LSTMs fitna was a very large extended fitna. 950 years he had to suffer, that he did for nine and 50 years, calling these people patiently to the worship of Allah. Then Allah talks about not so prolonged, but something way more intense. And that is Ibrahim alayhis salam, Ibrahim

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Alayhi Salam fitna was very intense. When he called his people to worship Allah alone. What was the response to the people that had killed him or burn him? But will de novo have the EU for Angela who love women or not? And as a miracle Allah saved him from the fire that they had stoked to burden him in. In the Delica Ayatollah Khomeini, you know, so Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam was, you know, the fitna was very intense. A fire literally is like a fitna It is literally going to burn a person, but even Salaam, endured that with patience, and Allah's help came to him as he was going through that difficulty, right? He wasn't left alone by Allah. And this is the thing that Allah wants us to

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realize he will not just leave us alone in the face of the difficulties that we are experiencing. Then he mentioned loot aleza love and Allah who loot of all the people, the people from the nation of Ibrahim, the one who really only believed in him was his nephew loot. And then Allah chose him to be a prophet. And as this prophet Lutheranism was giving Dawa to people what happened he had to suffer as well. He suffered when his people had the most grave sexual deviancy and tendencies in acuminata to nirjala you approach men are you are

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you you have you know, men, you know, engage in homosexual behavior, but don't start going to Seville you are, you know, committed robberies, and you are de afina deikun Wonka, you say things that are repulsive in the stuff that you talk about. The stuff that you discuss the stuff that you do, for intimacy, all of that is disgusting. Okay. So then this his people wanted to kick him out and they were like, okay, bring the punishment, bring down God's punishment upon us. If what you're saying is true. Now, the, the the intense, intensely stressful fitna that he had to go through was when he When the angels came to loot nslm

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the people were like, trying to seduce the angels or they were trying to kidnap the angels because angels came in the form of, of men, and that was a very intense fitna that look alike.

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Some had to experience but alas, padala helped him and said to him that you had out in nomina juca halakhah illa masataka we will you know what a lotta have a lotta has and don't fear, don't grieve, we shall certainly save you and your household except your wife, who will be among those who will stay behind, she will be punished, and we will surely bring down a punishment from heaven on the people of this town because of their because of their fist because of their incessant

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that because of their persistent excuse me, sending me mad ganhou Yep. sukoon. The idea here is, again, I had mentioned to you this before, I'll mention this to you again, the profit when the profit is sent, and the people reject the profit. There is a punishment that allowed, you know, unleash upon those people, the exception being Uranus, because Uranus nslm, left before he was supposed to. And then the last of these, this way, was Moosa and around. Pharaoh was the last of those who got wiped away by a divine punishment of a law. After that it is Allah testing the believers, it is Allah helping the believers, sometimes the believers when other types of believers

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lose, sometimes a prophet wins, sometimes a prophet loses. But in this instance, this is a loss of divine wrath, because these people rejected the Prophet. And also on top of that, they had the most persistent and most deviant type of sins that they would commit. And thus their punishment was very, very intense. fitna again, then Allah mentions it other hosts a whole host of other prophets

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in our media money and at home, sure, Eva, try, but then they rejected your a rod and mood. You know, the tribes of adwin are either in Holland Buddha or motorhome saleha.

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Who then solid were sent to the mood. But Allah has something very interesting about them. And this is something that he doesn't mention about them in other places. But he mentions that here, because fitna trial wasn't just something that, you know, or these people weren't just like,

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just like, just fools, who wouldn't recognize what's right and what's wrong. In fact, to the contrary, they recognize what was right. They recognize what was wrong, and they chose to side with what's wrong. And that's why the rat was unleashed, we will look at what Allah says,

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Satan make their actions seem good to them the choices they made, Satan made it seem like those choices were good choices, and turn them away from the straight path. Evil can almost double sin, even though they were intelligent people, they were able to discern between what's right and what's wrong. Allah had given them that ability, yet they chose to align themselves with evil against the Prophet of Allah who came with evidences and proofs. And that was, you know, their choice. And then the punishment of Allah was the consequence of their choice. You mentioned also, of course, Koran around Harmon and Moosa. Right? cartoons around here, man.

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These are cartoon is actually if a bunny Israelite. He was a Jewish person, who was basically like fifth rounds aged around what control when he saw through their own people, right? I mean, imagine you've enslaved people for so many years. How do you suppress rebellion, you suppress rebellion, by having some some people who are sellouts from the inside, and you buy them off, and they become your like, you know, your informants, your agents, and then that's how you can suppress and oppress a people for you know, hundreds of years. And, you know, this is that Farah brown wrote the book on tyranny and today people are still following the, the strategy of around

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masala Islam as mentioned, he says, He came with the clear science, but they were, they were arrogant. They wouldn't want to change their ways. They wouldn't want to accept Musa and thus couldn't escape the punishment. So Allah mentions the end of the adversaries of the profits, right? All of them what was the end? The end was we see each one for his sins. So we some we struct as we struck with a violent storm, some of them were overcome by a sudden blast, and some were swallowed up by the earth and some we drowned. God did not wrong them Americana la Julio Lima, Houma, la Concannon, fusa homeopathy more, there was not a lot more wrong than a day.

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themselves wrong themselves, they oppressed themselves. And that is why the suffered, they made the choices and they had to live with the consequences of their choices. And that is the people

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eat brief, you know, survey of history, how the prophets ignored fitna and how Allah helped them and how people who rejected the Prophet would not escape, right? The people who rejected prophets would not just get away with their rejection, the people who are evils they got what was coming to them. And that was demonstrated by love beautifully through the example historical precedent of the prophets. Then he mentioned the example of the house of the spider methodology that the human doing in law he Alia

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Kamata, Lila Anka mooted, that beta, those who take protectors other than God can be compared to the spider which builds itself a cobweb, but the frailest of all structures is the house of the spider if the bird knew him. Now, this is actually a very interesting word in our Honolulu tea lobby to the anchor booth anchor booth, the name of the sutra is the spider.

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And it's talking about the house of the spider, which is the the cobweb of the web of the spider that the spider spins. Now what's very interesting is a lot did not use the word, but in other awful beauty debate with our boss, brief is the word for weak, okay, but the word that's used here is ohan. So the word one, which is the root letter, has some interesting connotations and has the connotation of

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it. Yeah. Okay. And as the connotation or weakness, of course, right, someone that becomes weak, but it also has the connotation of somebody who

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is, excuse me, I'm looking at some Arabic notes here, I didn't have time to copy paste them. So I'm just going to read it from here. Okay. It is also the court has the connotation of

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someone who is,

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you know, there is an element of striving, in element of, of Jude harmala, to move 101 is mother born him? One and Allah one, through pain after pain? What does that mean? Well, that means that

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the mother, of course, became weak, as you know, she became pregnant, you know, there's a sense of weakness that a mom would feel as she is, you know, carrying a baby, but also she is going through like a difficult situation, it is like a trial that she was going through, and she stuck with it, and came out on the other end of this trial, right? That's, you can, you can definitely say that about how a pregnancy goes. And that's what one of the meaning of the words, one is, how it's used weakness, and also someone who is like striving in a way, continuing to strive continuing to pursue what they're trying to get. Now, here's an interesting the what, how is this interesting that spider

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web is actually

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a pretty intense material, right? It is, it traps things in it that are actually very, very,

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that are much heavier than the spider, you know, like ants, and, you know, bees and flies are all trapped in it. And it actually has some chemical properties, that shows that the molecular structure is actually very strongly bonded together. Okay, so here's the example. And this is the beauty of the neurons, precise word choice, if a lad said in the other Eiffel booth, the weakest house, that actually there will be not correct. Okay, but I'll use the word ohan, which has both interesting meanings. One is that the house is you know, it achieves a purpose. It like gets you to where you need to go, the house of the spider achieved the purpose of the spider, the spider is able to catch

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its prey and have its meal, right. And in fact, for that it's a very good, it does a very good job. But at the same time, the house is frail, it doesn't take much to break it, right. You can take like a stick or you can take your finger that's a little disgusting, but okay, and you can like just break it apart very, very fast. So it is a very precise and very amazing word choice but a liar. And it ties back to the example that the people are worshipping other than a lot. It is a very attractive thing. They are attracted to it. It's like this The be getting trapped in the spider's web, the idea of worshipping other idols or other deities or other

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religions are other human beings as Gods is an attractive idea, people get trapped in it. And there is, you know, it gets people to where they need to, you know, they get like a spiritual high, they get a sense of community, you know, it does the job, but it's like the house of the spider that it can break apart if you were to hold it to some scrutiny. If you were to ask how is this person a god? How is this idol rock stone, a way to get closer to Allah then it breaks apart very fast, just like the house of the spider. So how precise and how amazing is the choice of the words of the Quran, ohana alludes to, to specify that no, there is the house does have a purpose that it can be

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achieved. The people who are worshipping idols, they actually get something out of their idol worship or, you know, worshiping people, they get something out of it. But at the same time, the foundation of it is weak and rotten, just like the house of the of the spider easily could be torn apart. And likewise this could easily be torn apart as well, you know in a non monotheistic basis can easily be refuted. So this is a very beautiful, you know, example like gives here, and then Allah mentions right after this D or an ayah number 45. Right, he says in the La Jolla, Allah, Allah knows what they invoke besides Him, He is mighty the wise and these are examples they occur and

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these are the examples that we give for people. Last month, I was giving such a amazing array of examples.

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Well, my athletes, Ilana moon, but only those who have knowledge will understand it. And here again, the subtlety of the cross language highly not rule ama the plural is used as a highly mu not Allah. And one of the implications of this is that this is a person who understands, you know, nature has a understanding of the creation of Allah, and also an understanding of the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. The word Buddha is generally used to talk about religious scholarship or clergy. But our early moon includes someone who understands religion, and also understands the amazing wondrous creation of Allah, Allah. And these examples are truly understood and appreciated by people who have

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that full perspective. But how few are those people who really give due to the words of Allah as it's to be given and connect his words to his miraculous signs outside as well to make us those people?

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It shows the way to interfaith dialogue, because this is now awake, we are talking about the foundations of a faith monotheism versus polytheism. This is now going to lead into interfaith dialogue. But before I get to that, he says Firstly, your way out of fitna is the Quran. toma de la Kemal keytab was a famous Salah recite what's been revealed to you of the book and established a prayer that's your way out of fitna fitna of life all types of fitna in life and also if you're engaged in interfaith dialogue and explaining to people what's right and what's wrong, you're going to go through fitna you're going to be asked you will be you know, you know you you will be pushed

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to evaluate your beliefs and then your way to you know, your the ship that will help you sail those rocky waters is the Quran and your Salah, in the salata panhandle fascia you will not call prayer restraints. In fact, prayer stops a person from doing something that's evil and doing something that is immoral and de indecent, something that's shameful. Alpha is a shameful act, an act that has a sexual connotation. Sala of a person is praying correctly, their Salah will stop them from that indecency. That immorality, monger is evil. If a person is praying correctly, they're praying with meaning their prayer will stop them from committing evil or Victrola he about a God has knowledge in

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the remembrance of God is greater and he has knowledge of all your actions. So how Allah interfaith dialogue, the way it should be done is it should be done through the it should be done through the core an interfaith dialogue. The way to it is through Al Quran. Voila, de la kitabi La Villa tiya arson

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believers, are you only in the best way with the people of the book? And that best way is through the Quran? Right. And, you know, invite them to come in all together, invite them to come to what is you know, the right way amen Nabila de una de la Elena Juan de de la Can you believe in what's been revealed to

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us and we believe in what's been revealed to you are God and your God is one. We want them to not feel like we are attacking them all the time. Okay, we actually want them to say, Look, man, we share a common, you know, heritage, a common profits, we believe in them. But now your understanding of it has, you know, it has deviated from the understanding of Ibrahim for example, and that's our way to call them, Ilona Wella, why your God and our God is the same, and to Him be Submit. And that is a beautiful example. That's a beautiful way to conduct interfaith dialogue. Allah subhanaw taala says, you know, he provides an example when someone you're engaging them in interfaith dialogue,

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they might ask you, they're like, Well,

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why should I believe this prophet right? How is he? How is he not just plagiarizing from previous scripture? Allah responds, and he says, Well, makuta bloomin cuddly human get up while at the hotel will be me, Nick, you will not able to read any book before this. Nor did you write one down with your hand, you weren't able to read, you weren't able to write. So as I love him, because if, like the prophets of Salaam, him bringing these detailed information from about the, the Bible and what it contains, and about benissa eels history and what it has,

00:36:27--> 00:37:11

how is he accessing that if you can't read and he can't write, writing is important for a person to compose their thoughts, how is he producing this content? That is, you know, exactly what is correct is precise 100% and it is beautiful in its composition. How is he doing this without being able to write it and edit it and compose it and then produce it? Hmm, that is the question a lot asks, and that is the thing that we reply with. When we engage with interfaith dialogue. The Prophet could not have prayed plagiarizes he didn't know how to read, he didn't have access to it. And he didn't know how to write to it could compose and gather his thoughts. This is vital who I add to my unit, it is

00:37:11--> 00:37:33

a revelation. That is why it is the word of God and that's why he is a prophet of Allah. And this revelation of God is pure salute in Medina, who told me you could see the effect of it on the people. It's not just like to radical stuff. You see people change through it for the better. And that is an amazing description that Allah gives of the prophet SAW them and the Quran.

00:37:34--> 00:38:21

And he says, also that one of the greatest if people ask for signs miracles, one of the greatest signs that a person can see our logic fee and Nan's and our legal Kitab is not sufficient for them that we have sent to you or sent down to you. The book Utila lay him that is recited upon them, isn't this enough of an evidence enough for miracle? So behind Allah, in it in this book is a mercy and a reminder for the people who believe a beautiful, beautiful way to engage in interfaith dialogue, a beautiful way to the Quran reminding us that, you know, the prophets engage in dialogue. That's the job of the people follow the prophets. But the way we have to do it is through the Quran.

00:38:21--> 00:39:00

That's the ship that will help us navigate these rocky waters. And that's the best way to invite others to Islam. Allah reminds us that tests are a part of life. You know, don't think that because you're a good person, you won't be tested right. A lovely observatories, Kadima, Zhang Wei, aka Allah gives abundantly to whom He wills, and sparingly to whom he pleases, that isn't sure Allah loves one or the other. The Prophet son was not very well off many, many great people didn't have a lot. Wealth doesn't mean that Allah loves you. And also to the contrary, well, doesn't mean Allah loves you either. You know, the Pharaoh was one of the richest people ever. Let's enjoy anything.

00:39:01--> 00:39:49

Wealth is just that is a loss decree. It's like the color of your skin. It's like the you know, color of your eyes. That's how Allah made you. Your wealth oftentimes is what Allah has decreed for you, it's your destiny. It doesn't show like love or Wrath of Allah, it doesn't show anything. It only shows that it is a part of tests are a part of life. And we have to understand that there is wisdom behind a laws giving and taking, and so panela the test for us is, we should be patient in the face of difficulties and thankful in the face of good stuff. That alone gives us by Mahajan, Hathor, dunya Illa Allah Hama lab. I know the realization that this life is nothing but

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

is nothing but a sport and a diversion. Now alive, it's a distraction, and we shouldn't get distracted by it. Are we

00:40:00--> 00:40:49

eyes should be focused on the A da Serra the next life. That's the one that he will hire one hire one from the word hire life it is full of life Rama Rahman full of mercy hire hire one full of life the life that is full of life is the next life that's what our goal should be and the tests of this life are just a lost plan and a test for us for us to be patient through a good and bad and don't let that make you fickle without rocky moving full key there are Lucha Muslims in the loading Don't let don't become like the person who when they're in trouble they call to God and when they are not in trouble, they go back to their evil ways. Fatima

00:40:50--> 00:41:41

for Sophie Allah moon Allah says they will soon come to know what it is a beautiful sign a beautiful if operation of this I actually really love this I it's an amazing I I always feel like it is an underappreciated if Allah says I will um you know, and Jana Harmon Amina, and while the hotspot for Natsumi neronian Have they not seen how we have granted them a safe sanctuary, though all around them, people are being snatched away, meaning the people or Mecca were enjoying, or enjoyed for centuries. This is when the Prophet was awesome was there the peace and security that nobody else in Arabia enjoyed. Everybody else in Arabia was constantly under attack by one tribe or the other by

00:41:41--> 00:42:29

one, you know, a warring faction or the other there, you know, goods will get robbed, their families will get kidnapped. You know, it's a brutal society and there is no like, supreme court of law. The only people who are immune from this are the markets. And why would the mccanns immune from this, the mccanns were immune from this because they were acknowledged throughout Arabia as the guardians of the house of Ibrahim, the karma, the house of a lot that Ibrahim built. And because of that their money was not robbed when they would do business. Their properties were respected, their lives were respected. And that was something that existed in a lawless society. And that alive, that allowed

00:42:29--> 00:43:10

the race to thrive, that allowed them to become super powerful and super wealthy because they had peace so they can go and trade in peace, and their wealth would be secure without the fear of getting robbed. And that was an amazing thing. The law says, Don't you see how in the middle of chaos and destruction we have given you peace and security? And just Why? Because you are the guardians of our house. Right? This? Isn't this a last favor upon you? Isn't this a great sign from Allah that Allah is the one who has given you all an all that you have is because of him, not just as a person as a human being, but all your prosperity is because Allah chose you to be a descendant

00:43:10--> 00:43:28

of Ibrahim and live next to his house in the Kaaba. So Pamela, how amazing is that ever been belted to you? We don't yet you believe in falsehood and another favor of Allah. How terrible is that? Okay. And law concludes by saying that fitna is all around us, but the conclusion is keep striving. keep striving.

00:43:29--> 00:44:06

You know, and Olivia Jahan, rufina, nahi, unknown Sula, now in the La la la la merci mean, we will guide those will show the guide in our ways, those who strive hard for our cause, and God is surely with the righteous and Allah. So I begin by talking about the one who strives is doing so for his own good. It ends by saying you strive for your own good, Allah will help you strive and we'll be with you. So panela he will not leave you alone in the face of difficulties. He will be with you and He will be with you always. So Hannah law and that's a beautiful

00:44:08--> 00:44:59

conclusion to suranga booth. Next is certain sort of room. A room. Not room isn't like a room. A room is the Byzantine Empire. Okay. That is who the Romans are room means Romans, but what is actually referring to is the Byzantine Empire, that the that were the adjacent to the Arabian Peninsula, and they were at a prolonged war with the with the sassanid. Empire. The Persians if this surah the theme of it is the signs of a law are clear. And they are everywhere. The signs of a law are, you know, spread out everywhere. Now what happens is this surah says something very interesting. I put these like little annotations

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

For you, they're from Wikipedia, but they check out okay.

00:45:04--> 00:45:51

What does the law say here and if let me against what we mean worry about the room, the Byzantines have been defeated not the Romans Byzantines fee as in a in a nearby land, and they will reverse their defeat with a victory fee Bill ecdn scene within a few years precisely within nine years lilla Hill m Rahman called Blue woman back because Bilbo is actually nine, okay, builder is a is the word for nine. It's a range from a certain number to up to nine. And there's wisdom in the Lessing bid law and not just like the word nine, because historically keeping track of events, there is the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar. And if you were to make it exactly nine, it actually

00:45:51--> 00:46:39

could fall a little bit above or below the finger, depending on how you count the years. But bill gives enough of a linguistic range to allow it to exactly fit perfectly. So panela amarula, him Roman, cognomen bad. God with God rest all power of decision first and last. And on that day, the believers too will have a cost to rejoice. Well, y'all might even hear for me noon, ministry law, with the help of God, he helps with me pleases he's the mighty and the merciful. Let me give you a background, the Byzantine Empire, you can go read a bit of their history, they were destroyed by the sassanid Empire in the year 615. And that's when this ayah was revealed. Who the battle room em,

00:46:39--> 00:47:34

they were devastated. So, so hard. Iraqis, their, their Emperor wanted was about to submit to the Persian Empire, right, he was about to let the Byzantine Empire become a client state of the Persian Empire, which would be like a humiliation. But that didn't happen. And Iraqi alias within, you know, a few years by 622 was able to mount a counter offensive, and not just mounted counter offensive by March 6 24. He actually attacked the Persian heartland because Constantinople is assembled to a moderate, moderate and stumble from that he went all the way to modern day Iran and managed to attack the sassanid Empire at its core within nine years. And in March to 624 also was the Battle of

00:47:34--> 00:48:18

bud. And it is like a lesson on that day, the believers will also have a great victory. We know they love by the victory by the great, great permission of a lot of by the, by the victory of Allah subhanaw taala how amazing. This is one of the sutras that predicts the future. And this is one of the great signs of Allah, that when the AI was revealed, the Byzantine Empire was in ruins. And I predicted two things, the Byzantines will be back. Okay. And number two, the believers will also win the same day the Byzantines win. And that's poor things happen to Allah, and how amazing how amazing is this Quran. And this is something you know, that should leave no doubt that this is the word of

00:48:18--> 00:48:58

Allah, the prophet. So some had no way of knowing this and predicting it in this way. And you know, like, there were no odds, you know, his practice was about to submit is about to become a client state of the vicinity of the of the sassanids. So this was an amazing prediction. The people of Morocco are laughing when the ayah was revealed. But then Subhanallah they weren't laughing at the Battle of button. When the ayah was fulfilled. Signs of Allah are all around us. This is the theme of this surah signs of alarm clear the Quran is the sign of a look. Clearly this is a last word. Here are more signs of Allah all around us, for us to recognize who Allah is is number 17. Okay, if

00:48:58--> 00:49:00

you've gone to a wedding, you weren't you would have heard these if

00:49:02--> 00:49:47

this was recited in weddings if you've been to a wedding, okay, but so behind the line item sunova Hina, to spoon verify God in the evening and the morning, and praise be to Him in the heavens and on the earth and glorify Him in the late afternoon. And at midday, at the time of the evening. At the time, evening time is after also before sunset. morning time is basically after fudger before sunrise. arshi Yun is you know, late afternoon or around between the horn and answer time and totally ruin his midday time that this time of Lord gave meaning. Even as you're working and doing what you have to do, don't forget to remember Allah and be thankful to him. He is the one because

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

brings forward the living from the dead and the dead from the living. He gives life to the earth after its death and you and you shall be erased to life in the same way. Look at that.

00:50:00--> 00:50:47

rica to follow June, this expression of bringing forth the living from the dead is, you know, a reference to how the earth is dead or how the trees you know are you know that they shed their leaves and other old barren and then they come back to life the dead from the living is a reference to a test that a person will go through a reference to a person who has a miscarriage or a stillbirth, which is, you know, a dead, you know, features emerging from a living human. And that is like, all it's a lost power of the spectrum of lost power is what I was showing you. Right, you can bring the living from the living, right that's an easy obvious one to understand, but also living

00:50:47--> 00:51:34

from the dead and dead from the living as well. The spectrum of lost power is at full display. Here we are number 30 Ira 19. He says also I mean it and Hall of acumen to rob, He created you from dust, and then look and behold, you are now humans multiplied yourselves throughout the earth is that unto mushroom fantasy rune to rob is a reference to the creation of animals, etc. And then the rest of us are spread on the earth as descendants of Adam. I mean, is he and Haleakala coming and forsaken as Raja and this is the I you will hear in weddings, huh. Another one of his signs is that he has created for you spouses amongst from among you so that you may find repose in them, while Amina Khun

00:51:34--> 00:52:17

mahadasha is created between you affection and kindness. Subhana love, that is the purpose of getting married to find comfort, the school la how you can, you know, live with them and enjoy your life as a married person and allows good a sense of there's a there's an emotional love, my wife has more like, you know, you're attracted to somebody. Rama is more mercy, kindness, even if you're not like so attracted after certain years. And I was like, but you still love each other, and you still there for each other, you support each other, both of those things go together. And that's the beauty of marriage. Right? It's not just one or the other. And that actually transcends you know,

00:52:17--> 00:53:02

cultures and religions. You know, this is from Allah signs that he has created human beings like that, right because of the I before talks about by Sharon, Santa shadow humans all around. This is a human phenomena that Allah is seeing is a sign from him because he's built that system. His sign is that Hello, somehow it will odd the creations of these the heavens and the earth. Well, the laugh will see that the kumal monochrome and the diversity of your languages and your the colors of your skins, that is a sign of Lila Eileen, for those who truly know, again, the plural Eileen is used. They're the ones who understand scripture, and the ones who understand the creation of Allah or able

00:53:02--> 00:53:04

to appreciate it. So panel up.

00:53:05--> 00:53:07

This is an amazing thing.

00:53:08--> 00:53:09


00:53:10--> 00:53:42

this idea of linearly mean or the the the diversity in a person's creation is something that's very interesting. It shows that we are a diverse group of creatures, but our Lord is one and uniquely one. And that's how we're all related. The person online was saying that nonsense, I will eventually delete you from my Facebook page. But if you can predict the future for nine years and predicted correctly, then you know, we'll talk right now go on your way.

00:53:44--> 00:54:30

I don't understand trolls I will put them down. I mean I at the menemukan belay the one the one they all come in fondly. among His Signs are that ad day at night or in daytime, you are seeking His bounty your sleep is designed truly in this science for people who hear the old miasma own people's minds are closed, their hearts are closed, you know, who can help them. I mean it really cool alcohol from Obama. Amongst the sign he shows you the lightning, giving rise to both fear and hope. And he sends down water from the sky giving life thereby to the earth after it had been lifeless. In this behold our signs a need for people, the only afternoon you have to listen, you have to learn

00:54:30--> 00:54:40

and study you have to use your reasoning. That is what law says if you'd like to recognize him from his science is that under Kuma sama will although in the Emory, I

00:54:41--> 00:55:00

will be Emily that the heavens and the earth stand firm by his command. And when you da da da was a minute of the either anthem, Deus through June and he calls you behold from the earth you will come forth on the Day of Judgment again, creation and resolution

00:55:00--> 00:55:30

I mentioned together he talks about the creation, how amazing it is, how glorious it is, how many aspects of it, we have to appreciate how many aspects of it we have to think about and study and ponder. But the connection that is to be made is the one who made all of this will bring you back to life. Again, for accountability, your choices here, you have to be cognizant that they will have consequences in the next life, either until the through June.

00:55:31--> 00:56:12

These are beautiful signs that he describes. He gives some logical examples, all right? He says, like he is the one who originated the creation, he repeats it, you know, creation is a process, it happens every single day. And that is 111. While he and that's easy for him another interpretation he brought you in the world the first time, and he will bring you back again, you already do it, we'll bring you back, we'll return you again. And the returning is even easier than bringing you in the first place the first time. The second time is easier than the first time right? That's what the ayah is referring to what what what do I lay here? So it's if you have any doubt about being

00:56:12--> 00:56:56

resurrected, you know, you shouldn't you exist, that should tell you that a lot can bring you back if you brought you into existence in the first place, and that bringing him back is even easier for him. Well, the whole mythology arena, and the highest most perfect example is for him. He is the mighty and the wise, he gives examples. Logical examples, is it doesn't make sense to worship another idol. Or another day tea. How does that make any sense? You know, look at the servants. You know, do you have Lacombe Morocco, Morocco, Morocco, Morocco, but until visa to have world hunger, FIFA diqmond, Busan, you know, if you have a servant and a person who's a master, you know, those

00:56:56--> 00:57:16

two aren't equal, the master has leverage Power Authority can do whatever you want, the sermon doesn't, right? How do you want to equate these two people in life? How can you equate a law who is a creature of everything? And a human being or some rock or some stone or something that hasn't that can do anything? or How can you equate

00:57:17--> 00:57:23

a law with that that's even worse, right? That's even worse and even more logically, infeasible.

00:57:24--> 00:57:26

gives another example.

00:57:28--> 00:57:29

In iron number.

00:57:31--> 00:58:13

Before you give an example, he actually talks about why people don't really believe but it's about letting go of our own belief in people who are unjust, they follow their own desires, so don't have any knowledge. That's the reason people are looking to just have fun, a good time, enjoy their life. They're not into changing, especially when change is difficult. And they're not into learning, because that will be you know, that that the realization would have will make them change the course of actions they take. That is one of the reasons Remember, the Quran highlights the reasons for this belief. And one of the chief reasons remains the love for material gain. That is something that is

00:58:13--> 00:58:57

devastating. And that is an example of the Quran gives. frequently. Allah mentions also another logical example, he is the one alone or the color come to Morocco come to Miami to come to Morocco. He's the one who created you, then he provides for you and then will cause you to die and then bring you back to life after your death has been Shoraka economy following the convention is there any other deity who can do anything similar? So for HANA What are Allah or MySQL glory to Him, Exalted he be he above anything that they associate with him, so Pinilla again a logical example for us to think an example he gives us of resurrection, Lola using react, it is he who sends out the winds, so

00:58:57--> 00:59:11

they can raise the clouds, but to feel was a habit raise the clouds is actually not actually a great transition. So they can, you know, a third is to actually bring things together as well. They the the

00:59:12--> 00:59:29

particles of the the water molecules that are floating around the winds bring them together and as they become more condensed, the gravity of them attracts more and more and the wind hand in hand, you know, becomes like a cyclical process

00:59:30--> 00:59:59

continues to you know, pack and pack this mountain for over suitable for some Arcade Fire shots. And then he spreads them on the sky as he places them as He wills, and wager Idaho kissa for layer upon layer now as they're becoming more and more packed, but rather what the human filari he uses. See, the rain is issuing forth from their myths Subhanallah very beautiful description of how our rain falls. It's a beautiful thing that happens. It's the way

01:00:00--> 01:00:07

Wait for a lot of provide for us to provide us relief to provide us with water for our lives for our sustenance

01:00:08--> 01:00:54

for either asabi, Hema, Charlemagne, everybody either assumption, and it causes us to fall on whichever of his servants he pleases. Behold, they rejoice. But when it before that, before it was sent, they were really, really despair, like in a state of despair. When can a woman calmly and universally lay him in public in the Mobley scene before it came down? They were like, oh, there is no hope left for us. So hon Allah. So Allah says, Don't be fickle. Don't be fickle in the face of difficulties. Be patient, when there's tough times, be thankful in good times. And look at the example of of the rain. Thunder Isla de la de la. Look, therefore at the signs of God's mercy, how

01:00:54--> 01:01:43

he resurrects the earth after it's okay for you in our lava multi hub in the Delica lamarckian motor truly the same God will resurrect the dead in the hawala condition Kadir he has power over all things just like Allah will bring us just like Allah brings the dead Earth back to life, he will bring that people back to life, just like the rain is the catalyst for people for for crops growing the word of Allah will be the catalyst for the people to be resurrected back on the Day of Judgment. Allah gives us a final example here. Again, the surahs theme is the miracles and the examples of Allah, how many how amazing they are, he gives one final example of aging. He says he is the one who

01:01:43--> 01:02:34

created you in a state of weakness has a baby and then he granted you strength. Then later on, he gave you infirmity and gray hairs in place of strength you started weak as a baby who's stronger as an adult, and then declined again as an old person. So panela that shows you your creation. This isn't the be all end all this life isn't the only thing that is that that matters, this life starts and ends and this isn't the only thing that you will should be working for and building for your flu Kuma Sha, Allah honey Monica de we should be working for the next life and be certain of the next slide because you see the next is what they omata homosassa when the last hour arrives, the

01:02:34--> 01:03:19

evildoers will swear they have been carried on for an hour and they have always been diluted again read creation on this ayah next ayah resurrection very important principle the Quran says and the Quran says about itself without abdominal Ignasi he has an animal Cooney method Allah has given every type of example for people in this world and and yet if you bring them an example, like I was mentioning the example of how miraculously the Buddha spoke about the future, like there's some clown on the Facebook comments saying that this is not you know, true in under 11. That's what they say. You are only making false claims literally like the person there is validating what the Quran

01:03:19--> 01:04:02

is saying. Right Galaga Allahu Allah Punahou ballerina Laila moon. In this way, God seals the hearts of those who do not want to know the truth. That's how it works. Right? But as for us, FOSS will be patient in the promise of Allah because it is true in Nevada law you have when I started funding aka Latina law, you know, that not those who will not be convinced, make you discouraged, don't get discouraged by people's things, what people say their attitudes, you remain patient and you continue with your work and you continue to study admire the great signs of a leather all around us. So look, man, if I can take a couple of minutes to address we'll look mine as well. I really appreciate that.

01:04:02--> 01:04:09

I think we're going a little bit you know, up over the hour every day, because there's so much good content, I don't want to skip anything.

01:04:10--> 01:04:41

I'm trying my best to you know, condense everything. So I appreciate your patience. And if thought is a little further out now so hamdulillah we can be okay. Surah Luqman is named after Luqman, the Wise. This is a right as a righteous man who lived you know, in and Allah mentions how amazing he was. And this particular surah addresses how we should focus on our families, how we should raise our kids to be appreciative of Allah's

01:04:42--> 01:05:00

you know, science and to be devoted to Allah as religion. Allah says he has given your mind wisdom and the wisdom that he gave. The human was initially love, be grateful to God. Whoever is grateful, is grateful for his own soul for their own benefit, but if someone is it

01:05:00--> 01:05:19

wasteful, then surely God is self sufficient and praiseworthy. No one says to his son, or my son, who is who he is, you know, like counseling him. He's like, reaching out to his son and wants to say something to him to, you know, convince him to bring him closer to Islam. He says

01:05:20--> 01:05:37

to his son, all my son, yeah, within a year law to sleep biller, do not associate anything with God, because in the shilka, lavon, Avi, associating others with him is a terrible wrong, it is a great are in fact, the greatest injustice.

01:05:38--> 01:05:46

We're in jaha Dhaka, you know, Allah mentions parents, like here is a beautiful family where they're both trying to do the same thing. But, you know,

01:05:47--> 01:06:33

sometimes the families don't work out that way. Right? Sometimes the families are where the parents are pressing the children to this obey Allah. So Allah says, financial terumah don't obey them in that case, but what saw him whom after dunya, ma Ufa, be kind to them be good to them in this world, what the various leaves Amida man and Abba LA and follow the path of those who turn to me give follow the right path, but also be good to your parents, because you've been good to them is because, look, Pamela 201, and Allah one, the parents specify specifically the mother, she bore the child in hardship upon hardship, okay. And then after the childbirth, it gets more difficult, you

01:06:33--> 01:07:03

know, if you swallow houfy, I mean, the nursing and the raising of the child, you know, it is very tough. It's a hard, hard grind. Allah says, initially when you validate, thank me and your parents, right, because they have raised you. And even if the parents didn't do much, like I mentioned, the fact that a lot chose them for us, is something that we are thankful to Allah for. And we are appreciative to them, because they were chosen by Allah as to be our parents.

01:07:04--> 01:07:05

He says,

01:07:06--> 01:07:51

After this little tangent about the parents, he goes back to look man, right here, this wasn't a tangent on families that don't work out too well goes back to look, man, the families that do work out really well. What does that look upon further said Oh, my son, though it be the weight of a green or mustard seed hidden in Iraq, or in the sky or on the earth, Allah will bring it forth on the Day of Judgment, then you should know that Allah is leaving Habib, meaning My child, Allah, nothing is hidden from him. And everything is in a clear record. He knows everything extremely well. The things that are subtle, the things that are not so subtle, so my son, don't ever think you can

01:07:51--> 01:08:37

lie to Allah. Or you can lie about the religion. Don't ever think you can do something. And then lie about it and get away with it was Allah is always watching. And if you're trying to lie about practicing Islam, then you're only lying to yourself. And that is a very important understanding, that clarifies how we should view our relationship with Allah. Allah is not to be fooled. He knows everything. And if you think we are fooling him, we're fooling ourselves. And Allah is holding us accountable and watching over us. That means we should be careful of the choices we make publicly and privately, especially privately, especially when we are in our private moments. Yeah, Buddha.

01:08:38--> 01:09:22

It also tells you by the way, the priority of how we should teach our religion to our kids. First, the Allah is the one who is worthy of worship, then Allah is the one who will hold you accountable. I'm not your policeman, Allah will hold you accountable. Be watchful and careful of him. Then comes the per the actions of Islam Yeah, when you are famous Allah established a prayer what mobile maroof command the good one honeymoon car forbid the evil was with Allah masaba Be patient endure patiently what happens to you? It's okay, good and bad as part of life. It's part of a loss plan. There's wisdom. Just chill out and take it easy in Nadella come in asmin more that is something that

01:09:22--> 01:09:59

requires firm resolve amazing how he's instructing his child in Nevada governor has been more volatile and katinas don't Avert your face from people like don't people are talking to you don't just look away like as a as a nonverbal slight okay? Don't do that. That's arrogant, that disrespectful that's insulting. Well, Adam Schiff is out no matter how. Don't walk on the earth with pride. Don't walk around flaunting you know, finding what your mama gave you because in in Allah Allah you have bucola masala and for for whole year God Allah does not love the arrogant

01:10:00--> 01:10:45

Borstal person. It's not a good attitude. It's not an attitude of a person who is, you know, it's not a good positive attitude because it breeds narcissism. It breeds contempt for others. It breeds a lack of humility that prevents you from making the right decisions and prevents you from seeing your own mistakes. walk safely mochica walk modestly, you know have clear goals. Also another example what will Min soltec Lower your voice? Don't you know, like yell and scream. also work well in this article is don't always try to hear your own voice. Like your voice isn't the most important voice of all voices. Just, you know, say your piece and it's okay. You know, you're just one of the

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people well wouldn't insulted in the uncommon Swati la Sultan Hamid because the worst of all voices is worse is the voice of the donkey as Hamid here again, is he the donkey? Here is Jaime. Right. So that is that Subhana Allah Surah laquan a beautiful instruction from Allah that He mentioned with of a servant Look man, as he is advising his son, and how amazing therapy that is. We ask a lot to give us the ability to understand the Quran, Sunnah and to implement in our lives. Is that not everybody for sticking around to the end. I appreciate you all. Being here till the end. I'll see you all tomorrow. Same time, same place, particle Momo hamburger, Chateau La Ilaha. illa Anta stop Furukawa

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to really start