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Muhammad 20-38 Tafsir 20-23

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eligibility minishift languaging Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 264 sort of Muhammad will begin from Isaiah number 20.

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Why are corner Latina? amanu those people who believe say, Lola luzira to rotten. How come a surah has not been revealed? for either ondina to rotten maka Matan. But then when a precise Allah is revealed, while Loki Rafi Hulk atanu and fighting is mentioned in it, there are eight alladhina Fuca Ruby motto Don't you see those people in whose hearts is disease, what happens to them? Young Luna alayka, they begin to look at you how never almost she here is a human and mode with the look at one who is overcome by death for olalla home, so water them.

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Over here we see that the way of the one at 15 is being mentioned. Remember that this is a martini soda. And it was revealed towards the early part of the medinan period. And you know that during that time, the command to fight the permission to fight was given. But until it was given what was happening were Conan Latina amanu those people who believe they would say Lola, New Zealand surah. How come a surah has not been revealed. many souls were being revealed many chapters were being revealed many verses were being revealed. What do they mean by this that how can a surah has not been revealed? A surah, a house a specific surah in which is the permission to fight in which is the

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command to fight the details of fighting are given in that?

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Why would the believer say this? Because they really wanted to fight in the way of a loss of power. They really wanted to be given permission to defend themselves to take revenge from those who had inflicted so much torture on them. Because so many years have passed by and now in Medina when they gain their freedom. And when they were becoming successful in worldly terms, they wanted to also take revenge from those who are infected so much harm on them.

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So when the believer said it, they meant it they really wanted to follow this hurricane they really wanted to participate in battle. So we akula Medina Avenue lowlanders zero surah for either on zero to rotten, but when a surah is revealed and this solar is more than one that is decisive

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Mark karma is one that is clear one that is made perfect, whose hokum is clear, because it's from the word hokum, right. So whose hokum is clear, meaning, it's very clear in its command, it brings a command and that command is also very clear, there is no ambiguity about it, that he has, if you wish to then you may do so know, the command is very clear. And mahkamah is also understood as the opposite of Moodle shabbiha smartkarma, one in which a hokum is given,

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which has to do with practical things and what is a practical thing over here, the command to fight and mahkamah is also understood as one that is not abrogated, meaning whose command is final.

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So for either on zealot, pseudotumor, comma, in other words, it's made very clear that the believers have to fight with dakila fee help Peterloo and kita is mentioned in it meaning the obligation, the requirement, the allowance, the permission to fight is mentioned in what happens the believers obviously they rejoice, they're very happy. But there are some people who appear to be believers, what happens to them, they are in trouble with the believers, they made great claims you Oh yes. If only we could be allowed to fight. But later on when they were allowed, then the reality came for.

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This is just like, sometimes a person really wants to do something. They really want to do it. They express their desire. And if you don't express your desire along with them, you look bad. So you say oh yeah, if only this could happen if only they would come.

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So then when I 15 What would they do with the believers? They would say Oh, yes, if only we could be allowed to fight. But when the command came, their hypocrisy was visible. How that eight alladhina Fuca Ruby Murat, those people whose heart is a disease, you would see them young Luna in a car, they're looking at you as you're telling them and who does you refer to the profit sort of artists alum, how do they look at you as the Navara as the look of

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This word nuzzle This is a noun over here. Don't get confused that this is a feral number over here is a noun and it's monsoon. Okay, that's why you have a fatality. And so they're looking at you as the,

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as the looking as the seeing of who among she here I lay him in a mode like the one who is overcome by death

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metal sheet from the roof address range India, Russia, Russia means to cover militia covering and marshy. This is my friend. This isn't enough room, it gives him enough is enough room and model she is one on whom is a cover. one on whom is a cover. Now what cover is it? That's on this person menial mode of death? Meaning like the one who is overcome by the like the one who is covered by the What does it mean by this like the one who is overcome by that? Meaning like the one who is at the point of dying, like the one who is fainting at the point of death? This is how they're looking at you. How is the state of the person who is at the verge of dying? Who is overcome by death? Have you

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ever seen? Has anyone ever seen a person who is at the verge of dying? What happens? How is their vision How is their sight that at a very later stage when their vision is fixed? That's the final stage, literally at the point of death when the engine of death is taken disorder. But before that, how is the vision of the person

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they're horrified, they're not able to look in one direction, they open their eyes, they close their eyes, they look here, they look there, they are fainting, you understand.

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So, when a person is in this stage, they cannot focus.

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They cannot keep their eyes open, they open up they close them they look to the right they look to the left, they cannot fully open their eyes, they cannot even fully close their eyes. So similarly the NFL team when the command was announced to them, it was as though they would look at the profits on a loan and they would look away Why you could see the fear the heart in their eyes, that they could not accept the fact that they had to go and fight in the way of Allah

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It was as though they were at the verge of dying Nelson and mushiya la human emote so Allah says for Alana home woe to them well to them

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that look at the demands they were making before claiming to be very virtuous. And now look at them how they are turning away from this command as if they have been announced the news of death as if it has been told to them that they're going to die for owner the home

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the word Ola is from the root letter as well and yeah, and some have also said that is from the root letter as well. Yeah, no way. What does it mean destruction.

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And remember that over here, you may see the letters as well. And then here

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but the root is well yeah.

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The eyes actually before the loan. Why is this Oh, because in some words, what happens is that the letters are switched in the spelling. Why? For the purpose of ease and pronunciation? So Ola is from New fetters. Well yeah, lamb and whale is destruction. So Ola most war most destruction, a lot of destruction. A lot of war.

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I can talk about Quran we learn Allah Allah, Allah word to you and then again What do you say Allah is more than way.

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Now, why is it that Allah says for olalla home?

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Because they start dying at the command of Allah. Allah gives a command and the start dying over there. You want to die. Okay, destruction, destruction for such people, death and destruction for them because they are leaving the command of Allah and the commander of a law What does that bring to a person life isn't it? We learn from social and Falah 24 year old Latina Amano is the G word Allah He will Illa salida de Lima your Econ,

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when they call you to that which gives you life respond to the command of Allah in reality brings life to a person brings Islam to his state to his condition. But when a person turns away from the command of Allah, disliking it, then it is as though he is inviting death, destruction, trouble

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So Allah says yes, this is what they want for Ola. So what

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others have said that olalla home this is from the root letter as well lamea

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and willian What does that mean to be close? It gives a meaning of core. So Ola, meaning better suited, more appropriate, more appropriate, better suited more fitting for them was what to do or don't work.

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So it's connected with the following is

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better suited for them when the command of a lucky was to do what obedience and coulomb maroof what is called numeral two says the mariner will Alterna not that they start making excuses and they start behaving like as though they're going to die for Ola Han or Tomoko numato not that they start behaving as if they're at the verge of dying.

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Now in this ayah, we see the difference between a sincere believer and a hypocrite, a sincere believer when he receives a command from Allah subhanaw taala. What is his reaction, happiness, our excitement, or joy, that this is also another way through which we can obey Allah, through which we can earn good deeds through which we can gain reward through which we can gain a place in general. So a believer because His focus is a pleasure of Allah, His focus is the author of the home in general. This is why whenever he receives a command, whenever he learns about something, his reaction is of happiness. And this is why he is ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of almost

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regard as well.

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But on the other hand, the hypocrite, what is his goal, the luxury, the enjoyment, the pleasure of this dunya.

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So when he receives a command of Allah, what happens to him, he becomes worried, he becomes scared, because he's not willing to make any sacrifices.

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And when he is given the command, he is averse.

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On the one hand is a person who has believed and submitted and on the other hand is the one who has a disease in the heart, the one who has a man who has lost, the command will come, the opportunity to do good comes, he is happy. And on the other hand is a person who is filled with terror, when he is given a command. What's the reason? What's the reason

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the difference in the state of the heart.

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One is a person whose heart is sound. The other is a person whose heart is diseased. The one who's hard to sound, he looks forward to more good, he wants more good, the one whose heart is diseased. He doesn't want to give up his dunya for anything at any cost, even if its agenda. And you see the way a dying person is oblivious to his surroundings. He doesn't care if somebody's coming going. He doesn't care if you're saying something to him not saying something to him, his gaze, he cannot fix at one point. In the same way, the hypocrites when they hear a command when they hear that a surah has been revealed. It is as though they're going to faint. It is as if they're going to die. It

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almost suffocates them.

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In total observa 19 we have learned for either Jehovah or ada homeand Luna, aka the doodle or you know whom can you share on a human emote? That when fear comes, you see them looking at you. But how do they look? Their eyes revolving, revolving, like one being overcome by that?

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Over here, while she here? Are they human and mode over there, specifically the doodle or uniform? They look away, as if they don't want to have eye contact with the prophets of allies. Because they're afraid that if they have eye contact, it means you got it right, you have to do this. They don't want to make that they don't want to admit that. They want to pretend as if they haven't heard.

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Now we have to take a lesson from this for ourselves. And we have to improve ourselves correct ourselves. Because this is why a lot of panel data is telling us about this.

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Earlier we learned that the disbelievers what's their problem. They don't like what Allah has revealed. Carry Houma and xalapa. Over here we see the way of the hypocrites that they dislike it so much it's as though the news of death has been announced to them.

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This is not how a believer should be when he learns of the commands of Allah, he should be excited, he should be happy.

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And if there are any difficulties, he should seek the help of a loss

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against them. And we have to ask ourselves as well. That how are we when the command of a law comes? What is our reaction? What is our attitude? Is it that we feel

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That we are suffocating or is it that we feel? We have been given a new life? It's as though we have a new energy in us that when a person is excited He's full of life. He is full of energy. And a person who does not like what he has been told. He is as though at the point of dying

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in certain NASA is 77 we learn and Antara Illa Latina creed Allah whom Khufu idea come with a famous falletta what is the kata? Have you not seen those people to whom it was said? referring your hands, meaning restrain your hands don't attack right now and focus on establishing soul and giving this occur, but Fela Kuti ballet Makita. But when qatal was made mandatory on them in effort to come in who may have shown a NASA Kakashi then a group of them begins to fear people as if they should fear Allah.

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Because when the command of a law comes, a person should be afraid of a law not afraid of people. Oh, I should the Hershey or even more bacala robina, Lima Casa de la Delta, and they say, oh, why did you give this command to us? Lola Cortana. In urgent inquiry, why did you not give us some more time?

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Because this is also how people react sometimes. I'm not ready for this yet. I cannot do this right now. If I do this, I'll die. There's no way I can do it.

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This is not the way of the believer, what should be his way of loss as far as the way of the believer, it should be of obedience. And this is what befits the believers. This is what suits them. olalla on the second meaning is that what is better suited for them is for this is what they should do.

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And you see, whenever you learn of something, always make the intention to do it.

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Never say okay, this, I'm not going to do always make the intention to do it for obedience. Because once you make the Nia then you'll be able to do it. If you're near from the beginning is no Can you won't even be given to Sofia.

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So what is better suited for atone wirkkala maruf. And also words that are well known, and what are words that are well known Submariner what we have heard and we will obey. So tartan Makoto Maru, this is directly related to the previous ayah. And we can also understand this as the beginning of a new sentence

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for either as a man and when the matter of fighting was determined for either asthma, asthma, what does asthma mean? resolve determination to make up your mind. So when I xoma, meaning it was resolved, what was resolved and the command which command the command to fight, meaning it has been prescribed, the command to fight has been resolved upon it has been given. It's very clear that this is what has to be done. Follow sada Cola, ha. If they had been true to Allah mclanahan Allah home, it would have been better for them. How should they have been true to Allah? By fulfilling their promise? Because earlier, they would say, Lola, why not? How come a surah has not been revealed. So

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now that the command has come? If they would have been true to their promise to Allah, by fulfilling it, by obedience, like

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that would have been much better for them,

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then turning away, then being averse. So what do we learn from here? That until the command came donatien, what would they say? They would make great claims. If only this could be commanded, if only we had this permission, if only we could do that. So Allah says, Now that the command has gone, have you been truthful to your promise? That would have been much better for you? How would it have been much better? In what way that a person when he fulfills his promise, when he obeys Allah? Isn't this a means of increasing in his rank? isn't as a means of earning more reward? Yes. So that would have been much better. And we also have to be very careful that sometimes we say many big things and

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then later on when it comes, then we change our mind.

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And then we turn away This is not the right way.

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The right way is that whatever you ask for when it comes to you then accepted. Just right now in the hotel, what did we learn? A man came in he asked for rain, and then rain came, a lot of rain came and then when there was rain, he said please no more rain. So the Prophet Solomon said medrol lahoma

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later on.

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So this is part of human nature, then when he doesn't have something, he wants it. But when he's given it, then he wants to change his mind.

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But the thing is that whatever promises you have made with Allah, you must fulfill them. And if you fulfill them, it's much better for you.

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For Hello, I say to them, so would you perhaps I say to who does you refer to? Primarily the moon after being the hypocrites, that for Hello Satan, then would you perhaps meaning if this is your case, that just the command has come? And it says, though you're about to die, then can this also be expected from you? What that interval later on, if you turn away, turn away from what from fighting from this command? What will you do, and do sudo feel early, that you would cause corruption on Earth, what will update or hammer calm and sever your ties of relationship, if you are reacting, so negatively, just at the command, the command has been given and look at your reaction.

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So this also is expected from you for Hello Satan, then can this also be expected from you that if you turn away from the command to fight, this is what you're going to do and doopsie to fill up, you're going to end up creating facade in the earth, what to cut through or how to come and you're going to end up cutting your relationships.

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And this is true, that when a person does not accept the command of Allah, when he turns away, that he ends up committing many wrong things.

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Because the command of Allah that is in our favor, that leads us to Islam. But when a person abandons a command of Allah, then obviously what's the opposite of Islam? What's the opposite of Islam facade, so you're gonna end up committing facade and cut her off, you're going to end up cutting relations.

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It is also said that this is been understood as that if in this situation,

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when you're not ready to accept the commands of Allah wholeheartedly, if there were Layton. What does it mean by the hour later, there were Layton, you know when meaning is to turn away.

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And another meaning of the Weller is to be given authority

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to be given Well, I have to be given authority, when lady tala Kibera who and the one who undertook its greatest Chair of the lemon obey, in the incident of if so were ledee tala Hebrew, he undertook its greater share.

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So if in a situation where you're not ready to accept the commands of Allah, wholeheartedly, when the command of a law comes, it's as though you're going to die. If you are given authority right now, what authority victory, that without even fighting without even having to undergo the difficulties and trials of battle, you are given victory over your enemy. If you're given victory like this, when you're not even wholeheartedly submitting before Allah, what will you do?

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What will you do, until you do fill out, you're going to create facade in the earth what to do or harmonica.

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So in other words, it is necessary for you to fight. Because remember, this is very early in the Medina era.

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And the Muslims, they were very hurt because of the persecution of the machine.

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And remember that within the Muslims that were ultimately when African people who's a man was not that strong in Makkah, people's demand was strong. in Medina, not necessarily things were very favorable circumstances were very easy. So everybody's mind was not that strong, there was a lot of weakness. And the command was given to fight. What's the objective of fighting to overcome your enemy? Now, if you don't fight, and Allah gives you authority over your enemy, he gives you victory over your enemy just like that. And you haven't undergone any training, any trials, any difficulties? And you're given authority like this, what are you going to end up doing? Because that

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will end isn't it so that if a person is given authority without training, then what does he do facade instead of Islam? If a person is given a lot of worldly blessings, without having gone through difficulties in life, then what happens? He ends up doing many wrong things. Like for example, parents, they have struggled a lot. They put in a lot of hard work in their business. And when they have money, they're careful

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With their spending,

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but their children, what happens if they haven't undergone the same difficulties, they get all that money, they become wasteful, they become arrogant. So this is why fighting is necessary for you to get the necessary training. Because otherwise you're going to end up doing facade, and you're going to end up to zero or harmonica. You see, when the Muslims eventually conquered Makkah, many, many years later, what was the reaction of most of the Muslims, including the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of forgiveness. And imagine if victory was given in the first year, first year, you think a lot of the people would have forgiven their enemies, not at all to patera or harmonica, even those were

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your blood relatives, you would have been very harsh towards them. So they had to undergo the spirit of training, of difficulty of trial how of battle.

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And also we see that they were later on if you turn away, meaning if you turn away from the command to fight, and you turn away from Islam, you turn away from defending this religion, you're going to go back to your ways, your old ways, and your old ways where of what of janelia of ignorance are facade filled up of not caring about your relatives to up there or hammock. Meaning if you abandon this command, then is this also expected that you would abandon other commands of Allah, and you would completely leave the religion

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and to see to fill up the water to a hammer con.

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So we see that two options Muslims have at this point. One is fight and the other is don't fight.

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If you fight, then what's the benefit? You get training, you are better prepared for future and if you don't fight if you become a coward, if you turn away, then you will go back to your old ways of ignorance. And if you go back to your old ways of ignorance, then remember that hula aka Latina learner Humala, those are the people who Allah has cursed who, those who do facade, those who got relationships with their relatives, those who leave the commands of Allah and go back to their old ways. Those are the ones who Allah has cursed for a summer home. So he has caused them to be deaf, what episode of home and he has made their visions, their sights blind.

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So what happens then, when a person turns away from the command of Allah, He is removed from the mercy of Allah.

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He is distanced from the mercy of Allah, a person who does not accept the commands of Allah than what happens to him. He is deprived of reward leina home, he is deprived of reward. And he doesn't even realize anymore for some mahoma Arma episode. Oh, he doesn't. Listen, he doesn't see he doesn't get it.

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And in this is a severe warning that if a person leaves one command, look at the consequences that a person doesn't even see opportunities afterwards.

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So again, the attitude of the believer should be what a command comes, semana. Well, Dr. mercola model, you find it difficult as a love for health. Don't turn away, because if you turn away, you're going to end up making many mistakes. And if you turn away, then you'll deprive yourself of many future opportunities.

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Listen to the recitation.