Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L284C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "arepas in negative situations and lead to feelings of hostility and hatred." They also touch on the concept of pride and pride in Islam, including pride in actions and actions in words. The conversation then shifts to a video of a man named Sergio claims to have been killed by the previous occupier, but the occupier refuses to admit. Sergio then claims to have been killed by the previous occupier, but the occupier refuses to admit. The speakers emphasize protecting one's religion and not staying with anyone who is enemies to them. They also discuss the importance of not denying one's beliefs and causing harm to others.
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last panel data sets are the candidate local SWAT and has an add on fee Ibrahim. There has already been for you an excellent example. In who, in Ibrahim

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Swan has an an excellent example. What is what

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we have done this word earlier? What is a swan

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was was basically a pattern, a model, an example that is followed.

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So, Ibrahim or Islam for you or believers is

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an example a model a pattern. That is Hasina, that is excellent. Meaning if you follow that it's best for you. It's best for you to emulate it to understand it.

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In the example of Abraham Ellison,

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who else one Latina Mara who and those who are with him, those who are with Ibrahim al Islam, who are they,

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those who have believed in him, and who had believed in him, Sarah, as well as Lutheran Islam.

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So if I hear Islam and those who were with him, Sam said, well, Medina Mara, who it refers to the rest of the prophets and messengers. They weren't physically with him, but they were on the same mission. Is cannula Tell me him when they said to their people, in Bora, men come? Indeed we are. Indeed we are. Bora Bora is a plural of the word, buddy. And but he is one who is exempt one who is innocent, one who has nothing to do with the other.

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So in our own income, we are free from you, we disown you, we have no relationship with you.

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Remember, and sort of the Toba barato minima, that this is a declaration of disassociation from Allah and His messenger to to those who are seeking whom you have made pacts with meaning no more backs anymore, no more alliances anymore. All such alliances are dissolved. So all the relationships friendships have come to an end. Over here in Nevada our men come What does it mean that we disown you?

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We have no relationship with you, you and also who else women matter bounnam Indonesia and that which you worship besides Allah, meaning we disown you and we disown your religion.

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We have no relationship with you and we have no relationship with your religion either.

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We are cut off from you and cut off from your religion as well.

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garfagnana become we have this believed in you. What does it mean by this government to become we disbelieve in your people, meaning we completely deny you. We are not at friendly terms with you. We disbelieve in your religion. We disbelieve in your way. We don't agree with your practices, your manners, your lifestyle, your rituals. No, we have nothing to do with it.

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We disown you. We are not connected with you. And on top of that we don't agree with you garfagnana become

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garfagnana become this is just like intellectual capital. What do we learn Lacan De Luca? Walia, Dean for you is your religion for my is my religion. I don't agree with your religion at all. I don't accept it. I don't affirm it in any way. Carfagna become. Whoever the vein in our VEDA comala Dawa to well,

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Allah Alibaba and Alibaba has appeared between US and EU it has become very visible, very clear. It's not hidden. You know, initially, when people differ from one another, there is enmity there is hatred, but how is it

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hidden, they don't show it.

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But eventually what happens? It becomes very obvious it rises to the surface, it comes out in words it comes out in the way that people deal with one another.

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So whether they're bhaineann our VEDA, kimono Adela to a doctor, what is our that our hostility, animosity, enmity, hate. And the law is the opposite of hope. But law is the opposite of hope. Hope is to love but law is to hate and what kind of hatred is it extreme hatred.

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So our Tao is to show the enmity by having hostility, there is no good feelings at heart for one another, and actively both are trying to harm one another as well. And below is the hatred that is in the heart.

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So whether they're vain and elvina qumola there were two Albelda about them forever meaning for always, such feelings will be prevalent amongst us.

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Hector took me novella, he was the who, until you believe in Allah

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alone. What does it mean by this?

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That because we follow different religions, because we follow different religions, you're not willing to accept me. I'm not willing to accept you either.

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As a result, what has happened, enmity, hatred has arisen amongst us. And this will only go away until one of us changes.

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Because it happens that people are together, what causes strife between them? What causes disunity between them when they change when they become different?

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So when can they become united again, when they will become the same. Now as for the believers, they said, we're not going to change, you will have to change that that took me novella. Until you believe in Allah alone in history. If you believe in Allah, then no enmity no hatred will remain amongst us. But if you refuse to believe that obviously this energy this hatred will continue forever, has taught me novella he was

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in his the heat

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into the zone of fire 26 to 28 we learn why it's called a Ibrahim Ali Avi he will call me in any varaa alma mater, Boone Illallah de fattorini for in husa Dean, would you rather have Kelly matunga pet and fear aqui la alone? Yo June

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in la cola, Ibrahim le Avi, except for the statement of Ibrahim Ali Salaam to his father, which statement

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let us start shortly I will definitely seek forgiveness for you. What does it mean by this Illa this Allah is understood to be connected with the beginning of the ayah that there is for you an excellent example in Ibrahim A listener, meaning the way Ibrahim al Islam this associate disassociated himself with his people, you should do the same.

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The way he disowned them, you should also do the same.

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Except for this whole you're not gonna follow him in that.

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Why? Because he said this statement last fall on milaca I will seek forgiveness for you when he did not know that it was not permissible for him to do so.

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Later on Allah subhanaw taala forbade him.

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We have learned about this in sort of the Toba. So Illa Kala Ibrahim Ali Avi he has to fit on the leg. But when he said that to his father, he also said to him, well I'm I'm legally coming to LA him and che i do not own for you. against Allah anything meaning I do not have any authority to benefit you to protect you from Allah. Not even a little bit min shade. I cannot save you from Allah. I cannot save you from his punishment, meaning if he decides to punish you, despite my seeking forgiveness for you, my seeking forgiveness is not going to help at all.

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And then they may there are two en la robinair la katakana our Lord upon you we trust what Elena and Elena and to you we return what in a can mislead and to you is the destination.

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So we see over here that Ibrahim Hassan and his followers, what did they do? They declared Bara they declared their this association With who?

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With who? Their disbelieving people, even if those disbelievers were their own relatives,

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that Ibrahim Hassan What did he say to his father? He said to his father, we don't have the either I mentioned earlier that in any varaa alma mater, we are Bharat Mata Boone, we have nothing to do with you, you and your items. So they declared there this association.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us over here there is an excellent example for you in this meeting you should follow this way, you should also do the same.

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You should also do the same, that the way Ibrahim realism declared his this association You should also do that.

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Because when a person does that, that means that in the heart, he has no feelings for the other. And on the outward also he will not cooperate with the other. Why is it that Islam is teaching us to hate other people? Because some people generalize these if they misunderstand them, and they say look, Quran promotes hate.

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Is it promoting hate? This is hating Who? Those who hate you. Those who don't let you live? The people of Ibrahim alayhis salam, how do they deal with him? How did they forgive him? No, they lit up a huge fire and they threw him in that fight.

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Ibrahim Alayhi Salam spoke to his father so politely so respectfully. But how did his father react

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into it Marie my 4647 we learn all they want Anton earlier Tia Ibrahim, let them tanta. Hello, Monique

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I'm going to stone you to death of somebody who is threatening to kill you. You will say to them, I love you.

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That would be foolish. If somebody is openly coming out against you, then what are you supposed to do? defend yourself is an utter. If somebody is openly criticizing you, then you also have to criticize them if you want to survive.

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You can't just let the other walk all over you. Because if you do that, then you'll be harming yourself and you'll be harming the religion of Allah as well.

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We see that this surah is with surah is a Medina surah.

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in Makkah, the Muslims had suffered persecution for 13 years, which is not small, 13 years, to the point that many of them were physically abused, physically tortured. There was a social boycott.

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And eventually, the Muslims were expelled from Medina, there was no way they could survive, or they're from Africa. And when they went to Medina, could they live over there in peace? They couldn't, the machine kept coming to attack them. So when somebody hates you to such an extent, then you're going to say yes, yes, I love you. Yes, I'm very sincere to you. Yes, I am friends with you. No, you cannot do that this would be extremely foolish. In the matters of dunia even, we become so careful. Somebody who shows the slightest dislike to us to our ways. We don't speak to them. We don't go near them. We don't take their advice.

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So why is it there? When it comes to the dean? We say no, no, even if somebody hates your dean, listen to them. This is extremely foolish.

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So over here, last panel, Don is telling us there is an excellent example for you and Ibrahim

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that Ibrahim our listener in clear terms, in very clear words. He said to his people, his nation, that that said we have nothing to do with you. We don't agree with you. And we are not going to stay with you either.

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And the same thing happened in Makkah, the Muslims left Makkah they migrated from there they left Ibrahima, Salah, Lutheranism, Salah, did they stay with the people anymore, then? No, they left they migrated from there. Why? Because in order to protect yourself in order to protect your dean, you cannot stay with the people who are enemies to you. Because if you stay with them, they will harm you.

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They try to kill him.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says over here, there is an excellent example for you in that of Ibrahim right Sam? However, with regards to the draw of Ibrahima center, you don't do that.

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Ibrahim in his center, he made the art for his father. Why? Why? Because he was very tender hearted. He was very kind hearted

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and he showed affection to his father in this way. How by saying that a stock fell on the ladder I will seek forgiveness for you. That I do this on you. I will leave you however I will still make the offer you in through the Toba I 114 we learned what my canister fell Ibrahimovic Ali OBE inland marine 13 what are the Yahoo fellow motivation Allahu Allahu Allah? Ameen. Ibrahim Allah, Allahu Halim, when it was made clear to you by him really surrounded his father as an enemy to Allah. Then he didn't make the offer him anymore. He was forbidden to do so. And why is it that he may do it in the first place because even though he wrote his son was aware, and Helene

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he was very tender hearted, he was very compassionate, he was very patient.

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Now, why is this mentioned over here?

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Because some people could take this as an evidence of showing affection to, to even those people who hate the religion of Allah,

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that we should pray for them, even when they have passed away. We should pray to Allah to forgive them even when they have passed away. Because remember that while a disbeliever is alive, can you make the offer him? Yes, you can. But once he has passed away, then you cannot make dua for him. So some people could take this as an evidence that look Ibrahim A da for his father. So we can also do that. Allah tells us No, you cannot do that. When it was made clear to him afterwards, he didn't continue to make the instead of the Toba 113 we learned mechanically in the Wii U alladhina. amanu and you're still feeling mushy kina wallow can only remember the motivation alone. And

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once it is made clear that someone is or the companions of the blaze that you cannot make draw for him. When someone dies on schicke then you cannot wait around for him. It's not allowed for the profit. It's not allowed for the believers either.

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And we see that Ibrahim Raisa his daughter is mentioned at the end of banner.

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katakana Why is this mentioned?

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Why did this make the store that Oh Allah upon you, we trust? Why do you think so?

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Because they were leaving their people

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when you declare, but

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it means you have nothing to do with those people.

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And if those people happen to be your relatives, if those people happen to be the people of your own community,

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then that means a person is on his own. When it comes to business, when it comes to marriage, when it comes to so many things, a person does not do these things on his own, who does he do them with, with his friends, with his relatives, with his acquaintances? But if a person is on his own now, how will he survive?

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And especially if he's leaving that place, going somewhere else? How will he survive?

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You know, for us, probably, it's something that's difficult to understand. But when a person, for example, becomes a Muslim, that what does it mean? their entire life is going to change. their entire life is going to be affected in every aspect in every matter. Just think about it.

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You eat at the dinner table with your family. one meal, everybody's eating. Now, when you go and sit, the meal that's on the table is not Hello?

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Can you eat from that?

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You cannot we don't feed it because we haven't experienced it. But just think about it for a moment. The entire family is getting ready for a festival for some party or something. And you're not going to do that.

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So how are you going to be alone?

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You're going to be alone. So at this point, a person feels lonely. A person feels worried what's going to happen? How am I going to survive? Ibrahima Sam, he said robina and ekata. Carla, Oh our Lord upon you, we trust you protect us, you take care of us, you provide for us our Lake Ottawa Cola, because only you can take care of us.

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So in such situations we should a person rely on Allah alone.

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Na katakana

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and even a smaller scale we see that if a person becomes more serious about his religion, and the rest of the family is not then in that case as well. He feels worried.

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by for example, many girls, they become worried or their families rather become worried when they wear the hijab, that who is going to marry them.

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I myself have come across many girls like this, who when they start wearing hijab, their family gets worried that was gonna marry you. Nobody's gonna propose for you for what is allowed teachers over here that make the out of banner. Arnica.

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What a novena and to you return to for help for assistance. And remember in ABA is to turn from time to time again and again. Return to Allah, meaning any step that we find difficult returned to you, any hindrance, any obstacle we face, we turn to you were in a can mislead and at the end, our return is to you at the end of the Hereafter, everything goes to you. So you are the judge.

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Now we see that a person has two options.

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When his relatives when his community when his people are against the dean, what are those two options one is that he leaves his family, his people for the sake of Allah.

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And the other is that he leaves a lot for the sake of his relatives. two options are there. But of these two options, which one is better?

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If a person leaves the people for the sake of Allah, then remember that Allah is Ever living.

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And if a person leaves are love for the sake of people are people ever living? No, they live for a few years and then they die. So what is the better choice that a person prefers Allah over everyone else? That is the way to success in this dunya and also India.

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Then they made the robina ledger Allah fit Natalie leadin aka photo, or our Lord do not make us a fitna for those who have disbelieved. Those people who have disbelieved. Don't make us a fitna for them.

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What does it mean by fitness?

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fitness, test, persecution, remember literally fitness to burn something burn gold or something like that in fire, expose it to fire heat it up. Fitness over here has been understood in two ways that don't make us a fit enough for the disbelievers, meaning, do not let them prevail over us so that they put us to fit

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and fitna would mean persecution

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Do not let them prevail over us, so that they put us to fitna meaning they persecute us. So in other words, don't give victory to them over us. Don't let them have the upper hand over us. Because if that happens, they're going to torture us. They're not going to spare us any harm. Because they're enemies to us. So if you let them have power over us, they're going to put us to fitna.

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Secondly, ledger, Allah fitna, lilla Dena cafaro, meaning Don't make us a trial, for who for the disbelievers that we become a source of trial for them, how that we are destroyed at their hands, or we suffer in this dunya. We suffer from weakness, we suffer from failure. And as a result, they think that they are right, and we are wrong.

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You understand?

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Don't let us suffer at their hands or at the hands of anyone else. Because then they will think that if we were right, we will be successful, we will be fine.

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And they will think they're right. And we are wrong. So don't make us a trial for them. You see people are a test for one another as well.

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When you're under the Berlin fitness and we have made some of you fitna, for others, people are a test for one another.

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So over here, we see that they made our Don't make us a fitna for them. Don't let them get deceived because of our weakness because of our failure. Because many times this happens, people they think, who is right, the one who is successful, and they think who is wrong, the one who is a failure.

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This is why Muslims must strive to be the very best in everything that they do. Because remember everything that you perform poorly in you becoming a fitness guru, or the disbelievers because this is what they will think that if you were right, you would be doing good.

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So they made their Urban allotter and fitness and De La Nina cafaro, welfare Lana robina. And forgive for us Our Lord, meaning to not punish us in the near for our sins. Because if you do that, then what will happen? We will become a fitna for these people. robina inika Angela xizor Hakeem, or our Lord indeed you are the mighty Hakeem meaning the one who is most wise.

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Lakota Canada comfy him sweat and Hashanah. There has certainly been for you in them an excellent example. In the people who brought humorous and and the believers were with him. There is for you an excellent example. This is repetition, for the purpose of emphasis that reflect on it. There's an excellent example in this for you. But for who lemon can al de la jolla will have it for the one who desires Allah, the One who hopes the one who fears Allah, and also the last day because we're the meaning of the word wadjet. It gives the meaning of hope and also fear. So the one who hopes to please Allah, the One who hopes reward in the Hereafter, the one who fears a lot, the one who fears

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the hereafter for him is an excellent example and this

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woman yet Oh ALLAH and whoever turns away for in Allahu Allah Nian Hamid, that Indeed Allah He is the rich, and he is the most praiseworthy as well.

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turns away from what from what Allah has ordained. He turns away from a lion is messenger, and who does he befriend? The enemies of a lion is messenger. So if any person does that, then remember that allez Lani, he doesn't need you.

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He doesn't need you and he's Hamid, even if you turn away. It's not that you have insulted a lot. It's not that you have insulted their religion. No, you haven't harmed a lot at all, because he is funny. And Hamid, because, remember, at the Treaty of her day via one of the clauses was that if any Muslim goes from Medina to Makkah, he will not be returned to Medina. And if somebody goes from Mecca to Medina, he will be returned others however, were very upset. What did the Prophet sallallaahu Selim say to them, that if somebody has left us, then Allah has written of them.

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So if somebody has made this choice for them, of turning away from their religion, then what does Allah say he is funny, he is rich, he doesn't need the worship of that person. And he is Hamid. Such a person cannot harm him at all.

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In truth, Abraham is a Tweeter, and we'll call him loose intercoastal and a woman fill out the gym era for in the LA Hannah linnaean. Hemi busara. Sam said to his people that if you should just believe you and whoever is on the earth entirely

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Indeed allies free of need and he is praised for it as well.

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vena cava

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in a long journey with me

Al-Mumtahinah 1-13 Tafsir 4-6

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