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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam, ala rasulillah were buried. So brothers and sisters, we're continuing with sort of focus. Today we are at verse number 28, just to give you some context to remind ourselves where we're at with the surah. So basically musala, his Salaam is going to get married. And he's going to live now with his father in law. And his father in law offered him a job to work for at least bare minimum, eight. And if he wishes and additional two years, so from eight to 10 years, he can work with his dad in the family business. And we talked about a number of different benefits behind that and how that encouragement of helping Musa alayhis

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salaam get on his own two feet, to be able to look after his family, his father also wants to see that his daughter will be cared for. So it's an opportunity for him to get to know Moosa even more, but to also see his work ethic, see that he's responsible. And that transfer of a weekend of responsibility from the Father now to his son in law, he wants to be able to see that and make that transition easy for everyone. Now, look, what happens next

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part of the kabini will be Nick mozzarella, who seldom makes a brilliant suggestion, as a matter of fact, it's a brilliant move, he basically says, okay, fine, that's between me and you, in other words, eight to 10 years, I'm, I'm good with that. And I will fulfill all of the responsibilities in the family business, I'll make sure that I do my part, I make sure that I work and I take care of everything that needs to be done. That's between you and I, there's no third party involvement. What is the number, at least there's two things, two things that contribute to problems in a marriage. These are the two main problems all across the globe, no matter how you twist the internet, these

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two things will always be a problem in a marriage. And first is of course, third party involvement. And number two, money. If these two things are not taken care of, it's always going to be a problem in a marriage. And usually, most of the time it ends up in a divorce. mozzarella, he said, he says the first and foremost thing here is that this is going to be between me and you. Why don't need any extended relatives and in laws and anybody else to get involved and come later on be like, Oh, he's not working hard enough. Oh, he's not doing this. He's not doing that. Eliminate the third party involvement. So the lesson for you and I and especially married couples out there is. And I've said

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this several times in the past, this is part of my counseling with couples as well, when I sit with them, when I sit with in laws, when I sit with family in general, basically, my message is straight out. And it comes from verses like this, stay out of their marriage, give them a chance to live, give them a chance to make their own decisions. All too often. In laws, we'll jump in, no, she needs to work here. She needs to do this. She's my daughter, I raised her. So this is what needs to happen. This is where you guys need to live, and force the family to move in. force the couple to move in you guys need to leave live with us. Doesn't matter. Even if you have money, even if you

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want to be on your own no know what's going to happen to us. You know, for the parents that do this, why don't you let your kids married to begin with? Why did you get your son married off, if you were gonna force him and his wife to live with you, so that he can take care of you. It's got to be one or the other. Now, I know that there are some exceptions to this, right. And those scenarios need to be addressed privately, like you sit down with an Imam or a chef or a counselor or what have you. And you can work out some of those specific issues. But for the most part, I'm just talking, generally speaking, it is versus like this, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is encouraging couples to

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be on your own. So even if you live with your parents, that's okay. But at least there should be some sense of independency you should be able to make your own decisions of how you want to live because at the end of the day that we can, the responsibility is transferred over from her parents to you, you're responsible for her you got to take care of her. So if you need to work and do certain things, you should be able to make those decisions. So this is where it's a tough pill to swallow. But some some of the parents you got to back off, you got to back off and allow him and her to sort of work through and navigate some of their struggles so that they can build their life build

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their relationship. It's a maturity, journey for him in particular. So musala insulin knows this. So he says it's very clearly it's between me and you. No one else is involved. And then he continues AML Angelina

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Public fellow do one or the, whichever one of the agreements I fulfill, I don't want any enemies or any problems after that. So what is he saying? He's saying that if I fulfill eight years, and I want to leave after the eight years, I want to have that right. And that freedom to leave after eight years, if I want to continue for another two years and go up to 10, I want to be able to make that decision. You know, what's amazing about this a guys, this is the only deal or marriage transaction mentioned in the entire quarter, an unbelievable, and by Allah's wisdom, in his divine wisdom, he chose that the only marital transaction is between a father in law and his son in law. Let that sink

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in for a minute.

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father in law and son, that's it. These two are talking about the most Allison's talking about his future. And he's basically telling his father in law, I want the freedom, that after we fulfill our agreements, that I have the freedom to basically do what I want live my life with my wife the way that I want to.

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Now, there are literally 1000s of things we can talk about with respect to this conversation, we can talk about all the problems and the cultural influences the good and the bad, that put pressure on marriages, to live a certain way to act a certain way to stay this long to do this, to do that, when it comes to the freedoms and decisions that husbands and wives want to make amongst themselves. That third party interference is what causes almost all the problems. Yeah, I can't tell you how many times over the last 20 years or so, of couples that I've had to sit with and and it's like a broken record. I'm it's I'm almost pre programmed because of how often I have to do this is I have to tell

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couples, you need to move out. You need to go on your own, you need to figure this out by yourselves. You're still living with your parents, dude, like what's wrong with they don't need you they don't, they're not dependent on if they were dependent on you. That's a different scenario, we can talk about that. But they just want you home because they can't let go of their son, they can't let go of their daughter. You need to like get firm, man up and move out. And you'll notice that when that happens 99% of their problems is resolved. sure there's some bumps on the road. It's not easy as as that it's not just the black. Okay, I just pick up, move on. I'm all good. And

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everything's resolved. No. Because unfortunately, some parents are really good at putting their kids through that guilt trip. How did you leave me? Why are you going? How could you do this to your parents, you chose her over your own mother, your own father. So they're really good at doing that. And very often it works. The son and the daughter, they feel terrible. They feel compelled, man, I gotta go back home now. We've got we can't, we're gonna have to put our house on hold, we're gonna have to put our future on hold. We're also put our marriage on hold. Gotta go back. Now, we got to take care of them. Why did you marry them to begin with? Why don't you let him go to begin with? If

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this was how much your dependency was on your kids, then you should not have involved another family and say, hey, look, this is our son. This is how we're daughter, we want him to marry off. But you've got to live with us, you've got to take care of us. You've got to pay for this. You got to do all of this. You've got to pretty much married but at the same time, put your whole life on hold. It doesn't make any sense which direction you need to be on. So musala has said and is making it very clear that despite he's got such a golden opportunity with his father in law, he's making it very clear that look, when I'm done my time either eight or 10 years. I want to have the freedom to make

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my own decision. Are you okay with that? Well, law Harlem and cool work he'll musalla he said, um, the only thing that's important to him is Allah is the ultimate caregiver here. He's the one he's the guardian. So I can't decide what I'm saying is I can't decide if my marriage is going to last. Allah decides that. I don't know if this marriage will continue until death do us part. I don't know that. I don't know if we have one year if we have 20 years. I don't know if I'm going to go first or my wife will go first. I go have no control over any of this stuff. Allah is the one that's in charge. He is the true guardian. And this is the lesson behind that for us especially married

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couples out there.

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The number one most important

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conversation you have with your spouse, is that after your marriage has settled? And if you have kids or no kids, the thing that you should be talking about the most most is death.

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What will happen? If one of us passes away? How will the kids be cared for? How do we divide our assets? What do we do? Where are you going to go? How is life going to move forward for you and for me? Talk about death. All married couples, you should be talking about this. If you haven't had this conversation, you're wasting a lot of time, you should be having this conversation, especially. Particularly if you have children. You should be talking about you should have a Will you should be doing those things. And musala his solemn is making it crystal clear. Look, I don't have control over these things. I don't know what the problems and the struggles of my marriage is going to be.

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I'll close the deal here. At the end of the day, he's going to be in charge. Incredible.

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Do you think this is good? Watch what happens next. falam merkaba musella, agile, when Moosa finished his time, how long did he stay? Alive? doesn't tell us? Was it eight years? Was it 10? Was it somewhere in between? We don't Don't you know why? Just Just listen to this. So panela it's, it's just remarkable. When we follow Porter and when we follow the Siddhant. When we follow our Deen, all of our problems go away.

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Everything makes sense. The problems begin when you step out of these two sources and try to do things on your own. That's where all the problems that will begin. A lot did not tell us how long musar alayhis salam stayed, you know why? So that father in law's out there don't say to their son in law, look, he stayed eight years, you got to finish your full term with me. We agreed you would stay in the family visit work here for 1015 years, 20 years, till you do this till you do that, look, he did it. So you got to stay till the end. Because who who's to say that maybe musar, lay some after five years, or the son in law, after six years gets tired, the business is too

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overwhelming. Or he's learned enough skills, he's gained enough experience that he wants to start his own thing. So he has the freedom to do that. A lot doesn't tell us.

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And then if you turn the table, who's to say that the father in law, the father in law, maybe after a few years, he wants his own privacy is like, Look, you know, I gave you a headstart. You're smart enough, you're mature enough. Now you guys go do your own thing. But me and your mom, just relax. Now we want to do our own thing. We want to shut down the business, we want to retire like something could change in the future for them. So Allah says, when their agreement was fulfilled, period, how long was it that's not for you to know. So you don't use this for you or against the other person. So the lights, it's so remarkable, the language and the choice of words and what the law chooses to

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tell us and not tell us. It's remarkable. So mozzarella, he sent him finished his term, whatever it was westsound or B and E saddle is when you travel, but you move casually. It's not like Sephora, Sephora, you're quickly going from one place to another. And Sephora beginning, this is my this is where I begin my my journey. This is my destination and I arrive at my destination. But soudha is another word for travel. But it's casual. You're taking your time and moving at your own pace. So what's Allah saying? How did Musa leave? with his wife, his family? How did he do this? He did it at his own time. When he was ready, you know, there wasn't like the father holding on to him, son,

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don't go, we need you here. What's going to happen to the business, none of that stuff. That's what we do to one another. You know, if somebody's living in one country,

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and they get married, and you know, he gets an opportunity, he gets a new job at a different country at a different city far away to three hours. What often happens here. Her parents were like, why are you taking our daughter away from us? Why are you leaving? What's going to happen to us? You're just going to leave us here to rot away and you guys go and live your life. souto here shows that none of this happened. that his father in law respected the decision of his son in law. Yeah, go ahead. Wherever you get your new job wherever you find a new career new opportunities. You have my support. I wish you all the best Good Good for you. Glad to see you that you're going to take care of my

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daughter. I'm happy. It's It's It's incredible. That's what porn is.

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teaching us here is that sometimes you will have to let go. Well, nobody knows what the future is like. So we don't know, maybe he gets a better opportunity somewhere and his wife as well, I can tell you, I've got 1000s of stories like this of couples that want to move on that one to move to a different city or a different state or a different province or a different country. But third party intervention is what prevents them from doing that they can't move forward in their life. Because third party says, No, no, no. What are you going to do? Why are you going to leave us here? You're going to move that far away from mom and dad and from uncles and aunts and extended cousins and your

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fourth cousin. What are you talking about? What was the point of getting married, it was so that you could move on. And I don't need this pressure of you guys clinging on to me. I got to take care of my wife and my kids. So as Sarah be early he he casually at a time that he felt was right. And he felt he was ready to move Sara Lee, Sylar and his family move on. Beautiful.

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And so many journey will totally narrow as they're walking in the middle of the desert, he sees this bright light coming from the mountains somewhere, students. All of you that were with me in pseudo thought have

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this here is now going to start filling in some of the blanks. Remember, soda, soda tall have began with more silence. I'm in the middle of the desert, and he sees the light up in the mountains in the valley somewhere. Now we know everything that led to that moment. So you know how how you're reading the salt on it right now. You're just like, oh, now it makes sense. So he was walking in the desert with his family because that's when he chose to leave the home. His father in law, that's when he was ready. Oh, now it starts to an hour an hour, all of everything's coming together and I think starts to connect. You know, I can't believe I'm gonna, I'm gonna say this, whatever. I'm gonna say

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this. Those of you who are you know, too pious or religious to watch movies. That's your thing. I respect that. I watched transformers.

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And you remember that first movie where you see Bumblebee. And you're wondering, where did this guy come from? You know, he's just this dirty old rusted car. The kid buys a car from a dealership. And it happens to be a robot. And at some point, when you're watching this first Transformers movie, you're thinking to yourself, Where did he come from? Why is Bumblebee even on planet Earth, but everybody else isn't.

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And then later on, one of the other movies that came out, eventually later on was I think it was called the bumblebee or the B movie or something like that. But anyhow, it went back and it gave us the story of where Bumblebee came from, you know, he actually was sent he got into a battle he lost his voice, then he you know, he was stored away for some time. You know, this young girl purchase him or gets him, you know, this car was gifted to etc. And, and then you start piecing it all everything together like now it makes sense. Now we know where Bumblebee came from. Now we know why Moosa is in the desert. Now, it all makes sense. movies do this all the time. They'll start you off

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in one part of a life story. And as it continues the next sequel, the next episode, the part two, the part three of them, it takes you back of how it all started, and then you're just like, oh, now we know where why'd happen and why he did this and why Okay, it makes sense now. That's what Allah subhanaw taala is doing here. Now he's taking us back and filling in all the blanks. So Moosa saw this fire called le le him Cousteau in the anus to note on Did you hear this verse and sort of thought that he tells us found the weight right here let me go and see what this fire is all about. Lovely attic woman her be hovering out jawatan men and now looking postural, maybe we'll get some

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directions or maybe we'll get some help. So you guys just sit here and relax. And maybe the fire will keep us warm. So panela everything is just everything is starting to make sense. So he goes up to the firefighter to her new dm in shelter L Word. Amen. As he went there at the edge of the valley somewhere Sheltie it's the edge of something. So as he got closer to this light, Phil Booker T Mobile rockety mina shujaa. In the middle of this beautiful tree was where this fire this light was coming from. Did you see what alleges did he shifted our attention. It's

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Not the light now. It's this tree. And in the middle of this tree somewhere in the center is where this beautiful brilliance of the light came from. And he heard something a Moosa Didn't we hear that?

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We are Moosa Fela attire her new da Musa. In Surah Taha, we're seeing the same thing. So it's actually now when he got right up to the tree. Now we see where the fire was coming from. It wasn't people, like we thought in pseudo Taha now it's actually coming in the middle of the tree somewhere in the base, and then he hears the voice, a moose in the annaleigh hood or bhullar. I mean, I am your master Allah. And I'm the master of all of mankind. What an elk. They are sock. Take your staff and throw it. students continue.

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What's gonna happen with the staff remembering soda? What's gonna happen? It's the first thing he's told to do. By the way, his shoes is already off here. Remember that? his shoe he took off his shoes. He's already sitting there. He's waiting and he gets the first instruction. Take your stuff and throw it. fella Mauer doesn't care. And Jana, when would you be wrong? Well, I'm you October, when Musa alayhis salaam dropped his staff. And he saw that he turned into a serpent, a snake. He got so frightened. This is what we didn't see in soda thought he got so scared he ran. He saw in pseudo thought he dropped it but we assumed or put in our minds that maybe he just stood there. He's

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barefoot and now there's a big massive snake beside him, hissing at him with fangs. Now we see here he actually ran away. Poor guy. So panela poor poor guy. He has no idea what's going on. He's so confused. His staff that he leaves on that he depends on and does things for him that we signed soda. Now he sees it turned into this big massive snake so panela he runs away. It's just like a child. He's so innocent mozzarella. Selim. He's so soft and gentle. so innocent he runs while I'm you asked him he doesn't even turn back. He just keeps running unless his alcohol while to half. Pick it up. Don't be scared. It's okay. Just pick it up. So when Moosa hears the voice and he calms

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down, he goes back and he's like,

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okay, Allah, and he picks it up in a communal, meaning Allah gives them reassurance you're safe. Indeed, you're going to be okay, you're going to be safe, don't worry, I was looking at a cafe back, take your hand, put it in your pocket to hold which by law, I mean lady. So you're going to pull out this bright light wallet from LA catch en el camino Rob. And if you're scared, then just take your hand and put it under your armpit and it'll extinguished delight. So Allah basically is telling him how to turn off the switch. So if you put your hand in your pocket and it turns into this beautiful bright light, remember we said some of the scholars of co2 say it was brighter than the sun. If

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you're scared of it, just cover it, put it under your armpit and it'll just extinguish you'll turn off the light.

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Then he continues for then he caboto her nanny Miller up because he left in our own Oh, Amanda, he those are clear distinct signs both of them so the staff turning into a snake and his hand turning into a bright light. These are two a yet that are clear and explicit from your master, especially for for Phil and his people. So why is all of this happening? Allah is teaching him and showing him These are a yet from me, and they are particularly for you to show and you're going to use it when you need to with fit around and his people. So Allah is prepping him unless prepping him when that whole confrontation happens with fit around and fit unconfined sim What do you want? What are you

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going to do? We're going to have this competition fine and it gets all of his magicians remember all of that in soda. This is how it all began. This is all these were all instructions to Musashi he sent him in the home Ken Coleman fess up and he is of those who are corrupt. Carlota be in the Patel toninho Neff Sen for a halfway up to loan look innocent. Poor Mousavi Salaam says to Allah

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all my master I killed somebody.

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And I'm afraid that they're going to kill me. Well, halfway up to loon and my brother. What he had on my brother. How long? Who upcycle Mini. He's more eloquent

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Then me upcycled fossa Haha, it refers to pouring milk and the you see the milk pouring out smoothly that's called full Saha.

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So he's saying his brother, the brothers tongue is more pure and eloquent and smooth. He's so good with his words. I need him. Look how many wonderful things he says about his brother. Now he's gonna say, so he says that his brother was wizzy, which is in soda Baja. He was a great support. He's always got my back. Then he says that his brother is offside. His brother, his men when he speaks it's you're mesmerized by how beautiful he speaks. Then he says upcycle mainly Lisa, for our sale, who might read a read the

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read own is like, you know, when you have a billboard, and you have those pillars that are keeping the billboard stable. So when snow all of that stuff will knock the billboard over. So those pillars that are at the back is called the red.

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So he's saying My brother is a read for me. He has my back. He keeps me going. He pushes me when I feel scared when I feel hesitant. He's got there. No, no, no, keep going loser. I need him.

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For the Prophet Mohammed Ali. His Salatu was Salam who was his.

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It was a DJ out of the Allahu anhu.

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He would go to the DJ, when he got that first revelation. What did he do? He ran to HUD, and he told her, so her de todo de la vida is the rid of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And here Musab Ali Salim. It's his brother

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in a heart. So he says, For our city home au. So definitely, if you send him as a red F for me, then people would actually believe what I'm saying what I'm trying to do in ni a halfway across the board, because I'm afraid they're just going to tell so many lies about me. They're going to lie that I kill this man intentionally. They're going to frame me they're going to execute their verdict on me, I'm afraid Oh Allah. I don't know how to overcome this fear. Watch what the law does. And this is the final a

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call center should do our elbow deck can be a fake. We're going to strengthen your bones with your brother.

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Or I'll do deck is this guys. You know how in battle sometimes, you know, you wrap your arms out and you try to protect your arms, you protect your leg, you wrap it, you shield it in some way. That's called honorable duck. No shouldn't do although that means we're going to cover you and protect you with your brother. So yes, Allah answered his call at his door I will get we're going to send him with you. Whenever I do, like homeschool plan, and both of you were going to bless with a level of leadership like none other. By the way. The fact that Allah will reinforce mooses arms. Remember, he punched a guy, he punched a guy and the force and the strength of his fist killed the Egyptian guard

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though that man. Now unless I'm going to reinforce your arm, I'm going to reinforce your limbs.

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He's already this incredibly, incredibly strong individual analyst says I'll reinforce you so panela you know what it makes me think is that musala stuff is gonna go confront the most powerful men on the planet at that time, who's got the greatest army at the time, but Allah instilled an entire army in Musa alayhis salam. He's got the strength of several individuals now and he's got a lot on his side. So he's got the intellect, the brains. He's an entire army by himself. And then Allah continues as it fell out, you'll see northern la come and nobody is going to have what I'm going to give you in terms of leadership. Be a Tina and to my woman Tabak. Mel Holly born with my signs, both

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of you, you're going to have followers as well. And you will prevail.

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you're going to prevail Musa alayhis salaam. So this is already starting to hint that what will ultimately happen to federal, he's going to get destroyed. Who is going to prevail. It's going to be Moosa and his brother Arlene set up. Absolutely beautiful. What's going to happen next in verse 36, felon majah Moosa when musette came to him, meaning fit our own. So the confrontation begins. Again, this is not a repeat of the story in soda, you're going to see certain things details that are going to be mentioned here that were not in soda. When you piece this stuff together, students you're going to just be like, Oh my god, you're going to be like this. Oh, my God. Next episode. Next

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scene, please show me I want to see you're just going to be stuck. Just listening and staring at the suitor is Wow. This is the best neck

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episodes I've ever seen in my life. That's what it's gonna feel like. So, we're gonna pause there and shout Allahu taala. And tomorrow we will, tomorrow will be the confrontation of mozzarella de selam and fit around. How did they meet? Who was the first things that were said? And that whole competition of going back and forth with magicians? How did all of that unfold? That's all we'll talk about tomorrow. There is the Lehi terror. So we are about halfway in the sutra. We're about halfway in the studio where they let you hunt. Honestly, I don't even know how we do this, guys. I really don't know. It's just from Allah subhanho wa Taala how we meet every morning like this, and

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we talk for a half hour, 45 minutes, almost every single day. I just don't know how we do that. And I honestly believe it's from the blessing and the bottom of having that willingness and desire to want to learn our Deen allegis facilitates, he'll just make things easy, no matter how much how tired and sleepy and exhausted or frustrated or how your life is going. The fact that you've been consistent like this and staying with me on this journey for both of us. This is really truly a blessing and a neuroma and a great honor and Baraka from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So let's take a moment and really extend our gratitude to him that we thank ally so as always and forever, for

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giving us the chance and the opportunity to wake up each and every day at least at least on my end, to be able to sit with you to talk with you about our Deen to share some thoughts, share some insight of the court. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala always honor and protect all of you for taking the time to listen to this poor individual here in front of your screens. And and taking the time to listen to something that could uplift you and help you in your life in the best way possible. Always remember, remember, these are the moments that perhaps one day in shot love with Tyler when we're in Jenna. We're going to talk about these moments that this could be the moments that helped us get

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there. These moments where we sacrifice 30 minutes or so of our day for Allah and we devoted solely to him. These could be the moments where thank god Alhamdulillah we did that. That we spend some time and we did that for you. We are up and look where we are now we're sitting in Jenna. Just like we talked about in Surah

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medium as well as sort of our her will be sitting on the streets of Jenna. And just meeting up hey, we you and I we were on Facebook. We were online together. You made it And me too. On hamdulillah man, I'm so glad we did that together. It's gonna be insha Allah insha Allah one day we will rejoice and reflect on these moments. May Allah so which will allow us to enter his paradise and May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to continue to do this for his sake and only for his sake always in forever alimony take care of one male ally so it will bless your day was said Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato