Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 211E Tafsir Luqman 7-11

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the meaning behind popular media coverage of the Quran, which is the result of people reciting it to make themselves appear arrogant. The concept of Islam is discussed, including its use for guidance and cure, the belief in beauty, and the use of "naive" to describe the sky. The speakers also touch on the history of Islam, including its use for guidance and cure, the importance of worship, and the stabilization of Earth through mountains. The segment ends with a discussion of a movie and potential shadow length.
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What either and when took literally it is recited on him. I have to now our verses when he turns away Musa Quran arrogantly when the Quran is recited to him, who this person whose life is all about low will Hadees what happens to him? He becomes very vague and he turns away arrogantly he doesn't listen to the Quran at all. And he becomes very arrogant that why are you even reciting the Quran to me turn that off. I'm too busy right now. I don't want to listen to this Quran. And this is what happens to the ears that are full of music. They cannot tolerate the Quran, then it gets boring. Got a lumea smart as if lumea smart Ha he didn't even hear it. He saw arrogant he turns away he ignores

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what was said to him. It as if he didn't even hear it. As if fee in ordinay he bought his ears is walk raw, heaviness, deafness or donee dual of the word Odin ear in both his ears is Walker Walker is basically simple heaviness weight, and it's used for homeless tequila heavy load, especially a donkey Lord, if you see a donkey with the Lord, it's on both sides right? equal. So just like that in both his ears, there's a kind of heaviness meaning something that's blocking the ears, preventing the hawk from going in. So he doesn't like to even listen to the Hulk and really think about it. If there is a headphones earphones stuck in the years, how are you meant to get any good insight?

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You're blocking everything and these days, especially the way that funds are, you know, you block everything else out, and you only hear what you hear. Allah says for Bashir who so give him Tydings br Durbin Aleem have a painful punishment,

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painful punishment earlier we learned humiliating punishment here we learn painful punishment for who for the one who doesn't give importance to the speech of Allah, which is who then and Rama. He's too arrogant towards it. And instead, he has all the time all the attention for love will Hadees consumed by entertainment.

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So, the one who is engrossed with Lowell Hadees what happens to him? He is prevented from listening to the Quran. But the Quran is a source of healing for those who believe in the Quran. Right? They cannot have enough of listening to the Quran or reciting the Quran or reflecting on the Quran. It's like their hearts are never satisfied enough. So they want more of the Quran. In truth facilite I have 44 Allah says about the Quran call who Allah Allah Dena Amanu, who then worship

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the Quran for those who believe it is guidance and a cure will leadin Allah you may know v Adani him Walker, those who don't believe then in their ears is deafness. feet or Danny Walker in their ears is deafness. Wahoo I lay your mama and it is upon them blindness meaning they're completely blind to the beauty of the Quran. They're blind to it. They've never seen it. They've never experienced it. Why? Because they have filled their lives with garbage. Hola Iike Yuna don't me McCann unburied those it is as though they're being called from a very distant place meaning the Quran seems soul so far. In total sr 82. Allah says well known as zero we know Qurani Mahieu has she fair on

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Warahmatullah meaning while I as Ido Garley Mina Illa Hassan the Quran is cure mercy for those who believe but those who do learn for them it doesn't increase them except in loss meaning they go further and further away in the medina Amanu. Indeed, those who believe why middle slowly had and they do righteous deeds Laham Jana to Noreen for them, our gardens of pleasure. If you think about it, music, entertainment, you know, all of these things that we discussed, what are they for? Why is it that we go towards these things for what purpose? Pleasure, but do they ever bring absolute pleasure? No, because absolute pleasure does not exist in this world. It is in Jana Ginetta Noreen

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Holly Dena fie her abiding there in eternity word allah haka. The Promise of Allah is true that Allah will admit them into Jeanette Noreen. This is Allah's promise he will certainly fulfill it will who will our Xizor Hakeem, he is the mighty the wise. Why are these names mentioned over here? Because it is Allah's promise to grant Janetta Noreen to those who believe. What is it that someone does

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is not fulfill their promise either because of some weakness, right that they weren't able to something came in the way something prevented them. But Allah subhanaw taala is disease nothing can prevent him right from fulfilling his promise. Or secondly, someone you know does not fulfill their promise because it changes their mind. They thought something else was better. They had a better idea, a newer idea, a newer thought, right? Allah subhanaw taala is Al Hakim the all wise meaning every decision of his is based on knowledge wisdom hokum, putting things where they actually belong. And also another reason why someone does not fulfill their promises because of piano.

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Right piano betrayal, cheating, Allah subhanaw taala is above that will hold our xizhou Hakeem Hello, Osama wetty he has created the skies. Look at Allah's might look at his hukum Allah is the One who has created the skies be lady without armor then any pillar, that owner ha you see it? The owner from her bra Hamza, and Ahmed from AIMIM. Dal Ahmed is used for a boast a support a pillar, right? So Allah has created the sky. How? without any pillars that ona you see it? Meaning Allah has created the sky without any fingers that you see. Do you see any pillars holding the sky up? Do you see any pillars? Any props holding the sun up? No, you don't holding the clouds up? No, you don't.

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There are no pillars. You understand? There are no pillars. Allah subhanaw taala has kept the sky in its place the earth in its place, and the different things in the sky in their place. And there is nothing physical, you know, like a tangible thing that we see supporting it. Doesn't this show Allah subhanaw taala does Riza his Quran his Hurco? How perfectly he has created? You know, for example, even this roof, does it not need walls? Does it not need fillers? Right? Like, for example, I don't know if you remember, but in this hall, we used to have a pillar over here also, you remember, right? That was just for the purpose of, you know, aesthetics, basically to make the masjid look

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kind of like same from both sides. Because this pillar, we cannot remove it. It's necessary. Right? But then we thought it was better to have the view instead of the looks. Height. So anyway, this is a necessity, you can't get rid of it. That's a necessity, you can't get rid of it. Right? No matter how inconvenient it is, you can't do without it. Allah subhanaw taala has created the sky such that it doesn't even need any pillars. And there's so much so much in the sky. It's amazing how things are in space. Right? But what is supporting it, you don't see it be lady Ahmed and Tortona. Secondly, this is also understood in a different way, which is that Allah has created the skies,

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without any armor that you can see, meaning the armored are there. But you can't see them. They're invisible. Invisible, supports invisible pillars, meaning there is something keeping the sky in its place, keeping whatever is in the sky in its place. The clouds in their place. There's something holding it in its place. What is that thing? You don't see it? It's invisible to your eyes? And really, if you think about it, I mean, in this earth, for example, you have gravity? Do you see it? Can you touch it? You don't you can't write things in the atmosphere. What is it that's keeping them in their place? You know, keeping a certain distance from the Earth? Whatever those forces are?

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There there. We don't see them. Doesn't that show to us? Allah subhanaw taala is might what else? And he has cast Phil early in the earth are aware sia pillars plural of the word of our Sia.

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Allah has thrown he has cast in the earth. Firmly rooted mountains are a YC or YC, supportive rasiya. And what does Ross here refer to?

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Rousseau, Rousseau Rossin? Well, what does it mean to be firmly rooted? Right? When something is deep? Like for example, a nail? Have you ever tried hanging something on the wall with a nail or something and you hammer it in but you don't hammer it properly? So what happens the moment you hang something, it just the whole thing falls? Right? Why? Because you didn't make it deep enough. You have to make sure that it's deep enough. So this is how the mountains are firmly rooted and they're firm. They are deep. They are also stabilizing.

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The Earth and Tommy the become unblessed to me that it sways me Mia doll become with you, meaning these mountains are there so that the Earth does not sway with you. So the purpose of the mountains is to stabilize the earth. If these mountains were not there, the Earth would constantly be shaking beneath your feet, and he wouldn't be able to live. Well, Bertha and he has scattered fie hat in it meaning in the earth, Minh, Khalida, every creature, every kind of creature type of creature I mean, it's amazing, literally, that the wild different creatures are scattered on the earth no matter where you go on this planet What will you see life some form of life some kind of creature what on

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Zelner And We have sent down Mina sama II from the sky man water We have sent down from the sky water amazing mean water comes out from springs. You got water from rivers, lakes, right seas oceans, but water is also coming down on us from the sky. Amazing and from what from clouds it's not like a lake that's floating in the atmosphere. It's close you don't see the water but it falls down on us one Zola Amina sama Eman for an Betina then we cause to grow fie hat in it meaning in the earth mean couldn't be zodion Karim every noble kind, what is this referring to every noble kind of what? Plant xojo xojo Remember, it means one of a pair right. So which means one other pair,

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literally. And found this the words out is also used for type kind. So for example, one of a pair one is male, the other is female, for instance. So male is a type female is a type it's a category. So Zote means type type of what trees, plants, fruits, so many types of plants, trees, Allah subhanaw taala makes them grow. And this happens when after the rain. But what is the quality of all of these plants? Allah says they are Kadeem gody, What does green mean?

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Noble, noble meaning of high class, you could say. All right, Hi, class. So the plants that grow I mean, if you think about it, even dandelions no matter how much we detest them, but still they've got their own beauty, isn't it? It's amazing how, you know, when you're trying to build them out, your children will be like, Why are you killing those flowers? right for them their flowers, and for you? They're weeds. Because even though they're very annoying, but still, they've got some beauty. Isn't that amazing? Even a thorny shrub? Doesn't it have its own beauty? You know, every plant has some kind of characteristics, even if it's something poisonous. It has some some benefit to it.

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Right? The beauty, the size, the color, the fact that it's purifying the air, whatever it may be Kadeem, high class, Kadeem also means that which is generous. Allah subhanaw taala is Al Karim, meaning the one who is very generous. So plants are described as generous. How are they generous? Amazing, you put one seed in one seed, and what do you get from it? A plant and from that plant? How many more seeds do you get? So many more? I mean, look at one strawberry plant. How many strawberries would it produce? And those strawberries also, every strawberry has how many seeds? So many? Isn't it? So zodion Kadeem, it's amazing. So what do you expect from the holiday of these

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plants then, if the plans that he has created are so generous, that they give you so much more? What do you expect from the creator of these plants? If you do something for him? What do you expect from him in return them? What am Betina fee her mean? coolies origin Kareem had Hello cola. This is the creation of Allah, meaning all that you see and what is mentioned in the previous ayah from the sky to the mountains to the rain, to the plants. This is the creation of Allah meaning whatever you see has been created by Allah alone for a Rooney then you show me Mother What is that which Hanukkah he has created? Who a Lavina min Dooney those besides Him, meaning those

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that you worship besides Allah tell me what is it that they have made? Tell me what is it that they have created? Nothing at all because everything is Allah's creation Bell rather of Lolly Munna the wrongdoers feel Bala Alamo been in clear error. Their error is manifest. It's evident that what is it that they're worshiping something that has not even created a single object. In fact itself it is created. They are in clear error in surah. Raja is 16 Allah says I'm Jonathan Aleisha, aka Hanako, Kalki for the shadow Hill Hulk warlingham Cooley Law who Holly Co Co Lishui say Allah is the Creator of everything. Well, who will work for her? He is the one the prevailing HIS WILL prevails. So the

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reality is that those that are worshipped besides Allah, they have created nothing. And when they have created nothing, then they don't deserve any worship. They're not worthy of it.

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They don't deserve to be followed. Who is it that deserves to be obeyed? Who deserves to be worshipped the creator, the maker, the owner, the nor he deserves it. So the guidance that he has sent the Quran follow it for your own benefit because it is from who from the one who has made you from the one who knows you recitation

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Subhanak. Allah will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta stuffing kava to the lake a Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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