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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "ver interior" in Islam, with "imbar de" and "imbar de" signs representing commitment to something and breaking a covenant. They also touch on the importance of maintaining relationships and avoiding "immediate," "immediate," and "immediate," to avoid "immediate." The speakers emphasize the need for good relationships and maintaining family friendships to avoid losing connections.
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One blood feed 300 eggs. It can travel 14 miles just to get blood. It can sense the capillary events even through the skin. Because you wonder sometimes I'm all covered, or I think I'm all covered. It's dark. How did the mosquito get here? And how could it possibly bite me here? Isn't it amazing? So who has given this ability to sense to the mosquito? its creator, Allah soprano, Darla, what I want you to realize from this example, from this description from this presentation is that nothing at all that Allah soprano Darla has mentioned in the Quran, or created is useless.

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It's amazing. If you reflect if you think about it, even a little, if you do even a little bit of research about it, you will be amazed you'll be surprised you'll be shocked.

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And this is something that we must realize because this is the miraculous nature of the Quran. And this is what develops your teen. This is what develops love in our hearts for the Quran. So nothing at all that Allah has mentioned and nothing adult that Allah has created as useless. Thus we must pay heed to every command and everything that Allah has mentioned.

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Okay, are the belay Michigander? rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, I had number 27. At the end of the previous verse, we learned that none are led astray by the examples mentioned in the Quran. Except for those who are ferocity except for those people who cross limits. I told you earlier that physics is to cross the limit to cross the boundaries. And there are two types of fisc. One is fiscal taqwa. And the other is Fisk, US law. Major fist is to cross the boundaries of Islam so that a person does not remain a Muslim anymore. He's not a believer. And the minor fist is that a person is a believer, but he crosses the limits which make him a disobedient person but not necessarily a

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disbeliever. So over here, another facet pain Who is this referring to? it's referring to mainly those who are disbelievers. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala says, What Amala Dena cafaro those who disbelieve, they say mother or the law, ob had Emma Farah, and they're the ones who are misguided. They're the ones who don't find guidance from the Quran. And who are they? What is their reality? That the cross limits? What are the limits that are Lost Planet Allah has said for us that we are human beings, that we surrender to Allah that we accept what he has said, not that we start objecting what he has said, not so that we start mocking at what he has said, so fast to clean. Why

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are they called fast, clean, because they do not surrender rather they object they don't accept rather than criticize. This is why they're described as passive pain. And when a person crosses his limits with regards to a loss of personal data, he overstepped the bounds so instead of respecting Allah, He disrespects Allah, instead of accepting what he has said he objects and what he has said, then this person also crosses the limits with regards to the rights of people. This is why Allah subhanaw taala describes the Philippine as First of all, and levena en cada una de la de mimbar de Missa tee, those who break the covenant of Allah after binding it secondly, way up with our own Emma

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Emma love will be a useful and they cut what Allah has commanded should be joined. And thirdly, why you've seen a fill up and they create mischief in the land. These are the characteristics of who faceting you see how when a person crosses the limits with respect to the rights of a lot you will also do the same with respect to the rights of people. So the first characteristic and Medina young colonna, young Kaduna is from the root letters known of both knocked and knocked is to break or destroy something after making it firm. To break something destroy something after making it firm. Like for example, you tie a knot or for example, a person knits a sweater. So what is that you break

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that tie you open it up, or for example, the sweater has been knitted and you unravel the entire yarn, all of the threads. So something that was consolidated together, something that was bound together something that was made firm, knocked is to open it up, destroy, weaken it. And this is why the word knuckle is also used for breaking a promise breaking a covenant to nullify a covenant something that was consolidated something that was contracted, you made a contract, you break it You violated This is what not. So what do they break, they break the law he the covenant of honor

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law, the word are this from the root letters I've had. And this used for a pact, a commitment, a pledge, a promise that has to be looked after that a person has to pay attention to and he has to keep it, he has to abide by it. So they break the covenant of Allah. When mimbar D after Missa tee, it's binding me Zack is from the root letter as well. So cough whatever, what is to make something firm and what's up is such a rope or chain with with something is tied tightly imagine a rope or a chain with with something you tie very tightly, this is what without is and Misa is used for a covenant, a pact and agreement that is not ordinary, but that which has been made very firm. For

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example, one is that you say to me, okay, I will work for you. You give me your word. Is this a promise? If you say to another person, okay, I will work for you. You give them your word? Is it a promise? Yes, it is. But if you sign a contract, it's an official legal document in which there's an agreement that you will work for such and such amount of time and you will do certain work and you will be paid a certain amount of money. And at the end, you sign it and your boss also signs it is that an official document? Has the promise been made firm? Yes, it has been made firm. This is what it is. Similarly, another example could be that a person makes a promise. He says yes, I will come.

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And the other is that he says yes will law he I will come will law he I will do this. He's swearing by Allah. So when he swears by Allah, is he making that promise very firm? Yes. So Misa is not an ordinary covenant. It's not an ordinary promise. It's that which has been made very firm. So mimbar de Missa tee, they made a covenant with Allah, and they made it very firm how that they swore by Allah that they were definitely going to fulfill it. But yet they violated it. Yet they broke that promise, they did not abide by it. The question is, which promises this? Which covenant is this that Allah subhanaw taala is referring to? Some have said that it's referring to the promise, the

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covenant of believing in the messenger and following him and helping him when he comes. Because when a messenger of Allah comes to a people, it is mandatory on them, it is obligatory on them that they must believe in him. They must accept Him, they must support him. This is an obligation on the people and this is a pact that Allah subhanaw taala took with every previous nation. For example, we don't insert them into Ayah 12 that one or the other law homie, sacrimoni Islam, that certainly Allah took a covenant from the children of Israel who are the children of Israel, are you familiar with them inshallah you will learn more about them, but just to make it easy for you, that your hood

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and remember that before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came the Yahood and the Masada, the Jews and the Christians, they were the believers of their time. Why? Because they believed in the messenger that had come to them. So Allah subhanaw taala took a promise from them in India we learn that momentum bureau slowly that you will definitely believe in my messengers. So it was a covenant that they had made that when Muhammad SAW a lot of sudden will come they will definitely believe in him. But did they believe in Him? Did they accept him? Did they help him? No, they did not. So disbelieving in the messenger, in other words, is what? Breaking the covenant with Allah breaking

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the promise with Allah.

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So under the Nyan Kaduna de la he mimbar de Missa tee. Secondly, it has also been said this covenant is referring to the covenant that every single person has made with Allah, before even he came to this world. And it's referring to the author of Allah, that we learn in total our life I am number 172, that before our last panel data sent people into this world, when other medicine was created, all of the souls of every single human being every single soul was brought into existence. And Allah subhanaw taala questioned that, Am I not your Lord? And everyone said that, yes, of course, Allah You are our Lord. Every single person made that covenant with Allah, that You are our Lord, and we

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will worship number two. So when a person comes into this world, and he does not worship Allah, He denies Allah He rejects Allah. Is it fulfilling the promise or is he breaking it? He's breaking it. So Young, Kaduna de la, in other words, is who those who disbelieve in Allah and disbelieve in his messengers.

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Alina and Kaduna de la him and Bertie, Misa de secondly, were Kota owner and they cut off for rain Katara Katara is to cut something to sever something. So they cut off. What do they cut off? My that which Mr. Allahu Allah has commanded Amara from the letters Hamza mean, or Elif mean, have you heard of the word um, I told you Ferran.

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And what does that mean? A command and imperative. So they cut off what Allah has commanded. Amara la who be with it, and that use Allah, it should be joined use Allah is from the ruler as well. So lamb was Allah, and wasana is to join one thing with the other, to connect one thing with the other, do things for separate, they were disconnected, you join them together, when you've joined them together, they have as though become one thing. For example, you have a sticker, and you have a piece of paper, you put the sticker on the paper, have you joined the two? Yes. Similarly, you have a rope and you have a box, you take the rope and you tie the box with it, you wrap it around the

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box, have you joined the rope with the box? Yes, you have. This is what wasana is. So in other words, they cut off what Allah has commanded that it must be joined that it must be connected together.

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What is it that Allah has commanded us that we must join it, we must connect it together, we must not break it. First of all, dies of kinship blood ties. Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us that we must maintain our relationships with our relatives that we cannot cut off from our relatives. For example, a brother, sister, sister, I don't know you get out of my life. I don't want to ever see you again. Because he's very upset because of what she did. So what happens then they don't meet each other. They don't speak to one another. They don't go anywhere where the other is present. And when they get married, when they have their children, they don't tell their children about who their

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uncle is who their aunt is. Children have no idea. This is what cutting off relationship with relatives. Allah Subhana Allah has forbidden us from doing that. The faceting what do they do? They break ties of kinship. They break the blood ties that Allah subhanaw taala has created. Similarly, what else has Allah commanded us to join? When Allah gives us a command, any command any instruction, whether it is to pray, or it is to be good to others, any command that Allah has given to us? Is it that He has given it to us so that we ignore it or that we follow it? Why did Allah give us that command? So that we follow it? And following it means joining it metaphorically? Not

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literally, but metaphorically. So Allah has commanded that every instruction that He has given we must abide by we must follow it. But those who disregard the commands of Allah, those who disobey Allah, what are they doing, cutting what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded must be joined. In other words, they are disobedient to Allah yocto onomah Amara la hubbie, a useful third characteristic, what you've seen on a film out and they create mischief in the earth. They create disorder, they spread corruption in the earth that Allah subhanaw taala has created. There's a lot like facade? No, Allah tells us explicitly in the Quran that he does not like facade. So a person when he does

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facade, what is he doing, Fiske, he's getting out of the bounds of the last panel Tara has set for him.

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Now the question is, what is facade? facade is corruption disorder? What are the two types of facade? The first type of facade is to create disorder in the earth itself, the physical Earth, like for example, pollution, destroying buildings, bombing places, killing people, this is what facade is the other type of sadness photography, of amongst the dwellers of the earth, like for example, lying, cheating, backbiting. So, the first thing, what do they do? They create facade in the earth. And I told you earlier that facade is done by disobeying,

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any act of disobedience. What is it facade, it's going to lead to disorder. When you backbite someone when you cheat someone when an innocent person is killed. So when you've seen a film of meaning, they're busy disobeying Allah, causing disorder, havoc on Earth, harming other people, no person to say from them, what do we learn from the Hadees that almost

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sliman Salima Muslim una melissani, where the heat the Muslim is the one from whose Tongan hands, other Muslims are safe. But these people, what do they? Do? they harm other people? Well, you've seen a film of Allah says Allah ecohome al Hassan, such people, what are they? Hassan, Hassan is the plural of courses from the letters has seen ra kasan. And Hassan is to loser to be a loser, it is to not gain profit. When a person does any action, does he do it in order to gain some benefit out of it? For example, you eat something Why are you eating just for the sake of eating? Either to get pleasure or to get energy or to satisfy your hunger? any action that we do? It's always for a

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reason. It's always in order to get some benefit. That benefit is the game. So there are hos your own, meaning they get nothing out of what they do no benefit. Instead, what do they gain? Only punishment? no reward. So Allah a common classroom, they're great losers. Why are they losers? Because they will not get the reward. One person is obedient and other person is disobedient are both equal? No, the one who's obedient isn't going to get something. Yes, he's going to get reward and the one who's disobedient isn't going to get reward. No, he's not going to get reward. So Isn't he a loser? Yes, one person is equal studies for his test and gets good marks. The other is He who

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does not bother to study? Will he get good marks? No, he's a loser. One person game, the other person was a loser. So it will Erica who will hurt you? They're losers. Why? Because they will not get reward, they will not get any benefit. What do we learn from this verse? The first characteristic is off disobeying Allah, not worshiping Allah, not being obedient to Allah, rather being disobedient to Allah. So anytime, a person falls short, in doing what is obligatory, like for example, Salah, he does not perform Salah or a person does what Allah has forbidden, then who is he? A fasciae.

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He is a facet because he is not doing what Allah has commanded him and he is doing what Allah has forbidden him. He's a facet. That's the first quality of the pesapane.

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Another thing that we learned from this is that the characteristic of the VersaFine is that they cut off what Allah has commanded, that it should be joined. And at the top of the list is what relatives, Blood Ties ties of kinship. We learned from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that leja the whole Janata Party does a decent Buhari,

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a person who cuts off his blood ties with his relatives. Such a person will not enter Paradise. Forget about all the good deeds he's done. Forget about the hedge that he went to forget about anything good he did. He cut off ties with his relatives. He is not not entering paradise.

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Is that scary? Is that worrisome? It is. You see problems with relatives? Is it something normal? Do you get into arguments with your brothers and sisters? Has it ever happened that perhaps your aunt or your uncle said something to you that you hated that you did not like? And because of that every time you see them? You're haunted by what they said. You disliked them. Perhaps something that your grandparents did, perhaps something that your father did, perhaps something that your cousin did, perhaps something that any relative of yours did? Does that happen? It happens. having problems with relatives is something that is normal. However, cutting off ties with the relatives, that is not

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normal. That is not acceptable. That is a deed that wastes the good deeds of a person that leads them to hellfire. This is something very, very serious layer the whole agenda.

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But we see that people have many excuses, many justifications for cutting off ties with the relatives. Oh, they're so bad. She said this to me, my aunt, she's so horrible with me. My grandparents did this to me and my mother. They have been so evil than ever gave us our share of inheritance. They never do this. They never do that we have a list of complaints. And perhaps they are right. Perhaps they are justified.

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But still we see no matter what our relatives who it is not permissible for us that we got off our ties with them. We learned that a smattering of ibaka who was she? The daughter of Rebecca Darren who the sister of Ra shuttle did arnhold the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, her mother was a Muslim. She was a mystic woman and she did not do his route to Medina, either when people migrated from Mecca to Medina. Abu Bakr Rhonda was in Makkah

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He came to Medina, a smolen, who came to Medina but as more of the land has mother, she remained a mystic. She stayed in Makkah, she did not immigrate to Medina. However, once she came to Medina to visit her daughter, so she went to the prophet SAW the Lotus and she said, My mother is coming. Should I let her in? Should I meet her?

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Should I speak with her? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said yes, slowly, it will murky. Join relations with your mother, meaning don't cut off from her. Even if your relative is a non Muslim, you are not allowed to cut off ties with them. Can you imagine? If a person associates partners with Allah rejects, Allah does not give the hug of Allah, still you are not allowed to cut off ties with them, then how do you think that we can cut off ties with them just because they said something harsh to us? Just because they did not invite us over? Just because they did not give us a gift? Just because they didn't show up at your wedding? Is that really a great crime compared to

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associating partners with a law? Is it? No, the hack of a law is always greater than the hack of people? Still, unless us maintain ties with them? to us? muraleedharan, who was given that advice, but the Prophet sallallahu wasallam? Why do you think it is necessary to maintain ties with your relatives? Why is it such a big deal? If we don't know we're not going to do it? We have to know the reason we have to know the benefit. What's the benefit? What do you think?

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Because Allah has made that relationship between us and them. It was the decision of who? Allah subhanaw taala who chooses their parents, who chooses their siblings, who chooses their cousins, who chooses their aunts and uncles? Nobody does that. Who makes this decision for us? A loss of Paradise alone, and we have no choice with regards to it.

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We learned earlier that a facet was he who objects at the statements of Allah, mother or the law, he had a Matata and if asik is also the one who does not accept the decision of Allah.

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Why else do you think it's necessary for us to maintain ties our relatives, it's a highly rewardable act. It's a deed that brings a lot of reward. I'll tell you how these prophets are allowed, as Adam said, Whoever wants more wealth, and whoever wants to live longer than he should keep good relations with his kith and kin.

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more wealth, more life, who doesn't want that? Everybody wants that it's a higher rewardable do.

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We learn from other hobbies in which the Prophet said a lot of them said that the word alarm alarm is used for the womb in Arabic language. So alarm derives its name from a man

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or a man. So whoever keeps good relations with it, then Allah will keep good relations with him. You want to have a good relationship with your Lord, you want that if you are in a difficulty, Allah should always help you.

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If you want good relationship with your Lord, what do you need to do? Keep good relationship with who your relatives and whoever will cut off his blood ties than Allah will sever his relations with him. A person who cuts off from his relatives, Allah will cut off from him.

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If a person can tolerate his closest family members, his patience level, his tolerance level isn't going to go higher. Imagine your siblings, you know them, you live with them. Or even if you don't like them, Do you not have to call them every now and then? Yes, but every time they say something hurtful, every time they annoy you and you are patient isn't going to increase your patience level? Yes, it will. So if you can bear them, can you not bear other people? Yes, you can. But if you cannot tolerate them, can you tolerate other people, you cannot tolerate them. And if you cannot tolerate your family members, you cannot tolerate the people in this world, then what would this

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lead to people harming other people all the time. And this is exactly what's going on. People don't have any respect for humanity. People don't have any respect for human beings, that it leads to many, many wrong things. That cutting off ties with your relatives may lead to many other problems as well many other sins as well.

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Like for example, if a person cuts off ties with his brother, he's not going to talk to him. Is he going to talk bad about him? Yes.

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It's going to lead to Heba. Perhaps it's going to lead to accusing them of something that they never committed because you have to make them seem very evil.

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So many times people have come up with their own stories, and it's all false. Isn't it leads to line.

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For example, children are told no, you don't have any uncles or aunts whereas in reality they do. Isn't that a big lie?

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Isn't that depriving children of who their relatives are? Yes. So it leads to many other things. So we see that maintaining ties with relatives is important because A, it keeps us human. B, it makes us more tolerant. See, it's a source of great reward. D, it leads to many good deeds. This is why it's essential that we must maintain ties with our relatives, we must not cut off from them, we must have a big heart.

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If you think about it, there's no family that can claim we have no family problems. Every person, or at least every family has some problem. Like, for example, two cousins got married, they got divorced. And now the whole family is cut off.

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What are some of the reasons why people cut off ties with their relatives, okay, they had a family business, they wanted the son to work with them, he decides not to work with them. Instead, he wants to do something else. And that said, He's caught off. He's told you will not get any inheritance, you will not get anything from this business, you have no share in it cut off, just because he made an independent decision, which he has a right to do.

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Okay, distribution of inheritance or wealth amongst the children, which causes them to cut off from one another unfair distribution. Yes, for example, a man decides he's going to marry a particular woman. And the parents say if you marry her, you don't know us. A girl decides to marry a man. The parents say if you marry him, we don't know you, you know, forget me. Think of me as dead. People say such emotional statements, isn't it. But these are very big statements that can have great consequences, the profits or losses and said layer the whole agenda, their own layer, the whole agenda, their own This is something very, very serious. So the faster cleaner who those who cut off

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ties with their relatives.

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Now one is to cut off ties with them, and the other is maintaining ties with them. Is there a difference? Yes, cutting off ties means I don't know you, you don't know me maintaining ties as what? That because they're your relatives, you meet them every so often, you speak them every so often, when you go visit them, you take something for them, you give a gift to them, when you visit them. This is what maintaining ties with relatives is that important. That is also important. Why? Because we human beings need one another. We can not live independently, we cannot live alone, because we go through times of happiness and grief. And at these times, we need the support of other

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people, especially that of our close relatives. So that is also essential. Right. And that is what keeps human beings human. That is what creates love and affection for other people in our hearts. So it's very important that if you have relatives living around you in this city in this country, visit them, meet them, talk to them. And if they're not in this country there abroad, then still make the effort to talk to them every so often, or at least visit them every so often. Whatever is possible. Now one problem. A person might say, I try to be good with my relatives, but they're so evil with me. This is why I hate them.

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Have you heard such words? Yes. They're so mean to me. I gave them a gift. They never gave me a gift. I visit them every two years. They never visit me. I go and stay with them. They never come and stay with me. I invite them over for meals and they never come.

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They never invite me. I send gifts for their children. They don't even know the names of my children. Is that possible? Yes, it is possible. So is it justified in this case to cut off ties with them? Or to not maintain relationships with them? Is it but if you meet them, you're going to be hurt. Then why is it justified?

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that unwisely. Lastly, I'm paraphrasing the Hadith, Allah, meaning the one who joins relation is not the one who maintains good ties with his relatives, that if they're good to him, he's good to them. But rather unwisely is the one who when his relatives cut off from him, he joins his ties with them.

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That those who are mean to you, you are good to them, those who cut off from you, you join with them. This is what we are commanded to do.

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And this is our hobbies which is in Sahih Bukhari

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and other Hadees tells us that a man came to the Prophet sort of artists lm and he said that I have relatives with whom I tried have close relationship but this ever this relation. I tried to meet them. I tried to be good with them, but they always cut off for me. It's like, I try to take the initiative, but they always ignore me. They always keep a distance from me. You know, I try to talk to them, but they're so cold. I try to talk to them, but they don't, you know, have a conversation with me. I treat them well, but they

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Treat me ill, I am good to them, but there are harsh towards me to the profit side of autism said, if it is so as you say, then you in fact throw hot ashes. You know, basically you're the winner. And there would always remain with you on behalf of Allah and angel to support you. There would always remain with you on behalf of Allah some support against them, who would keep you dominant over them so long as you adhere to this path of righteousness. So as long as you do this allows help will always be with you.

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This is why it's worth it. Do you all know about the names of your uncles and aunts, their children, your cousins, you know, I'll give you a homework, actually want this to be followed up in groups. And if possible, inshallah we'll try to assign marks to this, to make sure every single one of you do it. Make a family tree, if you have children, make a family tree with your children. If you have siblings, get them involved, as well know who your relatives are.

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How far back? Obviously, the extended family can be huge, right? I mean, you can have grandparents or great grandparents, but at least your parents, their parents, their children, so your brothers and sisters, their children, your uncles and aunts, their spouses, their children, at least this much. And if you do have other relatives who are alive, even if they're very distant, and you know them, you are terms with them, meaning you meet one another every now and then. So children should also know how you are related with them. For example, a distant aunt children have no idea who this district art is, they should know who she is your grandmother's cousin, for example. So make sure

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you do this in Sharla.

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Okay, the question is that what if you got in a fight with your friend? And so you don't talk to them? Is that also wrong? Yes, it is wrong. Because my I'm not alone would be unusual. Allah has not just told us to maintain ties with our relatives, but he has also created a bond of brotherhood sisterhood between believers. We are supposed to maintain friendship with our brothers and sisters in Islam. Which is why we say that if a person ends up in a fight with another believer and does not speak to them, he's not allowed to not speak to them for more than three days.

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Your fight cannot go beyond three days. Okay? Remember, there are different levels of friendship. Someone is a best buddy with you. And other is not that close with you. But doesn't mean that when they pass by you, you don't look at them. When you see them. You don't say Salaam to them? No, you should. We have to maintain the style.

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So yeah, Corona amatola would be a use on what's the next attribute that they create facade in the earth? If you think about it, facade will have this is a result of what breaking promise with Allah, disobeying Allah and sovereign bonds of kinship. It leads to facade fill up such people What are they? losers? They think that they're winners, but in reality, what are the losers