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Al-Mujadilah 1-22 Tafsir 20-22


AI: Summary © The history of Islam has changed over time, including struggles with injuries and struggles with people. It emphasizes the importance of obeying His commandments and leaving one's company to become a good partner. The complexities of human relationships and the need for people to show their support for Islam are also discussed, including the importance of showing support for one's brother in public and showing one's sincerity. The history of Islam has also seen struggles with success and a need for people to show their support.
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Then Allah says in alladhina, you had done a lot of Allah Sula, who, indeed those people who oppose Allah and His Messenger, those people who oppose a line His Messenger you had done remember the meaning of you had done it, to oppose to keep enmity, right. So those who keep enmity with who Allah and His Messenger so they don't obey Allah and His Messenger rather than oppose them, they oppose the religion owner ecofin other lien those are amongst the most humiliated

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Allah He can such people will be filled other lane other lane is a Florida adult who is adult

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This is Adele from the lead who is the lead one who is very low and then lead most flow there is none who is lower than him most despicable, most humiliated

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so those who oppose aligners messenger una ecofin other lien How are they utterly in this dunya and in the

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in this dunya they are defeated in the Hereafter, they are humiliated. We learned in sort of Toba is 63 and Amir Allahu Allah who may you had to delay our solo for Angela who narrow Johanna Hari than fee her there is your Aleem, do they not know that whoever opposes online is messenger, that for him is a fire of hell, wherein he will abide eternally. That is a greatest disgrace.

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The biggest disgrace a person can suffer from what

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entering into Hellfire so that you can filter the lien in total and file a 13 Wheeler, woman you shall quickly let hawala Sula who for in the law has shadowed or called whoever opposes align His Messenger. Indeed Allah is severe in penalty, kata Bala who Allah has written, what does it mean by this that he has ordained? This is a rule this is something that is fixed. This is something that is determined. This is something that is destined, it's written in the preserve tablet. Khattab, Allahu Allah has written what lieben surely I will definitely prevail, of lieben Alain lamba Allah but what does that mean to overpower the other,

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to defeat the other?

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Whether in the physical sense, in the tangible sense or in the intangible sense in the tangible sense? What does it mean by caliber, that you defeated the other, so, you have the upper hand

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and in the intangible sense, that you are right and the other is wrong?

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You understand that you are right, you have the truth and the other is wrong, he does not have the truth, you have proven him false. So, there are two ways of Alba One is through Cova through physical power, physical, physical strength, and the other is through her argument, evidence. So Cutolo, Allah has decreed that only when I will definitely overcome I will definitely conquer Who am I meeting Allah, what Rosalie and my messengers,

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that this is a promise of Allah, that Allah and His messengers, they will be victorious. Against to, against those who oppose them, those who keep enmity against them, those who disobey them,

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those who disregard what they have commanded. So if anyone opposes align His Messenger, what is his result? humiliation failure, in this dunya and in the end, when a person obeys a line His Messenger then what is his result?

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victory, success.

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Honor, in this dunya and in the,

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in the law, Korean Aziz, Indeed, Allah is powerful, and he is mighty exalted in mind, meaning he is all able to become victorious, none can defeat him. He's all able to grant victory to his messengers, none can defeat them. And we have seen this. What happened to the people of new heights and when they oppose their messenger, they were drowned out of them. The people of new artists and they were picked up and thrown back finished. The people of Abraham are so when they oppose your messenger, Allah subhanaw taala, granted victory to him. Every single messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam from the first messenger to the last, when he was opposed, who was victorious at the end, it

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was the Messenger of Allah. It was not those who oppose them.

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You see them when I first seen what was their problem, they were enemies from within.

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This is what a hypocrite is. He tries to harm you from

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Within that he claims that he is one of you. But in fact he's not one of you.

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So over here, they're being seriously warned, that you keep any enmity against the Messenger of Allah you show any enmity you will be defeated because Khattab, Allahu Allah and even enter what was really in the luckily and Aziz. So man's success lies in what obeying Allah and His Messenger not in disobeying a Lynas messenger intro to soft fat Iowan 71 to 173. We learned when I called the server called kalama to Nadia abedeen l mursaleen. In whom the human monsoon was in June Donna lahoma hollobone our word has already proceeded for our servants, which servants the messengers, what word that indeed they would be those given victory, and that indeed our soldiers will be those who

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in certain Nyssa is 74 Wheeler and will menu cartel fee civilian there he for Yokota Oja lip for self annuity as a Lima, that a believer, he's always in a win win situation.

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Always that a person who goes out in the wave of MMA fights in the way of Allah. If he is killed, he's given a lot of reward.

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And if he is victorious, Allah will give him reward. Then insert lafa 51 we learn in Al anon surah Solana Valentina Amano, Phil hayata dunya that Allah has made this promise that indeed, we will support our messengers, and those who believed during the life of this world. And not just in the light of this world, but we only had and on the day when the witnesses will stand even in that day alone will help.

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Allah will help Ooh, his messengers and those who believe.

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Elan larina

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Tony on.

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we see, as we learned last night of the soul as well, that a person has been given two choices, either you should become a Hezbollah or he should become his brush upon. How does a person become their Hezbollah? by obeying Allah by obeying His messenger? By giving preference to Allah?

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By making Allah His Deen the highest priority by being sincere to the dean by having all of one's loyalties with the dean, and how does a person become husband champon by obeying children, by disobeying of law disobeying them as

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center being hypocritical, this is what leads to a person becoming has pushed upon.

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And if a person is of their his wishes on meaning, he feels associaton has completely overpowered him because of the mistakes that he has been making because of the sins that he has been committing, then what is the solution?

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break away from that group. Because your company is what controls you, isn't it?

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Your company is what influences you to fight for his what is needed his

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isn't it? So, to leave his bishop on to become of Hezbollah, a person needs to leave that company

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and have good company.

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Because what does Chevron do for Ansel who the koala so you have to be with those people who will remind you of the vicar of Allah.

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That Allah says lethargy, do calm and you will never find a people. You know, in a villa he will Yeoman acid, who believe in Allah and the Last Day

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you will never find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day that they are us dooner, Manhattan De La Hoya Sula, who, that they have affection for those who oppose Allah and His messenger.

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It's never possible for a believer to have affection you were Duna. For who, for those who oppose Allah and His messenger.

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You have enmity for who?

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For your friends, enemy, your enemy. Correct. If someone is your friends and to me that means they are your enemy. If someone is your parents enemy, that means they are your enemy, they're not going to spare you either.

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So similarly, a believer, he will never have affection for who those who oppose a line is messenger.

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Because the one who opposes a line is messenger, he hits a line is messenger. So believer can never like such a person.

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He can never ever befriend him.

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He can never have affection for him. And notice the word you are doing. It's from wild elderwood

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word. Remember there are different levels of relationships, right? What is when two people love one another, they're sincere to one another. They're loyal to each other. They have deep friendship. They listen to each other. So a person who has emailed and align His messenger will never befriend one who opposes aligners messenger.

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This can never happen.

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When Oh, can you have a home opener a home? Oh, it one home. Even if they are their own father's, their own children and their own brothers. It's not possible

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that the other person who is your own father, your son, your brother, he hates Allah, He hates his messenger. And you befriend him, you listen to him? No way.

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It's not possible. There's something that doesn't fit a believer.

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A believer his priority is who? Allah and His messenger.

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So if his own father is even opposing Allah, He will not show any affection to his father.

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If his own son is opposing Alliance, messenger, he will not show any affection for his son.

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If his own brother is showing enmity to Allah and His Messenger, he will not show any affection to his brother. Why? Because all of his loyalties are With who? Allah and His messenger. He is sincere to them.

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Remember that in the Arab society?

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What was the practice tribalism, right? And being very, very loyal and sincere with your tribe, with your tribesmen with your family members, that even if they are wrong, you support them.

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Even if they've done something wrong, you support them. But we see that when Islam came

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then what happened? Islam taught people that you support what the truth

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right? you support the truth, even if it's against yourself, even if it's against your family.

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You cannot love your brother, your family when they are on falsehood.

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Because if a person does not give preference to the truth,

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then what will happen?

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What does that show first?

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But he doesn't really believe in it, isn't it?

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And as a result what will happen? chaos? injustice. So over here Allah says that it's not possible that those who believe in a lion is messenger. They have a friend whom and had the law Sula, who wallow Can we have a home webinar? Or what why no, oh are Sheila home? What is our Sheila

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your clan, your close relatives, your near relatives, even those near relatives a person will not love a person will not show affection to the person will not listen when they oppose Allah and His messenger. This is why we see that Abu Zubaydah Allah who,

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when he went to the Battle of others, and his own father was on the other side fighting against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. What did he do? He actually killed his own father.

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Because his father came fighting against the Messenger of Allah.

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Abu Zubaydah over there didn't say, Oh, he's my father, what can I do? I have to listen to him. I have to let him fight the messenger. I have to let him fight and destroy Islam. No. His own father came against the religion of Allah, He stood up against him and he actually killed him. It was in the battlefield.

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Similarly, we see a banal, homophobic huddled in Iran, who he intended to kill his son, who have the right man during the Battle of weather as well. Because after a while, later on, he said that, you know, many times, I had the opportunity to kill you or my father, but I didn't.

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He said this tobacco don't look at all that and said, If I had the opportunity to do that, I would have killed you. I would have because when a person comes face to face with another, who is opposing a lenders messenger and he cannot look at that person, what does he have to look at him as the enemy of the line as messenger?

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Then we see one of them was either going to remain open or knew he killed his own brother obey had been or may have during the Battle of brother as well.

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Why? Because his brother came fighting against Allah and His messenger.

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This is the real test.

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This is the test of Eman

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that Who are your loyalties with with a Lynas messenger or with someone else. Or Sheila to whom we see that or model denying who he killed several of his relatives during the Battle of butter, because he had to

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because they were coming against a line His Messenger arlena Naren, who obeyed, even had his and other relatives, they killed their close relatives as well.

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If you think about the Battle of birth,

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on the Muslim side, many people were who the mo hygiene. And on the other side, the machine who were they, they were their own relatives.

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They were their own relatives because they had come from MCI it was their own tribesmen, their own cousins, their own uncle their own father's their own brothers.

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But when they're coming fighting as the line is messenger, then you cannot defend them.

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You cannot defend them. You cannot have any loyalties for them. Your loyalties go for who Allah and His messenger.

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We learned from a hadith men have been in law he will ever hold on to law he will outline the law he will literally lay for the Stockman

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who has completed and perfected even the one who loves for the sake of Allah, the One who even hates for the sake of Allah.

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Loving someone for the sake of Allah and hating someone for the sake of Allah, that you hate them not because of personal reason.

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You hate them because they hate Allah.

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You hate them because they oppose the religion of Allah. And when they will do that you don't show any affection to them.

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The one who gives for the sake of Allah, the One who keeps meaning with hold for the sake of Allah, such a person has perfected his email.

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Over boca de la knew he was a part of his villa. And his son gave us a part of his boo shavon. Right. So who was protected? Who didn't? Who was protected?

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So what does it show? That when a person is a part of Hezbollah than allowed so protects him?

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Such people Allah says Allah aka Cata eukanuba human a man. For such people Allah has decreed within their hearts he man

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gotta feel calobra human a man in their art supplies written a man doesn't mean literally it's written there. No, it means that Allah has ordained a man for them that such people. They truly have a man. They have passed the test of a man. They have shown their sincerity. They have proven their sincerity.

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Hola Chica kata Buffy Kuru Bhima Eman. Just imagine their Eman is acceptable. Their eemaan is acceptable.

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They have passed that test with a young bureau Jimin who, and he has helped them he has supported them with spirit from him. Which is this angel. Do you believe

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that for such people, there's also the assistance of Allah, that Allah also helps them.

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And if you think about it, in so many battles against the machine,

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what happened? Allah subhanaw taala sent down angels is an utter. So such people who are sincere loyal to Allah, that they will not even give preference to their own family members above Allah, that Allah also helps them

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a lot also assists them with a yet a homebrew hangman Who were you to hate him and he will admit them into Jeanette in 30 min tactical and how into gardens beneath which rivers flow, Holly Dena Fie her abiding there in eternally, lovely Allahu unknown. Allah is happy with them.

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Allah is pleased with them. Why is he happy with them? Because of their sincerity? What I'll do and hope and they will also be happy with him. Why are they happy with him? How come they're satisfied with them? They have had to leave their families. They've had to oppose their families. Why are they happy with Allah? Because of the reward that Allah has given them?

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Well do I know who Allah aka Hezbollah, those are the his of Allah, those are the party of Allah, the group of Allah and in the Hezbollah, unquestionably the Hezbollah human mafia who they are the successful ones, not other than them not Other than that, it's only they who are successful, the Hezbollah shavon never successful Hezbollah successful

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See, when a person becomes a Muslim, when a person becomes serious about his religion, then he faces opposition, isn't it sometimes from his closest family members,

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when a person becomes serious about his religion as well he wants to become more practicing sometimes its own family members who are opposing correct. So there is the test that do you give up what you started just for the sake of your family or will you prefer a Lynas messenger

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those who give up a law calls and what has boosh Anton and those who stay firm being loyal to a line is messenger a localism, Hezbollah, when a person becomes the husband shed on giving up the religion, compromising, leaving one thing after the other than the end is failure. And when a person remains firm, yes, it will be difficult, very difficult, very challenging, very heartbreaking. Extremely difficult. But look at the end result. And in the Hezbollah, he will move on. They are successful in this dunya and in the US. So whenever there's a conflict, that you are in a dilemma, you don't know should you be this person. Who is your family member? Who is your very close person,

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or should you be alone His messenger?

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What should the believers may be that he should give preference to who align His Messenger because that is the way to success. It doesn't mean a person becomes rude. It doesn't mean a person completely cuts off from the other. There are other ways that we have been taught as well. But the deen of Allah, that is a priority of the sincere believer.

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The state of the heart of the people is always changing at times. They'll support you

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times they won't support you one time they love you another time they won't love you. If you start pleasing them, you'll never get anywhere. But if your goal your focus becomes the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala then you'll get somewhere and what is that place? Then?

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You see them in Africa. This is a problem that they had. They would always get distracted, swayed by, you know, their family members, their wealth, they're unwell, the hood, the machine all of this. So what does Allah say your wealth children nothing can help you. you disobey for their sick, they cannot protect you.

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So panic alone will be handicapped Ganesha de la ilaha illa Anta the Sufi Luca hora to relate Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh