Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L122E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of words like "naughty," "naughty," and "naughty," in Arabic language. They also mention the meaning of "naughty," and how it refers to a group of people who are not knowledgeable about things. The speakers discuss the use of RSMs and the root of all problems, including parents who do not love their children and do not want to cause harm. They stress the importance of avoiding confusion and mistakes, avoiding "ar passion" and "ar passion," and avoiding "weds" in welding and travel plans.
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Let's continue.

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Look at the canopy use of our equity, certainly in usage and his brothers, there are certain signs for who they say a lien for those who ask meaning in the story of use of an s&m, and his brothers. There are many signs for those people who are asking,

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Who were the brothers of use of it, Sam, as I mentioned to you earlier, that he had 11 brothers. It is said that the eldest amongst them was Reuben, R e, u, bn. And it's felt in the Arabic language as well there. Yeah.

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So in use of him and his brothers, there are many signs for those people who ask, Who are those people who ask

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a silent over here first for the people of Makkah. And it also refers to the Sahaba. As I mentioned to you the two reasons behind the revelation of the surah. The Moroccans they asked to find out if Mohammed salatu salam was really a prophet, the Sahaba, they asked to learn about a story of the people of the past. So Allah subhanaw taala says, before telling us about the story, that don't just read it as amusement, but take a lesson from it. There are many, many lessons in it.

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And I add, has been understood as First of all, many lessons, many, many things to learn many points for reflection, and thought.

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And secondly, I add has also been understood as many proofs of Allah podra of his power of his planning of his wisdom. So I add refers to both lessons as well as science.

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First of all, in this story, there is a clear evidence, a clear sign of who the prophethood of Muhammad totaliser the people of Mecca, they doubted that, and when the surah was revealed, when the story was narrated, it proved that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was really a prophet of Allah.

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Similarly, there are many lessons that were taught to the people that look at how use of Ernest and his brothers treated him unjustly.

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And look at how Allah subhanaw taala protected use of Raisa look at how his brothers tried to harm him, but look at how Allah exalted use of ERISA, he reached such a high post.

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So, in this story are many lessons and each person must reflect upon himself that how am I behaving with other people? Am I accepting them? Am I constantly in denial? How is my behavior towards them?

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Similarly, amongst the other lessons, that are in this little are, for instance, the fact that after every problem, there is a relief after every dark night, there is morning by for example, use of Edison he went through so many difficulties, so many, but eventually there was success.

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And also, it teaches us amongst the many lessons are that behind everything that happens in life, there is a reason you might not see it, but there is always some wisdom behind it. You might think it's very unfair. You might think you've become so unfortunate you're the most unfortunate person on the face of the earth. But there is a wisdom behind it there is a reason behind it.

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Because the kind of situations that use arise Sam goes through each and every situation what is actually a great wisdom of a law behind it

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is called knew when they said lay use surely use of Ursula meaning the brothers of use of artists and um they said that use of what a who and his brother What do they mean by his brother? Vinnie me the full brother of use of Ursula and the others were half so they said that use of and his brother they are a Hubble Illa Urbina, more beloved to our father. I have booked for newsletters have ever heard of love.

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I have booked. What is this? Isn't definitely.

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So I have boo Ella Urbina. He is more beloved to our father.

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Our Father loves them more than he loves us.

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He gives them more preference. Then he gives us his Karuna Yusuf who are who have blue inner abena meaner than us.

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Why not? No and we are meaning the rest of the 10 brothers. We are a spa, a group, a clan, we are in

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Big Band.

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The word Ursula is from the roof actress I inside but we learned human are asleep. A very difficult trying de Silva literally is to what does it mean are some nerves It is used for veins, it is used for muscles, joints, because they connect the body together. So so that is to connect.

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From this the word is used for a band or a small group of strong and powerful men.

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What is it used for

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a group of spall and powerful men, all of those individuals are close friends and supporters of one another. So first of all, they're very strong. Secondly, they're all supporters of one another. And they're a means of strengthening each other. Together, they strengthen one another. They are united. They make plans, they execute them. And emotionally, he said, there is what is used for a group of 10 people, or more.

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How many 10 or more, and some say between 10 and 40.

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Because this number of people, what does it demonstrate strength. And together they're enough to do something.

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So they said we are in Ursula, we are a jamara a group of 10. And we are much stronger, much older compared to use of and his brother because you said and his brother, they were much younger, according to some traditions. Binyamin was still an infant. So they said we are in our sweat and look at our father, he loves them more. We are stronger than them. Much more valuable than that. But still, he loves him more than us in Urbana. Indeed, our Father, levy laleli mubin. He is clearly he is surely in a clear error. He's clearly making a mistake. Belarus, Andrew Tetris bought lambda

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and what that is used for. But remember, Berlin is also used for lack of knowledge for ignorance.

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Like, for example, about the profit sort of all the sudden instead of what do we learn? Well, where's your data? Berlin for Harada, he found you unaware, and he guided you.

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Similarly, the word bullet is also used for losing something. So there are many different meanings of the word bullet

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over here, when they say that he isn't linearly moving. What do they mean?

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That he doesn't know? He doesn't know. He doesn't have any idea about what he's missing out on about the wrong decision that he's making.

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Like children are saying all the time, my parents don't know. They have no idea. They don't know what the trends of society. They don't know what words to use. They don't know about what's in what's out what's new, what's old fashioned. They're completely outdated. They have no idea. Similarly, the brothers of use of brothers and I've said this about their father, who was their father, a prophet of Allah.

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Look at how use of RSM approached his father,

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asking you about the meaning of his dream, saying Yeah, about it. And look at how these brothers, how do they talk about their father? disrespectfully? backbiting, saying bad things about him in public amongst themselves? disrespecting you?

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So the saying that he is in a clear error? And if you look at it, you might say that why did he or Cobra salon give preference to use of and his brother over them? or Why did these children feel like that? Because, as parents, what have we been commanded to do that we must be fair and just between all the children? Isn't it? To the point that if you give a gift to one child, you're supposed to give an equivalent to the other child

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and scholar in the sense that it's to the point that if you smile at one, you're supposed to smile at the other. This is there other that must be done between children.

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But we see that some children, they are naturally more beloved to their parents. Why? Mainly because of two reasons. First of all, because of their good behavior, because of their good behavior because of their good luck. And secondly, because of their physical appearance.

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Like for example, an older child and a younger child,

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an older child, you tell the child do this teenager, why were you? I'm not gonna do it, rolling their eyes turning away pretending that they didn't hear anything. Naturally, the parents are not going to have the same love for that child.

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Do a younger infant, a little infant who looks so much more cute, so much more cute. And all that they have to do is feed the baby, put the baby to sleep, and that's it. And then the baby cries, even the crying is so cute.

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So it's natural, that if a child is more obedient, they listen to you more. They have good behavior, naturally, you will like them more. And use a renaissance had both of these characteristics and

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he was more obedient. He would talk to his father more. He had a better relationship. He had a stronger relationship, he would share things with his father. This is why his father liked him more.

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And secondly, the use of Arsenal was also very beautiful. He was very handsome.

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So it wasn't that yaku Bredesen was unjust, unfair between the children. But it's just that use of our Hassan his personality was such that anyone would be attracted to.

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As we see later on in the story, that everyone was attracted was pulled towards use of Renaissance his character was such when he was sold as a slave. And his master bought him. He said, we're going to keep him as a son. This is what he said to the wife, we're not going to keep him as a slave, we're going to keep him as a son. Similarly, the wife, she was attracted towards him when he was older, in the prison, what happened, prisoners came to him, he was a very charismatic person or person was very attractive by nature. This is why his father had more love towards him.

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So we see that the brothers of use of Ellison, they did not like this idea that why does our father like him more? He likes him more. And he is clearly in error. And they say over here, his brother is what as I mentioned to you, when he I mean at this time was an infant.

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And obviously, because you suffer the sun respected him more, he was outstanding. This is why your Cobra dissonant naturally had more love for him.

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And if you look at it, the fact that the brothers are talking like this about their father, this is extremely disrespectful. And we should stay away from this kind of behavior.

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Because many times children, what do they do? They get together in their rooms, and they're talking and crying. They don't love us. They don't want good for us. Is it their soul, so unfortunate, or most unlucky to have such parents who don't care for them who don't have any feelings for them. This kind of behavior is very inappropriate. If you have a problem, go speak to your parents, or speak with them. discuss it with them, find a solution. And if they have some objection against you, then fix that. Instead of demanding that they should love you unconditionally. No matter how disobedient you are, no matter how disrespectful you are no

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local total use of they're so jealous of him. They hate him so much to the point that they say, kill us, let's just get rid of him altogether, kill him. Or if you don't want to kill him, or who throw him cast him Where are born in Atlanta, meaning in another land, either kill him or just throw him away in some other than

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it Rahul from the room fetters thought or thought.

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And thought is to discard something, to throw something far away on thinking it to be useless. Right, for example, a piece of garbage you toss it far, because it's useless to you. It doesn't carry any benefit.

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And generally, thought is also used for throwing something while hiding from people that you don't want to throw that garbage in front of other people. It's so nasty. It's so bad in your eyes, that you don't even want to show people that you're throwing it away.

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By, for example, a garbage can is placed in the washrooms or in the bedroom so that people can throw their garbage over there. It's not publicized, because it's not supposed to be shown. So it's rare who would just throw him, cast him up, while hiding from your father have been in a land that is far distant and unfamiliar.

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What's going to happen when you do that, either you kill him or you throw him away. Yes, it will become empty for you, which will come the face of your father,

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the face of your father will be exclusively for you, then he will only pay attention to you. He will not have you sift to look at he will not have use of the smile, he will not have use of to praise so he will be left with you. So he will like you more Yahoo for the root letters Holla Holla Holla. What does that mean to become empty, to become vacant?

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So you have to look inward you have become if there is no use of

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Then you alone will have the love of your father. He will not be busy with use of and you will have

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what a coup and you will become member the he after him after it Oman sila hain a very righteous people

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what does it mean by this that after him meaning after use of time has gone after you've killed him after he's out of sight, you will become common salia hain are people who are solid

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What does it mean by solid? It has been understood in two ways over here first of all, you will become right and proper meaning all your problems will go away, all your problems will go away Your life will be fixed, everything will be fine, you become silent. Everything will be okay for you. Because right now, the root of the problem is who used to get rid of him and your life will be okay.

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Secondly, they say that was the Kunal Coleman sila hain sila, he means very righteous, that he has set us in If we kill you, so if we cast him away into another land, but later on, we will do dope will become very righteous, will give some South Africa will do some good deeds and will become very righteous people will become very obedient. Right now we cannot listen to our father, because Yusuf is there, when you serve is gone, then we'll become very obedient.

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To understand this behavior.

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Many times, we make other people and excuse for our own laziness for our own shortcomings.

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I cannot be good to my parents, because of this person, because of that person, because of my older sister, when she's married, and gone, then I will serve my mother, then I will serve my father, then I will do everything they asked me to do. Right now they're too occupied with my older sister with my older brother, when they're gone, then I will be good to them.

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We see that some people, they're envious of others. And they cannot get along with them. And they make them as an excuse for every problem in their life. They consider them to be the root of all problems in their lives.

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And instead of trying to make up with them, they think of ways of getting rid of them.

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It's not possible that you get along with every single individual you come across in your life, in your home, outside, at school, at work at a store happens, right? You come across some people and you just cannot get along with them. You go to the doctor's office, that nurse you just can't tolerate her, or the doctor, you just don't get along with her. You go to the dentist, that hygienist you don't like at all. It happens. Now, instead of getting rid of people all the time, what are we supposed to do? come up with ways of making up with them somewhere, they're those people who come up with ways of getting rid of people cutting them off. This is the way of those who are

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defeated. Those who are very lowly, those who are arrogant and selfish, because they only want good for themselves. They don't want good for the other.

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Just because you don't get along with someone, you want them to be fired. You want them to be kicked out of the place that you are working in. But this is very selfish behavior that you only want good for yourself. What about them? Don't you want good for them? What about the work that they're doing? Maybe what they are doing is much better than what you are doing.

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Or the way they can do the work is much better than how you can do it.

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So if you want yourself to replace them, then this is very selfish behavior. This is the behavior of those who are arrogant, and those are very lonely.

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And some people also have this problem of wanting everyone's attention, that everyone should pay attention to me only.

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Or that I should be the one who is always being praised, always standing out

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that people should praise me people should look up to me. And because this person is here, you know, people like him, people appreciate him. And because of that I get faded away. I have to get rid of them. This is again What? arrogance, pride, selfishness. We see over here that the problem of the brothers of us of our SNM was that they wanted the attention of their father.

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And they wanted it exclusively for themselves. They didn't want use of them to be given any attention. Because they say yes, Lula calm

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Why'd you a vehicle, then the face of your father will become empty for you, there will be no use of too busy him to occupy him. So some people have this problem they want the attention of others, especially of those who are above them.

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For example, their boss, their teacher, their parents, etc.

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And instead of earning it by their own hard work, by their own dedication, by their own obedience, what do they do? They slander other people, they plant seeds of hatred against them, instead of doing something yourself so that you are appreciated, what do they do? They cut other people off, they defame them. They talk badly about them, planting seeds of hatred against them. Again, this is the way of those people who are very arrogant. And enough, it justifies it presents ways of making up for it later on in some way or the other.

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So then what happened?

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All of a sudden, a speaker set

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in from the newsletters of wild lamb. We read this word earlier as well called Elune album called Elune. That the punishment came upon them by Athan OneCard alone at night, or while they were resting during the day, the word is the same car ill however, the muffler is different. Car is far in front cone, one who speaks.

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So one of them said, meaning one of the brothers spoke up. And it is said that this was the eldest amongst them. And there is a difference of opinion as to who was the eldest amongst them. Some say that it was Ruben or Ruby. And according to others, it was Judah, Alo irlam. But one of them said that let occlusive don't kill him. Don't kill yourself, do not let your enmity and hatred towards him reach this level of murder. Rather, what should you do? Well, I'll go who and you should throw him feel I ever tell you in the bottom of the well,

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instead of killing him, you should just throw him in the bottom of a well,

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whatever is from newsletters vinea. What does it mean? unseen, hidden, and guayaba is everything that hide something in it. Lab is what if you put something in it, it will become hidden from you, you will not be able to see it anymore.

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So for example, a room that is dark, a basement that does not have any windows or any lights, it is what I have. Similarly, a locker, a tunnel that does not have any light in it underground. A well, however, is what anything, you put something in it, it becomes hidden, it's buried in the dark. The word also applies to a dense forest. And our job is from the root letters, Gene babba. And job is used for a well, but what kind of a well, is this? The word It is also used for a well, there are two types of welds if you think of it.

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One type of well is that which is built that which is constructed. What does he mean by that? That you dig a hole in the ground, you get the water out, but on the sides, you lay bricks. And at the top as well you make like a small wall. Why

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is that people don't fall and also so that the weld does not erode too quickly.

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Because if you don't put concrete on the sides, if you don't put bricks on the side, then what's going to happen? Each time you put the bucket in and you take it out, it's going to hit against it and perhaps someone is going to fall inside. So this well is unbuilt unconstructed. So, there are two types of welds one is built. And the other is unbuilt. A job is a well that is not built. A job is a well that is not built.

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And it's also used for a well, that is not looked after. I mean, nobody takes care of it. It's been deserted. Nobody really goes there to get water out of it regularly. One is, for example, in a house, or in a village people go there, get their water out. Another well is for example, on a trade route, on a business route. Generally people don't use it on a daily basis so nobody really looks after it.

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So throw him in a well that is deserted. That is not even built. Nobody comes over there. And what's going to happen once you throw him there yelder people, it will pick him up who will pick him up bearable. sejati some travelers, some travelers, they're going to pick him up. By the way, what do they mean by arbitrary job? If you put two words together and lay out with a job, what does it mean?

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In the depths in the darkness of a well, so that once he's thrown in it, he's hidden.

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If you throw him, for example, by a rock under a tree, then what's going to happen? Somebody or the other is going to see him.

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But if you throw him into a well, he's going to be hidden. If he dies, nobody's going to see his corpse, isn't it? Nobody's going to see him from afar.

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So when you throw him, yes, okay, Toyota, Pedro, some directors down of por la papa.

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And law is to pick up something that has fallen. Because something that has fallen, and Ill take off is to pick up something from the ground that has been dropped by someone else.

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They, for example, you're walking, you don't realize you drop your phone.

00:25:56 --> 00:26:08

Or you drop, for example, your tissue. Now a person comes after you and they see a phone, they see a random tissue on the ground. What do they do? They pick the tissue up, they throw it in the garbage can.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:20

They pick the phone up, they give it at the reception. This is what is the call to pick up something that has been dropped by someone that has been forgotten and dropped by someone.

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So yokocho Barlow sejarah. The word say Yara is from the roof under Senora. And sejarah is actually used for a caravan.

00:26:33 --> 00:26:47

It's also used for an automobile, a car. It's also used for a caravan. And the word also applies to travelers who are traveling together a group of people who are traveling together in a caravan.

00:26:48 --> 00:26:56

So some caravan, some travelers are going to pick him up in kuntum, ferried in if you're really going to do something,

00:26:57 --> 00:27:39

meaning if you insist on getting rid of him, then don't kill him. What should you do? Just throw him in a well, in the bottom of a Well, perhaps some travelers when they pass by that well to take some water out? Maybe they will take him out? Maybe they will take him out. So don't kill him. So what do they do? They decided on this plan, which plan to throw him in the world. And they went to their father. But they couldn't just take us around one day and throw him use of it. Sam was very beloved to his father. And his father would take care of him, especially because he sensed jealousy from the rest of the children.

00:27:41 --> 00:28:19

Like for example, if a mother has two children, one is an infant and one is a toddler. What is she going to do, she's always going to be protecting the infant from the toddler. Why? Because it already has not realized in their love for that infant, sometimes daughter might bite might fall on the ear might poke in the eyes. So you cannot leave the infant even for a moment with such a child. Especially if the child has envy, which sometimes children do develop even at a very young age. So in this case, the parents become extremely protective. And this was the case with us the various of them as well.

00:28:20 --> 00:28:23

So they couldn't just take him they had to go take the permission of his father.

00:28:24 --> 00:28:36

So although they said yeah Bana or father Monica, what is wrong with you? Let the man know Allah use of who don't entrust us with you so

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you don't trust us? You don't trust me? What's wrong with you? Malika? How come? This is not fair. Can you relate this are similar statements today. Malika What's your problem? This is not fair. What is wrong with you? That letter Munna Allah use of you don't entrust us with regards to use of that money is from the root letter is Hamza me moon. Amma. What does that even mean? Peace and Amana? What is an Amana? A trust that is given to someone.

00:29:15 --> 00:29:22

So that manner meaning you don't make us a mean, you don't have trust upon us with regards to use of

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what in Allahu lanell say Who? And indeed We are to him very sincere. We all wish well for him. We want good for him. But you don't trust us with him. This is just like saying to someone that can ask me something. Although I know you're not gonna listen to me. It's gonna ask you. This is like making the other person feel so bad that they're going to agree before they even say anything to you. Can I ask you something? Although I know you're not going to allow me. But can I still ask you? What's the objective of saying this to make the

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other person feel bad guilt trip. This is exactly what the brothers were doing. They're making their father feel guilty feel bad so that he will allow them. And sometimes children use this technique, emotional pressure, that this is not fair.

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And who usually talks like this, a person who wants to do something wrong and he wants to put the other person in guilt, emotional blackmailing.

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