Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 297C Tafsir Al-Mursalaat 13-28

Taimiyyah Zubair
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li a Yeoman or Gillette li a ye for which Yeoman de o de la, it was postponed. It was delayed. It was deferred, idle time, and G is to defer to a certain time.

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This question is being asked to show the enormity of that day. How serious is that day

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that the messengers time has arrived so that they will bear testimony? But how come all this did not happen yet?

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When is it supposed to happen? What is that appointed time? Leo mille fossile.

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The reason why this did not happen in the world, is because this was scheduled for when yo mo Fussel, the Day of Judgment.

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What is it that you schedule? ordinary day to day things? You schedule them? No. You know, you're supposed to do them. You don't set a time for them. You just get them over with but what is it that you schedule months in advance days in advance what something that is important?

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Something that is important and because that is scheduled? It makes that day important also.

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So the Yeoman fossil, this shows the importance of the Day of Judgment that Allah subhanaw taala the coming of the prophets and bearing witness against their people. He scheduled that for the Day of Judgment, Leo mill Fussel. He didn't just let it happen in the world. No, he set a date or time for that Leo mill Fussell and what is that day, the day off? Judgment. Fussell fasade Lam is used for judgment, but it also means to separate so it is the day of separation. The day when truth will be physically separated from falsehood.

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And the people of truth will also be physically separated from who people are falsehood. Li yo mill fossil Wimmer adore aka man yo will fossil and what can make you know, what is the day of oil fossil? You haven't seen anything like it? You haven't witnessed anything like it? And sort of who am I 103 Allah says that Malika Yeoman Muchmore, aloneness with elica yo mama shoot, that is the day when all people will be gathered. Is there any day in this world any important event when all of mankind is gathered together? No.

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You can see maybe even millions of people in one place, but it's what only a fraction of humanity only a fraction. Way louia Woman OMA II The little mocha the bien Allah says Whoa, that day is for who? Lil mocha de bien for those who deny

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yeah hasta la home

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that how terrible will their state be? How severe will their punishment be? What an evil return? They will have wailing Young Money the little McKenzie been into that yet I have 60 Allah says for Wally Lilla Dena cafardo Mio Miki Mulleavy you are I don't, that those who deny there is a great punishment for them when the day on the day that they have been promised.

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Why is such a great punishment for them and why this threat of punishment because Allah subhanaw taala informed them he sent messengers, he sent angels he sent revelation he sent signs in nature to wake people up to let them realize the truth. Allah subhanaw taala even took all it's like over here in the Surah

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but what did these people do? They did not believe so then what do they deserve complete retribution wailing young man even little mocha the bean alarm normally kill a welling alarm did not know Liqui destroy a willing the former peoples meaning how can these people denied the truth? Did We not destroy before them the former peoples? Meaning the ancients those who came first in this world first meaning amongst humanity. The early generations of humanity were there not destroyed for the wrong they did? Who are these early generations who are these former peoples the ancients? It's nations like the people of New Halley's salaam

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Are the people of odd the people of some mood? They're ancients, they came 1000s of years before us. But when they denied their messengers, or they're not destroyed,

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weren't they? Yes, so my then not be room we made to follow them. I'll fit it in the later ones. So the former people, the ancients, they came, they denied their messengers, they were destroyed, they were gone. Then after them came a laugh at the later nations, the nations who came after them, but what happened with them? These are nations like the people of Luth Alehissalaam the people have shaved already some people have Medion

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What did they do? They also denied their messengers, so not to be or whom they followed their ancestors in denial. And then we followed in the same manner of dealing with them. The justice we destroyed the former people we destroyed bees also, can barely cannot follow Bill moody mean, thus do We deal with the criminals, no matter who they are from the ancients, or from those who came after them? Are those that are here today? Are those that will come later.

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It's not when they come to this world. It's about their actions. Majidi mean, it's about their actions. So we see over here mankind is divided in three groups. The first group is who of the a willing ancients. They denied finished, the second group is of who will laugh at those who came after them.

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And the third group is of all those who will come after the mean those who are there right now, think about the time when this was revealed people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam until the day of judgment. So Allah says Cavalli cannot follow Bill Majidi mean, no matter who a person is, where they live, in what part of the world and what time period in whatever era, if they commit germs, if they commit crime, then they will be dealt with in the same way. As Allah says in surah Nisa, I 123 May Armelle su n, you disobey whoever does evil then he is recompensed for it? Wailing Yeoman II The little Mackenzie been so well that day, which day, the day of judgment to who

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to the deniers, meaning those who denied even after they saw clear proofs. They saw what happened to the people before them. They saw exemplary punishment yet they did not take heat. So water them who don't learn alumna look calm. Hola asks, alumna, look calm did we not create you mimma in Maheen from a liquid that is disdained. Mahane what is Maheen meme her known that which is despicable, any worthless not worth any importance?

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Disgusting. You don't talk about it.

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If it falls somewhere, it's supposed to be washed away.

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What is this man in Mahane this disdained liquid that the human being is created from the sperm fragile now who then we placed it feels odd in McKean in a firm lodging in a car or in a lodging that is McKean that is firm garapa Ferrara what is curar a place of stay and abode meaning where someone stays for a while and the womb is described as it caught off because that is where this man Maheen stays for a long time. Nine months and it's not just a Quran it is McKean. It is firm McKean mean calf noon, is that which is secure, firmly established. Cavalli come a canal use of

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soap fragile now V karate McKean.

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And really you see how Allah subhanaw taala attributes this to himself that we placed it? We placed it because if Allah's permission is not there, no egg can be fertilized. No egg. No woman would conceive. And really, sometimes it's amazing that there is nothing wrong.

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Meaning the reproductive functions are perfectly fine in the man and the woman, but there's fertility problems. Why? Allah's even is not there. Fajr I know who we place it. And really the journey of the sperm all the way to the point of fertilization. This is an incredible journey.

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Federal now we'll be covering McCain and then the warmth is described as a secure place. How is it secure?

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How? Yes.

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Okay, it's covered all round what else?

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Thick muscular layer.

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Okay, and then the layers of the abdomen and whatnot. So it's firm in that sense, right? Protective in that sense. What else?

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Yes, provided its nourishment. If you think about it, the womb is what its dark as a loss paralysis feel. Lulu matin? Fellas, right in three layers of darkness. And when something is dark, what does it mean? even light cannot come through?

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If light cannot come through them, can anything else come through?

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No, it's amazing. How it is protected. That nothing harmful can reach there.

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Exactly. I mean, sometimes, really, the mother has a certain condition.

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The mother has a certain condition. I know of a sister who discovered that she had cancer while she was pregnant.

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I just imagine such a tricky situation right? When do you go for chemo or what? It's going to affect the baby that the baby was born perfectly fine. Perfectly fine. carotid McKean. I mean, the mother has something in her system, but the baby in the womb is protected.

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Another sister once told me she used to live in Norway. And she said her neighbor she was a drug addict you know alcohol abuse everything was going on in her life. She said throughout her pregnancy she would drink and she would have drugs and whatnot and her babies perfectly fine.

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I mean a miracle but that's the thing. Karate mocking This is Allah subhanaw taala is doing he protects the baby inside. So for John now if you karate McKean, Isla Padre maloom until a cada and extent that is Mara loom that is known, meaning a time period that is known to who? To Allah alone. Allah decides when the baby is to come out Isla cada Remar gnome for Cadorna. So we decreed we determined what everything regarding that baby, not just how long it is to stay in that secure place in that womb. But everything else related to the baby also, who decrees it. Allah decrees it like what its physical appearance, abilities, Destiny, age, everything. Like in a hadith we learned that

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an angel is sent after the 14 days and the angel says yeah, Robbie, this is medulla rugby this is you know at every stage the angel says and Allah subhanaw taala orders the angel to record his deeds his lifespan, whether he would be Shakti or sorry. All right, whether it would be male or female. So fucka Donna for Nirmal kar de Roon. Allah says neuroma. So how excellent Akkad the room are the cod the rune meaning those who determined this is plural of royalty being used for Allah subhanaw taala meaning how excellent are we to determine? Meaning whatever Allah decrees for his servant, even at this stage, how is it it is excellent, because it is according to his wisdom. And when something is

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excellent, it is worthy of being praised. And really, when a baby is born, no matter what deficiency or what, you know, problem even it may have it's still beautiful, isn't it? There's so much more that is worthy of praise.

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No, sometimes children are born with certain disabilities, right from birth or having, you know, problems even breathing their heart as a serious issue or their lungs have a certain issue. But the feet are beautiful and the face is beautiful. And everything is so beautiful. For a donor for Nirmal cartoon. And so through Africa I have 57 Allah says national halacha intercom fanola to Sadiq Khan, we created you Why don't you believe I follow a tomato noon? Have you ever considered that what you emit? And on top of lacuna Who do you create? The sperm the egg? Are you the ones who created a national holiday cone? Or are we the ones who create it? And here just from the beginning the

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conception through all the stages of pregnancy and then finally birth? Who does it? Allah

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so then how can you deny your Lord wailing yo mama even lil Mackenzie been so warm

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that day to who to those who deny, because they dare to deny, after Allah has shown them, his signs, His miracles, and of the greatest miracles is your very existence, your very body,

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your birth your life, the way your body functions. And if that does not prove to you the existence of your Creator, then we know Yoma either little Mackenzie been wore that day to those who deny, I learned that you're a little off Bucky Fattah. Now, another proof is being mentioned. Alumna journal, did we not make a lot of body Earth key fatha as a container key Fattah Kapha key fat is basically used for something that holds or contains within it encloses things within it. This is key fat. So the word gift is also used for a lunchbox not a lunch bag. Because from a baggie or a sandwich can follow alright, but a box is what is contained within the box whatever food you will

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put in the box, it will stay there it's not coming out. Right. So this is gift Katha is Bama to gather and to collect to enclose within. So alumna journal, Allah ke Fattah, have we not made the earth a container,

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a container container in what way? Meaning something that has enclosed within it. It has enclosed what within it a here and the living ones, what I'm working, and the dead ones are here plural of hay, and white floral off my youth, meaning the earth is such that it sustains those who are alive. And it keeps those who are dead. And this is such an amazing thing. No, this is why they say that the generation of waste is what a sign off a proof of the fact that we are not using our resources properly. We are Miss allocating them there is mismanagement, we know we're doing something wrong because the Earth is such that it recycles everything within it. So if we are playing with nature to

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such an extent that we are making things that can never be decomposed, or that will take 1000s of years, if not millions to decompose. We're doing something wrong. You know, every plastic straw that was ever made, still exists on this planet.

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Straw. And how casually take a straw? No, no, I I'm let me just take five, just in case I drop one and I lose the second one. And something happens to the third one. And the fourth one I chew down too much. Let me just take five because they're free, you know?

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And how much waste do we generate?

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That we are literally destroying this earth. Every piece of plastic that was ever made, you know, a friend of mine. I don't know if I mentioned the story to you. But they told me about how in Pakistan, they had their property on one side of it, they will just throw their garbage over there. Because there is no proper waste system, right? It's not like on garbage day, you put your garbage out and somebody will come and pick it up and take it away. No, you have to figure out ways yourself of throwing away your garbage. So they said they would just throw it on one side of their property. And then after some time, they just buried it up and they forgot about it. This was like in 1980s.

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Okay, what happened now, very recently, they decided let's build a bigger house. So they wanted to dig up. And as they started the digging process, they found their garbage dump and you know what they found in it, soiled diapers from the 1980s

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soiled diapers completely intact, completely intact, not decomposed at all. This is what we're doing to the earth.

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Allah subhanaw taala has made the earth such that it contains the dead and the living. Where are the living ones on the surface of the earth. They survive. Their food comes from the earth and where the dead. They're supposed to go inside the earth and decompose. Right and get back into that system. This is how the natural system of the Earth is its whole. Its circular, that you produce some garbage but it goes into the earth. It's decomposed and then it goes back. It's used in some other way.

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Some other than Bombay there was a time when you know usually they have monsoon rains when it rains for days and the water flow

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I did the place, and it was it going into the soil, and there was so much damage to houses and everything. And they discovered that this was all due to the years of plastic that was thrown in the ground, the plastic, it blocks the water from seeping into the soil. And they had so much damage and thing. So I think every time we take a plastic bag in the stores, or we throw it in the house, we have to think, where is it going, the chemical, the plastics, all the stuff that you know, it doesn't decompose easily. I mean, this is facade, you know, facade is what when something decays and goes bad, this is what we're doing to the earth. So, a here and what am water, this is what Allah

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subhanaw taala has made the earth as a container, something that is to keep within it. A system that is to keep within it those who are sustained those who are alive, and also deal with who those who are dead are here and what am Wacka

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and basically what this verse is telling us is that no matter what need we have, Allah subhanaw taala has fulfilled it where

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where in this earth for us, we don't need to go to Mars to get something alright. Or try to find a way to some other planet and you know, get some very important stuff which is necessary for our survival. You know, from outer space, no, whatever we need Allah subhanaw taala has put it in this earth for us into the thaw. I have 53 Allah says Allah the Jhala como Allah man was Salah kala confy has so bulan what Enza La Mina sama ima and for Raja Nabi as word and Mina Burton chapter. You don't have to go somewhere else to access water it'll fall on you. What y'all Nephi here and we have made in the earth little last see firmly set mountains

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firmly or deeply rooted mountains we have done this word many times before. Shammi cotton This is a new mountains that are Shammi hot Shami hot plural of the word Shami Hall sheen meme call. And this is used for something that is huge that a stall so Shammi halt meaning huge mountains.

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Soaring. Huge what a spinner come and we have given you to drink man water that is full artha that is sweet, fair, raw. ferrata fruto if you think about it, there's so much water in the oceans and the seas. But can we drink it? No. But there is also freshwater Sweetwater

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stores in the earth, right and that is the water that we can drink and that is the water that we can irrigate our lands with.

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But if you think about it, most of this man ferrata comes from where? From rain. So what us they now come we have given you to drink Sweetwater salt Wacka is 68 Allah's parents, Allah says afara a Tamil man Allah DITA Siobhan, have you ever looked at the water that you drink?

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Have you ever looked at it? Have you ever seen it? Yeah, of course we've seen it. But FLR a thumb? Have you reflected on it? And Tom and Zell to move luminol musli Are you the ones who bring it down from rain clouds and national Monsey loon or are we the ones who send it down? Low Nisha, oh, Jana who jajah If we wanted we could have made that water falling from the clouds bitter and salty. Can you imagine because most of the water that goes up into the sky goes from where the oceans

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So technically, that salty water so if salty water is going up salty water should be falling down.

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But it doesn't follow latesh Quran so why are you not grateful? Wailing Yeoman ie the little mocha de been so well that day, to those who deny

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those who deny after Allah has shown them all these blessings after Allah has bestowed exclusively upon them all these blessings and how did they respond to Allah with denial? So Whelan water then let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking one more Salah

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philosopher to

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one nurse you're Tina Shaw, fun fairy or development ball.

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TV call closer on draw in

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NEMA two or I don't

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even know Jomo bombing set or either seven

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or 40 jet were either ng bad or no seafront will either wash or no latent Lee will mean or Gillette Lea women in one

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fell swoop. Well you know we

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can baby

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to be on hormones at GABA alikhan Assad will be removed during me while you know he

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can maybe.

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Body rune Wainui OMA Mukund baby

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monkey fat

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if he was he asked me for a spine

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for Wainui Elma

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