Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 108C Tafsir Al-Tawbah 80-85

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of acknowledging the Prophet sallama Alayshi wa sallam will not forgive le-home for them, as it would lead to death, and the heart will benefit from praying for the god's inter acknowledge. The importance of staying behind the prophets and not going out in the heat, as it would lead to embarrassment, and the importance of not giving up opportunities and not letting anyone take advantage of them. The importance of forgiveness and learning to forgive oneself is emphasized, along with avoiding negative impact of children on people's lives.
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is a person born with hypocrisy? Is he what happens, hypocrisy develops? How does it develop? How an example that we see over here is making promises with Allah and then breaking them, presenting excuses, false excuses for not doing what is important, procrastinating and delaying what is necessary.

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And basically, we see that in these if in the previous if and ultimately if that we will learn later, that NIFA develops with making excuses. When a person makes excuses for not doing something that is important and urgent, what is it doing, basically justifying to himself and to others that he doesn't have to do the job? Correct. But when a person presents an excuse, I don't have money, so I cannot give I am busy. So I cannot come my children my job, my this my that. And because of this, I cannot do what is important. What is he doing? He is allowing himself to fall back. Correct. For example, if you have an assignment that is due at school, and to get your final mark, you have to

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submit three assignments. What happens with the first one, you say, I'm too busy, I'm too sick. I'm too tired. I can't do this. So you go tell your teacher, I can't do this one. What is she going to say? If you don't submit it, you're gonna get a zero, right?

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And you can come up with the best excuses even even though they may be genuine. Are you going to get your mark? Are you going to get your credit for the course? No, you're not going to get it you're going to fail. So nobody goes forward with excuses. Nobody excuses their way to success. If you want to be successful, then you have to leave. You have to stop making excuses. You don't like what they say, Stop making excuses and start making changes. So that's what is necessary. But a person who doesn't have that high goal for himself of earning Allah's pleasure of earning hydrojet and Jana, then what happens? He says, Oh, it's okay, nevermind, nevermind, I won't do this, I won't do this. I

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won't do that. And for everything, there is an excuse. Either he blames Allah or he blames his family or he blames his financial situation, whatever it may be. And such people are not successful in life. They keep falling back. They keep falling behind to the point that when it comes to the matter of faith, what happens? They develop NFL for our cover whom the Falcon few columbium Allah punishes them with NIFA in their hearts. And this sniff out it continues, it remains until the day they meet him, meaning until the day that they die. So until they meet Allah, what is in their hearts.

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And then can that Nefab be removed? No, it's too late. Because however a person dies, that is how he will be resurrected for our Aqaba, whom the Falcon vehicle will be him. And we see over here also one more characteristic that NIFA is also amongst people who are lazy meaning who don't do anything themselves. First of all, they don't do anything they make excuses. And secondly, those who are doing something they either accused them showing off or what do they do they make fun of them. For such people Allah says is still filler home. seek forgiveness for them. I will let the stock Fiddler home or you don't seek forgiveness for them. Who is being addressed over here the prophets all along

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is that oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whether you seek forgiveness for the hypocrites or you don't seek forgiveness for them in the stuff in the home if you were to seek forgiveness for them, how many times Sobor II nama within 70 times fallen so never young fit Allahu Allah will forgive le home for them.

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Even if you owe prophets of Allah who Salam were to seek forgiveness for the hypocrites a 70 times would ALLAH forgive them? No, he will never forgive them. Why? Because then he could be under home. That is because indeed there Cafaro biller he was solely he they disbelieved in Allah and His messenger, Allah who lay still Komal faster clean and Allah does not guide the sinful people, the disobedient people, those who crossed their limits. What do we see over here? That for MNF the is the fall of the Prophet is also not going to help when it comes to a believer

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A person who is sincere in his faith, if he makes a mistake, even if it's a major mistake. And you know, on the Day of Judgment, we see that some people will end up in hellfire despite their Eman because of the sense that they've committed. So what's going to happen? The Prophet of allah sallallahu wasallam. And not just him, but other righteous and other prophets, they're going to do shofar, they're going to intercede. So because of that intercession, what is going to happen? Allah will forgive those believers, he will bring them out of hellfire, and he will enter them into Jannah. Someone who's supposed to go to hellfire because of the shofar of the prophets and a lot

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isn't what's going to happen. They will not be sent to hellfire they will be sent to Jana. But what is mentioned over here, that when it comes to the Manasa teen, even if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam were to seek forgiveness for them a 70 times Allah would not forgive them. Why? Because these people themselves in their heart, they are not sorry. They are not sorry, they do not seek Allah's forgiveness. Because if they wanted to please Allah, there are so many ways out there to please Allah subhanaw taala, if they had adopted even one, perhaps they would have attained salvation. But because in their hearts, they're not eager to please Allah, in their hearts, they have no desire to

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attain Allah's pleasure, then the seeking forgiveness of the whole world even is not going to benefit them, even the prophets or us are not going to benefit them.

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You see, many times that happens that people they live their lives, according to their desires. And then what happens when they're about to die? They hire a few people, so that they can read Quran for them. 24/7 All right, or when they die, then people can gather together and keep reading Quran and keep forwarding them the edges are what do they want, that when I die, then my coffin should be dipped in zamzam and then I should be covered in that coffin, and so on. So should pray my janazah. And this should happen and that should happen. But the fact is that if a person themselves didn't do anything, then external factors cannot help them.

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External factors cannot help them. Because on the Day of Judgment, what is it that's going to be looked at? What is it that Allah is going to appreciate? On that day? It's the color called Salim, right? It's the sound heart and if a person does not bring the sound heart, but there are many external things, is that going to benefit him? No. What is going to benefit a person that day, in the hereafter near Allah? Is the state of his heart. Does it have Iman? Does it have sincerity for Allah? Does it have love for Allah? Does it fear Allah? If the heart is free of these precious precious things, then nothing at all can help an individual. So over here, what do we learn that

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even the prophets do or they're not going to help a person who is sinful in his heart will Allahu La Jolla del Komal faster King Allah does not guide the disobedient people. And unfortunately, we see this something so common amongst the Muslims, do whatever you want the prophets intercession will help you.

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Do whatever you want, just send through the prophets Almanza and everything will be fine. Yes, who we are hopeful, that Insha Allah we will receive His intercession, we will be of those fortunate ones whom who will be close to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but who is it that the prophets of Allah is and would like to pray for even,

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you know, on the day of judgment, and people will be coming to the home in order to drink from that pool from where the profits are lost, and we'll be giving water to drink, what's going to happen, some people will be prevented, they will not be allowed to come. And the prophets often will say that these are people of my ummah. And he'll be told that you don't know what kind of things they invented after you. So because of that, he will say so concerned keep away, keep away. On the Day of Judgment, the closest people to the prophets are all seven will be who those who are good in there o'clock, and the farthest people from him will be who those who are bad in there o'clock. So there

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are certain factors that will make a person worthy of the Prophet's da. And then there are certain factors that will cause the DA to be accepted in his favor. And what are those factors? Where are they essentially in the heart, and if those are missing, then external things cannot help a person. Funny when he was happy, he was rejoicing Fairyhouse from far and foreheads to be happy and receiving a blessing. Has it ever happened that you really want something then you get it? And then what's the state of your heart? You're like overjoyed, rather, let me give you another example. On TV when you see somebody winning something.

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Then what happens?

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What's their state? They are so happy that they start jumping and screaming out of joy. Alright, so funny. He's overjoyed. He's extremely happy, who al Mohalla fauna those who have stayed behind McCullough phone from Colin Firth. conifer to leave behind Mahalo for those who are left behind, meaning those who remain behind from the expedition to the book, what happened they became very happy. Why were they happy? Be makadi him because or by their McCard? What does McCard mean? It's from covering del Garda to sit Makara means to sitting remaining behind. And McCarthy also means the place of sitting. Remember the word McCard positions, right? So over here Makara doesn't mean the

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place of sitting but rather it means sitting. So they were very happy about sitting about staying Khilafah behind Rasul Allah He, the Messenger of Allah. So what is it that became a blessing for them? Or rather, what is it that they viewed as a blessing? staying behind that, okay, the prophets of Allah is on the Muslims have gone and we're behind? Thank God we're here. We didn't go along with them. They were overjoyed for not going along with the prophets of Allah is Allah.

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What does it show? They have no interest. They have no interest in accompanying the prophets have a lot of Salam in going out in the way of Allah? Because if they had even the slightest interest, then what would they be doing instead of laughing? What would they be doing? They would be crying. Has it ever happened, that your whole family is going somewhere and you are not able to go because you have an exam or something? So you're at home while everybody's out? Do you feel happy? That yes, I'm home. And they've all gone shopping. Yeah. Would you be happy? No, you would never be happy. Even though you realize that it's necessary for you to stay in your heart you're feeling sorry for

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yourself, because you feel that you've lost an amazing opportunity. Alright, so over here we see the exact opposite. They're happy about staying behind funny hon. Mohan LePhone Habima Cardium Fila for Rasulillah what Carrie who and they disliked and that Yuja he do this Dr. B and Wiley him with their properties will unfussy him and themselves fee Sabine Allah in the way of Allah, meaning they didn't want to spend their money, and they didn't want to go out themselves in the way of Allah anyway, they didn't want to do that. So because they managed to stay behind by presenting false excuses. They were really happy about that, as if they had become very successful. Now, why is it that they

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did not want to go with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because the journey of the book was, first of all really long. It was extremely hot, there was drought. And on top of that it was harvest season. And besides, when the Muslims would reach their destination, who would they have to face an enemy that was supposed to be much bigger than theirs? This was the plan. Right? So this is why the Moon Africa, they did not want to go. And they didn't go themselves. And the believers who were going they were also discouraging them. Well, Carlo, and they said land not done Pharaoh, you go out Phil, how in the heat. They were saying, Are you crazy to go out in the heat? It's so hot. Look, we made

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an excuse. The Prophet salallahu Salam allowed us to stay behind you also come up with some excuse, and you will be allowed to stay behind. Don't take it too hard on yourself. Don't put yourself through so much difficulty. They said, Let and fulfill how Allah says Google tell them now hold your hand. Now. The fire of * a shut do it is more intense. How raw in heat. You're trying to avoid the worldly heat, the heat of the desert. The heat of Hellfire is much worse. It is much more hot, low. Can we have Cahoon If only they would understand if they understood that the fire of * is much, much more hot than they wouldn't be staying back right now. Rather, they will be running out

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in the way of Allah subhanaw taala accompanying the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Because you see, if a person understands, then he does something to protect himself, isn't it? And if a person doesn't understand, then he won't do anything to protect himself. So the problem with the one f 15 is that they don't even bother to understand. Their mind works a lot when it comes to worldly matters. But when it comes to the deen when it comes to Africa, then they don't understand the simple things even and

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This is something so simple, so clear the prophets on a lot is Allah clearly stated that everyone was supposed to go, he sent word to Makkah, he sent word outside of Medina, he made it clear to the people, everyone was supposed to go. And he made his intention clear as well as to where he was going. And before this was not the case. So at this occasion, participating in the battle was further aim. It was mandatory on who, on every single individual, and for them to stay behind for some people to come up with excuses and stay behind. This was not acceptable.

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And with reasons such as it's too hard, we can't do it. If Allah is telling you to do it, that means you can do it. Always think like this, because lie you can live Allahu nevsun, INLA whoosah Correct. So yes, it is hot in the desert. Yes, the journey is long. Yes, it is going to be very difficult. But if Allah has put you to win, if the messenger SallAllahu Sallam is telling you to go, then that means you are capable of taking this journey, you are capable of doing this. And if at that time we start making excuses, then that is not acceptable. And then this is a great warning that you want to avoid the heat of this world. Realize that if you're avoiding the heat of this world, what are you

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going to face tomorrow? The heat of the Hellfire.

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And you see the heat of this world? Isn't that enough to torture a person? The fire of this world? Isn't that enough to burn a person? Think about it. Don't we hear about people who become severely burned? Because of exposure to fire temporarily? Yes, it's efficient to burn a person. Imagine how much worse the fire of * is that it's much stronger than the fire of this world.

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Just imagine the intensity of that fire. If we're running away from the fire of this world, how much more should we be running away from the fire of the

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bull now Johanna a shot to * raw a shot to * raw. So anytime there's temptation to do something wrong. Anytime there's temptation to lie. Anytime there's temptation to stay back from what is important from what is fault. Remind yourself, the fire of * is much worse. Just look at fire, turn on the stove or anything and just look at that fire and remind yourself this is nothing compared to hellfire. If I cannot go near this, if I freak out going near this, then what's going to happen on the Day of Judgment? What is it that will protect me then? What is it that will come to save me at that time? Well now we'll Jahannam a shot to How Low Can We have gone if only they would

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understand for Leo poku so they should laugh Polylang very little follow up Hurco from the HC LOD haircalf and the HC is such laughter in which a person's teeth are showing. You know, generally when a person is talking, okay, you see a little bit of the teeth. And when a person is smiling also you see a little bit but when a person is laughing with the mouth open and the teeth are showing fairly young, how cool can kalila Allah says, laugh very little. They should laugh very little while Yep, go and they should cry cathedra much. Instead of laughing and rejoicing and staying back. They should be crying right now. They should cry more than they laugh. Why just be mad. Can we see both

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as a recompense for what they have been earning for what they have been acquiring?

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Like we learned earlier that when the believers left for the book, what happened to the NFL team who managed to stay behind? They were really happy. They were overjoyed. And they were laughing away. That look at these crazy people. They've gone and we're so clever. We're so smart. We managed to deceive Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and now we're here. They have gone out in the heat and we're going to be enjoying the shades and the cold water and the fresh dates.

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And they were laughing overjoyed. Allah says fondly of her Cuca Lila, whenever a person is enjoying his sin, enjoying disobeying Allah subhanaw taala instead of smiling and laughing at that time, what should he be doing really crying? Because what is he inviting Allah's punishment? There is no no pleasure in sin. There should be no pride in committing sin. Because at that time a person may be happy, but in reality, what is he bringing to himself? Eternal sorrow, eternal grief, eternal regret, for Leo parku kalila Well, yep, who can feel they should cry more.

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much Jezza and Bhima can or Yuxi boon.

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And this is yes this is with regards to a specific context. But in this is a lesson for us also, that if we realized how serious the matter of the Akira is, how serious the matter of the grave is, hisab is the Day of Judgment, the standing before Allah, the weighing of the deeds crossing the bridge, if we realized how serious that is, really, our laughter would go away.

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We wouldn't be seeking ways of entertaining ourselves all the time, that we would really become focused people who have a serious end, who are going to meet Allah who are going to face death one day, ask yourself, I have to die. Remind yourself daily, I have to die. Am I prepared?

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Am I prepared to die? And if I'm not prepared? What am I waiting for? What am I waiting for? Just to finish this TV show, and finish that TV show and finish that movie? And then I'm going to prepare for the relay that I'm going to prepare for that. Remind yourself daily I have to die. Am I prepared? If not, what am I waiting for? Fully up? Haku kalila? Well, yep, who cathedra generally, what is it that we do more? Do we cry more? Do we laugh more?

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What is it that we do more? We laugh more, we laugh a lot. And the Prophet SAW Allah Islam, he also he smiled. There were times when he also laughed. But he also wept. And he also said, that if you knew what I knew, then you would cry more, and laugh very little. And you would not enjoy your women invents, and you would weep and beseech Allah for mercy out in the open, meaning you would leave everything, you would lose all your pleasure in life, every kind of pleasure in life, you would lose that. And what would you do, you would come out in the open, begging Allah for forgiveness constantly, this is what you would be doing if you knew what I knew.

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Once the prophets of Allah was passing by a grave, and he said, the people in the grave are being punished, he heard the sound of those people being punished.

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And we also learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that if I was not afraid that you would stop burying your dead, I would ask Allah to make you hear what goes on in the grave.

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But I was afraid that if you would hear what goes on in the grave, you would stop burying your dead.

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somebody dies, we hear somebody's really sick, they're about to die. We're like, oh, how sad. Too bad. Their time is up. And we forget that one day, our time is also going to come. Today's somebody's Janaza is being read. One day, our Janessa is going to be read. Today, somebody's buried in their grave. And one day, we too are going to be buried in the grave. Our foreigners not coming with us. Our enjoyment, our different ways of pleasure. They're not coming with us, we are going to be alone in our grave. Have you ever thought about this in darkness all alone in a small, narrow, tight place? Covered in just one simple piece of cloth. We're deceiving ourselves every day, when we

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think life is long, and we think it's okay. Do whatever you want. We have forgotten how serious how serious the Acura is, we worry so much about this temporary life, which is just a fraction of our existence. If you think about it, 100 years ago, 1000 years ago, what were we nothing? Allah subhanaw taala has given us a few years to live in this life in this dunya. And then after these few years, then there are hundreds and hundreds of years in the grave. And after that there is eternity in the acapella. And what do we think my now my enjoyment, my happiness, this is what I have to do right now. And because of that we delay what is more important, or we completely forget about it. We

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think we don't have to do it, somebody else has to do it. Yes, somebody else has to do it. And I have to do it too, because they're going to in the grave. And I am also going to go in the grave. They're going to meet Allah one day and I am also going to meet Allah Wente

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it's amazing how we can see other people performing Salah and we think we don't have to. We see other people reciting the Quran and we think we don't have to their Quran is going to help them and my recitation is going to help me. If your mom is reading, if your aunt is reading your friend is reading good for them. What about you? What about you and i What are we doing for ourselves? We're just concerned about being happy now.

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We're in pursuit of this happiness, which is never going to be found in this life.

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And on little things, we start laughing and laughing for Lila how Gokhale Allah Allah says stop laughing laugh very little, when the aapko cathedra and cry more over your sins. What Kerala huddly I think weep over your sins the prophets have a lot of circumstances, cry over your sins. ask Allah for forgiveness when the aapko Kathira desert and Bhima can we xe boon

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for in so if Roger Arca he returns you Allahu Allah, Allah to thaw if at the men whom a group from them meaning if Allah brings you back home safely, and these ayat will revealed on the way back from the book, on the way to Medina, that if you end up reaching Medina, if Allah brings you back home safely ilaqua infotainment home to a group from them and you meet some hypocrites faster than Oka, then they seek permission from you Lin hoodie for the going out meaning for going out to battle hood from karada. So on your return to Medina, when some hypocrites will come to you asking permission to accompany you to another expedition, Cluj meaning that they go out with you on the next expedition

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for also say, learn the hoodoo Maria, Abba, the Never will you go out with me ever. Your chance is now over. You can never ever accompany me on any expedition From this day onwards. Because what happened was that when the Prophet saw a lot of sudden returned, the moon African those who had stayed behind, they came again, talking and presenting more excuses. Just in order to please the prophets have a lot of setup just to make sure that he would not be angry with them, he would not be upset with them, because the concern of the monastic is that he wants to look good in everybody's eyes. He doesn't want to ever have a bad image. This is why the focus is on the physical appearance.

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This is why the focus is on what does she think of me? What does he say about me? This is what the concern is. So when the profit total loss on return, Allah subhanaw taala is warning him preparing him from before that they will come and ask you they will say, you know, this time you weren't able to go with you, but inshallah next time

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you know, you have my full support. Next time. We'll be ready from before. Next time we'll go with you. Allah says tell them learn the hoodoo Maria. Avada you can never go out with me again. Wallen and never to Karatedo you will fight Maria with me or the one any enemy.

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That's it, your chances are over. You're never going out with me on any expedition. And you're never going to fight with me any enemy. Why? Because intercom indeed you literally Tim, you were happy Bill crude with the sitting a Walmart of the first time. You were very happy about remaining behind the first time about staying behind the first time. So fucka Rudl Marin holophane. So from now onwards forever, what should you do? Go ahead and sit with who model Halloween with those who stay behind Halloween is applauded of Halloween and who is called one who stays behind conifer, stay behind. So those who stay behind you stay with them From this day onwards, you're not going out with

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What do we learn from this,

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that when a person has an opportunity to do good before him, and he deliberately does not take advantage of it, he deliberately leaves it then what happens in the future? He doesn't get those opportunities again. Why? As a punishment for refusing it as a punishment for refusing it? What happens is that when a person refuses once, then later on, even if he realizes there's something that I should do, by the way, then what comes in between ego, his pride, correct? That I said no. First, why should I say yes now? And there are very few people whom Allah give Sophia to say yes. Right later on, because they're able to sacrifice their ego, they're able to overcome it.

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But generally what happens when a person says no the first time that he's not able to do that ever again. So losing one opportunity means losing how many opportunities, one know many, many more, many, many more. Because every opportunity to do good is a means that will lead you to many, many more

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Like for example, if a person decides that they're going to memorize one surah of the Quran, somebody offers them, I'm available. If you want, I can help you. Every Sunday, we'll meet for two hours, and I can help you memorize this one surah. And they also have the time they can do it, but to say, No, I don't want to why I think it's too difficult. I can memorize one surah even, it's not my thing, I'm not going to do it.

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So now what's happening? They're depriving themselves of memorizing a surah. Okay. But you know what, they're also depriving themselves of reading that Surah over and over again, right? And then memorizing another Surah, after the Surah, and then another Surah after the surah. Correct. So remember that every good deed is a door to many good deeds. So when a person refuses to open it, what is he doing, essentially, depriving himself of many, many more opportunities. And this is exactly what happened with them whenever they refuse to go out with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, without any genuine reason, without any valid excuse. So what happened later on when they came and

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said, we'd like to go with you in the future? What were they told no, sorry. You cannot come again ever. And you know what, they did actually lose this opportunity. Because the expedition to the book was the last expedition that the prophets have a lot of said and participated in.

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It was the last one. So those who missed out on this opportunity, they missed out on something very, very great. They were told fucka rudo, Marin Hanafi so set with those who remain behind. So what's the lesson then? Any opportunity that comes your way, grab it, go for it, take it.

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Allah says Allah to suddenly and you do not pray, meaning do not perform salah or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ala upon a hottie, Minh hum any one of them. Any one of the hypocrites who matter who dies matter from Mote he died, Abba ever. So any one of the hypocrites if he dies, he you are not allowed to pray over them. For what? For what Janessa

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the prophets on a lot of sudden was forbidden from performing sludge so Janessa even for the hypocrites and while at the code and you do not stand I love Cobra he on his grave. Because it was the habit of the prophets of Allah Allah said that when he would bury one of his companions, he would stand by the grave afterwards making dua for the one in the grave, that may Allah make it easy for him. Over here, he's told when you bury a hypocrite, when he's buried well at the coma, Allah Kadri he, you're not going to stand on his grave seeking forgiveness for him. Why? Because in the home, Kufa robola He was a Sunni, indeed, they have disbelieved and Allah and His Messenger, were

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meant to welcome Fassi Hoon, and they died while they were fast goon. First of all, there were sinful. They were disobeying Allah, they were crossing limits, they died in that state. So this is why you're not praying janazah for them, and you're not making any door for them after they have died.

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It's amazing how they tried to hide their hypocrisy during their life. But when they passed away, and the Prophet isn't allowed to preach, and as on them, everyone else around them will know for sure that they were hypocrites. So their name will be tainted, but left back forever. Just imagine that they tried to hide their hypocrisy, but with their death, the hypocrisy was exposed because the prophets also was not praying somebody's janazah then what does that show? That person has a moment. It's very obvious that that person is whenever we learned that, when the Prophet saw a lot of sin returned from the book, and our beloved obey the chief of hypocrites. He became very sick soon after

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the book. And remember that our beloved obey was someone who also went forth a book with the prophets of a lot of many hypocrites, they stayed behind. Our beloved obey, he went along with the prophets, Allah loves him and he created a lot of trouble for the Muslims. He was one of the people who influenced others and they had the courage to speak against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and market the Muslims and market the Quran and market the prophets of Allah Allah Islam. So anyway, or the livanova Yan has returned from the book, he got really sick.

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

And he was about to die basically was very clear that this man is going to die. So I believe and obey his son, whose name was also Abdullah. He was a sincere believer, okay. And what happened? He came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he asked him that please may I have

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

Your shirt in order to bury my father in. So the prophets of Allah and Sunnah.

00:35:05 --> 00:35:09

Imagine, what did he do? He gave his shirt.

00:35:10 --> 00:35:57

Our beloved obey was not just a hypocrite, who had been trying to deceive the prophets of Allah Islam. He was one of the people who had heard the Prophet salallahu Salam in his personal life. You know, the incident of if the lie against I shall blow on her, who was one of the main people, it was our beloved obey, who accused I shall blow or know of her chastity. And what happened? The prophets have a lot is on them. He was hurt for an entire month. Imagine he didn't have peace in his family in his household. So our beloved obey had hurt him at that time. And not just this one occasion, go back all the way to the Battle of Earth. What did our beloved obey do with so many people? What did

00:35:57 --> 00:36:25

he do? He came back to Medina, he abandoned him at the Battle of Hanoi, duck also, he said, very harsh words. He was the one who was provoking the Jews against the Muslims. Right? And he was the one who would give them their support against the Muslims. Right? Now this man, when he's dying, his son comes to the prophets of Lausanne and says, May I please have your shirt so I can bury my father in it? If you are in a position like that, what would you do?

00:36:27 --> 00:37:13

What would you do? Like no way, anybody but him. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave his shirt for Abdullah bin obey to be buried in then what happened? Our beloved obey he died, and his son Abdullah, he asked the Prophet salallahu Salam, please offer my father's funeral prayer. Please offer my father's janazah because the son was a sincere believer, right? And he was, after all a son and he wanted the best for his father, even though he knew the evil and the sin of his father. He still was hopeful that perhaps maybe Allah will forgive him maybe. So he wanted the prophets alongside them to offer the Janessa and the prophets of Allah Islam agreed. He agreed. He stood up

00:37:13 --> 00:37:52

in order to go to offer the funeral prayer, and a remodeled Villa more on who he took hold of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said he had a suit Allah are you going to offer his funeral prayer, even though your Lord has forbidden you to do so? Meaning even though Allah subhanaw taala has said stuff with Lomo let the stuff in low interest the film severe enough forgotten Falaya Pharaoh Mahalo. Even though Allah has said that even if you seek forgiveness for them 70 times Allah will not forgive them. Still, you will do that. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I have been given the choice for Allah says seek forgiveness for them or you don't seek forgiveness for them.

00:37:53 --> 00:38:39

So I am going to seek forgiveness. Allah says even if you seek forgiveness 70 times, I will seek forgiveness more than 70 times. Maybe, maybe this man will be forgiven. I will seek forgiveness more than 70 times or more to learn who said this man is gonna fail. How can you do that? The prophets of the Lord is alone. He said, nevermind, and he went, and he performed the funeral prayer. And then Allah subhanaw taala revealed this idea. This idea that clearly forbade the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from offering the janazah that we're allowed to suddenly Allah had men who Mata Avada wala Docomo Allah Kaveri in the home Cafaro Billahi Rasool E. Wimmer to whom farcical

00:38:41 --> 00:39:03

what do we learn in this ayah? There is mainly two things. First of all, we see again the same lesson that if a person himself has not done anything to seek Allah's forgiveness, then even if the prophet of Allah is performing his janazah, even if the most righteous of people are around him seeking forgiveness for him, is it going to help that person? No,

00:39:05 --> 00:39:28

it's not going to help him. So we should stop relying on the righteous people who may be around us. And we should start focusing on our actions. We should start doing something ourselves. If a person their father is very wealthy, what do they think that oh, I don't have to bother too much. My dad will give me money.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:33

They have this whole that my father is money will help me one day

00:39:34 --> 00:39:52

in worldly matters, yes. Other people, their accomplishments may help you to some extent. But when it comes to an era, that no nobody's good deeds can help you. Nobody is default can help you if you if you are not sincere in your heart.

00:39:53 --> 00:39:58

Secondly, we see over here, the mercy of the Prophet salallahu Salam

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

That how forgiving he was. And what a big heart he possessed. If somebody hurts us even slightly 15 years ago, and today, we learned that they have died, or they're extremely sick. What kind of words do we say good for them. They hurt me like that this is what they deserve. And if you try to recall what exactly happened, you might not be able to recall because it's been so long, right? But still, we are so vengeful, we are so full of hate in our hearts that we're not ready to forgive others. But we see the profits of a lot of Sam so forgiving he was that when he was asked for the shirt he gave it. When he was asked to perform the janazah. He went and performed the janazah. He said, Allah has

00:40:46 --> 00:41:00

given me a choice is the film Oh, let the stuff alone. So I'm going to go for it stuff with Allah. Allah has said that you seek forgiveness 70 times Allah will not forgive them, I will try more than that. Maybe Allah will forgive them.

00:41:02 --> 00:41:16

And for any person who wants to go far in his life, he wants to earn Allah's pleasure, what is necessary, that they learn to forgive others. If we don't forgive others, than we cannot serve the religion of Allah,

00:41:17 --> 00:42:05

then we cannot, we cannot really go far in the way of Allah. Because the fact is, when a person is on the way of Allah, then yes, people will hurt him a lot. They will hurt him a lot. And if you keep these grudges in your heart, then you can't go far. You have to forgive, to free yourself. You have to forgive others mistakes, their shortcomings their injustices against you. Why? So that you can go far? Because you know what grudges do? They hold you down more than any other person. Because you have that grudge in your heart, your heart is locked up, your potentials are locked up, right? You are not free. You cannot think freely. You cannot do anything freely because you're conscious in the

00:42:05 --> 00:42:43

back of your mind. You have those feelings are constantly weighing down on you. It's a burden. It's a weight under which we have oppressed ourselves. So what is necessary that others injustices against us, we forgive them so that we can release ourselves. We can free ourselves. And the more we think about what others have done to us, the more it holds us down. Yes, I should sit down when I go. I was reflecting on the Hadith that you were just saying about Amara Dylon hmm And I was reflecting that the kind of

00:42:44 --> 00:42:55

Maria clean they had that Amara the Allahu Anhu stopping prophets Allah listen, I'm reminding him about the eyes of Quran on in provinces and I'm as the one who

00:42:56 --> 00:43:36

received the Quran. So I was thinking like Subhan Allah, this is the reason why their companions they were companions. And Allah was pleased with them because of the knowledge they had the courage they had, and it can only come to us when we have that kind of firmness in our iman, the reason why we cannot stop people from bad because we are not sure if it's bad or not. There are many times when we look at a scholar or a regular person who's talking about something and we are not sure if they're right or wrong. We don't have the courage to stop because we are not sure. And I was thinking like how important it is to do our lessons. You know, God has always said do seven times.

00:43:36 --> 00:43:44

If you really go to our course the way if you're asked to I have hope and Allah that we will have this firmness to our knowledge.

00:43:47 --> 00:44:10

So over here we'll add to Sunday, I had a man who Mata Avada wala Takuma Allah probably in the home Cafaro Billahi Rasool e Amato home first raccoon Walter dibuka and it should not please you it should not impress you what I'm wearing them their wealth will hola Doom and their children, their properties their children should not please you you should not be impressed by them.

00:44:12 --> 00:44:55

In the mail you read Allah who indeed Allah only once and you're a deba whom we hear that he should punish them through them meaning through their wealth and children fit dunya in this life in this world What does help her and foster home and their souls depart while home care for your own while they are disbelievers? Because I'm an avid teen, like we discussed earlier, that their entire focus was on what on their image. My image should be good before others. This is why they paid a lot of attention on their physical appearance on their money on their children. So Allah says over here, don't be impressed by their wealth and their children. They have a lot of well, they have good

00:44:55 --> 00:44:59

children. Okay, that is of the glitters of this life.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

But how is it good? How is it good if it has kept them away from going out and Allah's way, if the same wealth and children have been the cause of their staying back from the way of Allah, that they haven't gone in the way of Allah saved a lot of money for themselves and their children are healthy, they're fine. What good is that? What good is that, eventually their wealth is going to finish, eventually their children are going to finish. And they're going to be cursing their children on the Day of Judgment, running away from them, cursing their wealth, whatever they had, because they will say it was because of you that we disobeyed Allah. So don't be impressed by their wealth and

00:45:42 --> 00:46:06

children. Allah is going to punish them through their wealth and children in this life, meaning the same money, the same children will become a source of pain and misery for them in this life. For a believer wealth, and children are very good. Why? Because he uses them in good ways. And they're basically opportunities for him to accumulate more reward for his

00:46:07 --> 00:46:48

right when he teaches his children good things. And when he spends his wealth in good ways that even when this person dies, when the believer dies, what is still coming his way, good deeds, the daughters of his children, right? The southern Nigeria, all of that is still coming his way. So for a believer wealth and children are really good. Why? Because he uses them for aka he invests them in the life hereafter, but I'm gonna fit for him wealth and children are not good at all. Why? Because he uses them for worldly glory and fame. And what happens? The same wealth and children that rise him up that bring him a lot of fame and glory, the same wealth and children are a cause of his

00:46:48 --> 00:47:13

decline and misery. Right? They become a cause of committing sin. And as a result, he is humiliated in this life. And he's also humiliated where in the Hereafter. And what does haka unfold? Well homecare for your own because of this wealth and children, they're fooled by them deceived by them, they continue to live like this until they will die while they are still disbelievers.

00:47:14 --> 00:47:52

I'm just kind of surprised to see the same exact idea being repeated just a few pages back, it seems to show two things that, first of all, it's very important for us to pay attention to the fact that children and wealth are not the most important thing. Or if we have them, we have to use them in the proper way. And second of all, this seems to show also that as human beings, we tend to just go for these things. It seems as if it's as if this is the entire purpose of our life. Yeah, right. That is someone has children, then they are human being they're complete. And if they don't have children, it's as if they're the most unfortunate people of this world. All right. So what do these ads show

00:47:52 --> 00:48:35

to us that wealth, wealth and children? Well, they are very important, they're not everything. They're not everything. There are means that Allah has provided to us to get closer to him, right? But for some people, what happens is that this means becomes the goal and when it becomes the goal takes them away from Allah subhanaw taala. When it takes them away from Allah, this wealth because of it, they do boehle They're stingy. These children because of them, they miss their prayers, they disobey Allah subhanaw taala in one way or another. So they become a source of sin for them. A means by which they were to get closer to Allah, what is happening, the wealth and children becomes a

00:48:35 --> 00:48:44

means for them to go farther away from Allah subhanaw taala. recitation, this Delphi

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foresee him fee savvy. You Apollo walk all

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fuels in

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Jahan Doha

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Lucan Oh yes. Oh

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Taku Polly

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common law who ILA or

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minimum than Oh girl who wrote dzifa

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The whole Joe

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hold your mouth

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to God you know now

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