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Al-Waqiah 1-40 Tafsir 27-40

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Okay, now, a lot of dimensions with regards to us heavily mean

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well as how will Yamini and the companions of the right side, man as herbally I mean, what are the companions of the right previously they were mentioned as us how will maimana now, us How will you mean?

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Who are the companions of the right This question is for their job amazement as well as the fame to show their great position. And what is that great position fee say that

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they will be among low trees with thorns removed, meaning they will also be in general, but what is their location? fee said that in

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what was the location of a sub Johan makara Boone close to Allah. Here he said that he must say that from the ruthless scene that was basically used for the load tree, which has edible fruit but mainly This tree is actually known for its shade.

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It provides a lot of shade. cool shade, thick shade. So he said it in. However this tree mean the tree that is underneath? That tree has thorns on it. And if you're sitting under a tree that is thorny, even if it's providing lovely shade to you, are you comfortable? No. Because imagine you're wearing a lovely dress, the wind blows slightly, and your shawl gets stuck in the thorn. It's not that comfortable. Right? Similarly, you want to take something but the thorn scratches your hand. So it's uncomfortable. Must do therefore is hard. But that must do this that whose thorns are removed thorns are cut off.

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So if he says

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so what does it show that the city of Jannah is not like the city of dunya? Remember that when it comes to the things of Jannah that Allah soprano data tells us about the only thing that is common between the things of gender and things of dunya is their name. That's it.

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The qualities, the characteristics, their nature, that's completely different. So the sitter of gender is much better than the citizen of dunya Allah says and sort of Saturday 17th Allah tala mon Epson Melfi Allah human quality Aryan desert and be Macedonia. You don't know exactly what's there in general, you don't know only these names are loss of hamiltonians telling us even the wine of Jana is much better much different than the wine of dunya

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right. So everything about Jenna is perfect. It's beautiful. We'll call him Mahmoud and banana trees layered with fruit. But banana tree

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and Mahmoud noon but then

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malodors what that which is filed up that which is stacked up.

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We have done this word earlier as well. Done up till as Nan is when the teeth are perfectly arranged in rows. So we'll call him mumble trees that are filled with fruit banana trees filled with fruit. But again remember that the banana off Jenna is much better, much different than the banana linea

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the fruit itself and the tree itself as well. While the limb dude and shade that is extended shade that is extended mamdouh mud, what does matter mean to lengthen the stretch something? So the shared that the assemblymen will enjoy in general How is it ma'am? Dude extended What does it mean by extended in two ways. First of all permanent,

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extended as in permanent, the sun will never reduce it, it will never wipe it off. It will never decrease it. It's permanent. And secondly Mahmoud also means extensive, long outstretched.

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We learn from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in paradise there is a tree that a writer can travel for 100 years under its shade, but would not be able to pass it from one point to the other, how long 100 years but you will not be able to cross it.

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You will not be able to pass it just imagine Lehman dude.

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And if you think about it, what is it? That The pleasure is the blessings of DONE How are they eternal? When it comes to the shape that's eternal when it comes to the fruit, the springs? All of that is eternal? Isn't it's

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never coming to an end.

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Why am I in Edgewater, my school that is poured out

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my school from the rotator cuff best second

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Second is to

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pour something out to spill it. And Sakaba is such rain, which brings huge big raindrops. It's pouring. So magma scoop water that is myschool, meaning continuously pouring out, running continuously, never coming to an end.

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In terms of Amane 50 we learn FEMA in any duty and that duty and constantly flowing.

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warfare he has him kathira and fruit that is abundant and kathira does not just mean a lot in quantity, but also in its variety, forgetting kathira, abundant fruit, a lot of variety, and fruit that lamb okoto rotten when I'm newer, neither limited nor forbidden. Matsuura from cutter, what does that mean? To cut something off machimura? One that is cut off?

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What does it mean by this cut off, meaning the supplies cut off? Right? So you run out.

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So lemak two are the fruit of genma. Allah says number two are the supply will never be cut off.

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Similarly, Indonesia, the fruit is limited to certain seasons, isn't it so? Once a season is over, that fruit is cut off, you will not find it. But the fruit of gender lemak Torah.

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It's not cut off in supply. It's not cut off in its time, meaning it's always there. And it's also said that lamb of Torah means that when the fruit is picked,

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it's not that it will be cut off from there and never grow. Anytime one fruit is picked instantly another will grow back on its place instantly.

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So now I'm not sure

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when I'm on Nora, this is also very important. Well Nora is from Monday, what does it mean to stop prohibit.

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So the fruit of Jenna is not prohibited.

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Adam and his son when he was sent it in for some time, whichever geminate was what was the test

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whether the pallava had his shadow.

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So there was one that was missoura for him. Only one everything else allowed.

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Only one that was forbidden. But this Jenna Lammermoor, nothing is forbidden, everything is allowed, there is no forbidden tree.

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Similarly, Indonesia, what happens?

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There is something that you would like to eat, there is some fruit that you would like to pick, you see a lovely tree in a beautiful garden. But there's a big sign that reads no trespassing on private property, keep away.

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But the fruit of them is Lammermoor.

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Similarly, you go somewhere, and there are people, as guards telling you, you can't touch this, you can't go here.

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Why? Because it's either very precious, or it's very expensive. But we see that the fruit of Jonah is readily available for the people of gender, that the angels, the guards, they will not say, Oh no, no, you're not allowed to pick the fruit from the street. No. It's all free for them.

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Lamb authority, while amamoor

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Similarly, one is something forbidden for you.

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When it's harmful, when it's gone bad.

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Like if there's a poisonous Berry, no matter how beautiful it looks, you tell your child don't even go near it. Don't even touch it.

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But the fruit of Gemma lemon

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and this also shows that the people of dinner will be honored.

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Because when something is allowed for you,

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when something is always available for you, you're not stopped, you're not prevented. You have unlimited access. Then what does it mean? You have a lot of honor, isn't it so who has unlimited access to something? Anyone know someone who has a high position someone who's deserving of it? Right? Like for example sometimes if you go stay at a hotel, they give you only two coupons for breakfast for example only two and those only for only two days that's it. Third day you can't have it. If you have a third person you have to pay for them.

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It's mokou amamoor. Right. Similarly smartdo are limited to time you can only go from eight to 10 for breakfast at 12 you go no breakfast for you. You have to pay for it. You have to get room service mcdorman Nora, this is not true honor. Real honor is in Gemma lemak door it

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will Fukushima for and upon beds that are raised high photoshoot.

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florala flash flash is used for a couch a cushion, a mattress a carpet a bed, anything that a person basically rests on.

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that a person rests on he sleeps on. So a flourish

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earlier we learned about sort of over here we learn about photos and these photos Allah says more for raised high elevated what is the mean by this raised mattresses above cultures not at ground level, but a level high? Well photo Shin more for the word flourish has been understood in another way as well.

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The Arabs they used different words to describe

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For example, leave us have we done this word in the Quran earlier?

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Hoon alabaster la como Anton leave us alone.

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Because the relationship of the husband and wife is very close, right? Similarly the relationship of husband wife is also a means of comfort for one another. This is why the word fellowship is also used for wife why because bed if you don't sleep on the bed, you're not comfortable.

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If you sleep on the floor, you'll be uncomfortable, isn't it? So why is wife called Phil ash? Because she is a source of comfort

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for the husband. Right? And the earth is also called flash.

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ality john Elderfield question can you live without it? Can you live without it? No. Similarly, a person's right, like an animal a vehicle that is also called flesh. So the earth that you live on the right that you have all of these are what necessities of life isn't it? You cannot do without them, your life is incomplete. Without them, you cannot find comfort without them. So a flourish over here means such companions such wives that are more for what does it mean by my for innovated in the sense of their beauty

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over the beauty of the people of the near

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the people of dunya

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and ladonia. I'm not saying the people who live in Indonesia, but people who chase the dunya, who's a whose goal is adonia. Sometimes they're very beautiful, and sometimes they highlight their beauty a lot, right? But we see that the beauty of the women agenda is much more than the beauty of the women have.

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You understand?

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Similarly, before they'll be elevated about, about what, above any fields,

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any field so the women have gender, perfectly clean, ultimate Flora in another way that they'll be much more in the hearts of their husbands.

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Each wife will be loved by the husband a lot.

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And mushroom four is also understood as that metaphor meaning sitting on couches along with them, so a Photoshop metaphor.

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And these women, Allah says in one inch indeed we have produced them in a new creation. And Chetna Hoon insha. Known sheen Hamza, what does it mean? produce?

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So we have produced them into a new creation.

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What does it mean by that?

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That the women of gender those wretches believing women who will enter gender, how will they be in a new creation mean their body will be new, such that will be extremely beautiful, extremely attractive, perfect in every way.

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Because women, what do they always talk about? You know, my hair used to be so good.

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My skin was like that my nails were like this, you should have seen my nails is three years ago.

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This is what women talk about, right? That because of all the housework and because of all the childbearing and rearing, you know their bodies, they have lost their beauty, isn't it? So we see that Allah subhanaw taala will fulfill this wish of every woman that she'll be given as though a new body, a new creation, a perfect beautiful body in that unchecked now one inch.

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And we see that the people of Ghana what will their age be?

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between 30 and 33 this is what we learned from the Hadees. So every person of gender, how will he or she be young. So if a person dies at the age of 60, a person dies at the age of 70 5040. Their body will be as beautiful as perfect, as it would have been at the age of 3033 but obviously with more beauty in it, with more perfection in it. So in

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And shut now when insha

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Allah hoonah and we will make them who the women of gender Aqaba? virgins, meaning that women will be complete in their

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bodies as well, because the plural of Bix, which is used for Virgin

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and these women are a little bent at traba devoted to their husbands and also a throb of equal age.

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earlobe is the plural of

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our lube. It's the Florida of our little brain. Well, but

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this word is very interesting.

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Or lube is used for a woman who is loved by her husband.

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Meaning her husband just loves her like crazy.

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earlobe. So the women of gender, how will they be perfect and body beautiful in their appearance. And on top of that the best thing their husbands will love them.

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They will adore them because sometimes what happens a woman is trying so hard, but the husband just doesn't like her.

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So urban. Secondly, there's also room is used for a woman who loves her husband, and expresses her love as well.

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Because sometimes women fall short in expressing their love to their husbands. Right. But the women of gender, they love their husbands and they will also express their love.

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So first of all their marble baths, MOBA and secondly, they're also lovers of their husbands. Now, just imagine, the husband loves her. She loves him. What a beautiful relationship Aruban. And this is much more than the love that could exist between a couple Indonesia. Because when people look at a couple like this, or both love each other, both love one another, you know they admire them, isn't it so? Why? Because it's such a good relationship, you can see the happiness in their lives.

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And if both don't love one another, you can see the sadness, you can see the feeling of deprivation, right? In one or both. So obon

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13 is often said about the word or Luba that are a little boy is a woman who is very fun, loving, very jolly, very happy. She's also such that she makes the other person happy. She's very good in her speech, and she has a sense to understand what the other person wants.

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You understand? For the women of gender, how will they be

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lovers of their husbands? loved by their husbands and on top of that, extremely fun loving as well. as entertaining as well.

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A Tribe a tribe is a plural of Terry, tail, and tail, or a tribe is used for females of equal age.

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Those women who are of equal age, if you think about it, the word love is also from the same room. What is the love?

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That's right. So girls, usually when they're young, and when they're of the same age, how do they play they play in the mud together as an adult. So equal age means playing together being together having fun together, sir obon. At Slava at Rob, what does it mean over here first of all, equal in age

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with their husbands?

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Why? Because the people of gentlemen, all of them will be young, between 30 and 33, all of them. So their husbands and wives all will be of equal age of the same age. Why?

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Why do you think so?

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So that they're more compatible, okay. Why else?

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They have more in common and they can also enjoy more.

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Because what happens

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if the man is much older, and the woman is much younger, young girl gets married to a man who is working professional. What does he want? He wants that when he comes home, he should have dinner ready everything and the wife she wants to go out with her friends here their likes and dislikes are different, isn't it? But when the age is the same, then both can have fun together. Both have similar likes and dislikes.

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You understand? soroban A taba?

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Even William, he said concerning this age of the people of gender between 3033 years, there's obvious wisdom behind this, for it is the most perfect age at which one is most able to enjoy physical pleasures, and the age at which one's health and strength are most perfect as well.

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Isn't it so? Younger? you're lazy. You're not that interested. Older. You're tired. You're aching.

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All right. So this age is the most perfect to enjoy physical pleasures

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serova traba and utsav is also understood in another way that all the women have gender.

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So for example, if a man has multiple wives,

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all of them will be of equal age. Why? So that all of them are equally loved by him.

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We understand Aruban, a trauma, all of this for who the US heavily I mean, for the companions of the right side

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who are the companions of the right side? Allah says sola terminal a wedding accompany a huge group from the former peoples was selected meaning a city and a huge company a huge group of the major peoples with regard to the cyber con Who are they so let them in on a winning or kalido minella

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over here, a big group from the first generations and also from the later generations they have any any

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What else? Me NEMA.

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be me.

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If you look at the description of the vehicle, and then the US have with me, whether viruses have a foot what was said? What kind of fruit were faqir? mammalia the higher rune is 20.

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And with regard to the most heavily amine, faqih hatin, kathira.

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Is there a difference?

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you have to hide your own already shows kathira? Isn't it? If you have to select something, it means there are many. Correct? And when it has been said that they selected choose, it shows that they will have we know that freedom and that honor. And you have to choose something when it's offered to you. And it's presented to you.

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Isn't it so? So it shows that the level of service that the people have shown will get as much higher, much better compared to as high volume. But as high Will you mean obviously, they also get a lot

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for the savvy code. It has been said all of this is just a mechanic Dr. Maroon, all of this is reward because of what they used to their Iman has been mentioned specifically. Why? Because you can only get a high level when you've done something, isn't it? You can only get distinction. When you've put in the effort. If you haven't put in the effort, you can get distinction. It's not just by luck.

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It's not just by chance. No, it's by effort,

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which students excel. There's those who are very smart. This is what we think, right? Well, she's just very smart. That's why she's first. No she's first not just because she's very smart, but because she put in the effort. Right? She did her daily lesson she did all her assignments took all her tests. That's why she's first.

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Also if you see that the reward that is mentioned for the cyber con is much more than the reward that is mentioned for the US How will you mean this also shows that the reward will be greater isn't the word will be greater, more is mentioned for the cyber. Because the cyber home when a person is having is busy, busy, busy, is struggling, sacrificing, overcoming his desires controlling himself, right if you want to be the first one then you have to

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sacrificed from somewhere right? So when a person sacrifices in this way Allah subhanaw taala also rewards in the most perfect way.

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The thing is, that no person knows what reward they will have in the hereafter which group they will belong to, whether there will be a quantity of one or the other. This is based entirely on a loss of pangolins decision and what else a person's efforts and what he prays for what he asks for one of the meanings of savvy coolness that select the minute or willing or willing athlete who does it refer to the early generations. Okay? If you're not of the early generation, this is the only way of being the SAVAK. No,

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of the ways of being savvy, who knows that you do something you also struggled, you also strive, you'll be the first one when nobody else is doing it. And remember that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that when you ask Allah for agenda, ask him for what fit those Why? Because for those is the highest level of Jenga, it is for who the macabre been.

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Right? Because above it is the out of a loss of parameters to the profits that allowed us and told us indirectly, to strive to be a

00:26:18--> 00:26:39

savvy phone. That's what our aim should be. Okay. Never think that, oh, I don't have a cyber cone. Therefore, I will be of this high volume if you don't know. strive to be the very best. Right? So that if you don't reach there, at least you're somewhere close. Okay?

00:26:40--> 00:26:45

Many times, we know we're okay with being just average.

00:26:46--> 00:27:29

And mediocre. Right? Even in terms of lunia. I'm passing, it's okay. As long as I pass the test, that's all I need, isn't it? We don't aim for 100%. Whereas 100% is possible, isn't it? 99% is possible. But what do we think it's okay, nevermind, I'll just pass and that's enough for me. As long as I get the diploma at the end that's efficient. No, you can do better. You can, when you can do it. Why don't you because the reward is much greater. So don't sell yourself short. You get it? Don't make yourself cheap. No, you have the potential to be much better. So try to be

00:27:31--> 00:27:44

and this is what the surah is, you know, motivating us in a way to do that strive to be able to save a home. Don't just think oh, if I intergender that's sufficient for me. Try to be at the highest level of gentlemen.

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Okay, we'll conclude over here. subchronic aloha movie Ambika, Misha de la Ilaha. illa Anta mystuff, Lyrica Juana to really a Santa Monica.