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Al-Anbiya 51-82 Word Analysis and Tafsir 71-77

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rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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we'll begin from number 71.

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One of Jane Eyre who and we rescued him. We saved him.

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The people tried to kill Ibrahim s&m. They tried to get rid of him, they tried to burn him. They made such a huge attempt to kill him. It would have been easier to just get him by a sword.

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But they made such a huge fire. They collected firewood, and then they ignited this huge fire in order to burn him. But a loss of final data saved him when j No, we saved him, despite their huge plan,

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while Luton and we also saved Lou. And we took them to were in an elderly Leti to the land which varrock nafi here that we had blessed in Lille, Al amin for the world's busy. It was not possible for Abraham register them to stay in those people anymore. The only option he had was to do digital.

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Because we see that his people they try to burn him. Allah subhanaw taala saved him from that fire. And we also see that when he spoke to his father, what did his father say? What junie Malaya leave me for a long period of time, just go away from here. Because if you don't stop what you're saying, I'm going to kill you by stoning. So we see that Ibrahim and Assam it wasn't possible for him to stay there anymore. He wasn't welcome. And the people were not willing to change. They were not willing to give up their ways. Despite the fact that the truth was made evident to them. So Ibrahima Sam he migrated from that land. He went from there. And along with him, Luther the center, as well

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as both of them alternative digital with him, who were the

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Lutheranism was the nephew of Ibrahim Ernestina Lutheran heroine. And Sarah was the wife of Ibrahim, Melissa and both of them had become believers. So all three of them they left from that nation. But what do we see that only two people, only two people listen to Abraham Listen, and only they accepted, only they believed.

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We learned a lot of soft fat I number 99. We'll call it in neither he won't either. Robbie, Sadie. Ibrahim, Rene, Sam said, Indeed, I will go to where I am ordered by my Lord. He will guide me, he will tell me where to go. Because imagine if someone is leaving their home country in such a way that they're just leaving in order to save their life. You can imagine how very little possessions they would be taking with them. And how much fear they would have of where they're supposed to go where they're supposed to eat from where they're supposed to live. Save when I heard I sent him again, he relied upon who the last panel died and he said, I am going towards My Lord and my Lord

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will guide me he will tell me where to go.

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So Allah subhanaw taala he took him where in an elderly lady Baraka to the land in which we have blessed which land is this, the land of a sham Philistine of Jerusalem, of Palestine, without insulting Islam, about this land as well that's a panel of the SRB Arc de Leyland minella, mercy dill halloumi illa Masjid Al Aqsa and levy Baraka

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so allotey Baraka now, how is this land blessing? How is there a lot of Baraka in this land?

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In many ways, that first of all, it is the place where many prophets were born, many prophets lived, many prophets died, and many prophets were buried. Because remember, that this is where the money is, for you later lived, this was your home country, and to the money is for you many, many profits.

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So all of them were from where Jewson so this is how that land was blessed. And also it was blessed because that land is full of many rivers, many streams as well as many trees, the fruit, the crop, the produce of that land is very superior compared to the produce of other lands.

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So both in the physical sense, it is blessed as well as in the spiritual sense, it is blessed

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what will happen at Yahoo and we gift it to him. What happened after that as well habit, and Heba from the same root is used for a gift. So we gift it to him, meaning we gift it to him or his son. His haircut is How cool was his help. The son of Ibrahim Reiser, now it will here in a second he had left his people and now he was going alone with only two other companions. And he prayed for righteous offspring. He prayed for righteous God

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So Allah subhanaw taala compensated him with a child because he had left his family he had left his entire people. But remember that when a person leaves something for the sake of Allah and Allah will definitely compensate him with something that is better. Ibrahim already said and prayed for a child as well in order to solve fat I have 100 we learn but I'll be heavily Minnesota hain Oh my Lord, grant me a child from among the righteous. So he was given his house.

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But not only was he granted the gift of a righteous child, but also a righteous grandchild way or Koba and also yaku the son of his help, but your Cobra Santa was given to him nafi Latin In addition,

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as an extra favor, as an extra blessing. nephila as you know is that which is voluntary, remember, but the head j to be nafi ratanak.

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So, it is that which is over, which is on top of the mandatory thing.

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So, it is voluntary, it is extra, it is a gift, an additional thing, so we gave to him yaku in addition to his help, because if he really did not pray for a righteous grandson in particular, he was given this gift.

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Well Colin and all of them john, now we made solly hain righteous Allah who Ibrahim alayhis salam, Lutheranism is health on Instagram, Yahoo bredeson m all of them, they were made righteous, how are they righteous?

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That they were given Prophethood and Allah subhanaw taala gave him that ofis to do a lot of good as well.

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In sort of medium I have 49 we learn fellow martyrs Allah whom when I bounnam Indian Illa will happen Allah who is Harker, where hooba will could learn Jana nebia.

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So each of them, who was he, a prophet of Allah. And not only that they were prophets of Allah. But what you are now home, Emerton, and we made them leaders. Ima is the plural of the man a leader. So we made them leaders and they guided the people they lead the people we are doing and they would guide me and Marina at our command.

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So Allah subhanaw taala made Ibrahim and Sam and his descendants the leaders for the people, leaders and websites to lead people in guidance to lead people in righteousness. We learn in South America I want 24 that were either batalla Ibrahim are a boo boo Kalimantan for atom Mohan and what was the reward that color in Niger a locally nasty Eman Allah set a pro humanism I'm going to make you an Imam for all people. What did Ibrahim Renison I'm say, Father, what means a deity and also from my offspring meaning make me and mmm and also my children make them leaders off righteous as well. But what it allows if Allah lay in Allah I did what I mean, my promise is not for those who do rock.

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So from his descendants, it wasn't that everyone was made an Imam, but who was made a man, those among them who were righteous because some of his descendants were righteous and some of them were not righteous in sort of soft fat I want 13 we learn about our canal alaihe where Allah is helping women to lead him Mr. Sin was lolly Molina see him up. From his descendants were who Morrison and also Laurie Molina FC.

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So this was one of the gifts that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed upon humanists and and with that he was made a leader of people and the righteous offspring that he had even there became the leaders of people. And how did they lead people who do not they would guide be a marina by our command. What does it mean by this, that at the command of a lot, they would guide people at the instruction of Allah, they would lead people, every time Allah revealed to them, they would guide people they would teach people what to do. And also they guided people with a loss of meaning with the time that Allah subhanaw taala had revealed abundant had taught them

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so yeah, don't be emelina It wasn't that they guided the people to themselves, that come and adore me come and respect me and give me know they guide people they lead people in the sense that they lead them to Allah they lead them to obedience to Allah, soprano. Duna be a marina

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what oh hyena and we inspired meaning we taught la him to them, very little hierarchy, the doing of good deeds. Allah inspired to them the good deeds so that they were able to perform good deeds, what does fairdale highlight include? All types of good deeds, whether it's small or

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Big, whether verbal or physical, whether in the heart or at the limbs, it's different different types of good deeds. So various types of good deeds were inspired to them. But does it show that a person cannot do any good except by the trophy of a loss?

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Because we're Oh, hi, now we inspired, no one is able to do any good unless and until Allah inspires him to do so. Allah gives him that they'll feel to do so. And when does a lot give the trophy to a person to do something good. When a person has desire himself, when he wants to do it, that Allah will show him do it. Typically, what is our behavior? I want to do it however, nobody told me what to do. We wait for other people to call us. We wait for other people to tell us what to do. But the fact is that if you want to do something, ask Allah to give you the opportunity, when you will have that burning desire that Allah will definitely give you something to do.

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Unfortunately, many people that just wait for others to call them. This is not the right way. If you really want to do something, make the right to Allah. Ask him that you are Allah, you show me the way and you will see many, many opportunities, many opportunities. Just recently, somebody was mentioning about how there is a person who had graduated from this course. And they were waiting that somebody should call them so that they can start volunteering at the Institute. I was amazed. Why are you waiting to be called if you have the time, if you have the opportunity, if you have the desire common offer your services, there's so much work to be done.

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So what oh, hyena Elaine Imperial highlight, do not wait for opportunities to come your way, have the desire, pray to Allah, and Allah will lead you he will tell you what to do.

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And also they were inspired to do what what you call masala tea and establishment of solar eater is the cacti and giving of Zika. salad and the cat or in particular mentioned over here for amongst the federal laws because of their highest status because of their great importance. Well, Carolina, Aberdeen, and they were for us worshippers, meaning they also did what they enjoined others to do. Yes, they lead other people in righteousness, they were ima, they told people what to do, you're doing a marina. However, there were also third servants of Allah in the true sense that they also did.

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Because many times when people begin to lead others in then they forget their own areeba they forgot their own worship, both are necessary. Both are necessary, that you tell other people what to do. And at the same time, you also become a devoted servant of Allah.

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Now, all of this happened, that they were made leaders, they lead other people, they were inspired to do good. And they were worshipers of Allah. Why? Because they were chosen servants of Allah. And how did they become chosen? Just like that. They were chosen? For no reason? No. This was after a lot of training. And what was that training, through tests, through trials through hardships through difficulties.

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We see that Ibrahim right SNM he was chosen. But this was only after a training period. So why does a person really able to guide others? When is he able to lead others when is he able to become a devoted servant of Allah when he has undergone some hardship, when he has undergone some difficulty, but what happens when some difficulties come our way? We think this is getting too tough. Drop it, leave it quit.

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But we see that when difficulties are coming our way that is a part of training. Ibrahim and SM he underwent so many difficulties. He had to leave his entire nation. Imagine the entire nation decided to kill him to burn him to throw him into the fire. And when he left from there for such a long time, he did not have any child.

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And then he had to leave his wife as well as young child in the middle of the desert. one here, one there and constantly he's traveling back and forth. And then he's had to come and slaughter his son. Was that something easy? Not easy at all. He had to go through many, many difficulties, many trials. But when he went through all those trials of our chosen, Allah selected him he was made an Imam, what do we learn in the ayah which is insulted bacara that what inhibitor Ibrahim are a boo boo Kalimantan, Fatima hoonah when Allah tested him with certain commands, and Ibrahim Edison fulfilled all of them.

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Then Allah says Allah imaginary to call the mercy man. It wasn't right at the beginning here, I really like you'll be the email. No, it was after going through many, many tests and trials.

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So when a person undergoes difficulties in the way of Allah, only then he will excel. Remember that, when you will go through some difficulty for the dean, then you will excel. If you don't undergo any difficulty, if it comes too easy for you, then remember it will also go away very easily.

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Because when you have put in so much effort to hold on to something, to protect something to keep something, then you will hold on to it for the rest of your life. If it comes easy, it will go away easy as well.

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So when a person sacrifices in the way of Allah, then only he can excel,

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only then he can excel and if he gives up over there, then he will not be able to excel in the day where Luke and Luke are the center meaning and we also chose Luther s&m, we also selected him. And at Idaho, we gave him hoekman, wisdom, judgment, and we also gave him were illman and also knowledge luthra, Salah was given sound judgment and he was also given knowledge. What does he refer to? Some say that it refers to Prophethood others say that it refers to sound judgment, the ability to make the right decisions to judge correctly, and also wisdom. Were in mind and he was also given knowledge knowledge of prophethood when Ajay know who and we saved him, Ruth Arsalan was rescued, he

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was delivered from where Minar Perea from the city with City allottee that which can a terminal haba is the one that used to commit evil deeds.

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Because remember that when Lutheranism he migrated with Ibrahim raisina, they left Iraq and they went towards a sham Ibrahim, I said I'm sent Lutheranism to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to do that we're over there to teach people over there to lead the people over there. But those people were engaged in very wicked deeds, very evil deeds. And what were the evil deeds that those people were involved in? We learned and sort of uncovered I have 28 to 29 that were Lutheran is called the homie in Combe letter to an alpha he shatta Mesaba combi ham and I had them in an army that indeed you commit such a morality that no one has preceded you with from among the world's no one has ever

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committed this immorality before you what was that immorality? homosexuality, that in acoem letter tuna regera that indeed you approach men? Why in order to fulfill your sexual desire, so this was one crime. Another crime that they used to commit was the IRA continues without Aruna sebelah, and you obstruct the road? Because many travelers, many caravans would pass by their cities. And what would they do? They would go and obstruct the road, they would go and harass them, they would go and rob them, they would go and murder them. So what Dr. Rona Sabine, and also Thirdly, another crime that they used to commit was with a tune Athena de como el Mancha, and you commit in your meetings,

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every evil, meaning very publicly, in their gatherings they used to do evil deeds, various types of evil deeds. So terminal haba is the evil deeds that these people used to do and loot artists and um, you warned them so much. He warned them for such a long time, but they weren't willing to change.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, saved Lutheranism from those people

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in the home can coma so in fascinating indeed they were a people of evil that were fascinating that were defiantly disobedient, defiantly disobedient, they weren't willing to obey at all.

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So we see in this ayah, that Lutheranism is also mentioned after about humanism,

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that even he was rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala. For what for the sacrifices that he had made in the way of Allah? What was the sacrifice that he had to make? Even he had to leave his people to study abroad.

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And then when he began leading people, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah when they weren't willing to change, Allah subhanaw taala saved him from there.

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But we see that the reward that is mentioned for Ibrahim in Islam is greater that he was also granted a child and then a grandchild. And then his descendants, they became prophets of Allah. They were knowledgeable. So this was their award that was given to Abraham Renison which was much greater compared to their

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That loot or is why the difference? Think about it. Why the difference? Because there was a difference in their efforts and their sacrifice as well. Ibrahima Sam was the one who stood up. He was one who was thrown into the fire. He is the one who was told by his father was a journey Malaya. So because he underwent greater hardship, he did more sub, he sacrificed more. He put in more effort, therefore the reward was also more

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just as we learned yesterday, that enemies and every single lead is going to be weighed,

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but whose deeds are going to be heavier,

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the one who had more opportunity to do good and the one who avail those opportunities, either Hades about those two Sahaba right, the one who lived longer one more year because he was able to perform more good deeds therefore, more reward.

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So this is a simple rule. The more effort a person puts in, the more reward he will get. The more hardships a person bears in the way of Allah, the more he will excel. Now remember, it does not mean we pray to Allah for hardship. The ally want to excel in the religion I want to gain a lot of reward therefore, you sent troubles my way you send difficulties my way No, this is not at all what this means.

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What this means is that if difficulties do come your way, then you bear them with patience. You remain steadfast, you avail that opportunity? Because every situation that a person is in what is that? It's a test. It's a fitna when a blue come with Heidi will surely fit nothing.

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Well other her leg will feel Rama Tina, and we admitted him into our mercy who

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Lutheran center in Lumina soya hain. Indeed he was out the righteous. So how was he admitted into the mercy of Allah, that Allah saved him from his people. Allah made him of those who deserve his Rama in the homie masala hain. Indeed, he was of those were wretches.

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One who had a new listener, meaning an ultra mentioned Lou Harrison is near them in Kabul, when he called out before before when meaning before Ibrahim and loot or the human center.

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So new hire Sam came in time before it was a human loop. So he prayed to Allah before and Nether he called out what was the door I don't know how to send me to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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It was against this people that Oh Allah save me from these people.

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Because new hires Sam, he called his people for how long 950 years.

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And he did his best. He tried every way to prove the heat to people to make them realize the unreasonableness of shake. But were they willing to accept were they willing to change No.

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So after 950 years at best if Rahim Allah sent me to Allah intrado comma i number 10. We learn further out of Babu and Nima lube on fantasy.

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So he invoked his Lord that Oh Allah indeed I am overpowered, I am defeated. So help me I need your help. In sort of new hire 26 also we learn what color new abilities have either eliminated caffeine in the yellow and new when he said, My Lord, do not leave upon the earth from among the disbelievers and inhabitant. So this is a there are that new hires that I made against these people. So what happened? first job in Idaho, so we responded to him. We accepted his Dora. We saved him.

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We learned incidents Lafayette is 75 to 76, while Odin Adana, new Han fella Nirmal Mooji Boone, when a j now who was luminol Kelvin Aleem and Nur had certainly called us and we are the best of responders know he called upon us and we responded to him in the best way and we saved him and his family from the great affliction. And the same thing over here as well. Fun Ajay now so we saved him. What are the who and his family Miguel COVID. Arlene from the great distress. What does this family refer to?

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His wife did not believe similarity his son did not believe we learned too early in solitude that his son did not believe. So his family refers to the rest of his family who did believe and according to others I have over here does not only apply to his family, but who does it apply to the believers those who believed in him, those who believed in him those who followed him. So they were rescued from what may not come. What is the outcome the outcome is alarm shadid extreme distress

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Extreme agony, extreme worry and concern

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and alcohol, not just alcohol but Aleem the great one. What does the COVID Arlene refer to? It could refer to the flood. Because just imagine if a person is drowning, drowning,

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and he sees that he's not going to be able to remain alive for more than a few moments, he sees death approaching him. Isn't that very distressful? Isn't that extremely agonizing,

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extremely worrisome. So knew hydrosol and those who believed in Him, they were saved from this great distress. from what? From the great flood.

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And uncovered Arlene does not just refer to the flood, but it also refers to the great trouble that new Harrison was experiencing until the punishment descending on his people.

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So what was a great trouble that he was experiencing from his people? It was their opposition. It was their mockery. It was their ridicule that he had been facing for 950 years. Think about it, you tell somebody to do something, and you spend nine days if they don't listen, how do you feel? If you like screaming and crying and yelling and you know what to do with yourself, you become so frustrated. Now imagine all that he had gone through for 950 years.

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So it was really COVID Arlene, so Allah subhanaw taala save him from that.

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We learned into little comma, number nine, that covered Kovalenko Menuhin for castable, Abba Donna will call Uber junoon was the chief, the people of New they denied before them and they denied our servant and they said a madman and he was repelled. So they ridiculed him they called him a madman, and he was was DJ and was DJ is to yell at someone is to rebuke someone to repel them. So this is how he was treated by his people.

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So he was saved from this particularly one assault now who and we helped him and we saved him minakami from the people which people and Medina Canada will be Idina, those who denied our IRA.

00:27:21--> 00:27:58

So those people who refuse to believe in Him for 950 years a loss of penalty saved him from those people in the home can and coma So indeed they were an evil people. How are they an evil people? They were involved in many ills, on top being shelled. And then along with that many other ills as well they were involved in, and especially opposition of the messenger in Nome Kanu, oma so in for a little canal home, so we drowned them as a marine altogether. Not even one was spared, every single one of them was finished.

00:27:59--> 00:28:02

What can we see in this is constantly What message do we see?

00:28:03--> 00:28:10

That when a person stands up for the truth, then a law protects him? Allah saves a lot takes revenge.

00:28:11--> 00:28:16

That ebrahimian is set up, the people tried to kill him. But Allah saved him.

00:28:18--> 00:28:31

Lutheranism as well, his people did not show any respecting, but Allah saved him. New Harrison, his people rebuked him, they mocked him they denied and rejected him, but Allah saved him.

00:28:32--> 00:28:56

So when a person struggled in the way of Allah, he stands firmly on the truth, then he should remember that has been a law when nierman wiki because remember, you cannot accomplish anything on your own. Nothing at all. But if you offer yourself for the deen that Allah will protect you. Allah will help you. He will open the ways for you, and He will preserve you.

00:28:57--> 00:29:10

What do we learn that in dancer Allaha young circle, if you help the way of a lot the cause of Allah, that Allah will also help you. And if you abandon his way, then he will also abandon you simple

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we see that if a person corrupts his desires, he controls them, he does not follow them. And he stays firm upon the truth, then he's successful. And if a person ends up following his desires, let me do this, let me do that, will he be able to stand upon the truth? Will he be able to stand firm? Not at all? Will he be able to excel? Will he be able to achieve anything? Not at all? Because you see, whenever a person is trying to do that, which is right, there will be trial, there will be desks, sometimes internal, other times external. Sometimes it's the fear that you have inside yourself. And sometimes it's the threats that you hear from the people coming your way. And if you

00:31:46--> 00:32:08

are humanists, and then we see that he experienced the external threats, but inside he did not have any fear. How did he curb that? How did he resolve that? How did he put an end to that? by praying to Allah, husband, Allah, when airman Wilkie and we see that no highlights at home as well? What did he do? He made, he prayed to Allah.

00:32:09--> 00:32:27

So we see something very important over here, that where a person is struggling to remain firm upon the truth, where a person is struggling to call people to the way of Allah. At the same time, he has a very strong bond with Allah, in the sense that he constantly Praise to Allah, He relies upon him, asks him for help.

00:32:28--> 00:32:30

asks him for guidance.

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Because when we're going through some difficulty, we put out our problems before other people tell me what to do. What do you think, what do you say? You tell me. But the fact is that people have limited knowledge, they have limited abilities.

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And it's not necessary that every single person whom you speak to would be very sincere to you. It's possible that they are trying to be sincere to you, but they don't realize what is actually good for you.

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So who should you ask for help and guidance? Allah soprano. And when you ask him for help and guidance, the way that he will guide you, the way that he will protect you, nobody else can. And we see this constantly in all of the prophets of Allah, that they used to pray to Allah, they used to call upon him.

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That lecture that I was listening to him even taymiyah in that it was also mentioned that one of the things that made him very successful was the fact that he used to pray to Allah a lot. He used to do a lot of his defar and a lot of

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that sometimes you would be in the masjid, he would be sitting after his fudger Salah, constantly praying until it would be midday he would be sitting and just making them

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because we think that we can be successful at something. If we go and use our mind, open this book, open that book, ask that person as this person research this research that. But the thing is, you can spend hours, but who will show you the right book and the right page and the right evidence, most of the time. So don't forget to make our team Don't forget to pray to Him.

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The thing is that we become very hasty in expecting the help of Allah as well. That for instance, early we read that holy call inside of an angel, the human being has been created from his me he's very hasty by nature. But we see that Ibrahim Hassan he showed so many evidences to the people, they did not believe. Did they give up? Did he know? Similarly we see that no had Islam he spent 950 years. After 950 years he prayed to Allah. But we see that we spend nine days we spend nine minutes we spend nine seconds and that's it we give up. We want instant solutions we want instant help, but the thing is, that time is required. Patience is required. Because without spending time, nothing at

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all can be achieved. So patience, is the karma as well as there are all of these are required for a person to be successful in what he is doing.