Omar Suleiman – Jannah #27 – Seeing Allah in Jannah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of knowing the Prophet's shiny smile and his supposed success in spreading joy and loyalty is emphasized in these segments. Visitors are encouraged to visit Jana where the Prophet gives a speech about fulfilling his teachings. The return of Islam to heaven is emphasized, with a focus on showing one's face to receive a reward and the return of the Prophet sallail graduation and a young woman from the village of Paradise. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book.
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to really connect with the Prophet sallallahu it was salam sila and his sunnah. You really need to know his Shema, you need to know his smiles Allah Allah, Allah wa salam, you need to know, the way that he looked, the way that he spoke the way that he carried himself, how he was in his home how he was in the masjid. Once you do that, then connecting to the CLI connecting to the Sunnah becomes so natural to you. Now with ALLAH SubhanA what's added to know His names and attributes, is to keep on falling in love with him over and over and over again. And that makes it so much easier to abide by his commands, and even wants to do more of the voluntary deeds that not only increase you in

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paradise, but bring you closer to him which is greater than anything else Genma can give you.

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The scholars agree that seeing Allah subhanaw taala is the ultimate joy of the ocular. It is the most precious gift that he can give to you. Because you will not look at anything more beautiful than Allah subhanaw taala you will not experience anyone more beautiful than Allah subhanaw taala you will not hear anything more beautiful than when Allah subhanaw taala addresses you in Jannah and in Jannah there is no fear anymore of Allah subhanaw taala in the sense that you're not scared of him, you're just in awe of him and excited to hear him and meet him every single time Allah Subhana Allah gives you that gift. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Indeed the least of the

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people of paradise and rank is the one who will look at his gardens, his spouses, His bounties, his servants and his beds for the distance of 1000 years. And the highest of them, the most noble of them with Allah is the One who will look at the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala morning and evening and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited, would you who Yom even Nadira either rock behind now, some faces on that day shall be so radiants because they will be staring at their Lord subhanho Its ad and I want you to think about this when Allah says tidy fulfill Julia novela. To name that you would know how happy they are when you just look at their faces. Like if you don't see

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anything else in Jana, and you're just looking at the other people in Jana, and the smiles on their faces, you would be able to tell that they must be looking at something so amazing. And that's if they're looking at the food of Jana, they're looking at the people of Jana, they're looking at the rivers of Jana, or whatever it may be. Imagine how much nerine how much joy there is on the face of a person who gets to see Allah subhanho wa taala, day and night, and that is for those that reached the highest place of paradise. And that's not random, just like we said, from the very beginning of this pullback in all the Allahu Anhu is not called from all eight gates because of anything random.

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He's called from all eight gates because he embodies all of the qualities of those eight gates. Likewise, these people that get to see Allah subhanaw taala day and night, are people that used to respond to the call of Allah subhanaw taala day and night in this dunya they used to be in seclusion and conversation in the arm with Allah subhanaw taala they used to worship him as if they could see him and now they can see Him just as much. And this is son excellence. And the companion said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Rasulillah. But does everybody gets to see Allah subhanaw taala and Jana, like, is it really Jana? If you can't see Allah Subhan Allah to Allah, and the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Verily, You shall see your Lord, just as you see the moon when it's most full in the darkest of the night, and you don't have to crowd one another in order to see him meaning everyone will be able to see Allah subhanaw taala at some point in Jannah, and that is on the date of Juma the day of Friday, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that your Lord has singled out a valley in paradise, which has hills of White must. And on Friday, Allah subhanaw taala. And all of His Majesty will address the people of Jana from his throne, and the prophets are sitting on chairs of lights. And then there are pulpits of light and gold studied with

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gems, and that is for the suit the own and the shahada for the people who are most truthful with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and for the martyrs so you've got the gathering, and you've clearly got these distinctions, the prophets on their chairs of light, the CID, the oil and the Shahadat the people of truth and the martyrs and then the people have a lot of the people of the highest rooms will come out of their rooms and they will sit on the hills. And then Allah subhana hoods Allah starts to address us have young windmills eat the

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This is the date of increase and seeing the face of Allah subhanaw taala is exactly what the increase is. And that's why when Allah subhanaw taala says that homea SHA una efia What a day in amazi they will have in Jannah all that they desire, and we have more for them. And many of the scholars said this more for them is the ability to look at Allah subhanaw taala because you will not be given anything more beloved to you and Jana, than the ability to see Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet sallallahu and he was done and once recited the eye a little Lavina arsenal husana was Jada that for those who put forth excellence, there is an excellent reward and more and also how the

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Ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yasuda Allah What's more, held his own exon Elon, Exxon right isn't the reward for excellence. Excellence isn't Janna all son, what is the zyada here? What is the more and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said another era which he will carry to gaze at the noble face of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So how does this all play out and gentlemen, a voice is going to call out Yeah, Jana oh people of Paradise. Allah will be accepting visits from the people of paradise. So hurry to visit the Most Merciful. And the people of Paradise will say some will thaw and we hear and we obey just as they used to in this life. And then they gather there and nobody is

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left out. And by that time, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada would have ordered his throne to be set in the valley. And then platforms made of gold, and Pearl, and silver, and all types of jewels are set for every inhabitants of paradise. And the least of them, the prophets I seldom said, would sit on a sheet native pearls, and everyone will think that they have the best seat in the house, everyone will think that they have the best platform in the gathering. So once everyone is seated in the comfort of his chair, a voice will call out to the crowd. And it will say Yeah, hello, John. Oh people of paradise, you now have an appointment with Allah subhanaw taala. And His Majesty wants to

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fulfill your reward. And the people of Jana replied back to the caller. What is it? Didn't he already brighten our faces with light? Didn't he already make our good deeds heavy on the scale? Didn't he already enter us into paradise and save us from the fire of *. And while the people of Ghana are having this conversation, suddenly a light radiates upon them a light that brightens the entire jungle and the people of paradise raised their heads to see what it is. And there is Allah subhanaw taala and all of his magnificence. And Allah will say to them, yeah Jannetty Salah Aliko Oh, people of paradise, peace beyond to you. And all of the people of Paradise will reply with the

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best greeting they know Allah whom and to Salam, WA Amin Casella turbo, Alexia digerati, electron, Oh Allah, you are peace and peace comes from you. Blessed are you Your Majesty who possesses all glory and honor. And then Allah subhanaw taala would reveal himself to the people of paradise. And say he now EBA the Alladhina ALCAR only believe me when I'm your only Where are my servants who used to worship me? Even though they couldn't see me how the young woman was eat this a loony This is the day of increase. asked me anything you want. And then the people of Paradise will reply to Allah subhanaw taala all at once. And they will say an pada Raveena farmer Anna, we are pleased Oh Allah,

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so be pleased with us. And Allah subhanaw taala would say Yeah, hello, Jana. Oh people of paradise. If I wasn't pleased with you, I wouldn't have allowed you to dwell in my paradise. Her The young woman was either a loony This is the day of increase. So ask me anything you want. And then the people of Paradise will speak amongst each other. And they reply all at once. Arena which heck Oh Allah, show us your face. Number Eleague. So we can stare at you. Oh Allah, show us your face. So we can stare at you.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala reveals his face to them. And his light would cover them in such a way that they would forget every pain, every sadness that they ever encountered. And every person would be called forth to have a private conversation with Allah and no one is going to be left out.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says, oh my servant. Do you remember that day that you did such and such a sin in this dunya

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And the servant will say yeah Allah. Didn't you forgive me for that? And Allah subhanaw taala will say, of course I have and it was with my forgiveness that you reach this level that you are in.

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And the prophets lie some taught us to say Allah hum in the Alka love that and novelry EDA when she Kelty will show you that epoch Oh ally asked you for the pleasure of staring at your beautiful face and the joy of meeting you yeah

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I don't haven't left soon in more coma in

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your ward G. BK audibly at

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Mowgli. Further fully fee I

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wonder who Legion Letty

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