Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L296A

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Al-Jinn 1-28 Translation 1-28

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una salir de su de him Kareem and avert for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Raj Lisa de were Sidley, MD, Washington of data melissani of gahoo Koli, probenecid menerima.

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Lesson number 296 sora telegin is number one to 28

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on say, oh, here, it was revealed, Elijah to me. I know who that indeed he is Stella, he listened attentively. nasaan a group mean Elgin of the gin for carlu so they said in there, indeed we semirara Now we heard an AAC or an a recital or Joba wonderful, amazing yesterday, it guides ala towards have rushed the right back for armineh so we believed, be with it. While on and never know shreeka we associate partners, Bill Bina with our up a header anyone one know who and that indeed he darada it was exalted jet do, Majesty rabina of our man not it to her that he took sorry button, a wife, Wallah and nor whether the child was under who and that indeed he can and he was the akula He

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says, Sophie hoonah, our foolish one, Allah against Allah, Allah shuffle, outrageous lies or unknown, and that indeed we learn and we thought on that land never duckula it will say an insert the man while Jin and the gin Allah Allah against Allah get Viva La well under who and that indeed he can he was region alone men may not in from the human beings he or Luna they seek refuge very gel with men mean Elgin from the Djinn further ado home so they increase them

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in oppression or raha insane

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what unknown and that indeed they were new they thought gamma just as one unknown you all thought and that land never yeah but Arthur he will raise Allahu Allah. A header anyone? Well, Annette and that indeed we lemma snare we touched a summer the sky flower giardina her so we found it. Molly, it was filled up, had a son with guards shed Eden, strong, or Shahada and with burning flames

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were unknown, and that indeed we couldn't we were number do we set min her from it. Macari the sitting places listen for the hearing for the listening

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famine, but whoever Yes, the mayor, he listens attentively. And now gadget he finds Lahu for him. She has a burning flame rusada one in ambush.

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Well unknown and that indeed we learn not nobody we know whether Chevron any evil leader it was intended by a man with whom fill in the earth and or rather he intended be him with them or boom thereof Russia the right way.

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Well unknown, and that indeed we may know from us of salia hoon, the righteous ones wamena and from us Duna besides their liquor, that corner we were thought of ways that they're divided.

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What under and that indeed we learn and we talked on that land never nor jeiza we make incapable Allah Allah fill in the earth while and and never nerja who we make him incapable, however, by fleeing

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well Annette and that indeed we lemma when Sameera now we heard alhuda the guidance, and now we believed be he with it for months so whoever you mean he believes will not be in his robe.

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fella so not your half of he fears boss and any loss Wella and nor

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any oppression.

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Well, Annette and that indeed we mean not from us and Muslim on those who submit those who are Muslims why may not and from us El Paseo goon, those who are unjust

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famine so whoever a slammer he submitted for Ola eka than those that have low they sought Russia the right way

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what unmet and as for Allah posse tuna, those who are unjust for kanoon so they were lead your hand for Hellfire, half of the firewood was unloaded and that if is the column, they stood firm, they remained straight.

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Allah upon a party aka the way let us stay in our home. Surely, we gave to drink them. Man and water are the abundant Lena Steena home so that we put them in test so that we put them in trial fi in it woman and whoever your ideal he turns away on from victory remembrance or be he of his robe. Yes, look who he will insert him or they're been in punishment sarada evergrowing

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what under and that indeed? Al masajid the places of worship they left for Allah fella so do not do you all call mark with Allah Allah a had anyone

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well under who and that indeed he lumma when armor he stood agua de la servant of Allah yet there ooh who he called him God who they were near yaku noona they would be or lay he upon him lever the in a dense crowd

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Oh say in number indeed. Not bad either. I call Rob be my rub. Walla and not wish the coup I associate partners be he with him. I had anyone say any indeed a lead not unlike Ooh, I possess lecan for you botlane any harm wanna and nor Russia any right way?

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Or say any indeed I learned never Yuji Ronnie. He will protect me. mean Allah from Allah. I hadn't anyone will learn and never agita. I will find men from dooney heat. Besides him. Malta had any place of refuge in law except by law when a convened men Allah from Allah, what he said allottee and his messages. Woman and whoever you're asleep he disobeys Allah Allah. What asuna who and His Messenger for in then indeed? La who for him? Now a fire Jehan NEMA of hell. Holly Deena wanzhou abide eternally see her in it or better forever had until either when they saw man that which you are doing it they are promised first Ala Moana, then soon they will no man who have our food is

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weaker. Naslund as helper, what are called Lu and is lesser or the in number. Oh say in not every I know whether but even near math that which to Arduino, you will have promised or he had your ALU He will make Lahu for it. Or be my rub amudha a term

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animal nor Lie of the unseen fella so not Yoku. He reveals Allah upon laby. He is unseen ahead anyone inlet except man who is double e approved men from rosulip a messenger for inna who then indeed he Yes, Luke, who he causes to enter men from benei a day he before him, women and from kullfi he behind him rassada a watcher,

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Leah lemma so that he knows and that, in fact, Abdullah who they conveyed reseller messages or behave of their Lord was a helper and he encompassed Bhima with whatever the day he is with them what I saw, and he counted, he enumerated called lashay in everything, either the in number

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Listen to the recitation.

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Good morning.

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Lena, Tina houfy v.

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Giovanni no more.

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