Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 233D Tafsir Ya-Sin 45-47

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the concept of fear and punishment in religion and how it is used to indicate a need for something. It discusses the use of "has" in the context of the internet and the importance of not giving drugs to people in need. The segment also touches on the issue of the wrong theology and the belief that humans are in error when they act.
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What either and when Pilla home is set to them in fear meaning beware of man that which Boehner ad com, it is between your hands meaning it is before you be aware of that which is before you and beware off that which is one 100 Facom and that which is behind you, Lila come to her moon, so that perhaps you may be treated with mercy or you will receive mercy when it is up to them. What is their response? The response is not even worth mentioning. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala does not even mention it. Basically, they response is off denial, they don't pay heat. They don't take a lesson. When the people are advised and in particular, which people are these the same? The deniers

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the law Faline look at

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Kareem for whom you will be known in Niger Allah Fionna him of Lal and for here it is a carny for homework Mahone so when they are told it taco, it taco meaning half taco off and what does taco Amin

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to take precautionary measures right? To save yourself from harm. So for example, having Taqwa of Allah, what does it mean, to do something to protect oneself from Allah's punishment, how, by keeping away from what Allah has forbidden, and doing what Allah has commanded? There's a simple definition of taco. So wonder told a taco beware of my Boehner ad combat, which is before you know, confer calm and that which is behind you, what is this referring to, this is referring to punishment of the near end of an era, right, which is before you meaning right now, behind you, as in what is to come later. So fear punishment in this world, fear punishment in the hereafter, or this can be

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understood as punishment of the previous nations. Right, or, and future events. So, think about how the previous people were punished. And think about the warnings that have been given concerning the future like, for example, juju, Juden, and you know, and the signs of the Day of Judgment, I mean, some serious things are to happen. So think about these matters and change yourself, believe all my Boehner ad kumana call for calm can refer to some form of punishment from the sky or the earth, like concert saba i&i And Allah says Flm Euro Ilana Boehner, add him on our home for home, Mina sama it will help do the Nazi that which is before them and behind them of the sky and the earth. So before

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them and behind them refers to the sky and the earth. Because if you look up what do you have before you the sky? And what is it that you have behind you? It's the earth. If you look down, what do you have before you the earth and what is behind you? It's the sky. No matter where you are. You have the sky and the earth before you behind you. We can never escape. You know from the earth and the sky limiting us we can never escape this realm of the sky and the earth. So fear. Think about it. We're either dealing in a home in Tacoma banner ad como Mahalo for comme la la come to Ramon, because when you will fear and you will reform yourselves only then you will receive Allah's mercy.

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So when the suggestion is made take lesson from history take lesson from your past take lesson from what you see around you. Do they listen? No, they don't. Allah says one Matt D him and it does not come to them mean I attend any idea any sign any proof whether it is some natural phenomenon or historical event a verse of the Quran, any I mean if you have behaved from the signs of their Lord INLA except can oh they have been unhappy from it more are the lean ones are turned away, or the Lean era rah rah this to be completely disinterested.

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They act as if they do not know. Meaning they do not accept or benefit from any proof from any idea from any sign introduced by a 105 Allah says worker a human a it and for some it will help you more Runa la her well, Holman ha murdy alone, how many signs in the sky the earth they pass by them, but they turn away from them.

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What does this show any person who ignores Allah's idea has a symptom of

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of cover? If you think about it, turning away from Allah's idea, this is not something that a believer does. He pays attention he reflects, he takes notice. He appreciates the Ayatollah. He gives them their due help turning away from Allah saya not even looking at them or admiring them or paying attention to them. This is not something that befits a believer. When either and when de la home it is

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SAP to them and feel, spend mimma from that which was a COCOMO Allah Allah has provided you, meaning when the believers suggest the disbelievers to spend something out of what Allah has given them, meaning give to those who are in need. What is their reaction? Fall AlLadhina cafardo Those who disbelieve they say, Linda Medina Amanu. To those who believe. What's their response to the believers? Their responses are not there anymore? Shall we feed neuter? Amo from Bom, Bom is food, a promise to give food, they say, Shall we feed man, the person who Lohia sha Allah.

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If Allah wanted a farmer who he could have fed him, if Allah wanted, he could have fed that person.

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Meaning if a person is hungry, they're so poor, they don't even have food. It means that Allah wants them to be hungry. Because if Allah wanted, he could affect that person. So if Allah did not feed that person, you're saying we should feed him.

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In antem, elaphiti, abahlali Mubin. They say to the believers that you are not accepting clear error, what logic? What logic is being used over here. It's amazing. When they're told to reflect on the eye that it has, if they don't understand a thing. They don't use their mind over there. For when it comes to refuting or arguing or debating or coming up with lame excuses. They use their brains over there a lot. Look at the logic, look at the reasoning that has been given over here.

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First of all, what do we see in this ayah? We're either peel Allah home, meaning the believers

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suggest to the disbelievers spend on the needy spend on the needy. And it's a general word unfit co spent. Right. And what's the response of the disbelievers and Notre amo? Shall we feed meaning we're not even going to feed, we're not even going to give food the believers call to general spending. But we see that these people are so stingy that they would not even give food to the hungry.

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Because look at the words over here unfrequent They said unfit? And what's the response are not there anymore?

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Because spending is general. You could get food, you could give clothing, you could give shelter you could give anything, but they refuse to even offer food. What does this show extreme stinginess and selfishness? Because if you think about it, food is the basic, most urgent need, isn't it? It's a basic human right. And it's also commonly available and easy to share. You don't have to do much to give food to somebody. How often do you go to buy colds? And how often do you go to buy food? Seriously,

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we make almost a weekly trip to the grocery store. That's if we're really organized, right? Otherwise, we're rushing there like every other day or every two days, every time we pick children from school, you know, a grocery trip on the way and despite the groceries, lunch money is being sent, isn't it, or a stop is being made at Tim Hortons or somewhere else. Because we spend so much on food is readily available. And it's the easiest thing to share. When it comes to sharing clothing when it comes to giving. You know other things, it's more difficult you have put in some extra effort. So over here, the stillness and the selfishness of these people is being described, that

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they wouldn't even bother to give food to others.

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Secondly, we see over here that the believers are calling others to spend right to spend on those who are needy. Because this is what a man does to a person. A man makes a person softhearted sensitive to the needs of others. The person can no longer remain selfish concerned about their own, you know, safety and well being and education and food and health. Not true Eman makes a person sensitive to the needs of others. And this is the reason why we see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he came to Medina, one of the first things he taught was what?

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What did he say?

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Does anybody know? Abdullah bin salaam reported that hadith that all people actually Salam spread the salam and Toto matam give food to others pray in the night while the people are asleep and you will enter Jannah with Salaam. One of the first things the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught when he came to Medina was feed others feed the hungry, feed the needy

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feed those who are hungry.

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So this is of the fruits of Eman.

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Now the response

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arms have Alladhina Cafaro that's given over here. What is this response? That why should we feed others when Allah has not fed them?

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Meaning if some people are hungry, if they're in some trouble, they deserve it.

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So we're not going to do anything to get them out of that situation.

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The thing is that

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whether or not a person deserves that, that is between him and Allah, isn't it? It's between him and Allah, why Allah subhana wa Tada has afflicted a servant with a worldly difficulty, whether it is hunger, or war, or, you know, any kind of trouble in this world, what the reason is, Allah knows. And really, it's none of our business to know the reason.

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What our business is that as human beings, Allah subhanaw taala has ordered us to care for others to, to like for others what we like for ourselves, Allah has ordered that we spend out of what we have been given on others.

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And so we have to feed those who are hungry. And if you think about it, if Allah subhanaw taala has kept some people hungry and poor, that is so that other people will have the opportunity to feed to fear for others. Because if you think about it, if every human being was fully independent of another than when people really care about each other, no. And we see this that the more independence we gain, the more selfish and you know, unconcerned we become of the problems of other people. So there's definitely good in the evil that Allah subhanaw taala has created.

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And another thing that we have learned earlier also is that just because Allah subhanaw taala has allowed something to happen, it doesn't necessarily mean that he loves it.

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So saying that this person is hungry, because Allah wants him to be hungry. This is wrong thinking.

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This is an incorrect belief. And we see over here the problems of a wrong theology, a corrupted or pida.

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What is the problem it leads to corruption in actions also. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala says that the example of a good word is like a good tree. Right and a good word is referring to the word of Eman. Eman is like a good tree. Khashoggi rotten for Yuba and the example of a bad rip the of a corrupter PETA is like that of all Hadith tree. Khashoggi rotten, Hadith forgotten, because a sound Arpita a sound theology will lead do good actions, and a corrupt theology or corrupt Arpita will lead to corrupt actions. So you see this corrupt theology that if somebody is suffering, it's because God wants them to suffer. Look at the selfishness that it's leading towards. And this is

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what the people of Makkah believed in actually.

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And then we also see over here that

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what either Akela who unfit Coleman ma Reza Coco Mala, follow the Dinakar followed in Medina Avenue are not there anymore, MoMA Lohia sha Allah Who abama Who in anthem Illa few banana movie, they accused the believers of being an error where as soon as really an error, they themselves are in error. And this whole argument that has been given over here is illogical. It doesn't make sense. It's basically an excuse to get out of, you know, spending on others, just as they come up with so many excuses to not believe in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or to not believe in the resurrection or to not believe in Allah or to not believe in the Quran. It's all excuses. Just as this argument

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does not have any basis likewise, the other arguments they give the other excuses they present for their disbelief, no basis whatsoever.

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Everybody stand up, please.

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Please share something with the person standing next to you

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All right, go ahead.

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So just reflecting on these last eight, okay, reflections.

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The attitude of the disbelievers that described here it's the complete opposite of what we started in the previous sutra where lessees in livina through Nikita Bala who are almost let out there will encircle me Madras Elena home, sit on right Ania yatta yatta yatta and then towards so everything starts with believing in the signs of Allah subhanaw taala reciting the Quran and reflecting on it, and the actions follow that and if from the outset, we reject the verses of Allah, then we see what our result would be. Yes, very true. That change begins with believing in the Ayat of Allah. Right? The HA

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Art comes alive it becomes sensitive with what with the man in the Ayatollah whether those either Kony or shattering when that Eman is there, then changes there, then a person can do in Foulke, then he can spend on others, and spending on others is, you know, the most basic thing if you look at it, who doesn't like to spend on others? It's children, right? Because they say it's mine.

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But when they do realize the benefits of sharing, and when they do understand the concept of when you gave, you get more when you gave that brings you more pleasure, you're doing it for greater benefit, delayed gratification, than are they able to give and share? Yes, they are.

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But sometimes what happens even adults, they behave like children. So the change can only happen a person can only become focused on others instead of self centered. When, when there is a man in the Ayat of Allah.

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Salam Alikum sometimes in downtown when you walk you have somebody may be homeless, ask you, I'm hungry, can you have $1 some other people, they might tell you, they're gonna spend an alcohol or drug don't give it to them. So we don't know if they're going to spend and drugs are really taken to eat, so just give it to them and leave it you're near to Sadat inshallah.

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Because sometimes what happens is that when people are in a state of need, whether it's a person begging for $1 or two outside we say, or we think it's their fault they are in this state, isn't it? How often we think like that, about people who are doing drugs, it's their fault. You know, yes, it may be their fault, but think about what difficulties they may have gone in their life because of why they are in the state they're in today.

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At the time of the Pope's awesomes, the people who started accepting Islam, in the beginning, were the youth in the free slaved most of the times companions, a good amount of the more poor and needed food, and they will come out of their houses hungry looking for food, so we don't know. And those were the ones who are beloved to Allah subhanaw taala. So we don't know the situation of the people who are in that right now. They can be tested by Allah, and we can be feeding those who are beloved to Allah. Exactly.

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So we should never think that just because a person is suffering in worldly terms, they must be very evil, that Allah is punishing them know that when he come, and also people situation can change today, maybe you're giving that dollar to someone, but maybe tomorrow, you need somebody to help you as well. So we keep we should keep that in mind. Very true. Yes, go ahead. So Allah Salam Alikum, I read this story wants a brother, his mother was very sick, and he took her hospital and she was in the hospital and the doctor, they told him, she might not make it. So he was very sad. And he went for a ride. And he stopped in gas station. And he while he's in a car, to fill up the gas, he saw a

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kitten. They don't have a house, they're hungry, and it was cold and raining. And he said, Who will feed this kitten and he went to the gas station and he gets tuna and he opened the tuna and he gave it to them. And then he went back to the hospital to check in his mom. And then when he come to the hospital, he didn't found his mom in that room and he asked the nurses she said surprisingly your mom she wake up and he said how and he went to her. He asked her how and she said, I don't know. I was seen in my dream kit in trading huntin Oh ALLAH cured this woman Subhanallah

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no deed is wasted. No charities wasted. Yes. Yes, please. Just

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listen Alnico my reflections on inertia know that whenever we talk about ships and boats, we automatically think about Titanic that world famous ship and when the manufacturer that ship that statement was finally we have manufactured and unsinkable ship, and that, you know, according to the its manufacturers was unsinkable, but poor unsinkable couldn't even finish it. So one bit first journey, the very first journey so everything is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and same with the airplanes and crashes. The same safety measures have been taken even for those planes who got crashed or got lost or sudden thing that is nothing that they miss out or here on the land. But

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Subhana lights Bismillah it's in the hands of Allah spontaneous you make it cut, finish the journey complete the journey and landed safely. So it's totally on point of this one at all. Just really we are at the mercy of Allah. Just

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will either feel double,

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AUD 100

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being in luck and one more only when

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we're either happy

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to move on and Medina Cafe

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all the leadin aka Zoli levena.

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