Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 167A Translation Al-Hajj 1-24

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters recounting their actions and emotions, including a woman named Y banner and a man named Alran who they believe is a false god. They also mention a woman named Jannette who has been killed in a garden and a woman named Jannette has been killed in a garden. The transcript describes a scene where Jannette has been killed in a garden and a scene where Jannette has been killed in a garden.
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah here.

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Now how do we want to suddenly a lot of Sunni and Karim a MacArthur was a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah. Who will handle Rahim rubbish Rouhani Saudi were silly Emery. What are the terms melissani of gahoo Kohli openers in

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lesson number 168 Surah two hedge is number one to 24 translation. Yeah. Are you her or a nurse who the people? It Taku you all fear Rob back home. You're in indeed. Zillow, earthquake, a sa of the hour. shaone a thing or Lehman Great.

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Yoma en de dot owner her you all will see it. Dead Hulu, she will forget she will be distracted. Gullu every move there are 10 nursing mother Amma from what of the art she was nursing. What other and she will put down Kulu every 30 possessor Hamelin, of pregnancy Hamler her her pregnancy? What are all and you will see a NASA the people so Kara as once intoxicated, drunk,

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woman and not home they be tsuchiura at all once intoxicated. Well I can but are there but punishment. Allah He of Allah shed Eden is intense, is severe.

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Women and from a Nursey the people man who Yuja de Loup he disputes fee in Allah He Allah, Bill at without element any knowledge Wetherby and he follows color every shaytaan in shaytaan, Devil Meridian rebellious katiba It was decreed I lay he upon him and know who that indeed he man whoever though Allah who he befriends him for under who then indeed he you will know who he will miss guide him where he and he will lead him ILA to either punishment or sorry of the blazing Fire

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Yeah Are you her or a nurse the people in if quantum you were fee in robbing any doubt men from a birth the resurrection

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for inner then indeed we have a Lacuna Coil we created you men from the robbing dust. So my then men from No to 14 a sperm drop. So then men from Allah cotton, a clinging substance or a leech like suspended thing.

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Some then men from medulla tin, a lump of flesh,

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me Maha locka one formed was I and not more halacha one formed lino by Hina so we may make clear Lacan for you one okay ru and we cause to settle fee in El Erhan the wombs man whatever Nisha, we will enter to a Jalin a time Musa ma one fixed some then no hurry to come we bring you out play Fleur as a child. Some then later Balu. So you will reach a should come your majority. Women come and from you man who used our fair, he is raised women come and from you. Man who Euro do he is returned. Ila two out of the most abject most miserable urmul The age li kala so that not your alumni. He knows men from body after element knowledge che anything? Whatever. And you see a lot of

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the earth Hamilton Baron for either but when and Zelner We sent down or lay her upon it Alma the water? It does. It stirred war robot and it's wild. What unbuttered and it grew men from Cali every zodion kind by Heejun beautiful lovely

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valleca that b n because indeed Allahu Allah, who are he is ill health the true

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well under who and that indeed he you he he gives life a motor to the dead ones are under who and that indeed He Allah upon Kali every che in thing but you don't always all able or under and that indeed a sir The our Attia turn one that is coming lair not Reba any doubt fee her in it or an end that indeed Allah Allah ye Bharath who he raises or he will raise man who fee in Kabul the graves, woman and from a nursing the people man who Yuja delu he disputes fee in Allah He Allah be lady without elmen any knowledge wala and Nora who then guidance wala and Nora Kitab, a book Moneyball, illuminating

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Fannia one who bends one who twists it fee, his neck or his side.

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Lele Diller so He misleads I'm from Sabine way Allah He of Allah, Allahu, for him fee in a dunya the world his your humiliation, one of the guru and we shall make him taste Yo Ma en de lpm are the standing or the punishment, Al Hadith of the burning fire?

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There Lika that Vemma because of what a doughnut it sent ahead, here darker your two hands are and that indeed, Allah Allah laser he is not billing them at all, one who is unjust, little arbete to His servants or to the servants,

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women and from a nursing the people man who Yanbu he worships Allah Allah, Allah upon health in an edge. For in then if a Saba who it reached him higher on some good, it man, he became satisfied. Be with it. We're in and if Asaba to it reached him fitna tone, a trial. In caliber, he turned Allah upon what he has space, classier, he lost a dunya the world while Hera and the hereafter there Lika that who it is Al Hassan, the loss. Al Mubin the clear. Yeah the rule he invokes men from Dooney Lehi other than Allah man that which led not your guru who it harms him warmer and that which law not yen Pharaoh who It benefits him. There Lika that Hua it is a Birla the misguidance of varied the

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one for the extreme.

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The other he invokes lemon, surely one who baru who his harm a caribou is closer men than never He is benefit. Libby TSA, surely how bad shorty wretched al Mohler, the protector? Well a bit, sir. And surely how bad Ella, she's the companion

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in that indeed, Allah Allah, you're the fellow, he will admit Alladhina those who are Manu they believed were Emmylou. And they did a saw they had the righteous deeds Jannette gardens, that God it flows, men from dirty hair underneath it. And how the rivers in Indeed, Allah Allah, ye F R Lu, he does ma what you read, he wants, man, whoever Ghana he was yellow new, he thinks on that learn never young Surah who he will help him. Allahu Allah for dunya in the world, while an era and the hereafter fairly ended, then he should extend be suburban, with Arab Isla to a summer the sky so much then Leah Qatar, let him cut off

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fell younger than he should see. How does will youth Hibben it definitely removes guide who his plot ma that which yielded it in rages, it angers

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worker there Lika and thus until now who we have revealed it we have sent it I add as versus beginner once clear. We're under and that indeed Allah Allah yesterday he guides man whoever you read he wants in there indeed Alladhina those who

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You know, they believed, were Latina and those who had who they became Jews, while sabihin and the Sabians, one NESARA, and the Christians, while Medusa and the matrons, the fire worshippers, while Latina and those who are Shaco they the chick in the indeed Allah Allah YFC Liu He will judge by now home between them Yama en de LTM the standing in Allah indeed Allah, Allah upon Kali every che in thing Shahidan a witness

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and um did not Daraa you see, and that indeed, Allah Allah yes do it prostrates LA who for him? Man who fee is in a summer worth the heavens, while man and who fill up is in the earth was Shem Su and the sun will come through and the moon one no June and the stars while rebel and the mountains were sheduled and the trees what the web and the animals what Kathy Iran and many men from a NASA The people were Cathy Iran and many hacker it became true. I lay he upon him

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or the trouble the punishment woman and whoever you Haney he disgraces he humiliates Allahu Allah firmer than not law who for him men from macrame anyone who gives respect

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anyone who bestows honor

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in Allah indeed Allah Yes, our Lu he does man whatever your shirt he wants. had any these two hos Murney or two adversaries

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after some they have disputed fee in rugby him there fella Dina so those who care for you they disbelieved got there it was got LA home for them. The urban close men from now fire you saw boo it will be bored men from Fofi above Rosie him their heads al Hemi the boiling water

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use Heroux it will be melted be he with it. Man what fee is in Bertoni him their bellies while Giroud and the skins while a home and for them McCollum you are meses hammers men from Hadid and iron

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go lemma every time or do they intended and that Yahoo do they come out? Men her from it men from one min anguish

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we were either they will be returned fee her in it. Where do we go and you will taste or the punishment and Hadith of the burning fire

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in the Lucha indeed Allah Yoda Hello, he will admit Alladhina those who are Manu they believed what army Lu and they did a slowly hurt the righteous Jannette gardens tragedy it flows men from dirty hair underneath it and how the rivers you Hello now They will be adorned fee her in it. Men from a salary bracelets. Men from the Hubin gold will look Lulu and pearls while he Bassel home and their clothing fee her in it. Harry rune of silk well who do and they were guided Isla to offer you the good men from alone the speech well who do and they were guided either to surat

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al Hamid of the praiseworthy one.

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he came

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to you

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don't go

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on normally. Yo mama don't own

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The Hamlet Hamlet

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Uh huh

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law Haitian the Amina nurse emailed

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Debbie oh cool leisure Are you

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married go to

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the ILA I

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don't even mean and I

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mean to Robin

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me in novel that is me nada

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removal Ponte Lane who by Gaynor

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oh one okay watch

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me man

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Danilo Morini gala li ke

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Da Vinci what

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then he then he

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will have to

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we will she will know who

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won who won

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on the one as

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well I mean

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kita Mooney

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Donia is one or the

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hiree then he can be dementia Danka

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Nabil Wamena

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bordoloi Holla mandala

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in Asana

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we're aiming to peak not only

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LIG he was Estonia

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there Lika who was so on Mubi yeah

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then he got who else

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Barry? Yeah

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Oh hold on boom in that very lobby. Salma

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law how you

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saw the Hi

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dash D

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Surah COVID duniya

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doo doo

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doo the visa in ILAs

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he then que

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le one can

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hire him

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de mi ot H

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sabe E.

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Shimanto nulla I have seen ya know me a woman

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in Allah Allah and Felicia ish and he

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has to do

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Tijuana the Russians

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do more than G

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one G Bell who was shot

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one can't be

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the only

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one able

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dream in

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the house man is Dawson movie on be him. De la Cafaro they are

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booming it was booming

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me use how ve Murphy

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oh I mean I

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already do goofy

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and hairy

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alone I mean as you

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know, on

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Hari, well who do you know Blaby Mina

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allows you all do Hi me

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