Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L274A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of characters discussing their behavior and emotions, including a man who is a warner and a woman who is a warner. The characters express their confusion and frustration over their actions and emotions, and mention the potential consequences of their actions.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala surah Hill Karim amudha una human, a SharePoint a virgin Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, publish Rashi suddenly were silly Angie, Washington, Dr. Tommy Lisa melissani acabo de probenecid.

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Lesson number 274, similar to najem is number 31, to 62. Translation

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while ilahi and for Allah, Ma, whatever is semi word in the heavens, warmer, and whatever, fill up in the air, Leah jizya so that you recompenses and levina those who are sir who dated evil Bhima because of what army Lu, they did wedges here and here awards and Medina, those who knew they did their son, they did utmost good deliciousness with the best

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and levina those who gadget any buena, they avoid kabbah era great ones isn't the same, once a wash and the indecency inla except and lemon the small offenses, the small faults in indeed, Rebecca Europe was the one who is vast and muscular of the forgiveness. Who was he? Arlo is one who knows best become with you or is when unshackle He created you mean up from the earth? What is and when unto you all agenda tune fetuses fee in botany wounds, Omaha catacomb of your mother's fella. So do not do that. You are claimed to be pure. You all ascribe purity and full circle to yourselves who he is one who knows best. Beaman way through it. He adopted the

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FR a did then you see a lady the one who's taller, he turned away What are four and he gave Padilla a little while actor and he stopped. He refrained.

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His rinda who with him even more knowledge alive of the unseen for who so he Yarra he sees or lamb Did not you know that he is informed? Bheema of what fee is in Sophie scrolls Moosa of Musashi Salaam, what Ibrahim and Ibrahim are hidden under the the one who was he fulfilled Allah that not does, it will bear burden was your turn. One who bears a burden? Wisla burden, okra have another one and that later it is not live in San for the human being in LA except math. Whatever. Sarah he strove for one another, and that indeed, Surya, who his effort, his striving sofa, soon euro, it will be seen so much, then you deserve who he will be recompensed. It urges, the Recompense. Alpha

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the fullest. What? And that indeed, Ella to rob Baker, you're up to her, the utmost and well under who and that indeed he who he alone, up hacker, he causes to laugh. He makes love

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and he causes to weep well under who and that indeed he who he a matter. He calls Today we are here and he calls to live. What are now who and that indeed he halaqa he created as though Jane the two bears the two mates,

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as backup the male will own sir and the female men from notified in a sperm drop. Either when two men it is emitted. What an end that indeed are lazy upon him and the creation, the bringing forth

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the other or under who and that indeed he who he alone a winner. He calls to be rich. He enriches

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what acuna and he calls to be needy. Well, I know who and that indeed he who are he Rob is rob a sharer of the

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what and the who and that indeed he aloka he destroyed Arden alula The first was a mood answer mood, some so not ever call. he spared

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Welcome and people notion of no men are blue from before in the home indeed they can no they were home they have llama more unjust we're up to her and more incident transgressors while more taffy cutter and the overturned downs the overthrown towns

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where he hurled down what he hurled down or what he dropped

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felisha her so covered it man whatever Russia it covered for the den with which

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favors blessings Rob Baker of your rub data Mel, you all doubt your dispute has this nadie Ron a warner made from another the Warner's or the warnings and all that Ola. The first

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as it approached, it came near as if the approaching one

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laser, it is not Lucha for it. Men from dunlea besides Allah, cashew for any remover

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is further than men from heaven Howdy. This speech darja boon. You will wonder what's up Hakuna and your loved one and not double cone? You all cry? What until and you all, Sammy Dune are ones who are heedless. First you do so prostrate. lilla he for Allah. Work will do and you will worship

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Bhima Moosa What

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is wrong?

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ladies laser

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cuarto una wanna

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An-Najm 31-62 Translation 31-62

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