Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 27

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Episode Notes

AlWahhaab – The Bestower.

Daily Reminder Day 27 – AlWahhaab The Bestower. Al-Wahhab is the One who gives away without compensation; He bestows His favours upon His servants without a selfish end; He grants even without being asked; He is the One Who initiates giving, and He is the all-Giver. Allah is surely al-Wahhab. The One who ever tries to get closer to His servants, Who graciously bestows His favours upon them, The One who gives them even before they ask Him.

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allowed him to last for two semesters, salaam aleikum. This is relevant as you were coming to another episode of Ramadan, 2017 they 27th so I, I really hope that you will have enjoyed your,

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your odd night, the night of the 27th last night, and I hope that you all have made lots of

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charity and read and and made a lot of prayers and

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we still again, you know, live in with the names of Allah subhana wa tada trying to implement these names into our lives. You know, when we talked about the name of Allah and Wedgwood,

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let's make it today and for the rest of the month of Ramadan, in a day of love, you know, because so let's live within this name of allah dude, everywhere you're going on with your children tend to relax with your spouse, try to express those feelings, bring them out to the shallow data, you know, say that, you know, go to them and tell them how you feel about them in terms of, you know, the affection, show that affection to them, you know, the hugs and the and the, and the scenes of that you that you show that you care. And this is one of the ways to, again, live with the name of a lightweight dude. But the name, which I really want to cover now is the name of a lot. And we have

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such a very, a beautiful name, and we'll have the one who will be stills the Bestower, the ultimate restores

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a lot and we have, you know,

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there's a difference between this name, and we'll have an apple stock, because that is when you know, is the provider, right? The provider but with others, you've got to work, you've got to make an effort. And then a last panel that would provide you and sustain you from is this essential female hockey, how wakulla University, you know, functional female, walk on the you know, in, in this land on Earth, you know, work will kuruma this pan eat from the rest of the last panel. But when it comes to the name of Allah Allah will have is different. I don't have you don't have to make more effort of what is the Bestower, who bestows on you is unexpected gift. And this is why people

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who who really know this name, this is the ultimate name really, if you were to notice name and live with it, this is the name where you really need to make that out with, you know and ask him for not, you know, anything asking for the sheriff of this law firm shall have the hereafter. And we'll have you know, but in fact, I need to deserve something for a less penalty to bestow His gifts upon me and you will have right you know, medium it has to For instance, if you look at Mary, what did she do to deserve what is she she she was special Mary?

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She used to like to do few things like like she used to, like a bad she used to like to serve the worshipers, you know, and she also, she gave her time in the in the house of worship to serve the worshipers. She gets something special for Alice panatela to bestow Heba on her. And the Hebrew that Allah has bestowed on her is her son eSATA he stood up, you know, this such a very beautiful name if we were to dwell, really, and dig deep into it, learn more about it. In fact, I want to say something more about this beautiful name of Allah, Allah will have and how to implement it in our lives, especially for those brothers and sisters who are in fact, wishing for righteous children. We

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can tell you in childhood tada more about this beautiful name and to another episode of rock Romana 2017