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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying at home during quarantine and the potential for missed nights to be a blessing. They also mention the need for dedication and commitment to getting a full night offer, as well as the importance of showing one's dedication to getting a full night offer. The speaker emphasizes the need for dedication and commitment to getting a full night offer.
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Running the session as we have on the weekend are all lined up Ramadan sessions the posters are out so you can see what they're titled and if you're interested in some of them in Arabic on Fridays the restaurant English along with a whole bunch inshallah so you're welcome to attend and and

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prepare yourself inshallah spiritually and personally and in from a family perspective also for the last month that is just around the corner and we set out he is thought to have been given American members caught up in how they shot on either

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Indeed this month has presented itself to you How about I mean it has come to you it's almost like a this is where the scholars would take the concept of Ramadan being a visitor like if you've ever heard if you come from a background where that was something that you that occurred a lot where they talked about Allah as if it's a as someone who's visiting you and your home this is where it comes from at least some of us these types of this type of terminal terminology, how about them, they came to you in a you are you're in your spot and it's like it's visit Ramadan is visiting you. And it's only appropriate for those who are being visited to be hospitable and appropriate with their guests

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and they have the shortcut, but the hedonic Wi Fi here a little higher on min l Fisher, men Haryana Hira

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taka devotee, hurry my lawyer Aquila, who, where you're from? Hi, yah, Ilana, whom

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you said are you salatu salam, within this month, you will find a night that is better than 1000 months, those who are deprived, it's clear, the heat that comes from that night had been deprived of all higher in the day, there's nothing that will of course, you saw those enemies using this

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linguistic description or this terminology. What he's trying to say is that there's is so much clarity almost feel it's almost as if that you lost all that ever exists. The amount of play that exists within this night if you if you miss it or if you're deprived of it for some reason. And how are you deprived of the height of little color.

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There's a couple of things we know about meaning when you when you dispute with people as a call to him, for example, if you're not fasting throughout the days if you're but really, if you if you're hoping and sha Allah is to get the job of that last little puddle that exists within those last 10 Nights a few things are required number one, you need obviously to dedicate those last 10 nights like you have to be praying all of them you can't you can't do a 20 just the odd nights for example and then miss out on the on the on the even ones that hope it works or, or even worse, just focus the last three or four nights so just 27 or not do well in the first 20 It's a build of Allah

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subhanaw taala this month is a is a blessing. It's a reward in itself and itself. It's a reward. You get rewarded for it but in itself as a reward that Allah doesn't grant. It's not a it's not a roulette.

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Dice its merit. The more you present yourself the more you work hard the more you show Allah subhanaw taala your dedication, the more likely it is that you're going to be able to commit yourself that Austin needs the more likely it is within those nights that you actually are there for your focus little puddle enough to get shot with that higher than a loss on the profit. It is also me telling us about that if you miss it. Dr. Freeman Haleakala then he asked you that while you're from Ohio, Ohio, and no one is deprived the higher of this night Ilana home except someone who is actually deprived someone who is truly truly deprived by Allah subhanaw taala is the one who will

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walk away from

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through this night and not get anything or not get the * that exists within it. But he's explained to explain to you something that is really easy, it's low hanging fruit, it's very It's not difficult to get this it's there it's waiting for you just you know Allah has an unforeseen compiler it as he would say out of here so someone out there how you show your Allah Allah from you the good goodness within you and commit yourself and just don't, don't miss out on any of the nights and don't

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decide that you're gonna get give yourself a

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night offer just commit yourself as 30 days just push yourself to the best of your ability so that you get the height of this because it's very easy other things are much more difficult to achieve. And it's not usually getting a lot of height, it requires a fair amount of sacrifice and commitment and dedication. When you think about Ramadan, it's not that it's not that hard. You just You just kind of get rid of some of the bad habits just focus for especially those doston that is going to be focused yourself because the the visual and the value that exists within that is way beyond and that's what he did. He told me he stood up and started just reminding people by the way, there's a

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night here that is just

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how long how long for you to miss don't don't miss it because if you miss it then you are truly the one that has the right May Allah Subhan Allah grant us the little little Germaine surely it'll be the man will emerge if he's going to be something that hasn't understated the medical the Allahu Anhu col Del Sol Ramadan for colossal Allah Allah who earned he was like you said them in their shell raka hedonic whom are V Laila tune clear on L fisher man hurry Maha Yoga hurry Halima Loyola Kula who whether you're from Ohio her room, sort of Karasuma is Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah

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