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An-Najm 1-30 Tafsir 19-30

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The below him in a shape Lenovo Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 273. sort of imagine

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with regards to iron number nine for Ghana cavaco sany Odin, so he was at a distance of two bar lengths or even near. So we were confused about cavaco saying, because you're trying to go into the details of exactly how I'm saying.

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There are many different ways that scholars have interpreted our closing. Some have said, power consent is actually our vehicles meaning to

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have a cause causes what

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Bo, do are would mean to have available equals one more, right? Because one carb is what half of all, isn't it?

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So Arbuckle saying according to some is are very close meaning to part of one code. So in other words, one ball away, the distance of one vote away the length of one vote away. Basically, this is just a method, a description of what the distance that was between the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and Djibouti Learning Center. And the other meaning that I told you of the expression that cargo contain this was when do people came together, joined in their bows and then chart one arrow? So in other words, there is no distance between the two. Okay?

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So if I can have cavaco say no other now, the basic thing over here is that he was very, very close to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then he revealed to him whatever he was commanded to reveal, by Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, what are some of the lessons that we learned from these verses? First of all, we learn about the greatness of the Quran, the greatness of the status of the Quran that how exalted this book is, where do we learn that from?

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Where do we learn that from?

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That it wasn't just that a loss of personal data center caught on to the profit sort of on its own like that, however, such arrangements were made, such as the best of angels was appointed, as I mentioned to you, that scholars have said that the best of human beings was chosen as a messenger and the best of angels was also chosen as a messenger to deliver the revelation to him. If you look at the characteristics of jabril RSM that are mentioned over here, like for example, or lemahieu shadow Chua, doumitt Latina Fausto, well, who will overfill Arla, all of these characteristics, what do they show? How great jabril was? Why, why did he have to be chosen? Why did he have to be

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selected as the were of the way because of the exalted ness of

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the Quran is not an ordinary book, it's a very special book. And this shows how important it is for us as well to give respect to the Quran,

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and if you think about it, gibreel who was he the carrier of the Quran, right? He brought the hood on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Who was he the one who received the Quran and he passed it on to others. But if you look at their characteristics, especially of gibreel over here, Shadow Chua do millerton

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What does it show that if a person wants to carry the Quran properly, while giving it, its Hulk, then he must be strong as well. And the strength is not just about being physically strong, yes, you have to be physically strong as well. Because if you don't have the energy, you can't memorize, if you don't have the strength you can't sit through. So you have to have that physical strength. But along with that mental strength and mental strength you only develop out by using your mind. It doesn't just come like that. The more you use your brain, the more efficient it becomes. This right now somebody was asking me Do you think anyone can memorize the Quran? He said, Yes, you can. Why?

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Because Allah subhanaw taala said, What are the essential core analytically for human would decayed? The Quran has been made easy for Members, is there anyone who would like to remember, is there anyone who would like to memorize it?

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So it's possible to memorize it. However, you have to practice just like the example of that horse. That horse is ready. It's prepared, it's trained, you have to take the courage, sit on the horse, you'll fall a few times make a few mistakes, but eventually you will learn and each person's progress is different. So it's not impossible, it is possible. And we see the qualities of gibreel over here, Shadow power, do militant Festo.

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And this also

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to us that a person must strengthen himself physically, mentally, and also in his appearance when he is engaged in the study of the Quran. Why? Because it affects you, if you're not wearing clean clothes, if your hijab is not ironed, if you don't feel fresh, can you pay attention? You cannot, you cannot focus.

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Just yesterday, somebody was complaining to me that they were sitting next to someone from their clothes, a lot of smell of food was coming.

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And she said, I was having a headache, I could not concentrate in class. So we have to be very careful. If our clothes are smelling of food, if our breath is smelling of food, then we cannot pay attention to the mirror. Beautiful appearance doesn't just mean that a person has a lot of makeup. No, it means clean meat. So all of this is necessary as part of respect for the work of Allah soprano. And when a person gives respect to the book of Allah, only then he can receive it. So from desire, we learned first of all about the greatness of the

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then we also see in these ayah that the opposition of the disbelievers is refuted in a very powerful way. The Michigan of Makkah, they used to say to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam naroda Villa he was being overcome by a gene. One of the meanings of Majnoon is the one who was possessed by a gene. This is what he speaks. But what do we learn from these ayat? What does Allah say? mt Allah for his vocal one our token how powerfully? Allah says melvil asahikawa Maha omega may for an hour. In Hua Illa, what do you have?

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And then later on, we see efa tomorrow una hora de Mayo, would you dispute with him concerning what he sees? So, their opposition, their disbelief, that is being negated very powerfully in this ayah. Then we also see in this ayah, about the other, the respect that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam showed, we see that two things are necessary. The teacher as well as the student both have to show other

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in order for the Quran to be taught properly. And in order for the Quran to be understood, and learned properly, we see that w his qualities are mentioned our lemahieu shadow alumilite infest our past our heroes in full form. And with regard to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what has been said, that Mazda will bustle will not allow, he did not look here in there. He did not look beyond he looked exactly where he was supposed to look.

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Why is this mentioned in particular,

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because the greater the matter, the greater the knowledge, the more respect is required in order to learn. If you're learning something very ordinary, okay, you can look here and there, you can talk in the middle, you can get up and leave, you can sit far away. But when it comes to the Koran, then it deserves respect. And as we have learned in the sutras Muhammad, that if you don't give respect to Allah, His Messenger, then you cannot gain anything, respect is necessary. And we see this in the example of the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah.

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What else do we learn in these Ayah?

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Anything that you've noticed?

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Over here, in the middle of Tillman Taha, that is where the prophets Allah, Allah said, I'm sorry, Angel jabril. And security mantra is located at the seventh heaven. And beyond that, not even Angel Gabriel was allowed to go. What does it show? The greatness of Allah subhana wa. And just imagine the greatness of Allah and what are we and yet, we have excuses, we have reasons to disobey Him, we have justifications, we're arrogant, it doesn't refer to us at all.

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One of the etiquettes of the student or knowledge that we learn is that the student must focus on what has to be looked at what has to be seen. So for example, if in a particular classroom being shown a presentation, you should be looking there. Why? Because if you don't see, then you will not understand what the teacher is trying to explain. Similarly, when the Quran is being explained, when the Quran is being read, whether it's the tweet orthodoxy, where should our eyes be fixed on the text of the Quran, because if you start looking here and there, if you start reading other things, if you start looking at your phone, if you start looking at other people, if you start looking at

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the lights and the noticeboard in the windows and so on and so forth, you cannot focus and if you cannot focus, you cannot learn so the eyes must be fixed on the text of the Quran. And you see, the more you look at the text, the more you will be able to absorb, the more you'll be able to understand the more you'll be able to retain.

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Otherwise, you will sit through class and you won't be able to recall afterwards.

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So make sure that you're focused on the text don't look here, they're just look at the text.

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This is why it's very important that you must have your pen or your pencil ever ready with you Why? Because follow it along, even in the class, follow along with your pencil follow along with your finger, so that your eyes don't go here there.

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We see in the eye, a mountain of Sahiba komazawa your companion he's not ignorant, nor is he a stray woman young to Cornell, however, nor does he speak out of his desire, what is it showed that even the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, is of immense importance, because I mentioned to you the speech of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam consists of three things right of them as soon as one. So what he said is not based on ignorance, what he said is not based on misguidance. And what he said is not based on his desires, either. What is it based on revelation? Therefore, every single statement of the Prophet, every single command, every single prohibition, must be taken very

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seriously. We cannot deliver it.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he said he saw interbreed, he actually saw him. Why? Because another evidence of that is that people when they imagine angels, when they draw images of angels, what do they think of people with wings behind them, and how many wings do wings

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and they're also very tiny.

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And if you see over here, we see that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he saw interbreed, and he had how many wings 600 600. So it's something that people cannot even imagine. So this itself isn't evidence that he actually signed up. It wasn't an illusion, it wasn't imagination.

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One more thing I'd like to clarify that these is that we have learned the beginning of sort of the legend. Some people have understood them in a different way as well. And they have said that in these ads, it's not Angel jabril who is being mentioned it's in fact a loss of Pandora who is being mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saw Allah, that effort to Marana who Allah Yahweh Nakata, algunas Ratan

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Tata, that when the profits all of a sudden went for Mirage he saw him However, this is incorrect. Why? Because it contradicts many statements on the Quran and Sunnah. And there is no evidence to support that. If you think about it in these ayat, if you look at it a lemahieu shadow do Midlothian festival in Ireland so Madonna Fatah della, there's a hadith that supports that, isn't there that the prophets of Allah said I'm sorry, do you believe and well, who knows Latin okra, I mean, who obviously it refers to, do you believe because if you saw him the first time, the second time also it refers to puberty. And we see that our last panel data says and so on, I have 103 that led to the

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removal of saw, vision cannot perceive him. Vision, human vision, it cannot perceive a loss of

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Who was he he was a human being and this is why he could not see Allah mozarella said I'm requested to see Allah was he able to know he wasn't unless Atlanta Ronnie, you will never be able to see me.

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Instead of the Shula if 51 we learn Americana Lee Russia in a UK Lima Allahu Allahu Allah wa hen Omi worre e. e jab, that Allah would only speak to a person how through where he or from behind a hijab from behind the screen,

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and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he went for the journey? Yes, Allah subhanaw taala spoke to him, however, the Prophet did not see him. Why? Because what does Allah say, meanwhile Egypt from behind a veil from behind the screen. And what is this veil? We learnt hijab Who knows? the hijab of Allah, that screen that has no meaning like, so a person cannot see Allah, human vision cannot see Allah in this dunya. But in the hereafter in general, Allah subhanaw taala will show himself to the people. Why, because in the Hereafter, people's abilities or faculties will be magnified, they'll be magnified, which is why people will not die, you understand, which is why, in general, when people

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will eat, they will love you for they have the capacity to enjoy more. This is why human beings will also be able to see a lot of data in general. But this is not possible in dunya.

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And we learned that masuk he asked our children had their own mother of the faithful. Did Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam see his Lord? She said Subhana Allah Gloria says a lot my hair is standing on end because of what you said.

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She was shocked that How could you even think of something like this? That the prophet SAW Allah, you're asking me about that. She said that three matters amongst them this one that if one tells you about any of them will have lied. Whoever tells you that

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has seen his Lord will have light and then she recited these I'd like to recommend episode one where you will absorb well mechanically by sharing and you call him on low in our hand, only water. So these is Who are they referring to? That the prophets of Allah said himself gibreel and gibreel is the one who brought revelation. And over here, the intent is not that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam saw a loss of power.

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The purpose is to show to us the greatness of this, that how Allah subhanaw taala has exalted this, that a special Angel, so powerful, and look at the process of Revelation. And the point over here is also to show the truthfulness of the messengers analyzer because people were doubting it.

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So Allah supports him here, Allah is saying that he's not a liar.

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Allah is saying that he has in fact seen Do you believe that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in fact received revelation. So these either basically, in defense of the messenger, and to also show the great status of the Koran and at the same time, teaches many lessons as well.

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Then Allah says fr A to A letter will reserve so have you considered Have you seen a left and reserved meaning? This is the messenger who is the messenger, Melbourne, la hibakusha Whoa, whoa, am I on the Coronel Hauer? He is the one who has received the Quran what is the Quran, it has been brought by who should either do militant festiva This is a Quran and it has been sent by who? Allah subhanaw taala if the messenger is so great, the angel messenger so great, so great. Imagine the greatness of Allah Subhana. Yet you worship others besides Allah, have you seen these gods that you worship besides Allah? For Allah tala Riza. Have you considered them? Have you ever thought about

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them? What power do they have? They have no power.

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The angel that Allah has sent with the Quran, he has more power than a Latin resume.

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A thorough a two letter will erza alert and alert. And in the next day, a woman at a 30 taluka and manette the third, the other one, these three are three idols that were worshipped and very much respected by the machine of Arabia.

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It is said that a lot was the idol of the Kabira Sophia, where did they live in life? So the tribe of Sophia they used to worship the idol Allah and with regards to the meaning of Allah, it is said that it is from the word lower. Lamb Well, yeah, yeah. Luna elsina to home what does that mean to twist to bend to turn? So these people they used to go around, the lads idle, why, in order to do it's the love in order to worship the little foreigner, they used to for me, there is a set that the word lacks, they actually derive this name from the name of Allah soprano darling himself from his module Allah, that they feminized Allah and the feminine have that they made it up is alette. Now

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would have been What is this? changing the name of Allah in had, remember it had a smile he This is a type of l hat, changing the name of Allah and giving it to someone.

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And it Rosa Alireza is a feminine of ours, who is as the one with a lot of is meaning the one who is very mighty, very noble, very respectable. So Rosa, and that is also feminine, or that is ultra feminine.

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And Ursa was the idol of the tribe of a Novato fan.

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And especially they used to slaughter animals for this goddess. There was a goddess, female God, and they used to slaughter their animals in dedication of this particular God. And the Quraysh they used to respect Alireza a lot.

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You don't have any evidence for that. They used to have a lot of respect for unreserve.

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They would swear by it. Okay. Where else do we learn from the Syrah that shows to us how they used to respect there was a lot

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at the Battle of when the Sahaba they had taken refuge in the mountains with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was at the end game and he asked if Abubakar Allah and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam if they were alive, the Sahaba were silent. And then he exalted one of his idols, glory be to Hoover. And there was a conversation back and forth between are motivated on who and him and it was Sophia and what did he say? Lana, Rosa, Willa Rosanna can we have reserved and you don't have any reserved so they were very proud of having this idol they respected and they were very busy.

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idle a lot. A woman after 30 minutes minutes, it is said that it's from the letters mean noon well from manado which means

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to cut and the minute again was a female idle for which the people would slaughter their animals. And it is said that the tribe of Banu Hosea

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as well as the O's and husbands of Medina, they used to worship this idol. And they used to revered a lot. And they also slaughtered animals for its sake. And it is said that they started their pilgrimage, they used to announce their hedge to the curb from next few minutes, meaning they would go to manette they would stand by minutes. And over there, they would make the near. You remember the story of Amata Benjamin?

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The Sahaba who was lame. Do you remember the story? How he became a Muslim? His sons became Muslim initially, and he used to worship an idol.

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Remember that?

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And he used to go and seek shuara from that idol that what do you think I should do? And his sons What did they do? They did that I lived through it. So that was ultimately common at a fairly tired because the people of Medina I wasn't positive they used to worship the idle minute.

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So woman at a fairly subtle manner, the third eye chakra the other one, why is it set over here? The other one, to show that there is such little importance. Have you seen these gods of yours that you worship of our eight our letterwinners aminata thoroughly Fidel okra

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Allah como de Caro is a male for you, while I will own sir. And for him the female meaning for yourself. You like males and to Allah, you ascribe female partners? Because even when they ascribe partners to Allah, what did they ascribe female female goddesses. When it comes to angels, what did they say? They were female Daughters of Allah and they worshiped

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and when it came to partners, even they were female. Allah says Allah COVID Nakagawa who,

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Allah questions the machine. You choose female for Allah and males for yourself.

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We learned in sort of sofa 19 where geranyl Mela ekata Latina homeriver de Romani inasa Allah questions a shahidul Hong Kong. So took the Shahada to wear US alone. If males are for you and females are for Allah, then tilaka eden kiss Mattoon, Liza, that then is a very unjust division dismantle a division that for you males and for females. This is a division that is very Liza. Liza is from the roof letters. But yeah, they from the word Waza yellowlees lahsa yulu means he wronged him, he was unjust to him. He was unfair with him

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and lays is to be unfair. So, this is a division that is Luiza meaning it is biased. It is unfair, it is unjust. This is not fair. Now doesn't mean it's right to ascribe male partners with Allah. No. This is basically refuting the machine with their own beliefs. This does not mean that it's okay to ascribe male partners with Allah, not at all. But this is refuting them with their own beliefs that you choose males for yourself. And when it comes to sparring partners with Allah, you ascribe females to look at them Kismet and Liza

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in here Illa. Asma, they are not but mere names mean these idols, what is their reality? their reality is just a snap. That's it. Nothing about them is real. Except for their names, meaning the only thing about them is their names.

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And these names, even semedo. You all have named them. You all have invented them, you all have come up with these names. And if you think about it, giving a name to something or someone or changing the name of something or someone does that change the reality? No. For example, if there's a door and you say to window, is it going to make the door window? Is it? No, it's not going to make that a window. Similarly, a person's name is Maddie. And she says no, my name is Sarah, is that gonna make her name? No, she can pretend all she wants. But when her ID comes up, it's going to show her real name.

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So any assessments are made to her these idols through just names and these names you have come up with them. You have invented these names. And when you give names to these imaginary gods, it doesn't make those Gods real.

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If you see a tree and you say that the trunk of that tree that you have shaved very nicely, you've painted very beautifully, and you've decorated it and you put food around it and you press

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Straight before it and you say it's a god, does that make it God?

00:25:03--> 00:25:48

No, in here, Allah Smith and Sumitomo ha, who has named them until you whatever, okay and your father's, it's just you and your forefathers who have invented these names manzanilla will be having so far, Allah has not revealed for it any authority, any evidence, there is no proof for these names. There is no proof for these gods and Allah has not allowed you to do this either. He has to have your honor a loved one, Allah says these people, they do not follow anything except supposition. Meaning when they say that this is a God, and they say that its name is this. And they say that it has these qualities it has these abilities it can hear it can respond. This is all what

00:25:48--> 00:26:07

assumption. This is all a one assumption, there is no basis to it, there is no reality to it. Because if you remember the story of our medical journal as well, that companion before he became a Muslim, he had appointed an old woman who used to answer on behalf of that idol.

00:26:08--> 00:26:18

So she had been appointed. And she used to answer on behalf of that idle. So when he would go and ask the idle, who would respond? That woman would respond.

00:26:19--> 00:26:23

I mean, you know that it's the woman who's responding yet you think it's the idle?

00:26:24--> 00:26:31

This is all done. This is all assumption that the idle is inspiring to the woman and she's talking on its behalf.

00:26:32--> 00:26:37

So he had to Verona a loved one woman, the whole enforce and whatever that the sole desire.

00:26:38--> 00:27:21

What they're following is supposition, no deli, no reality. And what they're following is based on what what the souls desire, says the desire of the nurse. This is something that they like, because that idol looks so beautiful, they've made it, they've carved it, they've dressed it up with the makeup on it, done all of the details. It looks so beautiful, no matter what unforce but Allah says, Well, I've got a job, a home and certainly it has come to them, middle of the year from their Lord and Buddha, the guidance, the guidance has already come to them from their Lord, do things I mentioned over here, one is that which a person does based on one and matter will enforce

00:27:22--> 00:27:31

what a person does based on what supposition, no logic, no evidence, no delille and matter will enforce whatever the souls desires.

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And secondly is that which a person does based on what and who their guidance, completely two different ways, completely two different ways Allah says welcome home millrock became a Buddha. So when these two things come against one another, that which people do based on one and that which they do based on desire, and that which is based on guidance? What should a person go for? That which is based on guidance? Because Allah has said that, while Khadija or homie love the human Buddha

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in Santa Marta mana, or is there for man whatever he wishes, should man have everything that he desires? The Mana Mana from the roof veterus name noon, yeah. From the word Omnia. Only Yeti remember

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that whenever the messenger he wished the ship on alpha fee omega t, delta Amani, you home, those are their wishes. So I'm in sunny matamanoa should man have? Should man get everything that he wishes for? Meaning anything that a person wishes for? Anything that a person yearns for hopes for? Should that come true? No, it's not the case. It doesn't happen. Human beings wish they hope a lot. But every wish every hope of theirs is not fulfilled. This is not how this world functions. Because if every person's wish was to be fulfilled, then what would happen? chaos disaster. So I'm live in Santa Marta. Now why is this being said over here? That just because you wish that these idols

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should be there because you like them? They look so beautiful to you, you've made them just because you like them doesn't mean they're true. Just because you like worshipping them doesn't mean it's okay. Just because your forefathers have been doing it. It doesn't mean it's okay. Because I'm living in Santa Marta mana. That's not the case. man doesn't get everything that he desires. No

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Fenella Hill Afro to oola rather to a lot belongs to hereafter and also the first life lillahi meaning to Allah belongs

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and also an oola. Allah Herefordshire, the hereafter and alula refers to

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Nia because Allah is first it's the opposite of a hero.

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So to Allah belongs the hereafter and also this dunya meaning, it's a love wish. It's a love of decision. It's a laws rules that are to be followed in the near end and

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not people's wishes, not people's desires. I'm live in Santa Marta mana, vanilla Hello, hello to all oola and if you notice over here after is mentioned first

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whereas in time, what is first the dunia then comes after Robert Arthur as mentioned first Why do you think so?

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Because the power of Allah, the authority of Allah, the sovereignty of love will be more manifest where India, it doesn't mean that it's not manifest. Now, of course, it is very much manifest it's very much obvious, but in the Hereafter, it will be more obvious, because what do we learn Maliki Yomi de, he will be the only Malik on the Day of Judgment. Today what happens people get lost because of a Latin and reserved people get lost because of different different things of this dunya they get more impressed by them, and they forget who the real sovereign is. They get diluted, but in the Euro, it will be very much manifest.

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We don't insert off it is 16 Lima animal Coolio. lillahi wa haidle kaha. Allah will question on the day of gentlemen, that To Whom belongs all sovereignty this day, and it will be set to Allah the one the prevailing.

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So Fenella Hill accurate wallula

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Welcome American personality, and how many angels there are in the heavens? How many angels there are in the heavens, in the skies? And the angels? What's the description of the angels that we learned in the Quran? That they are more common? Isn't it? But whom are that are more common? They are honorable servants of Allah. We learned earlier into the dead yet about the leaf, the guests of Ibrahim on Instagram, who I look, I mean, why they called me because they were angels. So angels, who are they respected, honorable creatures of Allah.

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And if you see how gibreel has been described over here, I lemahieu shadow Loomis, what investor? What does that show? What does that show how respectable how honorable gibreel is.

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So welcome in medical system, Allah, Allah says how many angels there are up in the skies, so many angels that are honorable servants of Allah, who are so close to Allah. But still lead to Nisha fair, to whom she there Shiva cannot avail at all.

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If they intercede for a person, their intercession also will not benefit Illa except there is a condition only then it will benefit.

00:32:59--> 00:33:01

Why is this being mentioned over here?

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You see the Michigan market they used to worship those idols that are dominant, and they used to think that these idols will intercede for us. Remember that the machine had different different beliefs with regard to the alpha as well. In the couple of years, Colin mostella some people they rejected the concept of the Acura others, they have some concept of Africa but they said we worship these idols so that they can intercede for us so that they can request to Allah, that we should be forgiven and we should be given eternal bliss. Now, these idols, what does Allah subhanaw taala say about them? What power do they have for a

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woman after 30 What power do they have? Nothing.

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Have you seen them Have you considered them? They have no power. The angels on the other hand, how much power do they have? Much more shadow Chua. But yet Allah says the angels lead tonisha to shade even their shofar cannot benefit a person. So how is it possible that the shofar of these idols will work? It will not work.

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Unless the person has done something himself these idols, they're nothing they're imaginary.

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So if the angels there, Shiva doesn't work, then these idols, their shofar is useless. It's not even there. It's not even real. It's all imagination of a person.

00:34:32--> 00:34:49

And the angels Allah says there schapira led to Nisha to shape en la except mimbar, the after, and yet then Allah that Allah permits first condition, that first of all, the permission of Allah should be there. Allah should have allowed, who

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the angel to intercede and secondly, who what's the permission, that the person for whom intercession is being made? permission is

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Granted for that person as well that okay, intercession may be made for this person. You know, like, for example, if a person goes to court, let's say the judgment is made against them, sometimes they have the right to appeal, other times, no appeal even. So, even if a person tries to appeal it would work no. So similarly for a person, for intercession to be done for him, a loss permission has to be there. So, first of all, nobody and yet then Allah who, secondly, Lima Yeshua, who for whom He wills, for whom he will have his servants, meaning just any servant cannot be interceded for a lost permission has to be there. And thirdly, wild law, and he's also pleased, he's also satisfied,

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meaning he's also satisfied with the intercession. He's also satisfied with the person. He's also satisfied with having given permission to the angel to intercede. So there are many conditions of intercession, we see intercession is not in the control of people. Nor is it in the control of those who intercede Not at all. This is also the writer who almost died, it's in his full control.

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Over here, basically, what lesson Are we being taught, that we cannot depend on others? We cannot depend on others, we have to do something ourselves. Like we learned earlier, unreal, insanity. mathema. Should man have whatever he desires, he wishes for genda he will get it No, he wishes for success in the athletic he will get it like that. No, he has to do something he has to prove it. He wants to achieve it should be done for him would it be done? Not just like that. The real power the authority in dunya and afra. Its widow with a loss of nothing happens except with the permission of Allah.

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In through to NASA 123 we learn laser the armonico when Ernie and Nikita minyama Zoo and you deserve a paradise is not obtained by your wishful thinking, nor by that of the people the Scripture. Meaning just because a person who is a Muslim he wishes he enters gender. That's just not how it's attained, not just by wishes. Similarly, someone from the people of the book if he wishes, I wish to go to general will he goes like that? No.

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There must be action, my Yarmouth Zoo and you deserve it. And whoever does around, he will be recompensed for it. So a person has to do something himself he cannot just rely on others.

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In alladhina la mina will indeed those people who do not believe in the hereafter what do they do? Lay you some moon and mala ekata surely they name the angels thus metal owns female names

00:37:55--> 00:38:02

who give angels female names it's those people who don't believe in the hereafter

00:38:03--> 00:38:13

those people who do not believe in the Day of Judgment over here you some moon you some Moon is from some you send me the smear

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All right, some you send me the smear, which Bob is this

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free. Okay. So some very mildly use on me. And from that you some Muna, plural. And the master is the smear, lay you some Moodle, Mullah ekata, the smear balancer, they give names to the angels, which names female names.

00:38:40--> 00:38:46

Because then we're seeking they also consider the angels to be who females Daughters of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:38:48--> 00:38:52

And this ayah tells us something very important that when a person

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does not have correct belief, does not have belief in the hereafter.

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Then what does he do? Whatever he desires,

00:39:04--> 00:39:28

then he ends up saying many wrong things and he ends up doing many wrong things as well. Because over here, the root causes being mentioned behind there giving false names to angels behind their false belief. What is the root cause? They're not believing in the answer. Because if a person believes in the astronaut, then he'll be very careful about what he says about what he does.

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Man on the human element, they do not have any knowledge of it. Of what of this claim that the angels are females, or that the angels have female names. In Tirana 11. They only follow what a one supposition. Just as with regards to the idols, the female idols, they had no evidence. All of that belief was based on what one similarity with regards to angels also Allah says they have no enemies to Verona in the run.

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But would run what in the runner and indeed the supposition, lay your name in an FPGA. It does not avail against the truth at all. Meaning, it can never replace the truth. It can never take the place of the truth. It can never do away with the truth, law, uni mental health issues.

00:40:21--> 00:40:32

It can never take the place of the law uni. What does it mean? To make rich? So one can never make you rich, meaning free of need of the truth?

00:40:33--> 00:40:56

When Can someone make you free of need of something when they can replace it? So one can never replace the truth. supposition can never replace the truth, can it? No. Because supposition is not real. It's not true. It's not a fact. And when something is not a fact, what is it? It's falsehood.

00:40:57--> 00:41:13

And when it's falsehood, it cannot have the same effect as the truth can. So they base this belief on what assumption and assumption it cannot take the place of truth. So why do they adhere to this belief as if it's the reality? It's not reality at all?

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Instead of 19, we learn what jargon Mila Ekaterina homeriver de virmani in Arthur shahidul, Hong Kong, so Dr. Boucher

00:41:26--> 00:41:58

and we say that, with regards to many things of religion, many matters of religion, what do people base their beliefs on? assumption of one, and they cling to those beliefs as if they are a reality, as if they are facts. And if you don't do it, if you don't say, then they get offended. They feel as if you are disrespecting their religion, you're not following their religion properly. But what do we see? One is a fact. And the other is one. And one it can never take the place of the fact

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for our audience, so turn away our amento Allah on the cleaner from whoever turns his back on our message. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being advised to turn away from whoever that turns away from our the, from the Quran that we have revealed. Any person who disregards the Quran, you ignore him, you avoid him, why avoid him?

00:42:24--> 00:42:36

Why? Because if you go after him, then what's going to happen you will do what he has done. So any person who was turned away from the Quran on Zykina already learned who

00:42:37--> 00:42:54

leave him, turn away from him, avoid him, refrain from him. And remember, era law is the version of the heart until he is physically turning away from something. So the one who has left the Quran, abandon the Quran, you don't attach yourself with him.

00:42:55--> 00:42:56

You understand?

00:42:57--> 00:43:09

Me, don't attach your heart with him. Don't have any warm feelings for him. Why? Because if you appreciate him, if you are attached with him, then what's going to happen you're going to end up doing exactly what they're doing.

00:43:11--> 00:43:21

amento Allah and the cleaner, Allah muted a little hotter. dounia and he does not desire anything except the worldly like meaning His goal is the worldly life. Don't be attached with this person.

00:43:22--> 00:43:41

This is very deep. Avoid who the one who turns away from the Quran, and the one who does not want anything, but this worldly life. In other words, a person whose goal is this dunya you should not be close with them. Why? Because you will end up becoming better.

00:43:42--> 00:43:45

Imagine this is being said to the prophets are

00:43:47--> 00:44:09

the one who saw debris, the one who was taken up to the heavens, he was shown genda and just imagine, for us belief in the life is different than his belief in life. his belief was much stronger than ours, because for him it was it was with the eye he saw everything yet he's being told Don't be with these people.

00:44:11--> 00:44:16

Don't be with these people because it's very, very easy to get affected.

00:44:17--> 00:44:42

They come over level woman and that is their sum of knowledge mobile of Bella Bella to reach and mobile of the extent of reaching the range the scope of a person to maximum that he goes. So that is their mobile a very what is the dunya is a hair to dunya that is all they desire. That is the extent of their knowledge.

00:44:43--> 00:44:58

Those who turn away from the Quran, those whose focus is dunia. Their knowledge is limited to them yet they have no knowledge of the afterlife. They have no interest in the afterlife. So don't go after them. Because if you go after them, then you're allowed to become ignorant like them

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burqa hula RLM indeed your Lord He is more snowing. Women will answer the lady of he who is a stray from his way. Allah knows best as to who is a stray from his way or who are allowed will be monitored. And he is most knowing of one who is rightly guided. Because you see the machine of Makkah, they used to consider themselves to be rightly guided. There were so proud of their idols, so proud of their false beliefs, so proud of their rituals. And they used to belittle the Prophet sallallahu Sallam looked down on him. And Allah subhanaw taala defends his messenger over here that may until Coronel Hauer, and your belief, your faith, what value does it have a Federal Reserve?

00:45:44--> 00:45:46

What power do they have no power at all.

00:45:47--> 00:46:02

And then you think you're on truth? Whatever you do, whatever you believe it's based on one. So at the end of the day, who decides who is on guidance and who is not on guidance? Allah subhanaw taala because when Allah Hill Astra to Allah,

00:46:03--> 00:46:17

so, who are alone will remember learn sahbihi wa, who will be monitored and he is most knowing of who is rightly guided. So, in other words, who decides what is right what is wrong, unless upon?

00:46:18--> 00:46:22

Who decides what is guidance? What is misguidance? A lot of

00:46:24--> 00:47:00

people, they come up with many definitions, many opinions, every person standard is different. However, we are to follow the standard and of loss upon data set. Because you know how many times you will come across this, that people say like for example, in philosophy, there is no definition of evil, there's no definition of good, whatever you consider to be evil is evil. Whatever you consider to be good as good. There is nothing inherently evil, nothing inherently good. This is what they say. It's a corrupt thought. Because you are not the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Allah subhanaw taala The one who has made he decides

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what is good What is he?

00:47:03--> 00:47:11

So we are to follow his rules, not what our hearts desire, and not what our brain assumes. We are to submit

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to move

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He won't

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be many.

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If you notice if

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URLs are meant to Allah NZ cleaner vilamoura lol hi atonia What is this I are teachers who should be our role models,

00:50:09--> 00:50:10

people of this world,

00:50:11--> 00:50:21

people of the day, it should be the Prophet sallallahu sudden his companions, not the people of this dunya because the people of this dunya what is their goal, just dystonia.

00:50:22--> 00:50:43

And if we follow them, if our heart is attached to them, if we admire them, if we admire the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they eat, the way they dress, then unconsciously it's going to come about in our lives as well. Because whatever the eyes admire, the heart desires. And when the heart desires, the body will follow.

00:50:45--> 00:50:53

So I was thinking for myself, okay, how will I do arise from someone who is completely focused on the dunya and Delica bla bla, boom,

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because there is so you know, just reaching to this dunya that is what the focus in here. So our point is to take the L of assets to them, when we do a blog will, will offer a to them then insha Allah.

00:51:10--> 00:51:52

Otherwise, it's difficult to do, of course. And you see, as I mentioned to you earlier, this is the detachment of the heart, that you may be in the same house even. You may be in the same family even but your heart is not attached with that person. And it happens, isn't it? When people have two different goals, even if they're made, sometimes they are different, far apart from one another. And the only way of coming close is that either you give up or they give up. No, you cannot give up. Why? Because after all, that is the main focus that should be your focus. So you have to make them have a different focus, as you understand, only then people can come together.

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But listen to the recitation of all of these if

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So panicle long will be handy Ganesha de la ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Roca. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.