Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L274B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The meaning of Islam is temporary until the individual's death. ownership of everything in the universe is temporary until the individual's death. acceptance of decisions and regulations are essential for life, and the nurse and those who do it are recognized as important individuals. Islam has a responsibility to fulfill the plan of the creator, which is to value the creation of the universe.
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eligibility Misha rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 274. So that is number 31 to 31 he let him have his summer, what do you wanna feel outwardly, and to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth lillahi lillahi is mentioned before math is similar to my field of meaning to Allah belongs. Why is the left mentioned first because lamb gives a meaning of the fleece, it gives a meaning of specification, that it is only Allah who owns whatever that is in the heavens, and whatever that is in the earth. It gives the meaning of hustle. And this land is also of milkier of possession. That everything in the heavens and the earth heavens and the earth included,

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it is for him, it belongs to him, not other than him.

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Now, if you think about it, in the earth, there are many things which are owned by people.

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Like for example, your own possessions, who do they belong to yourself? When Allah subhanaw taala says, when he left my facility, when I fill out, and what does that mean? Don't you have some possessions? Don't other people own certain things? Of course they do. But the difference is that our possessions or our milkier, our authority, is what it is temporary, we only own these things for how long for some time, only until when we're alive. And after we die, then what happens to our belongings, they're transferred to somebody else. And after they die, they're transferred to somebody else. And this goes on until nobody's left to inherit anything of this world. And even

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then, when people do own what they own, their possession, their authority is incomplete, isn't it? They don't have absolute authority over what they own. Their authority is partial, it is limited.

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If you think about it, anything that we possess, do we have complete control over it? No, we cannot prevent it from getting lost. We cannot prevent it from getting stolen. We cannot prevent it from getting broken. But whatever that Allah subhanaw taala has, he owns it. And it's not just that he owns it, but he also has complete authority and control over it.

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Likewise, if you think about it, what we own we cannot do whatever we please with it. Anything that we want to do with our possessions? Can we do it? No. Like for example, if you have food perfectly fine. Can you just ditch it can just throw it like that? No, you can't do it. You're not allowed to. Why? Because the Sharia imposes certain laws on you.

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Similarly, your money, okay, it's yours. But can you just spend it wherever you want to? Can you waste it? Can you use it to buy heroin? No, you cannot. Similarly, your body Okay, you have it for some time, but can you do whatever you want to do with it? No.

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So, Allah, His milkier His authority, his possession of everything in the heavens in the earth, how is it it is it is complete, it is absolute. And it is not not this is not deficient. Nor is it mocha yet nor is it limited. But when it comes to our authority, our ownership, how is it

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it is temporary, it is incomplete. It is partial, it is limited. So over here losses when he left he Murphy somehow it would fill up, therefore the magic of the heavens and the earth and everything in between everything within them even Who is it? Only Allah soprano.

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And if you think about it, the heavens and the earth, they contain many creatures. Like for example, the skies above, we learned earlier and so it's only welcome a mannequin, how many angels there are in the skies.

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So up in the skies, many angels in the earth, many people who are alive and many people who are buried in the earth as well. Angels, people, jinn, animals, birds, insects, animal things, inanimate things, things we know are things we don't know of everything who is their owner of loss.

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So an ally is the owner and his ownership is absolute, it is complete, it is perfect, then what does it mean for us? If he is the owner, then he can do whatever he wants. He can decide whatever he wants, he can decree whatever he wants. Therefore, we must have a law meeting we must be pleased with anything that Allah decides.

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Whether it is a decision with regards to county affairs or shattering affairs.

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gonia first like for example, if along wants your life to be of a certain length, if Allah wants your height to be of a certain length, if Allah wants, that in your life, you should meet certain people in your life you should not meet certain people, this is what gonee decision, save Allah is your owner, does he not have the right to decide that?

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Of course he does. So when he has decided what is our responsibility, that we accept, we are happy, we are content with the decisions of Allah with regards to shelter your affairs, if Allah has given a certain command of the Sharia, that we have to do something or we cannot do something, then again, what is our responsibility that we have to accept, because when He manifests somehow it when I feel he is the owner, his is the authority, and the decision lies with him as well. And no one has the right to object, because the owner can do whatever he wants to.

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And because he is the owner of everything in the heavens and the earth, He is the one who decides what the purpose and function is also of everything that isn't the heavens and the earth. If he is the owner, he decides what the purpose is of the creation in it, what their function is, what they're supposed to do what they're not supposed to do. So he gives a command he gives a prohibitions in total ambia is 16 we learn one Hakuna sama, our alma mater, VENA Houma, Larry bean, we have not created the sky and the earth and whatever that is between them as ones that play meaning we didn't create it for no reason.

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So if he is the owner, he decides the purpose he decides to function and with regards to people with regard to the human beings, who are the center of the creation of the heavens and the earth, meaning the heavens and the earth, they have been created for who

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the earth everything in it has been created for who, for human beings. Haleakala comb marfil, of the Jumeirah, Sahara law calm he has objected for you for your benefit. So, with regards to the human being, what does Allah subhanaw taala say? What is the purpose of human beings, that one Mahalo to general INS olalia we do that we are to worship Allah subhanaw taala only, that will now hold off to General inelia who do I have not created the jinn and men except that they should worship me that is a purpose of our creation. And then at the end of our lives, at the end of our terms, what do we learn that Allah subhanaw taala will reward and He will punish. So when they let him FSM OT, when I

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fill out li li edges er levina sL o Bhima amilo. So that he may recommend those who have done evil, according to what they have done, according to the actions that they have performed. So he is the owner, he decides he commands and when he is commanded, then people they're being tested. They are supposed to do certain things, and they're supposed to refrain from certain things. And at the end of their lives, Leah Dozier, Lavina Acero Bhima amilo where Josie and Medina Arsenal been.

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So that he may recommend to those who do evil with the penalty of what they have done, and recommends those who do good with the best reward.

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Learn in the edges here, this lamp is off October of consequence.

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And this learn, it has said that it's connected with the previous ayah in the previous ayah. If you look in nanaka, who are now moving on one line severely, will who will be monitored, that your Lord knows who is straight from his way and he knows as to who is rightly guided

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and he is the owner. That's what's mentioned in this ayah will allow him to fill up Therefore, he decides and at the end he gives recompense to people as well according to what they have done

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edges here so that as a result, he may recommend to alladhina Acero Bhima Emilio

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and Medina aside from the root letters seen well, Hamza from the word is a and is a is the opposite of Epson which is why you see over here alladhina Assa Oh Bhima I mean Oh, where does he alladhina Arsenal

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So, he sir is the opposite of Epson is a is to commit to an Epson is to do

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to do good

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is to commit evil deeds to commit acts of disobedience

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and remember that ourselves

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is a is to go against that which has been commanded. How does a person do evil by going against the commandments that allows the panel data has given certain instructions he has given certain commands. And a person goes against that meaning he doesn't observe them. And is that is also to do that which is forbidden, that Allah has forbidden certain things, and a person doesn't anyway. So those who do evil, Allah will recompense them how Bhima amilo according to what they have done, meaning the punishment they will get is what they actually deserve. The punishment that they get is actually what they deserve.

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They deserve it. Because evil

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is for what evil? unless Allah subhanaw taala pardon someone out of his mercy. So alladhina acetyl Bhima Amin. And on the other hand, Where does he live in an arsenal, Belfer Center, and so that he may give reward to who those who are sad. And what does it mean by exact opposite of his a story is that is to go against the commandments, your sign is to live by the commandments. Where is that a is to do that which is forbidden, your son is to refrain from that which is forbidden. So those who do good, Allah will reward them how bill Hausner with the most beautiful meaning with the most beautiful reward.

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Now, if you see over here with regards to those who do evil, what has been mentioned their deeds,

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the agency and Medina Acero Bhima. Army Lu,

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and with regards to those who do good What is mentioned,

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look at the ayah what is mentioned? Where does he or Latina Arsenal, Bill house now what is personnel refer to

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the reward, the most beautiful, the excellent meaning the excellent reward?

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So with regards to those who do evil, their recompense will be according to what their deeds, and with regards to those who do good, their recompense is what the excellent the most beautiful reward. So for evil

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deeds are mentioned. And for good, what is mentioned, reward as mentioned, why is it like this? Because the recompense for evil is only given to a person when he has actually done evil.

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Because even when a person intends to do something bad,

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is a bad deed written for him. Is it? No, when is it written? When he actually does it?

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Allah subhanaw taala is not unjust to his servants, he will only punish a person when he actually deserves a punishment, when he has actually done that evil, and how much is the punishment? How much is the punishment? evil for evil one for one. So the punishment is not such that it is multiplied many, many times. And if a person gets some punishment, then what is it? It's actually what he deserves? Now a person may think, but we learned about such severe punishment in the Hellfire punishment for eternity isn't that multiplied? It's actually what a person deserves for the crime that he has done. Because so many times in the Quran, what do we learn that Allah is not unjust

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towards his servants, when he is so forgiving? When he has provided us with so many opportunities to get rid of sins to be forgiven for them? And if a person does not, then whose fault is it? It's his own fault. It's his own mistake. It's his own shortcoming.

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So this is why I Latina Assetto Bhima me know they have done evil, they deserve this evil Recompense. And on the other hand, the reward for good How is that it is multiplied. Many, many times. When a person does something good when he performs a good deed, does he get only one good deed in return? One good reward in return No. Seven to 10 to 700 times too many, many more.

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The lovely aeldari for Lima Yeshua.

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And also if you think about it, the reward of the hereafter and prisoner gender. Can a person get that just by performing his deeds? Can a person date Jenna in return for his good deeds? No. This is why Mr. Amelio has not been set. Because with Arman, you can never ever take gender. You can only receive gender, how? By the mercy of Allah soprano, by the father of Allah. When a person does good, then he earns the mercy of Allah and when he earns the mercy of Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala will reward him with Jim

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and also, we think

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about it, when a person is rewarded for the good that he has done, is he just rewarded for the actual deed? That's it?

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No, he's rewarded for the effort that he has put in. He is rewarded for his intention as well, and also the effects of that good deed. This is why this has been said that Leah dizzier Latina Assa, aubema amilo. Their punishment is only according to their deeds. But where does he alladhina asanuma Hasina those who excel their reward is unfortunately excellent, because that Allah subhanaw taala can give how much ever he wants. Now Allah subhanaw taala mentions, the qualities, the characteristics of Allah, the nurse and those who do so

An-Najm 31-62 Tafsir 31

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