Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L272E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The confusion surrounding the title of Islam is discussed, including the use of "igrimacing" and the lack of acceptance among some people. The segment also touches on the concept of "the unse extraordinary" and its relation to profits and knowledge, including political policies and laws. The importance of patient decision-making and staying patient while others are emphasized is also emphasized. The speakers also discuss the history of Islam, including the implementation of the Message of Delala and the Day of Judgment, and emphasize the need for people to be patient and stay patient while others are emphasizing the importance of patient behavior and staying patient while others are also emphasizing the importance of being patient and staying patient while others are also emphasizing the importance of being patient and staying patient.
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I'm in the home closer in order beaker, or do they have the depositories of your Lord causa in? Do they own the hawza in the treasures of your Lord, the treasures of what the treasures of reign of risk are provision and other matters. And also this indicates that the mosquito maka, we're not willing to accept the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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And what did they object? What was their objection? That How come he has been given? Prophethood? Why not? Some other great man from life or from Makkah? So Allah says, What do these people think of themselves? Do they own the treasures of your Lord? And if they own them, they decide who deserves Prophethood? Who gets it? And who doesn't get it?

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Or are they the controller's of them? First of all, do they own the house?

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And secondly, if they don't own, then, do they have any control over it? No, they don't. So if they don't own the house, and if they don't have any control over it, then why do they say such great things, and mostly to Iran is a Florida Messiah place less than la him? We will say you played from the roof Tetris scene yet blah, blah. And that is changed into a thought because of the heavy pronunciation of the top. So actually, the root is seen as safer and safer, is changed to sleeper.

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Say, Allah, Allah, says Allah, Allah, is to control to dominate, to have power over someone to have authority over someone to be responsible over them. And mostly you played this isn't for him. So who is most likely? One who has authority and control? sovereign? Right? The one who has power over something, the ruler over someone? So I'm hoping most likely don't? Or are there those who have a lot of Power Authority control over the cause? Or in a law? That is not the case? Because absolute power and sovereignty is with who, but the loss of panatela? And who are these people? They are servants wants to submit not to rule.

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amla home Solomon, or do they have a stairway? Salaam from the rotator scene land name and so lump is used for a staircase, stairs, anything through which you go up. And if you notice what's through seen land mean Salama, what does that mean? Safety security. So when you go up the ladder, when you go up the stairs, you go up safely, isn't it? And if you try to go up by jumping, if you try to go up by hanging on to a rope, then is that safe? Not exactly. So under home Solomon or do they have some stairway, a ladder, some means of ascension. And these means of ascension, they take them up to the heavens, and they go up to the heavens, yes, the meruna fee, they listen attentively in it,

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meaning they go up to the skies, and they listen to the conversation of the angels, or the conversation of the gods, they presume exists up there. And this is why they know that mozzarella salad was not a prophet. Because they claim such bad things. They said, He's not a prophet. Allah says, Where did you get this idea from? What's your proof for this? He's not a shy, you say he fabricated it. You should come up with something like that as well. Is it your mind that tells you you think you don't need to submit? Then do you have some evidence? Did you go up to the skies and hear the conversation of the angels? And this is why you know that he's not a prophet. If that is

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the case, then Felipe de Mastani rowhome. Bissell Pani mu bien. Then let their Muslim American with a clear proof. Who is Muslim mirror. One who listens, meaning if they have gone up to the skies, and they have heard, and they have been told that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is not a prophet than the one who went up to the skies, he should bring some proof, some evidence that he actually went up there, and he heard it.

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So basically, in all of these ayat, the objections that were being raised against Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, they're being refuted.

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Then Allah says Allah whole banana to one a common balloon, or has he daughters when you have sons, because a machine of Makkah did not like what the prophet sallallahu wasallam was telling them. This is why they didn't want to accept. It wasn't that they doubted him. It wasn't that they were unsure about his truthfulness about his honesty. No, they knew that he was the most honest person. Then why is it that they weren't accepting. They didn't like the concept of the heat.

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wanted to do check. They like their idols, they like to worship angels whom they consider to be the daughters of Allah. So now Allah questions there should unlovable banana to? Or does he have daughters welcome well by noon, and you have sons,

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you ascribe daughters to Allah and for yourself, you like sons? how unfair is that? exalted is a lot of what you claim he does not have any daughters, he does not have any children. And this heirloom agilon Why don't they believe? Is it that you ask them for an agenda for a payment? And does allume agilon? Are you asking them demanding from them some kind of reward, or reward a wage in return for your dharwad? And because you're asking them for home, so they are muslimeen because of this payment because of this debt because of this fine. Most cologne ones overburden? And this is why they don't listen to you.

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In other words, is it that you're charging them a very high fees, that they're not willing to listen to you? They're not willing to believe in you. They're not willing to accept you know, that's not the case. Because the profits are a lot subtler and every messenger of Allah, what do you say to the people? Let us Allah comala human

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instead of thought I 86 we learn Kala Luca Marlena human editing mama and Amina Taka living. I don't ask you for any education. I'm not of those who are pretending either. This is all true.

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The word Muslim is from the Tetris line, or Ah, me. Rama. How do you mean? What does it mean? a financial obligation. And it's also used for a debt, financial loss liability.

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So Muslim over here first to find that

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the word is also used for a tax tax that a person has to pay. We're definitely do my Yun filco Muslim of the Bedouins are those who consider spending in the way of a law like a fine, like attacks McGraham.

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So they because of this, most of them are most cologne was cologne florala. Most from the root letters, sir, Muslim, Central, what does it mean, to be heavy, and most oil, this is a must rule, meaning one who is burdened with a heavy weight?

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So they feel very much burdened by this edge of that you're charging them? And this is why they're not believing in you. But this is not the case.

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In the human labor, or do they have knowledge of the unseen for homeotic? To Boone, so they write it down? a label over here, knowledge of the unseen what knowledge does it refer to specifically? Some have said that it refers to knowledge about the fate of the Prophet sallallahu isn't that what is to happen to him?

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Because the machine of Makkah, whatever they say, just wait for him to die, when he will die, that's it, everything will be over.

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Just like so many people, they start many things and they die and as they die, whatever they started, came to an end similarly, this man also will die Metro bus will be rival moon. So Allah subhanaw taala says, do they have knowledge of the unseen? Meaning? How do they know that he will die before then? How do they know the term disaster is going to strike him and everything that he has started will collapse. And we're in the human labor for homeopathy wound so they're writing and you have to bone keytab over here gives meaning of hokum. Kitab over here gives me enough hokum. So they're passing their judgment, what judgment that definitely is going to die very soon. And when he

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dies, all of this will be over.

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And we're in the home we'll label for homea to Boone.

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And secondly, elevate can also be understood as knowledge of the unseen and that refers to knowledge of the reality of the profits of the lotus and that is truly a profit or not.

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Meaning On what basis? Are they denying him? Do they have knowledge of the unseen? How are they so short that he's not a messenger? What knowledge of the unseen do they possess, they don't have it. And marinda Humala Evo phoned me up to wound so they're writing and because of that they're disputing with him. They're arguing with him, negating him refuting him.

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I'm Yuri Duna Kayden or do they intend a plan?

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Because some people they said just wait for him to die. Other set Why wait for him to die? Give him yourself. So Allah says I'm UD doula Caden, or do they have a plan? They want to make a plot to harm you. Fernandina cafaro so those people who disbelieve hormonal Macedon, they are the object of a plan. They think they're planning against the profits or a lot of them in fact,

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These people, those are disbelief. They are the objects of a plan. Macedon McKean from the roof letters, cafe

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and Makita This is some of Rouen and Makita zoo. The one against tomb gate is done.

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The one against whom a plot is made and carried out. So the object of plan, one who is caught in a trick, one who is schemed against plotted against,

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so fillerina cafaro, Moloch Eden, they are those who will be destroyed. They are the object of the plan of loss panel data integrity and file authority. We learned what a Bianco be can lead in a careful USB Touka oyako Toluca, all you have to do. And remember when those are disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you, imprison you, or can you or evict you from remember before the profits that allowed us in a migrated the machinima cover planning as to what to do with him. So they were making a lot of this plan. Allah says why am Karuna why I'm called Allah, they were plotting and Allah was also planning one level halal marketing and Allah is the best of planners.

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amla home Isla de la or have they are God other than Allah? Meaning when they make a plot against the Messenger of Allah, then who are they plotting against? In fact, who are they opposing? In fact, Allah soprano died and when they're opposing Allah, then what support do they have? What refuge Do they have nothing? Do they have the support of 11 hadal law? A God other than Allah Subhana Allah here am I usually called Exalted is Allah above what they ascribe with him, meaning Allah does not have any partners. If they turn away from Allah, then what refuge do they have?

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What ELO kiss feminism is sacaton and if they were to see a fragment from the sky falling kiss fan from the root letters, gaff seen

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and kiss is said to be the plural of the word kiss.

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It's said to be the plural of the word kiss. So if they see fragments, pieces of the sky sacrificed, separate from the room fetters, seen cough, Tasuku. And support is to fall down.

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So if they see fragments, pieces of the sky, falling down on them, why as punishment, because this is what the machine of Makkah demanded, that if we are wrong, if you are true, if you really a messenger, then bring the punishment, bring down a piece of the sky upon us, meaning may collapse on us. Allah says even if they see something like that, will they believe they will not believe and in their arrogance, your guru, they will say Sahaba macoun. It is merely clouds that are heaped up. So how can clouds more calm, more calm from newsletters are all caffeine rockin and rollin is to pile something up muncom that will just piled up one layer on top of the other layer, one layer on top of

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the other layer. So they will say it's a huge cloud. It's a heap of clouds, clouds that are piled on top of one another. And these clouds they will bring us water. Meaning even if the reality is right before these people, still they will not acknowledge

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his truthfulness was not unclear to them. It was very evident to them.

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But despite the fact that they saw him, they were still refusing to believe. Allah says if they would see a piece of the sky falling down on them, what would they call it? A cloud. They would not acknowledge it.

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And they would say that bring the punishment we will believe Allah says even if the punishment comes down on them, they will not believe just as we learned earlier in total of 24 the people of art that fella over Audubon, Mr. COVID Oh dear to him, Carlo has been Luna when the solder cloud approaching What did they say this is a cloud it's going to bring rain on us. But in fact, what was it a punishment?

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For that whom Allah says to leave these people just ignore them? They don't listen. They see the reality if they don't accept, just ignore them leave them had EULA cuyama who will lead the field use our own until they meet their day in which they will be struck insensible the day when they will be struck. Yo mahoma Lady yusaku yusaku is from the roof address. Sorry, I am sorry.

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What does that mean? a thunderbolt. And sorry.

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Sorry, the verb cycle, what does that mean default unconscious, for sorry, common facility, woman fill up, when the Trumpet will be blown, then whoever's in the heavens and the earth, what will happen to it for sorry, but it will fall that unconscious.

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Similarly, we learned that musasa have a Moosa circle. When he asked to see a loss of panel data, and a law cast his light on the mountain, the mountain erupted, isn't it, so, it collapsed and what had happened was Allison fell unconscious. So you circle This is fairly module, they will be struck unconscious, they will be struck unconscious, meaning something is going to strike them. And they will be laying that they will be laying unconscious. In other words, leave them until they meet the day of their punishment,

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the day when they will be punished, and this is the day of death, the day of punishment when the punishment will befall them.

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So leave these people, you are upon the truth, and eventually these people will suffer the consequences of their disbelief.

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What is that day? Yo mela euganean home Kayden Shea, the day their plan will not avail them at all, whenever moon saloon, nor will they be helped the day when the punishment befalls them, the day when they will be struck unconscious. The day when death approaches on the Day of Judgment, do Malaya neon, whom Qaeda whom Shia, all of their plans and plots they had made? Like, for example, so and so God will protect us, so and so will intercede for us? Nothing is going to avail them what elements are on, nor will they be held afterwards.

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We're in Le leadin Alamo. And indeed, for those people who have done one, or there been a punishment, do another ellika. Other than that,

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meaning, other than the one that is mentioned in the previous ayah the one that is mentioned the previous ayah, which is that punishment in the hereafter.

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But for those people who do, there is a punishment, even do Nevada and Duna Delica gives a meaning of before that in the dunya even

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meaning that it's not that they will be punished in the hereafter only know the punishment will come upon them in the dunya even

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when I can act on a home layer. But most of them do not know what do they not know that the punishment can come in this world as well?

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Because many times what is it that gives a person confidence to do wrong to disobey Allah will see when the hereafter comes.

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And people have these false beliefs with regards to the Hereafter, I'll escape something will happen. I won't be questioned, I'll be forgotten. So many people you think I'll be noticed? No. People have weird thoughts about the Day of Judgment. But this is a clear warning, that punishment is not just in the hereafter. It even comes in the dunia Duna Delica.

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And we see that with regard to the machine of Makkah, what happened that they lost at the Battle of battle,

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isn't it. And one battle after the other, they had to fight with the Muslims, how their economy must have collapsed. They lost people. They lost so much money. They spent so much money, whatever profits they would gain from their trade journeys. They would spend all of it on what on their wars with the profits on a motorcycle on the battlefield. But they spent so much or they spent so much 100 they spent so much Just imagine so many people came with all of their weapons and their supplies and the animals they came, but they lost everything, isn't it? So this is our that Duna Mallika worldly punishment as well.

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Similarly, they were also struck with the famine. So we're in LA Latina, varnamo 11 Duna Danica, and before the day of judgment begins, there's always the grave the barossa.

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And in that also, if a person deserves punishment, he will be punished. And there he cannot do anything to help himself. He cannot come out of his grave. He cannot escape the punishment. We're in LA Latina villamor Ivan do another Lika Well, I can act on layer one, but most people do not know.

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There's something very scary. Most people don't realize that punishment can come before the day of judgment even was really hooked me up bigger and be patient for the decision of your Lord. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was encouraged to have patience. against what? against the allegations of people against their opposition.

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against their enmity. Just be patient and keep waiting. They hooked me up Baker for the decision of your Lord, which hokum is this, this hokum refers to the decision with regards to the victory of believers and the defeat of those who don't believe. Because this is the decision of Allah. So wait for it to come, be patient until it happens. How long did the Prophet salallahu Salam have to be patient for, for many, many years, because remember, this was Makkah. And later on in Medina, after that came the conquest of Makkah. So what's really hooked me up because Allah has made that decision, it is in your favor, it will happen, but you have to be patient until it comes

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and was really hooked me are bigger is also understood as Be patient, on the hook of of your Lord, meaning whatever command your Lord has given you, which is to keep conveying. So this token that Allah has given you Be patient on that meaning Don't give up, keep convey, persevere.

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For in the caviar union, keep conveying because indeed, you are under our eyes, you are in our eyes, meaning, our protection, our observation, our close watch, we are protecting you, we are watching you, we are preserving you, these people cannot harm you.

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Because just imagine the state of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Makkah, where people are openly opposing you, openly opposing you, once you feel threatened.

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Once you worry for your life and your safety, of course, won't you worry for your family? Of course, he stepped out of his house and what would he find? thorens thorens? Imagine? Wouldn't you be worried? If you suffered from such opposition? Once you feel afraid? Won't you think that okay, maybe I should stop doing this. If you are praying, and somebody comes in, throw something on you, the intestines of a camel or something like that. Because of the ways in which you can't even get once you feel so afraid. You wouldn't even dare to go out of your house. You wouldn't even dare to talk to another person. But what does Allah say? was really helped me a lot because the patient over

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the command of your Lord, keep conveying and remember for in the caviar unit, we are watching you, we are protecting you. They cannot harm you at all. They cannot harm you. And this is why we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam stated in Makkah 13 years as a messenger. But could the machine harm him? They couldn't, they couldn't even kill him. They can harm him in any way, was suddenly become a lot bigger, and glorify with praise of your Lord. If you notice, in all these marquee Sutras, what is emphasized, be patient. And do this be Why do this be? Because when a person busies himself in the worship of Allah, that gives him strength, that gives him confidence that enables him

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to be patient. So it's incumbent on the DA no matter what kind of Dawa, he's doing, he or she is doing, that he must visit himself in the worship of Allah, he must do that.

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Especially this year, especially the because that is your nourishment, that is a food for your soul. And if your soul is hungry, if your soul is weak, if your soul is deprived, then you cannot do work. Because the work of Dawa is not just physical activity, your mind, your heart has to be involved in it. And if your heart and mind are not strong, they're not motivated. They lack strength, then you cannot do work. So what's up big behind the lot bigger, and do this beer with the hand of your Lord, when hanaa Taku whenever you rise, anytime you get up anytime you stand up, anytime you rise from anywhere, do the speaker of your Lord

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Hina de coeur de come from the roof letters of our name, comma como what does that mean, to stand up to rise? So what does it mean by this? At the time when you get up?

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This has been understood in a number of ways. First of all, it has been said that whenever you rise, meaning from your sleep, every time you rise from your sleep, then what should you do? Do the speaker of your Lord?

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A person who is worried a person who is anxious about doing his work and he has a very heavy responsibility? Is he able to sleep soundly at night?

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Is he know every few minutes What's happening? He's getting up every few hours he's getting up.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Whoever gets up at night and says La ilaha illAllah who are the hula sharika lahu muku Allah who were who are Allah Alicia in Cadiz Subhana Allah He

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hamdu lillahi wa la ilaha illa Allahu Allahu Akbar, when I hold on alkota in Avila. And then he says, Oh Lord, forgive me, or he invokes Allah, then he will be responded to. What does it mean? that, hey, Nicole, when you rise up at night, when you get up and you're worried and you're anxious, don't just toss and turn in bed, but rather do the spirit of your Lord. And when a person says this this week, in particular, and he says, Oh, my Lord, forgive me, or he makes a dog, then he will be responded to, and if he intends and performs ablution, and he prays that his prayer will also be accepted.

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So don't just lie there, getting worried that he can do something heinous.

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heinous, has also been understood as when you rise when you rise from Where were your modulus, meaning any place you're sitting, you're sitting in a gathering, you're telling people about something, you're talking to them listening to them, every time you get it from a gathering, say this be

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a blu ray or the Leonardo narrative that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever sits in a gathering in which he speaks idle, excessively, meaning he's speaking excessively. And he says, before he stands up to depart, that gathering, he says, Subhana, Allah humo, the handicapped, I shall do Allah, Allah, Allah and stuff hirokawa to LA, then Allah will forgive him what he has said in that gathering.

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So we'll step back behind the Rebecca Hina taco.

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Because you see, it's very difficult sometimes to control your tongue, isn't it? You learn about controlling your tongue and speaking lesson speaking about that which is important and relevant. And there you are. And when you get up, you feel so guilty. So at that time, so to speak.

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Then hanaa tocom has also been understood as when you stand were in prayer in Salah every time you stand in prayer, due to speak of your Lord. This is why the opening of Salah when you say that the clear that what do you say Subhana Allah Houma. Allahumma will be handy. What about aka smoker what they're allowed to do, whether either

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someone said, Hey, no taco, what this means is when you get up, meaning when you wake up. So whether it's in the morning that you wake up, or it is in the afternoon, that you wake up from your doula, at that time, do the spirit of your Lord nrsv refers to Salah in particular,

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as you know, this Vf gives us two meanings, isn't it so it gives us the meaning of the Quran and it also gives the meaning of Salah prayer. So hey, Nicole, with Salah is this, then, when you get up in the morning, before the sunrise is then at that time, so that will find you. And in the afternoon, then which prayers, this solitude.

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And after that also us and painted the home in the general sense as well. That every time you get up from anywhere, you're sitting, you stand up, you're lying down, you get up, you were sleeping, you wake up. Anytime you get up, do the speed of your Lord.

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Because you see, when a person is worried, then whatever is worrying him is constantly on his mind, whether he's standing or lying down or eating or drinking or walking, isn't it so it's always on your mind. So every time you get up, do to speed up your life,

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meaning throughout the day, woman a lady, and also in part of the night. If the speech is understood as letter, then it would mean the prayers that are supposed to be performed at night, beginning from Muslim than Russia and then 200 as well. So wamena layli for Sabir who glorify Him. Were a devout on new June and also after the setting of the stars above it, Val is most of this is not as above. Earlier we learned uddevalla sujood that was a plural of double This is a double if

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and what does that mean? When something or someone retreats goes back?

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So when the stars they go back when they retreat? What does it mean by that early morning? Because when do the stars set? When do they disappear

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when the night is over?

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Isn't it

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so what he developed a new genome at that time also do this be

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so basically the time have gone at that time what to do this year, and Tom have said that the spear refers to salesa it refers to so that's it, and especially it refers to the little cartoon before sort of a funny little cartoon before selected. So wamena lelee for Sabir who was a development tool. So over here the solution is being given to the profit side of

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the solution to

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does sadness, worry? fear? anxiety. What's the solution to the spear? Pray, ask Allah

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First off,

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what's up,

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we see two things we have been taught to do some atmosphere. And if a person does suffer, and he doesn't give up, he has high hopes, and he stays firm. And whenever he's worried he visits himself in doing this, then this gives us many benefits. First of all, any worry, anxiety you have by for example, about your work, I'm not going to be able to do it ever not going to be able to do it. Can I complete this cannot complete it. Right? You always have this worry. So you keep doing Sabbath. Persevere, don't give up, keep striving. And whenever you get worried, do the spear. So it will give you calmness, it will give you contentment, where other people are nervous, they're panicking, you

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will not panic. And because you're turning to Allah, He will also assist you. And then you also have this worry about other people. What are they saying? What are they doing? So this also relieves you of what the other people are doing insane

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Because you don't give up and you turn to Allah for help.

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What else?

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We see the wish Akina vaca had so many justifications for not believing in the Prophet sallallahu sallam. They call him Shari, the column in the column at noon, is that we don't need to follow. And if you think about one excuse after the other is refuted, isn't it? Similarly, sometimes we have a list of reasons why we don't do something, or why we do something, and we don't want to change.

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And Allah subhanaw taala negates all of those excuses over here. And you see this one, especially that I'm holding home in Russia in a mobile callicoon. What do they think of themselves that no one has created or that they have created themselves? Because Who are we? We are people we have been created by Allah. So we are owned by him. When we own by him, then what does it mean? It's not our wish? It's about his command. We have to follow his command not follow our wishes.

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The moon was

At-Tur 1-49 Tafsir 37-49

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