Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L177A

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An-Nur 11-20 Translation 11-20

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Hello sweetie Hill Kareem and I borrowed Pharaohs we left him in a *load of investment for him. Rubbish rally assadi were silly on the way up, let me lisanna yokocho Holy probenecid are in

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Lesson number 177 surah to node number 11 to 20 translation in Indeed, Allah Vina those who jeru they came. Bill if key with the slander, Earth button, a group of men come from you

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do not dare Sabu you all consider it. Shannon? Evil, bad luck for you. But rather, who it hiren is good luck home for you. Luckily for every employee in person, men home from them, man, whatever it is, he earned men from isn't the same. One lady and who the one he undertook kibra who its greater share men home from them. The who for him. Are there been a punishment? Or Lehman one great. Lola Why not? is when Sameer to move who you all heard it? When he taught me noona the believing men one minute and the believing women be enforcing him in their souls. Higher ah good. Baku and they said Heather this if con Li mu being one clear.

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Lola Why not? Joe they came I lay upon it be urba with four shuhada witnesses for it. Then when lung not yet to they can be shuhada with the witnesses for less than those are in the near Allahu Allah, home. They all carry bone, the liars while Ola and if not fabuleux bounty Allah He of Allah La come upon you. What are my two who and his mercy fit dunya in the world while our hero and the hereafter nama circum surely attached you fee in ma what I felt to you all spread fee in it either been a punishment or Lehman one great

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is when de la Kona who you all received it. The lacuna who you all received it be elsina, t comb with your tongues? What the coluna and you all say be FYI, he come with your mouth. Man, what laser is not luck home for you be here with it in mind any knowledge? What are saguna who and you all think it you all assume it? Hainan one easy wahoo while it in the near Allahu Allah or Lehman great.

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When Ola and why not? is when Samir to know who you all heard it altom you said ma not yaku it is Lennar for us. And that nataka Lemma we speak be Heather with this super Hannukah Your glory. Heather this glorified Are you Heather this Boutin on a slander our Lehman great era local he admonishes you, Allahu Allah. And that the Oh do you all return? limit Li he to like have it other ever in if control you were meaning once you believe

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where you buy, you know, and he explains clearly, Allahu Allah. Lacan for you is the vs. Will Allahu Allah or leemon always all knowing Hakeem on always always

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in Indeed, Allah Vina those who you have boon they love and that the sheer it spreads, alpha heisha the indecency fee in a levina those who knew they believed the home for them or there been a punishment and even painful fee in a dunya the world while as euro and the hereafter well Allahu Allah, Allah Yeah, no more he knows we're unto Him and you all are not there on the moon. You all know

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when Allah and if not for the bounty Allah He of Allah La come upon you

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You wash motobu and his mercy, what a net and that Indeed Allah Allah, often one most kind, or Haman, always All Merciful.

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We listen to the recitation of the silence

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to move on

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