Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P06 066C Tafsir Al-Nisa 150-158

Taimiyyah Zubair
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In Alladhina, Corona Billa he will also the he indeed those people who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, where you read Luna and they intend they want a you Federico, you read una from you rather to intend ra well doll, they want to youfor recombine Allah he will also Lee, they want to differentiate between Allah and His messengers you fondly call from the free, fair or off? What does that mean to cause division to separate? So they want to differentiate meaning they want to discriminate between Allah and His messengers. How do they want to discriminate them that way a coluna and they say, No middleby Barwin we believe in some meaning some messengers were not for

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Oberlin, and we disbelieve in other messengers, who is this verse talking about? The people of the Book, the people of the book that you hold in the sauna, they claim to believe in Allah. But Allah subhanaw taala rejects their belief. Why? Because belief entails acceptance and submission, it demands acceptance and submission. And when a person claims and he believes in Allah, but yet he doesn't accept him as his Lord, so he doesn't accept the commands of Allah. Likewise, he doesn't submit to what Allah has decreed to what Allah has legislated. Then what kind of Eman is that? That's not Iman.

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So Allah subhanaw taala reject the fate of such people. Moreover, they don't even believe in the messengers of Allah. They refuse to believe in Muhammad Salah virus and they refuse to believe in recited Salam, they refuse to believe in so many of his messengers, and they wish to discriminate between Allah and His messengers, meaning they wish to separate them. What does it mean? It means that they don't want to believe that certain men were sent as messengers by Allah subhanaw taala. They say, Here you may be a prophet, but not for us. What does it mean if you believe that Allah has sent a prophet than he is for everybody? Allah has sent a messenger a guide than he is for you.

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You're supposed to listen to him. But when a person says no, no, this person, he may be a prophet, but he's not from Allah, or he's not for us. Then what is he doing? He's discriminating between Allah and His messengers. Or that he says, We only believe in Allah. We don't believe in these messengers. We only believe in the Quran. We don't believe in this Hadees you only have to take what Allah has told you. You don't have to listen to what the messenger said. They wish to discriminate between Allah and His messengers. The fact is that every single messenger he was from who who sent him, Allah sent him. This is why every messenger if he gave an instruction, it was an instruction

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from who Allah this is why believing in the messenger is like believing in Allah obeying the messenger is like obeying Allah. Disobeying the messenger is like disobeying Allah. And they say that we believe in some messengers, and we reject others, they pick and choose, Allah says where you read una and they want and yet definitely know that they should take Boehner Velika between that civilian away, meaning they wish to adopt away in between, in between what in between Eman and kufr. They're neither believers completely, nor are they complete disbelievers. They choose what they want to believe in. And they do what they want to have go for. So they have blended Eman and Cofer

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together. They want a mix. And they want that they should take away between that between Eman and Cofer. So they want to get to Paradise. Without really adopting the correct way. We'll never get there. We'll never get there. No, you can't get there. If you want to get to a destination, you have to adopt the correct route. If you don't do that, you go here and you go there and then you go sideways and then you turn left again, you're never getting to your destination. This is why Allah says Hola, Iike Homolka Fiona Hill.

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Those are the disbelievers in truth, meaning this is pure disbelief. This is pure kufr what is pure Ko for believing in some things and disbelieving in others because someone who believes in some things disbelieved and others, what is he actually following? What is he actually following the religion? No, he is following his whims, his desires, his wishes, what he likes, he does what he doesn't like he leaves. So this is not following the religion. This is following the desire and that is not Islam. That is not Eman. This is why Allah says Allah eco Homolka if you're on a hardcore, we are attending and we have prepared little Cavatina for those who reject our

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thereby Mahina a humiliating punishment a punishment that will disgrace that machine from how well known how to humiliate because the thing is that when a person alters the religion meaning he says, you only have to believe in this, you don't have to believe in that you only have to do this you only have to do that. Why does he say such things? Why is it such attitude towards the religion? Because he looks down at the religion. He doesn't think that the religion the deen is important, because if he gave importance to the deen, if he valued it, he would have taken it as is. But when he has changed it, when he has refused to believe in some things, then it means he looks down on

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them. He doesn't honor them.

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Because what you respect you take it as is and what you change what you alter, it means you don't respect it,

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isn't it? If you alter something, you change something you don't respect it. So those who don't respect Allah, those who don't respect his messengers, those who don't respect his Deen for such people, there is no respect. For them there is only a humiliating punishment. On the other hand when Latina M and OB Lehi and those people who believe in Allah will will sue Lee and his messengers, all of his messengers, how that will alarm you for recall, they do not discriminate between 100 men whom between anyone among them, so that means they believe in all of the messengers. They believe in the Maria salaam, new Hudson Musar de Sena, Ibrahim retsina, Marie's artisan, Mohamed salah, lawless

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Adam, all of the prophets of Allah, they don't reject even one of them. Allah says such people, hula Iike those so for you DM soon he will give to them. What will he give them will do to whom their rewards are Judas deplore love. He will give them their reward, complete reward for their complete faith. What can Allah who have fooled on Rahima And Allah is Ever forgiving and merciful? Meaning Yes, they do have shortcomings. They're not perfect. They're not angels, they do have shortcomings, but because of their Iman, Allah will forgive them. Because sometimes we wonder that if a person has committed sin, he has wronged someone. Because he has said Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Muhammad Rasul

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Allah, eventually he goes to paradise. So you say this is not fair. No, it is fair. Why? Because this person believes in Allah. It is of the blessings of iman, it is of the blessings of faith, that a person his sins are forgiven, because of Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. Because at the end of the day, this person acknowledges that Allah is my Lord. He acknowledges that Allah can hold me can punish me, I am a servant of Allah. When a person surrenders to his Lord, then eventually there is forgiveness. Yes, he will be punished for the wrong that he has done. But eventually there is forgiveness because of that Eman that he has. So what do we learn in these verses? That we should

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believe the way Eman should be adopted meaning we should have correct Iman? Not an amen like that of the Bani Israel picking and choosing, selecting following our own desires? No, we should believe in all that Allah has sent all that Allah has said everything that Allah has informed us off like in the Quran in surah baqarah at the end, what do we learn cologne M and Abby Leahy woman are eager to hear Welcome to be what also the law neuffer recombine and I heard him neurosurgery. We don't differentiate, we don't discriminate between any of the messengers. And this is the reason why we believe in everything that Allah subhanaw taala wants us to believe in whether we know of it or we

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don't know of it. Okay? So for example, we believe that if Allah sent a messenger, okay, and even though we don't know his name, we don't know about his life story. But still we believe that he was a messenger because Allah sent him. In the Quran we learn. Well, of course, arsena musulman Publika minuman Cosna alayka, Omen, Houma, la Naxos or alayka, that we have sent many messengers before you among them are those who stories we have related to you. And among them are those whose stories we have not related to you. So whether we know about them in detail, or we don't know about them in detail, still, we believe in them. Like in the Quran, we learn about the old Kiefel while yes, sir,

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like so many names even that we have not heard of before. Their stories we don't even know there is no unanimous opinion about when they came and what they did. But we believe that they were messengers, if Allah says they're messengers.

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So this verse is referring to the Jews and the Christians but you know,

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Like in Islam, we have so many various sects, right? Some don't accept Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam as a final messenger, right? So are those people part of this verse? The thing is that believe in Muhammad salallahu salam means that he is the last messenger. If a person says that Mohamed Salah Lausanne was not the scene of the prophets, he was not the final messenger than his belief of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is invalid, it is canceled out because it is incorrect. This is just like if there is a person who believes in Aris are listening, but they say he is the Son of God, now was a builder, then their belief in recyling Salaam is invalid, it's crossed out it doesn't

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exist. Why? Because it's wrong. The correct belief about recited cinemas was that he was a human being a servant of Allah, a messenger of Allah, the correct belief about Mohamed salah the same as what that he was a final prophet. So if a person does not believe that about him, that he doesn't believe in Muhammad salallahu Salam. So his belief is incomplete. When it's incomplete. It's rejected. It's unacceptable. Okay, like Pakistan has deemed these people as non Muslims. Yeah, they are. Because the fact is that you cannot say about Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that he was not the final messenger. This Quran is what the final word. And if a person claims that, oh, there's

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revelation coming to me, then he is a liar, because there was a man at the time of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam whose name was Musella. And he claimed that when he came to him, you know, when he was called this man will say Lama, al Qaeda, the great liar. So if he was called Al Qaeda than anyone after him is also a great liar who claims that he is a messenger. So if anyone adds to Eman, what is not part of iman? That is also not acceptable? Because we are to obey, we have to stop where our limit is. We cannot reduce anything from Iman and we cannot add anything to Iman we have to keep it as is. So this is the correct Amen. So a person who has correct Eman eventually in child there is

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forgiveness for him. So this is a reason why Eman is so important. Correct Iman, tell yourself, tell yourself in your heart that you know talk to Allah that Oh Allah, I believe in everything that you have sent in everything that you have commanded, every messenger you have sent. I believe in everything that you have said, I believe in you. I believe in you tell yourself you have such a conversation with yourself. Because this is something that will protect your faith. Yes, Unaka Hello Kitabi the People of the Book ask the question.

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They demand what do they demand and do not Zillow or lay him that you bring down upon them to Zillow from noon xylem they demand that you should bring down upon them kita been a book Mina sama II from the sky.

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in Makkah, they were Mushrikeen the unlettered the uneducated people, people who had no scripture, they made demands, demands of what miracles show us this and show us that and then we will believe in you. You know, you should have a house of gold and you should have this and you should have rivers, gardens. So many things are mentioned in the Quran which the people off Makkah demanded from Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to see before they would believe in Him. So they made demands. And when they made such demands, it's kind of understood because you see, okay, these people are unlettered. They don't know anything. They didn't have a book ever. So it's understandable. Their wish to gain

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it's understandable. I mean, think about it, they would worship idols. Okay, they would make an idol of dates. And when they'd get hungry, they would eat it up. Okay. Likewise, they will do to laugh around the carbon naked.

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So if they make demands of amazing things, strange things, weird things. You're like, okay, that's okay. Right. But then, on the other hand, in Medina, they were the people of the Book, the knowledgeable ones, that were supposed to be

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the people who had the Kitab they're known as loyal kitab. And what did they do? They also made demands.

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And when a person who has knowledge make such demands, this is something really amazing.

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This is why Allah subhanaw taala says that they demand from you that you should bring down a book from the sky. What did they demand? They demanded that Mohammed said a lot of sinners should bring down a book, meaning a physical book from the sky. Just like Mozart, Islam was given the tablets on which the Torah was inscribed. So they wanted a physical book. So they demanded physical evidence that Muhammad settled

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Edison was a messenger, Allah subhanaw taala says For God's sake, Musa A Kabbalah means Allah do you think this is amazing? That they're demanding physical evidence for your prophethood? Well in the past they demanded something greater from WHO? Musar Lisanna? What did they ask? Musar Lisanna for Kalu when they said early in Allah Who Jehovah show us Allah openly, meaning we want to see Allah see Dara, what does Jehovah mean? Open public? So we want to see Allah openly. We want to see him with our own eyes. They asked for physical evidence of your prophethood. Back then they asked for physical evidence for the existence of Allah subhana Thada. Imagine so what is being said indirectly

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the Don't worry about the demands of such people don't give much thought to them, ignore their demands for Carlu arena, Allah Jehovah, they demanded that they wanted to see Allah.

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So the thing is that such a person is not going to believe

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because Eman is not just based on physical evidence.

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Okay, or physical experience, it's not necessary that a person must have seen the messenger himself in order to believe in Him. It's not necessarily that a person should see an angel to believe in the angel.

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The other day of my son, that you know, it was so windy. So he was asking, how are the clouds moving? Why are they moving? So I told him that the angels, they take the clouds when Allah subhanaw taala tells them he says, Where are the angels? I said, you can't see them. Because they're hidden. I said, do you see your dad right now? He said no. Like, where is he? He's hidden in the house? Because we were in the backyard. Right? So do you see your aunt? No, she's hidden in the house. Yeah, you can't even see the angels because they're hidden. So you don't have to see something to believe in it. Okay, but there are other reasons because of which you believe.

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Okay. Like, for example, a child may have never seen one of their parents, they may have never seen them. But they do believe that they had their parent, right? Why? Because everybody tells them. They believe that their name was such and such. This is what they like, this is how they dressed. This is what they used to do. Why because other people have informed. Right? So you don't have to see something in order to believe in it. But the people of the book that's what they demanded, we want to see the book we want to see Allah, such a person is not in search of truth such a person does not want Amen. Such a person will not believe even when he sees it. Because when he will see it, then he

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will say this is magic. Like in the Quran, we learned that if a Book was sent down on the people, and they touched it with their own hands, well, I'm assume will be ADM then surely, they would have said that this has magic, that you have bewitched us you have enchanted us. So they will come up with some other reason for not accepting. And we see that there are people who will take clear signs, clear evidences, clear historical facts, but yet they will not believe why because they're not in search of it. So they demanded to see Allah and we learned about this incident of Bukhara where it called to me Musa London Minella Katha not Allah, Jehovah. They said we will never believe

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until we see Allah openly. So what happened for that moussaka to come down the road. Over here also Allah says for ohada to moussaka to then the Thunderbolt it sees them. The Thunderbolt Thunderbolt struck them, and they all lay dead below me him because of their injustice. But what happened? Allah subhanaw taala brought them back to life again, right? Summit, the hustler a jeweler, and then the same people. What did they do? They went and took the calf as their god mimbar, the manager to mold the unit after the clear signs that come to them. Did they not see the C split?

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Did they not see that? They saw the sea split, they saw the pathway. They went through it themselves, this soften our own drown him and his people. They saw everything with their own eyes. But what happened when they saw of people worshipping idols? They said, Well Musa, we want idols to

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who sent Musa alayhis salam who saved the Bani Israel. Allah subhanaw taala did. Yes, they hadn't seen him. But did they not feel him did not feel His presence? Did they not see all the signs? who rescued them from their lifelong miseries, who saved them? Allah subhanaw taala but yet they took the calf for worship. When Musa listened and went to get the Torah. The gathered up their gold, made a golden calf and began worshiping it. And this was Memphis

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Are the manager at tunnelbear unit after the clear signs that come to them? Allah says Farah, fauna and Ehrlich, but we pardoned from that we forgave them for that. Why? Because they were ignorant people we forgive them. What Dana Musa soltana Medina and We gave Musa A clear authority what the Sultan mean? So fine means power authority. So this doesn't mean that Musa listen I was not able to answer their questions he was not able to discipline them because of this the Bani Israel kept making such demands, and they kept doing such wrong things no Musa alayhis salam was given a clear authority. These people were at fault. What a far enough Oklahoma border. So what's the lesson we

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learned over here that when people demand miracles, when they want the world around them to change, so that the existence of God has proven that the truthfulness of the deen is proven, then know that they're not in search of truth. They're just playing around.

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I was just thinking that after reading this Irv, it's just comes to mind that after so much, so many signs that came still they didn't believe and still Allah kept forgiving them. And now we have the month of forgiveness. So you know, we have such a great opportunity to get all our sins forgiven. So we really need to rush towards Exactly. Allah is willing to forgive as long as we are willing to acknowledge our mistakes and beg Him for forgiveness.

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What a foreigner folk Omotola be me, certainly him. They were so persistent in their disbelief that Allah subhanaw taala lifted and we lifted we raised above them the mountain, the whole mountain was uprooted and suspended above them. Why beamy thought the in because of their covenant meanings so that they would accept the covenant because they would not accept it. They wouldn't listen to moosari Listen, they wouldn't accept the Command of Allah. So what happened? A mountain was lifted up suspended over their heads that you accept it or else you're done over here.

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You accept it or else you're done. So basically, they were forced to accept why were they forced to accept and this was only with the Bani Israel. Why? Because they were created, they were brought about they were saved rescue dot y for the purpose of obeying Allah subhanaw taala, for the purpose of worshiping Allah for the purpose of observing his Deen for the purpose of taking it to other people. And if they didn't want to do that, then there was no point for their existence. To see what I mean, like if a person is trained for a particular work, they're made to go through all the training for years and years. And then they're put to work and they said, We don't want to do it,

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then what happens? You just let them be normal. You find them that get out of this work, then get out of this workplace, then you have no space over you have no room over here. So likewise, the Bani Israel when they weren't willing to accept, then imagine the mountain was lifted above them that listen or else you're done. So at that time, out of fear, they accepted. And then later on what happened, they went back to their own ways. How's that proven? That we'll call Nyla? home that we said to them, oh, the whole Bab enter the gate, which gate the gate of the city that they had conquered that when you enter it, enter Sudan So Georgia and Florida have said that prostrating

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meaning, with humility. Enter the city with humility. But did they enter in humility?

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Did they enter in humility? No, they didn't. What did we learn? They were told to say Kulu helper, the change the to helper, right? They marked at the words of Allah. They twisted the words that they were taught. Instead of being humble. They walked in arrogantly It is said that they sat down on the floor, and they basically went on their hips as if they were mocking that Allah told us to do such that we're gonna go arrogantly, it's like sliding on the ground. This is what they did. What Cornella home at another occasion, we told them, let our new facility do not transgress concerning the matter of the Sabbath Tardieu from Diwan Arendelle well, don't cross the limits of the Sabbath.

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And what was that limit that don't go fishing today? Don't catch any fish.

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But it's amazing that they put their nets in Friday night and took them out on Sunday. And even today, you will see amazing things we bought a refrigerator and as an icemaker and there is a Sabbath mode on it.

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On the icemaker is a Sabbath mode. You know, that means that no ice will be made on Saturday.

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This is what I understand. I haven't tried that yet but there is an option of turning it on a low Harlem. In elevators you will find savate buttons where you press that on Saturday. What will happen is that the elevator will stop at every

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More so that you don't have to press the button.

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Because if you press the button technically you're doing work, so you shouldn't be doing that. But the same results are being achieved through tricks. Who are you fooling?

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Who are you fooling? I mean even a child would see that this is something that doesn't make sense. So what call 911 letter I do for sub t was made very clear. Don't transgress the limits of Sabbath while hugging them in homeopathic on Haleiwa for all this we took from them is solemn covenant. Kalia Kalia was from greenlam law. And the realtor is used for the firmness of something, the toughness of something, the thickness of something. So a promise that was very firm, not ordinary but firm. And the intangible sense the word Lulu is also used for the sacredness of something. When something is inviolable. You cannot transgress you cannot disrespect it. So we'll have them in homie

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Thakali law. What do we see over here? That the Bani Israel they demanded miracles that we will see. And then we will believe that the change really

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no, that didn't change.

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They even witnessed the conversation between Musa alayhis salam and Allah azza wa jal because remember Musa listen I'm took 70 Min, from his people limit cartina

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for our appointment for our meeting, imagine and then at that time they demand it, we want to see Allah

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we want to see him where is he? So the thing is that people who demand miracles wait for miracles to happen, who just want that Allah subhanaw taala should just put that in mind in their hearts and he should you know change everything for them, he should prove everything to them. Then such people, change is not lasting in them. If a man comes in this way, by force that you have no other option then change is not long lasting. True change comes from within from inner realization from inner submission.

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Inner submission Habima knuckled Lee who Meetha home then because of their breaking their covenant, which covenant? Basically every covenant, the word knuckle is from noon cough blood and what does not mean to unravel to undo a thing. So for example, a knot or a braid, okay, or a rope, untwist and undo it. So there was a mythical a covenant a promise that was made to undo it meaning to violate it to breach it. So because of their breach of the Covenant because of their breaking of the covenant. What happened? Well cuffing him and because of their disbelief of what big law he have the verses of Allah, the signs of Allah, clear verses, they rejected them clear miracles, they refuse to believe

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in them. What was their attitude with restarting sunnah? Didn't see the miracles, many miracles? Imagine? A man says that he is the prophet of Allah. Ahmed says that whatever I am doing, I'm doing this by the permission of Allah. Then how can people reject Him? And how can they say wrong things about him? But the disbelieved? What God claim will Ambia ability have been and moreover, because of their killing of the prophets without any right. They killed many prophets and the outpouring of Nabhi many prophets they killed and many prophets they attempted to kill, they attempted to kill every Silas and they attempt to tickle Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that they have a right to do so

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No, Allah says bility help because a prophet can never be logical cattle can never be you know, such that he is to be killed. No, never ever will coddling him will Ambia Avila you have been what coli him and because of their saying what saying what statement Toluna hold our hearts our whole we have read all of this before this way I'm not going in that much detail. Because we have read a lot of detail about all of these incidents before insulted Bacala and this is why you will see that the incidents aren't mentioned in detail over here. They're just being referenced. And because of their saying that our hearts our wolf, what does wolf mean? Lane Lampa in wrapped in case they're covered,

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they're enveloped their cases in our hearts. And what does it mean that our hearts are full? We don't need anything else. We already have too much email. We already have so much knowledge that we can't have more. We can't learn more. You can't tell us anything more. Whatever you're telling us we already know or we don't need it. We don't need another messenger we don't need Mohamed Salah Listen, we don't need the Quran we already know a lot coluna hole or it means that our hearts are covered so we don't get what you're saying this basically mocking the verses of Allah that Allah sets a seal and peoples are so yeah, our hearts are sealed. This is why we don't get it.

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Can you imagine? It's like a person has a disability and he's proud of that disability.

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He makes fun of himself. Why in order to make fun of other people, so Karuna wolf Our hearts are wrapped so we don't get what you're saying. Allah says Belle club are Allahu RLA her be Kufri him. The fact is that Allah has sealed the hearts of Burien he has sealed the hearts. Why? Because of their disbelief, fella, you mean owner Illa Cadila. So they do not believe except very little. Their belief is very little. What do we learn over here? Their crimes are mentioned that because of this crime and this crime in this crime, they were punished. They were cursed. They were distance from Allah's mercy. And as a result, what happened? Their hearts were sealed, so they don't believe

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except very little. And over here, we learned that if a person has weak faith, little faith, little Eman, this is a consequence of a crime that has been committed. So if we feel this in our hearts that my Eman is very little we need to reflect on ourselves what sins have I committed lately? What wrong things am I doing? If I feel that closeness to Allah subhanaw taala is not there anymore, that fear of Allah is not there anymore. I have done something because a man is like no, which is granted. And when a person proves himself unworthy of it, it is taken away.

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Islam legal, the crimes of Bani Israel I mentioned as well but maybe a lesson for us to like maybe we're thinking that oh my god, like how could Bani Israel do that like Allah Subhana Allah gave them so many signs. In spite of that they did this this this last month and I mentioned no backbiting no Riba. No this No that was till we do that. And we are amazed that why they were doing what we are not amazed at why we do exactly we're shocked at the disobedience of Bani Israel, yet our own disobedience, we think it's normal, we think it will be excused.

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What we call free him, and because of their disbelief, we're calling him and they're saying, meaning and because of their disbelief, we punish them, we curse them, we'll call him and we also curse them. We also punish them because of their saying, Allah Motoyama against Maria, who was Medea

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will move, or ISA, the mother of risoni, Sudan. So they're saying against Madame both Dan and our Lima, a great slander, what is book done? A false accusation, right? Slander, that when a person is accused of a crime he never committed, and it shocks him. Why would a person be shocked because it's something that he or she even never thought about? You know, if there's a woman who has such a reputation, and if she is accused of fornication, then yes, it's bad, but it's not really shocking. Right? But if there is a woman who is chased. Imagine a woman like Miriam, who grew up in the Heiko, who grew up in the masjid, who worshipped Allah day and night, who learned the Scripture, who was

00:33:07 --> 00:33:51

raised by a prophet of Allah. He was her guardian, if she is accused of Zina that this is something shocking. This is something that's not acceptable. So they accused her. This is why Allah says Bhutan and our Lima. Now remember, we learned earlier about the fact that Allah does not like ultra Bisou immunocal. Allah does not like evil words to be uttered. Right? Now, what happens is that when a person gets used to saying bad things, when he's used to opening his mouth, passing comments, on everything, and everyone, when a person does something, passing a judgement on them, then what happens? It comes to a point where a person says absolutely unacceptable things about people who

00:33:51 --> 00:33:53

they should not say those things about at all.

00:33:55 --> 00:34:13

Like for example, if a person is used to yelling, that person is used to fighting, they'll pick a fight with their parents even they'll go pick a fight with their boss, even if a person insults their wife. Tomorrow, they can insult their mother the day after they can insult their boss the day after they can insult a stranger, a neighbor isn't

00:34:14 --> 00:34:59

that a person develops a habit of saying bad things and he doesn't care who he is saying them to. What we call free him will only Marla ammonium, Bhutan and are Lima. And who was muddy him. Allah says about her Imodium, even at our Imran allottee Assad for her. She's on who guarded her chest she was the most chest girl but the accuser of fornication when she gave birth to recite escena we're calling him and they're saying so boastfully so arrogantly so proudly, they exhibit their sins before people. They say in eternal mercy. We killed the Messiah, Risa Imodium or you saw the son of Madame rasool Allah, the Messenger of Allah. Imagine how arrogantly this

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

They this how boastfully they say this displaying their sins before people and sometimes some individuals are actually proud of their sins? And they say yeah, I've done this Been there done that. Right? What does Allah say? We'll call him in paternal mercy hurry Sabina. Motoyama Rasul Allah He, they're saying they're claiming so proudly parading their sins showing them off. But the fact is, well, Cthulhu but they didn't actually kill him. Why masala boo. And they didn't actually crucify him. Salah Boo Boo from Suad, Lamba Salib is the cross. So Salah boo, they put him on the cross, meaning the crucified and they didn't do that, while lacking but the reality is that should

00:35:43 --> 00:36:20

be held at home the whole matter was made confusing to them should be heard from Shiva. Chabahar means to resemble when two things resemble one another, then what happens? You get confused, right? Like, for example, if you're playing that game, what is it called Snap? Or that game where you have to match the cards, you put them upside down, right? And they all look the same from the back and then you have to pick two which are identical right from the other side. Because their backs are all the same. You get confused? What is what what is what. So while I can shut the * up on the wall matter was made confusing to them the whole matter of who have resigned. So now, there are many

00:36:20 --> 00:36:53

stories about this. Many versions within Christianity, and also within Muslim scholars. You will hear many versions about what happened with Eastern Islam. But essentially what happened the whole matter was made confusing to them. Either it was that a man was made to resemble this artist and I'm sure they caught him and killed him. And they thought they killed the psilocin but in reality, they killed someone else. Who was that man, either a disciple a traitor or someone for among the Jews, whoever he was, it was somebody else. But the main thing is that the whole matter was made confusing to them.

00:36:54 --> 00:37:16

And it happens sometimes if someone is killed, someone is murdered, and people have no idea what happened, who killed who? Right, the truth never comes to the surface. So likewise, at the time of resigning, he was lifted up by Allah subhanaw taala and the Bani Israel thought they had killed him but in reality they hadn't killed him and they themselves were in doubt them

00:37:17 --> 00:37:59

because they thought they had killed him and then they saw him afterwards according to some versions. So in Alladhina, Tala, for those people who differ who are in if they laugh about two feet about reciting the Sunnah, what's the afterlife that some say he is the Son of God Others say that he was a liar whatever they laugh they are the official cavemen who they are in doubt about meaning whatever they believe about him is based on what doubt not effect if there is a person who says the result ism is the Son of God you will ask them what's the evidence what's the evidence you go deep deep deep and at the bottom is what a doubt it's not a fact it's only a doubt likewise the Bani

00:37:59 --> 00:38:42

Israel they're saying that he's on a messenger you go deep deep deep at the bottom what will you find doubt? So, whatever they believe about Reese our listener is all doubt is based on doubt not fact Malla whom behemoth are in they do not have any knowledge about him. Meaning they have no factual knowledge no certain knowledge in that era one except his following assumption they assume things and then they follow that one man I've gotta know who your cleaner and the fact is, that they did not kill him for certain for sure that did not kill him. And even they do not have the opinion that they killed him. So what happened? Bell rather a referral hula hoop la He Allah lifted him up

00:38:42 --> 00:39:32

to himself. The fact is that Allah lifted Yuri Silas and unto himself. Like in the Quran, we learn what it called Allah who your isa in name with our fika will all fear Oka Illa Yeah, I'm going to lift you up to myself. You're like how can Lahore Aziz and heikkila Allah is Ever mighty, and he is wise? Whatever he decides that is implemented. So Allah lifted him to himself and the Bani Israel eel never ever killed him. So what do we learn in these verses? What's the main lesson? Whatever we believe should be based on how it should be based on real it should be based on your theme. And where do you get that from? From the word of Allah from the speech of Allah from the Quran, whatever

00:39:32 --> 00:39:37

the Quran tells you, whatever the messenger said a lot of Saddam talk, be certain about it, be sure about it.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:59

And this is something that will give confidence and even in general life. When you believe something about someone, don't base it on check. What if they said this to me because this is what they want. What if they did this to me because this is what they want. That must be their intention. No, don't base your Eman. Don't base your

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

feelings on check

00:40:02 --> 00:40:27

based on what on facts when you don't know the intentions of a person don't assume when you don't know the reason why they did something don't jump to conclusions. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the strength to forgive others clean our hearts and strengthen our iman recitation in

00:40:29 --> 00:40:37

foreigner been heroes only when you read una offer repo bang more he also will

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weigh a ball on me know me about wanna cry a little bit about why you would eat

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while you read una

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min Hola. Hola. You team would you work? Long waffle Mahima Yes, Luca Lauren kita br donor's Zilla kita meanness

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for this

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football football

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arena long agenda

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he won't

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well partly him will be

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be alone Ed have been calling him Paul Omona been long wire lane. You can free him fella you mean owner in falling won't be cool free him one calling him

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done and now we walk only him in

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