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Al-Hajj 65-78 Word Analysis and Tafsir 73-76

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Out of below him in a SharePoint regime Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim lesson number 171. So little hedge

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yeah a yohannes or people all mankind body by methylone An example is presented an example is being given and anass it may refer to the people of Makkah, but not just the people of Makkah, but all of mankind people of all times, that all people and example is being given an example is being presented by who

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by Allah soprano.

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And what is the purpose of an example, to explain a concept in tangible terms to explain something that is intangible, that is abstract in concrete terms in tangible terms.

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So, Louisville masala, a very important example is being presented. Therefore, festa merula, who listen attentively to it

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is stemmer ie is to listen to something with complete attention and focus.

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An example is being given by Allah therefore, listen to it very, very attentively, reflect upon it, understand it, and take a lesson from it.

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So, pay attention to this example, listen very carefully. What is this example, that in Medina, indeed those beings who, which means that the owner whom you invoke, men don't lie besides Allah, all those beings that are worshipped besides Allah,

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whether it is a human being or it is an angel, or it is some idol, anything that is worshipped besides Allah, that a person prays do besides Allah,

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Allah subhanaw taala says that they are such that layer glue, they can never create, layer local notice it's not law, what is it learn never ever can they create, they can never make Zoo bobbin even a fly

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wallow in even if he termer hula hoop they all gathered for it.

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Meaning if all of those beings were worshipped besides Allah, if all of them collectively tried to make even a fly, one fly, one tiny fly, they will not be able to do so.

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If they cannot do it collectively, can they do it individually? No way.

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This is how weak they are.

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This is how incapable they are

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that they cannot even make a fly.

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And you see, Hulk has been mentioned over here because the one who deserves worship, that Isla de leeuw is definitely the one who can also create

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because who is Lord who is Rob Harlock Malik would have been and he is the one who deserves worship.

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So if they cannot even create one fly How can they deserve that you worship them? How can they deserve even one such debt from you even wonder are from you when they cannot even make one fly?

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The words Oh Bab is from the root letters then the

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and the vibe is used for a fly.

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Mainly, you can say like a housefly.

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And literally the word means to go about back and forth to waver to wander to and fro to become restless. We have read the word moudaber there being a vein of valic constantly wavering between the two the state of the moon African

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so a fly is also constantly flying from here to there. It's restless it's always flying.

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So layer local do Babin if you look at it other web is so small. It's so tiny. It's so tiny in its size. But still they cannot create a fly

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and how weak they are. that we're in. And if yes lube home, it steals from them. Who steals from them of the Bible the fly What does it still shine anything?

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If the fly takes away from these idols, anything at all, layers them clue they can never retrieve it they can never get it back from the fly.

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A little fly how much can you take from someone how much something that is so minute.

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So if a fly takes very

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A small amount of something from these idols from these beings when we worship besides Allah, they can never even get it back from the fly.

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This is how weak they are compared to the fly even.

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They understand

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this is how weak they are in comparison to the fly. That the fly winds, the fly take something from them they can never get it back from the fly.

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Yes, lube is from the roof ever seen lumber and service to snag something from someone by force and to take it away. It's also used for stealing for plunder for robbing.

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So, if the fly robbed something from them, and obviously it will be something very tiny, less than two years something away from the fetters known of that and Nicola is to have something released that something was stolen, something was taken and you have it released you rescue it and is in part is to take something back to retrieve to recover. So I asked them to do they can never take it back from the fly. That

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week is the seeker while in moto lube and the one who is searched for what does it mean by this low level? Well Mater loop pilot was the one who is seeking something and moto is the one from whom something is being sought.

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So who does a pilot refer to? pilot according to one opinion refers to the idle and mclubbe refers to the fly.

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So the idle, the one who is worshipped besides Allah, the fly came and took something from it. So the idle wants that drop of honey or that drop of sugar back, that drop of moisture whatever the fly has taken from the island it wants it back. So how weak is the seeker and must lube how weak is the one from whom that is being sought for? So both are weak, daru fatale boo, well Muslim they cannot help one another. The fly so weak, the idle is so weak.

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Others have said that a pilot it refers to the abbot, the one who is worshipping others besides Allah, and Allah to lube is the mirboo the one who is worshipped besides Allah.

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so weak is the one who is praying and weak is the one who is being worshipped. Both are so weak that when the other makes the art is he responded to? No. Is he benefited in any way? No. And mullaloo? The marble The one who is worshipped besides alone, no matter how much do you make to it, and to do anything to help you? Can I do anything to save you? Nothing at all. The roofer tileable while Matthew and Tyler has also been understood as the one from whom the fly has taken something away. Like for example, food and moto lube the fly.

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So both are weak, they cannot do anything. This example is that of shake.

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It tells us about the reality of shake. That those beings are worshipped besides Allah, they're so weak, they're so incapable that they cannot even create a fly. They cannot even make a fly.

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If you look at it, a fly is a very tiny creature. And in its nature, it's rejected. Who likes flies, people don't generally like flies. If a fly comes and sits on your nose, if it comes and sits on you, you will shoo it away.

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If you see a fly in your house, you'll get concerned there flies in my house, get them out somehow.

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So a fly is something that is not liked as much. That is rejected. And in its size also, it's very small.

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But despite its smallness, despite its weakness, the idols they cannot even create a fly. Even people cannot create a fly. Why? This is because number one they're weak. And secondly, the fly is small, but it is one of the marvels of illustration.

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Apparently it seems very small, but in reality, it's a very intricate creature. It's a very detailed creature.

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If you look at it, there are approximately 120,000 species of flies. Can you imagine 120,000

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and they range in their size from one 20th of an inch to three inches. One 20th of an inch to three inches. This is how they vary in their sizes. So Can people create something as small as one 20th of an inch that is so intricate and detailed in itself? Impossible.

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And a fly it can beat its wings 200 times a second. And this is three times faster than a hummingbird.

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And a flies average speed is 4.5 miles per hour. This is how fast it flies.

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And it can travel 300 times the length of its body in one second.

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In one second, it can fly 300 times the length of its body, and ajet a plane traveling at the speed of sound only travels 100 times its length.

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Just imagine, this is how speedy This is how fast the fly is compared to a plane that people have created. Now imagine a jet is so big compared to a fly. If people cannot even create a jet, a plane that is just like the fly, can they create a smaller version that is detailed and as intricate as a fly? No way it's impossible. And also flies they smell with their antenna and a fly has 4000 lenses in each eye 4000 lenses and there are more details about the flag which inshallah you will learn later. But the main thing is that flies What do they eat? What are they attracted to? organic material, right? Food, or meat vegetables, decaying? This is what flies are generally attracted to.

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And flies, how do they eat, you may have noticed next time that you see a fly flies are going to be around very soon. As the heat comes in,

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that you will notice that a fly whenever it sits on something and it's trying to eat it, you will see like a pipe coming out of it. Right? So it sprays this liquid. And this liquid kind of dilutes the food that it's about to consume.

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And once it's digested or diluted outside, then it sucks it in through the food bite.

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So imagine what it takes and it is already digested. So once it has taken something in, can you take it away from the fly? No way? Can you retrieve it? No way.

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And besides the quantity is so my new che and it's so minute something so tiny, that how can you get it back.

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So in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala has presented the example of a fly. And if you look at it, there may be so many more desirable, and apparently more intricate creatures. But Allah subhanaw taala has chosen the fly to explain to us the reality of Schick. And there's a reason why the fly has been chosen. Firstly, because there is something that is trivial in the eyes of people. And it is something that people find very troublesome.

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So those whom you invoke besides Allah, they cannot even create as much as a fly.

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Something that you don't like something that you want to avoid. They cannot even create something like that. And the fly has a very unique system. As I mentioned to you, it's a very intricate creature, it's a very detailed creature in itself.

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So they cannot even create something like it.

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So, when this is the reality, that those whom you invoke besides a lot, they're so weak.

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How can I deserve worship?

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If you look early on in the ayat, what did we learn that don't you know Allah subjected everything in the earth for you, everything in the sky for you everything in the sea for you? They have given you so much and he knows about you fully? Well, this is how great Allah is. This is how mighty he is, this is how powerful he is.

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He is the one who deserves your worship, not those who do not even have control over a fly.

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They don't deserve anything from you. How can you humble yourself before them? And this is a very logical example a very logical evidence that Who will you humble yourself before someone who is greater than you is

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if you humble yourself before someone who is smaller than you, lesser than you or someone who is incapable of doing anything, what are you doing then? humiliating yourself?

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So, this is a very important example, a very logical evidence that we must reflect on and that we must share with other people as well. And this is something that is very understandable. Because typically, those beings that are worshipped besides the law for example, idols, what are they offered? Food, especially sweet stuff is put before them. And usually you will find flies over there. So if a fly comes and sits on the idol can the idol do anything to shoot the fly away? No. If the fly comes in, eat something of the food that is offered to the idol can it take the food away from the fly? No way. It's not possible. So it's a very logical and realistic

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example that we must reflect on ourselves and we must also share with other people.

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Allah says Mercado de la they have not appraised Allah help Kaka de with true appraisal

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or the roof of the roof address of that.

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And we have done this word earlier as well other means decree but it also means the value right to estimate to give value to something.

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So Mercado de la they have not valued him. They have not honored him how he, as he should be honored,

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as he should be valued as he should be appraised. Mercado de la ha ha Quadri.

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When can you value something? When can you value something? When you know about it?

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when you know about its details when you know about what it can do when you know about its worth?

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So those are however, they're recognized as might and power and that is why the Quran affected them.

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This is why when they would listen to the Quran, they would submit they would become humble.

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And when a person listens to the Quran, he does not humble he does not accept what does it mean he's not showing any honor to Allah.

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Mercado de la haka de, because they do not even know Allah. When they do shake when they associate with him when they call upon others besides Allah, when they worship other beings. When they listen to the Quran, and they don't accept in reality, what are they doing?

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They're not giving the Hulk of Allah

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in the LA Hanukkah region, Aziz Indeed Allah, He is mighty. He is powerful. And he's also exalted. Lock away. tawi is powerful and diseases Exalted in Might.

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This is who Allah is, he is a way that he can create not just one fly, but so many species of flies.

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And if you look at it flies, they reproduce so quickly, isn't it?

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They spread so quickly. Within days, you will see flies multiplying everywhere.

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This is how we Allah is that he hasn't just created one fly, but he has created so many.

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And he hasn't just created flies, but he has created every creature upon the earth, luckily, and he is Aziz. So people, they have underestimated Allah by worshipping other than him.

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They have not even recognized Allah. They have not even known Allah.

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And if they really knew Allah, if they really understood him, then they would never associate partners with Allah

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insalata Zuma is 67 Wheeler, one other la Kaka de Waal, Jamia and Tabata who Yama piano was semi were to model yeah to be Yemeni, super Hannah, who would Allah I'm usually cold,

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that they have not appraised a lot with true appraisal, while the earth entirely will be within his grip on the Day of Resurrection, the entire earth in his hand, and the heavens will be folded in his right hand.

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Just imagine the heavens are so massive, the earth that is so huge, all of them wrapped up in his hand

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in his head.

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This is how great he is the sub powerful he is. This is how mighty he is. Mercado de la takatori

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they have not even understood him. They don't value him. They don't show honor to him.

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Allah who yes Luffy Allah chooses he selects min and mela equity from the angels below Solon, messengers, woman a nasty and also from the people. Allah is the one who selects messengers Russell is a Florida law school. He selects messengers from among people and also amongst angels. Why?

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In order to deliver the message to the people, that the angel he delivers the way to the messenger and the messenger, he delivers the message to the rest of the people

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in the La semir embassy Indeed Allah is hearing and he has seen

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So in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala tells us that he is the one who has selected the messengers. He is the one who has selected Muhammad Sallallahu Sunnah

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and you doubt his choice, you object at his decision.

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Mercado de la casa de

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and in this is a huge lesson for us. That if Allah has chosen one thing if Allah selected one person for something, who are we to object? Who are we to say this is not fair? And I am more worthy and I am more deserving? does Allah not already know?

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If a person objects at the decisions of Allah than in reality, what is he doing?

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He is not valuing Allah. He is not respecting Allah. Malka de la ha ha Kaka D. Because when his knowledge is complete, when his authority is complete, then he has the choice to select whomsoever He wishes. And we are no one's to object. We are no one's to say, why this person and why not that person

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instead of traveler is number one, we learn about the angels, that Alhamdulillah he felt that he somehow it will only generate in Milan Aikido sulan only engineer Hatton must never Sue last

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year's either Phil Hulk, the Maya share in the la hora coalition, whatever he is one who has created the angels. And these angels He has created them as different as ones who have wings, some have more, some have less. And these angels are a little swollen. They are messengers, meaning those who convey the message of Allah to his prophets

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in total, and if 68 We also learned that we're who will call you folk everybody will use it or Aleykum half of them

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that the angels there roussillon in another way as well, that Allah He sends over you guardian angels, and if you look at it yourself who he sends, so the angels, they don't just deliver the message to the Prophet of Allah, but they also come they're also sent by Allah in order to watch over the deeds of the rest of the people.

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And Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the messengers as well, that till karasuno forgotten about their chosen some of them above others.

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So if Allah has kept this difference amongst the angel messengers amongst the human messengers, who are we to object, we are no one's to object.

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If we truly trust Allah, if we truly appreciate his wisdom and his greatness, then our response will be somewhere now what Aparna?

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Yeah, Allah Ma Ma baina. at him, he knows what is presently before them, what are called for whom, and what will be after them. What a law he told Gerald mode and to Allah who we returned, all matters.

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He knows about the messengers, whether from the angels or from the human beings. He knows about all of their affairs, their past, their future, their present, all of their affairs, he knows about them. Well, it allowed him to move into a lot all matters will be returned, for final judgment, and the awarding of reward and punishment.

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So all of these if what do they show to us? The greatness of Allah, the sublimity of Allah, the fact that he is the only one who deserves worship. And if that is the case, then oh, people don't turn to other than Allah.

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Don't humiliate yourself by prostrating before other than Allah.

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If you look at it, the idols are sitting idle, and the food is presented to them, it is offered to them, and flies come if they were really Gods would flies even dare to come and sit on those gods and they're to come and touch that food? No, it wouldn't be possible if they were really gods. And it's the people it's their avid. It's the worshiper who is showing all the flies away.

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So, in this is clear evidence that these beings don't deserve any worship. You should not be prostrating before.

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For example, Ali Gabby Rani Hamid Rao Rahim, COVID Aziz and Samir

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Someone you you can know someone choice names. And if we really know Allah subhanaw taala, only then we know him, we fear Him, we OBEY Him, we don't dare to associate anybody with him. And only then we are going to be a bit. Yes, very true that a person can only value something or someone when he knows about them. And in this surah, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about who he is, through His names, through His attributes through his favours through his actions through what he's done.

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So it is a beautiful way of learning who Allah subhanaw taala is

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when the Quran is recited to them, and they act so in such anger, and it's because that they realize it's the truth and they're afraid of changing, but at the same time, they're losing that sort of rock, like, How stupid can you be, you know, so we should face things straight on instead of, you know, trying to just follow our desires and hide from the truth is gonna come, how far is gonna come by hiding from it, you're not gonna take it away, that when the Quran is recited, they don't want to listen to it, it is the truth, they don't want to change. But at the same time, they're doing things that are so illogical, that do not make any sense. And this is typically the behavior of all those

00:26:12--> 00:26:28

who are arrogant, that they don't want to change, they don't want to accept the truth. And at the same time, they will do things that are completely illogical. And sometimes, you know, observe yourself as well, that perhaps the other person is telling you what is right, what is correct. And you just don't want them to listen to them.

00:26:29--> 00:26:34

And this, look at how you're behaving, look at how you're talking. so ridiculous. Sometimes

00:26:35--> 00:26:51

they are sometimes children, or even adults, they know what the other person is telling them is right? They should be doing it. But they just want to show that no, I'm not gonna listen to you. And therefore I'm not going to do what you're telling me to do. And if you just look at yourself in the mirror, you're actually humiliating yourself.

00:26:52--> 00:27:00

So the person who is arrogant, who does not wish to change, he's in reality, doing things that are completely illogical.

00:27:01--> 00:27:12

If you look at it, in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah has given us so many evidences, logical as well as textual. So these are the evidences that we should be using when whether you know, when calling people to embark.

00:27:15--> 00:27:57

I remember when, when I didn't know much about the Quran and Islam before and another sister was telling me, you know, this, Quran is just for intelligent people. And it's like, Yeah, right. So anyways, now that I'm learning it, it's really easy for intelligent people, unless a panel that is teaching you how to become intelligent how to think how to think about everything, because all these things before studying the Quran, I didn't know about them like, No, I've never really thought about them like and you just walk by and just see things and without thinking. The examples that are mentioned in the Quran, any person can understand any person, every person sees flies. And this

00:27:57--> 00:28:04

example is so simple to understand, so easy to understand. But it's only those who are intelligent, who will learn something from it,

00:28:06--> 00:28:06

isn't it

00:28:07--> 00:28:19

they, for example, this example of the fly, or earlier, we have read so many times about the example of the rain coming down. And you know, the plants going for this example is presented so many times, and every person sees it in his life.

00:28:21--> 00:28:28

So the examples are very realistic, every person can relate with them. However, it's only the intelligent, who can take a lesson.

00:28:29--> 00:28:41

This is why Allah says First, the Marula who pay attention, listen attentively, focus on it, so that you can learn something from it. Because if you don't focus you will not be able to do.

00:28:43--> 00:28:59

So Anika I was really thinking about the example of the fly. If you look at like you gave the example of a jet like that goes faster than the speed of sound. It took us probably like 100 years, how many years to get that. And I was found I give the example of fly and that for almost 400 so easy. So it just shows

00:29:01--> 00:29:32

it's so easy for him to create one fly. And the flies, they reproduce so quickly, so fast within days, literally. And we see that for a plane to be made for a job to be made. 1000s of people have to be involved engineers and scientists and a low art and who all so much money has to be put in so many resources and still we make a plane or a space shuttle or something and an accident happens or something goes wrong or something is not right. Which is why these things that people make they constantly need improvement.

00:29:33--> 00:29:55

Something small than this and you say it's intricate creation and all that stuff. Even the cell when we went to the Science Center, the cell nobody can see that with your own bare eyes. But if you look through the microscope, and you will see the detail in every color of it too. Is it like no other people can't create people you know

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and we see that flies flying generally

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We don't like them. But we see that it even apply Allah subhanaw taala has created it so perfectly.

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So never dislike a creation of Allah just because of how it is or what it does find a way of appreciating it,

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find a way of appreciating it and appreciating the creator through that creature

00:30:23--> 00:30:34

that look at how a loss of planetary has created a fly. We look at a fly with a you know, shoot away. It should be gone from here. But if you try to learn about what a flies, it amazes you.

00:30:35--> 00:30:36

It amazes you

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still don't understand. And it reminds me like the elderly people they when advices they say police about the way things first time YOLO like the elderly people that you really save a dead why something very important to two people they say it's bad for police, like hold order strongly have strong conviction rate, don't lose it. But again, some people still don't register it don't get it same examples. People they say that for an is a book in which there's mosquitoes and flies are mentioned would a big deal. So leave this thing to Allah subhanaw taala maybe they will continue being gentle with you. You just do your job. Just focus on your work.

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I mean, the God is a provider of the food for everything, but they give them to the God food. They make them that much weak like they need for their food, fly,

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fly, fly

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