Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L273A

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An-Najm 1-30 Translation 1-30

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I said I've already got a

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mother who was sadly allowed to sue the hilarium and my birth father would be let him in the shade Lana rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim furbish rocklea is further away assembly and the owner of the Tamil assignee of grupo de obon as a dinner in person number 273 sudo to najem. I am number one to 30 translation, one najmi by the star, either when, however, it descended, man, not Burleigh, he went astray Sahaba comb your companion warmer and nor was aware, he has heard warmer and not young tickle he speaks I'm from El Hawa, the desire in not who it is, except what a revelation you have, it is revealed our lemma who he taught him shady do one who is Mighty One who is intense Alcoa in

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the strengths.

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Lou possessor Midleton of splendor of strength fester, where then heroes in full form wahoo while he built off of at the horizon,

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the highest summer than Donna, he drew near Fattah della then he descended for Ghana. So he was father at a distance, oh same of DuBose out or Edna lesser for our hair. Then he revealed Isla RBD he to his servant man that which O'Hare he revealed may not gather it light and to do the heart man that which it saw

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do further than do maluna who you all dispute with him either upon man what euro he sees one and certainly for who he saw him ness Latin descent or for another in the near Sidra load tree and winter hair have the utmost limit of the ultimate boundary.

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Bring the hair near it Jenna to garden, Alma where of the refuge of the resting place is when Yoshida it covers a seed rotor, the load tree man that which Yoshida it covers man not xever its word, it deviated Albus or the site woman and nor does it transgress.

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Lockard certainly, he saw men from IIT science broadly he of his robe and Cobra the greatest

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did for them for a term you also a letter that will reserve and there is a woman Earth and minute, a third is the third and the other one. And acoem are for you are the Kuru the male while the who and for him and the female Dinka that this Mattoon a division Liza unjust unfair. In not here it Illa except asmat names some major move her you all have named it until you are whatever outcome and your forefathers man not unzila he sent out Allahu Allah be held with it. Men from silk lining, any proof any authority in not yet to be owner they follow in law except a one the supposition warmer and that which the what it desires and enforce the souls one and certainly journey home it came to them

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mainly from Rob be him there rub alhuda the guidance and or little incentive for the human being man whatever terminal he wished he desired. Funny lair so far Allah and earthhero the hereafter will una and the first welcome and how many men from mannequin Angel for summer worth in the heavens, learn not to need it avails shefa to whom their intercession Shay anything in there except main from birdie after and that yet then he permits Allahu Allah lemon

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For whom he or she, he wills wherever and he pleases he approves in Indeed, Allah Vina, those who are not human, they believe, Bill a pharaoh in the hereafter. They use a moon, surely they named al Malaika the angels destinia, naming an own sir, the female, warmer and not la home for them, be with it mineral men from any knowledge in not yet to be Runa they follow Illa except a one, the supposition we're in and indeed a one the supposition lead not unique, it avails men and help from the truth share anything for our sojourn away on from money whoever the one that he turned away, on from the cleaner our reminder while I'm ended not unit he desires in that except and higher to the

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life but dunya of the world velyka that mobile level home their extent, men from Allah in the knowledge in indeed, Rebecca Europe, who he or animal is most knowing the man with who Burleigh he went astray and Sebelius from his way where who and he is our animal most knowing the man of who

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he received guidance.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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are you

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to be you.

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Liza. In here

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Emily is

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da da da homie Ayesha.

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know me