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Muhammad 1-19 Tafsir 16-19

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Okay, let's continue. Well, many of whom may yestermorrow ilica. And among them are those who listen to you.

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As you know, this is a madry sora it was revealed in the early part of Medina and Madani Soros, they also mentioned the way off the moon African.

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So far, we have been learning mainly about the wish to gain the disbelievers who had been opposing the messenger sallallahu wasallam.

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Their end result has been mentioned and now donor 15 are being mentioned.

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Because when things become easy, when practicing Islam becomes easy, then many people don't value it as much. And when they don't value it as much their faith weakens. hypocrisy creeps in.

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So this is why you will notice that the factors mentioned again and again in Medina sutras Why? Because it's very easy to develop nofap in easy circumstances.

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In a situation like Morocco, where you have to defend your email,

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you have to sacrifice in order to hold on to it. It's very difficult to live as a Muslim Eman is pure, it's stronger. But in places where no difficulties no challenges, then nefab comes in. So we're in home and among them meeting among the people. There are those who yesterday are we Laika they listen to you very attentively. Meaning when they come to your gatherings, when you are teaching, when you are saying something? It is as if they are listening to you very carefully, very attentively paying attention to every single word.

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They're physically present. But in reality, they're mentally absent. Apparently, they'll show a lot of interest. Oh, yeah, nodding their heads, looking at you staring at you, as if they're understanding everything. But in reality, they don't understand a word because their minds are elsewhere. They're preoccupied with something else. And what's the evidence for that? Because had either 100 human or indika until when they go out from near you. Meaning when they leave your presence when they leave your gathering?

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What do they say? Carlo? They say, Linda Dena to those people who are to their alma, they have been given knowledge.

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Meaning they say to those who have knowledge they learned amongst the believers, and at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Who are these, the Sahaba, the kibaale Sahaba, who were very knowledgeable by, for example, of the Lebanon must urgently learn who elbow COVID are who are motivated.

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So they said these men African, they say to a Latina, or to their alma, those who have been given knowledge, mother color and Eva, what did he say just now? What did he say just now who the profits are alone, isn't it and if it's from the root letter exams are known for, and his nose, and figuratively the word and is also used for the peak of something.

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The peak of something, like I said, unfold Jabba the mountaintop the peak of the mountain. And, and if is that, which has just begun, which is new, just begun, Mr. nifa, Joomla Mustapha, a new sentence. So matter of color, Anika, what did he say just now? We, what did he teach us? Now? What did he say this now? What was it that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us to do?

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Why is it that they say this mother color? Annika?

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There could be two reasons, right? One is they didn't get it? Why didn't they get it? Because they weren't listening. They weren't paying attention. You see, sometimes something is mentioned very clearly, in images in a gathering very clearly. But still a person misses it.

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And when he goes, he doesn't even know that announcement was made. He doesn't have idea that that word, its root word was given a singular form was given. They have no idea. Why is it so? Because your mind was elsewhere? They weren't listening attentively.

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Because if they were listening attentively, then what would happen? They will catch every piece of information that was being given.

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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he spoke, how did he speak very clearly. And whenever it was something important, he would emphasize it by mentioning it repeatedly. And the words that he would utter, they will be so clear and distinct that you could count them. That is how he spoke. So the Prophet speech, somebody doesn't get it, somebody doesn't remember, there's got to be something wrong in that person. So one reason was that they wouldn't pay attention. They would just come to mark their attendance. They weren't actually interested in knowing what the profits or losses and I was teaching. later on. They would ask the wrestlers, how about Okay, what did he say? Why would

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they ask them

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Well, I would ask that to make sure they didn't miss out on something that they had to do to show their

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mother color alpha.

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Because early there were only pretending to listen.

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And what's the reason behind their mental absence, their distraction? Why is it that they're not mentally present? Because they're occupied with other things. They're not concerned about what the prophet sallallahu Sallam is telling them, their interest is not done. their interest is not obedience to the messenger. They just want to show their Muslims mark their attendance. And that's it. They're concerned about other things.

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And doesn't it happen when you're preoccupied with other things? Even when you were sitting in class, your mind is there? It happens, right? Come on, it does happen. When you're thinking about Okay, what food is in the cafeteria? I wonder if it's pizza day viani day, and you're thinking Oh, last week's Biryani. You're like, oh, why is she writing that word on the board?

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What did she say just now, your last thinking about that Breanna and that pizza, and you miss out on what's being said. So when can a person not pay attention? Even though it may seem as though he's paying attention? When he is more concerned about something else?

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the Mona Lisa clean? What was their goal? What was their desire? linea. That's all they wanted. And the second reason why they would say Mother color Anika is out of mockery.

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Did you hear? Did you hear what he said? That's what he said. Can you imagine? This is what we're supposed to do? How is it possible?

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There is no way we could do it. Or Lou lilla do to their alma mater color. And if I wanted to say this now did you hear

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that he can Latina those are the ones who talk Allahu Allah cannubi him. Those are the ones who Allah has set a seed upon their hearts, whatever.

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And they have followed their desires. So here we see that the way of the moon at 15 is being mentioned. What is their way

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that they

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only come to listen to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in order to show their Eman. It's all pretense. It's not from within.

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Which is why when they come to the mostess, they make it seem as though they're listening very carefully with a lot of interest. But later on, they don't remember anything. So they came with ignorance, they left with ignorance. They came with gopher mancora, jubi

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makhanda, hollowell, kufri, Katara jubi. They entered with COVID. And they also left with

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so why were they there then? Just to show they were believers. Now, and this is a great lesson for us that we also need to reflect on our way. That doesn't happen, that we come, listen, learn. But later, the actions don't change. Why? Why does it happen?

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Because the person has not understood

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it if a person understood if he paid attention to what was being said, then the change in action will also come.

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Because sometimes it happens that people are learning but their actions are changing. Why are they not changing? Because they're not getting it? Why are they not getting it because their mind is not in it?

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Because it's not possible that you've heard and understood something and still the action doesn't come not.

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So the reason behind not changing actions or improving in your ways is because a person has not improved. They entered with ignorance and they have left with ignorance. Intro to Toba I 124 we learn what unzila to atone for men Khomeini akuto. Al Qaeda to Heidi even firmer Latina Amano. frazetta to Eman and homea. Stop Sharon. And whenever a surah is revealed there are among the hypocrites those who say which of you has this increased in faith? Did this increase you in your email the mark this didn't make a difference to my faith. This didn't give me any man rush. As for those who believed it has increased them in faith while they are rejoicing.

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And if you think about it, why is it that they said this to the people of knowledge and Latina auditor ilma

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to show that they are also very intelligent or you are knowledgeable even I am very concerned. I am also very intelligent. So they try to have intellectual conversations.

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But in reality, they know nothing.

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They understand nothing. And this is why they don't do anything either.

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On the other hand, when Medina Tato and those people who are guided zarda home Buddha, Allah increases them in their guidance to home taqwa home, and he gives them their righteousness. What happens to them when African? They come? Apparently they're listening. They don't understand later on they go and Mark What does Allah say he has set a seed of on their hearts and these people they continue to follow their desires.

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Why do they continue to follow their desires, because they never got anything, they never understood anything.

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If they had understood they will change their ways they continue to follow their desires because they didn't learn anything.

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But on the other hand, those people who are in receipt of guidance, they are receiving guidance, they have obtained guidance, they're rightly guided.

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And at that is to acquire and internalize who they are.

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It's not just to learn about what's to be done, but it's to do it as well. If they're accepted, internalize it. So those people whose concern is that they want to improve, they want to internalize what they learn what happens xanga Allah increases them in guidance,

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the same gathering,

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they also attend. But when they leave, they have increased in their guidance they have increased in their actions, they have increased in their knowledge they have increased in their understanding

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what their home decor home, and Allah has also given them their taco mean, they also increase in their taco.

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What's the difference between the two?

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Two types of people that when I 15, and these believers both attended the same gathering, but the output of both is different, both attended the same gathering, but each left differently. Why?

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Because you get whatever you want, whatever you intend for. So the believer when he listens when he learns, he doesn't just learn to write, he doesn't just learn to pass, he learns to

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internalize that Oh, to such people, Zed, who would be allowed to give him more hedaya he gives them more trophies. He strengthens their faith. Tell him taqwa home and he also gives them their taqwa, meaning they become more Motoki, their taqwa increases.

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Because he diann taco they go hand in hand, isn't it? The water cooler person has a more hidayah he will have the helical cutter, volare Buffy, who then limit talking, those who have the core, they will get more hedaya the more hedaya person has, the more he will fear Allah will at home taco home.

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For Holly and Luna LSR that are they waiting except for the hour? Meaning what's wrong with these people? Why? What's stopping them? Why don't they understand? Why don't they take their religion Seriously? Whatever they learn, why don't they implement? What are they waiting for? are they waiting for the hour to come? And how is it going to come to him but it will come suddenly for her to Joshua to her? Why are they waiting for the day of judgment? It signs have already come?

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Ashraf is the Florida of sharp and sharp is used for assign and allama?

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What does it assign a mark? A schelotto is to mark a camel. Why, in order to distinguish it from the rest of the candles.

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And once you've marked it, once you've distinguished it, then you can find it easily when you want to sell it. Or when you want to do something with it. So shelf What is it assign a distinguishing mark from the same root of the word Sherpa who is a Sherpa Why?

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You can identify them with their uniforms with their police cars. And even if they're sitting in a normal car, you can tell by the stuff that's on their car. So shelters what assign distinguishing mark. So Alice has schelotto her the signs of the Day of Judgment have already come.

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Meaning the Day of Judgment is not too far for unknown. So how is it for them either at home the home? Whether the call has come? Meaning when the hour has come upon them? What benefit will there be? What benefit will their reminder be? Will they're taking a lesson B will they're understanding me?

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Because sometimes people know what they're supposed to do. But they still don't do it. Why? I'm not ready. can do it yet. What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for the hour to go, when the hour will come? It's not far and be when it will come. You're taking a lesson. you're wanting to do something you're bringing about a change in your actions is not going to benefit you for unless

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it's not going to benefit you then the time to act is now.

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The time to do something is now the time to bring about a change is now and you see what's mentioned over here that for the SRA to hurt the signs of the hour have already come. They have already come so the hour is not far

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and one of the signs

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of the day of judgment is coming of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he has come, he has gone. Many years have passed by so the Day of Judgment is really not that far. We learn from our Hadith in Bukhari, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Burris to earn a certain quality that I have been sent before the hour as these two fingers, and he brought his index and middle fingers together, while saying that this is how close the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to the day of judgment as if the major one was the coming of the prophets on a lot of time and then after that, the major event is the coming of the Day of Judgment, this close together, as these two fingers,

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also we see, there are many other signs of the Day of Judgment which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has told us about, and they, as we look around us, they have already come. For example, we learned from Bahati of the sciences, the disappearance of knowledge, and the appearance of ignorance. visitor, how many people in the world are literate today, not many, and even those who are literate, how many of them know of true knowledge, not many. Also, we learn of another shelf that in a pyramid is mentioned when a trust becomes a means of making a profit. People are making promises and all that why in order to gain money, things a cat becomes a burden, and miserliness becomes widespread.

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Charity is given reluctantly,

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and Buhari we learned miserliness will be thrown into the hearts of people. In a tournament he will learn when a man obeys his wife and disobeys his mother and treats his friend kindly while shunning his father.

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Listening to the wife all the time, disobeying the mother all the time, respecting your friends disrespecting father, autonomy also we learn when voices are raised in the mosques. When voices are raised in the mosques. What does that mean?

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arguing and not just arguing when people don't have respect for the masjid.

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It's become a place where people just chat chat chat, the plan is going on. So that is going on. taraweeh is going on. Who cares? I'm talking to my friend, I'm on the cell phone. So that's a Juma is going on. People are checking their voicemail. People are talking to each other. voices are raised. People don't respect the place that they're in.

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In activity also we learned the leader of a people will be the worst of them. The leader of the people is who the worst of them, in Buhari time will pass rapidly, no Baraka in time.

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In Buhari also we learned good deeds will decrease

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from another Hades and Buhari a man will pass by a grave and wish that he was in their place. A man will pass by a grave and he will wish that he was in the place of the dead, those who are buried because it's so difficult to live. Life has become impossible so difficult.

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In Muslim women will be naked in spite of being dressed in spite of being dressed women are naked. And these women will be led astray and will also lead others astray. In Buhari also the consumption of intoxicants from another Hadith, the widespread of musical instruments, Bukhari and Muslim earthquakes will increase. Many other signs are mentioned.

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So almost as for the SRA, it signs have already come. And you see, when is the hour of an individual? When does it begin? When he does his death not near when you go through your life and you see, okay, I have hit 20 I'm 25 now, I'm 30 now,

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so much of my life has passed on. This family member of mine has passed away. That family member has passed to it. I wonder who's next?

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When people die, those who are close to us.

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When our body becomes weak when it begins to deteriorate? What does it remind us I'm gonna die soon. I'm not here forever. You find out about someone who's very close to you. Young, they've also a, they have an illness.

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And you find out about a particular condition that you have a health condition or a health concern that you have. What are these things remind you of death is not too far for the Joshua, in your own personal life as well. The signs of death have already come

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for the Joshua. But if we still keep telling ourselves, no, I'm not ready yet. I can't do this right now. I'll do it later. I'll do it later. Allah says What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? For another who either j to the chrome fire alarm, therefore no. And the who La ilaha illa Allah, that there is no god except Allah know this fact. Know this fact.

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That there is no God but Allah, we say we know it already. Yes, we know about this fact, but how much you clean, because of a person truly as you're clean and this fact that his life will be different, his actions will be different, his priorities will be different farlam anahola ilaha illallah wa stuffily them and seek forgiveness for your sins, because you don't know when that is going to come. And this advice is being given to who to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, despite the fact that he was forgiven.

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But why is it that he was told he was definitely the maker? Because considering the greatness, the might of Allah subhanaw taala if the entire creation was very righteous, if the entire creation were to seek forgiveness, and if the entire creation did not commit since would that do justice to the might of Allah? To the power of Allah? No, to the grandeur of Allah? No, not at all, was definitely them because you are a servant.

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Allah deserves that you seek forgiveness from him.

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You know, when someone is very special to you,

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you respect them a lot. Even if you do something very small. What do you keep saying I'm so sorry? I'm so sorry.

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No, it's something as small as a slight bump.

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You're taking their plates from front of them? I'm sorry. Can I take it? I'm sorry. But would you like some more food? The more respect you have from someone, the more you begin to apologize to them. You don't want to disrespect them annoy them in the slightest way even Allah azza wa jal, he is mightier than anyone else.

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mightier than anyone else. This is why I was really big, even the most righteous servant of allies being told to seek forgiveness for your sins, even though you're forgiven, but you have to seek forgiveness anyway. And besides also the prophets, Allah Lawson was told to seek forgiveness. Why? Because hasenhuttl abrar say mykolaiv.

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And also he was told to seek forgiveness. Why, so that we may, his oma may emulate him in this respect, that we follow his son

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was severely damaged, and also what meaning may not seek forgiveness for the believing men and the believing women. Don't just pray for yourself, but also pray for them.

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Don't just be concerned about yourself, but also be concerned about them. And we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he obeyed this command of Allah soprano Tada.

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We learned from our Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Oh people, repent to your Lord, to get out of become for any stuff in a law or a to LA he philleo me x Solomon severina ma. Verily, I asked Allah for forgiveness and repent to him more than 70 times every day. A lot older was tougher didn't make the profits or a lot of them did so far. He didn't say why. What's ended I commit? What mistake did I make? No. Ally saying was tougher? Yes, I will seek forgiveness and he sought forgiveness 70 times a day. And we all need to check ourselves how many times do we seek forgiveness, we have so many moments. So many moments in which we can say stuff and allow it to be

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so many times in such that we can say we can seek forgiveness in record we can seek forgiveness, but we just limit ourselves to saying so Pamela vilella three times, three times and we get up instantly.

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We could make our sentences slightly longer. Our record slightly longer, we could seek forgiveness at the beginning of Salah we could make the door a llama buried beneath avena hope is at the end of the Salah also we can do so far. We can make ourselves a slightly longer and seek forgiveness but maintains what happens we think it's okay doesn't matter. I did it already. Did it yesterday

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was tough, a little bigger. And not just for your sin but also for the sins of believers. The believing men and the believing women and in this is an honor for the believers that the prophets have a lot of cinemas being told to seek forgiveness for them. And this is also a great lesson for us that when we make the offer ourselves we should not forget our brothers and sisters we should also remember them in our prayers. We should also make the offer them and remember when a person makes refer a believer then what happens

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an angel makes the same to offer him the same for you.

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So when you want something to be done to you, then you make that draw for other believers when we Nina one minute and remember that will know who you are or lemon with the

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warmest welcome and Allah knows you're on with the collab and also your Messiah. What is watercolor watercolor is a place of color and the color is to go about fluctuate

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Way, up and down, always also from the same route. So Allah knows your fluctuation, you're going about, you're coming back and forth, you're going up and down. What does it mean by this, that you're with the color, meaning during the day, whatever you do, in and out, you're bustling during the day in pursuit of your business, doing one thing after the other, the fluctuation of your state at a time if you're very high, and then you feel very low, Allah knows about your emoticon lab. And watercolor in particular is place place after color. So the place in which you turn about and also your mouthwash, your aboard? What does it mean by this your place of rest by night. So your motor

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conduct your movements, by day, different places you go to, and your muscle at night where you come in, spend your night, Allah knows about that. And what the I Love is also understands during your life, the places you go to back and forth again and again. And at the end of your life in the hereafter. Allah knows about your muscles as well. Meaning Allah has fallen knowledge of your states, any stature in any place you're in any action you're doing, however, you're feeling Allah knows about you inside out, you cannot be hidden from him. Therefore, don't be unmindful of him.

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When he knows you, when he knows where you're going, then you should also remember him. Any place you go to, as you enter Allah knows, you leave Allah knows. So why not remember Allah as you entering as you're leaving, and why not seek forgiveness at that point.

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will mean me, me. Oh, Elijah.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh