Taimiyyah Zubair – EP 5 – Surah Al Baqarah – Translation and Word Break Up 1-5

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Napa wonderfully Allah Sudha Karim Ahmad for the villa him in the shade on LG Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, rubbish La Jolla sorry when I say the MD, Dr. melissani of kahuku Lee urban as

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inshallah we'll continue to our next lesson after studying sort of the health now inshallah we will study solido Baqarah Surah Fatiha was only one lesson, but through the Baccarat how many lessons Do you think it will be?

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Many a lot. So inshallah we'll be spending a lot of time with the surah rW Muna Shivani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, lesson number two surah Takara number one to five I will do the work to a translation first. Then I will show you the word breakup

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brief word analysis and then we will move on to that the

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Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam Meem

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there Lika that elkie taboo the book

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not Riba any doubt fee in it who then a guidance

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little motor pain for those who have the core

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alladhina those who you may know now, they believe bill AB

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in the unseen world and up Mona they perfectly establish a salata the prayer

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what and mimma from what

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Rosa Kona whom we provided them, you and Phil cone, they spend

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one levena and those who you may know know they believe Bhima in that which

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it was sent down

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alayka to you

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warmer and that which wound Zilla it was sent down min from oberliga before you were and Bill l here in the hereafter home they you can own they believe with certainty.

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Allah aka those Allah upon who the guidance men from what I'll be him there Lord, Wah and Allah aka those whom they ultimately hone those who are successful or those who attain success.

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Did you see any familiar words words that you have studied before? in sort of Fatiha and levina houda good, Mashallah. Let's move on to the word breakup. La flamme. Me? This is Alif Lam, Meem then you can kita Abu. This is the book, Larry Buffy, in which is no doubt who the limit again, a guidance for those who have Taqwa. Let's break these words up there. Lika means that what does that mean? That Can everybody say the word there Lika

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Lika that l kita. Boo. The book l l you're familiar with already? What does it mean? The Ankita I'm sure everybody knows about the word kita kita this book. So Al Kitab the book

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not we have read this word earlier radle mobiola him was born Burnley well of Berlin Wall and laugh not. So similarly over here. Learn not Reva doubt this is a new word. Bribe is doubt fee he in it. fee and he This is a combination of two words. Fie means in and he means it. Sophie he together in it. Who then guidance we learned earlier, Dina slid off and was talking Idina guide us now this is the benefit of learning the root letters at dinner is from Heather Leah and who There is also from her Dahlia. When the root letters are the same. That means the meaning is also similar. So a dinner guide us

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houda This is a noun it means guidance. Little motor cane. For those who have Taqwa, Lee, we read earlier and hamdu lillahi all praises. lilla What does lean mean? For so over here we're learning lil Mota clean. So what does it mean? For samini All right, lay lay. And over here, Lil matienzo Lee is for and what the clean water clean. taqwa taqwa is fear of a loss of panel data so monoterpene those people who have the core Now the word mood the pain you see the year noon at the end

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Do you see the noon at the end? with the team? We read the Word of law lien Allah Allah mean and I told you that the letters yeah noon at the end they give the meaning of plural Not always. But mostly yeah don't give the meaning of plural we see that Li means for Al is the and the ones who have Taqwa. Now. The singular of Mata keen is the word would that be the singular of Mata Ki is the key. So mu T one who has the como takim

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those who have the plural

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and Latina you know and I believe and Latina those people who what are the characteristics First of all, you know, and I believe they believe in the unseen secondly, were up Mona salata and establish the seller and thirdly woman Melrose aka homie and Phil Cohn and out of what We have provided them, they spent and levena

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we have read this word earlier, haven't we? slid all fun leadin and underlay him same word and Medina, you mean owner, bill AB you may know this is from the word Amen.

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And you may know, they believe now you will see many many words that are similar to you know, in their shape in their form. There's one rule that I want you to remember over here just as last week, I taught you that Yamuna, TN gives a meaning of plural today I'm gonna teach you one more rule which is that when you see a yeah at the beginning, it gives a meaning of he it gives meaning of third person

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right? we learned earlier that when you see noon What does noon mean

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we yakka Now we'll do what Erica NuSTAR in saloon at the beginning what does it mean? We yeah at the beginning what does it mean? He or there depending on if the word is singular or plural. Can you remember this? Can you try? Say yes

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inshallah. So you know they believe bill IB in the unseen bill Why? This is a combination of B which means with L meaning the and the wave feeling unseen bill AB in the unseen

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heaven Have you read the word be before

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Bismillah R Rahman and Rahim Bismillah with name in names over here bill baby with the unseen in the unseen All right, when you came over and they establish work and you're familiar with this up Mona, I told you the rule earlier word beginning with the means he or they over here it's going to be there Why? Because the word ends with wow noon. One more rule. I told you Yeah, no means plural. So sometimes it's your unknown and sometimes it is well known all right. Sometimes it is the unknown and sometimes it is well known so up Muna they establish a four letter the following URL and follow well and mimma This is a combination of min and max min means from this word is going to come many

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many times in the Quran inshallah it won't be a problem for you to memorize it. Men is from and my means watch are that which Rosasco now home we provided them are xakanaxa

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Idina Rosa canina. Now what does it mean? We so over here also to zacco. Now home, we provided them. Now earlier we learned I lay him Isn't it so? So all four Latina and amta I lay him I told you that him means them. Now over here we see another form of him sometimes it appears as him and sometimes it appears us home him and home both mean the Soraka home we

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provided them. Yun feel Kona they spend Is it easy to understand this word now? Now that you know the two rules, yeah meaning he or their enrollment at the end meaning flow so you don't feel alone they spent

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one levena and those who you may know in habima own Zilla alayka they believe in that which was revealed to you when my own zillman cabinet and that which was revealed before you were Bill filati whom you know and in the hereafter they believe with certainty when Latina wa and alladhina those who you're familiar with these words you may Nuna they believe this is a repeat

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is it is a Latina you may know web right we learned in the second I Ella data you may know web now again the word you mean una is coming in. So, this will happen a lot that words will repeat many many times. And when words will repeat many, many times it will become easier for you to memorize and understand inshallah so you know they believe Bhima in that which we have done the word b we have done the word ma just put them together Bhima unzila it was center this word you will have to memorize and until you memorize it once or twice a few times, and it will become easier for you. La La CA is a combination of ELA and

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two words together. Now don't get confused between the words that Allah and Isla there's a difference. Allah, what does that mean? upon and it's within arraign this word is ILA and this is within and if there's a difference Allah means upon and Isla means to LA. Do you the calf? You know it already? It means you Where did we learn it?

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Yeah cannot do what yet can Nestor into the same word has been repeated over here. Okay gummies you Wilma and which? unzila it was sent down. Men carbolic men from puddle and cover means before and

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you you're familiar with the calf? We're bill hero and in the hereafter we're and be with the actual hereafter.

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You put it all together with the hereafter in the hereafter. You can own their belief with certainty, same concept. Yeah at the beginning well known at the end just know the root word.

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Allah, Allah Buddha Merapi him, those are upon guidance from the Lord, what will ecohome we'll move on and those are the ones who are successful. Allah aka those, this is a new word, but don't worry, this will repeat many times so it will become very easy for you. So Allah aka those, Allah upon houda guidance, mirror be him from their Lord men from have we done this word min earlier? Where were may merasakan. So the same word min is coming again. Rob be him. This is Rob and him. Rob we have learned earlier or have been al Ameen and him. We have studied this earlier as well. What will Erica and those again like is coming home day. I'll mostly hone those who are successful, and

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meaning the muffler. person who is successful and the woman at the end gives a meaning of plural so ultimately the ones who are successful

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