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At-Tur 1-49 Tafsir 17-24

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On the other hand in Elmo tokina indeed those people who have Taqwa Where will they be Fijian met in, in gardens when or even and in pleasure.

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The Motoki in Who is

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the one who protects themselves safeguards himself from what? The punishment of Allah, the anger of Allah, how? By doing what Allah has commanded and staying away from what Allah has forbidden. So for instance, when a person prays Allah is dealing with deadly, yes. When a person is being sought out properly is a McDuffie. Yes. Similarly, when a person is staying away from lying, is he a McDuffie? Yes. So ml matakana those who live by the commands that Allah has given, saving themselves from the anger of a lot the punishment of Allah, they will be fee jannetty When are you in gardens and in pleasure? Jenna, notice that an inconvenience for Carolyn and nurserymen meeting their aim,

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happiness, delight, comfort, every type of comfort will be in general, whether it is the comfort, the happiness, the bliss that a person experiences in his body, or in his

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every type of Nery. And this is in contrast to the torment of the punishment for those people who deny

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FACA Hina enjoying fokina florala faqih, who is one who enjoys one who has fun one who is very happy and he also makes other people happy. How. And when a person is very happy on the inside, he's enjoying, he will smile, he will joke he will say good things and when he will say good things, what will happen, what will happen,

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people around him will also become happy. So factor is someone who is enjoying someone who is very cheerful. Someone who is married, is happy is also making others happy. So fokina the people of Jana rejoicing, delighting enjoying, why the man at home or boom with what their Lord has given to them, they will be enjoying very happy because of everything that Allah has given to them because of the various blessings that Allah has bestowed them with engender in terms of their yet i 16. Earlier we learned Kadena Tahoma, boom, here, facking Hina Bhima Tahoma Boom, boom, boom adalja him, and their Lord has saved them from the punishment of the blazing fire. And this itself is a joy being saved

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from the punishment, being protected from the punishment.

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This itself is a joy. This itself is a means of pleasure, excitement, thrill for a person and it will be set to them. kuno eat washable and drink honey and in satisfaction. Why? Leave our content arm alone for what you used to do? Why will this be set to them? To honor them that eat and drink in satisfaction eater? What? Of every blessing gentlemen, every enjoyable food that is available in general? Anything that you want anything that you desire, or shall go and drink drink of the rivers, the springs, the lovely drinks that are in general? And how should you eat and drink honey and honey and from the reflectors have known Hamza Hannah, Hannah is that which is gained without any

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difficulty. Meaning that which you get that which you get, and you don't have any difficulty in getting it.

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And it's also such that once you get it once you enjoy it, it's also very satisfying. It's also very pleasing.

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In other words, it doesn't have any harmful effects either.

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You know, sometimes, to prepare some food, you have to put in so much effort, so much effort. You spend two hours and you eat and 15 minutes. This is not handy, because it doesn't satisfy you as well, because you spent so much time and at the end you only get 1520 minutes of enjoyment. It doesn't seem fair. Honey is that which you get easily.

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And that which really satisfies you to the fall.

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Similarly, sometimes it happens that you enjoy some particular food, you eat and you find it very delicious, but you overeat

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and then you suffer from the consequences later.

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Or what happens. You think that something is good for you. You have it even a little bit. But what happens that one bite was enough to give you a stomach upset later. This is not honey.

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When you have this fear that this food I'm eating this drink I'm drinking it's going to give me bad after effects can you eat and drink and satisfaction

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at all, you eat and drink with fear, isn't it so, like, for example, if someone has a dairy allergy, they love ice cream. Under eat, they say okay, today I'm going to have ice cream.

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Now their tongue, they're enjoying a lot over there, but at the same time they have this worry on their head, I'm going to suffer the consequences later. This is not only what we see in general kulu, washable honey and eat and drink in full enjoyment,

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fully satisfying yourselves, satisfying yourselves that you will not suffer from any bad effects afterwards. It's easy to get the food. You make a request before even you make a request the food comes to you, whatever you desire, whatever you wish. And then on top of that, no matter how much you eat, no matter what you eat, it's not going to have any bad effects, why women come to terminal because of what you used to do. See how important dominance what an important role our male plays earlier with regards to people of Hellfire what was that intimate to designer mechanism term alone and over here kulula shabu, honey and the Macintosh because of what you used to do. Actions, deeds

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are very important.

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Mata Ki ina Allah Surin, they will be reclining on couches on thrones, what kind of couches must fulfill ones that are lined up in rows with the key implore enough? Would anyone take one who is reclining against something? Taking support from something resting against something? And when a person is sitting like this, what does it show? He's very comfortable, relaxed, happy. No worries, no tension, no anxiety, nothing. Mu turkey in the people of Jenna, reclining on a suit in soda is a Florida have studied and studied is a bed or an elevated couch. The Arabs what kind of sitting arrangements do they have? Even till today? floor, isn't it. But serene is that which is elevated,

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so like a couch or a bed.

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And it's basically if you look at the root scene of Allah from the same root as the word pleasure, why, because when a person sits on it, then he finds pleasure. And only those who are in solo can actually sit on it comfortably.

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So muteki inala souterrain. They will be reclining on thrones on couches, that are must fulfill must fulfill from stuff in arranged in rows lined up, lined up. Why? Because it shows they'll be sitting next to one another.

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Like for example, you are sitting in rows, you're sitting next to one another. If a person is sitting on a lovely, comfortable couch all by himself with all the food and drink available to him. Can you have a good time? No, you only have a good time when you have somebody to talk to somebody to eat with someone to drink with someone to set with. So must fulfill was a virgin at home. And we were added that we will marry that mean the people of general they will be with who beholding Noreen with her dinner in women with large beautiful eyes. This is a description of the women of gender who does applaud of Hara and Hawaii is someone who was very fair,

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very fair. And there is a plural of ins and Arina is someone with very big, beautiful wide eyes attractively wide eyed.

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So these are the women of gender beautiful women wide and beautiful eyes

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when Latina Manu, and those who believed what about whom, to whom be even in, and their descendants also followed them in faith. Those people who believed and it wasn't just that they believed and did good themselves. No. But what about eight followed them who followed them? z to their children.

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So their children also followed their footsteps, the footsteps of their believing parents, their believing ancestors. How did they follow them? The man in any man? Not that because their father was a doctor, they also became a doctor, not because their family had a particular business. So they also continued in that business. No, this is not what's being mentioned.

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They followed their parents, their ancestors and what in a man that just as their parents were righteous, even they were righteous, just as their parents were believing even they were believing. So the parents were believers and their children also were good neighbors. So such families. Now imagine, many people have imagined but every person's mind is not of the same level.

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Isn't it? Similarly, all believers perform righteous deeds? But every believer righteous deeds are not at the same level, isn't it? Now parents and children, basically families, they're believers, everyone is of a different level. Therefore, technically they should be in different different levels, isn't it? And the difference in the levels of gender? How is it like you see the stars?

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Now just imagine, one child is here, and the parents are up there.

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Okay, they are in gender, but still they're not with you. They're not with you. So, look at the mercy of Allah, such people, and how can I beat him Zhu Li yet we will join with them, their children? And how can a lamb her cough? What does that mean? ill health is when something meets up with the one that is before

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like for example, one person goes, the other person goes after him. Now the one who goes after him, when he meets up with the other joins the other this is how we establish your own ability to Lambiel hakuba him.

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So how can I be him in gender in Paradise, we will join their children with them. So that both are at the same level.

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So that the families are also united in gender, you understand?

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They are at the same level, even though their actions their levels may have varied. But out of the mercy of Allah soprano Tada, he will join them together in the same level. And how can I be here to return home. But does this mean that the parents will be brought lower or that the children will be brought lower just so that they can be united know, in general, you only get upgraded, you never get downgraded. We understand you only get upgraded you don't get downgrade.

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So, Allah says woma Allah now home and we will not decrease them Menominee him of their deeds, men Shea in anything at all.

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Meaning the deeds of the parents, they will not be reduced, they will not be rewarded less for them, so that they are brought down to the level of their children. You understand, or for example, if it's the other way around, that the children did more, so their level is higher. Now for them to be reunited with their parents, it will not be done such that the deeds of the children are reduced when they're rewarded less therefore, they are brought down a level no people will only be upgraded in general

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a letter from the root letters lamea de

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or Hamza Alam de la jolla lidcombe.

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So, why am I Latina who may nominate him? What does that mean? To reduce the heck of someone or something reduce and then give or delay and then give so their award of their deeds will never be diminished, will never be reduced Minsheng in anything at all.

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Now, this is with regards to both children being upgraded, and parents being upgraded as well.

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Because it's quite possible that children are more righteous or the parents are more righteous. We learned that the Prophet said a lot is Adam said, Verily, Allah shall elevate the greed of a righteous servant in paradise. The person will enter Jannah and Allah will elevate his rank.

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So he will ask a lot, oh, Lord, how do I earn this? How did I get this meeting? Technically, I'm supposed to be down here, but you've brought me up here. So alone, reply through your son's invoking me to forgive you.

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Your child used to pray to me to forgive you.

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And this is why your level has been elevated. The parent himself didn't do much. His level was of a particular his level was somewhere No, but because the children used to pray the son used to pray, this is why the level will be elevated.

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Similarly, we learned the famous Hadees when the son of Adam dies his record of deeds will cease except in three cases and ongoing charity, knowledge that people are benefiting from and a righteous son who invokes Allah for him.

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Allah says khulumani in every person, every single person, every person, whether believer or non believer, beaver cassava for what it has earned Lahaina and held in planche

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Rahim from the fetters for her noon on and what is Rahami for Rehan on maka Buddha security deposit. Remember that when a person is taking a loan to guarantee the return, what does he do? He deposit something as a security. You understand?

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You don't get it. Like for example, I asked you can I please borrow your

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book you say I need it is I'll return it to you. You say okay give me your pen Then give me your iPad. So you keep my iPad until I return your book when I return it then you give me the iPad so the iPad becomes what the pen becomes what?

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security deposit. This is a guarantee that the book is coming back to you. If the book is not coming back to you, the iPad is yours to keep.

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So, calamari Hindi Mikasa berahino Rohini Zhu, Rahim Ferrell and remember even gives a meaning of fine and also gives meaning of my fruit over here where he gives the meaning of Maroon my fruit, meaning my booths, I see one who is retained one who is imprisoned, one who is not allowed to go. What does it mean by this, that Allah subhanaw taala has created us for his worship

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and the person who worships Him, the person who fulfills the purpose of his life, he will free himself every person is as though energy every person is as though kept as a security deposit, when he performs certain deeds, in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala then he is released and then he is rewarded.

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And if a person does not fulfill the purpose of his creation,

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if a person does not perform certain actions, then can he release his or can he? He cannot.

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If a person does not return the loan, can he take his run back? He cannot. Similarly, every single person saw what is it? It's as though in jail.

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Every person when a person has a man, then he's qualified to go out when a person does good deeds, that he's qualified to go out. But if he does not have a man, if he does not perform deeds, then he's going to stay in that jail forever.

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He cannot enjoy anything. calamari, mbmi cassava are he known every single person for what he has earned, is held in pledge he is subject to what he has done.

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This is just as we have learned early in political Islam, that wakulla insane and ultra Maricopa you know who if you're not one of the Judah who Yokoyama to keep me calm inshallah.

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So every person is bound to his fate, meaning when he does certain deeds, that's what he gets. So every person is locked up, he's like a prisoner. When he has a man does or masala then he is released. If he doesn't do that, then he will be retained forever in punishment columbarium, the maca, Saba or Helen. It's also said that Rahim and over here means punished. So every person for what he has acquired, he will be punished, meaning if a person has done something wrong, he will be held accountable for it.

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Because in the first part of the ayah, what has been said that people will be upgraded agenda. Now people will be upgraded, and the wrong that a person has done, he will be held accountable for that as well.

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Firstly, a person will be held accountable for the wrongs that he has done only then when he enters gender, then he will be upgraded. Because a person should not misunderstand this ayah thinking, My parents are very righteous, I don't need to do anything.

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If my parents are up high, when I enter agenda, which I will anyway because I'm a Muslim, this is what a person thinks I'll be upgraded automatically, so don't need to do anything.

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You get it.

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So people might misunderstand. Allah says no kolomela me Mikasa Rahim Yes, Allah Mercy is there he will upgrade people in general. However, if a person has done something wrong, you will also be held accountable for what under their home, and we will provide them who the people agenda I'm dead. And I mean that muda muda is to stretch to lengthen something.

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And from this is also to replenish to reinforce. Like, for example, you have some resources. As they're running out, you replenish, you reinforce so that it never comes to an end. It's never exhausted.

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So we're under than our home and we will provide them we will continue to provide them so that they never run out. Before he had been with fruit. We'll let him in and meet me my is the home of that which they desire. Whatever fruit, whatever meat that a person desires. Its resources will never be depleted in general.

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You get it.

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You love grapefruit, for example. Few people do.

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But let's say a person loves grapefruit, they go to the grocery store, they buy the bring it home after a few days what's gonna happen?

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You're gonna run out of it, isn't it? You have to run again and get it What if you don't find good ones? Too bad. You love features. The season is over now.

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You go to the grocery store, you don't find them anywhere, but we see the agenda or under the Navajo constantly we will replenish constantly we will reinforce so that they never ever run out of what the fruit that they like the meat that they like faqir. Well, I mean my Esther has that which they desire.

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Me mash the whole whatever they desire. So whatever food they have, it will never be stale and they will never run out of it. It will always be available for them.

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In total welfare is 3233 we learn? Well, faqih had inkaterra Llama

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Llama newer, neither limited nor forbidden.

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The number of the fruit of the lesson that a person wants to enjoy, it's not limited in general, nor is it forbidden, everything is available to them, Master one and master one, even if they don't request it openly it will be brought to them. For example there is that that lamb and in particular lamb inside the flesh of birds, that a person would see for example a bird and he will wish I wonder what it is like. And before even he can make a request it will be available right before he prepared before him manage the home.

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Yet another owner fee how they will exchange with one another. In Ghana yet another una de nazzer newnes a bazaar What does Masami to pull and then Azur is to pull from one another, you understand to pull from one another. And it also is to exchange with one another. When something is fast around amongst people.

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Like for example, if I give you a bowl of dates, and one person takes it, then you give it behind, and they take it in the basket around you understand. So it's been passed around.

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And sometimes people pass around, like for example, a bowl of fruit in a very formal way. You get it in a very formal way. And sometimes they pass it around in a very informal way. Like for example, you're sitting with your brother on the couch, having a packet of chips. You're having it when he wants it, is he going to ask you for it? He's gonna take it from your head. And when you want it, you're going to just take it from his hand. This is what the nazzer is, what does it show? relaxed, right? Having fun enjoying, so the people of Jenna yet and as their own Effie her, they will exchange with one another or they will take from one another they will pull from one another because

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there'll be so Frank there'll be so friendly, so relaxed, what will they exchange get sent a cup that says use for a cup that is full of drink and in particular wine.

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So this drink which will be in a cup, a special type of drink, they will exchange with one another? They will pull from one of the hey let me have a sip. No, no, let me take it.

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For Allah says Laila one fee her there will be no love in it, meaning once they will drink from that gas. It's not that they will start talking useless words. Because when a person gets drunk, how does he speak? Love?

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What are the theme nor anything? When a person gets drunk, does he end up committing sin? Yes, many sense many wrong things. But this cuts of gender which is full of the wine of gender, when the people of gender will have it, they will not get intoxicated by it. It will not have any harmful effects like we learned earlier honey and

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no harmful effects. So they will not speak love, nor will they do anything wrong. This shows to us that the wine of this world It has two harmful effects. What are the love in coal and theaman action. But the wine of Jenna is free of these bad things of these bad effects.

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And we see over here it's such a beautiful thing that the people are generally reclining on their couches facing each other talking, eating passing around a cup of wine. So relax so friendly with each other, no ill feelings, pulling from one another so friendly. And as they drink, they don't get intoxicated. They don't say anything wrong either. Because sometimes what happens in a relaxed atmosphere one person might say something that's very offensive to the other. He says give me this and the other person is why don't you ask people lightly? No nothing like this no love and note that the relaxed atmosphere enjoying to their maximum way of overlaying him and they will circulate among

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them will man Ola home servant boys especially for them

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yet to full power fat to go around.

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So he will go around on them in order to serve them who will man will the humble man is a Florida hula

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hula Mizzou

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young boy, a youth. So over here a little man, it refers to servant boys who will be young in their age. Why young servant boys? Why do you think so?

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They're more quick. They're more energetic. They're quick in serving you. And these little man unless has a home for them, meaning these little man will be specified to serve them.

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You go for a restaurant, there's one waiter serving, then you have to wait in order to call him, isn't it? Similarly, you're having a family dinner. You go back home, you're having a family dinner. And let's say they're eight people. And they're two servants. Now those two servants who are the serving eight people, you want something? Can you ask? No, you feel shy, because other people have to ask first. their wishes need to be fulfilled first. But we see here, the servant boys, you have to follow him constantly going around to them as soon as you ever wish you can say,

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and they'll man on the home. And these will man How are they Alaska unknown, as if they look on our pearls that are McLoone that are hidden that are protected mcnown calf no noon, one that is in a cover one that is sheltered, like pearls that are still in their covers, when they're still in their covers. What does it mean? There are no fingerprints. There no specks of dust either. You understand? completely clean, fresh, so little maknoon no scratches, untouched by hands, no dust, not dirty at all, but rather perfectly. So what does this describe the beauty of this law?

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Now imagine if the little man if the servants are like this, how about those who are being served?

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If the servants are like this and how about those who are being served? How beautiful Allah subhanaw taala will make them well too for Allah He will Manohla one

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of mcnown as if they are looking for mcloon

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will listen to the recitation

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on me

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area that as livina matter

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that the people of Ghana will receive whatever Allah will give them meaning whatever blessings in Jannah Allah will give them they will take it Why? Because they used to accept whatever commands Allah gave them in dunya.

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Over here we see that Allah will appoint servants for the people of Jenna. So that every wish of theirs every need of theirs is met with When will that happen? When a person responds to Coronavirus? Well,

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when a person responds to a loss call when he runs to a more fulfilled rule in a law than allowed his mercy will also appoint someone to respond to

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His call that he will just make a call and instantly somebody will respond, he will make a request and instantly it will be fulfilled. So, this is a reward of a few in a lot and if a person does not run, if a person does not respond, then how does he expect to be responded to? Because we learned about the people of Hellfire, they will scream, they will cry for help, but no one will respond to them, fella sorry, hello. No one will hear the screams and respond. No one will care.

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Because when a person doesn't care about the carnival, then no one will care about his request. And if a person is concerned about careful about the carnival, then everyone will be concerned about his requests.

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will listen to the recitation

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boom, boom, boom, boom.