Taleem al Quran 2012 – P14 134A Translation Al-Nahl 1-21

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The transcript describes a mix of advertisements and a brief discussion about a woman named Yuna, the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in the world who is the only woman in

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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number one a Sunday and out of Saudi Hill Kadeem, a Mother Teresa bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, or Bashar actually Saudi were Sidley, MD. Wash Luna of the Tamil assignee of Kahu Kohli, Robin as you can hear in.

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Lesson number 134 suited to Nashville is number one to 21. TRANSLATION after it has come, Unruh command, Allah He of Allah, Fela so do not the strategy to who you all seek to hasten it Subhana who Exalted is He? Wa and the Allah Hi above, Amma from what usually Kuhn they associate with him.

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Yuna zero he signs down, al-mulla Iike the angels Biru with the inspiration with the revelation, men from a money he his command, Allah upon man, whoever Yasha Oh, he wills men from everybody he his servants, and that and zero you are worn under who that indeed he learned not either her any god Illa except an eye for Taccone so you all fear me

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Kanaka he created a Samoa the heavens will up and the earth will help with the truth that Allah He is exalted high above Amma from what usually Kuhn they associate with him

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Holika he created an insert the human being men from not have attained sperm drop for either then at once who he is closely with one who argues will been openly one open one clear

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one Anoma and the cattle and the grazing livestock halacha he created it. Lacan for you fee her in it this own warm woman Fu and benefits woman her and from it that gewoon you all eat

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welcome and for you fee her in it Gemma alone beauty haina when to the homeowner you all bring back in evening. We're haina and when the surah Hoon you all take to pasture in morning.

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What that means, and it carries us color comb your loads in a two burner then a land lamb not the Kuno you all are burly Lee he wants to reach it in that except visually with difficulty and unforce of the souls in the indeed for our bacame Euro lira often surely most kind are Haman most merciful

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while hailer and the horses will belong and the mules while Hamid and the donkeys later Kabuga so that you all right it was in Athens and adornment we have local and he creates man that which learned not that on a moon y'all know

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where Allah and upon Allah He Allah costume direction a Seville of the way women her and from it Jaya Iran one that is deviated. One Oh and if shirt he will let her Darko surely he guided you a G marine all together

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who are he is a lady the one who unzila He sent down men from a summer the sky MA and water locum for you men who from it shall Robin drink woman who am from it Sharon tree vegetation fee in it to see rune you all take to pasture or you all make to pasture

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you may do he causes to grow Lacan for you be here with it a Zara the crops was a tune and the olives when the heel and the palm trees while our nerve and the grapevines, women and from Cali every fMRI the fruits in the indeed fee in valleca that I attend surely assign Lea Coleman for a people yet a karoun They give thought

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was a horror and he subjected Lacan for you Elena the night when the hara and the day was Shamsa and the sun welcome Allah and the moon one new Doom and the stars Musa Herat one subjected be angry he at his command, in the indeed fee in Delica. That as your designs the coalmine for a people you are alone, they understand

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warmer and what there are He multiplied he dispersed lecan For you all fee in the earth Multani fun varying Allah and who is colors in the indeed fee in Delica that I attend surely assigned Lee Coleman for a people he had the karoun they remember

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well, who

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And he led the one who Sahara he subjected Alba Harada see later Kulu so that you will eat men who from it lemon meat flesh Berean fresh what does the redo and he will extract men who from it Haley attend ornaments tell persona her you all wear it, whatever and you see Alpha aka the ship's mower hero once plowing once tearing through my wife no one's plowing one steering through fee in it one and lit up the hole so that you will seek men from fugly his bounty while I like him and so that you all touch Quran you all are grateful

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well I'll call and he has put fi in the earth rosacea firmly set mountains and that to me that it shifts its ways become with you well unhealed on and Rivers was so Boonen and ways that Allah calm so that you don't you will obtain guidance.

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What Allah mirth and landmarks and Amarth landmarks were being nudged me and by the stars, whom they use the dune they obtain guidance.

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If one then is who or is then who? Yours local he creates common like who land not yours local he creates a fella do the not that a karoun you all take heed you all remember

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we're in and if there are do you all count near mother blessings Allah He of Allah la noche de su her you all enumerated in Allah indeed Allah lava foreign surely most forgiving Rahim on most merciful

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well Allah Who and Allah era animal he knows ma what to say Runa you will hide warmer and watch thoroughly known you will reveal

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when Lavina and those who hear the owner they invoke men from Dooney other than Allah He Allah land not yet Laguna de create che and anything while home and they youth lagoon they are created um what are the ones that are you don't not a here ones alive? Warmer and not Yes, Aruna they perceive a Jana when you Barzun they will be resurrected

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recitation of these

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this new man on Robbie

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Lonnie Bella because God you know super Hannah

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unit 04 Haman Emery hear me

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let me know anybody

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Oh, hola Isla

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Kanaka somehow it will help Bobby in healthy

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man we should

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caught up on in San Amin

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that either work or

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maybe one

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he had it Oh, you're warming

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on all comfy had

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to really hone our hand at this Hone? What does it mean to pour and come in?

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Early in lab

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1.1 heavy you're on Ito caribou? How was he?

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Well I don't know he goes to Serbia

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whoa SHA

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Zhi Mary Jane.

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More lady.

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I mean a sama

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Minwoo Shah I mean shall be to see more you'll be to be his zaytuna

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meet them

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in let me read he got

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me. Go home was up fallen and full moon Leila.

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Oh shumsa

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One noodle Mimosa to be angry at me then he can

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call me

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of the most tariffs and one

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he then he

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told me that girdle

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will who will lead is a horrible the harmonica Akoto mean hula body

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has nothing to do with

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the Sunnah was

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complete he went on no contest. Oh well I'll call him

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Demi Moore and Hello

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Why do loving Jimmy homea

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FMA up the mobile camera

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What is dunya meant Allahu Allah.

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In Allah Allah Allah, Allah Haim. Wala we are

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now joining one lady

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whom you owe me

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owe on