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An-Nisa 7-14 Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de su de him Karim Amar borrowed for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Rubbish Raisa de were silly and re watch that Amelie saniya Coco de urbanos Ebner in

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a number seven, translation,

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Lizzie God for the men, Leslie been a portion member from whatever terokkar he left and rarely than the two parents. Well, Accra, Boone and the closest relatives

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and accruable the closest relatives. Well in Nisa, further women mostly been a portion member from what taraka he left a way earlier than the two parents. Well, qaboun and the closest relatives member from what I left, it was less men who from it

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or caesura it was more nursery ban abortion, mahfouda one or deemed

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were either and when, however, he was present on this matter at the division Obu possessors

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of the close relationship while your terminal and the orphans while Mr. Keene and the ones needy for Sukhum, so you all provide them, men who from it will call you and you will say law home to them, or learn a word, not a roofer, one that is approved, when you're sure, and he should fear and levena those who low if dollar coup de left men from Kulfi him behind them, the return of spring children, they are often once a week, half full, they feared I lay him upon them, failure Taku so they should fear Allah, Allah when the Akobo and they should say, I will end a word. So the the one st. One correct in Indeed, Allah Vina those who Kaduna they eat a morla wealth, properties and the aterna of

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the orphans, Roman in injustice. In the AMA, indeed, not but yet colonna. They eat fee in botany him. their bellies, narrow fire. What and say us loner. Soon they will enter and burn sir Euro in a blazing fire. You see, come, he commands you. He instructs you. Allahu Allah. Fie in Allah become your children. Leave Vickery for the meal. Miss Lu. Like have we share an insane of the two females? For in them if cumnor they were Nissan women for above is nothing to females further hoonah so for them SaLuSa two thirds ma of what the rocker he left

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what in and if cannot she was why he didn't single one further hair so for her I'm useful the half well and Lee ever way he for his two parents. Luckily for every were hidden one min humor from them do a so this the one sixth member from what taraka he left in if Ghana he was the who for him when a child for him then if not, you can he is the who for him when a child well and what he saw who inherited him aboah who his parents fairly only so for his mother as soon as the one

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For in them if Canada he was the who for him in Horton brothers family only he then for his mother as soon as the one sixth men from body after Wesley yet in a will request usually he fulfills terms of request of will he directs be here with it oh or Damon adapt

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about your father's webinar welcome and your sons, your children love not deluna you all know a home which of them of Colorado is near Lake home for you. Neff in profit in benefit forgotten a duty a fixture men from Allah He Allah in Indeed Allah Allah Cana he is ever are leavin all Rizal knowing hakima always always wanna come and for you newsflow have ma of what terokkar left, as well to come your wives in if lamb not yakun he was the hoonah for them, when I don't a child for him. So, if Ghana was Luna for them, when I do a child for the comb then for you or ruble, the fourth mimma from what terracotta they left men from body after was so yet in a when you seen it, they fulfilled terms

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of will or they bequeath the direct be her with it, oh or Damon a debt when a homeowner and for them a rubber the fourth member from what doctrine you left in if love not your con he was looking for you. When again a child for Indian if Ghana he was looking for you when a child for the Honda so for them as someone be a member from what are often your left men from body after was the attain a will to sooner you will be queried you will direct be here with it. Oh or Damon adet were in and if Ghana he was fraudulent a man you assume he is inherited calella 10 calella a person with no ascendance or descendants

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or mo attune a woman whether who and for him a home a brother or a sister fairly commonly. So for each we're heading one main Homer from them to a siddhis the one sixth for in the if guy knew they were extra more men from the liquor bet for home so they Shoraka partners fee in a series The one third men from Barbie after we'll see it in a when you saw it is weld be happy with it. Oh or Damon at a vital other than more than one harming? will see a 10 a commandment. Men from Allah Allah.

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Allahu Allah I Lehman always all knowing how the one always or forbearing

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filter that has to do or limits Allah He of Allah. Woman and whoever. uteri he obeys Allah, Allah what a suitor who and His Messenger you to help him he will admit him, Jonathan gardens, that God it flows, men from Turkey her underneath it and half the rivers. Holly Dena ones abiding eternally see her in it with Anika and that unfolds the success of lean, great woman and whoever. Yes, he disobeys Allah Allah wa Sula, who and His Messenger were tired and he transgresses who do the who his boundaries, his limits you the halal he will admit him now law in fire, hardly then one abiding eternity. fee her in it. When or who and for him

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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de la pelea de la mia coup

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de una

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Boo. Boo Boo him

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alone as

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you see

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didn't carry me through how

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we're here.

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funny man hakima

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too soon

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in Houma, pseudos

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at Nike

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