Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P18 180B Tafsir Al-Nur 32-34

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The responsibility of the Muslim community is on the whole Muslim community, not just for immediate reasons. It is crucial to find the perfect marriage, be mindful of one's behavior, and avoid violence. The importance of physical appearance, character, and belief in achieving success in marriage is emphasized. The use of slavery as a means of protection and the importance of setting boundaries and avoiding violence are also emphasized. The use of sex heardings in Islamic culture and the importance of clear communication are also discussed.
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Well, thank you and Mary. I am the unmarried men come from among you. In this ayah

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the Olia, the guardians are being addressed.

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The Guardians such as, for example, parents, or the extended family, grandparents, whoever they may be the guardians of single people they are being addressed or the entire Muslim community is being addressed, that all of you should work towards this cause and what is that cause that unqiue and keahole from NACA Hernan kapha, NACA Hello means he got married, meaning he did Nikka himself he got married to someone

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and am gohad is to make someone else marry to make someone else marry. So for example, a father he makes his son get married, this is unka All right, or he gives his daughter in marriage that is what an CAHA

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so over here the command is that you should get some people married. Get some people married. Who are they? I am M income Eliana is a plural of a yin and a yang from their letters Hamza yamim. I him is a person who does not have a spouse, meaning they are single, single, regardless of whether they never got married, or they are widowed or they are divorced. Regardless of what their history is. Right now. Currently, they are unmarried, they are single. What does Allah say? And Google hmm, income. Don't make them remain single for the rest of their lives. Think about and try to get them married, help them get married. And this is a responsibility of the Guardians. This is the

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responsibility of the Muslim community that we should help one another get married. I don't care how old I am income was Sally fina minute Reba DICOM and also have married who are Salehi the righteous ones men everybody come from among your slaves. Why ima EComm and your slave women are a bad plural of of slave men. And ima plural of Amma slave woman. Meaning if you own a slave man, you honestly a woman think about having them getting married as well.

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So the free people be concerned for their marriage. But this doesn't mean that if you own slaves, you disregard the fact that they also have natural urges and desires. Help them get married also. But what is the biggest fear that people have? When marriage doc comes in? How are we going to afford it? Allah says in if you're Kunal they are Fukumura por por la fakir. Then what will happen? You will need him Allah who will enrich them, Allah who will make them rich, you need him Allahu Allah will make them Richmond fugly from His bounty. Will Allahu ser and Arlene and Allah is all encompassing, in His grace in his favor, and he is early He is Knowing of their needs, the needs of

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people, that they have a need to fulfill sexual desire. And Allah has made Nica halal, and he has made Zina haram. So when Zina is haram, and that desire is still there, then you're not solving the problem. The problem is solved when a person is allowed to get married when a person has helped to get married.

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So the responsibility is placed on the entire Muslim community, especially the Guardians, especially the parents, that our role should be to help people get married, not stop them from getting married. Unfortunately, we have done the exact opposite instead of helping people marry, we are making marriages more and more difficult. Either we're doing this directly, or we're doing this indirectly. How are we doing this directly? That when a son or daughter goes to their parents, first of all, it took them so much courage to actually go and speak to their parents about marriage. When they do so then what happens? Their request is completely ignored, or they're made to feel bad about it.

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Secondly, indirectly how we have made marriage difficult is that we have made marriage so beautiful and so difficult to reach, that it's not within everybody's ability to have

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For a very glamorous wedding, and to wear a $20,000 dress, it's not within their capacity. And when it's not within their capacity, they keep waiting for that time when they can actually find the perfect spouse and the perfect wedding party and the perfect wedding dress. And the perfect attendance that what happens is that the standards, you know, they've been raised so much, that everybody's not able to get there. And when everybody's not able to get there, those who can get married, okay, they get married in this way, but those who cannot, they're made to feel bad. They feel hurt, they feel sad. They wonder if and when they will ever get married.

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For example, I'm asked a lot that Do you know any girls? Do you know any guys? And I have stopped helping people out. I have honestly stopped because whenever I am asked, and I suggest someone, I'm told, yeah, but she's still in university. Yeah, but we want someone who's more fair. We want someone who's more pretty. We want someone who's more, you know, skinny. We want someone who's actually completed their university, and now they're making money. Yes. And when it comes to a guy, oh, he's still in university, or he's living with his parents.

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No, somebody else please somebody else. I'm sorry.

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If you really want to get married, then you will get married. Perfection lies in Jana. Our problem is that we do not understand the reality of this life.

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We want to make this life the home are fulfilling our desires. And we want every desire fulfilled. We want the perfect looking spouse, we want the perfect house, we want the perfect career, the best job, everything.

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And then when we cannot find these things, then we delay a marriage, we avoid it. And then Oh, it's too late, who's going to marry this old guy and who's going to marry this old girl. And because of that reason, marriage is made difficult directly or indirectly. What is Allah telling us, and keahole Amm income, have the singles married, get them married? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, All young men, Whoever among you can afford to get married, let him marry, for it is more effective in lowering the gaze and protecting the private parts. Meaning when a person gets married, then what will happen, it will be easier for him to lower the gaze. And it will be easier

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for him to protect the private part. Which means that when a person is not married, then they're facing a battle every day.

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They're at war every day, and they're not at war with an external enemy. They're at war with themselves. They have to fight themselves to lower their gaze. They have to fight themselves to protect their private part. And this is one

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we tell young people marry later. Why? Because right now you need to focus on your studies. Well, how is the poor guy and the poor girl meant to focus on their studies, when they've got hormones when they've got desires, and when they're constantly interacting with people from the opposite gender? I mean, seriously, when a girl is going to university, for example, and there are so many guys who are constantly, you know, somewhere being too nice. And then there's that Muslim guy with the beard, oh, my God, you know, who speaks really good Arabic and sometimes even gives a hotbar. And then the poor girl has to think like No, no, no, no modest, modest, modest. Right? I have to

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focus on my studies, I have to focus on my studies. And the dad is like, yeah, you have to focus on your studies, you better complete your degree, and then you better work. And by that time, they realize, Oh, now she's too old and old, 28 years old, is too old.

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Or even 35 years old is too old. No, not old. You can get married even at that age. But we have unfortunately made these standards, which is making marriage difficult. And making Zina easier. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are three people who have a right to the help of Allah. They have a right that Allah must help them. Who are they? The one who marries out of the desire to live a chaste life. What's the goal? I want to be chaste? I don't want to fall into haram. You know, I'm sick of looking at one guy after the other thinking which one is it going to be? And I'm tired of this. And it's too difficult when you go to a conference even. It's too difficult to

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look down when there are so many Muslim guys. Right? It's difficult. So the one who says okay, I don't think this guy is the most perfect one. He's not Prince Charming, right? He's nowhere even near Prince Charming by

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it good enough, in sha Allah. And Allah will make him perfect later on in sha Allah because perfection is in Jannah. Right? You need even the person whom you badly fall in love with, they will still not be perfect. Even a Harvard graduate is not going to be perfect.

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All right, they're not going to be perfect. We're all human beings and we all have flaws. So the intention behind marriage is what? Live a chaste life, then this person has a right that Allah should help him or her. He has a right that Allah should help him or her because the NIA was good, and Allah will definitely help such a person. The second person is the slave whose master has agreed to buying his freedom when he wishes to pay the summit. And the third is the one who fights in the Cause of Allah. In a hadith we learned that when someone with whose religion and character you are satisfied, two criterias have been given what are their religion, and character? And these are the

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two things that we overlook that we don't give attention to, what do we look at? Looks and books, right? Looks and what's on the resume. That's what we look at. Where's the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Dean and o'clock? Because physical appearance, can you lose it? I mean, beauty, is it possible to lose it, of course, very easily. And you know what, someone could be very handsome. But it's quite possible that your heart changes you don't find them attractive anymore. So if you made them for the sole reason of their handsomeness and later on, you changed your mind that no, I don't think this is the description of handsomeness than what will happen. There is no reason to stick with that

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person. Right? Likewise, wealth money is that something that can change over time? Very easily. What are the two things that the prophets of Allah said them told us religion and character, religion, the person is concerned about his team.

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And secondly, how was the person's o'clock

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if they are a patient, person, supportive person, helpful, gentle, encouraging, hardworking, honest, these are things that you want. Because if they are like that, then your life will be easy. Your life will be easy. And if they lack good character, than even if you have a mansion, you'll be unhappy, you'll be miserable, you won't enjoy the expensive food, you won't enjoy the expensive clothes, you won't enjoy the big names that come the big titles that come you won't enjoy any of that because the clock is bad. So to suit allah sallallahu sallam said that when someone with whose religion and character you are satisfied with, he asks for your daughter in marriage, then accept

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his request. Because if you do not do so, there will be corruption and great evil on earth. There will be corruption, there will be facade. How? Because then no one hijab is checking out another bearded guy and the bearded guy is looking at the girls. Right? You know, I'm not talking about Marzia. I'm talking about Muslim community that we live in.

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Right? Who's That cute girl who's the guy? Who's the guy who just give the speech right now? What's his name? Where is he from? Where do you study?

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Right? Why? Because it's a natural desire. Every girl wants to get married, and every guy wants to get married. So we should make marriage easier.

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We see that in the Surah. Right at the beginning, we learned about the prohibition of Zina, right. And we learned that Zina is a criminal offence, which is why there's a legal punishment for that. Now, why is Xena such a big sin because Zina is a threat to the existence of marriage. It's a threat to the preservation of marriage when people have an option to do Zina, why would they get married?

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And then marriage also how can it remain intact when people are allowed to do Zina and married couples are doing Zina? You see this is why Zina is a big problem. Now the question is the why is marriage so important? That for the preservation of marriage, Zina is haram. For the preservation of marriage, Zina is punishable for preservation of marriage. The whole Muslim community is being instructed that get the singles married even the slaves get them married. Why? What are the benefits of Nikka? What are the benefits of marriage? There are many benefits. First of all, we see that it is a means of lowering the gaze because it satisfies a person. It makes the person content. I have a

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spouse, I have a husband. I am his wife. Right? I have him he says

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I have her, there is no need to look at others. There is no attraction in others. You understand what I mean? There is no attraction. Because you have a halal option. Tell me something. If you're hungry, you have no food. You have no food, and you've got no money. And you see somebody eating, let's say ham sandwich. Does that sandwich look good?

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Does it look good? I think it looks good when you're hungry.

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Right? Even if you ignore the ham part, you're like, you wish in your heart I wish there was halal. Right, there is an attraction. But when you have your own food, when you have a halal option, then who cares what other people have got. It brings you satisfaction, it brings you contentment. And this is why marriage helps you lower your gaze. It helps you preserve your modesty protect your chastity

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then we see that in marriage, when people are you know, fulfilling their obligations, their duties, even when they are fulfilling their desires. You know, for example, husband and wife having * this is an act that is rewarded for it becomes an act of worship because they're doing it the halal way.

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When a husband is spending on his wife, that expenditure becomes charity, the time that he spends with his family that becomes even harder

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because you're doing it the halal way you're doing it the right way.

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And this is why we learned that marriage is also a completion of your Eman, right half your deen marriage is also a source of love, comfort, mercy, affection, closeness, intimacy, right the relationship that exists between husband and wife, the love the Mercy, the closeness that exists between husband and wife, that kind of closeness does not exist between friends, parents and children, siblings, it cannot exist.

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Likewise, we see that marriage, it also ensures the protection of lineage, right, because if a woman is dating one guy, and then another guy and then after four months, she finds out that she's pregnant. I mean, she doesn't know whose kid she's carrying preservation of lineage.

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We also see that because of marriage, the proper distribution of inheritance is also ensured.

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And then we also see that marriage protects a person's Deen it protects a person's Eman. And this is the reason why marriage is so important that Allah subhanaw taala is emphasizing here that get the singles married among you whether they are free, or they're slaves. Notice where the slaves are slowly Hina minute Rebadow. For the slaves, a condition has been set solid in what it means by Salah is that they are good in terms of Deen as well as dunya that they are suitable for marriage. All right, because if a slave has lived all his life dependent on someone else, and now he's got the responsibility of marriage on his shoulders, looking after a wife and kids, he may not be equipped

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for that. And this shows to us that where we should help people get married, we should also train them and prepare them for marriage. prepare them for marriage. You know, for instance, girls are told better don't do any laundry, don't do any cleaning. Don't worry about the kitchen, nothing at all. Just focus on your studies. I'll do everything you focus on your studies and the poor daughter cannot focus on her studies because pictures of guys are going around in her head. She can't focus. She doesn't want to study. You know, the previous I had about Xena adornment. I mean, the Quran is amazing.

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Women have this natural wish to get in or to look good to dress up and everything. I mean, when a girl dresses up, she wants to be appreciated. Right? And if her mother is not going to appreciate her, you know, people don't appreciate her. She has to go in front of people. I look good. You say that I look good. You know, I'll take a picture of myself put it online. And then I'll get 50 likes. Yeah, your lipstick looks awesome.

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Your hairstyle looks beautiful. Right? Because you want to be appreciated for your beauty for the hard work that you've put in. And you know what? people no matter how much they appreciate your beauty. It's never satisfying. And one compliment from a husband.

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It's good enough. It's good.

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When you see mothers over here, when you see your daughters like really paying attention to their hair and their makeup and their clothes and their looks, I mean, think about it. They are closer to the edge of marriage. Don't pretend that their desires are there.

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which don't exist,

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prepare them for marriage. And by preparing them for marriage, it means preparing them by giving them responsibility, trading them for life. And responsibility doesn't just mean you have the bank card and you control the money. And the next thing you know, she spent all the money on her friends. This is not the only way of teaching responsibility. It's done in different ways, train them for marriage. Our problem is we baby children, and we baby adults, even when they're made, we baby them. We baby them.

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The guy is married, he's got a wife, he's got a kid, but he's treated as if he's a five year old kid

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who goes to his mom, every time he gets an ally. You know, he's a baby. How is he meant to be a source of comfort and protection for his wife and for his children. If he's being treated like a baby, teach responsibility to boys from a young age. Our problem is our boys never grow up. And our girls never grow up. They forever remain teenagers. This teenagers is a new category that didn't exist in the past. From childhood, you become a grown up.

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And this is what they're seeking. I want to be treated like a grown up, but they're not treated like a girl. They're not given the opportunity. They're not given a chance to be like a grown up.

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You know, my husband, he tells me that the first summer job he got first summer job he was in high school. He got his paycheck and a few $100. Right? Comes Home so happy and his dad goes,

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go cash it out. Give it to your grandmother, your mother and your sisters.

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He's like, what? Why money? It's like, yes, when you make money, you make it to support your family.

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You make it to support your family. That is a lesson that my father in law gave my husband and I have so much respect for my father in law because of that. This is really giving responsibility to kids, you know, teaching them to be responsible.

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Girls also, we need to train them for marriage.

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Many times it happens a girl gets married, and she's got one kid now and her whole life has fallen apart her own life. He doesn't have a social life. She doesn't have a personal life. She doesn't have a mental life. Nothing. Everything is out the window. Why? Because this baby has overcome me. Yeah, poor child, for baby who can barely sit up himself. But he has taken over her life. She doesn't know how to manage. Because when it comes to cooking, she has to keep looking at recipes. 50 recipes, you know which one? And then with somebody on the phone, how do I do this? How do I do this is something that could be paired in 20 minutes is now taking two hours. Why cook? Tell the husband?

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Can you please order out? Can you please get some food on the way? I mean, how long is he going to take that. So when we are buying clothes for our girls and preparing them for marriage, by telling them that on your wedding day you will wear jewelry and you will wear nice clothes, also prepare them for real life, prepare them for real life for responsibility

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and get whole IMM income because we see that a person must be mentally emotionally physically and socially able to have a spouse have children because marriage it comes with a huge responsibility the responsibility for the woman as well as the man

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Well, yes star fifth, and he should abstain. Yes star fifth lamb over here is a member he should. Who should your staff, your staff with us from our infer and refer is to abstain our five to refrain and what it means is refraining from falling into what is unlawful. So while your staff if he should remain chaste, who should remain chaste? Alladhina those people who lie or don't Anika Han, who do not find the ability to get married?

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Why is it that they don't have the ability to get married? They can't find a spouse? There have been trying, but they can't find anybody. And why is it that we can't find anybody? First of all, that is what we need to question ourselves. Why are we aiming for perfection?

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Are we perfect ourselves? Are we are you perfect cook?

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I'm asking you a question. Are you the best chef in the world?

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Are you the best hairdresser?

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You're not then don't expect perfection from your spouse either prospective spouse. So those who can really not find the means to marry. Like for example, a person doesn't even have anything sufficient to give as a mother.

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All right. Well, for example, a woman cannot find a man who has some level of Deen even to get married to or the circumstances are such that they don't allow for marriage to happen.

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All right. So for instance, a person, their mother is really sick, their father has lost their job. All right, and the whole family is dependent on them. And it's a girl, for example, now she gets married and calls away, what's going to happen to the parents? You understand what I mean? So, sometimes the circumstances are such that a person is not able to get married. So those who are not able to get married right now, what should they do? What should they do? What does Allah say? While he a starfish, he should remain chaste.

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Even if two years have gone by three years have gone by five years have gone by 10 years have gone by you're reaching your 30s your 40s still remain chaste, remain chaste.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said Minister Clara min Komal betta fell yet as a watch for in the who will buffer it will fetch one Mala Mia Stelter Farrelly, he was so for inner who Luigia that whoever is not able to get married, then let him fast for it is a protection for him. So do whatever was within your capacity, in order to keep yourself chaste. Had that until you near whom Allah whom and fugly until Allah makes them rich from His bounty. Allah enriches them meaning Allah brings about sub circumstances that allow the person to get married. You see over here, the word has, what does that give hope? never despair. Never give up hope, because it's possible that you've been looking

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for someone to get married to.

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And each time it was so close, finished.

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happens, right? You hear these stories all the time.

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Or the circumstances are such that you know a person is physically unwell, they're unhealthy, they're not able to get married for whatever reason. What does Allah say? They should remain chest until Allah enriches them. Meaning always be hopeful that Allah will bring about a situation where inshallah you will get married. Don't despair, don't despair.

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You know, there is a companion delay, but will the long horn who he was physically handicapped, someone who was perceived as ugly, but what happened? The Prophet salallahu Salam had him married someone who thought that nobody would marry him, but Rasul allah sallallahu Sallam had him married. And this really shows how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam observed this,

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that even someone who was looked down on for his physical disability for his physical appearance, Rasulullah Salallahu Salam acknowledged the fact that even he would have a need. Even he needs love. Even he needs a companion. Because we think marriage is only for the beautiful, and someone who's not that good looking. Marriage is not for them. Someone who doesn't have much money, marriage is not for them. Someone who doesn't have a good career, marriage is not for them. No marriage should be for everybody. It is our duty to make it possible for everybody. Because does it make sense that we are living in a very satisfied life and the people who are living very close to us they're

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struggling on a daily basis. This is extremely selfish, Hatha Yoga Neova Mala hum and fugly one Lavina. And those people who Yamato own al Kitab, who seek kitab. Kitab literally means writing and over here Kitab gives meaning of contract. And basically, it's referring to the contract that would be made between a slave and his master, that a slave would give an offer to his master, that if I serve you for such and such amount of time, all right, or if I bring about this much money, if I bring you this much income, if I can get this much work done for you. Will you set me free after this? And the master says yes. You understand. So it's a contract. It's an agreement between the

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slave and His master a contract for what? For the slave buying his freedom. I grew up as a man and fantasy to Lillo, Oregon, he was taken in as a slave right? And he was sold to a Jewish man in Medina. And what was the Kitab in his case, that he had to plant a certain number of dead palm trees, and who helped him

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the prophets have a lot of soundless, Sahaba, everybody helped him. Right? And so like that his freedom was bought. So those who seek freedom or those who seek this contract, all right, with you for eventual emancipation. mimma Melaka is a man who come from that which your right hands possess, meaning your slaves, then what should you do? Allah says, fuck it, boom, then write for them, meaning make the contract with them. Don't reject their offer. Make the contract with them.

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In LM Tom if you know fill him in them high on goodness, meaning if you know that this person this slave, once he goes free, yeah, he'll do good.

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But for example, if there's a particular individual a slave, all right, and he seems to be very aggressive, very aggressive, violent in his behavior, and you know, it's going to be a problem, if he is set free, that he's going to spread violence, he's going to be aggressive towards people that in that case, it's better that he's not helped in buying his freedom. You understand, in Ireland to free him Hiren what I told him and give them meaning, first of all, make the contract and then once the contract is made, then give them in Manila from the wealth of Allah, Allah, the Atacama, which Allah has given you,

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meaning, give them some of your money so that they can buy their freedom from you.

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Isn't this so beautiful? First of all, cooperate with them so that they can buy their freedom. Secondly, financially, a system, the master is being told over a year and not just the master, the entire Muslim community is being instructed. And this is why the cat can even be given to a slave who wants to buy his freedom will fill the cob. We learn about that in the Quran. So this is with respect to slaves who want to buy their freedom. What do we learn over here that let them by their freedom, help them. And we see over a year that in Brea, Islamic Arabia, slaves made a large portion of the society, right, and this is not just something that was common in Arabia was common in the

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whole world. Now Islam did not abolish slavery, because if the Muslims were told, slavery is not valid, everybody such as slavery, then half of the population more than half would be wondering, what do we do? Where do we go? What's our future going to be? All right? But we see that gradually it was reduced and Islam provided the mechanism, the tools for the emancipation of slaves. So we see that many incentives were given. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Whoever frees Muslim slave, Allah will save all the parts of his body from hellfire. Because he said, a Muslim body free, Allah will free his body from the hellfire. Then we see the for many sins. What's the expiation set? free

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a slave. Right? And then we see that for slavery laws were revealed, like for example, this law that make the contract let them buy their freedom. Right.

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And then I see the next part of the idea is about

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prostitution, * slaves. Allah's proud artist says well, to Cree, who do not force fanatical your female slaves.

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Your female slaves. Allah over I'll be law, Zina, Bill believe literally means to cross limits, to seek something to desire something and in that cross limits, if you remember in sort of medium buddy, Mr. s&m was told that woman cannot omake Baliya your mother was not a bunny. Meaning she was not someone who would commit Zina. So Bihar is Zina. And over here it means prostitution. Do not force your slave women into prostitution in Aradhana. If Aradhana de interned meaning they want to hustle, none fortification, the hustle and from household noon, Hassan has no Muslim what is that? Fortress, right? So the hustle is to take fortification, meaning to take a means of protection. And

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what this means is chastity over here. Chastity, meaning if a woman wants to live a chaste life, don't force her into this. Now, this doesn't mean that if a woman doesn't mind, then make her do it. Okay, in over here in Aradhana Hassan in over here is not conditional. Right? This has been mentioned as, as a further detail that how could you force her especially when she wants to be chased? How could you first start on any human being? When she wants to be chased? You're forcing her into this act, in order to Hassan don't do that. And why do you do it anyway? Li Tabitha, also that you may make, I don't know how to do near the benefits of this worldly life. I don't miss that

00:34:21 --> 00:34:26

which does not have any permanence. And it refers to temporary benefits of this life.

00:34:27 --> 00:34:36

You see, in pre Islamic Arabia, prostitution was very common. We learned that in Makkah, even with the letter, every population within Arabia,

00:34:37 --> 00:35:00

there were many houses you can say or rooms, right, which would have a flag on top of them. And that flag meant that this is a place where you will find a prostitute. So if for example, the person was traveling, all right, they came as a visitor. What would they do? They would just go and stay with a prostitute. And what would happen he would pay her right. He would pay her now the payment would go

00:35:00 --> 00:35:24

To who, the master the slave owner, you understand, it will go to the owner. So the men, the male slaves were used for physical labor. And the female slaves were used for this purpose. Both were a cause of generating income. And especially through prostitution, they will generate a lot of income, because every night they will make a lot of money.

00:35:25 --> 00:36:06

And especially like, for example, in Medina, we learned that our beloved obey the chief of the hypocrites, he had many such women, all right, and what he would do is at any visitor that would come, he would entertain them, through his prostitutes. And this is something that's not uncommon today, either, right? That when visitors when guests have to be entertained, these kinds of services are provided. So this was something that was done even at that time. So Allah subhanaw taala says, don't force them. Don't do that. Especially when they want to be fortified, and they want to live as a chaste person. How could you force it on them? What are you getting out of this? Some temporary

00:36:06 --> 00:36:48

money, some temporary benefit? And you see, if the slave woman, all right, if she became pregnant, she had a child, then that child would enter the slave force, you understand because this woman is being used as a * worker, right? So her children did not become like the child of the owner, because they're not the owners, children. They're somebody else's children whose children who knows. So that would just the woman would be a source of getting more slaves, you understand. And sometimes what they would do is that the woman, the slave woman, she would say, this child is the son of so and so. And if she said it, people would have to accept her word.

00:36:49 --> 00:37:18

All right. So for example, she would say, this child that I've given birth to is a child of such and such leader in Makkah, for example, such as a chief. Now, this would be a source of embarrassment for the chief, that my child has been born to this woman. If I don't buy him, Fido, and set him free and raise him myself. This is a disgrace for me that my child is going to be raised as a slave. So what would he have to do?

00:37:19 --> 00:37:32

Pay the Price in order to free his child? And what would that be generally 100 camels. So you understand what's going on over here? Every nine months, or every year or so? What is the owner making?

00:37:33 --> 00:38:22

So much money? How? By the nightly income, and then with every child born, more income, Allah says, littered with the horrible heretic dunya This is so selfish. Why am I UK Hoonah. And whoever forces them, meaning forces the women into this prostitution, for in Allah hummingbird, the Eco he hidden number four Rahim. Then indeed Allah after that, meaning after they're being forced, he is a photo Rahim. He's forgiving and merciful, meaning the slave woman, she is not sinful here. Because she doesn't want to do this. She has been forced into it. And when she's being forced into it, then she's not committing any sin. In a hadith we learn that Verily, Allah has pardoned for me, my OMA

00:38:22 --> 00:38:30

their mistakes, their forgetfulness, and that which they have been forced to do. So when a woman is forced into prostitution,

00:38:31 --> 00:38:45

and she doesn't want to do it, is she sinful? She is not sinful. But the people who are forcing are they sinful? Of course they are. What if a woman is working as a prostitute? And she doesn't mind?

00:38:46 --> 00:38:47

She doesn't mind at all.

00:38:48 --> 00:39:38

In fact, she's claiming benefits, you know, from the government that I should get insurance and this and this and this, because this is a business, then, is she being forced, she's not being forced. It's her choice. And when it's her choice, then is she sinful? Yes, she is sinful. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the earning of a prostitute is hobbies. It's impure model believe hobbies. It's impure money. It's not lawful. And Allah knows the intention of each person. What are the Ansel Ely come Aya T Mobile Hina. Certainly we have revealed to you distinct versus clear versus these verses clarify the commands, the who do the limits that Allah has set. They clarify. What is it that

00:39:38 --> 00:39:59

Allah's pleasure lies in? And what is that Allah's Anger? lysing they're very clear, these ayat. They're distinct. Everything is mentioned clearly. The punishment for Zina the punishment for cause of hijab you know, everything is laid out, clearly one after the other so nobody can say but I don't get it. I don't understand. I'm so confused.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:50

verses are clear Allah has pointed out the obvious to us or methylene and Allah has also given over here methyl example, mean Alladhina Holloman publikum of people who passed before you, meaning past societies, Allah subhanaw taala has told us about them in the Quran. Why? So that we can take a lesson from their example. So that we can also work towards a social reform. Men public on before you were Marilla turn lane with 13 and these ayat are also an admonition for people who fear Allah. The commands are clear examples are mentioned. But for whom is this a Marilla and admonition, those who fear Allah, those who fear Allah, who live a life of Taqwa to them these commands are clear.

00:40:50 --> 00:40:58

They observe them, they respect the limits that Allah has set in hopes for award from Allah alone as a region

00:40:59 --> 00:41:03

that listen to the recitation of these verses well keyhole

00:41:04 --> 00:41:09

mean to most Wally mean neighbor the cool more

00:41:12 --> 00:41:17

income II for all

00:41:19 --> 00:41:19

law who

00:41:22 --> 00:41:23

will last?

00:41:27 --> 00:41:32

Walia Starfy feeling IG doon Anika?

00:41:38 --> 00:41:41

will lead YNAB in tone Aniki

00:41:43 --> 00:41:50

a man who comes to you moon in gnarling to feed him for your

00:41:54 --> 00:41:57

family learning let me

00:41:59 --> 00:42:01

want to move

00:42:03 --> 00:42:08

on in the house sooner or later

00:42:12 --> 00:42:17

we'll need to create one in a long

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bow or

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What a bother other

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one last

00:42:37 --> 00:42:39

minute letting you know

00:42:41 --> 00:42:44

more than worrying about the new moon the

00:42:48 --> 00:42:56

satanic alarm will be handed Masha Allah ilaha illa Anta NASA federal Governor toyboy Lake center more alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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