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Az-Zariyat 1-60 Tafsir 1-10

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Hello Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 271 similar to that yet, I am number one 260.

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So what is it what is a mucky surah? It has 60 verses only

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and 360 words and about 1200 haruf

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim what that iati that were by those that scatter and disperse, for the homily, it will cut off and those that carry a load fell geriatric Yusra, and those that flow with ease, fell in Makkah sumati Umrah and those that apportion each matter

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in them to our doona lethargic. Indeed, what you have been promised, is indeed true.

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Well, that he it that we're in all of these if a customer is being sworn an oath is being taken. And it's been taken by several things. First of all, as

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a very Earth is the plural of the word that Yeah, from the root letters, then while well, or the law, Hamza,

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and there are there one is to blow to separate the scattered because when something is blown, then what happens, things that were together, they are scattered, though it really is when the wind picks up the broken bits of something, and blows them far away.

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These days, you may have seen that so many leaves are falling,

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one windy day, and those leaves are everywhere, on the streets, in your front yard, in your backyard, all the way up to your door. And if you open your door, sometimes the leaves will also come inside. This is what though is to blow to scatter far away, to spread to disperse. We have learned earlier for us by her shaman that

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that the winds are breaking them into pieces, spreading them, blowing them sweeping them away. So that is it that we're there yet. What does that yet refer to the winds, the winds that blow and take away with them leaves, dust, clouds and many other things and carry them away, blowing them away.

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They scatter dust, they scatter clouds, they scatter leaves and many other things and they sweep them away, dispersing them across the sky across the earth with Dr.

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Phil Hammond it will

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and then by those that carry a load Alhamdulillah florala. hammy left from the roof letters, hammy lamb, Helen is to carry to bear a burden and have one that carries one that bears a burden. wicked, wicked is used for a load a burden. It's the object of hamelech. So Alhamdulillah those that carry a heavy load. What does this refer to? Again, it refers to winds because winds as they blow. And as they scatter, what are they carrying? They're carrying huge loads, for instance, in the form of clouds. If you think about a clouds that seem to be so light and fluffy, in reality, they're carrying gallons and gallons of water. And if you try to carry even two gallons of water, it becomes

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heavy. If you try to carry a bottle of water even a liter of water even it becomes heavy after some time. But imagine the wind is carrying all that water in the form of clouds. And when the snow falls down in your driveway and you have to shovel it all as you pick the snow how heavy it is.

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Just imagine all that weight where was that up in the clouds? What was it being driven by what was it being carried by the wind for homiletic will crawl by the winds that carry a load a heavy load

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elsewhere in the Quran we learned about the clouds where you can choose to have a thick on clouds are described as sea haul heavy ones wicked for fell geriatric and by those that flow with ease. Algeria florala geria from the roof letters, g ma Yeah. jayashree is to flow to move to proceed. And Algeria one that flows one that proceeds How does it flow? How does it proceed? Yes, sir, with ease with facility very smoothly, as if something very lightly

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is flowing as if something very light is proceeding forward.

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What does it refer to, again, the winds that despite the fact that the winds are carrying such heavy loads in the form of clouds, vapor, water, snow, but when that wind blows, it blows so smoothly, it blows so easily. Every time the wind blows, is it violent? Not necessarily. For Jerry, I think you saw those that blow with ease, fell moccasin Mardi Gras and by those that apportion each matter, mocha cement, chlorella, mocha Sima, and mocha Sema is one who does Taksim Nakashima is

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one who does the same and what is the same mean to divide?

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Do a portion to distribute. So by those that divide that distribute What did the distribute a moron decree? command issue? matter? Which, um, what is this, this amount refers to the amount of rain. So far more Cosima, meaning by the winds that blow that carry the clouds, heavy clouds. And what happens when they take them to a particular place? waterfalls down, snow falls down? How much according to a loss decree according to the AMA film aka sumati

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by those winds that apportion each matter, meaning each matter of rain. So when they bring rain, how much rain? Is it? According to the decree of Allah soprano?

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In these if the costume is being taken, and what's the job of the cousin in number two or Duna? lasagna? Indeed whatever you have been promised, it is surely true. Whatever you have been promised, and what is that you have been promised? resurrection, Day of Judgment, that we're a call of eternity in the hereafter. All of that it is lasagna, it is surely one that is true, meaning it will definitely happen. There is no doubt about it. If you think about it, what is the purpose of taking an oath by something?

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What's the purpose of taking an oath by something Allah subhanaw taala is wearing by the wind, what's the objective?

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to show its importance to highlight its importance.

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Sometimes it is also to give honor to that.

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Like, for example, a loss of data swears by the age of the profit center bonus, and I'm not a maraca, by your life by your age. So it is to honor the profit.

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seminary another reason of swearing by something is to present it as an evidence is to present it as a delete to what is being clarified to what is being mentioned. So over here, we see what is being mentioned that whatever you have been promised is certainly true, it will definitely come about and what's the evidence of that? Look at these winds, the winds that blow scattering everything, winds that blow carrying these heavy clouds, bringing rain according to the command of Allah, these winds that blow so easily.

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And another reason behind swearing an oath by something is to make it a witness to the truth of what is being said.

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Like, for example, when a person swears by a law, what's the objective, that a person is making a law a witness to the truth of what he is saying. Now, over here, we see that four types of wins are mentioned, or four functions of the winds are mentioned. four types of wins or four functions of wins, that first of all, they scatter secondly, they carry Thirdly, they blow And fourthly, they also bring about rain.

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And these functions are these different types of Wings Over here, they are being made a witness or they are being presented as an evidence of this fact, which fact that the Day of Judgment is definitely going to come, how wind, can you see it? Can you you cannot see it, but can you feel it? Yes. Does it exist? Yes. Does it have any effect? Of course it does. It has great effects.

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Similarly, the day of judgment, many matches of the unseen are the visible to us. No. Can we see them? No. Can anyone experienced them and tell us that? Yes, I died. And I saw the angel of death. And yes, there is. There is now there's gender. There is a day of judgment and then he comes back in time and he can tell us about that. No, it doesn't happen. Whatever we know of the Day of Judgment, the matters of the unseen the profit center of autism has informed us we learned about it from the Quran. We

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Don't see it. We don't necessarily experience it. But is it a reality? Of course it's a reality, just as the wind is a reality, despite the fact that you don't see it. Similarly, the matters of the unseen even they are in reality.

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Now these four things with that either wife and homiletical Crawford, Jerry at the US law, firm or customary law, they have been understood as the wind only

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and others have said that they refer to four different things. What are they?

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We learned that I live in abutilon if you want stood on the member in Kufa

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and he declared that any ayah in the book of Allah and any sinner from Allah's Messenger you asked me about today, I will explain them to you meaning you have any questions about the Quran, any question about the Sunnah as inshallah I will answer. So one man he stood up and he said, Oh, leader of the faithful middle meaning what is the meaning of Allah statement was that he added a wife and hamdullah they would call awful Jerry at the US law firm aka sumati Umrah, what's the meaning of these statements? So he said was that he added that was it refers to the wind philomela do we call it refers to the clouds? For Algeria to use law? It refers to the ship's fellow costume at Umbra. It

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refers to the angels, how

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they understood winds that blow that scatter that spread, hamming it will call clouds. What burden is it that the clouds carry

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water vapor, moisture, hail, snow, then Algeria, Yusra. What does that refer to? He said, ships because there were jatiya is also used for ship.

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In lamotta, Alma hamanako, Philadelphia, we carried you in the ship and for Jerry it Yusra ships that sail on the surface of the water, and how do they say how do they proceed so smoothly, so easily? So conveniently? fell mikaze Mardi Gras, what does that refer to the angels? Because the angels what do they do? They obey the commands that they have been given by Allah subhanaw taala and they distribute the provision that distribute the rain and other things across the land, to all the servants of Allah. So far more pasta Mardi Gras, the angels, they bring the winds, they bring the clouds, they bring the rain, they bring whatever that has to be brought at the commander who at the

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command of Allah soprano, Darla, and then unless as in Nima to Arduino lazada, indeed, that which you have been promised is indeed is surely true.

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Now, if you think about it, the wind, the clouds, the ships, and also the agents, all of them are related to what it is.

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The wind brings the clouds, the clouds bring the rain, the ships also they travel, back and forth, transporting, exporting importing different provisions from different places to different places. The angels also they bring risks at the command level, at the command of almost

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all of this is related to risk.

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Now, all of these things who manages them, unless the panel data above them is who, Allah, Who is the one who sends these wins that pick up and they blow and the scatter, pollen, grain, so on and so forth, who sends them at the commander who do they come across the panel,

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who has made the water system such that the vapor rises up forming clouds, and these clouds, they go from one place to the other bringing rain, who has made that system? Allah subhanaw taala. Similarly, the ships who has caused the ships to float on water and the pain to drown in the water, who has made the system a loss of panel data, who sends the angels alasa panel data. So Allah is the one who is causing all of this to happen. And Allah is the one who will also bring about what you have been promised in number two Arduino sodic indeed, whatever you have been promised, it is indeed true. If a lie is causing the functions of the heavens and the earth to run so smoothly, so

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perfectly managing the affairs of the heavens and the earth. He is the mood a bit then he can also bring about the day of judgment in number two Arduino Masada, the Lord who enables the farmer, he will also enable this, what becoming of the Day of Judgment, what in Medina, and indeed the recompense it is lower there. It is surely to occur.

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Well care from their own Tetris. Well, cough, rain Walker, and Walker is to happen to fall to occur.

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So we're in Edina, indeed, the recommended

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The accounting the recruiter on the day of judgment that is surely about to happen without doubt it will take place. And that day, Maliki oma Dean will inform men of what he has done in this world

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was summary by the sky that in her book containing pathways, another person was being sworn, was so mad, that in her book by the sky with all of its tracks,

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and her book is the plural of the word he back, or it is the plural of the word Habiba.

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If you take the singular, hey back, this is like missile, and it's plural is muscle. The plural of the word method is what muscle? Similarly, hey, back the plural is her book. What is HVAC? HVAC, is used for waves that form on sand or water caused by blowing of the wind. So basically, you have a sand, Dune, and wind blows, and you have waves on the sand, isn't it? And they're very similar to the waves to the ripples that you see on the surface of the water as wind blows. You go by a lake and you see that the water is not just standing still. There waves those waves What are they caused by by the blowing of the wind by the blowing of the breeze. So he back our pathways are waves that

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form on sand or water by the blowing of the wind. It's also used for pathways that are between sand dunes.

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pathways that are between sand dunes because as the wind blows, it moves the sand. And it's literally like waves, you have a wave of a sand dune, then a pathway and then a wave of another sand dune. So the pathways that you see in the middle of the lines that you see, what are they hubback

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Secondly, the word for book is also understood as the plural of the word Habiba.

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Just as total is the plural of the word, body, aka tharok body aka her book heavy. And what is heavy can mean a pathway. Route. What is it a pathway, a route? And how about the verb hebraica is to weave dinette to weave together have a castle? So what's the matter? Is that in her book, how do we understand this by the heaven by the sky containing her book, containing waves, or containing pathways? How do we understand this?

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First of all, it has been said that was summary that in her book that in her book means having Xena having beauty having a beautiful form. Because if you look up to the sky, what do you see in the sky? Is it just a plain blue sky? No. You see so many lines in the sky in the form of various clouds. As the sun is rising, as the sun is setting, you look up to the sky during the day, sometimes during the night even. What do you see in the sky lines. And sometimes those lines are white in the form of clouds. Sometimes Yes, they are clouds. But because of the rising of the sun setting of the sun, you see shades of orange and pink and purple, and red. So this is the beauty of

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the sky that in her book, the designs that you see in the sky that are constantly changing. And they're like tracks.

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And sometimes you see the sky is covered in clouds. But those clouds are what they have literally tracks in them just as the tracks that you see in water in sand even so a summary that in her book by the sky, having Xena that Xena.

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It has been said that it's her book, its beauty. What is it? It's new to the stars that are in the sky.

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The stars that are in the sky. Second, it has been said with somebody that in her book. Her work means pathways, pathways of what pathways are various planets, stars, galaxies, their orbits. So there are pathways in the sky was similar in that in her book.

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And even if you think about it, all of these galaxies that are in the sky, the stars that are in the sky,

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if you think about it, what do they look like? Like a piece of cloth in which these jewels, the stars have been woven together.

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And I told you one of the meanings of harmonica what is hypergamy do we so the sky that is above us? It is clear. It is firm in its structure. It is spacious, it is graceful but at the same time it is also sold

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Beautiful, it is full of beauty. And what is its beauty with, with its stars, the sun, the orbiting planets, its celestial bodies, the colorful streaks, and these colorful streaks that are ever changing throughout the day, throughout the night, in different seasons. And in the sky, there are millions and millions of stars and galaxies, and they appear to be woven together, as if in a textile cloth, as if they're woven together, like small, glittering pieces in a textile cloth. So a summary that in her book, by the sky, containing pathways by the sky, containing a lot of beauty,

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in a comb, indeed, you Luffy is really more than if you are in different speech, this is a person that you are people you are in different speech, meaning your speech is different. Everyone says something different. Every person speech varies from the speech of the other, in Nicola Colin, Martha live, that just as there are different tracks and waves in the sky, that the pathway of the moon, the sun, the different stars are unique to themselves, they don't share them with others. Similarly, your speech is also different.

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Your speech is also different, there are pathways in the sky, various pathways, then your speech is also different. Now, what speeches is referring to what fold is this? This

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may be understood as with regards to the metric of profits that along with regards to the matter of the Quran, with regards to the matter of Arpita of the hereafter? Because we see that the machine of Makkah, did they have one opinion concerning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? No, they didn't just say one thing about him. Some called him appoint some called him a magician, some called him. Okay, in Majnoon, so people had early mortality concerning the profits out of autism.

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Secondly, counting of the left has also been understood as you are of diverse differing opinions, when it comes to your belief when it comes to your aqeedah.

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Remember that the mushrikeen, all of them didn't have the same belief. They're different in their beliefs as well. Some believed that the angels were allowed offers, others denied the concept of angels. Some believed that there will be a hereafter, which is why they used to worship idols thinking that they would be their schufa they would be their intercessors. But we learn from other places in the Quran, that other machine had no concept of the year after they completely rejected its possibility. So in a couple of years, if you are in different speech, some say one thing about the profits on a lot of other say another thing about it, some have one opinion about the Day of

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Judgment, others have another opinion about the Day of Judgment. This was the case at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and this is also the case today.

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People have varying opinions, different opinions, you focus on who diluted away from it, man orphic is He who is diluted, you better revise your grammar. Otherwise, it'll be very difficult for you to understand these if

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you won't be able to enjoy them.

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You focus on who you * with this is module, he will be diluted from it. Who will be diluted from it, man oh FECA, the one who is already diluted

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yusaku humsafar calf if what does it mean to turn something away from its original direction? Like for example, a car driving in the snow, all of a sudden, it's kids and what happens? It takes a whole U turn. It was going a particular direction, and then it just turns around completely. This is what if so you focus more on who he is diluted away from it from what from what, from the Quran, from the Prophet from the help from the Hereafter, who is turned away from believing in it? Man Africa, the one who has already deviated meaning, despite the fact that there are varying opinions concerning the prophets are amongst the people. Some people call him but you do others call him shy.

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Others call him so on and so forth. varying opinions people had concerning him.

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But who will be affected by those opinions? The one who is already diluted, the one who is already a strength because those who use their mind those who were in search of truth, despite the many opinions about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did they not find him? Did they not believe in him of course.

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They were people who when they came to Makkah, what were they told? Don't go to that man, don't listen to him, you'll be affected by his magic. And what did they do?

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seal their ears close their ears, so that they wouldn't even hear the words of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but eventually what happened? Like I am a wise person, I can use my mind.

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They didn't get affected by that false propaganda, all that false propaganda was there. But who gets affected by it? The one who is already a stray, the one who is already a faker, because the one who uses his mind, he will find his way to victory.

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Similarly, we see the story of

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how he was in search of the truth. But did he get lost in different different things? No, you focus on human effect, the truth is clear. But in this false propaganda that exists, in so much falsehood that exists, a person will find a way to the truth, the one who really wants the way to the truth. And if we take the second meaning of this is in a couple of columns, the column of the lip refers to the various beliefs that people have. This is a case today as well, you folk who I'm who, who is diluted because of it, and Who then is understood as because of it, because of this column, mostly because of these varying beliefs that exist within people, who will be diluted because of them who

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will be led astray because of them, the one who is already a string, the one who is already turned away, the one who has already deviated.

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Remember that Allah subhanaw taala does not wrong any person

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that a person wants guidance, and yet Allah forces misguidance upon him know, what do we learn in the Koran film as well as Allah. When a person himself chooses the wrong way, then Allah deviates his heart.

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The person who wants guidance, Allah will show him the way to guidance, and a person who doesn't want it alone will not force it upon him. So we see over here, that yes, there is a lot of false that that exists in the world, many, many different religions, many different faiths, many different opinions. And these days, people are being bombarded with new and new opinions every single day. But who gets affected by them?

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Those who are already history, those whose mind is already affected is already diluted, because a person who wants to truth in this confusion even he will see the truth. This is why we make our Allahumma original haka con word sakana. diva, whiner. bakwena Burton was

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that in the midst of all of this confusion, we can see the truth we can follow the truth give us that ability, and make us recognize falsehood as it is, so that we can avoid it. So you focus on who man who fake who is turned away from the truth, the one who is already turned away, because Allah does not do injustice on any person. And what is the way of holding on to the truth despite all of the falter that exists? that a person holds on to the Quran and Sunnah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that I live amongst you two things that if you hold on to them, you will not go astray. What are they the Quran and Sunnah. And if you think about it today, in these days, every

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other day, you hear something new. You hear some new thing coming up. Even the Quran people have not left that when it comes to the Quran, even people are coming up with new interpretations, new translations, new meanings. So, in this confusion, what are you supposed to do? Hold on to the Quran and Sunnah? Because the one who has already deviated only that person will get affected.

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Kotel hora soon destroyed are the falsifies patina, meaning loreena he has been killed. This is an expression which means mainly be cursed, may be destroyed cotulla

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Padilla who el Hawa soon, how soon? How soon is the plural of Havas, from the root letters, hard rock solid and cost is to guess.

00:29:09--> 00:29:47

To tell a lie. It is basically to guess the weight of or to guess the amount of the fruit that is still on the trees that a person goes to a farm or a garden and orchard. Right and he sees the trees. And he says I think it's going to weigh this much. What evidence does he have? He doesn't have any evidence. This is what a guess. And if people are left to making such guesses, then what's going to happen? Each person is going to come up with different guests. Each person is going to come up with a different guess. Like for example, if I were to ask you, how many ml Do you think this water is?

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Each person will have a different opinion. Why? Because you're using assumption conjecture, not any evidence.

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So go to hora soon

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Hello Ross is used for a liar. Why? Because he's saying what he's saying on the basis of assumption without any evidence. So we'll cover soon Hello sooner understood as those who lie those who lie concerning who concerning the profits on a monitor, when they say about him that he's a hit or that he's a candidate that he's much noon This is what a lie about him. And if the column Asahi, then this is what this is just their guests. And it's a guest that is false, that doesn't have any reality to it.

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Cuttino holla, soon the falsifies may they be destroyed.

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Now we see that in the time that we live in today, there are so many people who are considered as intellectuals, who are considered as highly educated, who are considered as experts and knowledgeable.

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But we see that most of what they say most of what they base their researches on most of what they base their conclusions on is what theories, theories, can you prove a theory, you cannot prove a theory? What is the theory, it's just an assumption.

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For example, the theory of evolution, that man was once upon a time, some other creature, and then over time, he has turned into something else. And this is the case with every other creature as well, that once upon a time, it was something different. If you think about it, it began as what? As a theory. But today, it is accepted as a fact.

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Today, it's accepted as a fact. Now we see that many people today, they base their lives, they base their beliefs, they base their actions, their morals, their values on what, on this theory.

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That man was once upon a time some other creature, people evolve, societies evolve. And this is why people have been led to so many false things such as false beliefs, this has put an end to faith literally. People have lost faith in religion, this theory of evolution, people believe in it so firmly that they don't believe in the existence of God. They don't believe in the concept of religion, when they don't believe in the existence of God and the concept of religion, what will happen to their morals? What will happen to their values? How will they view one another? Since this has come about, since people have lost faith, this atheism has come about how much destruction how

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much lost people have suffered?

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killing other human beings has become perfectly fine.

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Why? Just for your own benefit, survival of the fittest, we are the most fit, we have to survive. If it means we have to kill 1000s of people, it doesn't matter. We need these resources, we will take them because this is how the world functions, isn't it? So put in how soon may they be cursed, because they have caused so much destruction, so much loss? And since people have started believing in these things, look at the moral decline that people are suffering from. This has led to the religion literally of hedonism that people just follow their desires. There is no God, no accountability in the hereafter. Just do whatever you please, you're an animal, Just Like Other

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So follow your desires. Just as they follow their desires, do whatever you wish, do whatever pleases you. You don't need to follow religion. You don't need to follow a book that was revealed 1400 years ago. You don't have to limit yourself to the laws of religion. This is what they say. So put the law soon. This is why Allah says destroyed are the falsifies who base their lives on falsehood, who lie because when they base their lives on falsehood, what do they suffer from? loss Indonesia and also India.

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This loss is evident Indonesia, in the form of the destruction that has been caused, and the loss of the hereafter also quoted Alhambra soon may be cursed.