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Al-Asr-Al-Maun Tafsir Al-Fil 1-5

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Hello humans chiffon rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 312 Sutra to feel, I am number one to five

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Serato feel what does feel mean?

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benefit. This was a lucky surah it has five verses 20 words and almost 100

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in this surah the incident that is referred to the incident of the elephant. This incident took place approximately 50 days before the birth of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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It was when an Abyssinian King by the name of Abraham.

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It is said that he was looking at a set that he was the governor of basically he was ruling over the area of Yemen. He had come to attack Makkah.

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And it is mentioned as to how Allah subhanaw taala punished him and his army and defeated him in his plan to destroy the Kaaba.

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We see that Makkah, is a place that is greatly visited until today.

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1000s of people 1000s of pilgrims go there to worship Allah soprano data. And this is the case not just today, but it was the case even before Islam meaning even in the time of joy, holier than when she came, they will travel from all over Arabia in order to visit the house of Allah, the Kaaba, in order to worship Allah soprano tarde over there. Yes, they did come a chick as well. There were idols over there as well. However, we see that Morocco was a very heavily visited place by people from all over Arabia. And this first of all, give a lot of importance to the city of Makkah. Because imagine everybody's traveling over there, and not just at the time of Hajj, but outside of Hajj as

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well. So this gave a lot of importance to Makkah. It gave a lot of importance to the people who lived in Makkah. And it also gave a lot of importance to the house that was there. The Masjid that was there, the masjid al Haram. And on top of that, we see that because it was a heavily visited place. You can imagine so many visitors coming into a city, you can imagine all the business or the money that is coming in the businesses that are flourishing. So Makkah was basically very prosperous, and it's still prosperous today. Why? Because of the house of Allah saponified over there. And remember when Ibrahim Hassan built the house of Allah, he was told to make the

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announcement for Hajj, we learned the Quran would have been financeable, hedgy yet Ducati, jallianwala kondia blomidon. Yet Dena min Khalifa genomic that make the call for Hajj, and people will come to you. Why in order to perform Hajj over here? And how will they come on every lien camel, meaning even if the journey is very long, they will come. And they will come from every edge in earnest every narrow pathway, meaning every possible route that takes to Makkah, people will use that in order to come there. And this happened. Now we see that this Abyssinian King, who ruled in the area of a sham in the area of Yemen, we see that he was extremely jealous. Why Why was he

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jealous that everybody's going to Makkah, and he wanted his city, his place to flourish more. So in order to counter that he had a huge Cathedral, built in Santa. He had a huge Cathedral built in Santa in the area of Yemen and this cathedral, it was called a cornice. But we see that still people did not visit people did not go Why? Because there was nothing special about that.

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I mean, the cover is the house of Allah, the first house that was built and besides that had the Baraka, Ibrahim, Ernest and I have made the call. So nobody paid any attention to the cathedral that he built. And we see that in fact, the Arabs were infuriated

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that How dare you build something in competition with the cover? Because yesterday chilled but they had a lot of respect for the garbage. So they were infuriated. And we see that one man from the tribe of banana. He traveled all the way to that Cathedral to that church. And he entered it one night, and he dedicated over there to show that we don't like this and we oppose you and we have no respect for this place that you have built.

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Now abraha he was extremely upset. And he vowed that he was going to go and destroy the Kaaba stone by stone. And he tried to do that, which is why he took with himself an army of 12,000 people. Just imagine 12,000 people, and it is said that he took with him at least nine or 12 elephants, nine or 12 elephants and 12,000 people and this army you took it all the way to Makkah in order to destroy the house of Allah subhanaw taala.

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But we learned that when he was on his way, what happened was that at this place called Muhammad this place called mova must, which is near to Makkah is elephant. It's

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And it said that his elephant, his name was Mahmoud. So it stopped over there. It wouldn't proceed any further.

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And if the people directed towards back home, it would continue going.

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So anyway, the army had to camp over there outside of Makkah. And while they were camped abraha Santos people in order to loot the properties of the people of Makkah, and amongst the things that they looted was the camels of Abdul Mutallab, who was absolutely the grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu.

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So, they took about 100 to 200 of his camels, and it became too hard to speak to him. And when he came, because I thought it was a very tall and handsome man. And I was very impressed by his appearance. So he came off of his seat sat on the ground by in order to speak to him.

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But then it will not that at all the translator that I have come here to ask for my camels. And abre, who was surprised, he said to his interpreter, tell him that I was very impressed by you at first. But now I'm not impressed by you at all.

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Your Masjid your house, your worship list, I'm about to attack it. And here you are asking for your camels. This is the respect that you have for your religion.

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So I've done nothing, have you responded that I am responsible for my camels and the Lord whose house it is, he is responsible for his property, he will take care of his house. And this indeed happened. We see that the people of Makkah, they left Makkah, meaning they went up into the mountains, and they protected themselves and their families and the properties over there. And the army of abre as it was camped over there outside of Makkah, Allah soprano data center punishment against them. And what was that punishment?

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a swarm of birds, tiny birds, which were sending flocks. And as they came, they threw on them small, tiny rocks. And these rocks, imagine they killed the entire army, not just the people but even their elephants.

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So literally, their army it was finished how by these birds that are lost.

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Now this was something amazing for the people of Makkah to witness

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that they could not defend Makkah there was no way they could fight against this army. So it was very clear to them it was very obvious to them that who had protected the house Allah ahead and who have protected them as a result of this. Allah soprano tada so in this surah Allah subhanaw taala is reminding the people of Makkah of his huge favor.

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That how he protected them how he saved his house

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so this millionaire homeowner him alone doll okay for for a lot of us have been seen. Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant?

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And I'm Tara, this interrogated this question is to provoke amazement, meaning be amazed at this marvel at this, that look at how your Lord gave a foreigner a book of how your Lord dealt with the people of the elephant, the companions of the elephant. Now the Arabs, they may have heard of elements, but this was the first time they've actually come across elephants.

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And you can imagine elephants are huge in their size, and nine or 12 of them approaching Makkah, in order to attack. What did they have against those elephants, camels, and even those camels had been stolen?

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So Alan thought, okay, for further a book of yours, harville field, those people who intended to destroy the house of Allah, did you not see how Allah dealt with them? And only a general Qaeda, who feet of Lille? Did he not make their plan into misguidance? Qaeda whom their plot their plan? What was their plot to destroy the Kaaba? Did Allah not make their plan? feet of lean? The lead Burnett, what does that mean?

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When someone is astray when someone is astray, will they reach their destination? No. Will they achieve their goal? No.

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Right. For example, a person wants to get home he wishes to get to a particular destination and he takes the wrong route. If he takes the wrong route, is he going to get to his destination? No, he was supposed to take right but he goes left, he's never going to get there. So feet of lean is when something ends up in failure and destruction. When something ends up in failure and destruction, when a plan is not effective, it fails.

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So allow me to allocate 100 feet of lean. He made their entire plan destroyed, meaning he made their entire plan fail. They weren't successful at all. 12,000 people had come and they wish to destroy the Kaaba and they wish to direct the attention of all people.

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of Arabia do their Masjid. But Allah says they weren't successful. Well out of Salah la him and he sent against them by urine, birds. How did he send these birds about being in flux?

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Now one thing, the word about being, it doesn't mean birds. Nor does the word of our being mean a particular kind of a bird. Because some people misunderstand the word of Avila and they think it's the name of some bird.

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It's not the name of a bird, no of our being. This is a word, which gives the meaning of flocks,

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flocks of birds, or camels, flocks of birds or camels, when they come flock after flock, one flock after the other.

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So also there are alien played on a baby, a last panel data center against the birds how influx that one flock after the other, coming from every direction, consecutively, many of them that were coming, we're also our alien played on a baby.

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Just imagine, here, they brought their elephants and alesund against them. Birds, armies of birds. And these birds, tell me him, striking them. Tell me la mia, let me What does it mean to throw and it's also used for throwing stones. So these birds were throwing upon them behavior within stones, and these stones that these birds were throwing on them, how are they mean say gene of big clean, see gene from the letters CMG lab, it is also said that the word is actually derived from the Persian sang and Gill, which means a stone that is made of mud, meaning mud that has been baked, so it has become so hard. It's almost hard like rock. So they'll need him behave. gelatin means a gene.

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It is also that it's derived from the word sigil. And what does it mean? A written thing, something that is written.

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So on each stone was written the name of the individual it was to strike the median behavior in CG.

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It is also said that these stones were so hard, they were so sharp, that in their size, yes, they were very small, smaller than a chick B. But they were able to pierce through anything, a man and elephant and go through the other side. Just imagine,

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you can imagine this like bullets, that bullets also, they're not that huge. They're not that big. I mean, they're different sizes, but many times they're not that big. However, when they're shot at something many times what happens they go through, they go through a wall or they go through a person. So similarly, the stones that were thrown upon them from the sky by these birds, they were so sharp, and imagine the speed that it went through them killing every single one of them

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for journey home, so he made them gasping like straw, that is cool, that is eaten.

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All of these people who had come with so much might an arrogance and pride and this confidence to break the house of Allah What did Allah make them into gasoline goon us is used for stocks and leaves of a plant on which grains and such things grow. So basically crop crop from which the grain has been taken out here.

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Now this hay, this straw, who is it fed to

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animals, right, it's given to the animals they eat on it. So as Finn McCool What does it mean by Mako one that is eaten.

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And over here, McCool gives a meaning of one that is eaten by who? by animals. So one meaning is that he made them like straw that is eaten straw that is eaten.

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Just imagine stacks of hay

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what where do they have nothing, and how they are broken up, how they're broken up, spread all over. So this is how they became costly my goal.

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My goal is that which has beaten so imagine something that has been eaten by animals live for example, there is a plant it has been eaten by animals. Whatever is left, it's all broken up. Then that corner we can also understand that something that has been eaten, chewed and then thrown out. Just imagine eaten, chewed and then thrown out.

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I don't know if you've ever seen animals being slaughtered when they're slaughtered. Then the food that is still in their stomachs that even sometimes you can see it's thrown out. I myself have seen it. Sometimes you can see the grass that has been eaten

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has been chewed. It looks so disgusting, so horrible.

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So just to actually go, like, hey, that has been eaten up that has been chewed, broken up completely, completely broken up and then thrown

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into like minced meat. This is how they became

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it has been thrown out.

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What's the lesson of this surah for us?

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That Allah subhanaw taala he can defend himself. He doesn't need any people. He doesn't need any people to defend his the service team. If there are people who are trying to attack his house destroyed, finish it. Allah can defend his house by himself. He doesn't need you.

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He doesn't need anyone at all.

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And and we see that when the people of Makkah they retreated into the mountains, they actually prayed to Allah subhanaw taala alone. They didn't pray to their idols, they pray to Allah, which in a way shows proves what the hate that even this time you called upon Allah and he alone saved his house, then why is it that other times you're calling upon other than Allah.

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So firstly, that Allah alone is sufficient to defend his Deen defend his house to defend his book to defend his messenger. If we do something in this, then we are only benefiting ourselves. If we don't, then we're only depriving ourselves because a lot, no one can cause any harm to him.

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Then we also see that this incident, it took place in the year that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was born.

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So in a way that people are being reminded of this incident and look at the outcome of this horrible feel of horrible film came against the house of Allah. If you stand up against His Messenger, you think you'll be spared.

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You think you'll be spared? Those people who were so mighty, so powerful, they came against the house of Allah. And Allah finished them he destroyed them. So anyone who opposes the truth, whether it is his house, or it is His Messenger, or it is his book,

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Allah will deal with him, Allah will punish him. So in a way that we should no longer be warned as well. And under okay founder of Boko Haram Finn,

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lm et al Qaeda, houfy, Dublin. Their entire plan came apart, their entire plan was destroyed, finished.

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So anyone who opposes the truth, at the end, he will suffer.

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This is a huge lesson that we learn.

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We see that the birds are so small, so tiny, however, Allah subhanaw taala sent them in flocks

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that yes, they were tiny individuals, but together they made such a difference.

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So we really sometimes we feel that what can I do? as an individual, as one girl as one woman, what can I do?

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But when we work together, then we can accomplish much more.

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This was very comforting for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because this wasn't a case where he was being opposed in the same city. So it has always been provided that look at how Allah defended his house before, you know to defend this messenger. These people cannot harm you. Their power is much less compared to the power of the army of abre. But how am I destroyed that army to anyone who stands up against the religion of Allah, his consequences failure in this dunya and akhira.

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Okay, let's listen to recitation again.

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