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An-Nisa 135-147 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 139-140


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of being aware of one's partner's actions and their weight in society, as well as the need for people to strive to be sincere and show excellence. They stress the importance of not denying their religion and not being caught in the company of false accusations. The conversation also touches on the topic of the media and its impact on people, including the day of judgment, weather, and the importance of being aware of one's actions and disapproval.
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And remember that Islam, what is it? submission to Allah subhanaw taala. So, when you have said that I will do this, then no matter what happens, you will do it you will not take it lightly.

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Who are they? They are alladhina tahunan Katharina Alia. They are those who take disbelievers as their allies instead of EU Mindanao, what meaning instead of the believers,

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instead of taking believers as their close friends? Who do they take as their close friends? I'll carefully

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remember we learned about we lie about the different levels of friendship. And the final the strongest level is of will I have intimate of close friendship in which you listen to the other you support the other.

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So they date the disbelievers as your close friends. mean don't invoke meaning instead of the videos meaning there are believers who are there. And they should be with the believers. Their loyalties should be with the believers. Why? Because they say that they're believers, but their loyalties are With who? With the disbelievers.

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Other questions, why do they befriend the caffeine I have with the homeowner do they seek in the homeowner is with them reserve?

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Meaning do they think that if they befriend the caffeine, they will get a lot of research? Is this a reason why they befriend them, that they're very impressed by them, they're in all of them. And to think that if they befriend them, automatically, they will get the same honor they will get the same respect they will get the same power I have with the owner in the home we reserve

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the word reserve is from the roof letters I in xyzzy.

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And the word reserve is understood in a number of ways. It gives a sense of power might strength. So when the befriend them, do they think that they will get a lot of power and strength? seminary the word is that gives a sense of caliber dominance prevalence to have the upper hand to be undefeatable. So do they befriend them thinking that they will become dominant, they will become victorious. And it also gives a sense of nobility, respect, honor, prestige. So when they befriend them, are they befriending them to get honor that just by befriending them, they'll become very honorable? I up with the owner in the human reserve, because unfortunately, many people, they're

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very impressed by the unbelievers. Very impressed. So, Allah subhanaw taala says over here that I have with the lunar in the home we reserve for in men are inserted in a mirror then indeed it is, it belongs to who to a loss of panel data, which is a jamir on all of it entirely. It belongs to a loss penalty, meaning he is the owner of ERISA lilla he gives a sense of that he is the owner, he is a possessor and because he is the possessor he gives it to whomsoever He wills and he takes it from whomsoever He wills, what there is zoom into what will illuminate lumen Tisha. So Malaysia mirror, what does it show that he is the owner?

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Secondly, the ledger mirror, what does it show that He is worthy of?

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He is worthy of his entirely Indonesia, as well as the

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What do we learn from this idea?

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That if a person leaves the believers, for the sake of this believers, then what is this? A sign of hypocrisy, resemblance to hypocrites, that there are believers and they're also disbelievers. And what does a person do? He chooses disbelievers above believers, what does that show that he resembles them when African he has a trade off defect in his heart?

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You see, the problem is that the hypocrite, he goes wherever he sees benefit,

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if he finds benefit with the believers, he will go to them and if he finds benefit with the disbelievers, he will go to them he will not care about him and go for halal Haram. He will not care about what is permissible, what is not permissible. He just wants to benefit if he finds it with the believers he will get it from there. If he finds it from the disbelievers he will get it from there.

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So the problem in going to the kuffaar is what that you're going to them for benefit you're going to them for is so if a person does that, what does it show?

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We also learned from this is that it is a belongs entirely to a loss of panel data. It belongs entirely to Allah and no one can have unless and until Allah gives it to him. So what's the way of gaining is by disobeying Allah know by obeying the law.

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We learnt until the earlier one I have 26 Padilla Houma medical Mulkey deal welcome into charlatans urine welcome in mentorship, water ism and Tasha were to the implementation. So you have

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To be worthy of his share of his will. And how will you do that by obeying Him?

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We also learned in sort of fat that I attend Montana, you either exetel vanilla here is at the gym era, whoever desires honor, then to algodones all honor. So if a person wants honor, then what should he do? He should, first of all have a man.

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Because what's the problem over here? That the hypocrites they claim to have a man they show a man, but they fluctuate between a man and cover? If they find benefits with coffee, they will go join, go for it, they find benefits with a man they will have a man. So the first thing that a person needs to do, to gain honor in the sight of Allah is Amen. Amen. Because we learned through from an ethical and AI number eight, what is the true value of a sulili? Well, meaning Well, I can tell when I fit in a layer

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that result belongs to Allah, His Messenger, and the believers, the believers. Why? Because they have email.

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And we also see that if a person he wants honor, he wants his and if he seeks it, from other than Allah, meaning he doesn't go to a lot to get a result, but he goes to others to get a desire but the owner in the homeowner is then in reality, what is he doing? He's humiliating himself. He is insulting himself. He's humiliating himself.

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That instead of pleasing, Allah, what is he doing? He's pleasing people, thinking that people will give him honor, whereas people don't have any honor. What can they give him? The actual owner of his eyes? Oh, Allah subhanaw taala so if you want to reserve who should you seek it from? Allah subhanaw taala

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let's listen to the recitation.

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wakatobi Mussolini

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lamea Cooney La Jolla

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una de una de

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Lima Levine is

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Many times people think that because they have made so much money or because they have been so good to people. That's how they have acquired in the sight of people. And if let's say a child makes a mistake or something happened to the family, maybe their child gets a divorce. Then they think that there is there has been ruined.

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The fact is that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gives Riza and he's the one who takes.

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So at the end of the day, we should seek it from him and everything that we have acquired it ourselves. And everything that in disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala, we will acquire is, and many times, we don't want to be just, we don't want to admit our mistake. We want to stand up for truth, even if it is against our friends and relatives. Why? Because it is going to affect our is. What does Allah say that is or belongs entirely to Allah? So today, maybe you might be able to save your butt tomorrow? Who knows what might happen? And on the Day of Judgment, is that reason? Or is that physical? humiliation?

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We think that if we compromise in our Deen, if we leave the deen, then we will pain in the sight of people who are around us. But the fact is that, when a person compromise on his Dean to gain dessert, and in fact have lost pounds or humiliating, that you might have noticed that people who don't follow the dean properly, people don't treat them seriously. They don't respect them for what they're doing. Because if you cannot treat your religion with respect, and how do I know that you will treat me with respect.

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I learned this incident of this person who was hiring people for his company or something like that. And he asked him several questions. And amongst them was, because this person was a Muslim who had applied for the job. He asked, do you pray? He said, No. He said, I'm sorry, I cannot hire you. He said, Why? Because he said, If you cannot be sincere to your God, how do I know that you're sincere to me.

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So we think if we abandon Salah, if we compromise and redeem, we will gain a reason to say to people, but actually, people even don't respect us, then we make a fool of ourselves, that we say we're Muslims, but we're not behaving like Muslims.

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And honor isn't being a servant of God. Many times, the reason is that we just want a certain people, but the fact that we should seek it from

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our own fabricated standards of ERISA, and we need to do something, we can't remain quiet. When we see injustice. We cannot remain quiet, a person who has a heart, he cannot remain quiet, he has to do something.

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And again, it comes back to sacrifice and we have to sacrifice our ego, our comfort, to show that we are really sincere.

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And justice is a prerequisite for peace. You cannot have peace, without justice, neither in your house, nor in your married life, nor in your society, nor in your school nor within your friends, you cannot have peace without justice.

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What else do we learn from this ayah?

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Allah has similar to a lot that the believers are being commanded over here that I mean, believe. So what does it show that we should never be content with the level of demand that we have, or with the kind of good data we're doing, we should always strive to do more. Like we learned earlier, that was Saturday or illamasqua run, rush, hastened towards it, because as soon as a person thinks that he is doing enough, then what happens? What happens? He starts to fall backwards. But it shows that if a person does not increase in his demand does not strengthen his demand and where will he fall down to? hypocrisy? Because hypocrisy is between the mind and

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if we're not just we cannot give Allah His help. We cannot give people their help. And we cannot even give ourselves

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that sometimes to get a promotion. We compromise in our Deen we will go and do that which is unlawful.

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I number 141 corners that our la config kitabi either Samaritan at Les uke photophobia we'll use that we'll be here falletta Peru tomorrow home and it has already come down to you in the book. It has already been revealed to you in the book, that when you hear the verses of Allah, that they are being denied, and they are being ridiculed, then do not sit with these people what Cardinal Salah what does that mean by Katana Zilla meaning already this has been revealed to you or they come to you or believers. Phil kitabi in the book meaning in the Quran, this curriculum has already been revealed to you that when you see that there are some people who are denying the Ayat of Allah

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mocking at the Ayat of Allah you cannot sit amongst them you have to leave.

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Now this ayah is a mighty ayah. This shows that this hokum was given earlier and when was it given in Makkah? It was revealed in Makkah, and where was it revealed in Surah? Al anon is number 68 where we learn what either are at Lavina Holden Fei Tina for

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Ideal barn home.

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And when you see those people who engage in false conversation about our if, by mocking at them, then stay away from them, don't be in their company. So this command has already been given to you. But why is it that those people who claim to be Muslim, still, what are they doing? They're sitting in the company of these people. They're listening to their denial, they're listening to their mockery, they're participating in it. And we learned that the hypocrites, they used to do this in Medina, that they would sit amongst themselves, we have learned so many times you buy you tuna, they would spend the night talking and discussing

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similarly, on their journey, sometimes with the profits or a lot of seller, what they will do is that in their camps, they would sit together, and they would market the ayatollah, they would market the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And it is also said that they would go in the gatherings of the youth who would mock at the ayat of the Quran. And altogether these people would laugh and they would have fun.

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Like, for example, we learned earlier that the Jews said, When Allah subhanaw taala revealed that men then let the eucalyptol know how often has no What did they say? You're the LA hymn of Lula, in the last half of the year, when I knew of Nia What is this mockery, as well as denial?

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So these people hypocrites who claim to be Muslim, how come they're sitting in these gatherings when this command has already been given?

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What is the

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deficiency in a man that if you truly believe in the work, then how come in your action, you're going against the book, you're going against the commands that are lost, the penalty has revealed?

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And what is this command that an either Samaritan that when you hear I Atilla verses of Allah?

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The lines you know, are of two types.

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First of all, should hurry and what do the shutter is refer to what the messengers have brought? So whether they are the Scripture, or they are the teachings of the Prophet, or they are the miracles, all of these are what should read.

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And the second type of I ericone, I add, and what akoni I add the Maslow caught the creation of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So if primarily in the context refers to I had surgery, when the greater sense we can also take this as is

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that if you hear when you hear that the act of a law or you quote will be how they're being denied, how are they being denied?

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Good for Sheree, I would be the key that a person denies they're from a loss of

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complete denial outright. And I don't know this Quran is not from Allah. This messenger, whatever he's saying is untrue. This miracle is not a miracle, it is actually magic. What is this call first off if shuttering outright denial, tech lead, and cover off Sheree is includes Mahalo for opposition of the idea

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that a person opposes them, that there is an AI of the Quran and a person opposes it. He rejects it, he refutes it. Because one is that you say no, I don't want to believe and the other is that you'd refute it. So opposition as well.

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And Cofer off Kony is is like for example, a person says that this is not the creation of Allah. Allah did not create this. He rejects the fact that a las panatela created something. So when you hear that the Ayat of Allah are being denied, we'll use that that will be here and that they're being mocked that use the zoo from st exam has a Hamza. And what does it mean to make fun of someone internally laugh at someone to laugh at someone in order to insult them.

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So when you see when you hear that people are mocking at the Ayat of Allah, openly mocking at the ayatollah, whether they are mocking at the words that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, or they are mocking at the camp that are in those ayat, or they're mocking at the information, the news that those is conveyed.

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For example, one could be that a person marks at the words of the Iet that he picks on some words, he distorts them, he laughs and he cracks a joke. He uses those words, what is he doing mocking.

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The other is that there's a command that is mentioned in the eye, and a person begins to market those comments. Like for example, when Allah subhanaw taala says Mandela de Yokota de la cotton Hasina, they mocked at the content, the command to spend in the way of alcohol by saying that Li stingy

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then the above what are the are the news the information?

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So for example, the ayat of the Quran, they tell us about the Day of Judgment. They tell us about the stories of the people of the past. Now if there is a person

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Who hears of the stories who reads the stories who reads about the day of judgment? And then he starts mocking that Oh, on the day of judgment, you know, we will be ahead of you.

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Like, for example, we learned that Abu Jamal when he learned that there will be angels in the Hellfire, punishing the people, what did he say? That I will manage most of them and you owe people you deal with the rest of them. Similarly, the coup, which is the tree that grows in Hellfire, what did he say? That Oh, person bring butter and bread to me this is a comb. So this is what is the is a mockery of the belly of the news, the information, the fact that the dentists about

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so mockery could be off. What? To summarize, first of all the words, the eye at themselves. Secondly, the

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Thirdly, the weather those about our stories, or examples or news of what's going to happen in the future.

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So when you hear that this is going on, should you just sit with them? And feel bad in your heart? No, unless as fanatical tomorrow, don't even sit with them. Don't sit with who these people who are denying and walking up the aisle, whether they are your friends, or they are your relatives? No matter who they are, you are not allowed to sit in their company.

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had that until you who do they engage for a decent variety in a speech that is other than it? meaning in a speech that is different from denying and mocking the ayatollah? What does your whole domain it is from cold heart well, but

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and hold is to enter into water? What does it mean to enter into water? And then this word is used for indulging in something indulging in a conversation engaging in a discourse. So until they engage in a conversation in a speech that is different from coffee, and is the set of the

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Why should you not sit with them? Because in the come indeed you even then meaning if you continue to sit with them, you will be mithila home, you will be like them? How will you be like them? You're not mocking? You're not denying them? How will you be like them? What it means is that eventually you will become like them. Eventually, you will become lighter, if you keep listening to them. And if you laugh at their jokes, if you laugh at their mockery, eventually you're going to become like them.

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Because what happens initially when you hear something wrong, you know, you feel very upset. You don't want to listen to it. But if you listen to it again and again and again, what happens your tolerance level it increases. So it doesn't affect you as badly. Secondly, it has been said that in the computer metal room What this means is that insane, you will be equal to them the same that they have acquired, you will have acquired the same sin. Why how you didn't do it? How will you get the same same? Because you approved of it silently.

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Remember, that if a person sees something and if he does not stop it, what is he doing? What is that? A silent approval? What is it a silent approval. So by your approval, you will have the same sin

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in Allah Indeed, Allah jammy Romanesque Athena wellcare fitting in he is going to gather the hypocrites and the disbelievers were feed Johanna in Hellfire Jr. altogether. What do we learn from this ayah? What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learn that if a person believes in something, then you must act according to

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the hypocrites claimed to have a man but they disobey the commands that almost pantalla have given this command had been given clearly. But still, they would sit in the company of these people and they would listen to their mockery, they would have fun with them.

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Secondly, we learn about the obligation of choosing the right friends. the obligation of choosing the right friends, there is severe warning against evil friends,

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a person should be concerned about the character, the behavior, the Dean of the person that he is interacting with the person that he has befriended. Why?

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Because their character their behavior, their the is going to affect you. And more Oh, Allah Dini, clearly a person is on the religion of his friend. So if you're sitting with someone who was making fun of the dean, eventually what's going to happen? It's going to rub on you. You're going to be making fun of the dean as well.

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If they deny the ayat of a lot tomorrow, you will say oh, I don't believe

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In this either

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life, for example, if you're with someone who obeys the commands of Allah, what are you going to do? You're going to be motivated to obey Allah subhanaw taala as well. But if there is someone, when we were with and whatever they hear the say, No, I'm not going to do it. No, I'm not going to do it. It gives you the confidence to say no as well. And it happens with children, that sometimes they're so brilliant at home, and all of a sudden, you see a clear difference in their behavior that they're answering back. They're becoming very disobedient. They don't care about, for example, their breakfast, or their lunch or their dinner. Why? Because their friends are like that. automatically.

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What do parents think? Who are you hanging out with?

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So a person should be very careful about the friends that he's with. Because friends affect a person. All of us know about the Hardys, in which the example of a good friend has been given as one who sells perfume, and a bad friend, who is a blacksmith. So although you're not setting the perfume with him, but because you're sitting in that place, you're in their company, when you walk out of there, you're also going to smell good. Like, for example, if you go into a house where food is being cooked, you're not cooking your food, you're not standing in the kitchen, but the moment you step out, you recover that food, right? So it affects you. So your friendship definitely affects

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you. Therefore, be very careful about the friends that you're sitting with. The friends you're talking with, you're chatting with, you're listening to be very, very careful. So we all need to ask ourselves that, who are our friends? And who? And what do they talk about? What are their conversations? Like? What do their conversations are all around?

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Many times, we think that you know, I will influence them. But it's difficult for one person to influence a group. Remember that? It's always difficult. And notice, it has been said over here, that for that apart, we do Mara whom had your horrible fee Hadees. In writing, that for that time, when they're doing that wrong action, don't be in their company. And afterwards, because they're your relatives, you have to be with them. You can't just cut off from them, right. But when they're doing something wrong, don't support them in the wrongs that they were doing, you have to leave.

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We also learn from this either to prohibition of befriending those people who deny the ayatollah,

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a person who does not believe in the Quran. A person who does not believe in the Quran if you befriend them is your Eman going to increase? Are you going to be able to follow the command of Allah? Yeah. Are you a Latina ama? No, me? No. No. So there is prohibition of befriending meaning that you're good friends, that you listen to everything they say you agree with everything they say. So prohibition of offending rule, those people who deny the Ayat of Allah or those people who mock at the ayatollah,

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we also learn about the obligation of leaving those people who deny the ayatollah or market the ayatollah.

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Because sometimes it's possible that you're not really friends with someone, but you just happen to be sitting in a particular gathering. And all of a sudden, you know, for example, let's say you go to a dinner party, and people are sitting together, they're having their food, and all of a sudden, somebody starts making fun of Egypt.

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Now, your responsibility is to stop them. Correct. You're going to stop them, you're going to correct them. But if you know that, you're not going to be able to stop them, then don't sit there, leave, show your disapproval. Show your disapproval. Because if they don't respect the Ayat of Allah, then soon they're going to start mocking at you, because you're wearing the hijab. Your sister wears a hijab, your daughter wears a hijab. So if somebody is making fun of the ayatollah, what is our responsibility that we must leave them, we must leave them. And when they've changed the topic, then we may join them again, but we have to show them disapproval. All it takes is for one,

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good man to do nothing for evil to prevail. One good man does nothing and as a result, what happens, evil prevails. So people are mocking at the ayatollah, and you don't stop them. You don't show any disapproval, what's going to happen? Evil is going to prevail. Everybody's going to start making fun. You don't want to be there listening to them.

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We see that the Sahaba, especially in Makkah, even the prophets are about Islam, they had close relatives who are not Muslim, who are not Muslim, and they would market it in they would make fun of the dean. And we see that the Sahaba they did not boycott their families. The prophets are allowed to send him even he did not cut off from his family, those people who did not believe those people who continued in their disbelief, but we see that this command was given that when they are engaged in such a conversation when you leave them and then you come back. Why? Because you do need to do that.

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If you can offer them completely, then how will you tell them? Because nine times you say no, I cannot go to this person because I cannot tolerate them, I cannot go to their house, I cannot go to their dinner because I cannot tolerate them, they say such things that I cannot accept, you go there, you initiate a good conversation, you say something positive. And as soon as you start saying something negative, then you leave, you show your disapproval. And if they ask why you will have to tell them. And this shows to us this, it also teaches us about the no confrontation methodology, that sometimes we are in a situation, if somebody is doing something wrong over here, it hasn't been

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said that immediately you tell them what you're doing is wrong, this is perfect. And in the hereafter there is either one or lien. No, you leave.

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So basically you have to see, if you are in a situation where really, you can stop the person, then you stop. And if you know that you cannot, then it's better to leave. It's better to leave.

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The thing is that they are teaching you something wrong, but they're not necessarily denying your religion.

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But if you are in a class in which openly, for example, the professor is mocking up their religion, he's denying their religion. He's denying the existence of God, he's making fun of God, then you cannot sit there, you cannot sit there until they engage in a conversation that is different. And this again, goes back to being firm on your deen adhering to the deen. Because if we're not, then we end up in such gatherings, such conversations, and we become a part of it.

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We also learn from this idea that if a person silently watches and listens to something, then it is like approval. It is approval, and thus he has a share in it, even if he didn't actively participate in it.

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But remember that Hades in which we learned that if you see him when you started with your hand if you got suffered with your tongue. And if you cannot then feel it in your heart feel bad about it in your heart, then how come it is said that in the computer,

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you feel bad in your heart. But this is something that is not acceptable. Because you're listening, listening, you're seeing them. And this is something that is not acceptable. Therefore, you must leave because if you keep listening, it's going to affect you.

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We also learn from this idea about the prohibition of cooperating in Acts of disobedience.

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Because if you allow someone to talk and market the dean deny the dean, what are you doing, cooperating with them, we're not allowed to cooperate with someone in something that is incorrect, something that is wrong.

00:32:36--> 00:33:19

We also learn from this either whatever a person sees and hears, it affects him. So we have to be very careful about what we're watching. What we're listening to, what we're watching and what we're listening to. Whatever you watch on TV, those words are going to come in your vocabulary, those actions are going to come in your life, whatever you hear, they're going to become a part of your conversation. Because whatever you see, whatever you hear, it affects you. This is why you cannot even sit there you have to leave, you're not allowed to listen to this. Don't even listen to this. Because if you do, eventually you will become like them. of the homography. Bethany, along with

00:33:19--> 00:33:53

leafy summary of long magnifi bustling, that summer and bustle are so important. have to be so careful about what is going inside you. It happens children say the friends also say that, we noticed that you were speaking you're talking like your friend, you're talking like your spouse, you're talking like your mother, it happens people get influenced by what they hear. And what they see sometimes is because of the fear of is that we support these people who are mocking at the ayatollah that we have to be careful about what we're watching. And we have to be careful about what our children are watching.

00:33:54--> 00:34:34

What we're reading and what our children are reading, what we're listening to, and what our children are listening to, because whatever we watch, whatever they watch, they're going to be affected by. It's not just with TV, but it's also on the internet, whatever we're reading, whatever forums that we're going to whatever, you know, you go to a website where there's news and you read something that is very disturbing, and you read all of the comments. And at the end, what happens either uses something that is extremely negative, extremely harsh, or you feel very depressed, if you very sad. So stay away from these things. Because they're going to affect you sometimes it's possible that a

00:34:34--> 00:34:55

person reads one negative thing about Islam and other negative things about Islam. And what happens it affects his Eman. Really people begin doubting their email. Don't listen to these people. I mean, somebody's mocking somebody making fun. What does it show that they don't respect anyone? So don't listen to someone don't read someone who is disrespectful.

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

We also learned from this is that if a person resembles another in his actions

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Then he will be with him in the hereafter.

00:35:03--> 00:35:44

Because at the end of the day what is mentioned that in the Lucha Jeremy or Luna felina wellcare, Filipina fi, Johanna, they will not feel clean and carefree they will be together and hellfire. Why? Because when I feel clean, they continue to sit in these gatherings, they take the caffeine as their LDL. So because they are with them, they resemble them in their action in this dunya. Therefore, in the era, they will be together. Which is why we also see that if a person who abandoned Salah who does not pray, who will he be with on the Day of Judgment for their own and how and why? Because the action is similar. It's arrogance, its rejection that I know what has to be done, but I'm not going

00:35:44--> 00:35:45

to do it.

00:35:46--> 00:36:02

And we have to see ourselves as well, that we know about the commands of Allah but what is our reaction? Do we say I'm not going to do it. So a person who resembled another in his action even if there's a difference of 1000s and 1000s of years, but still such people will be together in the