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An-Nisa 148-162 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 162

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I was a bit lame in a ship, I have a genius layer over here.

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Lesson number 66 will begin from io 162.

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In the previous ayat, we learned about the crimes of the bunny is

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that how they came up to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they demanded that if you really a messenger, then bring a book to us, that is only addressed to us. And that tells us because we're special, that you are indeed a messenger. And if not a book, at least, as the meaning of Kpop has been understood as a letter, a document that tells us that you're definitely a messenger.

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And honestly, I mean, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would feel distressed because of these demands of this.

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And especially because so many times in Makkah as well, when the people demanded miracles, those miracles were not given. Because temporarily, when miracles are shown, people do believe and sometimes they don't even believe when they see the miracles, they say this is only magic, like the people of Mecca said

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And afterwards, what happens, the temporary Eman that they have gained, they lose it. So this is why Allah subhanaw taala did not give these miracles, but rather, truth was to be accepted by the truth itself, meaning the people were required to recognize it and accepted.

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Because this is more effective. That people today as well. They could say that people at the time the prophets are about Islam, they were shown miracles, what about us, we want to be shown miracles as well. But this Quran, this prophet sallallahu Sallam is until the end of time. Therefore, truth must be recognized by the Quran itself. This is why the miracles were not shown.

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And then the prophets are allowed to discomforted that using this is a great demand of theirs. Well, they demanded for musala salon something much worse.

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Now a person may wonder that the Jews at the time of the prophets are avoided and they didn't demand. They weren't there at the time of Messiah they

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were they

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they weren't there.

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So how can Allah subhanaw taala set that for others sir Lu Musa Akbar means Ehrlich. They didn't ask who asked? their ancestors, their forefathers? So how come they're being blamed for it? How come they approve it? And they were very proud of whatever their forefathers had committed.

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And throughout history, the different different crimes that these people had committed they're mentioned.

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And then our last round how to end this this course by saying Lakin, you've lost your Honda filler in.

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But those people who are firm in knowledge meant home from among them from among who, from among the bunny.

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Legs lacking. Lacking means but and this is an exception that is being taken from home from the people who are mentioned about

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that don't generalize, all of the data did not commit these crimes.

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But those people who are firmly grounded in knowledge, how does the AI continue? While Mineola and the believers what do they do? You may know and habima only the naked, they actually believe in what has been revealed to you a profit out of it.

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They don't make these demands, but rather, they believe.

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Now what is mentioned over here is a Rossi hoon.

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Rossi, who is the plural of the word lossy, and is from the rue fetters, la scene Hall. And what does rasa mean? rusu sebat firmness stability.

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When something is firmly grounded, when something is deeply rooted.

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When something is deeply rooted, can you just pull it out easily? Can you know?

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For example, if there's a tree or there's a weed, and it's deeply rooted in the ground? Can you just put it out? No. You have to follow a particular process in order to put it out properly.

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Because if you don't put it out properly, what's going to happen? The roots are going to remain inside and eventually that weed is going to grow again.

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So what does it show that Rousseau is when something is firmly grounded, deeply rooted, such that it's impossible to take it out. It's very difficult to take it out.

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But also a shadow of a tree is when it is firmly grounded. And just imagine if something is firmly grounded, like for example, a building a structure.

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Is it just sitting on top of the earth? No. It has the foundations deep inside the soil under the ground.

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And in architecture, sometimes in building structures, what happens is that if the soil is not firm enough, what do they do? They have to put in deep metal bars and things like that in order to keep the building stable from underneath.

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So what does the foundation do? What do the roots do? They, they keep whatever is standing on top of it firm.

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And remember that this process of being firmly grounded in something, it takes a long time. It takes a very long time.

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Like, for example, if there's a plant, just the first day that the sprout comes forth, if you pull it out, it'll be very easy. But after a week, after a month, after a year, if you try to take it out, the longer it stays, the deeper the roots will go, the stronger the roots will be.

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So Alaska hoonah. For those who are firmly grounded in knowledge, what does it show?

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That they have not given up their firm foundations and knowledge? By staying on the surface? By learning only the basics? No, they have gone into the depths. First of all, they have a solid, a firm grip on knowledge.

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And they've taken a long time. They've taken a long time to reach this level. What do we think that we learned the Quran once we read it once back to back and that's it, we have become scholars. We are very knowledgeable. Now I know it takes years and years of study. does a person become a doctor just by reading one book on medicine? No, he has to undergo years and years of study. Then he becomes LASIK surgery.

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So why do we think that the knowledge of the deen is so easy? It is so simple, or it is not that important that we have to just study at once and that's it. That's all we need to do. It takes many many years.

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So Alessia hoonah for those who are firm in knowledge, which knowledge is this? Over here? This m specifically refers to in Medina the knowledge of the deen This is not enough dunya because what has been mentioned further is that these people believe that it's possible that a person is firmly grounded in the knowledge of dunya. But it's not necessary that he's going to be firm and as a man. So I'm also gonna fill in, are those people who are firmly grounded in knowledge, men home from among them, meaning from the alligator.

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One more minute, and those people who believe

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what does it mean by this one woman, one woman owner has been understood in two ways. First of all, it is a further description of a rasa hoonah feeling

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that a rasa hoonah filler in one minute, they are those people who are firmly grounded in knowledge. And at the same time, they're also believers.

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Secondly, it is said that a rasa hoonah fill in that is one group. And me known that's another group

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who are there as if one if you're a member of the knowledgeable ones amongst the bunny is slightly amongst the admin PETA.

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And who are the movement on those people who believe in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam meaning the Sahaba and after that, the oma of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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So all of these people, Allah says, you may know Nabina onida ilica they believe in what has been revealed to you?

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Meaning they believe in the Quran, woman on the lemon public, and they also believe in that which was revealed before you meaning the scriptures that were revealed before the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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So what do we learn from this?

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That firm knowledge firm knowledge in the dean What does it lead to

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It leads to firmness in Eman

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while movimiento scaletta and those who perfectly established Asana

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and movie mean is a plural off movie movie mean movie moon the unknown at the end of signup Florida

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so almost in Florida looking.

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And who is McLean? One who establishes the word up Mona What does up monami they establish a car move they established past tense right up Mona they established now present tense and moving. It's a noun. Why?

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Because it begins with a meme.

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So multimeter one to establish a solid solid.

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One more data and those are give the second.

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Now if you look at the words over here and mopey meaning

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And tuna and before Elmo kameena is a mean owner

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you have a main owner then you have Elmo p Mina. Then you have a tuna. What's odd? What's different over here? multi Nina? Because if you look at it awasi hoon ends with well known mean on ends with well known tune ends with well known. And in the middle you have this unlucky mean that ends with a yeah known. Why is that? So?

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As you know that well known is a sign of rough. What is it a sign of rock? And what does that mean?

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That the noun is doing an action.

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So what's the action that they're doing? You know, that they believe the mountains into a lake or mountains, you know, in public? So that's the action that they're doing.

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And you know that the word? Yeah, noon? What does that signify? Either it is no sub or just

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now over here, there's no word that is giving a job. So it has to be one. So what does that mean? It's an object.

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What does that mean? It's an object, some action is being done upon it.

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And remember that in Arabic When you're putting this Wow, what was the hoonah? filler in one movement? Oh, no. Well, mu came in and one more tune, then in that case, all of the words should have the same era.

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When you have the well, all of the words should have the same Arab.

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So what movie mean is NASA? There's something going on over here. There's something going on over here. Now what is it that's going on? There are some people who say that look, there are grammatical errors in the Quran. They say that look, there are grammatical errors in the Quran and they got this I this is not a grammatical error.

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I want you to know that this is not a grammatical mistake, because you may read somewhere Oh my god, this is a grammatical mistake.

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No, this is not a grammatical mistake,

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but rather it is unwelcoming. Why because many linguists they have said that what this means is what under who meaning and praise who ultimately mean a solid or under Who will pay me in a solid? What does it mean by that? That over here, this is one. So this is NASA for the purpose of

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to show that the even praise

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that after Eman the best action, the best action that a person can perform and be very regular in is what

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is being highlighted over here. It is being praised over here. So it is monsoon Why? Because the pharaoh the action the verb is not mentioned over here but it is implied and what is it under who meaning do much praise who Almaty mean those who establishes for showing that after email the best action that a person can perform is silent and not just forever a comma to Salah performing the Salah regularly.

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Others have said that unlucky Amina This is connected with me noon. This is connected with me noon

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that are Razia hoonah Farrell and Menon. They believe in first of all beam out on zero acre. Secondly, one on zero in carbonate.

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They believe in what has been revealed to human in the Quran. Secondly, they believe in what was revealed before you ie the previous scriptures.

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And thirdly, they also believe in Alma creaminess. falletta they also believe in those who established the salah, who are those who established the solder, it has been said it is the angels. It is the angels because the angels also there, as we know that many many angels are constantly in the state of so do they're constantly in the state of record. And others have said that unlucky Mina Sonata It doesn't just refer to the angels but it also refers to the prophets,

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the prophets of Allah.

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So, they believe in all of the Scriptures and they also believe in all of the prophets.

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So now you understand that is not a grammatical error. But rather, it has been mentioned differently it is not so for the purpose of Tallinn First of all, to highlight that the best action that a person performs with a man is Sunnah.

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And secondly, when multimedia is connected with you, meaning that they believe in the Quran, in all the previous scriptures, as well as those who establish the slaughter meaning the angels or the messengers.

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One more tuna sakata and those who give the second one would mean una bella he and they also believe in Allah. While yo Mila

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And diversity. So such people Allah says Allah, aka those sent out to him as your honor alima. Soon we're going to give them a great reward. Notice set? What does that indicate? Very soon meaning even in this dunya, we're going to give them a great reward.

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What do we learn from this item?

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First of all, we learned about the either the justice of a loss or penalty, that he does not generalize,

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where the crimes of the criminals are mentioned, the previous I add, the obedient ones, are also mentioned. And they're not just mentioned, but rather they are praised, they are praised over here.

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And this is a balance that is found in the Quran, that where reward is mentioned, punishment is also mentioned, where glad tidings as mentioned, warning is also mentioned. And this is a justice of a loss of penalty,

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that he mentioned both sides to us so that we decide what we want to do. We choose ourselves which way we want to go to it, which way we want to adopt for ourselves.

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Secondly, we learn from this ibat the excellence and importance of Russell fill in of being firmly grounded in knowledge, the importance and excellence of being firmly grounded in knowledge.

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Because it is being firmly grounded in knowledge that saves and protects a person's emotion.

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It is being firmly grounded in knowledge that saves and protects a person's emotion and enabled him to remain firm.

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Because if you think of it, do groups are there any Israeli mentioned? First of all those people who have committed so many crimes,

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and then a loss of hands are dimensions the other group and that is a rule of law see hoonah feeling?

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What is the key? What's the reason that they believe in the Quran now? What is it that makes them believe in the Quran? They're being firmly grounded in knowledge. So what does it show the importance of not just having surface knowledge of the deen but rather having that being aware of the depths of the thing as well, that a person doesn't just know, okay, this is how you recite the Quran. Okay, this is just the meaning of the unknown, but he also understands the meaning of the Quran, he can apply it as well.

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And remember, it's possible that you study the Quran cover to cover a very deep study. But if you don't continue to study what's going to happen,

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you're a human being, you're going to forget.

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So, if a person does not continue to study the Quran, can he be processed? fillory? He cannot be.

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So what is it that save the man of these are Lupita

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they're being firmly grounded in knowledge. They're constantly being engaged in learning, knowledge and practicing knowledge as well.

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We also learn from this idea about the fact that in knowledge, it proceeds even it comes before even

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in comes before even that because abrasca honda fit in was mentioned. And then their email and as mentioned,

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so what does it show? It's necessary to know to learn before having even

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you know, we always wonder about that my man is so weak or I know so until the mind is getting weak. Then what's the solution? What is illusion? knowledge, learn the client.

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I have studied the Quran earlier took the course wondering the Quran again, read the Quran again, if you have questions, that's where the answers will come from. So we learned that religion is what precedes Amen.

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And we also learn from this idea that of all the qualities that a person could possess. Or rather, the best action that a person can perform with a man is Sunnah.

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And not just performing the setup, but what is it karma does for that establishing the sauna, what does he mean by establishing the sauna?

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constantly, constantly praying this one. Not that a person prays one and leaves two, or that for one week, he's very regular and performing the sauna the other week, he doesn't bother with regards to some sort of he's very particular that he wants to pray on time. But when it comes to budget, doesn't matter. I'll pray for them. When it comes to Muslim, because I'm out shopping doesn't matter. I'll pray when I go home. No karma to Santa is that a person constantly and regularly presolar without missing even one. And as you know, your call center also includes that a person presence, while fulfilling all of the conditions all of the prerequisites and performing it with all

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of its upcoming as well.

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also learned from this ayah that a man is incomplete. If a person does not believe in what the prophets are about or someone has brought, if a person does not believe in what the prophet sallallahu wasallam is,

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because many times when we read these ayat we say Oh, the Jews, the Christians, you know, if they're good people, they have knowledge of their books. They believe in God the last day, that's enough. I mean, they're also believers, why do they have to believe in the prophets are allowed etc. But if you look at this ayah Allah says, you know, una Bhima owns a lake, they believe in all that has been revealed to you meaning everything that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has brought. So, if a person does not believe in everything that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has brought whether he claims to be a Muslim, his Eman is incomplete. His Eman is incomplete

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presentation of the

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if you look at it, the root having a very firm foundation is so important that you know in winter, what happens is that the plants, the shrubs, they dry up completely, you will see no leaves, you will see no flowers, but because the root is there. What happens next year, what happens in spring, the plant comes back to life again.

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Because the root is there, you will see the stem even as shriveled up, it's drooping, it's almost that you wonder if it's going to come back to life again. But it comes back to life Why? Because of the root because of the firm foundation.

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So, this tells us about the importance of having firm knowledge about the team.

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And what does it mean by firm knowledge indeed meaning what kind of knowledge should a person have that first of all, you should have a solid understanding a solid grip on the, on the foundations.

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What are the foundations of the the basics, first of all the Quran, first of all,

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and that does not just include that a person knows how to recite the Quran, but he knows the meaning he understands, he knows how to apply then also the knowledge of the sun, the knowledge of the sun, both are included in the Quran and from that obviously, knowledge of knowledge of Earth either in different different sciences, but it all begins from what the Quran and the Sunnah, because if you have a firm grip on these two, then you're okay.

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You know, the base is the Quran and Sunnah. And the other scientists like erlin will call on it that they're all branches. If you focus on the branch, and you ignore the root, is your plant going to survive? No. If you focus on the very nice, beautiful flower, is your plant going to survive? No. It's going to finish you have to focus you have to strengthen the route. So this shows us the importance of making sure that a person knows the Quran as well as the Sunnah of the Prophet. So

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses from the beginning.

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Ollie in

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when levena

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Yes, hello hello Nikita

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arena. Maharajah Hello

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soy me him

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Tina moves

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meet up on

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Friday fabby manifolded him Mita

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to free him

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up for free

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should be

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was he

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was mean

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subclinical low movie I'm going to show you a layer either

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one or two really a set I've already called