Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 20 – L201A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses a situation involving a fire in a neighborhood and mentions various names and possible actions taken, but it is unclear what they are referring to. They also talk about a person named Yvette and her brother's actions, including a woman named Yvette who is a former member of the culinary community and a woman named Yvette who is a former member of the culinary community.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Leonardo solian Karim I'm about Pharaoh the villa him in a shade line of adim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah be slightly aside anyway a silly MD.

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Of that me Listen melissani of Coco Lee urban as in

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Lesson number 201 pseudo casas is number 22 to 43 Translation while a man and when

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he directed himself he faced

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tilka towards Medina madeon

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color he said I, sir, perhaps Rob be my rub on that. Yes Danny. He will guide me. So we're straight. A Seville the way.

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Well, Emma, and when, what are the he arrived at?

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Mara? Water. Medan of Medan. wotja. He found? Are they he upon it? In mutton? A group mean from a nurse the people?

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Yes, schooner. They water

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well wotja and he found men from dooney him other than them in law attorney to women to do them. They both were keeping back. They both were keeping away. Tyler, he said, Man, what? hakuba Kuma case of YouTube. Matter of YouTube

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Carlota day to set low, not nasty. We water. Hector until use little

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he dispatches

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the shepherds

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what a buena and our father. Shea Han, an old man cabbies great

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festa so he watered lahoma for them to summer. Then though Allah He turned away. ILA towards a will the shadow for Tyler. So he said Robbie. Oh my rub in me indeed I Lima for whatever. And Zelda you sent down. Ilya to me, men from hive in any good for your own one who is in need one who is needing

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to so she came to him.

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Is that humor? One of them to them she she walks Allah upon. Is there here. China's pilot she said in indeed a be my father. Yeah there uka, he is calling you.

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Leah Zika. So he may reward you a juror wage reward man for what? cicada you watered? Lennar for us?

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fella. So when? J. A who he came to him

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he narrated our lay upon him and cost us the story. The narration

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color, he said,

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Do not the half you fear

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that Jota

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you have saved yourself or no Jota you have escaped

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men from alone. The people allegedly mean the wrongdoers.

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eyelet she said if they're Huma one of them too. Yeah. Oh abati My father is that dude who hire him in indeed. Hira best man who is that delta? You hire? Alka Were you the one who is strong? I mean, the trustworthy

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Allah He said in me indeed I really do. I want and that only hacker I give in marriage to you. If the one off even a year, my two daughters her attain these two

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Upon and that, that do Ronnie. You work for me Semenya eight Hey judge yours for in then if at Manta you completed I SRA 10 Fermin so from Indyk near you warmer and not only do I want that a shocker, I travel I put to hardship

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I make heavy or Laika upon you?

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Saturday dooney. Soon you will find me in if He willed Allahu Allah, men from asylee hain the righteous

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Allah He said the Holika that benei is between me obey nica and between you a Yama whichever ledger lane, the two terms are the two I fulfilled fella so not are the one

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any injustice aleja upon me, Allahu and Allah, Allah upon ma whatever Nakula we say we're keelin a trusty

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fellow man. So when other he fulfilled Musa masala salon agile The term was our and he traveled be early he with his wife and so, he perceived he sensed men from journey side

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of the mountain now on a fire either he said Leah he to his wife nkuku you all stay in me indeed I and as to I have felt I have perceived now on a fire largely so that I may ethical I come to you men her from it be hovering with some news Oh or jawatan a firebrand

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a burning log main from a now the fire law calm so that you just alone you all warm yourselves fellow man. So when I tell her he came to it new there he was called main from SharePoint side

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where the the valley la man the right or LA man the blessing

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fee in Albufeira the spot the site Elmo Baraka the blesser one main from a Shara the tree and that yeah Musa Musa it me indeed I Anna I Allahu Allah.

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Allah Allah me aalameen of the world's one and that lt throw arasaka your stuff fellow man so when

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he saw it, that does it moves Canada as if indeed it Jan none a snake while there he turned away mode to be run one showing back or would it be run, fleeing while on and not your active? He turned back? Yeah Moosa, almost. Taco Bell. Advance

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comm forward

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Wallah and do not the half you fear in nucca indeed you men from Alemany those who are secure those who are safe

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us look insert yet aka your hand fi in JB your pocket.

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The hood it will come out by law white men from lady other than suit any illness.

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What mom? Enjoy join alayka Do you Jenna hacker, your side your arm. Men from over the fear. Feather Nika. So these two bohannan are two proofs are two evidences men from Arabic Europe Illa to share owner for their own woman he and his chiefs in the home in the day candle they were common people faster clean ones who are sinful. Tada. He said, Robbie O'Meara in need indeed I Patel two I have killed men home from them. laughs and so for a half an hour, so I fear on that. Yeah. Cthulhu

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They will kill me. Well, he and my brother Harun Harun, who he is of Sahil, more fluent, more eloquent, meanie than me. Listen and in tongue

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for OCL who sent him, Maria with me, reader and as a supporter,

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reader and as a supporter. You said the hooni he will confirm me

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in need indeed I ahafo I fear on that you can be boonie they will deny me.

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Tyler he said center should do soon we will strengthen, we will make firm I budak your arm

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be a HCA with your brother. When a Dr. Lu and we will make the coma for you too. So parlane approve, fella so not yesterday Luna they will reach la coma to you to be Aya Tina with our signs and tumor you to woman and whoever it devour Kuma he followed you to a lolly bone or the victorious ones

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furama then when a home he came to them, Moosa Musashi Salam Biya Tina with our signs, but you net as once clear tyloo they said, Man, not Heather, this Illa except Citroen, a magic master on one that is fabricated, warmer, and not semina. We have heard behind that of this fee in our inner our forefathers are willing the former ones. Well, Tyler, and he said, Musa Musa alayhis salam, Robbie, my Arab RLM is most knowing be man of who he came bill Buddha with the guidance men from India he near him, woman and whoever the coup it is law who for him are people to consequence a dearth of the home in the who, indeed he left not usually who he succeeds, a volley moon the wrongdoers well,

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Carla, and he said fear oh no fear. Oh, yeah, you heard all Alma the chiefs. Man. Not early him too. I know. Luckily for you all men from Illa in any god lady other than me for open so Kindle

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ignite Lee, for me. Yeah, Herman or Herman? Either upon a clean the clay the soil? federal, so make Li for me sarahan

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a lefty palace? lolly so that I

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have polio. I view Illa to Illa God Musa of Musashi Salaam we're in need and indeed I don't know who surely I think him let alone know who surely I think him main from Al Qaeda been the liars?

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What's that about? And he became arrogant. Who He what do you do who and his troops his armies fill out in the earth. The lady without a HELOC the right will one new and the thought and the home that in the day. Elena to US law not your own they will be returned.

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For her now who so we seized him would you knew the who and his troops pheno by their home so we threw them fee in a Liam the river Thunder so look kafer how Ghana it was October two consequence of aalameen of the wrongdoers

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are now home and we made them in mutton leaders. You're the owner, they invite ILA towards a now the fire will yoma and on day lpm the standing lair not use or when they will be helped

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well at Varner home, and we caused to overtake them at the bar now whom we caused to overtake them,

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or at Varna, whom we pursued them. fee in

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heavy this adonia the world learn Latin curse, or Yeoman and on day lpm the standing home

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They men from alma kabu hain, those who are despised

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while awkward, and certainly at Dana, we gave Musa Musa alayhis salam Al Kitab the book men from birth after ma that by alakina We destroyed aluna the generations alula the former ones before if as enlightenment

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leanness for the people

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well who then and a guidance What are Martin and a mercy law law home so that they get other karoun they remember they take heed

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be a

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you know

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all in

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worimi all at

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Juanita Manny

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says Eddie Rooney

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team on

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II mean forbury

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Amina shadow a Java in me

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in me

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to get the moon all

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la buena bi Tina

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mean watch

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he has

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sell kita

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una una

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dos. Oh yo

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Al-Qasas 22-43 Translation 22-43

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