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What amino amino from their letters Hamza mean noon? What's the master the main word? Amen. So amino is from a man What does amino mean? You all believe. So all of you should believe in what Pima and Zell do in that which I have sent down and they'll do Nunes a lamb. What is it that Allah subhanaw taala has sent down? What's the latest, the final that Allah sent? The Quran? So Bhima anzaldo the Quran, the Bani Israel are told directly very clearly believe in what I have set down. Do they have a choice then of believing or not believing? Can they say oh no, it's sufficient for us to believe in without and the engine? Can they say that? No. Would that be acceptable for them? No, because

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Allah is telling them very directly believe in what I have sent down the Koran and this Quran What is it? Allah describes it as Masada con Masada con one that confirms what is it confirm, Lima mera kaam, for that which is with you? What was what the money is for you? The Torah, there's a boo, the NGO and the various teachings that the rest of the prophets have given them. So Allah says that the Quran is masataka in Lima, Morocco. It confirms what is with you. The word Masada, what do you think the root is? Solid? Then off? What does slick mean? truthfulness? Mossad

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is one who does does the one who does? Does the What does this mean? This league is to affirm the truthfulness of something or someone. For example, let's say one person goes to the teacher and says, somebody who's calling you outside. And then another person comes and says, Yes, she's right. Teacher you are being called outside. So the second student What did they do? They affirmed the truthfulness of the first student. Do you understand what the speaker is now? So most of the one who verifies one who declares as true, one who affirms the truthfulness, so this Quran is a mosaddek. It confirms the truthfulness of what the books that are with you. question is How? How does the Quran

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confirm the truthfulness of the Torah and the Injeel? in two ways, in two ways, first of all, the donor and the NGO, what do the Bani Israel believe about them that they are revealed by Allah subhanaw taala the Quran What does that say? That the Torah and the NGO are revealed by who? Allah subhanaw taala. So the Quran confirms the total and the Injeel as being from whom Allah as being divine, revealed scriptures clear that the Quran confirms that the Torah and the Injeel are what divine revealed scriptures. Secondly, the Quran confirms the truthfulness of what is mentioned in the Torah and

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how that in the Torah and the NGO, it was revealed that the final messenger will be sent, the final book will be sent and it will be like this and this meaning the description was given in the Delta and the NGO and the Quran is exactly like that description. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was exactly like that description, because we learn that the Jews who lived in Medina, it has said about them, he already funa Who can I already funa Urbana home, they recognize the messenger sallallahu Sallam as in fact the messenger as well as recognize their own children. Is there any difficulty of finding recognizing your own child, not at all. Similarly, when they saw the

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messenger, they knew he is the messenger, they had no doubt, no confusion whatsoever, there were certain. So in this way the Quran was mosaddek off the Torah and the NGO samosa de Colima miracle Allah says, believe in that, why, why should they believe in the Quran? Because if they don't believe if they don't follow, will their Eman be accepted? No. And besides, if they believe that's a source of great reward for them, we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said three people will get double reward. Three types of people will get the reward twice. Amongst them is a believer from the people of the Scriptures, a believer From who? the People of the Scripture so the Jews and

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the Christians who has been a true believer in his prophet and then believes in me so he was a true believer in who in His Prophet Musa listen I'm very sorry this and I'm or any other prophet that was sent to them. And then he also believes in me in the profits out of Iceland This person will get how much reward double reward. So it's a great thing. This is why me will be mountain zone two and why should you not believe it is

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masataka Lima mera kaam it confirms what is with you. It's not something different. And Allah warns them, Willa Taku and do not become calf while noon cone do not become a Weller first a well Hamza well lamb first, don't become the first who Catherine who is Cafayate? One who this believes be with it. Don't be the first to disbelieve in the Quran doesn't mean it was okay for them to be the second or the third to disbelieve in the Quran. Is that what it means? Don't be the first to disbelieve in it doesn't mean it was okay for them to be the second or the third of the fourth and the fifth. Know what it means by this is that don't set a bad precedent. Because if you disbelieve then what's going

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to happen? What's going to happen the people after you are also going to display if you disbelieve the people after you're also going to disbelieve if you believe that people after you are also going to believe well as Hakuna Avila Catherine be allowed to tell them when a touchstone and do not buy do not purchase the shuttle Shin yet is still and what does it mean to buy or sell to buy or sell? Over here it gives meaning off, purchasing taking. Okay, like we learned earlier. oola eiken Latina Sherwood berlinetta bill Hoda, they bought they purchased misguidance instead of guidance. So do not rush through Be it with my vs semonin a price someone is from newletters thermae noon. Have you

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heard of the name? semina semina. Have you heard of that name? Someone means price value and semina. very precious. Very valuable. Okay, so feminine kalila what is feminine kalila mean? Little price but in off lamb lamb very little, a little value, a petty price. So don't take in exchange of mind versus effective price that you give my verses away. And you take in exchange one, a better price, a very little price, a very little benefit.

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What does it mean by this letters through big seminar Korea? How could they sell the verses of Allah? How would they do that? Remember, we learned earlier that selling means preferring one thing over the other, like them when African What did they do? They purchased misguidance for guidance, so they preferred misguidance over guidance. So similarly, you don't prefer Samoan kalila over my vs. don't prefer worldly benefit over what my versus this worldly benefit that you would gain in exchange for giving up my versus question is, what are these verses referring to? These verses can be understood in a number of ways. First of all, they can be understood as those verses which are in

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the Torah and the Injeel, which described the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which described the Quran. So don't give them up meaning don't reject them or don't alter them or don't remove them or don't distort them or don't miss interpret them just to gain some worldly benefit. Because you see, the problem was that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was from the bunny is married. He was not from the bunny Islam. And for the Jews to accept a prophet from bunnies mareel was a disgrace. It was a humiliation and embarrassment for them. Because they cost money is my real word. Only Yun unlettered people, and they thought very highly of themselves. So if they believe the final messenger, what did

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that mean? Everyone was going to be the same. And they were in fact going to be lower than Who? The prophet who was from the omean. Because remember that they kept their religion only to themselves and not very highly of themselves. They were very proud of themselves, all the non Jewish people, what were they a second class citizen of this world? In other words, they look down on the rest of the people. So for them to accept him as a messenger. It was very difficult for them. So what they did was that they said, are these verses they're not there anymore, or they actually refer to somebody else. I remember I had a conversation with a Christian man, once he was trying to preach to

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me, he was telling me about this apostle, unlettered apostle, on like, Who is he? What is he? I mean, can you give me his description? He said, Oh, he's already gone. Like, okay, who is he? He's not Mohammed that you believe in. Okay? What's the description that you find? He's going to be unlettered and he's going to be this and this and this. I'm like, all of these descriptions. You can find them in the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He said, No, no, it doesn't refer to him because I don't know what explanation he gave. But the text is clear, but what did they do there?

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distorted the description, or they completely removed it, or they altered it. Or they said, No, this is not going to happen. This actually means something different. So Allah is telling them lashed out will be it feminine kalila What will you get in exchange for doing this? Something of this dunya and anything of this dunya What is it? Some of them kalila It's a petty price. It's very little. Why? Because the enjoyment of this world is little it's limited, it's going to perish one day, even if a person got the entire world Is that enough? No, I told you the entire Earth spilling gold is not going to save a person on the Day of Judgment. So the entire world is what Kali Allah subhanaw taala

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tells us in the Quran in Surah Nisa is 77 kilometer or dunya, polygon 102, hyaluron limani, Taka, that say the enjoyment of this world is little, it's very little. So notice through big salmon and kalila. Second, you can also be understood that I can refer to other verses of the Scriptures. Okay, which they distorted, or they changed its meaning, or they completely removed or they altered its meaning they misinterpreted them whatever they did. Why? Just again, worldly benefit. Because the problem with the Bani Israel was that over time, the knowledge of the deen was only limited to their learned people, the scholars, the masters were absolutely ignorant.

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Is that the thing that we see today amongst the Muslims as well? Many times, people don't have any idea, any idea whatsoever about the and what do they do whatever somebody else tells them. So you can say the religious crowd, they manipulated the rest of the people how that they altered the, the change the dean, saying, Oh, this means this, and this means that and you don't have to do this. And yes, this punishment will not be given to you. They will do that to gain the appreciation of the rest of the people, the crowd, so that they would look upon them. For example, if there's a person who doesn't want to wear hijab, and we know that hijab is an obligation of all Muslim women, that

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said, there is a girl who says, I don't want to wear it. She goes to a person who has apparently learned a lot about the deen and she asks him, am I supposed to wear it? He thinks if I say Yes, she's not gonna come to me again. And if I say no, then she will listen to me

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to always look up to me to always consult me. If I say Yes, she's not going to like that. And she won't ask me anything. So this is what they would do. They would change the dean just to please people. And especially they would you can say, sell verdicts. We can give you this verdict and the prices this much money

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by for example, even today, amongst Muslims, there are those who say if you have missed any prayer, then you have to give a certain amount of money for each prayer. You know that. So for example, if you have missed 10 years of Salah, let's say for 10 years, you didn't pray, you didn't bother about praying. So we'll calculate how many soldiers you had to pray for each Salah you have to pay for example, $10 multiply that how much will be 1000s of dollars. Give us that money.

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1000s of dollars you didn't pray so give us all that money. So I'm just saying that this is exactly what the Bani Israel used to sell the religion to gain money. So Allah says Latasha Ruby it feminine kalila don't disgrace my religion like that. Don't disgrace my verses like that, that you're giving them up? You're changing it just to make money. And then Allah says what a boon and fear only me for the only half of me just as early It was hard for her Bonnie. Now Moses taccone. And what does it mean by taqwa the core is to protect yourself from what the punishment of Allah how by doing what he has commanded and staying away from what he has forbidden, what he have at the home. So we see in

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these verses, the Bani Israel are especially being invited to believe in who the messenger sallallahu wasallam in the Quran, because that is what they were supposed to do. And at the same time, they're being reminded, have fear of Allah alone, fulfill your covenant, perform your obligations, and of your obligations is to believe in the messenger. And don't fear people don't prefer the worldly life fear who only Allah and hope for reward in the hereafter. Then Allah further advises them, well, that'll be so helpful and do not mix the truth. There'll be so bad scene lovers or you'll be sued is to mix one thing with the other so that you cannot distinguish between the

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things that have been mixed up, you cannot tell them apart. Okay? mix things together so that you cannot tell them

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apart so that you're confused. What is this? And what is that? For example, if you have one child's blocks that are all blue, and other child's blocks that are all blue as well, and you mix them up together, can you tell between the two? Which one belongs to her husband? Which one belongs to her saying, can you tell? You can't? Because they're mixed up together, you cannot distinguish between the two anymore. So, this is what lapses. So let us be sued, do not mix. Do not mix what the truth will help with what will battle with the falsehood how cough, cough, truth and battling battle and what is battling falsehood. So do not mix the truth with the false hood in a way that you cannot

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distinguish what is right and what is wrong.

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You cannot tell them apart. You cannot tell what's the right thing to do. And what's the wrong thing. For example, the bunny is right you because they were the knowledgeable people, they were known as the al Qaeda, the Arabs, they would look up to them. And as I mentioned to you, that the masters of the Bani Israel, they were ignorant, and only their scholars, they knew about their religion. So a lot of people depended on them for many religious issues for many religious matters. So when the prophet SAW that a lot of them came, obviously people wondered, is it true? Is he not? Are we supposed to believe in Are we not supposed to believe in Him? So when they would consult

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their scholars, what would they say? Yeah, he is a messenger, but he's only for the Arabs. You're not supposed to follow him. It's okay. For us as our own messenger. Have you heard of something like that today? People acknowledge the truthfulness of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, they acknowledge the truthfulness of the Quran even they do. But what do they say? He was only for the Arabs. So when they would say such statements, people will be in confusion. Okay, are we supposed to believe in Him? Are we not supposed to believe in Him? Are we to follow him? Are we not to follow him? So Allah tells them do not mix the truth with the falsehood, keep them both separate. Do not mix them up so

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that people cannot tell what the right is and what the wrong is.

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And unfortunately, even today, this is done. Oh, this is right. And that is also right. You can do anything? Well, there's a lot to be one right and one wrong. Otherwise, why would Allah sent this *tier why would Allah reveal the Quran if everything was okay?

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So let's do this we'll have COVID Well, what doctor will help and conceal the truth Dr. Mo kafta. meme katama is to conceal to hide something so that it cannot be seen anymore. So don't conceal the truth. Think about it. Why would a person makes the truth with the falsehood? Why in order to conceal the truth, so don't hide the truth? Whatever truth you have been told, make it known to the people notice what acto what octo doesn't mean and you should hide know what actiu is connected with the beginning of the ayah in the beginning what has been said let l be su so the same law also applies here. So just as it was letter B so it means whether Docomo law is not mentioned but it's

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implied it's understood Okay, so while I tell this will help or will balcony what optimal haka what anthem tala moon while you know, Darla moon, I mean, while you know what you know, you know the truth. In other words, don't deliberately hide the truth, confuse it with falsehood, keep them both separate. What does this ayah show to us that the money is real, we're supposed to believe in and follow through, and also make it known to the people there we're also supposed to inform the rest of mankind, and of the truth was what the truth of the prophets of Allah is telling the truth of the Quran, but they gave mixed answers. When people ask them directly, what do they do? They give mixed

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answers. So they're being told Don't do this. Don't hide the truth, the truth that you know, make it known what uncontrollable while you know, then Allah says, working with salata, they were further advised, that established the prayer of PMO. What does it mean by a chemo? To stand in prayer, to praise Allah, as you should pray to give the heart of the Salah to give the view of the Salah. So akima salata established the prayer meaning pray as you should be praying in the right way in the prescribed times in the right manner, in congregation what add to the kata and give this

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to Hamza, yeah, to give. So add to the kata all of you give this occur. What is

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the cat is mandatory charity. It is the mandatory charity, the wider charity, the wider soda, which is given on a specific type and amount of wealth to the specific recipients. You don't have to give us a class on every type of wealth that you have. Similarly, you don't

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Give us a card to just anybody know, it's given on specific type and amount of wealth and secondly to specific recipients. And it's also of a certain amount. So others look at the gift as a car, and the money is tied. We're also told what Carl maraviroc urien and bow down with those who bow down. All calf I look our record, what does record mean to bow down? Can you bow down just like that? For example, I just feel like doing record, can I just do record on its own? When can I do record in Santa? So by saying what Kuru What does it mean, praise Allah. And record has been mentioned only Why? Because of its importance, because it's a humility, that it shows. So what Kuru bow down with

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who Maren Walker in with those people who bow down a block here in Florida, or our care. So bow down with those who bow down? What does it mean by that? Pray in congregation Pray along with them, that when they're praying, you also pray?

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What do we see here? The Bani Israel are commanded to fulfill their obligations to perform their duties and have them the most important Salat and then also the cat.

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Why are these two mentioned specifically because Salah is the hacker who Allah subhanaw taala. And the cat is the hacker who people, okay, a person who will pray for Allah, He will also perform other duties. A person who will give this a cat he will also perform other duties to people. So these two acts of worship, they're the source of many other acts of worship. They lead to many other acts of worship. Over here when they're told what a famous letter will add to the Cata. It's not that they were only supposed to do that and forget the rest of the commands. No. These two are mentioned because they are of utmost importance. So do this what Kuru Mercury, and in this world Kuru Mercury,

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they're being told that Pray along with who the rest of those who pray, who is it that used to pray at that time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? The prophets are a lot of cinema as well as his companions. Remember, this is in Medina, the Jewish tribes lived in Medina and in Medina was also the masjid and never we were the Sahaba prayed with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam five times a day. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling the Bani Israel believe and you also go and pray along with them. You also go and pray with them what Carew mercury? Don't separate yourself from them, become a part of them. What does it show to us? What lesson does this give us?

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The importance of unity, the importance of unity, that be with those people who are worshipping Allah, stay with them, don't separate yourself from them. Be a part of the jamara the congregation don't separate yourself from them. Now, from this ayah scholars have also derived the importance of praying Salah in congregation in jamara. Your mother praying and congregation This is something that is an obligation on men. However, it's not an obligation on women. But do you know what the reward is of praying in congregation 27 times more? Because sometimes we say yeah, I won't pray right now. I pray later, okay. There's a genuine reason. You have to go somewhere, or you have to do something

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urgently. That's a different matter. But if for no reason, you're saying, Yeah, I can pray later. In the Jamaat they take too long. They take 10 minutes to pray, I can pray in five minutes in my own. Should we do that? No, we shouldn't do that. Because what are we losing out on? A lot of reward. Remember that extremely important that when the GMR is going on, we should join that unless there's a genuine reason that prevents you from doing that. And also remember that jamara is an obligation for who for them. And I'll tell you a hadith we learn that operator of the learn who inherited a blind man once came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said O Messenger of Allah, I have no one

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to guide me to the masjid. I'm blind. And I have no one to guide me to the masjid when it's time to pray when the Juma is going on. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam allowed him and when the man turned away, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called him back, and he said, Can you hear the event? When the event is pronounced? Can you hear it in your home? He said, Yes, I can. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, then you must respond to it. If you hear the call to prayer, then you have to respond to it. Imagine he was a blind man. He wasn't allowed. He wasn't allowed. similarity from another Hadees we learned that there will sorry the inheritors of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam

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he saw a man who was praying alone, by himself. Perhaps he came late to the master, so he Mr. jamara. So he was praying by himself. So the prophets are also asked the people who will give sadaqa to Him, who will give sadaqa to this man who is praying alone. What did he mean by that? That who will pray with him, so that he can increase in his reward? So that his reward can be multiplied, inshallah

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The rest of the details of congregation we can study later. But right now what I want you to understand is that when the jamara is going on, then what should we do? Pray and join in it? Because I see unfortunately that right after our class when it is time for prayer, yes, a lot of people are gone. But many people are also here. If you have to pray, avail that opportunity. Don't just let it go by because on the Day of Judgment, know what's going to happen, we're going to wish for the smartest of good deeds, even the smallest of good deeds. We think, yeah, I have enough at least I'm praying. But on that day, you will want more. Has it ever happened with you that you go to the mall

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with your friend, you have $100 and she has $200 or something like that, and she ends up buying something that you cannot afford?

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Do you say yeah, it's okay. You may say, she will wish for more, isn't it? He will wish that you had brought more money, you wish that you had more money that you could buy more stuff you could enjoy more? So how is it that when it comes to dounia, seminar kalila, we say we want more and when it comes to gender and reward? Yeah, it's okay. As long as I entered in, when you enter gender, then you will wish that you will be higher, you will wish that you had more. So don't let these opportunities go by. So what Kuru, Morocco marine bow down with those who bow down, Pray along with them, join the congregation. I mentioned it to you that for women, it's not an obligation, but for

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men it is. And this doesn't mean that you exempt yourself from any jamara. The reason I mentioned you all these are these to you is that you also avail that opportunity. All right. So this was Bani Israel. But as I mentioned to you earlier, we study every verse with who in mind, ourselves. So what lessons do we learn from these verses for ourselves, that we must accept the truth completely, and we should not alter it to suit our own desires or leave out parts of the book just because we don't like them concealing the truth, to fear Allah more than other people. And fearing a law means what? What does it mean to fear Allah, that we fear, his punishment, his anger, his disapproval, that we

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OBEY Him? Whether it goes against our desires, or it suits our desires? That is the meaning of true fear.

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Why is it that the Bani Israel are addressed in the Quran, when they're not reading the Quran, Bani Israel are being addressed, right? So they're not reading it, who is reading it? We're reading it.

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As I told you earlier that when these verses were revealed, who was primarily being addressed, those Jews and Christians at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and remember that the Jews, especially those who were in with the net, they would actually come to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, attend his gathering even listen to the Quran even. And they would come and ask him questions as well. And he would recite the Quran to them. So this is why these verses were revealed, to give them specific instructions.

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Today, two benefits of this, first of all, we learn. And secondly, we realize that we need to tell them, because we think that Oh, they're also of the monotheistic religions, they believe in the prophets, they believe in Allah. And that should be sufficient. No, it's our obligation that we tell them and also, we benefit from what is mentioned, because many times you will see the wish the keener mentioned the Quran, the Jews and the Christians are mentioned the Quran and we wonder they don't read it, we read it. So should we just say that oh, this refers to them? This refers to them? No, we take two lessons from all such verses that a we conveyed to them. And B, we don't repeat the

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same mistakes. Okay.

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People believed in reincarnation, they did not give the message to themselves. Rather they spread it. And we see that today. Most people what's their religion, Christianity, so they were doing it? Why did Allah subhanaw taala send the final messenger? Why? Because he said, Listen, he faced a lot of persecution when he was a prophet. And we know that only a few people believed in him. Okay, only a few people believed in him, the disciples, and they also faced a lot of persecution opposition from the people. And we see that over time, because of that difficulty, that persecution, the lost the original message, and they started inventing many things. They added many things, they

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misinterpreted many things. They lost many things, and it's quite possible they did it out of innocence. Some may have also done it deliberately. But anyway, the main thing is that they did not have the truth with them. The religion got corrupted. Just as previously the bunny is trying they have Torah. Why did Allah sent restart Asana

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to remind them because they drifted away from the original teachings. So similarly, the original teachings that the Christians had drifted away from them, reciting Islam instead of following him, what did they do? They started worshipping Him. That's a major crime. So that's why Allah sent the last messenger and decides he was going to send the last messenger and he

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And we did just do a little who are the bunny is about you? Just the children of your Cobra Lisa, his descendants amongst the bunny Israel or Who? The prophets as well as the other people. Names of the messengers were sent to bunny Israelite, you

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musasa who else said a man or listener? That would listener? restarted Sara. You're here listener? The Korean peninsula. Yusuf Ali Salaam very good.

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Who was your Kubernetes alum,

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the grandson of Ibrahim ernesta, who was the other son of Ibrahim or the Sena is married Ernest and on What were his descendants known as? One who is married, which messengers were sent to but who is married Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam any other messenger? No. Why were the Bani Israel special? How are they chosen? Okay, that allows the panel data had chosen them from all of mankind, for what for guidance and also with the responsibility to convey the message to the rest of the people. The loss apparently Allah says you have any Israelite ear or guru near mighty which blessing. So religious blessings as well as worldly blessings, as well as some special favors that

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were done to them simply because who were they the chosen people? So we'll go to Nero Mati and Lottie and onto our laico 104 B or D fulfill my covenant which covenant is this which promise is this the promise to establish Allah gives a cat believe in the messengers support the messengers and give a good loan to a lower doesn't mean by that spending in the way of a look oofy be radical, which promise that Allah made with them in return, forgiveness and paradise what a a boon doesn't mean we're not allowed to fear other things other people. What does it mean by this? Well, yeah, if a boon Yes, we should not fear others in such a way that it prevents us from obeying Allah subhanaw

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taala will Ameobi Martin zotoh Masada Colima, Marco What is this referring to? What were they told to believe in the Quran? What's the description of the Quran given over here? That it is Muslim?

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What does Masonic mean? How is the Quran? mosaddek What are the two ways in which God honors mosaddek of the previous books? Okay, so first of all, it confirms that the are divinely revealed scriptures that Allah revealed them Secondly, it confirms what was inside of them what was mentioned in them. So whatever description was given in the books about the messenger about the Quran, that's exactly how the Quran so in that way, the Quran is mosaddek whenever kuno a worker for me, it doesn't mean it's okay to be the second to disbelieve the fifth disbelief that tends to disbelief. Don't set the bad trend, the evil trend because if you do it, other people will follow you. Now

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imagine that you heard that the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the Jews at that time, they saw him they recognized him they knew he was a messenger, but the majority of them did not accept him. They did not believe in him. Why? Because they were jealous, out of envy, that how is it possible that he has been chosen as a messenger, someone from Blue is married and not from the blue Israel? So because of this pride, because of this arrogance, they did not believe and then what happened? all the generations that came after them, they also disbelieved in the prophets of Allah. See how this set the bad trend? And it has continued even till today? and overtime? What did they

00:33:39--> 00:34:20

do? They altered the message, they altered the signs, they misinterpreted them, they distorted them. So as a result, the truth got mixed up with the falsehood whenever the show will be at the feminine kalila What does it mean by this, do not sell my verses for a better price. Do not change them just to get worldly benefit. Do not sell the religion for worldly benefits that you change the religion just in order to get worldly benefits and worldly benefits what was feminine kalila? What was the petty price they were getting? Either it was wealth or it was their leadership as well, because they were maintaining their leadership because people were always in need of them and they would keep

00:34:20--> 00:34:37

coming back to them. What if a takuan and only me You should fear what does it mean by this? Only me You should have the power of this command different from the previous one. Earlier it was set Aya for Hubble. Now it has been said Aya for the Condor has three difference between the two.

00:34:38--> 00:34:57

Okay, so out of fear of Allah, do what he has commanded and stay away from what he has forbidden what he is at the hole, and then the money is right or told whenever this will help gobble battlin. What does it mean by this? Do not mix the truth with the falsehood. How is the truth mixed with the falsehood?

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

The truth was not

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

clear from the falsehood. So to mix them up in such a way that Hillel is not clear from what is wrong, that you're in confusion, is it okay? Is it not okay? Everything is okay. Or everything is wrong. The Deen is presented in such a way that people cannot figure out what to do. They're just left in confusion. So let them This will help you build wealth and do not mix up the two, keep half as help and keep battling as well.

00:35:29--> 00:35:54

Can you give me one example of how the Bani Israel did that? That when the people of Makkah wished again, they asked them or when the rest of the Jews asked them about the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they gave a very mixed answer a very vague answer. So the people were confused. And as a result, they just did not believe in the prophets of Allah. What optimal haka, and you conceal the truth. What does it mean by this, that you conceal the truth?

00:35:56--> 00:36:38

That the scholars knew about what the truth was, but they did not tell the people about it. Remember that it is forbidden, it is prohibited to conceal the truth to hide the truth. We're not allowed to hide it. Now, what does that mean by hiding the truth? It is done in two ways. First of all, somebody comes in asks you about something. For example, somebody asks you about what is in the Quran, they ask you what is this mentioned in the Quran? Or is that in the deen? Is this part of the day? If somebody asks you Is this how long is this? Hello? So if you don't give the right answer, and you know it, that is hiding the truth? Yes. If you don't give the answer, and you know, it is

00:36:38--> 00:36:50

hiding the truth? Yes, it is. So one is when somebody comes and asks you directly, and you don't give a proper answer, this is what hiding the truth, we're not allowed to do that.

00:36:51--> 00:37:30

Secondly, it is also done when a person is doing something wrong, or doing something in a way that you know that they need to do the truth, you know, that they are in need of knowledge. Like, for example, if there is a child who was eating something that's harmful for himself, or, for example, a person is eating something that is harmful for themselves. They don't realize and you know, that that food is corrupted, you know that that particular thing they're eating they're touching is dangerous for them. But you don't tell them? Is that right? No, you're concealing the truth, you should not hide it. Because what we do is we say, Oh, they never asked me. They never asked me.

00:37:31--> 00:38:07

Like, for example, if there is a particular meal that has been prepared in such a way that there is something that could be dangerous for one person. Why? Because they're allergic to that food. For example, a person is allergic to nuts, and you know, that the cake that they're about to eat has nuts in it. Are you going to say Oh, they never asked me if it has nuts. Are you going to do that? No. You're going to tell them that look, they're nuts in it, don't eat it. It's not right for you. It's not okay for you. You cannot say Oh, they never asked me. So could manual help concealing of the truth is done in two ways that first of all, when you're asked about it, when you're inquired

00:38:07--> 00:38:18

about it, you don't tell? And secondly, when you see the need of it, when you see the need in people to know about it. You don't let it be known. You don't inform them?

00:38:19--> 00:39:05

What actually happened 100 meaning don't conceal the truth what under the moon while you know. And further commands and loss of Pandora gifts to them that were a famous Sonata will add to the CATA what Kuru ma Valkyrie established the salah and give this occur, and bow down with those who bow down. What do we learn in this verse? The importance of praying together in congregation? Are there any benefits? Minus the reward? I mean, the reward. Of course, we all know that. Are there any other benefits of praying together? Anything of any unity, it helps concentrate? How? Because everybody's doing the same thing. Everybody's praying together. So you also are praying with that. You may have

00:39:05--> 00:39:28

noticed that when the actual drama is going on, there is silence and you're able to focus on yourself. But as soon as it ends are right before it. Yes, people are bringing their sadhana. So they're walking back and forth. Some people have prayed already. Some people are coming, some people are not. So there's so much distraction at that time. Any other benefit that when you are standing in a proper slough, then ChildLine is not there.

00:39:29--> 00:39:48

Any other benefit that it helps you correct your spelling, improve your solar because of the other people around you that they're praying properly. So you also end up praying properly. Obviously, that should not be our focus to show off or to make sure that other people approve our prayers, but definitely it is a means of improvement.