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Juz’ 12: Hud 1-123 – Yusuf 1-52

Yusuf 19-52

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And there came a company of travelers. Then they sent their water drawer, and he led down his bucket. He said good news here is a boy and they concealed him taking him as merchandise. And Allah was knowing of what they did. And they sold him for a reduced price use of arnesson and the Beloved of his father, the good mannered, the good natured boy, what happened, they picked him up from the well hid him as merchandise, and they sold him for a very little price. A few did homes, and they were concerning him of those content with little why because they wanted to sell him quickly.

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Imagine the Beloved of his father thrown into a well by his jealous brothers picked up by greedy travelers sold for a little profit.

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While Carla dish Tara who and the one from Egypt, who bought him set to his wife, make his residents comfortable. This is amazing in the moral ursery is fraught with difficulties ease. On the one hand, there are people who don't value you who insult you who don't treat you the way you deserve to be treated, who don't recognize your true worth in their eyes, you are nothing. If they could get rid of you, they would get rid of you. But what happens? Allah subhanaw taala also sends people who value use of RNA sooner, so much so that this man says make his residents comfortable, perhaps he will benefit us or we will adopt him as a son. And thus we established use of interland that we

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might teach him the interpretation of events Yousuf was brought here for a reason. Yes, his brothers tried to harm him. But what happened through that process? Allah gave use of our lesson, um, something that he could not have received in the house of his father. And what was that in? Because this man who purchased him It has said that he was the finance minister, you could say, all right, so use of our SNM I mean, from his words, it's obvious that he didn't have children of his own. So use the word s&m is living in his house, not just as a servant, but he told his wife treat him well, perhaps we will adopt him as our son. So he's not just a servant, you know, who is working all the

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time, but he's made as a part of the family. So with this direct exposure to finance matters of Egypt, alright, the use of Redis. And I've got to learn so much could he have learned that at home? No good. He had learned that while he was facing the jealousy of his brothers every day, no, he couldn't. For sometimes a lot of us out of situations that we like, but he pulled us out of them. And he puts us in other situations. Why? Because there is something there that we can learn that we cannot learn where we were before. So that will lead to be lacking.

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And when you have reached maturity, we gave him judgment and knowledge and thus, thus we reward, the doers of good to pre decide didn't complete and thus we established use of in the land that we might teach him the interpretation of events. And Allah is predominant over his affair, but most of the people do not know meaning the brothers of use of in their jealousy they wanted to harm use of early Scylla isn't it? They wanted that he should receive no good. But what happened Allah decreed that use of Allah send and receive good, did use of it send and receive good, Yes, he did. So when Allah has decided something good for you remember, no one can stop. No one can stop that. When Allah has

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decreed that you should benefit no one can take that benefit away from you. So Have no fear, even if people hurt us, even if they take our freedom away. No matter what they do. They cannot prevent the hate that Allah has decreed for us. And when use have reached maturity, we gave him judgment and knowledge and thus we reward the doers of good knowledge and wisdom. They're described as reward over here. Knowledge is a huge blessing. It's a reward. Wisdom is a huge blessing. And she in whose house he was sought to seduce him now as things settle, and you would think that at home the way he was living things would be good, what happens? The lady whose slave he is, she tries to seduce him,

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she closed the doors and said, Come you he said I seek the refuge of Allah. Indeed, he is my master who has made good my residents indeed wrong tours will not succeed. How could I do this wrong? Allah has blessed me so much. And master refers to the master, meaning the husband of this woman. He has been so kind to me, how can I wronged him in this way by doing evil with his wife, and she certainly determined to seduce him, and he would have inclined to her because after all, he was a man, a young man. And a young man has a desire, and if he is being approached, it's very difficult for him to read

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fuse. So Allah says he would have inclined to hurt, had he not seen the proof of his Lord, what was the proof of his Lord? Something, whatever it was, that made it clear to him that this is wrong, I'm not going to do this.

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I am not going to do this, this is how long even though the doors are closed, and I am not the one initiating this, I am being offered. And most probably, if I indulge in this, I won't be caught. But still realizing that no, this is wrong, this is wrong, I cannot do this. This is bohan. You know that clarity, because bouhanni is from Barra and that is when something is white shining. So many times it happens that a person, there's a wrong opportunity in front of him and he doesn't even see that it is wrong. And he does it he slips. And other times what happens says if a person has clarity, he sees wrong as wrong. He says no way I cannot do this. And he stops he controls his

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desire. So use of our s&m was helped by Allah here. And thus it was that we should avert from him evil and immorality. Indeed, he was of our chosen servants. So when a person is sincere, when a person is trying to please Allah, then Allah also protects him.

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in a heartbeat, we learn the profits of the loss. And I'm said after me, I have not left any trial more severe to men than women. Meaning it's something that's understood. For men. This is a huge test, a huge test. But from the story, what do we see that a woman who is much older can also fall in love with a man who is much younger? Can she not? But what do we say, Oh, this is my son. Yes, he's three years younger than me. And he's my son.

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He's 10 years younger than me. And oh, it's okay. No, no problem. No, non Muharram is non Muslim. Even if there's a difference of 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, they are non Muharram. We are all human beings, we are weak. And Shannon is with all of us. Also, the prophets that a lot of them said that whenever there are two people alone, man and woman who are not related, who's the third shavon. So never allow yourself to be alone with a non Muslim man, even if he's just 20 years old, and you are 40 years old. still do not allow yourself because after all, you're a human being, you have a heart, you have feelings, you have desires. Also, we think this this problem is only for the men.

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No, this problem is also for the women. Right? The problem is that a lot of them said that the women are like equals of men, meaning that they have similar struggles. What's the local bad, and they both raised to the door and she tore his shirt from the back and they found her husband at the door. She said what is the recompense of one who intended evil for your wife, but that he'd be imprisoned or a painful punishment? This was love. If this was really low, why would you put the entire blame on him? Look at how she turned against him. Use of said It was she who sought to seduce me, and a witness from her family testified that if his shirt is torn from the front, then she has told the

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truth, and he is of the liars. But if his shirt is stolen from the back then she has lied and he is of the truthful meaning. He said that let's use circumstantial evidence. And what happened. So when her husband saw his shirt torn from the back, it was obvious that he was trying to run so he is innocent, and who's guilty. The woman is guilty. I imagine the husband, he says to his wife. Indeed it is of the women's plan. Indeed, your plan is great. And this is true, that when a woman tries to trap a man, it's almost impossible for him to escape. It's almost impossible for him to escape when a woman traps a man. Useful art is on had. He said you serve ignore this. And he said to his wife,

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seek forgiveness for your sin, apologize. Indeed you were of the sinful, you have done something wrong. And the women in the city said the wife of the disease because this man was the disease. The disease was this title. This that the wife of the disease is seeking to seduce her slave boy. He has impassioned her with love. Indeed we see her to be in clear air. We see her to be in clear air we see the talk that's going around. What does it show that the woman she tried to close all the doors, she closed the doors unlocked.

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She made sure that nobody would find out but what happened, her husband found out and then the people in the house found out and then the women in the city are now talking about it. So a sin remember, even if it's committed behind closed doors, it cannot remain hidden.

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It cannot remain hidden it will be exposed. So never disobey Allah in private or in public. So when she heard of their scheming, she sent for them and prepared for them a banquet and gave each one of them a knife and set to use have come out before them. And when they saw him, they greatly admired him and they got their hands because they were just staring at him and they didn't realize

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They were cutting their hands. And they said, perfect is Allah. This is not a man, this is none but a noble Angel. You see, lowering the gaze is something that is not just for the men, it's also for the women.

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This is also for the women. So we should not be looking at non Muslim men straight in their eyes constantly. Even if they happen to be an Islamic scholar, whose video we are watching Don't just keep staring at their face and admiring their beard and wondering why their mustaches short or long or what? Right? Don't think about that. Don't keep staring at them, we have to lower our gaze also. We have to do that. So we see that these women, when they were staring at us over the center, they end up hurting themselves. And this is what happens when we don't lower the gaze from what is unlawful, then we hurt ourselves.

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Now, why did this wife of Aziz come up with this plan? Because she's justifying herself that if I have fallen in love with him, I'm not wrong. He's handsome. Some my fault. As she's showing them, Why are you blaming me? Look at you. Even you fell in love with him, even you admire his beauty. And this is so common and sadly, that when we are doing something wrong, we justify it. We justified we say it's so tempting. It's everywhere. It's so common, everybody's doing it. I can't help it. Right? And the list goes on. How long is how long, no matter how attractive it may seem?

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And to justify it is a grater wrong.

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She said that is the one about whom you blame to me. So am I wrong? She's justifying herself. And I certainly talked to seduce him, but he firmly refused. Now she herself is saying that he was innocent. And if he will not do what I order Him, He will surely be imprisoned and will be of those who are debased, he said, but are besieged with a horrible lamb Maya de una de la. He said, Oh, my Lord, prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite to me. And if you do not avert for me their plan, I might inclined toward them and thus be of the ignorant. So what is he saying, oh, Allah send me to prison, so that I can be saved from this, how long? And this shows a man that a

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person is willing to suffer some worldly loss in order to protect his faith in order to preserve his faith, just as remember how he, you know, he had 1000 dinar or return with him. And he was on a ship. And he told somebody that he had all that money. And that man, he after some time, he said, I've lost so much money. I've lost so much money, somebody stole it, and he made a huge scene. So everybody started searching. And this man's plan was they'll find it with a mumble hottie and they will say, well, you stole this man's wealth, returned it to him. Right? The money was not found. So this man, he went to a party afterwards. Heck, so where did the money go? Where'd you hide it said I

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threw it in the water. I got rid of it.

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He said I got rid of it because I didn't want to be accused of theft. Because I am someone from whom people take Hades, the words of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and I do not want to be accused of theft, because then they will question my integrity, my reliability. So we see over here, the use of artists anime is also choosing prison over this freedom. So his Lord responded to him and diverted from him their plan. Indeed, he is the hearing the knowing how is it they're all accepted, he was sent to prison.

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He was sent to prison. So sometimes we are taken out of a difficulty how by being put in a different difficulty.

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By being put in a different difficulty. We think when we make our own life should become perfect. No, it will not become perfect until you step into demna. It will not be perfect. It's either one trial or another.

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So he was now out of the house where the Spitler was, but now he was in prison.

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Then it appeared to them after they had seen the signs that Aziz should surely imprison him for a time, they had the power to throw him into prison. So they did it, they imprisoned him. And when he went into prison, and there entered the prison with him, two young men, one of them said, Indeed, I have seen myself in a dream pressing wine, the other set Indeed, I have seen myself carrying upon my head, some bread, from which the birds were eating, inform us of its interpretation, in analog coming in more sunny and indeed we see those who do exam. You see the person who is truly good natured, good natured, he's good, he wants to do good, he will do good at home, he will do good as a

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slave. He will do good in the prison. Also. We blame our circumstances. We say, Oh, you know, my family, so huge. I don't get any personal time. And there's always fights and arguments in my family. So that's why I can't speak nicely. I can't do this and this and this.

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And then we say, Oh, I have no freedom. I have work. I get so tired. I have such long hours of such a busy schedule. That's why I'm so cranky. But a Morrison is worse than that.

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Whether he is at home in the well as a slave, or in the prison, because these people are saying to him, we see you as a good man. He said, You will not receive food that is provided to you except that I will inform you of its interpretation before it comes to you. That is from what my lord has taught me. Indeed, I have left the religion of a people who do not believe in Allah, and they in the hereafter are disbelievers. And I have followed the religion of my father is Ibrahim is half an aircooled. And it was not for us to associate anything with Allah, that is from the favor of Allah upon us and upon the people. But most of the people are not grateful. He said, Oh, my two companions

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of prison are separate Lords better or Allah, the One, the prevailing alojado

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you worship not besides him except mere names, and you have named them you and your forefathers for which Allah has sent down no authority. legislation is not but for Allah. He has commanded that you worship not accept him. That is the correct religion. But most of the people do not know. You see this level and sugarcoat that even in the prison, he is doing Dawa. He's calling people to Allah. When things are against his wishes, still, he's doing what he can do. Things are not perfect. But he's doing what he can do. He doesn't seem frustrated, he doesn't seem depressed. He doesn't seem angry and vengeful, he was innocent. And he's in prison. But how does he spend his time with

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patients with good o'clock? And when people come to him, because they trust him? What does he do? He does not refer to them, how briefly but with proofs, and what is it that he called them to, though hate and this shows to us that this message of though he is something that is of most importance, or two companions of prison, as for one of you, He will give drink to his master of wine, but as for the other, he will be crucified and the birds will eat from his head, the matter has been decreed about which you both enquire, so he told them the interpretation of their dreams. And he said to the one whom he knew would go free, mentioned me before you're a master. But shaitan made him forget the

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mention to his master and use have remained in prison for several years. Because the two men who came for their dreams, one of them, his interpretation was that the interpretation that he gave him was that you become free, and you will serve wine to your master, meaning the king. So when you do that, when you go when you're free, and when you're with the king mentioned me, meaning tell him that I'm an innocent man who's trapped in the prison. And I have no family here who will come and fight for me, so do something about me. But what happened, this man when he left, he got so happy and lost in his world that he forgot about use of his time. So use a very firm now stayed in the

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prison for several more years. Now, this happens also, that you do good to someone, but they don't even turn back and say a word of acknowledgement,

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or gratitude. Because if this man was truly grateful to us, for listening for the interpretation that he gave him, he would have remembered him. And if you remember him, he would have at least mentioned him to the king. But he didn't.

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It's like he asked for a favor. And then he completely forgot about it. Completely over looked at it. And this happens in life, but who is worse than the one who keeps doing your son, even if people don't remember now the following either about the dream of the king, and then what happens as a result of that, we'll call many coup in ne RR suburbia, karate, rotting semen in. And the king said, Indeed, I have seen in a dream, seven fat cows being eaten by seven that were lean, and seven green spikes of grain and others that were dry. Oh, eminent once explained to me my dream, if you should interpret dreams, we learned about use of a salon that how when he ended up in prison,

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do people came to him asking him the interpretation of their dreams. And they showed their trust in Him. And they said that we see you as a person. And the fact is that when a person is good in their nature, in their behavior, and they are observing patience, and they're grateful, then even in the most difficult circumstances, they are recognized as Morrison, trust them. So we see the use of our listener in the prison, do men approached him asking him the interpretation of their dreams and use of our SLM he told them the interpretation, and one of them the interpretation of his dream was that he will go and serve the king use of artists and I'm asked him that when you go, then make sure that

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you mentioned me to your master. But what happened that man, he completely forgot. And then what happened? Allah soprano Dada brought about such circumstances in which the king himself needed us

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Listen, you know, it's amazing each time someone does not recognize the worth of use of RNA center, Allah subhanaw taala create circumstances in which his worth is exposed, it is established, there were people who sold use of artists and them for just a few dyrham. And what happened, the man who purchased him, he said to his wife that perhaps we can adopt him as a child. Likewise, use of our time ascent into the prison, accused of a crime that he never committed. And there are people coming there and saying that we see you as a person. And now again, for the third time we see in his life, that how, when you surprise Santa, he needs help, what happens? Allah soprano Tada, he makes the

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king have a dream. When that man forgot to return the favor of use of la sala, he perhaps didn't give much attention. What happened? Allah subhanaw taala, he exposed the true worth of use of his center. So the king had a dream. And this dream was also very strange, because he sees in his dream, seven lean cows eating up seven fat cows. And generally it's the other way around, the one who is stronger, the one who is more powerful, they destroy the one who is weaker. But in this dream, the exact opposite was happening. So the king wanted the interpretation. And he asked his people to give him the interpretation. Their response was, they said it is but a mixture of false dreams. And we

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are not learned in the interpretation of dreams. But the one who was freed and remembered after a time said, I will inform you of its interpretation. So send me forth the same man. Now what happened, he remembered that use of once upon a time gave him the interpretation of his dream. So he said, send me to the prison. I'll go and inquire about the interpretation of this dream. So he said use of all men have truth useful? Or you have Siddique, He is known for his truthfulness. Yet Where is he? in the prison explained to us about seven fat cows eaten by seven that were lean, and seven green spikes of grain and others that were dry, that I may return to the people, perhaps they will

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know about you. Or perhaps they will know what to do about this dream. Use of said you will plan for seven years consecutively. And what you harvest leave in its spikes except a little from which you will eat then will come after that seven difficult years, which will consume what you save for them. Seven thing cows will consume the seven fat ones, except a little from which you will store then will come after that a year in which the people will be given rain, and in which they will press olives and grapes, meaning they will press oil they will press juice. So when this interpretation was brought to the king, the king was astonished, we'll call Malika Tony Bay, and the king said,

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Bring him to me. The King knew that the one who interpreted the dream for him was no ordinary event. He was someone who was a man of intelligence, and a man who was wise. So the king said, Just bring him to me. But when the messenger came to use of use of artists Salam said, return to your master and ask him what is the case of the women who kept their hands. Indeed, my lord is knowing of their plan, use of our esalaam does not rush out of the prison. And we see his patients over here, his trust in Allah over here. Generally what happens when we are waiting for relief when we're waiting for some blessing. As soon as we see it, we jump at it. We're waiting for a fourth time. And what

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happens as soon as the time tells us that we can break our fast without even thinking we start gobbling up food. Look at the patience of use of realism. He's not hasty. Before he steps out of the prison, he wants to make sure that the people will actually trust him. He wants to establish trust. And how will that be when his record is clear, when he's declared innocent of a crime that he was falsely accused of? Why? Because as a prophet, he had a very important role to play. As a person who was going to help people he had to be someone who was trustworthy, he had to be someone that people felt comfortable with. So if this was a man who had been accused of playing with women, then how

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could people trust him? And we see that all of the prophets of Allah, what was their quality, that they were all known for their truthfulness and their trustworthiness. So use of artists and and wants to make sure that he has a clear record. And we see that on the one hand, our matter is with Allah. But on the other hand, our mentor is also with the people. Generally it happens that when we are falsely accused, or when people have a wrong impression about us, we say it's okay. I don't care about it. Why? Because Allah knows my reality. Yes, definitely. Allah knows our reality. But when we do have a chance and opportunity to clarify our position before people we should do so. It doesn't

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mean that all of the time we should be concerned about the

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finding our image protecting our image in front of other people, no. But when Allah does give us a chance to correct our affairs before people, then we must seize that opportunity and establish trust. Because if there is no trust between people, then there can be no long term relationship in them, then they cannot benefit from each other, then no matter how much good you wish to bring to people, you cannot bring it because they're not willing to receive it. So use of our listener is very patient over here also, the king said to the women of the king takes the matter in his own hand. Just imagine that threw him in the prison without even proving him guilty. And now what do we

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see? The king is taking the matter in his own hand, establishing the innocence of use of our Acela. But notice this was after several years, several years. In the meantime, use of RSM had to be in the prison, because he had to experience something over there that he wouldn't otherwise experience. He had to learn something there that he could not otherwise learn. Many times it happens that Allah also puts us through some hardship, times of loneliness, times when we feel like our talents, our abilities are being wasted, we are imprisoned, we are locked up. But in that also if a person accepts the decree of Allah, they will be learning, as we see use of our lesson on his time in the

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prison didn't go waste. There was a reason why I locked him there. And when Allah brought him out, then we see that he is declared completely innocent. The king said to the women, what was your condition when you sought to seduce use of this act? Perfect is Allah we know about him no evil, the wife of that, as he said, Now the truth has become evident. It was I who sought to seduce him. And indeed he is of the truthful, before she said this in front of her friends, that he did not listen to me. And now she says this, in front of the king, she publicly confesses that she was guilty and use of our lesson was innocent. That is, so that their Aziz will know that I did not betray him in

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his absence, and that Allah does not guide the plan of the betrayers. Why is that woman confessing now to also make it clear to her husband, that she did not betray him. And we can also understand these words to be the words of use of art a seller that why is it that he's insisting that his innocence be revealed to make the disease his master know, that use of artists and I'm never betrayed him? Because if you serve had betrayed his master, then could other people trust him? Could other people trust him know, if his master had not been safe with regards to his wife? Then how could people be safe with regards to their property with regards to their future with regards to

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their finances? So use of RSM Why is he going through this lengthy process of making sure that his innocence is revealed? That is so that my master will know that I did not betray him in his absence, and that Allah does not guide the plan of the betrayers subchronic alone will be humbling I shadow Illa Illa illa Anta as the hirokawa to LA Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh