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Al-Hujurat 11-18 Tafsir 12

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Then unless is when I yelled the variable combat

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and he should not backbite who should not backbite some of you have others, meaning don't backbite one another Yoda is from the roof letters Lamia, the leave What does leave me unseen that which is hidden and LIBOR, what is LIBOR backbiting? Because when does a person backbite behind the back of the other while they are in the labor? Right? Well, they are absent from their backbiting is always done in the absence of the other person not in his presence. And what is lever lever is to mention the bad traits of someone in his absence.

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Whether those bad traits are about his physical body, or about his character, or about his circumstances or about his actions, or about what he does his intelligence or foolishness, anything, his abilities are instabilities. And what's the purpose to damage his reputation, damage his reputation, this is what he buys. But remember that LIBOR? backbiting This is always true. What does it mean?

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It's always the mention of bad trades that are actually in that person. factual.

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And if those batteries are not in him, and a person is saying that he has them, then what is that? Bhutan, that is lander? Isn't it? Because many times people back then and they say, but it's true? Well, of course it's true. This is why you shouldn't do it. You shouldn't say this is why you shouldn't discuss it. And when the purpose of Riba of mentioning other person's bad traits is to cause division between people to cause enmity between people then that is what NEMA calumny

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obliterated the lead on who he said that it was asked all as messenger what is backbiting? He said, the crooked a haka be my yokocho mentioning about your brother in a manner that he dislikes, saying something about your brother, what he would not like to be mentioned.

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You understand,

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saying something about your brother, what he would not like to be mentioned what he would not like to be spoken up, which he would not like that other people find out about, you know, of it. And you say that this is what deliver

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the profits or losses, and I was then asked what if my brother was, as I mentioned, meaning what if he's like that? He said, If he was, as you mentioned, you will have committed backbiting but he was not as you say about him, you would have falsely accused him.

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So we should stop talking negatively badly about other people, even if it's factual.

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This is also a very important point. Sometimes people say, Oh, I can say it on their face, even this is not an E book because I can even say this on their face, what we learned earlier, what is lumps? What is lumps to insult someone, on his face? Even that is not permissible on their face is not permissible behind them is not permissible. What's the reason behind LIBOR? Why do people do LIBOR? or other? Why do we do LIBOR? What leads to LIBOR,

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to belittle the other person to show one's own greatness, that Oh, look at them. You know, this is what she did. This is what they did. This is what she said. So, what's the purpose? What's the objective to belittle the other person in order to glorify oneself? And sometimes it's past time, gossip? A person has nothing better to do so he starts talking about others, you know, small minds, what do they discuss? What do they talk about? Other people,

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isn't it? So?

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That's what they talk about. They have nothing better to talk about. And we see that doing liba talking that about other people is a way of harming them, is a way of injuring them is a way of ruining the reputation. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in edema accom what Amala como como la comme Holloman Houma do meachum Heather fishy Cunha Feedburner DICOM header that verily your blood, wealth and honor are as sacred among you as the sanctity of this day of yours in this month of yours in this town of yours, the month of the Niger maka, the Omar have imagined such a special moment such a sacred moment, similarly is a life of another believer. He is also sacred, he must

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also be respected. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said all of the Muslim is sacred to the Muslim his wealth, honor and his blood. Everything about a Muslim is sacred. So you cannot talk bad about other people and disagree

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And we learned that it is of the major sense to do liba. Why? What does it do? It consumes a person's good deeds, waste them completely.

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We know the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Do you know what the greatest form of usury is near Allah, to consider the honor of a Muslim lawful, to dishonor him to back bite him.

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And we see that sometimes backbiting is done in order to create disunity between people in order to cause strife between people. You don't like the fact that two people are at very good terms. So you start by writing the other or just to please yourself just to satisfy the grudge that is, in your heart, satisfy the enmity the anger that is in your heart? Is this the solution?

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Is lever the solution? Is it it's not the solution? This is not the way of solving problems.

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We learn that when the profits are allowed, is it a win for Islamic knowledge that he passed by people who had copper nails, with which they were scratching their own faces and chests, copper nails with which they were scratching their own faces and chests? And he asked, Who are these people or gibreel? And he replied, these are the ones who ate the flesh of people and tarnish their reputations by you have a hadoken. And yet could Allah He Matan? Would any one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? This is what Riva is, if you don't like to eat the flesh of your dead brother, then you don't want to talk bad about him? Because if you think about it, a person who is

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dead? If someone cuts up his body mutilated body, can you do anything to defend himself? Can he? He cannot he cannot defend himself. Similarly, a person who is absent and he is being spoken off negatively badly he's being insulted. He's being bad Britain. Can he defend himself? He cannot, isn't it? So if you don't like to consume the flesh of your dad, rather than how can you talk badly about him in his absence, or your hip had to come and yet koala he might then you wouldn't want to forget it. He would dislike it, you would hate it.

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Just the thought of eating human flesh, human flesh. And every time we are tempted to talk badly about someone in their absence, remind yourself It is as though I'm taking a piece of their flesh as their dead. I'm chewing on that. I'm biting on that. And eating that. You would hate to do it, you would dislike it. Similarly, hate talking bad about other people. What the law and fear of law because it's the fear of a law that will prevent a person from backbiting. If he doesn't have fear of a law, it's very, very easy to back by the other. And remember that in the mahato web of Rahim Indeed, Allah is the web. He's the greatest acceptor of repentance and he's also merciful.

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We listen to the recitation and just a few more things.

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Bow, bow,

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a cola

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factory to

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log in.

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Now, just a few things when it comes to backbiting. Sometimes we can just as it was with the justice, we generalize that you cannot be inquisitive about anything. You cannot ask anyone about anything, no similarity when it comes to backbiting in a situation where a person comes to you for advice, and they're telling you about the wrong that the other is doing to them. So they're telling you about the wrong that's being done to them? Are you going to say to them, you're backbiting, don't back by this is not backbiting Why? Because they are seeking advice from you. They're asking you what do I do in the situation?

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And in order to do that, they have to tell you about the problem. And in telling you about the problem, they have surely about what the other person is doing, what they're saying how they're behaving. So don't generalize that if somebody is asking for advice and telling you something then it's backbiting.

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Similarly, if a person has been proposed by another, and they ask someone about that person, and they say to them, honestly, some negative things about them, we

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Which are true. Again, that's okay. Why? Because they're warning them, you understand? They're warning them. So again, that's not backbiting. It is factual. Yes. However, the purpose is different. What's the purpose of liba?

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ruin someone's reputation? What is the purpose over here, Warren, your Muslim brother or sister,

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help advise your Muslim brother or sister. But however, we learned that when a person is telling the other something, he should only say that which is relevant, not that just irrelevant, he should not exaggerate. And he should speak in a very normal way, because sometimes we involve our emotions, isn't it? And we tend to really magnify the problem. Whereas it's in reality, not that great.

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We learn into the Nyssa I 148. lay your head below whose job is to email coli, a lemons only what kind of local simian army a lot is not like the public mention of evil that someone has spoken ill of openly, except by one who has been wronged. So if someone has been oppressed, someone who has been wronged, and they're seeking justice, they're seeking advice. And in that process, they tell you, then it's okay as long as it's done in an appropriate way.

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In this case, also, who should be spoken to someone who can actually help you, someone who can actually advise you, someone who can actually solve the problem, not every other person, because sometimes, for instance, girls have this habit, something goes wrong, immediately call their mother, you know, this is what my mother in law said, This is what my father in law did. This is what my brother in law did. You know, the thing is, that perhaps your husband will say something to you do something to you, your mother in law will. And after some time, your relationship with your in laws will be perfectly fine. But you told her mother, she will not be able to forget, she won't be able

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to figure every small thing does not have to be reported. only say that which is relevant, and only speak to the one who can actually help you.

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You will be perfectly fine after some time, but your mother, she will always remain in fear, she will always be concerned. So don't bother your parents and your friends with little little things, and tell them about other people.

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Unfortunately, despite having learned about the severity of liba, the severity of all of these crimes, we still tend to commit them how not necessarily by words all the time, but sometimes despite our expressions, someone is mentioned, they're not there. And immediately we make such an expression that you know, that says everything. It says more than words can say that we have to be very careful.

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And remember, every time we say something, every time we express something, always check yourself, what's the purpose? Is it really necessary? Is it really necessary? The next year I sort of thought and we will learn that my enfeeblement Colin Illallah de European or the person does not utter a word except that there is an angel ready to write it down, record it.

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So anything you utter, ask yourself, Is it really important to really need to give this example Do I really need to give that story? Do I really need to give that description they really have to say something because sometimes we think that it's an obligation on us to talk it's not it's okay to be silent.

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Sometimes with hand gestures even somebody is mentioned and we go like this you know, just moving our hands, moving our eyes giving a smirk raising our eyebrows and that is enough. So we have to become very very careful.

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Make that much one.

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Something about a HELOC.

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loan with a hill Colby milanesa karma di Venezia or the Santa Monica de Briony middle Fianna for inner Katerina Maha inital art uni women

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and when you see the mirror next time, and you look at yourself and admire yourself, then make the local law center healthy hassleholm

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because as we discussed many times, these problems arise from what prior thinking yourself to be perfect. So when you're looking at the mirror even pray for what God

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will listen to the recitation

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Yeah, you

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we'll do a quick review is number 12.

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Yeah, you have Ludhiana Avenue or you have believed Egypt and he will get you one minute one knee, avoid much assumption Why? Because mostly assumptions, suppositions How are they negative? And they're based on complete doubt. And usually, if a person pursues a negative thought, what does that lead to? Many wrong things such as backbiting, such as spying, trying to pry into other people's affairs. So he attorney Boca Filomena one, because in Nevada, one knee is money, indeed some assumption it is a sin. Why? Because it is a cause of sin, it is what leads to sin.

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For instance, when a person assumes something about another, he has a negative thought about him without any basis, he forms an opinion and then he takes an action based on that, that action is what wrong many times we learned earlier that if a facet comes to you before taking an action, investigate, so in a bargain one knee is one

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what are the Justice who and do not spy, do not spy on who on one another, especially with regards to things that do not concern you? Because if each person is concerned about his own self, and he will not be concerned about what other people are eating, what other people are talking about, where they're going, how they live, what they do know. So, each person should be concerned about himself improving himself instead of spying into the personal lives of other people. So when at the justice

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and when I Yehuda bar will come back and do not backbite one another either, meaning some of you should not backbite others. Why? Because if you backed by others are your hibou hadoken would one of you like and yet coolala hee hee Matan? Would he like to eat the flesh of his brother when he is dead? *ery to move. You would dislike it you would hate it. If you hate to eat human flesh. Then how do you think it is okay for you to talk bad about others behind their back? When a person is dead, he is unable to defend himself. You mutilate his body he cannot do anything. Similarly, when a person is absent when he's not there. How can you justify talking negatively about him? ruining his

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reputation damaging his honor? How can you think that is okay? Are you Hey boo I hadn't come in yet. Could Allah He Matan *ery tomorrow? What happened to her and fear Allah in Allah to wherever Rahim Indeed Allah is the Greatest acceptor of repentance and is also most merciful. Meaning mistakes happen. People are people they keep slipping. But every time a person slips, what should he keep doing? He should keep repenting to Allah seeking forgiveness from him. But remember that when it comes to sin, such as LIBOR, such as backbiting, then a person does not only have to repent to Allah, but he also has to seek forgiveness from

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the person he has spoken a laugh behind his back.

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And you see, when you ask someone for forgiveness, saying that, oh, I said this about you please forgive me, you think there'll be happy? Not at all, they will not be happy. This is why Libra is so bad. Because it is difficult for people to forgive you for it as well. Even when you ask forgiveness for it. It's difficult for people to forgive you for it. Like for example, if you lost someone's wallet, you happen to lose something of theirs. You happen to break something of theirs. Can they forgive you think Okay, nevermind, it's okay. But if a person finds out you have been talking about them, you think it's easy for them to forgive you Not at all.

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They will not trust you. They will not defend you. They will not think good about you anymore at all. This is why don't even go near backbiting. Don't even go near backbiting because it is a means of completely ruining relationships. It is a form of Fianna and it is a means of completely damaging relationships, friends, spouses, and siblings, even co workers, people who are together, if anyone finds out the other was talking in about him, it will leave bad feelings in his heart for the other, isn't it? And those bad feelings you cannot completely get rid of. It's very, very difficult to get rid of them. This is why lay off. Don't even do liba don't even go near backbiting.

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The thing is that you have to make up for it before the day of judgment comes where it will be impossible to seek the others forgiveness except by giving your good deeds. So there are different options and we have discussed them earlier as well. That when a person has done Riba the other he has to seek forgiveness from him if you know that, it's going to lead to

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Much more facade than what do you do? Pray for them gives other copper then you spoke ill of them now you speak good about them. Why? So that the damage that you've caused them on the day of judgment when they're seeking justice, you have something to give you understand, you have something to offer you've made up for the damage somehow or the other. But it's something that is so horrible, that has such disastrous effects that a person should stay away from it in the first place. So when I looked up, and you see, a person can only do LIBOR, with who, with someone else, can you do it alone, you cannot do it alone. You need to do it with someone. So we should not be an accomplice

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with other people when they are doing labor. We should not cooperate with them.

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As soon as you realize you're going into labor, stop right there. Stop your friend, stop your sister, stop your friend, whoever it is. Stop them. And you see when a person is being spoken ill off, meaning a person is Levis being done in front of you. What is your obligation?

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What is your obligation that you should defend them? They are absent, they're not here, they cannot protect themselves? What is your obligation that you must defend them? Instead of joining in the conversation and bashing them? speaking ill of them. No, this is incorrect. When a person is being spoken, Ill off. It's your obligation that you must, you must defend them.

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And even if you know that they are at fault, they are guilty, let's say something wrong, that it is being spoken of it is factual, it's true. Even then, what are you supposed to defend them? Even if you can't find any good thing to talk about? change the subject? You understand? Even if you can't praise them in any way, even if you can't give any benefit of the doubt, at that point, even what should you do? change the conversation? Find something positive? Because usually backbiting, how does it come about in a conversation when one person is complaining about the isn't it? So when they're complaining about the other gives some sort of justification? For example, Why are they here

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again? Why does she speak like this? Why does she always behave like this with me give some kind of positive explanation to that. Perhaps they're very concerned about you. Perhaps, you know, they had nothing better to do give some positive explanation so that you are not included in that Riba You understand? save yourself from that ilieva defend the other person.

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We learn from our hobbies that if anyone defends his brother who was slandered in his absence, it will be his do from Allah to set him free from the hellfire. Just imagine, if a person defends the other. He protects him, he saves his honor, then Allah also will protect him, Allah also will defend him. But unfortunately, we think it's perfectly fine to back by other people talk negatively about them. And instead of stopping them, what do we do many times we join in such conversations, stay away from them a big danger zone, big danger.

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And many times we think Levi's, okay, just because a person is very upset, they're very sad. They're very angry, they're frustrated, let them vent.

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The thing is, even if the other person is venting, can you help them in any way? If you can help them, then listen to them. But if you cannot help them, if you cannot solve the problem, then stop them. Because there is no point. Because when you talk about negative things, when you repeat them over and over again, what does it do to your wounds? What does it do? Makes them worse, isn't it so?

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Just imagine, if a person is backbiting another he is backbiting about a person in front of his sister. Now this sister goes and tells them, you know, she was saying this about you? She was saying that about you? How do you think that other person is going to view you?

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Do you think they're going to trust you? Not at all. So it completely ruins relationships and you know, backbiting is the kind of Fianna it's a kind of treachery, that in front of the person, you appear to be very nice. You appear to be their friend, you appear to be very sincere to them. But behind them, you're saying many negative things about them. This is a kind of Fianna treachery, this has been two faced. And this is something that does not fit a believer.

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And you will notice this as well, that as long as a person is sincere to the other behind him and also in front of him. Their relationship will be good. Their relationship will be good. And Allah will put barakah in their efforts in whatever work they're doing. But the moment one starts backbiting the other. He does Liana with the other than Allah's help is also lifted

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their efforts

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without medical, they cannot work together anymore. They cannot accomplish their work anymore. So we have to be very, very careful because sometimes we discuss, you know, what's happening in class, what's happening at work with who, with their family members? isn't

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anything that happens, for instance, all day with your friend with your group and tried with your teacher with one another, we have a habit of sharing it with our sisters, with our husbands with our mothers. And sometimes, what are we talking about? What kind of things do we say to them? things that do not concern them at all? Isn't it? What's the point? What's the benefit, except that they will view your friends negatively, they will have a bad image of the place that you're going to the place that you're working. And that will backfire on you because they will stop you. They'll say don't go there. What's the point of going there? Isn't it and we should be spreading good feelings

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instead of spreading ill feelings. It's only natural that if a person gets hurt, if you find something very heavy, you want to share it with someone, isn't it? It's a natural thing to do. But why is it that we should share those feelings with other people who will only stop us from doing good? Or who out of their pity and concern will not let us strive more will not encourage us but rather will discourage us? What's the point?

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When you want to share something, when you're feeling heavy at heart, go vote down in front of Allah, we spend less time in drama, and we spend more time talking to other people.

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This is why our problems don't get solved. This is why our griefs and worries Don't go away. And this is also why our work never gets done.

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If you think about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was coming back from life, what a bad experience he had had. But do we see him? That when he returned to Makkah, you know, the way he complained to his companions, the way he complained to them? And the way he told them, his sad story? Do we find out about that any account? How he narrated? No. What do we learn? What did he do he made to him? Isn't it? And it's such a long, beautiful day. This is what we need to do. Because these problems that come in our lives, whether it's between people, or it's with our work, they just attest that, what do we do in these situations? Do we give up? Do we complain? Do we backbite about

00:27:31--> 00:27:45

others? Or do we turn to Allah seeking His help? The one who turns to Allah seeking his help, Allah will also help him and the one who thinks that other people will help him. This is why he turns to them, Allah will leave him to those people. And those people can do nothing for him.

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So guard the tongue. Be careful about what you speak about with others, whether it's your close family members, or your friends.

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I remember my husband when he started working at a particular place, I told him, I don't want you to share anything with me with regards to work unless you think I can advise you. Because it's very easy to speak to your spouse to speak to your family members about problems at work on the dinner table, isn't it? And what happens? Children, family who have nothing to do with your work, they start developing ill feelings for who for your boss, for your co workers, isn't it? So? What's the point? What's the benefit? Can I help you in any way? No, I cannot. Can I change the situation for you? I cannot. If you think I can advise you with something, then ask me. But this is not supposed

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to be a topic on the dinner table. This is not something we're going to do.

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And I'm not allowed to do that. He's not allowed to do that. This is a rule in our family, and and hamdulillah our dinners, family time at home, delightful, peaceful, very peaceful. And if a person starts talking about things that are going on wrong at work, you get frustrated over dinner, you can't enjoy, isn't it so? And instead of looking for solutions, you're only adding fuel to the fire?

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And what's the point? You have been given that opportunity to do so but isn't it to turn to Allah? Why loser opportunity wasted by backbiting about others? Why waste, why ruin it? There is no benefit whatsoever. So

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there is no benefit in backbiting about other people. So make this rule as well amongst your friends, amongst your siblings, in your family members. Whatever that happens outside, there is no need to discuss it with everybody else unless they can advise you and only talk to who those people who are concerned.

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Those people who are concerned who can advise you. Children cannot advise you Why talk in front of them. You're only filling their hearts with evil, isn't it so

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for instance, many families

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happens with them that if they've had any bad experiences with a particular family member, they will fill the hearts of their innocent children with venom against those family members.

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And children grew up with such ill feelings against, for instance, their grandparents or against their uncles or their cousins or their aunt. What happens to them? They don't like them, they don't praise them, they don't want to go visit them. They don't have any respect for them. Why ruin the hearts of innocent children? Let them see for themselves, they will realize, I remember when we were growing up, we had no idea about any, if there were problems that existed in our families, no idea. This is something that our parents never spoke about, never ever Alhamdulillah May Allah reward them, we grew up with very positive feelings for all our family members, whether they were distant

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or they were close, whether we saw them regularly or they lived in another country, all our relatives, until today, we have good feelings for them. Why? Because in childhood, this is what our parents ingrained in our hearts.

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Because disagreements happen, differences happen, mistakes happen. But it doesn't mean that you tell your children about it, there is no benefit.

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And if we understand that such conversations even are included in LIBOR, then we would become very, very careful, very careful.

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Because sometimes for no reason, such issues are discussed, such matters are discussed, and there's no benefit whatsoever.

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We see here, the comparison that has been given that backbiting is like eating the flesh of your dead brother. When a person is going through a problem with another, he has bad feelings for them. And what is he wanted to just feel the need to share? He feels the need to talk about it, he feels the need to vent. Similarly, when a person is hungry, he feels the need to eat. But no matter how hungry you are, if you're offered the flesh of your dead brother, your own brother, your own brother, if his flesh is offered to you, would you eat it?

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Would you eat it? No. You wouldn't even look at it. You won't even touch it. You won't even think about cutting it and putting it in your mouth. Never. Then why is it that as we want to vent as we want to relieve our hearts and we want to feel light? Why is it that we think it's so easy to bash other people speak negatively about them behind their backs? When it comes to food, we are so selective we're so picky. But when it comes to our conversations, why do we come so easygoing? And we find anyone to talk about anything to bash? You know, we should have same standards for our physical bodies. We're so concerned. But what about our soul? We should be equally concerned if not

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You will listen to the recitation then inshallah we'll continue.

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Yeah, you

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because of a person fears a lot of touch moments, then he will be careful about what he utters from his mouth. This is a solution. What the camera

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will listen to the recitation

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Ohio, Ohio

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