Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L176D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the meaning of "married" and "married to" in the context of marriage, with "married" meaning "any man or emotionally committed" and "married" meaning "any woman or woman who is like a man." The segment also touches on the negative impact of certain culture on people's health and well-being, including the belief that marriage is a burden and that women should only be the responsibility of finding a partner. The speakers also discuss the punishment of women for committing crimes, including the punishment of a woman who refuses to marry a woman who is married, and the importance of preserving lineage and religion. The process of Leon is explained in detail, with the punishment of a woman who refuses to marry a woman who is married, the punishment of a woman who refuses to do anything, and the importance of preserving lineage and religion.
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Lesson number 176 sort of to move, I am number one to 10.

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as Danny, the fornicator, the male fornicator the man who foreign negates, what about him, lay into who he does not marry a lesbian yet and except a female fornicator a woman who foreign negates our Muslim

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or a Muslim woman. If you notice over here, the man has been mentioned first zanni has been mentioned first. Why? Because typically it's men who say we wish to get married. And women are not the ones who say that, even though they might want to, but they don't say that.

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So as Annie, the male fornicator liangqiu young girl from New fetters known Kapha nica

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and remember that the word nikka gives us two meanings. First of all, it gives a meaning of the marriage contract.

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And secondly, it also gives a meaning of Jima physical relationship, sexual *. So the man who four indicates he will not get married to any woman, except the zania. The woman who forgets or a prostitute or shaker or a woman who commits chick, why, because he will only be interested in such women, he will not be interested in a chaste woman in a pious woman,

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he will be interested in someone who is like him, he will only get along with her as Danny lay on Yahoo Eliza and Ethan oshika. And if we take a second meaning, that he will not have sexual *, except with such a woman, because it is only such a woman, who will allow such relationship to be established, who does Ania and the michiga.

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If you notice, michiga has been mentioned. And we have learned already in total bacala that marriage the machine is not permissible.

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marriage to the women of the anokye tab is permissible. However, marriage to Muslim women is not permissible at all. So why is mochica mentioned over here? Because when a man does not care about his religion, to the extent that he's committing Zina, then will he care about the command with regards to who he's allowed to get married to and who is not allowed to get married to know he's not going to care at all. So such a man will only be interested in such women and such a man will only marry the Muslim

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and also if you look at it, a Muslim woman she is disloyal to to her Lord. She does not fear Allah This is why she does chick. And similarly this man who commit Zina he does not fear Allah. This is why he commits Zina. And both these crimes shake and Xena are major since both of these actions are hubby's. Both of these actions are obscene. Their crimes against Allah and crimes against people as well.

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So because the dean is not the priority of the zanni, therefore, he will not care about the religious position of the woman that he's interested in the woman that he wants to get married to, he will not care, he will marry him will shake woman

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on the other hand, was any two and the zanni woman, the woman who for indicates, lay and key who her he will not marry her a lesbian in except a fornicator man, a mushrik or a Muslim man, meaning such a woman will also agree to only marry such a man

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or such a woman will only have relations with who, as any man or emotionally committed and some have taken this ayah to be a command that if a man commits Zina, he should not be allowed to get married to a woman.

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If a woman commits Zina, then she should not be allowed to get married to a chaste man. This is a command that Allah subhanaw taala is giving. We're hotovely modelica meaning and this has been forbidden on the believers. What has been forbidden, Xena, meaning the believers can never accept the sculpture. They can never accept the relationship of Zima and valleca has also been understood as Nika to the zanni. Or does

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that mean a believer, a true believer he will never want to get married to Danny or is any

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or emotionally or emotionally. It's not possible. We're holding Metallica mini

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has been mentioned in this ayah is a fact that people who come Zinner they're only interested in people who are like them.

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People who commit Zina, they're only interested in people who are like them. They do not like chase people,

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they do not get along with them. They cannot think the way they think they cannot think about being restricted to just one person. No. So, if they do come together with someone, whether in marriage or outside of marriage, then it will be only with those people who are like them, as Annie will only come together with you, as any woman, as any woman will only come together with who as any man.

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Because what is the desire of such people just to fulfill their sexual desires. And when it comes to a chase person, when it comes to a righteous person, when it comes to a believer, what is this concern? What is his concern, obedience to Allah subhanaw taala staying within the limits that Allah has set.

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This is why when a believer will establish sexual relations with someone, it will only be within the bounds of marriage, within the bounds of nica, not outside of Mecca. And Zani does not like that.

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Because for him, marriage is a burden for her marriage is a burden. Because you're restricted, you're confined to just one person.

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for them. wedlock is like a deadlock. That's it, you're bound, your life has come to an end, you don't have any freedom left, you don't have any choices left. Now your life is going to become boring. So they consider marriage to be a burden. And we see that the same thing goes for a woman as well, that she does not wish to bear the responsibility of looking after her family. And she wants a man who is like herself, a man who does not have any shame. A man who does not have any protective jealousy, a man who lets her do whatever she wants to do.

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So only the zanni will come together with azania and azania will come together with who as Annie, because people get along with who those who are like them. Now those who are different from them.

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And when people live in this manner, that they're not concerned about the restrictions that are imposed on them by their religion, they're not concerned about the restrictions that are imposed on them by marriage, that if they're married to a person than physically, they should only be involved with that person. When they live a life free of these restrictions, then what happens they do not care about one another. They do not care about their families, they do not care about their children, they do not care about their health.

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their lifestyle is such that it causes harm to the entire society.

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their lifestyle is such that it causes harm to the entire society, because children are affected.

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For example, the man and woman are married, but both of them they commit Zina, the man is okay with it. The woman is okay with it. Who's going to get affected? Children are going to get affected

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all those children who are raised up in broken homes. For example, if a child is raised by a single mother, who has a boyfriend one day and another boyfriend another day, how is she going to grow up? Is she going to have any respect for men? No.

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These children are also affected many times such children are raped by who by their mother's boyfriends. Many times this happens. So we see that this culture this lifestyle is very detrimental to the society. This is why it cannot be accepted by the believers we're hardly Metallica Island movie, this cannot be accepted by them. An n has to be put to the crime of Xena Otherwise, the entire society will get corrupted.

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We learned that I must have been tribes grandfather, he said that Muslim even Obama said he was a companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he would free captors from Makkah and he will bring them to Medina. This must have been before the Treaty of her day because after the Treaty of her Libya, it was not permissible for any Muslim to go from Mecca to Medina. However, most of the he used to bring captors from Muslim captives and he would bring them to Medina. Now there was an incident. There was an indecent woman in Makkah, her name was run out.

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And she was a prostitute. And before Mossad became a Muslim, before he became a believer, he was friends with her. And we learned that Muslim he had promised one of the prisoners in Makkah that he would take him to Medina.

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He said that he came to Makkah on a moonlit night, and he was hiding along the walls, and all of a sudden arona came in

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He saw his shadow as he was passing along the walls. And when she came close to my son, she recognized him. And she asked is this Muslim? And he replied, Yes. So she said, welcome, come and spend the night with us. So he replied that rynok Allah has made Xena forbidden. So now became very upset. And she announced all people in the tent This is the person who takes her prisoners away. And eight people they started to chase my son. And he took the bat of Phantom and he entered into a cave. And they came right up to him so close that they urinated and the urination it sprinkled on his head. So basically, they were that close to him. But Allah made them blind from seeing him and

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they left and he came to his friend and maca later on and he took him to Medina. And when he reached Medina, he went to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And he asked her, that O Messenger of Allah may marry or not,

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because he used to be with her before he became Muslim. The Prophet sallallahu said remain silent, and he said nothing. And then this ayah was revealed. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him, do not marry that woman, because that woman is who she is, is Ania. And who are you? You are a movement and who marries is Ania, another journeyman, you have become a believer, you have become chaste, you have repented from the crime, therefore don't marry her Do not be with her.

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So what do we see? That when a person commits Zina,

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when a person commits Zina, then it affects his reputation, it affects his future as well, his or her future. Unless and until obviously, that person repents with a sincere repentance. Like, for example, the person was not a Muslim before, then they became Muslim. And they feel bad about the crimes that they committed in the past. And they seek forgiveness from Allah continuously day in and day out. And they have changed their ways completely. Now such a person, their case is different. But if a person knows that what they're doing is wrong, and they continue to do it, they don't repent, they don't change their ways, then such a person should not be married to. And it is a

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responsibility of the parents that before they get their children married to someone, they should ensure that that person is righteous, that person is chased that person is bias. Because what do we learn over here? We're holding the Metallica Ll movement in this is forbidden on the believers. How is it possible that you raise your child, and you made sure that your child was chaste and you get them married to someone who is unchaste, who does not care about the restrictions of marriage, and they have illegal relations? This is incorrect.

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One levena and those people who your Moodle mercenary who accused chaste women,

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those people who accuse chaste women, you're more or less on the roof letters. La meme Yeah, from the word Rami. And Rami is ilca vishay. It is to throw something at another, that yellow route where you That hurts, that physically harms the other person.

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So for example, if a person throws a rock at the other, if a person throws an arrow at the other, is it going to hurt him? Of course, isn't going to harm him? Definitely. But if a person throws let's say, a piece of paper at the other, is it going to hurt him? No, unless it's been made into a paper pain or something like that.

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So, Rami is to throw something at someone that hurts them that harms them. And in particular, just to throw something from far, we have learned to do amount of weight that is ramita when I can number Obama and Romney as a technical term is to falsely accuse someone of having committed a shameful act. What does it mean to falsely accuse someone of having committed a shameful act? a shameful act such as dinner or homosexuality? Or for example, a major sin

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such as the person calling another yes any

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or a person calling another? Yes. So yes, it will come.

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So this is what accusing someone, but in particular, this is falsely accusing someone. So those people who accuse who are more sonet the chaste women more sonet is a Florida more Sunnah and more Sunnah is used for a woman who has chased a woman who does not commit Zina, a woman who is married and a woman who is free. It's used in different ways.

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So those who accused chased women chased women who do not commit Zina, but they are accused by others that they have committed Zina. And it's something very common. It's something very common, that chaste women pious women, they're accused of having committed in for example,

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A woman is raped. And it is said that she has committed dinner. That's not dinner. So those people who accuse chase women, some of them, let me do they do not come, be a verity show her that with four witnesses, meaning to prove their accusation they do not produce for witnesses who witness the act of Xena. Then what does Allah say? federally do home then flog them, whip them waipu those who are accusing the chaste women, the punishment is now inflicted on who those who are accusing and flog them with them femenina jilda 80 lashes when at the end do not accept the value from boo boo from now on do not accept la home for them Shahada than any testimony other than ever. from this

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point onwards, you cannot accept any kind of witness from these people, any kind of testimony from these people. For any case, for any financial matter, any legal matter, they cannot be brought to the court and they cannot testify for or against anything, because they are not credible anymore. Because the condition of a credible showerhead is of a credible witness is that he should be aka he should be balanced. He should be a believer and he should also be

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You should also be just

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and if a person is accusing someone falsely if a person is a liar. Can he remain idle? No. So such people, their credibility is finished. They're not trustworthy anymore. While adequate hula hoops shahadat and evidence will lead Eagle home wolf as you can. And it is those people who are fat sick, who are actually crossing the limits. They're accusing other women. In reality it is these people who were farcical

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in their except this is an exception from what this is an exception from what our doctor Lula who she had written evidence. In the previous side what is mentioned that from such people, you cannot accept their testimony anymore. However, you can accept their testimony where Alevtina taboo, for those people who repent mimbar the delicate after that. they repent. They do Toba from other from accusing people of committing Zina especially women. Because remember that doba is like something that erases the same attack, it will mean a zombie Kamala than Bella who the one who repents from a sin is like as though he never committed that sin.

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And part of doba is what that a person seeks forgiveness from the one whom he has harmed.

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Because when a person commits a sin, then Toba means that a person seeks forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. But if a person has committed injustice against a person, then he also has to seek forgiveness from him. So for example, this person goes and seeks forgiveness from that woman whom he accused and that woman says, okay, fine, I forgive you. So where they have done Toba? Once their apology has been accepted, then after that, their testimony may be accepted in court. But it's not just Oba will Ostler who and they have also reformed they also make the amends. What is Islam?

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Islam over here refers to that first of all, they don't commit such an action again. And secondly, it also includes that they have received the punishment and what is that punishment 80 lashes for in the love of a photo Rahim that in need a less forgiving, and he's merciful.

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In these two if a punishment is mentioned, and this had is for

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the technical term for this crime is better off than fat

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and other is to falsely accused someone of committing Zina of committing homosexuality, of committing a major sin of committing something that is indecent. And the head for that the punishment for that is 80 lashes.

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Because in our religion, we are taught to side with who the oppressed not the oppressor.

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So if someone is accusing the other of committing Zina, without any evidence, who are the oppressors and the other person who has been accused, their image has been tainted a woman her chastity has been affected. Nobody's going to trust her. And many times we see that such women who are accused for without any evidence, even the punishment is executed on them without any evidence. And it leads to Patil it leads to murder, it leads to injustice. So this is why we see over here the punishment for others has been given that if

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A person who dares to accuse a woman of committing Zina, and he does not produce witnesses, then he has to be punished, he will be considered a liar.

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And remember that he will be considered a liar. If he does not produce for witnesses, even if he is actually right. Remember, even if he's actually writing accusing the woman because he saw the act, but he cannot produce four witnesses. Let's say he can only produce one witness. But he goes and accuses her he publicizes that she has committed Zina, then in that case, again, he will be considered as a liar, and the punishment will be affected on this person. Why is this condition so strict that you have to produce four witnesses? Why do you think so? Why is it so strict?

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Because it's a matter of someone's honor. Why else

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so that you don't just go on accusing people, because unfortunately, people don't control their tongues. They see two people together. And they say, they have a relationship. And it is so common for people to say things such as so and so is gay. So and so is having an affair with so and so it's so common for people to say such statements. Remember that if you say such a statement, so and so is gay, so and so has a relationship with someone and you don't have any evidence to support it, you haven't witnessed the act yourself? Then remember that a person who does that punishment is to be executed on him 80 lashes he deserves, because he is a criminal.

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So we have to watch our tongues, we have to be very careful about what kind of things we talk about. Because many times these are the topics that we discuss what's happening with so and so, who are they with these days? Who are they sleeping with these days? This is what people are interested about scandals, affairs, and if you look at it such conversations What are they love, a waste of time, obscene and this is why such conversations must definitely be avoided.

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Now remember, that if a person has accused the other, if a person has been accused of a woman and the woman, she forgives that person, then the head will not be implemented.

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Okay. If she forgives that person who has accused her, then the head will not be implemented.

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But if the person who has been accused me the woman, if she says no, he has attacked my honor, he has defamed me, he has said a lie and I have been hurt, then definitely the punishment will be implemented. And the punishment is 80 lashes and further on the testimony will not be accepted.

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And there's a difference of opinion with regards to the acceptance of testimony afterwards. Some scholars say that it may be accepted if a person does so but if a person seeks forgiveness, and he refrains from such actions afterwards, and others say that no, this is unconditional, the testimony of such a person will never ever be accepted. However, we see that often. The first opinion is stronger, because what is mentioned in these ayat illa livina, taboo wassalam those people who do Toba and they also do Islam, then such people, their Toba is accepted and afterwards, their testimony may also be accepted.

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We listen to the recitation This is and then we'll continue

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Mimi wants

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to be

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remember with regards to the punishment of God if this isn't the case where a woman is accused, although more so not only mentioned over here, but it also applies when a man is falsely accused of Zina

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Why are more sonet only mentioned over here because they are more vulnerable. And they're the ones who are mostly accused of sin. They're the ones against whom this crime is committed very easily. They're accused very easily of Zina by their family members, by the relatives,

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that if a woman has seen with someone that said she's accused or committed dinner, and then she's punished immediately, but what do we see that if a man or a woman, either of them are accused and witnesses must be brought, if witnesses are not produced, then the punishment will be inflicted on who those who are accusing. And in this I in particular, the punishment is for others with regards to Xena that if a person is accused of having committed Zina, then 80 lashes will be given to who the one who is accusing. However, if a person accuses the other of being homosexual, for example, or of having committed a major crime, like for instance, drinking alcohol, or committing theft or

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anything like that, then in that case, that receipt will be applied. Okay. Like, as we learned earlier, there's the head, and then there's the Darzi.

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So because there is no law that has been given with regards to other crimes, therefore, Thorazine will be given

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now in the following is, the law of Leon has been mentioned, the law of liren has been mentioned. And Leon is a technical term. And it's from the word Lana, what does Lerner mean to curse? Leon is when a husband, he accuses his wife of Xena

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or when he denies that the child whom she is bearing, or the child whom she has given birth to is not his child, it's somebody else's child. So basically, where a man is accusing his wife of Xena

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and his case is such that he has seen his wife, but he does not have any witnesses. You see for any other person, if, for example, a random person on the street or some distant relative is seen by someone who's committing Zina, okay. It's a serious thing if you can't find witnesses Leave it. But if a man sees his own wife committing Zina, and he does not have witnesses, how can you live with that wife?

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How can he bear that child? How can he say that? Yes, this child is mine when he knows that child is not his. He knows. Now if he cannot produce witnesses, then what will happen?

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Then later on, we'll be done. What is Leon we will study in the following. But there is an incident that we learn which is reported in Bahati that even our best so that our new he narrated that Hillel, even omiya, he accused his wife before the prophet SAW the longest that my wife has committed Zina, which already been sama

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, evidence or the punishment on your back,

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meaning bringing the witnesses or the punishment is going to be inflicted on you What punishment of 80 lashes. He said, O Messenger of Allah, if any one of us saw a man with his wife, how could he go and get evidence? Meaning if your wife is in the act of Xena, how can you go call other four men to come and witness that act? How is it possible? The Prophet sort of autism against that evidence otherwise the punishment on your back? So hello outside by the one who sent you with the truth? I am telling the truth. And Allah will reveal something that will protect my back from the punishment. And very soon the following ayat were revealed that when levena and those people who your moon as

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well as your home, who accused their wives, who accused their wives of what? Of committing Zina what, Aamir Khan, and it is not long for them. She had that any witnesses meaning they cannot produce witnesses. They do not have any witnesses in law enforcement except themselves. They are the only witnesses do that act of Zinner. They're the only ones who witness that. Then what will happen? Fisher had a had him, then the witness of one of them, one

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of these men who accused their women who accuse their wives of committing Zina. So the Shahada of that man is equal to unbearable Shahad. Bella is equal to four witnesses by Allah.

00:29:45 --> 00:29:59

What does it mean by that? That, although he will be the only witness, he will be the only witness, but his testimony will be equivalent to four testimonies.

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His testimony will be equal to the testimony of four witnesses. And how will that be done? That he will swear four times biLlahi By Allah, that innner who lemon aside the thing that indeed he is surely of the truthful ones. So he will say, for example, by Allah, I am of the truthful. I saw my wife committing Zina. And he says this, how many times four times or varosha had that in biLlahi? In the hula municipality, one homicide two, and the fifth time, he makes four testimonies. And in each of those four testimonies, what does he say? That I am of the truth for once I'm speaking the truth in accusing my wife. Now the fifth time that he will speak, the fifth time that he will swear What

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will he say that anila ana De La Jolla, la he, that the curse of Allah be upon him in Canada, middle Caribbean, if he is of the liars, that if I am lying, then May the curse of a levy on me.

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So you understand, four times he will say I am of the truthful by Allah. Then fifth time, he will say that, if I am lying, then made the curse of a lovey on me, while homicidal, and I learned a lot here I lay in kind of middle canopy. So when this will happen, then the wife is proven guilty. Because what did we learn earlier? That there are two ways in which a person is proven guilty? What are those two ways First of all, confession and secondly, witnesses. So over here, the woman is not confessing herself. And over here witnesses for witnesses are not brought, but the witness of one man is equal to the witness off for how that he will swear four times and fifth time he will invoke

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the curse of Allah upon himself if he's like. So, like this, the woman is proven guilty of committing Zina. So, what will happen in the marriage, it will be put to an end, they will be fast, the nica will be finished and both will be forever Holloman one another, and the punishment will be executed on the woman

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and if she is pregnant, and the punishment will be executed when after giving birth to the child.

00:32:17 --> 00:32:26

So that child will not be ascribed to the husband. Rather, the child will be ascribed to the mother only.

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But what if a woman is falsely accused over here? Isn't it possible that a man just goes and says four times he swears and fifth time he says something like that. He's just accusing his wife to get rid of her, for instance, or to just take wrench from her so that the punishment is inflicted on her. So does she not have a right to defend herself? She does. So Allah subhanaw taala says we are durable and it reverts through from the root letters that will Hamza da da, da is to remove something harmful with full force.

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So it reverts under from her ally there but the punishment what will avert the punishment from the woman? That and that, Tasha that she testifies she bears witness on barsha that in Bella for witnesses By Allah, in no laminal carribbean that indeed he is off the liars. So after the man finishes his testimony, the woman is proven guilty. If she remained silent, then the punishment will be executed. But she has the opportunity at that time to stand up and defend herself. If she wants to defend herself What will she do? She will swear four times by Allah that He is lying. That by Allah He is lying I did not commit Zina by Allah He is lying I did not commit Zina. This will happen

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how many times four times

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and then we'll Jaime setter, and the fifth will be that unavoidable. Ah ha ha ha. That indeed the wrath of a lot should be upon her in Canada mean aside again, if he is of the truthful, meaning if he is truthful in accusing her of sin.

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So if she does this, then what's going to happen? What's going to happen then, again, the marriage will be finished, the nikka will be fast, and the woman in this case will not be punished. The woman in this case will not be punished.

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We learned that in the story of Hillel

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that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when these ayat were revealed, he then sent for both of them he called both of them. And Hillel came and he gave his testimony. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah knows that one of you is lying.

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When he came and gave his testimony four times and fifth time the curse of Allah. Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned that Allah knows that one of you is lying. Will one of you repent? Then she stood up the woman she stood up and she gave her testimony and when she reached the fifth

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

thought this doctor, and they said, If you swear the fifth oath, then you are lying, the curse of Allah will be inevitable.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:12

Even our best within our own home, he said that she hesitated at that point.

00:35:13 --> 00:35:49

And she kept quiet until we thought that she had changed her mind. But then she said, I will not dishonor my people today. And she went ahead, and she made the fifth statement. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, wait until she gives birth. And if she gives birth to a child whose eyes look as if they are ringed with coho, and who has a plump behind and thick legs, then he is the child of shediac, bin Salman. And she gave birth to a child who match this description. And the Prophet sort of autism said, we're not for the book of Allah, meaning for the law of Leon, I would deal with her meaning I would definitely punish her.

00:35:50 --> 00:36:03

So what do we see that the man has the right over here, to accuse his wife. However, after that, the woman also has a right to defend herself. But we see that either one of them is lying,

00:36:04 --> 00:36:24

and the one who is lying, what is he or she inviting the punishment of Allah, the learner of Allah upon him or upon her, if he or she is of the liars. And this is why this process is called the process of Leon, of inviting the learner of Allah.

00:36:25 --> 00:36:35

Now, remember, that both the man and the woman, when they're brought to court to do this later on, they both must be sane, and both of them must be mature,

00:36:36 --> 00:36:42

both of them must be seen. And both of them have to be mature. If for example, a woman is not in her senses,

00:36:44 --> 00:37:25

a woman is mentally unstable, and the man just accuses her, then she will not be punished, you will not be held accountable. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the truth here, I'll call him more unsolicited. And in that he had died yesterday, wine is so big, he had to tell him what an image noon he had taken. The pen is lifted from three, meaning their deeds are not recorded. They're not held accountable for what they do. The one who is asleep until he wakes up a child until he reaches puberty, and an insane person until he comes to his senses. So if, for example, a woman is mentally unstable, and she's brought to the court like this, then Leon cannot happen. Similarly, if a woman

00:37:26 --> 00:37:50

is, let's say, made unconscious, and then a man comes in, does dinner with her, and the husband sees that, and the woman when she wakes up, she has no idea as to what happened, she had been made unconscious. So in that case, again, the man cannot take her to court and do Leon. Why? Because she was in a state of unconsciousness, she did not do that act deliberately. It was against her will.

00:37:51 --> 00:38:29

So this is why they're on cannot be done. And remember that when they're on is being done, then both the man and the woman should use clear words, they should say very clearly, especially the man because he is the one who was accusing his wife that he should say very clearly in explicit words, that I saw her committing Zina, or this child is not mine, there should be no ambiguity. And this process of Leon it will take place in front of people, just as the punishment of Xena is executed before people similarly, the process of Leon will take this before people and after Leon, both of them are separated, both of them are separated, and they cannot ever come back together. They can

00:38:29 --> 00:38:45

never ever get married. The fallout that takes place it is the laughter is irrevocable, but they can never get back together. And there nica has been First, the man does not even have to pronounce Pollock, because the court is going to finish the Nika

00:38:46 --> 00:39:33

Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Ola, problema here Alaykum had it not been for the favor of Allah upon you what our motto and his mercy, which favor of Allah, that He has given this command of Leon. If he had not bestowed this fuddle on you, you wouldn't know what to do in this case. Just imagine a man sees his wife. How can you live with her? How can he say that? Yes, this child is mine. It's not fair for him. So we're Lola Fabiola. Here aleikum wa rahmatullah who and his mercy. What does the mercy of Allah refer to that Allah is protecting the people, he is protecting the people preserving the people from committing major errors? What anila has a weapon Hakeem and Indeed, Allah is the

00:39:33 --> 00:39:59

Greatest acceptor of repentance, and he has Hakeem The one who is most wise. So in this ayah, we are told that the commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given what are they, the father of Allah, they are the reima of Allah, Mercy of Allah. Because unfortunately, when we look at these commands, what do we think they're so unfair, or we think they're so barbaric or we think that they're against women, but

00:40:00 --> 00:40:28

fact is that these commands are fuddled and Rama of Allah, because had Allah not given these commands to us, we will be in great trouble and we see it today. Then when these commands are not being implemented, people are in such great trouble. There is no peace within families within the relationship of a husband and wife. Both mistrust one another, both doubt one another. Parents cannot trust their children. Because Zina is so common Haram is so common.

00:40:29 --> 00:40:39

And as a result of that, the peace and harmony and trust has completely disappeared from the society. So these commands are mercy, they're not a burden.

00:40:41 --> 00:40:42

We listen to the recitation of desire

00:41:09 --> 00:41:13

for the homies,

00:41:49 --> 00:41:51


00:42:07 --> 00:42:08


00:42:09 --> 00:42:33

we see that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has the most power, the absolute power. And it is out of his mercy, it is out of his great favor, that He has given these commands to us. Why for our benefit for our preservation, so that we don't suffer from loss. Because if you think of it, all of these commands that we have learned today, they're pertaining to Xena.

00:42:34 --> 00:43:20

And if Allah has allowed, if there has committed freely, then we see that it's not just the two individuals who are involved in this act to get affected, but it's so many other people will get affected. Children who get affected families get affected societies get affected. And so if this act is forbidden, if this act is not allowed, if the punishment is so severe, it is because of loss of data once good for us. As you know that all of the commands that are in the shittier all of the prohibitions, all of the commands they are to achieve certain objectives. of them is the preservation of lineage of them is preservation of intellect.

00:43:21 --> 00:43:46

Preservation of Deen. So for example, in order to preserve lineage, this is why Xena has been forbidden. In order to preserve the intellect. There is such a severe punishment for Xena so that our minds don't get corrupted, that such a relationship is okay. Just because everybody's doing it. It's not okay. When such a severe punishment is given, what does it do? It corrects or we're thinking.

00:43:47 --> 00:44:20

And part of that is to also preserve the religion. Because when a person commits Zina again and again and again when he becomes a zanny, when she becomes a zania, then who will she choose? Who will he choose for marriage? Was Shrek michiga. And what did we learn earlier? oola aka Drona Illa. Now that when a person gets married to such individuals, then he's going to lose his religion. So if these commands seem too harsh, they seem too strict. Remember, it's for our own benefit. A low one's good for us.

00:44:22 --> 00:44:45

Unfortunately, women cannot trust their husbands husbands cannot trust their wives. People are always concerned about their children, about young people who are not married or who don't want to get married. What's going on? Because dinner is so common. It's so prevalent in the society. If you look at it, any movie, any soap opera, any television show, even cartoons, what is so common, Xena,

00:44:46 --> 00:44:59

it's so common, it's everywhere. And this is why perhaps when we learn about such punishments, our minds cannot accept them. Because it's so common, it's everywhere. It's something that is so acceptable, but in reality

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

It's not acceptable

00:45:02 --> 00:45:22

in certain what we know and we learned about a fella helmet me known, and all their characteristics is that when Latina homely Farrugia him happy alone, when a person guards his private parts only then he can achieve success, when he does not submit to a loss of penalty with regards to this aspect of his life, that he cannot be successful, somebody else from

00:45:25 --> 00:46:01

the punishment. For Leon, there is not a crime there are is the process through which a man proves his wife guilty. And if a wife thinks that she has been accused falsely, then she will remove that accusation from herself by the process of swearing by a loss of personal data four times and also then inviting the curse of of law. But if the man has done later on, and the woman does not say anything, then the punishment will be carried out on her, which is the punishment of Xena for a married woman. But for the men, if the woman defends herself afterwards, then the men will not be punished. Okay, the men will not be punished.

00:46:03 --> 00:46:44

The process of Leon goes one way where a man accuses his wife, why is this mentioned in particular? Because typically, this is what happens that women are accused by their husbands. But in the case where a woman thinks, or a woman witnesses, her husband committing such an action, then there isn't any such process that is mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. Why, because if a man does something like this, then First of all, it does not affect the family in a way that if a woman commits in, if a woman commits in it, if she becomes pregnant, then that child, that's not the child of the man of the husband. But if the man commits dinner with a woman, it's not going to affect his children, with

00:46:44 --> 00:47:15

his wife, this is the first reason. And secondly, it is also not given because it doesn't really happen as much that a woman would see with her own eyes, her husband committing such an action, hardly ever does it happen like this. And even if it does happen, if a woman does see something like this, than she should take her husband to court and see whatever it could be done. In that case, it will be left to the discretion of the judge. Whatever he finds best, however, the woman she should advise her husband, she should have other people advise him.

00:47:17 --> 00:48:00

When it comes to four witnesses, It's often said that if there were four witnesses, and how could the act even take place, that if there are four people watching, and how could people do something like that? This is something very serious for witnesses. Why? So that people do not accuse one another very easily of committing Zina. Because if it was any less than what would happen, every other person would be accused. Okay, so the condition has been kept very strict, so that it's not easy to accuse people of committing Zina. Earlier, we learned letter clubs, and I don't even go near them. And then there are so many commands that are given which closed the doors that lead us in. And

00:48:00 --> 00:48:04

then if a person does commits in it, and the punishment is extremely severe,

00:48:05 --> 00:48:46

I just had two points. One is from like a woman's point of view, after having learned this, how important is that, because we are usually the ones who initiate, we give the men the signal signal. So we have to dress appropriately, we have to act appropriately. And when addressing men Be very careful about how you speak to them. Definitely You don't know how somebody might perceive that. That's one and second, from a parent's point of view, how important it is to raise our children to teach them the consequences of all these things. And we have to be careful about what we let our children watch because nowadays, everything involves this. Even the shows the little kids the shows

00:48:46 --> 00:49:01

they watch is about so you have to be very careful what you're, you know implanting into your children's mind from a young age. What are we teaching them if we don't become responsible and stop this from a young age? Then how do we expect to stop it once they're grown up? Exactly. Just

00:49:03 --> 00:49:08

how long were they going to show to a la ilaha illa and Asahi look I wanted to be a Cinema Camera.

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