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Al-Munafiqun 1-11 Tafsir 6-8


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The importance of forgiveness and the need for people to apologize is highlighted in the need for people to be willing to apologize. The history of Islam in Afghanistan is discussed, including the Prophet sallavi's death and interview with Jose's son. The importance of forgiveness and giving support for those who do not have a home is emphasized. The need for forgiveness and giving love and forgiveness is also highlighted as factors in achieving unity among Muslims.

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Unless a seller owner IE who it is all the same for them as default on a home, whether you seek forgiveness for them unlimited stuff with law home or you don't seek forgiveness for them, it is all the same. Whether you seek forgiveness for them or you don't lay off it Allahu Allahu Allah will never forgive them. Because with their pride with their stubbornness with their bad behavior, they have reached such a level, that even the seeking forgiveness of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam will not benefit them.

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Layer fit alone in the law have a common philosophy. Indeed, Allah does not guide the festival people and who are the faceting the non African intellect of Toba is 67 Wheeler in them whenever Tina Oman farcical indeed the hypocrites it is there who are defiantly disobedient.

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What do we see over here

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that the winner

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also has cubit in his heart, pride in his heart, which is why he doesn't say sorry. He does not apologize.

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Mistakes happen. When people are working together. It's normal. But what is necessary? What is necessary that when a person realizes he's done something wrong, make up with the other person. Offer your apologies.

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But then when everything we see, even though they were invited come, they would refuse that offer. And because of this pride, Allah subhanaw taala says they will never be forgiven instead of the Toba 80 we learn is the fella whom Allah test of a loan interest free loans of Marina malata felonio federal law Hola Hola. Allahu never forgive them, even if you seek forgiveness for them 70 times.

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And the believers on the other hand, what is their way that if they do something wrong, they seek forgiveness, they apologize. Because believers should have humility in them.

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In certain Nyssa is 64 we learn when an unknown is learnable and foster home joy, aka foster for Allah was tough for Allahumma rasuluh la vida de la vida Webb

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how beautiful

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that if they when they had done wrong on themselves, they had come to you and ask forgiveness of Allah. And the messenger had asked forgiveness for them, they would have found a lot Accepting of repentance and merciful. If a person turns to Allah seeking forgiveness, he will find a lot forgiving.

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Just imagine, so the believers they avail this opportunity. They don't become arrogant over there.

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But what's the problem with them and if he thinks that if he will apologize, then he will be humiliated. Because in his heart in his mind, he thinks very highly of himself, whereas in reality is not that great.

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Homer Latina, it is those people who Yoku Luna de se Latin few who do not spend ILM and are in the rasulillah don't spend on those who are with the Messenger of Allah. The non African would say, to one another, to the unsought. What would they say? Latin filco, lm and rasulillah don't spend on these people who are with the Messenger of Allah. Who are they referring to? The Maha God. So they would say to the unsolved don't spend on the Menagerie don't spend on these as habits suffer, half day and fog do until they disperse. Remember the word infantile we learned earlier in so tomorrow, that when all of the people leave gradually Sahaja and photo until they will all disperse. Allah

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says what Allah has a similarity

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to Allah belong the treasures of the heavens and the earth. When I Kindle magnetic cleaning if Cahoon but the moon African do not understand.

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We see that those people who had migrated from Makkah to Medina, they had left behind all of their properties, all of their wealth, and when they came to Medina, they had nothing with them.

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So who financially supported them? The answer, and there were so many more hygiene who had come from Medina and also from other places from various tribes across Arabia, many people who became Muslim they would come and join the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Medina. So initially, the Muslims who had migrated they were completely dependent on who on the inside. Because it takes time to establish oneself. It takes time to start a business takes time to establish himself in a new land in a new home. And the inside they were well established, they would spend a lot on the Mahajan. They would spend a lot on the sofa.

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But the hypocrites What did they say to them don't spend on these new hygiene. Why? Because if you spend on them, they will stay here. Don't spend so that they will leave you until they leave.

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Because when they will not find anything here they'll be forced to go out of Medina when they will not find any jobs here any work here any money here. They'll be forced to travel elsewhere and find some means of living over there.

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So the hypocrites In other words, what did they want? They wanted to break the unity of the Muslims.

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You see, the believers had come from Mecca to Medina.

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And with the financial support of the people of Medina, they were able to work together. And they were able to participate in wars, they were able to do many things. If the unsolved did not financially support the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Mujahideen, then what would happen? Would they be able to go for all those battles? No. Would they be able to build a Masjid in Medina? No. Would they be able to do anything? No, they wouldn't be. So what is it that kept the believers united and successful? It was the financial support that the NCR offered,

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you understand? If they did not offer that support, then the work would not progress. The Muslims could not survive like that. So then when everything they said, Don't spend on them, so that eventually, all of these people will leave, and when they will go, that's it. All of this will be over. So they were trying to get rid of the Muslims. They were trying to break the unity of the Muslims. So one thing that we learned from this is that what keeps people united is when they offer financial support to one another.

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That is what keeps people together working on the same mission on the same goal, because of each person goes out, you know, working at his own job making money himself and how will you know, people find time to work for the deen, they won't be able to do that. Some people have to sacrifice their work, when they will sacrifice their work, they will come for the deen of Allah, they need money from somewhere.

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So Allah says when in doubt, he has that, you know, somehow it will or to Allah will on the other end of the heavens and the earth. He is a provider of the immigrants and also other people. Everything is in his hands. When I came in when I 15 ally of Cahoon, they don't understand they think that it is they who provide, but in reality, who provides Allah subhanaw taala provides. Now I mentioned to you earlier that this sort of was revealed around the expeditioner bunu Masonic

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expedition to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took against them. And it's also known as as well, when I see. And this oil was either revealed on the journey back or it was revealed when the Muslims arrived in Medina. And this expedition took place on the 16th of April.

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Before the details of exactly what happened, you should also be aware or rather be reminded of the university. Remember that before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to Medina, the tribes of Osen Hazzard live there. And they had a lot of enmity amongst themselves, which is why they fought continuously. And eventually they realized that we have to be united. And they decided that they were not going to fight anymore. And they were going to have a king, a leader, one leader for both the tribes, and who did they select for that purpose of the labor debate? Why because he was very wealthy, he was very influential. He was very eloquent, like we have learned to understand women,

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and what he called the smart nikoli.

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So he was very impressive in this way. This is why they had decided that they were going to choose him as a leader. And then the people in Medina found out about the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And we learned that many of them, they went to take the Vera, remember the pledge of Aqaba. And then the second pledge of Aqaba, so they went and they pledged their allegiance to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they also officially invited him to Medina to migrate over there. And very soon the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he came to Medina, with the rest of the Muslims as well.

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And when he came, people accepted Islam. When they accepted Islam, obviously, who was a leader, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was a religious leader. And they also made him their political leader. And they had absolutely no problem with that. Because when he came, he made a pact with the Mr. Keane, who was still in Medina, and also with the Hutu were in Medina. So he was recognized as an authority. And no person had any problem with that, especially the Muslims, but who had a problem with that of the labor debate. Why? Because he was supposed to become the leader, but all of a sudden, the Prophet sallallaahu Selim came.

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Now, I believe in debate, if he did not accept Islam, he will look very bad.

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So he accepted Islam on the outward, but on the inside, he was still a catfish, he was still a disbeliever. So this is what when Africa is on the outward believer on the inside disbeliever.

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And we see that he would try to show his sincerity in many different ways are deliberate. Why? Because when a person is guilty at heart that he tries to make up for that in different ways. And how would he do that by swearing a lot and by saying

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That you are the Messenger of Allah. And I believe in you again and again he would say such things. And especially as I mentioned to you in the theater, the first is that when the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would stand up to deliver the Juma hutmacher, the people are blown away, he would get up, and he would say, oh, people, this is the Messenger of Allah with you, as if people didn't know. I mean, obviously they knew. But he would say, this is the Messenger of Allah with you. Allah has honored us by sending him and gave you mic through him, support him, honor Him and listen to Him and OBEY Him. And then he would sit down. Now the people, they would see our dilemma debate as a great

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supporter of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So the next never found out about his true motives about his real intentions.

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However, Allah subhanaw taala exposes the reality of people through different different events. So the reality of Abdullah debate also was exposed at many different events. For example, once we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was walking when he met up the Lebanon way. And our dilemma in a way was very rude to him in the way that he spoke to him in the way that he behaved with him. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was surprised. And when he met Saudi Minerva, he said to him, Sarah, Did you not hear what Abdullah said? He said, such and such. And so are they going to robot they said, O Messenger of Allah, pardon him and overlook what He has sent me just ignore him, by the

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one who sent down the book on you. Allah has brought the truth, which he sent down on you, when the people of this little town had agreed to crown Him and bind his head with a royal turban. When Allah refused that by the truth, which Allah gave you, meaning Allah brought you as a leader when people were ready to make him the leader. So this man, he was angered on that account, he became very furious because of that when you came in, this is why he said, what he said to you.

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This is why he did what he did. Meaning just ignore him. He is behaving like this because he's very angry and frustrated, because he was about to become the king, but you came in as a leader.

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So the profits or losses and important him.

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But we see that it wasn't just something that was exposed to the profits or losses, but also the rest of the believers. For example, when buying a new car, they were the first Jewish tribe to be exiled from Medina after the battle, but when they were to be exiled to Lebanon, I said don't exactly know what happened. He went out with a prophet sallallahu sallam, but then he came back with so many people, over 300 people, he came back with them. And after the Battle of God, we learned that the first Juma

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he was going to do the same thing. The Prophet said, a lot of students stood up, he was also going to stand up. And when he stood up, the Muslim jumped at him, and they pulled on him and they said to him, sit down or enemy of Allah, you are not worthy to stand after what you did. You're not worthy of standing here and making your speech after you did what you did. And this was the first time ever that the library was humiliated in public, he was furious. And he went across the lines of people, and he left the masjid. And he was saying, by Allah, it is as if I said something awful when I wanted to support him. And some people from the inside, met him at the gate of the masjid. And they

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asked him what had happened. And he said, I just stood up to support him. And some men, his companions jumped at me, pulled me back and admonished me, as if what I said was an awful thing. I merely wanted to support him. So they said to him, what do you go back to Allah messenger, and ask him to seek forgiveness for you? Meaning, obviously, you did something wrong, and you shouldn't have done that. So now go to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and apologize.

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He said, By Allah, I do not wish that he asked Allah to forgive me. No, whoo. So just imagine, lo Russo. He didn't want to apologize.

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And we think of this as Oh my god, how could he ever do this? But many times it happens that we realize what we have done. And all we have to do is just go and say sorry, to the other person, but we said no, I'm not going to. They should apologize. It's not my fault. What I did is justified. This is not fair.

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But if you think about it, what happened with Herbalife in a way, this was a decree of Allah, that he was about to become the king but the prophets are allowed to sell Okay, this was a quarter of law.

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That something good is about to happen to you, but Allah decides something else. Now at that time you get angry, you get upset, but you are supposed to accept the decree of Allah and if you accepted this haven that

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each person is tested. So this was his test, and he failed in it badly. Then we also see that at the time of the expulsion of Manu and Aleve. Again, what did he do? He said don't leave. He supported them against the mess

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interest on a loan. He offered his support at least. So day by day, through different events, the reality of the labor debate, it was becoming clear that he was in fact a hypocrite.

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Now in the sixth year of age, when the profits are low, listen and went for this expedition against the venomous dhadak.

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Abdullah, they actually went with him Why? To prove his email when he wasn't actually a believer, but he had to prove it somehow. So a particular incident happened on the way back. The Muslims were successful on the way back a particular incident happened and what was that? That gesture, even sorry, delivery. He was someone who had been hired by Motorola and who, and sinner and even Weber, these two people, they fought over the water source, and people were taking water from somewhere. These two people ended up in a fight. And when they ended up in a fight scenario, he called out or unsolved and data he called out, oh my god,

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you understand?

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This was like, creating this unity amongst the Muslims. One person is saying, or unsought, the other person saying, Oh my god, and it was about to lead to a big fight. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam heard about this, he said, mother knew that Raja Hillier, what is this call of Jerry Lee, there who had abandoned it because it is offensive,

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meaning he stopped the people right there. So there was no fight that was caused,

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but are delivered away when he heard about this incident, he became very upset. We learned that data will have come. So have you the profits or losses, and it was still very young at that time. And some other unsought they were sitting with other liability. You know, imagine this incident happened, this fight happened, they're sitting. And Abdullah said, these new hygiene are bothering us in our land, by Allah, the parable of us and these foolish Quraysh man is the variable that goes, feed your dog until it becomes strong, and it will eat you

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that look at how much we have helped them. And look at how now they are coming out against us. You understand? He said, The example is feed your dog until it becomes strong and it will eat you. By Allah. When we go back to Medina, the most mighty will expel the weak from it. What he meant that most mighty meaning us, we will expel the weak meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba or the villa, we will expel them from Medina.

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And then he said to his people who were sitting with him, What have you done to yourselves, you let them settle in your land, and share your wealth with them? By Allah, if you abandon them, they will have to move to another area other than yours, meaning don't spend on them Hata and fabu until they will all leave.

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Now, some people who were in his matchless, they were like him, so they agreed with him. But there were other people who became very upset.

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Amongst them, was they even Aqua who was still a young boy, when he heard that he went to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he told him what are the level they had said, The Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he heard that

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he was there as well. And he took permission, please allow me to go and finish this man.

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But the prophets Allah said and replied, what if people started saying that Mohammed killed his companions, or what? No.

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However, already, the people do start the journey back to Medina, they had camped over there, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Let's get up and go, we can't stay now because of this fight. And what he has said, If we stay here, a lot of bad things are going to happen to just get up and leave. Let's continue our journey.

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Now our dilemma the way he found out that they didn't come, he told the Prophet sallallahu sallam, now he had to come and show his innocence. So what did he do? He came to the profits on a lot of seminar. And he said that I never said anything of the sort. And other people said, Oh, as messenger, maybe this young boy merely guessed and did not hear what was said correctly. So I've delivered away he came. And he said, I never said anything like that, Jose, that would have come he felt very bad.

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And I shouldn't be the young boy. Imagine you're supporting the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Imagine you heard somebody saying such rude words about the prophet and about the companions. And the older people are saying, well, maybe he made a mistake, unless a panel data revealed these.

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He revealed these I have in support of

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and enjoying the reality of the monastic. When we see that the profits are a lot less than what he did was that he just told the people to get up and start moving to Medina. And he made them walk and walk and we're continuously without any break throughout the night until the next morning, then they can't and when they came, the people were so exhausted, that they rested instantly immediately. They will

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Why? Because we're so exhausted. Why did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam do that?

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So they don't have time to talk. They don't have time to fight. They don't have time to share their opinions. Because when something like this happens, everybody's talking right. So he kept them busy, so busy continuously journey until when they came, they were exhausted and they all retired in order to take rest.

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Now, when they reached Medina, what happened? The son of the law, even obey, whose name was also Abdullah.

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He stood at the entrance of Medina with a sword in his hand, because of the love and we had said, as we learned the next day, Yoku lunula, illa jharna, el Medina t they say that if we return to Medina, regional or zoom in hell Adel

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liuhe regenda, he will definitely expel blue and expel and arzoo the Mighty One, the more honorable one he will expel from Medina Adel, the one who is not honorable, the one who is humiliated The one who is mean, the one who is humble, the one who is lesser, he was implying that I will expel Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam or that we will expel them will hire God. So he said these words so his son Abdullah, he stood at the entrance of Medina with the sword. And when the people were coming in, he was letting them go. And when his father came, he said, stay where you are.

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Don't dare come in. Imagine he said to his brother, stay where you are. And his father asked what the matter was and his son said by Allah, you will never enter through here until the Messenger of Allah allows you to do so. For He is the honorable one, and you are the disgraced one. And when the prophets are a lot of them came by.

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And remember that the Prophet said a lot of sin and whenever people were traveling, he would be towards the back to make sure that everybody's going. So when he came finally of the label of a complaint to him about his son that look at how my son is behaving with me, he wouldn't let me enter the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave him permission that you may enter. And his son said, By Allah, Allah's Messenger, you will not enter until you say so to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave permission to have the lab innovate and the sunset, enter now that the Messenger of Allah has given you permission. What does it show

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on the part of his son, that he was a sincere believer and remember what we learned earlier, that you will never find a believing people who love their fathers and their sons and their brothers more than a lioness messenger.

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If somebody disrespects the messenger like this, even if it's your father, you're not going to support him.

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You cannot support him. So these were the events in which these ideas were revealed. Yoku lunella era jharna el Medina at the regional our zoom in hell, Adele, Allah says, well, Illa healer is a little silly to Allah belongs ERISA and to His Messenger, when we need and to the believers, honor or his glory, who does it belong to Allah, His Messenger and the believers will our kingdom would have been a layer on the moon, but the moon everything do not know.

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They do not know this is why they say such foolish statements and this is why they say that which humiliates them and they stay away from that which brings honor, this is why they do that which humiliates them and this is why they don't do that which truly brings on

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they don't understand that glory is with Allah subhanaw taala. Honor is in what Eman? Not with me Phalke. Honor is with respecting the messenger not disrespecting him. So because they don't get it the true honor is with Allah and he is the one who gives it. This is why they do what they do. This is why they

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will listen to the recitation first and then we'll continue

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on Mona shadow.

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law you along

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you can be

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Fabiana boo

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you yes sir buena cola

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como la

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thingy levina boo,

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region zoomin

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you'd like to share?

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If you think about it, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam coming to Medina was a huge favor and the people of Medina remember the idea of sort of alien one that remember when you were disunited, Allah subhanaw taala, United all of you that when a fight was about to break in the Muslims, they were reminded of the huge favor of the leadership of the Prophet sallallahu is going to are there and for alphabay noccalula complaint that when you were enemies, and Allah put love in your hearts, he joined you altogether. Because the way the Muslims came together, when the Prophet sallallaahu sudden came, they could not have come together otherwise. Because this person had to live innovate.

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He was very impressive in his speech, in his appearance, very wealthy, but it is a flock in his manners in the way that he dealt with people. It's quite obvious how he was. So it was a huge favor and the people of Medina that Allah subhanaw taala brought the prophets or the Lotus Adam to them. Anything else that you learned?

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You know, he didn't act? How Subhana Allah Most of the Muslim Ummah, right now we act when somebody, a scholar, somebody says something, we're quick to slander, we're quick to say don't do this. Yet, we have the best example in the process of how he dealt with people, yes, but we don't do that. And then, because of that, we have division and separation and enmity between us that we see despite the fact that I would love innovation was so disrespectful, his cover was quite obvious. But still, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not take any action against him when he died. Remember, we learned into October, that seeking forgiveness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not going to benefit

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him. But yet, he said, I will seek forgiveness more than 70 times because Allah said not only times I will do it more than 70. So this is how forgiving he was. And this is how tolerant he was. Just imagine if we find out that somebody's envious of us, how would we deal with them, we would boast in front of them show off in front of them, or say things to them indirectly, to tease them even more. But look at the patience of the prophets that are delivering obey stop nowhere to harm him to disrespect him. And he was so patient with him. That when moderno asked him, can I go kill him? He said, No, you cannot. And it wasn't just at one occasion that Ramadan who thought this permission

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was many times, but each time he was told no.

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Because this is not how you deal with people who claim to be with you, even though they're not with you, but you will not cut off from them. Because if you cut off from them, this is going to lead to this unity. Because imagine if the profits are allowed certain allowed of the labor innovate to be killed, what would happen?

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People would say, Oh, he's gonna kill him. That person isn't gonna kill him. Then this tradition would begin amongst the Muslims. Any person you think is of an ethic, kill him.

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But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not do that, because it would lead to disunity. So the solution to somebody being envious of you, somebody hating you, somebody showing their energy to you is what? patience and tolerance, just ignoring their behavior.

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Many times people are hypocritical why, for the sake of being very unreasonable just to retain their high position or be very oppressive before people, but we see the truer is a true honor is with what obedience to Allah His Messenger. One is the image that a person has in his head of himself a false image, and the other is a real image of his witches with a loss of Panda, a person should be more concerned about that.

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If you just think about it, one is the way of the believers and the other is the way of the hypocrites if you put the two In contrast, what do we see that the believers are those who go out in the way of Allah sacrifice for the sake of Allah, forgive one another, are united. And on the other hand, the hypocrites what is their behavior, staying back themselves and also discouraging others from going on. This is something very dangerous. This is a sign of a monastic that he does not go for himself and he also prevents other people from going for, he discourages them as well.

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An example of not doing good oneself and also discouraging others is when he said that Latin few who are laminar in the rasulillah, don't spend on those who are with the Messenger of Allah don't spend on them and they will go.

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I was thinking about the

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afterlife anyway, he is not here. But his son is a sincere believer. So Allah, Allah can bring it up to him in a meeting.

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Thinking about how the hypocrites taught, they said don't spend in the way of Allah and then through that they're creating this unity amongst Muslims. So wealth can be a cause of creating divide within the Muslims. And I was thinking about how in previous service, we learned about how a woman who converts to Islam she has to live her pagan husband. And in just in like living Quran today, we talked about this case study about a woman who doesn't have enough wealth, and she wants to stay with her husband because she can't afford to leave him. And we said she has to leave because she has to trust in order that he'll take care of her. But it's not just that we have to take care of her.

00:32:25--> 00:33:04

So like, we can allow the problems in the image because we're not taking care of exactly, very, very good that the Muslims are responsible for helping one another, even financially, assisting one another financially. Why? Because if we don't help one another, it's difficult to do what we're supposed to do. For example, in the case of such a woman, how is she meant to practice a religion when she doesn't have a place to go? When she doesn't have a home? How is she meant to do that? She needs some kind of support. Just like when the Muslims came from a Katoomba dinner, they needed some financial assistance. So, the rest of the believers helped them and together they achieved so much.

00:33:05--> 00:33:19

If the answer became stingy, selfish at that time, then would the Muslims be able to succeed as much it would be very difficult. So our responsibility as Muslims part of unity is that we also financially assist one another.

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We listen to the recitation of

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this mill

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una una una shadowing Nicola la, la.

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to whom,

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